Swap and Feast

The fuckers started without him? AGAIN? What a bunch of horny fiends!

“What the hell? You didn’t tell me it was this kind of party!” Annie’s jaw dropped.

Matt grinned. “I wanted to surprise you.”

Annie laughed. “If you had told me I wouldn’t have bothered with this.” Her perky tits bounced as she removed her bra and tossed it into the back seat.

Sixteen people were naked. Half of them were girls, the oldest having just turned eighteen. Fourteen of them were making out. Two of them, Tom and Amanda, were sitting on a towel. Tom was stroking his cock and Amanda tapped her foot. As Matt parked his car Amanda pointed at them. Tom flipped over and waved. Amanda jumped to her feet and dashed across the sand. Tom followed.

“It’s about time you got here!” Amanda threw her arms around Matt as he climbed out. His cock swelled as she squashed her budding thirteen-year-old breasts against his chest.

“I just got held up in traffic.”

“May I take a look at this little cutie you brought?” Tom dipped his head in the car and grinned and looked at Matt. “Annie? You brought your sister?”

Matt chuckled. “Yeah … I couldn’t find a girlfriend in time.”

Annie waved and got out. “So, are we doing some kind of girlfriend swap or something?” She pulled her panties off and tossed them into the back seat.

“Yeah,” Tom nodded, “pretty much. We were going to wait for you, but we were horny. I agreed until I realized starting early meant me and Amanda were left out.”

Annie yelped as Matt shoved her into Tom’s arms. “Well, now you have something to stick your dick in.”

“Thanks!” He pushed Amanda and Matt wrapped his arm around her. Why did he always end up with Tom’s girlfriends during these parties? He always dated the youngest chicks! They did have the tightest pussies, and at least this one was old enough to have developed boobs. They always liked him better than they liked Tom. Why couldn’t he have gotten that lucky with girls he wasn’t planning to snuff?

“I hope Greg won’t get pissed.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much,” Annie patted her round belly, “it’s not like you can get me pregnant right now.”

Matt and Tom looked at each other and smirked. If Annie knew what they were planning…. What about Greg, though? He’d have to help him find a new girlfriend after this. He was probably going to be happy about not having to deal with childcare.

“Hey, everyone! Matt’s here! He brought Annie!”

Paul high-fived Tom and Matt as they passed, while Casey sucked his cock. The busty Asian waved.

“Hey!” Michelle waved as Josh slammed his cock between her giant tits.

Lindsay waved, Andrew gave a thumbs-up as he licked her pussy.

Nick and Courtney smiled and went back to kissing.

Tom shoved Annie onto the towel and shoved his face between her thighs. Annie shut her eyes and started moaning as his tongue lapped across her hairless slit.

Matt gave him a thumbs-up as he shoved his pants and underwear to his ankles and plopped his ass on the ground. Amanda sat on his lap, Matt grabbed her hips as he guided his cock into her womanhood. Amanda grunted as she rode his cock, her perky breasts bouncing with each thrust.

Paul groaned and Casey’s cheeks ballooned before cum spilled from her mouth and splattered on her round belly. She fell on her back and Paul shoved his cock into her pussy. His pelvis jackhammered her as she howled.

The Henson twins, Sarah and Kellie, kissed as Seth and Alex plowed their pussy. They were both identical, with the same red hip-length ponytails, and pink wireframe glasses; Kellie’s round baby-filled stomach was the only way they could tell her apart.

Annie threw her head back and arched her back. Tom nibbled, slurped, and licked her pussy as she squirted. Tom emerged from her thighs, panting as pussy juice dripped from his chin. She yelped as he slammed his cock into her pussy.

Matt grunted as Amanda’s pussy squeezed his cock. She collapsed onto him, thrusting her ass up and down as she howled in his ear. His cock throbbed, streams of cum spilled over his balls and ran down between his legs. Amanda crawled back until her head was between his legs. His cock tingled as she licked the cum secreting from the hole. She ran her finger up the shaft, collecting cum and shoving it into her mouth.

Annie collapsed as Tom stood up. Her tits rose with each breath as Tom’s seed flowed from her hole. Kellie screamed, then Sarah, throwing their heads back as Seth and Alex groaned. The boys pulled out. Sarah shoved her head between Kellie’s thighs and started slurping.

“Ooh yeah! This is much better than lifeguard duty!” Kellie sighed.

“If someone can restrain the pig we can get started on the roast” Courtney back from Josh’s truck with a long metal pole.

Matt, Tom, Lindsay, and Michelle ran and body-slammed Annie’s limbs; Matt and Lindsay grabbed her arms as Tom and Michelle held her legs apart.

Annie squirmed and her eyes bulged. “What the fuck are you—” She screamed as Courtney jammed the pole into her pussy.

“I agreed to bring the roast pig this time. Sorry, not sorry.” He grinned.

“You fucking piece of shit!” She screamed and thrashed her head.

“Just relax, babe! The more you struggle the worse this is gonna be.”

Annie started grinding her teeth and sticking up her middle fingers. “Fuck all of you! This hurts so much! Goddamnit!”

Blood gushed out as Courtney pushed it deeper. Kellie clasped her hand over her mouth. Annie’s screams became gurgling squeaks as blood bubbled out of her throat and poured over her face and turned her golden hair crimson. She stopped squirming and her head drooped, her arms continued to twitch. A tent appeared in her throat and the pole burst through seconds later, spilling another river of blood over her face.

“Alright,” Josh smiled, “I’ll set up the pit while you guys snuff the other pigs.”

“What?” Lindsay yelled.

“Don’t worry,” Paul kissed her on the lips, “just the preggos.”

Lindsay sighed. “That’s a relief!”

“Wait,” Kellie screamed, “does that mean me too?”

Amanda laughed. “Of course, it does you prego whore!”

Kellie started sobbing. “But I don’t want to be snuffed today!”

“You didn’t know?” Casey twirled a strand of hair. “We all knew about it, except Annie because we didn’t know she was coming.”

Kellie sniffed. “I-I don’t remember…”

Alex grabbed an ax from the back of his truck and approached Kellie. “Well, I sure do.” He raised the ax over his head.

“Wait! Please don’t—” her scream stopped as the ax cut through the top of her head, coming out through the bottom of her chin. Her face hit the ground. Sarah pressed her mouth against Kellie’s pussy as her ass thrashed against her face.

“What the fuck, dude?” Seth glared. “I wanted to keep her head!”

Alex shrugged. “Then you guys should’ve held her down for me.” He shoved the rest of her head down with his foot and slammed the blade through her neck.

“Alright, if you fucked the pig you gotta snuff it. Does anyone want the ax?”

Paul shook his head and pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket. He grabbed Casey and wrapped it around her neck. She kicked as he lifted her into the air. He squeezed it until her tongue popped out of her mouth.

“What about you?” Alex handed the ax to Matt.

He cocked his head and turned it over in his hand. He looked at Amanda’s flat stomach “I wasn’t aware that Amanda was pregnant.”

“We just found out this morning. She’s only a few weeks along.”

Matt shrugged. “Damn! She was a great fuck, too! You always pick the best.”

“That’s cuz he likes ‘em young.” Nick laughed.

Amanda dropped to her knees and bent over. She moved the hair off of her neck as Matt raised the ax. She closed her eyes and inhaled.

The ax sliced through her neck in a second. Her body toppled to the ground and thrashed as her head rolled down the beach.

Casey squawked. Her head drooped forward and her limbs dangled. Paul held her up and tugged on the handkerchief until she stopped twitching and dropped her body to the ground.

“Alright,” Matt dropped the ax, “we did the snuffing. Tom and I will set up the grill while the rest of you ladies get to butchering the pigs.”

Michelle and Lindsay went to their boyfriends’ cars to get the equipment as Sarah pulled her pussy-juice-soaked face out of Kellie’s thighs. Matt went with Tom to his truck and grabbed the barbecue grill. Josh and Courtney lifted the pole with Annie’s body and placed her over the pit.

Six hours passed, everyone gathered around a large towel. The remains of Casey, Amanda, and Kellie were piled on five plates as steaks, sausages, breast nuggets, and cunt fillets. In the center, steam rose from Annie’s brown carcass as she lay on a giant oval platter.

“Since I brought her, and she was my sister,” Matt carved her breasts and plopped them on a styrofoam plate beside a pile of potato salad, pea casserole, and two corn cobs. “Tom gets her pussy.” He handed him the knife.