Goblins and Shield Maidens

Started by Ken E. Davis

Search and Rescue
News of the goblin onslaught spread across the kingdom within a day and a crippling terror soon followed. Millions expected hordes of goblins to pour out of the forests to slaughter and rape every human alive, while other knew it would only be a matter of time before goblins were exterminated. There would be no future where goblins and humans existed in the same Kingdom of Lathom, and it seemed probable that other kingdoms in Ura would move to wipe out their own goblin infestations.
Alice Callow wanted to see this goblin-free age for herself and she would’ve liked nothing more than to be one of the soldiers driving that crusade. The King and her new commander seemed to have other plans, only granting her wish in the most meager way she could imagine.
She spent over a week resting and recovering at Fort Collum when the King’s order was handed down. His army would begin repositioning troops and a counteroffensive to take the fort would be underway before the end of the month, but they would be tasked with what he considered the more imminent mission of rescuing his daughter.
It wasn’t an unreasonable request, even the people’s king would put the safety of his precious daughter above all else. She was also the heiress to the throne and had been prepared all of her life to take up the crown and his younger children wouldn’t be of age by the time he passed.
Alice didn’t give a shit and it seemed the soldiers at Fort Collum couldn’t care that much either. They were Nora’s last stop before Fort Clague and no doubt her stay, a full week unlike what they had to endure before the invasion, soured any sympathy they might’ve had for the Kingdom’s top bitch. Even with the King insisting the mission was urgent, Commander Saita assigned it to five soldiers, most of them fresh recruits and all of them having arrived at Collum in the last six months. As the only survivor of Fort Clague, she assigned Alice to lead the mission.
No shit Alice knew how to find the goblin stronghold, she was often one of the soldiers assigned to go and lay poisoned meat by the entrance because the Commander hoped it would reduce the number of goblin ambushes they’d have to respond to. Just because she knew the entrance didn’t mean she knew the tunnels themselves, and rumors from centuries back told of the endless corridors one could get lost in and the traps that could kill you for stepping on the wrong piece of dirt. Going in there always seemed dangerous even before she thought of them as anything more than a pest; now the idea seemed like a suicide mission and she urged Saita to send better troops.
Her pleas fell on deaf ears and just two weeks after watching her friends die in the most gruesome ways possible, she and five young women marched through the snow-covered wilderness to a small cave in the woods. Their names were Silea Lutair, Olena Brech, Marsai Beitean, Yeva Closse, and Virtia Borill. Except Yeva, a tall blonde who fought in the Hamre War before being reassigned to Collum, none of these girls had ever set foot on a battlefield. Like Clague, their lives consisted of processing border crossings and dealing with ambushes; though, the ambushes in these parts were more often by humans than goblins.
She seemed to have convinced most of them to not underestimate the goblins, only Yeva seemed to dismiss her concerns.
“You only suffered so many casualties because you were unprepared, because they took you by surprise. We’re going in prepared now. Without the element of surprise, these beasts cannot expect to defeat even the least-trained humans armed with guns. We’ll be fine.”
“Just because we have the element of surprise doesn’t mean they won’t be dangerous,” snapped Alice. “We saw them lining up outside of the forest and we got slaughtered because we didn’t consider them a threat.”
“That’s because you didn’t expect them to be able to fire a projectile up a ten-meter wall. Guns are still superior to grappling hooks and melee weapons. I doubt they’ll even have grappling hooks in the damned cave, they’re only useful for siege weapons.”
Alice gave up arguing with her and led them to their target. What did it matter if she believed her? Five of them against hundreds in a labyrinth they spent their whole lives in could only end with them dead. She would die under that forest, she needed to get over it and just be happy to kill however many goblins she could. Maybe they could even piss them off enough to put Nora out of everyone’s misery?
They arrived at the cave around noon. It wasn’t really much of a cave, more of a boulder with a hole in it leading deep under the first. If Alice was honest, it probably wasn’t a natural cave, the goblins just carved a cavity out of a giant rock and began digging. Two goblins guarded the entrance, armed with two heavy axes. Alice and Olena blew their brains out and everyone filed into the tunnel.
“See? That wasn’t so difficult,” said Yeva.
Alice gunned down another six goblins as they made their way into the nest, a narrow tunnel lit only by small candles along the walls. The entrance was a long hallway that stopped and split into six tunnels going in all directions.
Alice sighed. “I hate to do this, but we’ll need to split up to cover more ground. I want two girls to a group.”
“There’s six paths and there’s six of us,” said Virtia.
“No,” Yeva replied, much to Alice's surprise. “Nobody should go alone, not in a place like this.”
“That’s right. There’s too many unknowns and too many enemies. If someone gets caught in a trap it’ll be better if someone else is there to help them out. There’s also no way of knowing how long we could be in here. I’m hoping we’ll be in and out before dinner time, but it’s entirely possible we could be down here for days. If you have to sleep in here you’ll want someone to keep a lookout.”
“I’m taking Silea, by the way,” Yeva said.
The busty girl with short messy hair waved and followed Yeva down a passage going east.
Alice shrugged. It might’ve been a bad idea, those two seemed a bit too close to be just friends. She hoped Yeva’s experience would be enough for her not to get any ideas about messing around with her lover in enemy territory.
Olena and Virtia took a left in a tunnel heading south.
“I guess it’s me and you,” squeaked Marsai.
Alice gave a weak smile as a lump formed in her throat. “I guess it will.” Marsai took to her when she arrived at Collum, the petite girl with chestnut brown hair who assisted the doctor between her shifts guarding the fort. Alice thought she seemed so out of place in a military outpost, that she belonged in a pink dress with puffy sleeves and cute bows in their hair; the real Princess of Lathom so far as Alice was concerned.
“I don’t get all the fuss the new girl is making about these critters!” Yeva said after she shot her third goblin in the heart and scurried back into the main passage.
“I dunno,” Silea shrugged. “I imagine if we got ambushed they could be pretty scary.”
“Well, yeah. If we were down here completely unarmed we’d have died at the front entrance. If you’re prepared they are just not a threat.”
“You think so?”
“Sure. Are you afraid? You do seem a bit nervous ever since we got this mission.”
“I guess Alice’s stories just scared me, that’s all. Just thinking about what they did to her and her comrades makes me shiver.”
“Don’t be. I can see where Alice is coming from, this was probably her first time in combat. During my time in Hamre I lost my share of friends, but I never watched every single one of my friends get slaughtered in a single assault. From what I heard, what the goblins lack in technological edge they makeup for in their sheer brutality. Humans and Elves won’t eat another sentient being during a war, enemy or not.”
“That doesn’t make them sound any less scary.”
“No, I suppose it doesn’t. But we as a race are superior to the goblins. We have weapons that to them seem like magic. What happened at Clague riled everyone up because nobody expected it, like a rogue bear breaking into someone’s home and murdering their whole family. The green monkeys are not a threat to Humanity or to this Kingdom. They got lucky with the fort, but a hundred soldiers is hardly a drop in the bucket to the carnage we see in pretty much every war involving humans or elves.”
“Plus this goblin nest seems awfully empty of goblins.”
“They took over Clague, I’m willing to bet that’s where most of them are at. I imagine there’s only a hundred or so in here right now. If we really wanted to, we could wipe out the ones here with just the six of us.”
“Too bad our mission is to get the Princess and leave.”
“Yeah. The 52nd Division will be here in two weeks to carry out the extermination.”
“It's overkill if you ask me. A few dozen from Collum and could clear out the infestation at Clague in an afternoon. Then you set up camp around the entrance for a few months and let these fuckers starve.”
“Maybe they’re not that scary?”
“Nah! It’s just like dealing with a pack of rabid dogs who think they’re civilized.”
“I wonder how Alice took a grappling hook right up the ass,” asked Silea.
“That is something I’m sure everyone else was wondering about. That goblin must’ve been an archer if had that sort of aim, it’s a damned good thing he doesn’t know how to use a gun. She was on guard duty behind a wall, I doubt they could even see her ass from the ground.”
“Not unless she had her ass hanging out of the window, like far enough out so she could have her anus spread.”
“Unless she had her bare ass sticking out, I don’t even see how she could have her asshole open that wide.”
“Maybe she was having sex with someone? They got naked and she leaned against the window as they kissed, which sounds dangerous enough without a goblin attack if you ask me.”
“I don’t know her well enough to say if she would shirk her duty enough to get some pussy, but it’s not like we can judge. It’s possible, I suppose.”
“That would explain why she’s so pissed. The goblins ruined her fun and probably killed her lover in the attack.”
“She said they killed her sister, gutted her like a fish.”
“Who’s to say her sister wasn’t also her lover? I know if I had one and she was cute I’d crawl in bed with her. Could you imagine how hot that would be?”
“Why would you need your sister when you have me?” Yeva asked with a smirk.
“You know if I had a sister who let me fuck her I’d invite you to join.”
“Going to bed with two Sileas?” She’d also take Silea and a smaller version of her, or an older version if that’s how it ended up. “Why did you never ask your parents for a sibling?”
Silea shrugged. “I never thought of it.”
“Is that why Alice’s story scared you so much?” Yeva asked after a few minutes of silence.
“You were afraid they would shoot a grappling hook up your ass. Weren’t you?”
“Maybe a little, yeah. Just the thought of being stabbed is scary. I’m a lady so it’s a little more scary thinking about a sharp blade tearing up my beautiful ass. Wouldn’t it just look hideous if it had a big scar on it?”
“Yeah, I’d hate it if your ass got a big scar on it. I promise I won’t let that happen. My ass is pretty small, if they come at you I’ll just use my rear to take the damage.”
Silea laughed. “You’re supposed to say that your ass is too beautiful to be stabbed.”
“Why, though? That’s your job.”
“But it is beautiful. Plus I wanted to get into a play argument over who has the prettier ass, so you would pull your pants down to prove me wrong.”
“Silly girl, you don’t have to start a fake argument to see my ass.” Yeva yanked her pants and underwear off and wiggled it. “Happy?”
Silea grabbed her ass cheeks and leaned in, Yeva trembled as her warm breath blew over her asshole. She slapped her ass a few times and licked her up the crack.
“You think it would be dangerous to stop for a fuck break?”
“I’ve had sex in tighter spots. Let’s find a place we’re unlikely to be found.” Yeva led Silea by the arm to a small dead-end tunnel. “There, only one way for enemies to come from.” She stripped out of her shirt and jacked, letting her big perky breasts bounce. “It’s not going to be much of a fuck break if I’m the only one naked.”
“Right,” snapped Silea. She threw off her shirt and jacket, revealing a pair of small breasts. Her pants came off next then her panties, leaving her naked save for a pair of boots and the patch of fuzz over her puffy little snatch.
Yeva crawled back on the floor and Silea sat on her face. Yeva leaned in and began licking her snatch. Her body trembled as Silea’s tongue flicked across her slit. Their loud slurps and moans echoed into the hall and Yeva wondered if they should be a little quieter before shrugging, their guns were right there and it wouldn’t take long.
Yeva’s body twitched after a minute, lightning seeming to course through her veins. Silea squealed and kicked the wall. Yeva’s body began to spasm when a loud clanking above, jolting her out of her orgasm. She looked up and screamed as a large pot crashed into the grated ceiling and they were drenched with oil.
She wasn’t boiled alive and the oil was colder than the snow they trekked through just an hour earlier. “Ignore it, sweetie. Just keep licking my pussy and I’ll bring you to your second orgasm.”
Silea tongued Yeva’s snatch and the familiar sparks leapt across her body. The green monkeys couldn’t even heat a pot of oil. This place was supposed to contain deadly traps? They wouldn’t die unless they decided to walk back out in the snow without drying off. Yeva could laugh if Silea wasn’t eating her pussy right now.
She looked around to see if their clothes were still dry and a chill washed over her that had nothing to do with the oil she had been drenched in. It never occurred to her why the candles were lined along the floor in that room but now that the puddle of oil they were in the middle of flowed out in their direction, Yeva realized the whole damned side tunnel was the trap.
“We need to leave … ahhh,” Yeva’s words came out as rambling squeals as her pussy clenched as another orgasm raced across her body.
“What?” Silea moaned.
“Noth-nothing, j-just focus on your last orgasm!” Yeva buried her face in Silea’s thighs and tongued her pussy like a thirsty dog.
“What do you mean-ahhh! What do you mean by "my last”? Silea threw her head back and squealed as flames jumped up and encircled them.
“Close your asshole! Close your asshole! Silea! You’re shitting—” Yeva screamed as her feet and hair started burning. Fire spread to Silea’s legs and thighs.
“Hold me!” Silea screamed as they squeezed each other’s thighs.
“It’s literally destroying my ass!” Yeva screamed, her skin cracking and bursting.
“It’s in my pussy! My fucking pussy is on fire!” Silea’s pubes burned off and the flames began cooking her womanhood.
They were engulfed, their screams cut out as the flames melted their lips shut and hot smoke filled their lungs.
With the tales Alice brought from Clague, Olena and Virtia crept through the tunnels, jumping and screaming at every unfamiliar sound. Shadow they could not see the source of sent them flying down the nearest side tunnel until they could no longer remember how to get back.
“I’m not really cut out for this at all,” whimpered Olena.
“None of us were, except maybe Alice and Yeva.”
“I wish they were here.”
“I wish we had at least another ten soldiers.”
Olena nodded.
They needed a whole army, if you asked Virtia. After what happened to Clague, she couldn’t see how they were going to leave those tunnels alive. This would be their grave and she wanted to crawl into a tunnel and cry until the end. She wished she could go back and not sign up to be a soldier.
“What would happen if we just left and never came back?” Virtia asked.
“We would be executed for sure. We’re supposed to save the King’s daughter. Remember?”
“I almost want to leave and deal with the firing squad. I could spend my last days with my husband and not become a meal for a green monkey. You don’t suppose they would buy it if we said the Princess was already dead and we were the only survivors?”
Olena shook her head. “They would still execute us for leaving the body. Even if they let that slide, how would we explain ourselves if Alice or the others showed up later with the Princess?”
“I guess you’re right,” sighed Virtia. “I just hope we get a quick death. I don’t like pain.”
“You really think we’re going to die down here?”
“I don’t see how we can survive the same goblins that raided a whole fortress.”
“Don’t be so dreadful. Okay? All we have to do is find the princess and leave. I bet Alice or Yeva found her by now and all we need to do is meet them at the crossroads where we split off. We can get out of this alive.”
“Then why don’t we just go back and wait? If they’re so good, why should we risk our lives? Nora isn’t worth the trouble, not when someone else can save her.”
“Do you really think that’s a good idea?”
Virtia shrugged. “Who would even know besides us? If they ask we could always say we just got back. How could they prove we’re lying?”
“I guess that would work. Let’s do it.”
“Yeah. If nobody ever comes back we can just leave and hope we don’t get executed for not returning the Princess’s body.”
They wandered the tunnels for hours, still running from every sound and shadow, unsure if they were any closer to safety.
“I need to take a shit,” Olena said.
Virtia’s asshole clenched. “I think I do too.”
“How much further? I don’t want to go in here, the noise may alert the enemy.”
“I have no idea.”
A few tunnels later and Virtia thought she would shit herself before they ever saw daylight.
“I need to go before I shit my pants!” Olena shouted.
“Me too! We can find a small tunnel, one goes while the other stands on lookout.”
The girls found a side tunnel. After a game of rock-paper-scissors, Olena goes first.
“Just hurry up,” Virtia said, clutching her ass while heads into the tunnel.
Virtia thought she could hold on a few moments longer but the guttural spew of shit spilling out pushed her over the edge. She HAD to got now or she would shit herself.
“We’ll just have to hope we’re lucky and no goblins will show up,” Virtia yelled as she pulled down her pants and squatted across from Olena.
Loud squeaks and the spew of shit filled the tunnel, their nostrils seeming to curl up as a rancid smell wafted through the air.
“If only we brought something to wipe our asses with,” Olena grunted as she pulled up her pants.
Virtia nodded when a large goblin stepped around the corner. They blinked for a few seconds and burst into fits of screaming, shit and piss spilled down their legs.
“I thought I got everything out! How am I still shitting?” Olena screamed.
The goblin snarled and swung its dagger, cutting off Olena’s screams with a swift slice through her neck. Virtia screamed as her friend’s head rolled on the floor and her body crumpled after.
Virtia ran but didn’t get too far before her ankles caught in her pants and she slammed into the floor. She tried to pull herself up but something sharp pulled her back to the ground, her tits skewered on rows of spikes sticking out of the ground. She ripped herself off just as two steel-clad feet thundered to the floor behind her.
“Please don’t kill me! Rape me if you have to, just don’t kill me!”
Pain shot across her ass as her rear split in two. Another pain shot through her back and the blade emerged between her tits. She coughed up blood and slumped over.
Alice marched through the tunnels with the fury of a storm. Though Marsai often urged her to take another path whenever they spotted the enemy, Alice didn’t miss a single opportunity to put a bullet between a goblin’s head. She didn’t give a fuck about finding the Princess, she just wanted to kill green monkeys until she stopped breathing.
Their so-called stronghold seemed deserted for having housed the army that stormed Fort Clague and Alice wondered if she could wipe them out by herself. No doubt most of them were at the fort, but wiping out their home base still had to mean something. With any luck, she could even survive the mission and get Marsai out alive.
In between killing goblins, she and Marsai talked and talked. Their favorite conversation was none other than the bitch they were sent to rescue.
“What if we find her dead?” Marsai asked.
“Believe me, I’ve been thinking about that since that day. I would almost be tempted to forgive what they did to my sister if they bothered to put that bitch out of her misery, it would've saved us the trouble of coming down here.”
“I thought you enjoyed killing the green monkeys?”
“I would be happier killing the ones in Fort Clague. Attacking their home is fun and all, but it would be easier to seal off the entrances and let the fuckers starve. Maybe stick some wild dogs in here or set the place on fire?”
“I see. So, back to what happens if we find the Princess dead. What then?”
“I plan to rub my pussy on her face. What else would I do?”
“Not that,” Marsai snickered, “though I’d think it’d be funnier if you took a big shit on her face. But I wanted to know how it would affect our mission. Do we have to risk our lives to retrieve the body?”
“We’re supposed to, but I promise I won’t let you die for that.”
“Oh?” Marsai cocked her head and Alice’s cheeks tingled.
“I said what I said.” She would leave the Princess behind, dead or not, to save Marsai. She just met Marsai and she was already more important than anything, she would sacrifice her goal of a goblin-free world to save that girl. No matter what they said, getting her out alive was her primary mission. She sounded so much like Krista just a moment ago and she was prettier than Nora by a million leagues.
She had a cute ass, Alice could say that much. Why else would she spend so much of their journey letting her walk ahead? Those bubbly cheeks bounced just right under those tight pants and she would love to bury her face in that ass.
“So you would really risk the firing squad for me?”
Before Alice could respond a whole column of goblins marched out of a side tunnel. She thought they were going to die right there even as she raised her gun and unleashed a barrage on the incoming horde. The last one charged at her as the gun clicked and her life flashed before her eyes. She was done, her mission to save Marsai failed. A gunshot rang out and the goblin crumpled to the ground.
She staggered back into a wall, panting as Marsai stood with her smoking rifle raised. “Thank you,” she wheezed.
Marsai dropped the gun and jumped into Alice’s arms. “I thought you were dead for sure.”
“I would’ve been. Again, thank you.”
Marsai leaned in and Alice locked lips with her.
“Is this why you would save me instead of the Princess?”
Alice nodded. “Because I love you,” she whispered.
“I-I love you too,” she cooed and kissed her again. “We should make out. Please!”
“In the middle of enemy territory?”
“That’s why I want to have sex with you right now. I-I know you’re strong and I know you can protect me, but something still tells me this maze will be the place I die. I have never been with anyone and I don’t want to die a virgin. Please!”
“Fine! But I don’t want you to die here so let’s be quick about it.” Alice shoved her pants down and pulled Marsai’s down.
Marsai knelt with Alice caressing her hair and leaned into her thighs. Alice shuddered as her wet tongue brushed across her snatch and she began eating her pussy. For a virgin, she knew her way around a pussy. No doubt she spent many nights exploring her own womanhood, imagining the day she would get to explore another.
Alice let herself edge to the cusp of orgasm before grabbing Marsai by the shoulder, pushing her back to the ground. “We can both cum at the same time,” Alice moaned and pushed Marsai’s legs back as they pressed their pussies together. Alice came after a few thrusts and kept going until Marsai’s pussy began squirting.
Marsai lay back while Alice tongued her pussy, eager to taste her virgin snatch and maybe bring her to another orgasm before they had to leave. The echo of pig-like snarls ruined that plan; heavy footsteps followed.
“Shit,” Alice hissed. “I forgot to reload. We need to run.” She helped Marsai up and tried to help pull her pants up when one came around the corner. “Forget about your pants,” she kicked hers off, Marsai did the same. Alice grabbed their rifles and darted down the tunnel, dragging Marsai by the wrist. “Why do I always end up fighting goblins with my pussy out?”
“At least your comrades get a nice view.”
Alice cracked up. “So does the enemy.”
They lost the goblins and continued making their way through the tunnels after Alice reloaded her weapon.
After what could’ve been hours, they turned into a small corridor to find a human slouched at the end; a girl, in fact. Alice recognized that curtain of blonde hair and perfect boobs anywhere, the naked Princess was chained to the wall by her wrists. Six snarling goblins sat beside her, their blades raised. Alice thought it odd they didn’t bother to put her in a cage or behind some sort of bars, not sure why they couldn’t figure that out but they could work a grappling hook.
She took out the guards. Her mission was a success, all she needed was to break a few chains and walk the bitch back the way they came. Alice darted down the tunnel and Marsai followed. As they neared the Princess, something caught on her ankle and a blade flung out of the wall. Pain shot through her stomach and she could no longer feel the lower part of her body.
Alice slid back and thudded to the floor between Marsai’s legs. Marsai stood still, not even quivering even though piss ran down her legs. Alice thought she must’ve been scared, to make it so deep into enemy territory only to watch a woman she loved get slaughtered. She hid her fear well and Alice wanted to tell her it would be okay, then Marsai’s clothes fell away, sliced in half. Marsai’s legs buckled and her body split open, guts and organs spilled out as Marsai split in half and crumpled to the ground.
Alice’s bottom staggered forward and landed on the Princess, her pussy grinding and pissing on Nora’s face as she screamed.
“What the hell was Daddy thinking? Instead of sending a rescue I got a fucking golden shower? What the fuck was he thinking sending you of all people?”
Alice smirked and closed her eyes.

Published on Dec-30-2023
Last updated on Dec-30-2023