Goblins and Shield Maidens

Started by Ken E. Davis

The Invasion
Assignment to Fort Clague could be something of a mixed bag, as often was the case with most outposts in the Province of Marsden. Patrolling the east was by far the safest option for any soldiers serving the Kingdom of Lathom when their only neighbor across the Delafosse River, the Cotese, being their strongest ally for centuries. The lands this far south were among the coldest in the region, with snowfall common even during the summer, and there were often few inhabitants.
The soldiers at Clague, an all-women division that seldom exceeded a few dozen, only ever had to worry about helping the occasional traveler who didn’t realize their over-packed carriage would sink in the cold mud. An occasional bear or goblin attack might spice up their patrols, nothing they couldn’t handle. The lack of any real danger did come with lower pay but they had an easier time spending their earnings on goods soldiers in the warzones considered luxuries.
The quiet tranquility enjoyed for so long by the soldiers of Fort Clague would be destroyed by a historical event that began with the arrival of the King’s eldest daughter, Princess Nora IV.
Before that morning, only two soldiers had ever met a member of the royal family and none of them had ever met one this close to the throne. Though it was a common rumor throughout the kingdom that she could be a stuck-up bitch, few had a hard time believing King Jesse, the man who turned an old palace into an orphanage and freed the people of North Saffron, could raise a daughter so foul. Fort Clague found those rumors to have a bit of reason behind them.
Almost as few had ever seen an automobile. Some of the girls heard about them or even seen one in a photo; a handful, girls who grew up in small villages or on some farm, only learned of their existence that morning. The country bumpkins either squealed or froze in place, all of them wondering if the bright-red carriage moving all on its own accord had been possessed by some sort of evil spirit or enchanted by someone from the Royal Mages Order.
The Princess stepped out at the gate, a radiant young woman with golden curtains draped over her shoulders. Two firm breasts, white and milky under an adorned dress cut just low enough to show the line of her youthful cleavage, bounced as she stepped out of her car. Her hand was held by Merica Lin, a dark brunette hailing from a distant land, with a chest a size bigger than the Princess’s even if nobody would dare say so, shooing away onlookers as they strolled on in.
Abhu looked on from the high trees with a smirk, watching as the Hooman chief’s daughter stepped out of her enchanted carriage. His warriors did not die without purpose, the Hooman priestess managed a few drops of truth before he ripped those big lumps of meat off her chest.
For too long have they invaded their lands and killed his people. Abhu could remember many seasons ago, watching some of those female warriors the Lethom clan kept in their stone fort slay his family. Only he made it out alive, returning that night to find their bodies roasting over a fire as if the Hoomans just killed a rabbit or boar. He even learned how to speak in their tongue, as did his finest warriors, and the Hoomans still attacked them for even approaching their stronghold to talk.
They would strike at them tonight. Abhu and his soldiers would taste the flesh of Hooman females and feast. The stone fort will become their stronghold and their future chiefess shall become their prize captive.
Oh how he couldn’t wait to get his hands and his dick on her. Nora, the priestess called her, would be the key to his driving those Hoomans from his lands. Though he would love to taste her flesh, a delicacy he could tell even from such a distance would be far softer than the battle-hardened Hoomans he so often enjoyed. But he would make her scream, he and his men. Whatever sound she made when heated arrows and blades entered her flesh he would know soon enough.
The first day of Princess Nora’s arrival went about as smooth as one could expect from a spoiled and bratty royal teenager used to a far grandeur lifestyle than was typical of Fort Clague.
Alice Callow found the situation stressful enough, listening to her complain about how things weren’t like back home or even some of the bigger installations. She felt worse for Commander Gellen, who bore most of the brunt of her snappy outbursts; Alice often complained about not getting promoted but she wondered if it would even be worth the hassle.
The evening break couldn’t come soon enough and, as with most nights, Alice hurried with her fellow ladies to the showers. It was always a race to get there first, the girls knew the cheap boiler ran empty before they even soaped up good. The Autumn chill already crept its way into the fortress, a foe for which they could do little to stop and would make their daily shower breaks another chore until next May.
“You should consider yourself lucky,” Krista Callow groaned as she washed her breasts, water cascading down her chestnut-brown hair.
“Why? If you’re running low on hot water you should know that I am, too.” Alice snickered and collected a handful before throwing it at her face.
“Not that. You don’t have as much boob to wash.” She jiggled her big tits and as she rinsed the soap off.
“Oh, please! We’re identical twins. Remember? Our boobs are the same, although mine are a bit fuller.”
“Yeah, right! Everyone knows I have the bigger set.”
Alice grabbed her sister, squeezing and tickling her breasts. Krista squirmed a bit, laughing as she asked her to stop, then leaned into it.
“You wanna see?” Alice pressed her chest against Krista’s and dumped water on their squashed breasts.
“Cut it out you two,” Juliana said, splashing both of them with water. “You two start this same shit every night and I’m starting to think you want to use this as an excuse to grope each other’s tits.”
Alice smirked and grabbed Juliana’s small, but still quite perky, breasts. “You’re just jealous that you don’t have anything to brag about.”
“Stop it you lesbo!”
Alice massaged her boobs and ran her finger over her nipples until Juliana could do nothing but coo and giggle. “You like it, too. Just be glad someone’s playing with your small boobs. You won’t ever get to squeeze them around a dick with them being so small.”
“That’s right,” sneered Krista, throwing arms around Juliana. “This is what a real set of titties feel like. You can feel jealous or you can relax knowing that me and my sister will let you feel ours at any time.”
“Like you two should be so boastful,” Reina laughed as she puffed out her chest and bounced a set of tits that were, without a doubt, the biggest on any woman in at least a hundred wheels.
“Just because we’re not walking around with a set of watermelons on our chests doesn’t mean we can’t brag,” Aibell Ni replied, rinsing off her bright-red hair before jiggling her cantaloupe-sized boobs.
Alice slid away from Juliana, eliciting a weak moan from the small-chested blonde, and grabbed Aibell’s breasts. “They are nice and plump, but mine are still bigger.” She pulled Aibell’s hands to her breasts. “See? Like two big pillows with just the right bit of firmness. Admit it, you could fall asleep on these.”
“Well, yeah,” she said, her face turning red. “I guess your tits are bigger, but I do have the bigger ass. How about you fall asleep on that?”
“Okay, if you say so,” Alice replied, grabbing her own ass. It wasn’t the biggest, but it had to beat Aibell’s ass.
“Reina has the best ass so don’t even start there,” Nessa said.
“Oh? You want to bet on that?” She ran over and grabbed both of their ass’s, pressing her lips so close to Nessa’s ear she could smell the strawberry fragrance in her white hair. “Why don’t you sleep on my ass tonight and see if it’s more comfortable?”
Nessa pushed her aside and looked at Reina, who winked after a second, then leaned into her ear and whispered. “We can make room for an extra slut in our quarters,” her tongue brushed Alice’s ear, sending cold tremors down her spine and raising the hairs on her neck, “but you have to eat us both out. And you have to let us eat you out. Ass,” Nessa slapped Alice hard on the cheek, giving her ass flesh a firm squeeze, “and pussy.” She spit in Alice’s ear as she whispered that last word before licking it clean. Alice’s legs spread on their own as Nessa’s hand cupped the folds of her labia.
“You …,” she replied, gasping as if she couldn’t find the air to breathe, “you have yourselves a threesome.”
“Bring your sister and we can make it a foursome.”
“You’re just trying to get enough whores to see if your combined boob mass can beat mine,” Reina replied, laughing.
“Like you wouldn’t be happy to have two more sets of boobs in the sack tonight.”
“I didn’t say I wasn’t happy about it. I’d take the whole damned fort if they’d let me, all of the boobs and pussy a girl could ever want.”
“What a bunch of nonsense is this?” said a sweet yet snappy voice that made Alice’s muscles freeze. Every girl snapped their head to the door as it creaked open and two sets of light footsteps entered the chamber. “Soldiers of the Kingdom should not be discussing such degeneracy in the presence of their future queen.”
A murmur of “sorry your highness,” swept the showers as girls bowed their heads.
“It won’t happen again, I promise.” Gellen said, kneeling.
“I shall hope not.” She held out her arms as Merica removed her robes. “What could anyone here possibly have to boast about? As your princess and future queen, my breasts are bigger and firmer than anything you will ever have. Our lineage is just not of the same stock, descending from the very gods themselves.”
“Yes,” the chamber droned.
Alice had to cover her mouth or she would’ve snorted. Nora’s breasts were impressive enough for a girl of only fifteen, yet anyone could see that half of the girls in that room had chests quite a bit larger than what she carried around. What she had did seem firmer than the rest of them and she could only imagine what it would be like to hold them in her hands; some of the guys she and Krista slept with during their tours up north would’ve risked execution to get their cocks between her tits, no doubt.
“A Princess doesn’t wash herself!”
“Sorry, madam,” Merica stammered as she finished removing her clothes. “I … I’ll,” she looked around before grabbing her skirt off the floor and soaking it under the shower. She began scrubbing soap on her mistress’s body.
“If I wanted to shower in ice water I would’ve had someone fetch me a bucket of ice,” Nora snapped, grabbing the skirt and whipping Merica across the face. “I guess you never learned to wait for the shower when your magnificent princess is to stay with you. What am I even showering with you?”
“I’m sorry, miss. I should have informed them,” Merica stuttered before picking up the skirt and continue rubbing down her snarling mistress.
Alice thought she felt sorry for the Commander, but they only had her for the week. Merica would spend possibly the rest of her life with the royal brat.
Alice began to have second thoughts when Nora leaned back to allow Merica to scrub her breasts. Watching Nora’s snarl disappear, her mouth turning into an o as she moaned. Alice had little doubt that those two fucked behind closed doors. Would it be so bad getting slapped around if it meant getting to squeeze those firm Princess tits; maybe even get a taste of her young snatch? Merica didn’t have it all bad.
When she thought about it, Nora got a pretty good end of the bargain. Merica’s boobs were no doubt bigger and just as firm. The servant, exiled at birth from the royal family of a distant kingdom, was taken in by the Lathom royals. Alice never had time with a woman with such a skin tone and her dark-brown nipples, dripping with water and soap, must’ve been just divine treats to suck on.
Nora must’ve caught on because Alice came out of her daydream to find her eyes, narrowed into daggers, staring right back at her.
“What seems to be so fascinating, private? Does it take pleasure watching your Princess take a shower? Does it make you realize how worthless you are to stare upon a feminine body so perfect, beyond anything you could hope to be?”
“I … uh … I,”
“Speak clearly!”
“I was just daydreaming,” Alice screamed.
“Don’t lie to me, girl! I know what you’re thinking. That is why I require a private shower for me and my servant!”
“Does there seem to be a problem?” Asked the Commander.
“Your private is ogling me while I shower. She’s probably thinking of an orgy with us, as if I would ever allow a pathetic worm such as her to touch a single spec of my beauty! As if she were worthy of bringing me sexual pleasure, if one could even call intercourse with such riff raff pleasure. Even worse, she dares to imagine me giving her pleasure! Punish the winch!”
“What?” Alice squealed.
“You heard the Princess,” Gellen snapped. “You and your sister are assigned to guard duty along the eastern wall.”
“What?” Krista snapped. “Why me?”
“For not keeping your sister in check!”
“This isn’t fair!” Alice cried. “I had plans for tonight!”
“Do as your commander says you ingrate!” Nora snapped. “If you don’t want to respect the chain of command in MY kingdom then we shall see if you have the biggest tits after the firing squad gets done with them.”
“What? You can’t execute me for having a daydream!”
“Are you willing to test me on that hypothesis? I’m sure I could even get Daddy to find a spot in my schedule so I can watch. Maybe I can even shoot you myself? Daddy has hired the best of the best to teach me how to handle a rifle and don’t think for a moment that I can’t blow your nipples off from two wheels out. I might even put one in your worthless cunt and watch you bleed out.”
“Okay … I’ll guard the wall.”
“Yes you will. If you ever start thinking of me in such degenerate manners again you might want to think about what it’ll be like for your sex organ to be blown to bits during my evening target practice.”
Alice had a crush on their Princess the moment she stepped out of that horseless carriage and, in the span of a mere twelve hours, it grew into a hate crush and then to outright hatred. She would’ve given her clit and maybe an eye just to hold Nora’s firm teenage tits; now she almost wanted to take a dozen rifles if it meant ripping that pretty little brat’s perfect tits off with a rusty knife and shoving them down her perfect throat.
Her legs were already sore from patrolling the woods since breakfast. She wouldn’t get any supper, and it sure smelled amazing, whatever the hell they were having, as she walked by the dining hall. Nessa would have to wait a night for their orgy, maybe two nights. She had her stupid shift in the morning and she wouldn’t be able to keep her head up by tomorrow night.
If pacing along the wall all night wasn’t bad enough, she had to deal with Krista staring bullets into her every time they walked by each other. She couldn’t blame her sister for being pissed off even if she took it out on the wrong person.
It wasn’t her fault Nora had a damned porcupine up her ass all the time. Who the fuck blew up like that because someone stared at them for a second too long? One would’ve thought a girl that hot would’ve grown used to it by then. Alice lost count of the times she caught someone, guys in particular, looking in her general direction. Unless they came up and bothered her it didn’t matter if they thought about cutting her throat just to have another hole to cum in.
So far as Krista was concerned, she could likewise take her anger out on the Commander. Nora didn’t even say shit about her sister, Gellen decided on her own to punish Krista. What the fuck even got into her? The stress of dealing with the King’s brat must’ve been getting with her and a small part of her, that little demon in the back of her mind, hoped she would snap and kill that bitch. Knowing Gellen, she might kill them as well, but it would all be worth it if she could watch Nora take a bullet or knife in her perfect princess pussy.
This week couldn’t end fast enough and now was time to get through her night shift.
Not much happened as the other girls joined her. Aalin Callister, Jona Quarrel, Paie Borwan, and Katerina Fargher joined her and Krista on lookout. Jona managed to sneak some meat out of the dining hall for Krista.
“That's all I could fit in my pockets without Gellen getting suspicious,” Jona said, Alice’s eyes quivering as she watched Jona give the entire chunk to Krista. “Everyone told me she was being punished because you pissed off the Princess and I felt it would be right to give her my leftovers.”
Alice just looked away and turned to watch the treelines until she could no longer hear Krista scarfing down her piece of ham.
The night dragged on as the girls settled into lookout. Lookout, as with most nights, just meant standing by a window watching an empty field, illuminated only by the light of the moons, and the dark forests just beyond the grounds of Fort Clague, while nothing at all happened.
Alice hoped more than anything this would be one of those nights where something other than nothing happened. Even if that something just happened to be the cries of lost or stuck travelers, it would beat standing there the whole night. If she had to go out and help she could sneak by the kitchen and see what scraps were left behind.
Other than the occasional animal cries, not much did happen. Alice did catch a few goblins coming out of the trees on two occasions. It wasn’t too often the green fuckers strayed out of the forest and she forgot about the void in her stomach where food should’ve been just long enough to point them out. She would have shot one just to liven things up, if not for the fact that Krista and the girls would bitch about having to go out and remove the body. They went back behind the darkness of the trees and Krista forgot about them soon enough, once again thinking about how she’d love a big roasted pig all to herself right at that moment as her stomach growled and ached.
Hours passed, the moons rose ever higher in the sky and crickets played their music. The goings of goblins became background scenery along with the other critters scurrying and flying around outside; until a large number of them, dozens, gathered in a line along the cobbled path. Alice stirred from her daydreams as three of them emerged from the woods, her interest perked while assuming they’d go back at any moment until more of them came out.
“What the hell?” Jona asked. “You girls should see what these goblins are doing.”
“We see just fine,” Alice said, smirking for the first time in hours. “They’re here to check out your cute little ass.” She groped the brunette’s ass through her shorts.
“Stop it,” Jona batted at her hand. “Take this seriously! This is really creeping me out because those fuckers are up to something.”
“Relax! We can handle them if they try anything stupid,” Alice replied, laughing even as the idea crept into her mind that the way the goblins seemed to be looking at them unnerved her a bit. The goblins were far smarter than your average beast and they all have seen them using basic stone tools. But they had a fortress between them and firearms to cut them down; they were a threat to unsuspecting travelers, not soldiers of Lathom.
“I guess, but I wish they’d stop looking up here.”
“Like I said, they want to see your ass! If you want them to stop looking at you we’ll just have to give them a better ass to look at.” Alice pulled her shorts down and stuck her ass out of the window.
“Are you fucking crazy? It’s cold as shit out there! You’ll freeze your ass off, whatever bit of ass you have that is.”
“It ain’t that cold and I have more ass than you.” Alice knew Jona wasn’t joking about the cold, squeezing her ass through that narrow stone opening felt like she was being squeezed by blocks of ice. On the other hand, the chill did wonders for her exhausted muscles as it spread to her thighs; she almost wanted to rip her shorts right off and rub her naked ass and legs all over the frigid stone walls.
“That does look like fun,” Katerina said and pulled off her shorts, shoving her ass through the window.
“You bitches are crazy,” Jona said, rolling her eyes.
“What’s the matter? Jealous that you don’t have anything to show them?”
“Don’t give me that, sister! Just a minute ago you said my ass was the reason they were looking up here.”
“Yeah. That was before they saw mine fully naked.”
“You know what?” Jona pulled down her shorts and took a window. “I bet’cha anything those fuckers are gonna look my way and not even give your ass so much as a side glance.”
“Aalin, would you be so kind as to tell us which one they’re looking at?”
The ginger peered out the window, joined by the brunette Paie.
“It’s hard to tell. They just seem to be looking up here,” Aalin said.
“I think they’re looking more towards Katerina.”
“I highly doubt it,” snorted Alice.
“They’ll be looking at us in a few seconds,” Aalin replied, smirking.
“What makes you say that?”
Aalin pulled up her shirt and leaned with her breasts hanging through the window. “Because I just gave them something better to look at.”
“Don’t leave me out!” Paie removed her shirt and did the same.
“You girls suck,” Krista pouted. “Not one of you saved a window for me.”
“There’s other hallways, sis,” Alice replied.
“Are there goblins looking at those windows? Probably not!”
“You never know! I’d let you share my window but there’s just not enough room.”
“Like I’d want my ass stuck with yours.”
“Don’t lie,” Aalin snickered, “we all know you and her crawl in bed all the time.”
“Yeah, for threesomes. There’s always a guy or another girl with us, we don’t just fuck each other. That would be weird.”
“It would be kinda hot,” Jona replied. “I’ve always wanted a cute sister to make love to.”
“If y’all don’t give me a turn eventually I might go get Princess Nora. Wonder what she’ll do if she comes down here and sees your whores half-naked on duty?”
“She would probably have her pet slut rub her tits while she watches us all get executed. I’d be willing to bet the evil little witch would even masturbate while her soldiers blow our tits off.”
“Does that mean you’ll give me a spot?”
“She’ll probably stuff a rifle up your pussy for even talking to her while she’s trying to sleep.”
“If I get to watch your window-hogging ass and titties get filled with bullets, I don’t give a rat’s ass if she blows my pussy apart. It’ll serve you right for getting me stuck on an extra shift of guard duty when I could be sleeping or enjoying an orgy with Reina and Nessa.”
“Wait? Even me?” Jona asked. “I brought you food.”
“I would let you know she’s coming, don’t worry.”
“But I’m starting to like having my ass on this cold window sill. It’s comfortable.”
“Then I would just have to beg them to give you a quick death.”
“That’s reassuring, I guess,” Jona laughed.
“That’s if a goblin doesn’t crawl up this window and stick a spear or dagger up our asses.”
“That would be a way to go. It’d probably hurt like nothing you’ve ever felt, but you’d also have one hell of a final orgasm before you died.”
“I’m not sure what would be worse, or better if you’re more focused on getting your last orgasm; getting stabbed in the anus or pussy?” Alice asked and tried to scoot back enough that her pussy was hanging out. The window wasn’t wide enough and she could only manage to show her anus.
“I’d imagine getting it in the pussy would be best orgasm-wise. It’d be like getting fucked by a sharp dick.”
“Imagine getting pregnant that way and pumping out a half-metal baby in three seasons… ugchk!!” Alice jolted as something seemed to poke her asshole hard, shooting pain up her spine and down her legs.
Abhu started his morning with a feeling of cautious optimism, unsure where the spirits and ancestors sat on blessing tonight’s battle. The hour of their redemption was long overdue, yet the powers that ran within the very fabric of this world always seemed to provide just enough so the Hamarr could exist without giving them the strength to break free from the tyranny subjected to them by the thin monkeys.
No doubt, the spirits were punishing the Hamarr for their transgressions against each other. For generations, they fought amongst themselves, killing and robbing their fellow Hamarr. The traitors, as Abhu would insist they be called, were quick to kill their kin for the smallest offense; among those, launching entire crusades whenever a clan allowed so-called crossbreeding, as if all Hamarr weren’t already the same breed. All the while, they did nothing about the Hoomans who killed more Hamarr than almost any of the great wars they fought with each other. If their elders were going to ignore this greatest of threats then what right did they have begging the spirits who guard and maintain the world for help?
That was behind them. He killed the fat elders who sat on their piles of jewelry, often stolen from wayward Hoomans who were all too often permitted to leave if they handed over their belongings, and gorged on the fattest hogs and rabbits while their brave warriors spent entire days without so much as a scrap of food. He united the clans and made it clear that any expressions of hatred towards other Hamarr over petty reasons would be punished with execution. He rallied the warriors to drive the Hoomans out. And if the spirits were against them in this moment, they would be the next foe once the Hoomans have met their fate. To turn back now or even to express a single doubt would mean not only his death, for surely his warriors would slay him without hesitation after bringing them this far, but the end of the Hamarr at the hands of themselves and the Hoomans.
The bulk of his force already entered the rotten tunnels those Hoomans called the sewers. How he and the spirits could ever repay those warriors he would never know. Only the Hoomans could invent themselves a means to divert clean flowing water into their stronghold only to shit in it. How could the spirits have allowed such a foul tribe to possess such mighty powers?
He and eighteen of his greatest warriors gathered beyond the forest, ready to enter through one of the towers. The towers were never guarded by more than a handful of warriors at any given time and it seemed that night was no different. He counted anywhere from three to six warrior females by the windows of the eastern tower during his scouting, he could never be certain when those Hoomans all looked the same. Abhu had little idea how many resided in the stronghold itself; they could not be as numerous as his force of almost a thousand soldiers.
Abhu knew more than anyone how little his numbers mattered when even a single Hooman warrior could kill untold numbers of his people in the time it would take him to eat a field mouse. Their firearms, staffs that called forth a mighty thunder whenever used, could strike down any warrior from well beyond the range of his best archers. No matter how much of an advantage they seemed to have, they could not assume these Hoomans would be so easy as the unarmed travelers who sometimes wandered into their territory; even if they now had a weapon that could give them a way to fight back against their god sticks.
His elite warriors were armed with something a Hooman craftsman they captured called a grappling hook. He had no idea how it worked and it came to quite a surprise when the Hooman made them in working condition, even after some of his warriors feasted on her breasts. With that, he hoped to get inside; unnoticed until their blades became the first Hamarr weapons to strike down an armed Hooman warrior.
Their surprise attack didn’t pan out as Abhu hoped and he, for a brief moment, wondered if this might’ve been a warning by the ancestors that this battle would not end in their favor. Two of the females pointed them out as they lined up by the trees and he cursed himself for not considering that.
“Fire your hooks into them if you must, they cannot be allowed to fight,” Abhu growled.
Just as they prepared to strike, one of them stuck her bare ass out of one of the holes. Two more bared Hooman female bottoms filled up the other holes. The last two holes were occupied by two of them holding up their shirts, pressing their big pale breasts as they leaned out.
“What do you make of this, chief?”
“These Hoomans see us as animals, they will act as if we are animals who pose no threat to them.”
“Only Hoomans could be so carefree when called upon to protect their future chiefess.”
“These Hoomans are the greatest threat to our kind. If they want to let down their guard then I am all the happier. Continue with the operation,” said Abhu, “but do not let your guard down. This could be a trap. Our warriors could all be dead now and they’re just waiting for us to climb in to be slaughtered.”
Abhu aimed his weapon at the middle girl’s ass, down the crack of her ass.
Krista was startled by the sudden outbursts of her sister and comrades screaming.
“Something just grabbed my ass,” screamed Katerina.
“Yeah, it’s like I sat on a goddamned knife!”
“It’s in my fucking asshole! Goddamn it hurts so fucking bad!” Alice screamed and tried to pull herself out, then screamed even louder. “It’s like being caught on a fucking fishing line!”
“You jinxed it about this fuckers crawling up and spearing our asses! How’d they even move so fast?”
“That’s just it,” Aalin shouted, “they’re still on the ground, just stand—” her words cut out in a scream as something pierced her right breast.
Paie backed away when one went through her left nipple. “They look like fucking grappling hooks,” she screamed.
“What?” Krista yelled, her legs trembling. “How the fuck did they get their hands on grappling hooks? And just how the fuck did they learn how to use them?”
“I don’t fucking…,” Katerina’s screams are cut off as she flew out of the window.
Aalin went out next, their screams ending with gurgly crunches below.
Paie and Jona lurched forward, screaming as the chunks of flesh flew off and the hooks cascaded out of their respective windows. The girls collapsed to the ground, Jona bleeding out of a crater in her left ass cheek and Paie missing most of her nipple.
“It feels like my goddamned intestines are being pulled out. Just what the fuck? It hurts so goddamn much! Krista! Help! Help!” Alice’s eyes rolled back in her skull and she slumped over.
“Alice! Please,” Krista ran to grab her hands when her body was yanked out of the window, a bulky green goblin with long horns and armor climbing in over her.
Krista stepped aside as the creature landed in the hallway and charged at her, pulling a dagger from its sheath. Krista wiped away tears and raised her rifle, but before she could squeeze the trigger a hook went through her throat.
She dropped the gun and staggered back, trying to pull away while the hook wanted to drag her to the window. The goblin swung his dagger and a deep pain ran down the center of her chest and stomach. Krista let out a garbled squeal as her shirt fell away followed by her bra. She wanted to hide as her tits plopped out and thought it couldn’t get worse when her stomach opened, spilling her entrails all over the floor.
She collapsed and the hook slammed her against the wall as more goblins climbed through the windows. A blade went right through Jona’s neck before she could grab her gun. Her head thudded to the floor and her body staggered around until she stumbled out of the window. Krista gagged as Jona’s body caught on the hook line and jerked it out of her throat.
Paia staggered to her feet just in time for a goblin’s blade to slice off her remaining boob as another shoved his blade up her crotch. Her body landed on Krista moments later, her ruined snatch pressed against her face, and Krista closed her eyes forever.
News of Nora’s outburst at the Callow Sisters made its way around the fort within the hour, demolishing any perception the soldiers had that Princess would be as kind of a leader as her father. Soldiers in the same corridor as her made it their utmost priority to not point their heads anywhere near her general direction.
Aislin Cuilinn would be one of the girls to bear witness to their dear Princess’s unkempt attitude during the evening’s dinner. The little brunette’s eyes and jaw hung wide open as the chefs brought out a literal feast which included about two dozen roasted animals, including a whole bear. Kitchen duty never worked this hard even during the harvest festivals. Yet, Nora didn’t seem at all impressed.
Although their Princess helped herself to three courses of dinner and two courses of desert, she seemed to have something to complain about through every bit of it. The duck was too dry, the chicken was not tender enough, the potatoes weren’t seasoned right, and so on. Aislin could’ve sworn she heard Lili Rosach crying at some point and that tough blonde didn’t even cry when she received the news of her sister’s passing.
Aislin helped herself to a few courses and gorged herself on desert. The bear meat wasn’t that bad, although she never tried it and so couldn’t say for sure if it could’ve been prepared better or worse. She and her fellow soldiers straggled from the dining hall, clutching their stomachs as they marched to the restroom. Some of them would be off to night patrols, Aislin would be one of the lucky ladies going to bed.
“Say, your majesty,” Rein, a short girl with black hair, said in a sing-songy voice, “aren’t you going to join us on the toilets?”
Aislin wanted to hiss for her to shut up, to ask what she was thinking, and seeing the other soldiers stop in their tracks she thought they wanted to do the same. Nora’s face seemed to contort into a dagger as she glared at the soldier and Aislin wondered if she would literally bite the poor girl’s head off like some wild animal.
“Why on Midon’s green world would I ever take care of my business in the same lavatory as the likes of you?”
“You took a shower with some of us. How’s that any different?” Aislin froze and almost screamed when she processed the fact of those words coming out of her mouth. Please let her be a merciful princess, she thought over and over.
“And we all know what a mistake that turned out to be, with your fellow peasant imagining herself in bed with me. It’s one thing to allow my subjects to gaze upon the glory of my perfect body, it is another matter entirely to have you gawking while I dispose of fecal matter.”
When Nora continued on to her chamber, followed by her human pet, Aislin’s heart slowed from its pounding beat. It seems Midon and his gods were looking after her and Rein; not wanting to push their luck, she continued on to the restrooms.
The girls piled into the restroom, a large room where rows of wooden crates with holes cut out filled out most of the space and sinks along the outer walls. Aislin found a spot, flanked by Juliana Crosse and Aibell Ni.
“What a bitch,” said Mona Hogeson. “Like, seriously. I can’t believe she snapped at Alice over—”
“Shush,” hissed Gellen. “Unless you want to deal with her temper I suggest you be mindful of what you say in her company.”
“Why would she be anywhere around here? I don’t think she wants to hear us riff raff taking a shit.”
“I said don’t bring her up. If you must talk, talk about something else.”
“So… which one of you tried bear meat for the first time?”
“That was pretty fucking amazing.”
“Me and Aalin caught it, the fucker was heavy to carry. Worth it!”
“Definitely worth it. Too bad Krista and Alice won’t ever get to try it.”
“Yeah … I can’t imagine how pissed off they must be, Krista especially when she was just standing there.”
“I had to do something to keep Nora from ordering Alice’s execution, that’s why I threw her in as a bonus. Now, change the subject.”
“We’re not allowed to speak about our comrades?”
“Not if they’re being punished on behalf of the Princess.”
Aislin opened her mouth when something seemed to crawl up her asshole. Yelping, she screams out, “There’s something crawling up my ass.”
“Probably just a bug,” Gellen replied.
“Are you sure you’re not just feeling your shit falling out? We all had a pretty rough day putting up with …,” Tosha grinned as Gellen glared at her, “that thing we’re not supposed to talk about. You’re just tired and your mind is overreacting.”
“I … I guess. I need to hurry up and get this shit out so I can sleep.” Aislin squeezed her ass while her face turned red. Now she would lay in bed wondering if the girls were laughing at her for screaming over a bug. She was a soldier, not a little girl.
Yet, as she relaxed, something seemed to crawl into her ass again. “Okay! I know that wasn’t a bug,” she squealed. Aislin squirmed and spasmed as the creature slid further up her anus. “I think it’s a fucking snake or something … ahh,” she bit her lip and her legs trembled as the thing caused her to have an orgasm. “It feels like a giant dick … I don’t like doing anal … help … SOMEBODY!! HELP!!”
“Calm down, it’s just—” Tosha Smyth’s face went pale and she sat up straight.
Other girls started squirming and crying out things along the lines of, “it’s in my ass too,” and, ”we have snakes!”
Mona screamed out and tried to jump off the toilet. “It went in my fucking pussy,” she moaned.
“Something’s in mine too!,” cried out Nan Craine. “Please! I’m not ready to lose my virginity! Get it out before…,”
Mona screamed and jumped off the toilet, only to stumble and fall forward, slamming her head into Nan’s legs as her ass strutted out in the air. Aislin’s blood froze as her eyes darted to the green hand coming up from the toilet, clutching a big pink organ connected by a long meaty rope coming from Mona’s pussy.
“Does … does a zombie have my womb?”
Mona’s eyes shot red and her ear-piercing scream filled the room as the hand clamped down, squeezing the organ until it exploded into a giant red bubble that splattered on the floor. Mona’s eyes rolled back in her head and she slumped Nan’s lap into the floor.
Aislin screamed and jerked herself off the toilet, pain shooting up her spine as the green hand came out of her ass, covered in blood and shit. She threw her shorts over the creature and staggered back until she bumped into Tosha.
Goblins began coming up through the toilets in droves. Some of the girls managed to get off, others fell as the green muscled hands crushed their organs like bugs.
Caitir Maille screamed out as her body seemed to sink into the hole, bones cracking as her body folded inward, until all that was left above ground was a few strands of brown hair. Other girls met the same fate, pulled down into the sewers as goblins climbed up through their toilets.
Those that managed to get off never made it far as goblins swarmed them, slashing and biting. Rein Gellen’s face was split in two by a goblin dagger and thrown down the toilet. Two of them ripped Nan’s shirt off and began eating her breasts; another ripped her throat out with its hands and shoved the ruined flesh with its sharp fingers.
“Goblin attack! Goblin attack!” Tosha managed to scream out into the hall before a goblin stuck a blade between her ass cheeks and lifted her into the air. The screaming brunette pounded on the creature’s armor as it tore the bottom of her chin off in a single bite. Her cries ended when another goblin drove a spear through the top of her head.
Aislin found herself surrounded by three of them, piss and shit running down her legs in rivers as tears ran the same down her face. She turned to run only to trip over a girl’s severed tits, landing with her head hanging in one of the toilets. A sharp pain went through her neck and everything began spinning until her head splashed into the shit water below.
Juliana thought she was in the clear when she bolted through the restroom door only to find a large goblin skulking down the other end of the corridor. The only way back was going past the restroom door that, by that point, had been reduced to splinters by the girls rushing to safety and the goblins who chased after.
The creature grew closer and drew out its dagger. An idea flashed through her mind and her face contorted at the thought. It seemed like a stupid idea, not to mention more disgusting the more distance it closed and the stronger she could smell the shit it must’ve crawled through to get there. What did she have to lose other than her life?
“Hey big boy,” she cooed as she began removing her shirt. “I’m willing to make an offer if you’re willing to spare me.” She removed her bra and tried cupping her breasts, groaning as she thought back to Alice and Krista teasing her in the shower. She went to remove her shorts before realizing she already left them back in the restroom, her face turning a bright red.
The creature only snarled and raised his blade.
“Wait! We can talk. You can fuck me!” What the hell was she thinking? The fucker didn’t even speak Lathan, if he could speak at all. Trembling, Juliana pointed at his loincloth and at her crotch, nodding her head and hoping it could at least understand that. She screamed once it seemed as if it was going to skewer her anyways, only for the beast to sheath its blade and pull off the loincloth.
Her heart pounded and her throat tightened, her eyes growing as the throbbing green mass, like a giant snake, approached her womanhood. Who would’ve thought she’d lose her virginity to a fucking goblin? What would happen if she ever got married and her husband found out? Would he understand she just wanted to live at that moment? The smell was just awful, like rotting meat covered in shit. At least she didn’t have to suck the damned thing or she would’ve died right there.
As the creature pushed her back to the wall and began pushing its big member against the folds of her labia, another goblin emerged from the restroom. It charged at them and the two began growling. Juliana couldn’t tell if they were arguing because they both wanted her or they were talking about gangraping her. She began to imagine a whole bunch of the creatures pile driving her pussy, fucking her to death on that cold wall, when two blades flashed through the air.
Pain shot across her neck and blood began gushing out. A gash formed in her would-be rapist’s throat as well, spewing blood. She couldn’t even scream as only gargles and blood came out when she opened her lips. Juliana slid down the wall, clutching her throat as her lungs burned and her vision grew darker.
The goblin collapsed on top of her, its dick sliding into her mouth as it began thrusting its hips. The cock twitched and cum spewed down her throat in sticky slabs of oozing salt. Juliana’s eyes closed as she wished for the strength to bite the fucker’s dick off but she couldn’t even move her arm to push him off. She passed away as the light-green ooze burst down her chin.
Nessa finished her shower and hurried back to her quarters, pulling Reina by the arm.
“Wait? We can’t even eat dinner first? You can’t be that horny,” her lover cried.
She could lie to Reina but not to herself; not when her stomach growled the entire way, the smell of roasted meat wafting from the dining hall. No doubt the staff cooked up one hell of a feast that evening for Nora but she didn’t want to spend another minute in the same room as that bitch if she didn’t need to. She didn’t want Reina to spend another minute with her either, not knowing when the royal brat might decide to have her burned at the stake because the smell of her perfect teeny twat wafted too close to her nose.
“There’s always scraps at our usual feasts, there’ll be some at this one,” she told her as they settled into their beds.
“And a certain princess won’t be there by then. Just admit you’re afraid of her.”
“I’m not afraid of the little bitch. Why would I? I could snap her spine easily.”
“She could have you executed with the snap of her finger.”
Reina and Nessa spent the next hour bickering about whether they should be afraid of Nora.
“Okay, enough bitchcess talk. Aren’t we gonna fuck?”
“Weren’t we having a threesome? Or was it a foursome?”
“The Callow Sisters got stuck with guard duty all night. Remember? That’s why we all hate Nora.”
“I kinda hoped they’d sneak out after Nora and Gellen got to sleep.”
“I wouldn’t count on it, I’m sure the Princess scared those two good. We probably won’t get our fun with them until after she leaves.”
Nessa climbed into Reina’s bed and began removing her shirt. “Now,” she whispered, leaning against Reina and kissing her on the lips. “Don’t worry about Alice and Krista. Forget about the Princess and the Commander. Just worry about me, my boobs,” she unclasped her bra and pulled Reina’s hands to her chest,” and my pussy.”
“Alright,” Reina laughed. “But you have to promise something for me.”
“What’s that?”
“That you will also think about nothing but my boobs and pussy.”
Nessa grabbed the hem of her shirt, Reina raised her arms as she took it off. Nessa removed her bra and grabbed her tits. “You have a deal.”
Nessa pushed her back as they kissed deeply, her eyes glancing to the door every other minute while her ears remained open for the sound of entitled footsteps. They were off duty and should’ve been free to do as they pleased in their own time, but they meant little when they had a literal tyrant in their midst. The bitch would probably have them executed on account of still being a virgin herself, one so stuck up could never find anyone to suit her perfect pussy.
Was she just being paranoid? No way in hell would someone so high and mighty just go strolling through the quarters of women she considered less than vermin. She probably would’ve never set foot in their fortress or even their province if her daddy didn’t make her tour military outposts as part of her coming of age. In the end, who gave a fuck if she did show up? If Nora wanted to send her to the firing squad for having sex with her beautiful girlfriend, she would just have to puff out her tits and let them take bullets because she was not going to stop.
Reina no doubt felt the same, having already slipped a finger into her shorts and started rubbing her pussy. Nessa pushed the Princess from her mind and started removing her own shorts before helping Reina remove hers. They laid naked, their pussies pressed into the other’s thigh as they began moving back and forth.
An eruption of screams and banging from throughout the fort startled them, causing Nessa to fall off the bed, dragging Reina with her.
“What do you think that was?” She asked.
Nessa shrugged and went back to rubbing her pussy. “Some of the girls were probably acting stupid at the feast.”
“Hope none of them pissed off the Princess.”
“I guess we’ll know if we see anyone being lined up to have lead injected into her tits,” she leaned in for another kiss.
Nessa rolled over on top and pushed Reina’s legs back as she began rubbing her pussy against Reina’s. Whatever bullshit the Princess was dragging her comrades into no longer mattered, only the orgasm building in her pussy and the slick sliding of meat as their pussies rubbed up against each other.
She lost herself in the act, forgetting about everything but the amazing orgasm she was about to have, right up until something entered her pussy and a hand fell on her shoulder.
“What the fuck?” Nessa screamed and looked down to see a green dick in her pussy. How the fuck did those whores let goblins in the fort?
“I didn’t say you had to stop,” moaned Reina. Another goblin pulled her aside and slid his cock into her, pushing her legs back as he fucked her.
Nessa knew she needed to push the fucker off and get out of their, but her pussy had other ideas as her hips began thrusting in rhythm with the green dick as she moaned ever louder.
“Why am I enjoying this?” Reina squealed.
“I don’t know.” Nessa’s body trembled as waves of orgasm crashed over her like a tsunami.
Reina threw her head back, moaning until it sounded like the howl of a wolf.
“I can’t believe our bodies would betray Lathom like this.”
“I know! How can our pussies enjoy being raped by these things? It’s wrong but it feels so good.”
“Maybe we really do deserve to be put to death?”
“Uh-huh,” Nessa groaned. “Get Nora to send us to the firing squad and blow our traitor tits off.”
“It’s our pussies that are betraying the kingdom. If our bodies must be punished it should be a couple of rounds to our twats, just blow our sex lives away and be done with it.”
“I suppose that makes sense. If we really do end up being executed for this, I would rather it be quick like a bullet to the head.”
“Or just chop off our heads. We don’t deserve clean deaths.”
Another goblin stepped into view, carrying a large ax along the ground. “You humans wish to die? I will grant your wish.”
“What? No! We were just kidding,” Nessa screamed. When did this thing learn how to speak like a human?
“Yeah, please let us live.”
The green dick slammed into her uterus and Nessa was again overcome with orgasm, her legs squeezing as the goblin’s dick began spewing hot cum into her womb. Maybe she did deserve to die?
Nessa held Reina as the ax raised into the air, locking lips for a goodbye kiss. Piss was squirting everywhere and she couldn’t tell how much belonged to her and how much belonged to Reina.
The ax cut through her neck and Reina’s with a single blow. Their heads rolled along the floor and stopped.
Nessa curled her lips at the sight of their dead pussies continued to bounce on the green cocks. She deserved to die, no doubt about that. That their rapists gave them a quick end would be satisfying enough, and as more green cum ran down her legs she closed her eyes.
Merica was relieved for once to retire with her Majesty to her quarters. Her mistress and future queen could be quite snappy at the best of times and it only seemed to get worse since her father sent them on what he called their grand adventure. She felt so bad watching those soldiers who swore to protect the Kingdom go out of their way to please her Majesty only to have their efforts shot down.
She had to be the one to feel bad because this was her fault. Was she not the one to suggest Nora go to one of the smaller outposts? Did she not convince Nora that it would be less stressful dealing with so few people? The more seasoned and battle-hardened soldiers didn’t outright fear the Princess as the ones here did, yet the service she received was of a far greater scope. Fort Clague just didn’t have the resources to host one so grand as her Majesty and she should’ve known better.
Just when things seemed to simmer down and Merica thought she could crawl into bed, the Princess busy writing in her daily journal, the all-too-familiar snapping of fingers jolted her awake.
“I still have to relieve myself of that pitiful dinner these people served me. Fetch me the chamber pot.”
“Yes, m’lady!”
Merica brought her the chamber pot and her heart dropped as Nora’s face contorted, her nose seeming to curl up.
“I told you to empty this damned thing on a regular basis! Did I not?” She slammed the pot back into Merica’s hand so hard she thought it was going to spill. “It is your duty to make sure I have something clean to do my business in.”
Merica stepped out and began dumping the contents through one of the windows.
The Princess hadn’t always been that way and up until a few years ago she treated her like a best friend. Merica wanted more than anything to find out where she’s getting this attitude that everyone is beneath her. Was it just the stress of being the future queen or has one of her tutors become a bad influence?
Before she could finish that thought, two young soldiers ran into the hall, screaming.
“May I help you?”
The girls ignored her and kept running, screeching to a halt and started screaming as goblins rounded the other corner. Merica screamed as the green monsters gutted one and slit the throat of the other. She threw the bucket back into Nora’s chamber as they charged at her.
“Just what in the fuck do you think you’re doing, Merica?”
She froze up as she tried to decide which way her legs should go.
“Great,” Nora groaned as the brown puddle spread across the stone floor. “I’ll have to sleep smelling this foul and awful mess. Who knows how long she’ll take to clean the damned thing?”
Either way, she had to shit. If she held it in another moment she would end up shitting herself and would probably grab the nearest knife to kill every fucker in this structure. She could think of how Merica needed to be punished later and she already figured it’d involve making her eat a bowl of spider webs.
Nora lifted her dress and pulled down her undergarments before sitting on the pot. If she missed anything on Daddy’s stupid adventure it had to be her toilet, all decorated in gold and could empty itself.
Her lines of thought were cut short as screams came down the hallway followed by deep growls. Whatever these people could be up to she did not feel like putting up with it now. Surely their commander knew by now to keep their weird drama far from her space.
What even was the purpose of this damned place? By the commander’s own admittance they haven’t fought with anybody in this part of the Kingdom for centuries. Daddy and the other wealthy landowners of this Kingdom were paying these whores to sit around all day and fuck. Once she became queen this place would be decommissioned and everyone here would be redeployed to a warzone.
She was interrupted again when Merica barged in, screaming. “Mistress, you have to get out of here! Goblins … goblins are attacking!”
What? Merica must’ve lost her mind, sniffing the fumes from the damned shit bucket one too many times. These soldiers might’ve been lazy and worthless, but even they couldn’t be so stupid as to allow goblins to get this close to their Princess.
Merica’s ramblings stopped when a dagger sliced the top of her head off. Goblins poured in by the dozen before her body even hit the ground.
“What’s going on here?” Nora raised her hands. “I am Princess of Nora the Fourth, Heiress to the Throne of Lathom. Under what business are you barging into my private chambers and attacking my servant?”
The goblins advanced on her, raising their weapons. For the first time since she was a mere child trapped in a dark room, Princess Nora found herself trembling. But she could not show fear, not to these creatures and not as the soon-to-be ruler of the lands upon which they stand.
As she opened her mouth, farts squeaked out of her ass and shit dropped out. Her face turned red as the tightness on her stomach lightened. The goblins laughed and pointed, causing her face to heat up even more. Tears running down her eyes, she screamed, “You can’t laugh at the Princess of the Realm! You will all be executed if you do not cease this at once!”
Four of the goblins dragged her off the toilet and forced her to the ground while a fifth pulled out his dick.
“No,” she squealed. “You can’t rape me. I’m a virgin princess who cannot lose her purity until I am married. Please don’t do this! You are not worthy of having my virginity! STOPP!”
Her words meant nothing, if they could even understand them, as the goblin slid his cock into her pussy. The goblin growled to his comrades and they began ripping her dress.
“You can’t do that! That dress was made for me by the greatest tailor alive! Get off me!!”
They reduced her dress to tatters as what seemed to be their leader defiled her virgin pussy, blood and piss running along his cock. The beast pushed her legs back until it felt as if her bones were going to crack.
Her own pussy began moving with his cock and she started moaning. How could she enjoy this … this defilement? If she had been raped by a noble or even someone in the royal family, it would be okay. How could her pussy enjoy the dick of a dirty animal? She wanted nothing more in that moment than to put herself in front of the firing squad, tell them to blow apart her perfect tits and pussy for betraying her purity.
Her pussy twitched and orgasm raced up her body. Her tight pussy squeezed his cock until it too began throbbing. She could do nothing but sob as the warm cum filled her perfect and once-pure womb. No matter what, she would have to destroy her womb. She would never have kids, but she could not allow herself to give birth to a half-monster rape baby.
What was she saying? These fuckers were going to kill her after they finished. Maybe it would be quick? Who was she kidding? After being such a bitch to everyone, and treating Merica like shit after the poor girl revolved her entire life around keeping her princess happy, did she deserve a quick ending?
As if to answer her question, the goblin pulled out his cock as his minions began tying ropes around her arms and legs. It seemed they would not be killing her, not there. That didn’t mean much when they would, without a doubt, kill her at their layer. The fucker wanted to eat her alive. How awful! Her end, the Kingdom’s perfect and pure princess, was in the bellies of some lizard-skinned monkeys?
Katerina opened her eyes, not sure how long she had been laying on cold-ass ground. Her head and foot throbbed with pain. She was guarding the tower with her comrades and then she woke up here.
Crawling to her feet, the throbbing in her left foot became jolts that shot up her leg whenever she put pressure on it. It wasn’t broken, but it must’ve been sprained. She fell out of the damned tower somehow. Did one of the other bitches push her? No, she was pulled. She mooned some creepy-ass goblins and something pulled her out of the window.
No, something stabbed her then pulled her out of the window. The pain seemed to spread across her ass like tendrils crawling through her flesh, a sharp pain that seemed to rip as she moved her leg, like something biting her. One of the fuckers climbed the wall and stuck a spear in her ass! Did anyone even shoot the motherfucker and why had nobody come to see if she was alive?
Katerina grabbed for her ass cheek, wanting to know just how much damage the green fuckers did, and found a large piece of metal still in her ass. The fucker stabbed her and left it in! The spearhead wasn’t even attached to a stick, just a thin wire that seemed to go on forever. Did she hit the ground so hard the stick was obliterated, leaving only a few flimsy fibers? She felt along the metal, finding it not razor-sharp like a blade but not dull either. It didn’t matter, the thing had to come out.
Clenching her teeth, Katerina gripped the arrowhead and jerked. Fiery pain shot up her ass as if a beast were trying to bite off a chunk of her flesh, squealing ever louder even after she clenched her teeth hard enough that it felt as if they would be crushed. With a final tug the thing came out, a four-pronged piece of iron with pieces of meat clung to the metal. She took a soft and deep breath for the few seconds of relief she felt before the pain flared, as if her asscheek burst into flames
She had no idea if the goblins were still hanging out by the woods and she wanted nothing more than for them to think she was dead until reinforcements arrived. She just couldn’t stop screaming, it hurt so damned much. She no longer noticed the throbbing in her head and foot, even if she still limped. Did it matter that much if the rest of them killed her now? From the size of the thing she pulled out of her ass, the wound had to be the size of a fucking cave. What would her husband say about the giant scar that would forever marr her perfect ass? Was it even worth going on if she would no longer be one of the pretty ones? What did she expect to happen after signing up to go fight wars?
Did she even have a choice at the moment? Even if a goblin didn’t kill her right then, she was bleeding like a virgin, a velvet waterfall gushing down her legs at a rate that could fill a small lake in the time it would take her to eat a good meal. Her head already felt light. Was she going to bleed out? It didn’t seem like a bad way to die, she could just lay back on the ground. She would go to sleep and never wake up, no more Katerina. She wouldn’t have to worry about her husband seeing her ruined ass.
Even as the idea refused to leave her mind, she never curled up in the grass or even closed her eyes. Katerina limped on, her pants sliding off into tattered and mud-soaked rags on the ground. The burning she felt from ripping out the arrowhead faded, even if it flared up again whenever she took a step. She ripped the bottom of her shirt to bandage the wound and stem the flow of blood. She would need to get some alcohol before it got infected, but it would do. It wouldn’t cover her pussy as well, not that it mattered when the nearest man would need a good six hours to get there by horse.
The grounds were clear of goblins and the weird group standing by the trees was nowhere in sight. There were two more soldiers laying in the grass, it seems she wasn’t the only one they attacked. Katerina limped to the closest one; Aalin, Katerina could tell just by the long bright-orange hair draped over the back of her uniform, passed out in front of a large rock. She got to within a few meters and her blood ran cold.
“Aalin…?” She asked, her voice quivering as she knelt to turn her over. Aalin couldn’t be dead, Katerina told herself. So what if blood covered the rock and pieces of brain? “Aalin … please wake—” She turned her over and screamed, staggering back as chunks of brain meat fell out of what used to be Aalin’s face.
Her foot caught on something and she slammed into the ground, screaming as she landed on her wound. She looked to see what she tripped on, finding Alice Callow sprawled out on the ground. She considered scampering away, not wanting to see another young woman she spent so much time around dead. Someone else could confirm Alice’s death, just not her. Nobody lost a friend at Clague and certainly not two in one night.
Alice groaned and shifted her legs, Katerina felt the weight of a boulder fly from her chest. She grabbed Alice’s wrist and a trembling smile spread across her face when she felt a pulse.
“Alice,” Katerina whispered. She tried to shake her and noticed a familiar strand protruding from her ass, winding through the grass until she couldn’t see where it ended; though she would guess somewhere near the forest.
This thing couldn’t be a spear, but looked more like somethat fired out of a grappling hook. How the fuck did those green apes even make something like that? It had to come out and it would be best if she did it before waking Alice.
“Sorry about this,” she whispered and grimaced as she stuck a hand in Alice’s asshole. “They actually got it all the way in. Don’t do anal anytime soon.” She took three good breaths and pulled, ripping the fucker out, taking a decent chunk of flesh with it.
Alice jolted up with a scream. “What the fuck is in my ass?”
“It’s okay,” Katerina hugged her, “I pulled one of these hooks out.“
She held it up and went cold. Alice stopped screaming and her face went blank as if she just saw a ghost. A strand of intestine clung to one of the barbs, winding out of Alice’s asshole.
“Put it back!” Alice screamed and pulled it off, shoving it back up her asshole. “How the fuck did that even happen?”
“I don’t know,” screamed Katerina. “We were mooning goblins and this happened.”
“It feels like I got buttraped by a fucking sword!”
“At least the damage is inside of your ass,” she points to her bandaged ass. “You won’t have to worry about a big ugly scar whenever you crawl in bed with someone.”
“That’ll be a real comfort the next time I take a shit. I’m probably going to need surgery after this.”
“Just don’t take any dicks in the ass for a while.”
“What in the hell are we supposed to do now? I know we probably need to go in and let someone know about the attack.” Alice ripped off what remained of her pants and underwear. “It’s better than trying to keep ‘em up while we’re being attacked.”
“I lost mine just getting to my feet. I landed in the mud, doubt anyone could tell them from the ground at this point. Sucks that we’ll have to walk around with our twats out.”
“Says the girl who decided to stick her ass out the window.”
“Nobody in the chain of command was present.”
“True, but I’m sure everyone inside will be too preoccupied repelling a goblin attack. We can’t fight with ripped clothes clinging to our bodies.”
“You’re right, unfortunately. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Her Highness won’t have us executed for trying to seduce her or something.”
“Everyone else should be in the dining hall,” Katerina said. “I believe the feast is still going on, though I can’t say for sure how long I was actually out.”
“No,” snapped Alice. “I need to check on my sister, see that she’s okay.”
“If your sister’s in any danger we will need reinforcements, plus we need to alert our comrades. I’m sure Krista is fine, she can take care of herself. She’ll know to fall back if things become too rough.”
“I don’t care. Besides, it’s fine with me if the goblins kill the stupid Princess. It’l serve her right for being such a spoiled brat. Now I am going to save my sister.”
“Please!” Katerina cried, grabbing Alice’s wrist. “You can’t do anything for her in your condition. We’ll go get help and then we’ll go rescue Krista. I promise.” She pulled Alice into a hug. “I just don’t want to lose anyone else right now.”
“I just …,” Alice leaned into Katerina and hugged her back. “Fine! We get some of our comrades and go murder some green monkeys. My sister better still be alive.”
Katerina and Alice limped their way to the dining hall, neither prepared for the carnage they would find inside. Everyone would be at their tables, plates piled high while no doubt listening to Nora bitch about how the food wasn’t cooked a certain way or that someone ate a small crumb before she finished her meal.
Instead, the mutilated bodies of the young soldiers littered the halls and corridors. They arrived in the dining hall to find it deserted. The platters of dishes laid out on the tables when she left earlier were taken away, leaving only rows of abandoned plates and drinks.
“They might be in the restroom,” Katerina mumbled. “I hope.”
Alice didn’t seem to notice and was already going through the tables, scarfing down whatever food had been left behind.
“How can you think about food at a time like this?”
“I haven’t eaten since breakfast,” Alice mumbled through a mouthful of meat and potatoes.
“Just hurry up and move on. You don’t want to be here gorging yourself when the goblins show up.”
“We’ll have to fight them at some point and I don’t want to die on an empty—”
They both went silent. Someone was sobbing, someone in the kitchen. Someone survived.
Bursting through the doors, they find Lili Rosach slouched over a giant sack of potatoes, crying and trembling. Cera Maderil carved and salted the meat before chucking it into a large barrel. Fenella Quane dumped everything else but the cakes into another before handing the dish off to Joannia Kneale. It was kitchen duty as every other day, as if a massacre hadn’t just occurred outside. Katerina wondered if they even knew.
As if answering her question, Joannia turned and dropped a dish as she screamed. “Did a bear maul you for your pants? Why are you covered in blood and why are you just walking around with your pussies hanging out?”
“There’s a goblin attack! In the fort, right now,” Katerina screamed. “They killed Aali—they killed a lot of our comrades. We need to go. Now!”
Joannia’s gaping mouth turned into a smirk. “Nice try! Have you been drinking? You probably think you’ll scare us off so you can eat all of the food.”
“I’m serious! We’re under attack!”
“I’m sorry. Normally I wouldn’t care if you sneak a few bites from the kitchen, but the Princess is here so things are stricter than normal. She made it especially clear that we’re to keep this one from—HEY!” Joannia snapped her head to Alice, who grabbed three large chunks of salted meat from the barrel and scarfed half of them down. “We cannot let you eat! Spit that out or we’ll all be in trouble. You—”
Fenella screamed. “Goblins! There’s really goblins in the fort!”
Joannia let go of Alice’s shirt and everyone ran to the door. A large goblin skulked through the hall, one of them carrying the headless and naked body of a young woman. It squatted on the table and took several bites from the girl’s pussy before a whole column of goblins, dozens of them, appeared. One of them snatched the girl’s body, tossing it before pushing the one who was eating her into the line.
“Barricade the doors!” Joannia shouted.
“What? What about our comrades?” Katerina asked.
“We don’t have enough ammo and neither of you seem armed.”
“We lost our guns in the initial attack.”
“Our best option, then, is to stay put until help arrives and hope they never check this room. I’m not risking my life for the Princess, not after she talked shit about Lili’s amazing cooking.”
Everyone dropped what they were doing to pile heavy furniture against the doors into the kitchen, except Alice who filled a small wooden bowl with all kinds of meat and cakes.
“Sorry about her,” Katerina said, herself only able to move a few light chairs when every move sent a jolt of pain through the hole in her ass.
“It really doesn’t matter at this point,” Lili said. “If they get in I’d rather not have someone fighting on an empty stomach.”
“Still, she shouldn’t go too far,” Joannia replied. “We have no idea how long we’ll have to wait for reinforcements. It could be days or even weeks, we’ll have to start rationing what we have.”
“You really shouldn’t overindulge, as it is,” Katerina said. “And I suggest you avoid anything with cheese, unless you want to be pushing out logs with your asshole all torn up like it is.”
Alice nodded and started to plop down on a bag of salt when Joannia pushed her onto the floor.
“Sorry, but salt is expensive and you’re bleeding like a virgin who crawled in bed with an ogre.”
“Next time goblins stab me in the asshole I’ll remind them to patch me up.”
“So. Do you think the Princess is dead yet?” Fenella asked. “That has to be why the goblins grew so bold to attack us like this.”
“I bet they’re gonna rape here first,” Cera snickered. “I wish I could hear her go on about how those disgusting beasts are putting their dicks in her perfect pussy.”
“Bitch was probably still a virgin, hoping to get her perfect cherry popped by some prince or something. If that doesn’t humble her I don’t know what will.”
“Perfect my ass,” Alice said. “Sure, she’s hot as fuck and I’d still eat her pussy if she’d let me, but most of the girls here are prettier than she is. Her tits aren’t even that big. Perky and no doubt firm, but average.” She finished the last piece of meat and collapsed, turning to Lili. “Don’t worry about Nora, I always love when you cook. That was some of the best food I had in my life just now.”
“Thank you,” Lili said and smiled for the first time since they came in. “I only wish you and Krista both could’ve been at the feast.”
“Aside from Nora’s bitching, it was the best meal I’ve had.” Fenella replied.
Alice jumped up and shouted, “Krista!” She ran to the door and began shoving things out of the way. “I need to get to my sister, I need to know if she’s okay.”
“No, it’s too dangerous,” Joannia said. “You are unarmed and injured, you’ll only get yourself killed.”
“I don’t care! I just want to make sure Krista’s okay. I’ll go alone if I have to and I don’t give a shit if I die trying.”
Joannia nodded and began helping her move the heavier stuff.
“I’ll come with you.” Lili ran over and moved a giant crate. “I spent the last twelve hours in this kitchen and if I am to die in a goblin raid I don’t want it to be in this dreadful place.”
Joannia moved the last barrel and the door swung open with a creak. The two girls ran out. Katerina knew this would be the last time she ever saw them, not realizing at the moment that she would lose her life first.
She and the other girls sat around gossiping, Katerina helped Joannia preserve meat even if Joannia insisted it would be unsanitary with her coated in blood. Hours passed, maybe even days; she couldn’t tell, not after going through three rounds of rations and two good naps.
A loud crash at the door startled her from her third nap and all of the girls sat up. For a brief moment she thought reinforcements arrived, that their long nightmare was over. The door buckled and Katerina realized they forgot to barricade it again after Alice and Lili ran out. With another crash the door flew off its hinges and six goblins charged in.
The first two went straight for the barrels of salted meat, sniffing the air like starving pigs as they began stuffing handfuls in their mouths. One snarled and rushed Fenella.
“No you don’t,” Joannia growled and began loading her rifle. The goblin swung his ax, splitting Joannia’s arm above the elbow. The beast grabbed her arm as she fell back screaming, throwing it and the gun to another goblin as he grabbed Fenella.
“Please … you don’t need to eat me,” she screamed as it ripped her shirt off. “Please! There’s meat already prepared in those barrels! You don’t have to kill me!”
The goblin snarled and tore her right breast off in a single bite. It chomped her left nipple and ripped the rest of the boob off, shoving it down its throat.
Cera ran to the door and screamed as another goblin strolled in. She pulled her pants down. “Please don’t kill me,” she flipped around and leaned with her ass strutting in the air, “you can buttfuck me if you want! Just don’t kill me! Please!”
The goblin grabbed her by the legs and stuffed its face in her ass. Cera shivered and moaned as it licked her ass and pussy.
“Please just fuck me and let me live,” she quivered. “This actually feels really good.”
The goblin sniffed gave her a few more licks and tore a chunk out of her ass. The next bite sank into her ass, the wet cracking of bones could be heard and the beast tore out her asshole. Cera’s eyes rolled in her head as she began farting and shitting. The goblin roared and tossed her to the ground, spitting out chunks of shit and blood.
Cera writhed on the floor, farting and shitting out of her mangled ass. Her screams stopped when the snarling goblin slammed its ax on her cheek, cutting her head in half. It grabbed her head as the body continued thrashing on the floor, her tongue flailing in a roofless mouth. The goblin dumped her brain into its maw, chomping it into ground meat as blood splashed its face.
Fenella’s captor opened her belly with a knife and lifted her above its head, letting her organs tumble onto its face. The beast crushed her womb in its jaw and her eyes rolled back in her head. A goblin’s ax split Joannia’s crotch in half, her screams stopped when it bit off her face.
Katerina trembled under a table until a goblin threw it over and grabbed her by the legs. Warm air blew over her crotch as it sniffed her pussy, causing her girlhood to tingle. It felt good until she remembered this is what one of them did to Cera before biting her ass off. “P-please don’t eat my pussy! If you have to, eat my ass since it’s already ruined. Please! How will my husband make love to me and how can I bear him any children if you eat my pussy?”
She screamed and the creature devoured her pussy in two quick bites. Another goblin grabbed her by the arm and the two began snarling and snapping at each other. A third goblin growled at them both and raised its’ ax. Katerina screamed as it cleaved her in two above the waist, her organs hitting the floor as her two halves slid apart. The goblin with her top half sniffed her breasts.
“Really?” She screamed. “Are you fuckers going to destroy all of my girly parts?”
It bit chunks of meat from her breasts until there were no more and began sniffing her face.
“Just leave some of my beauty for them to find! Is that too much to ask?” What did it matter? She would be eaten or rotting before reinforcements arrived, anyways.
Teeth sank into the side of her cheeks. With a wet crunch, she went blind as it ripped the front of her face out along with her eyeballs. She spent what seemed like an eternity in darkness and pain, then something sharp hit the top of her head and she never woke up.
What seemed to be an endless horde of goblins marched through the sewers and made their way up through the plumping into the fort. The broken and mutilated bodies of soldiers littered the tunnels, their bodies soaked in shit water with many of them dying in unforgiving agony. The few lucky enough to have not sustained any serious injuries had to lay soaking in raw sewage mixed with the blood and gore of their fallen comrades while listening to the screams of those being slaughtered in the restroom above.
When it seemed the last of the green apes climbed into the pipes, Caitir crawled to her feet. Her entire body throbbed with pain, but none as severe as the piercing agony in her arm and chest, as if her bones were being jabbed with tiny but impossibly sharp needles. The bone had to be broken, she couldn’t even move her arm without the pain shooting right into her spine.
“Is anyone alive? If you’re okay you can get up now, they’re gone already.”
Of the dozen or so women laying in the water, only three pushed themselves up; Luna Rae, Aibell Ni, and Manan Brewer. Luna and Manan groaned and tried pushing the filth out of their clothes, Aibel walked with a limp.
“I hate to suggest it but it’s probably best if we ditch the uniforms,” Luna said and pulled off her shirt, squeezing water out of her black hair.
“We’d probably all freeze to death in these wet-ass clothes, anyways,” said Manan.
The four nodded and stripped out of their uniforms. Luna, Manan, and Aibell were naked within minutes, Caitir couldn’t get the shirt off at first, having to inch it over her broken arm and wincing whenever it moved too much. Naked, the girls slung their rifles over their shoulders and marched along the banks of their putrid canal.
“I really hope that was all of them. What are we even supposed to do if that was just the first wave?”
“We blow them all to hell and hope we don’t run out of bullets.”
Caitir grabbed her arm, wondering if she could even fight in this condition. Even if this tunnel would be her grave, she would do everything in her power to take as many of the green bastards with her as she could.
Not even a minute later, the grunty snarls they became so accustomed to living goblin territory wafted through the air, like an army of demonic pigs on the march for their next meal.
“Ready?” asked Luna, narrowing her eyes to daggers and aiming her rifle.
Caitir nodded and held her weapon under her armpits; it was not her ideal position, but it was the best she could do with one arm.
All of them pulled their triggers but only two guns fired. Aibell and Luna fired again and again, each time their guns clicked.
“The damned bullets must be waterlogged!”
“This isn’t good! We’re going to die,” Aibell sobbed.
It seemed that way. The snarls they heard became high-pitched squeals and now they could hear heavy footsteps, approaching faster.
“Just run,” shouted Manan.
Aibell nodded and darted back down the tunnel.
“No,” said Luna. “I’m not abandoning my friends.”
“Don’t be stupid,” snapped Manan, “there’s no reason to waste your life if you can’t fight.”
“I don’t give a shit. We’re all dead either way and I might as well go out fighting. I can beat them with the butt of my rifle if I have to. I’m not leaving and you can’t make me.”
Manan sighed and leaned into her rifle. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
Caitir joined her and fired a barrage of lead at the incoming horde, the beasts squealing louder as they charged their position. Even if they couldn’t hear the faint thuds, she knew they got a few of the fuckers. Their outlines appeared in the dark and she knew then her life would end soon. Caitir dropped five more; Manan got another six. Even if they couldn’t win, they could make the bastards pay for their victory.
They came closer, there had to be dozens or even hundreds of them. How could she win? She couldn’t, she could only die. She already killed enough and she could just drop her rifle so they could finish her off. Manan and Luna could do the same, just let eternity take them. Except it wouldn’t be a quick death if the goblins killed her. No, they would gut her alive and leave her to bleed out, if they didn’t outright rape her. She needed to give up her life, but she could not let them be the ones to kill her.
“We’re going to run out of bullets soon.”
She shoved the rifle into her mouth, ignoring her broken arm. Her finger curled around the trigger and the pain stopped.
“We’re going to run out of bullets soon.”
Manan opened her mouth to suggest they run and before the words came out Caitir stuffed the barrel in her mouth. Another shot rang out and the back of Caitir’s head exploded. Manan and Luna screamed as Caitir crumpled to the ground, twitching as piss and shit squirted from her rear.
“Why the fuck didn’t she warn us?”
Manan fired another ten shots but the goblins closed in.
“We’re going to die anyways, I guess it doesn’t matter.”
“Do you really want to be killed by them? Maybe she was onto something?” asked Luna. “I don’t. Just put your next shot in me, blow my fucking brains out.”
Manan nodded. “I’ll eat the next one.” She shoved the gun into Luna’s mouth. Luna closed her eyes, piss running down her legs as Manan curled her finger around the trigger.
Click! Click! Click!
“What’s the holdup? Why am I not dead yet?”
“I ran out of bullets!”
“What!?” Luna screamed. “But I don’t want to be raped, please don’t let them rape me.”
“I don’t either!” It didn’t seem as if they had a choice, the creatures were on top of them. “I think we left the rest of our bullets with our uniforms!”
Luna nodded. “I’m not going to let those fuckers have my snatch, not while I’m still alive.”
Manan took off down the tunnel with Luna in hot pursuit. She never imagined in her final moments she would be racing towards death, but when an even more horrible death stampeded from behind she could see no other option. She could either let the goblins have their way with her or eat a quick bullet. If she got lucky, she could even take a few more of those green fuckers with her.
No! She could not waste another round on the goblins. Once she took out one or two, the idea that she could take them all would creep into her mind and she would be out of bullets before she knew it. She needed to just accept her death and get it over with. She would grab the ammo, put a round in Luna’s pretty face then eat one herself.
“Get the fuck back,” screamed Luna. “Please! Just let me die quick—”
Manan looked back over her shoulders. Two of the goblins caught up to Luna, she swung her gun furiously at the creatures. One of them swung its ax, slicing the bottom half of her boobs off. Another swing split the bottom of her belly down to her pussy, her knees buckled and organs spilled out.
Manan’s foot caught on a rock, causing her to stagger and twirl until she landed face-first in the sewage water. She began shitting herself then something sharp impaled her ass. Her attacker thrust his blade downward, opening her belly and spilling her guts into the water. Manan took in a mouthful of shit water as she tried to scream and passed out.
Aibell ran, shooting past the bodies of her comrades who were pulled from the restroom above. She had no idea if the tunnel had another exit but she needed to keep going. She needed to get out and regroup with anyone else who managed to escape the goblin onslaught.
The gunshots behind her stopped and the screams followed. Aibell began sobbing, wondering if she was wrong for abandoning her friends. Manan told her and Luna to run, they were out of usable ammo, but she couldn’t see Luna anywhere. Luna was not the one to run away, yet here she was running for safety while her friends were slaughtered. What could she even do for them now?
She screeched to a halt when pig-like growls came from ahead. “No, please,” Aibell whimpered and collapsed to the ground. It seemed the tunnel had another entrance and the enemy found it first, she would be dead soon.
When their outlines appeared in the dark, Aibell bent over with her ass and pussy in the air. Two of them approached her and she wailed. “I-if you’re going to kill me here, rape me first. Please! I don’t want to die a virgin!” She didn’t want to die at all, not until she lived a good seventy years, but she didn’t want to die at all without knowing what it felt like to have a dick in her pussy. Why was she so obsessed with waiting for marriage? Besides, if they fucked her she would get to live a few minutes longer.
She heard a few more growls and one of them shoved a dagger into her pussy. “THAT’S NOT A DICK!” Still, she began thrusting her pussy against the blade, it would tear up her womanhood anyways so she might as well get out a final orgasm. Then an ax went through her back and she could no longer feel anything below the neck. A sharp pain shot across her throat and she rolled to the ground to watch the rest of her body sit up, blood spurting from neck. She closed her eyes and never opened them again.
Lili followed Alice to the guardpost along the southern wall, dodging goblins and stepping over the bodies of girls, many of whom she spoke to and laughed with not even a few hours ago.
How could a bunch of goblins cause all of this? They never seemed that much of a threat, seeming unable to understand any technology more advanced than a sword or ax. Yet they managed an assault on a military outpost belonging to one of the greatest empires in the world, something that should not have been possible even for one like Fort Clague. While this happened, she cried in the kitchen because some bratty teenager didn’t like her cooking.
“I don’t know how many people survived this, but I think fighting back might be out of the option,” said Lili.
Alice nodded. “I just thought a few dozen found some grappling hooks and thought they would smash some of our shit before we took them down.”
“Grappling hooks?”
“Yeah. That’s what they attacked me and Katerina with, fired one right into my asshole and pulled me out of the window.”
“How the fuck did they manage that?”
“I don’t know. I guess a wagon they raided had a bunch and they figured out how they worked. I don’t know.”
“I’m not talking about the grappling hooks, though that is a curiosity on its’ own, I meant firing a a hook into your asshole.”
“That is a longer story. All you need to know is we were kind of goofing off.”
Lili nodded, not sure if she wanted to know the full details.
“After we grab your sister our best option is to head for Fort Colum.”
“Fine,” Alice replied. “If escape becomes impossible, however, I will find the Princess’s body and rub my pussy and bleeding ass on her face. I might even do that if she’s still alive.”
They arrived at the corridor and Lili thought she could jump out of she skin when Alice began screaming. The same carnage filled this hallway, decapitated and mutilated women lay on the ground. Alice ran towards Krista, laid against the window with her guts spilled out on the floor.
“Come on, Krista! Please wake up!.”
“Alice…” murmured Lili.
Alice hugged Krista’s body and even french kissed her. “If you just wake up I’ll let you eat my pussy. Please?”
Lili patted Alice’s shoulder. “She’s gone … I’m so sorry.”
“It’s not fair,” screamed Alice as she hugged Lili.
“I know,” Lili whispered and rubbed Alice’s back.
“A girl so young and beautiful should not be destroyed in such a way. We never even got a chance to have our foursome.” Alice wailed and kissed Lili on the lips.
Lili froze up for a second, pulling her arms away as she considered pushing Alice away. Then Alice’s tongue slid in her mouth and it felt somewhat warm and comfortable. She relaxed, pulling her arms around Alice again and letting the taste of Alice’s tongue, a salty and meaty taste but so delicious, fill her mouth. Why hadn’t she kissed another girl before? Did pussy taste good, too? She leaned in, letting Alice’s firm breasts press against hers.
They broke apart when a woman screamed. Bela Kulla, a petite girl with long black hair, ran down the hall with two goblins chasing her down. She was naked from the waist down.
“Please help!”
Alice grabbed Krista’s rifle. “It’s time to punish these fuckers.”
Lili grabbed the rifle from her hand. “No. You need to get to Fort Colum. I’ll hold them off.”
“I need to avenge Krista. I need to avenge every girl who died tonight.”
“You can do that, when they send you to retake this fortress. For now, you need to get to safety and let your wounds heal up.” Lili shot the goblins chasing Bela then kissed Alice. “Please go. I will handle this.”
Alice sobbed. “Fine!”
“Thank you for the kiss,” Lili shouted as Alice ran off down the hall.
Bela threw her arms around Lili. “Thank you so much! You saved my life!”
“Don’t thank me just yet.” Three more goblins round the corner and Lili blew their brains out.
“So … are you going to explain how you ended up without any pants?”
“We were attacked in the restroom. So many of my friends were killed as they were taking a shit.”
“Well, at least you’ve given me a nice view while I kill some goblins.”
Bela smirked. “Thanks. Will you protect my ass?”
“Of course, can’t let your perfect rump be ruined by goblin dicks and blades.”
“I’ll protect yours too,” she said, grabbing a rifle off the ground, “if only I get to see it.”
“That does seem to be the new fashion around here.” Lili shot two more goblins before taking off her pants and underwear.
Bela gave Lili’s ass a firm slap. “They can kill this over my dead body.”
Lili and Bela stood ass-to-ass, killing every goblin that dared to come around the corner. The enemy came from every corridor and Lili could only hope the gods gave Alice enough room to escape.
She took down the last wave and heard the dreadful sound, a loud click from her gun.
“I’m out,” she turned to Bela and threw the gun aside.
“Me too.” Bela began trembling. “Are we going to die?”
“I think so. Yes,” Lili said with a sniffle.
“I-if we’re not going to survive … can you give me a kiss. You know, like lovers? I’ve never been with anyone so I want to know what it’s like before I die.”
“How about we just have sex? I wouldn’t mind cumming before I die.”
Bela smiled.
“Just lay back and spread your legs.”
Bela sprawled out on the floor and Lili knelt on top of her, pushing her legs back as she pressed her pussy against Bela’s. She leaned in and kissed her, their tongues dancing in and out of each other’s mouths as they rubbed their pussies together. The familiar snarls came down the hall and Bela sobbed.
“Don’t worry about them,” Lili whispered, “just focus on my pussy and getting your last orgasm.”
“Okay,” whimpered Bela before she closed her eyes and moaned loudly.
Lili arched her back and threw her head backwards, screaming as her pussy sloshed against Bela’s. Bela’s pussy pulsed and squirted, Bela’s thighs trembled. Then there was the dull thud of an ax striking stone and Bela’s moans stopped, her head rolling along the floor. Lili grabbed her arms to keep her from thrashing and continued rubbing her pussy against her crotch.
“Just let me cum before I die … I’m almost there!” Lili squealed until a goblin thrust his dagger into her skull. Everything went blank as her brain spilled out and she collapsed onto Bela.

Published on Dec-30-2023
Last updated on Dec-30-2023