A Night Out

War, war, war! The War! The American War! Nobody talked about anything else after some dude named Jean Patterson nuked Washington. Then a bunch of states declared war on everyone else. Did they think it was the 1860s or something? All because they think the government framed Jean Patterson, who couldn’t do that because he went to church and had a family. Like, the motherfucker recorded himself admitting it, like he didn’t already commit a horrible crime with that orange mullet.

Laci Stone grew tired of it a month after the fighting started, and two weeks after that she dreaded picking up her phone. Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram contained nothing else. Her friends talked about it at school every day. What did they expect her to do about it? She turned fifteen the day shit hit the fan. How did they expect her to make a bunch of grown-ass adults act like grown-ass adults? The only thing she could do is read about the latest bombing and spend the day depressed.

That night was no different. Laci invited Karisa Raines and Maci Williams for a weekend sleepover. She lay on her stomach in low-rise denim shorts and a pink Shein crop top, golden-blonde hair tied in a ponytail, scrolling through Facebook, kicking her feet in the air as she read about a bombing in Texas. Her stomach churned as she learned that hundreds of people her age died when a high school collapsed. Karisa sat on her bed with Maci. Karisa had a light-blue hoodie and skinny jeans, her bright-red hair draped over her shoulders. Maci wore all black; a sleeveless t-shirt, miniskirt, glasses, and a pixie cut with purple streaks.

Laci sighed, putting “#PRAYFORDALLAS” in her all of her profiles as she prepared to throw the phone. She stopped when a notification popped up; it was a message from Chelsi Gutierrez. “PARTY!!! AT MY HOUSE!! Be there or not, idc. Karisa and Maci can come.”

“Hey, guys! We just got invited to a party! You wanna go?”

“Huh?” Maci turned her head.

“How are we supposed to get there?” Karisa asked. “Your dad already said he wasn’t going out after curfew.”

“So? It’s not that far, we can walk.”

“I’m in!” Karisa hopped off the bed and grabbed her flip-flops.

“Uh … Did you forget? THERE … IS … A … CURFEW! As in, we could get in trouble.”

Really? Laci laughed. “That’s because they’re worried about terrorists. Nobody’s gonna bother a bunch of teenage girls. We’ll be fine.”


“It’s at Chelsi’s house.”

“Wait! Chelsi’s?”

“Yep,” Laci curled her lips into a smile, “I knew that’d change your mind.”

“Stephanie will be there, right?”

“Sure. I don’t see why Chelsi wouldn’t have her sister there.”

“Yes!” Maci ran to the door as Laci giggled. “What are you two waiting for?”

“You in a hurry to see your girlfriend?”

“She’s my crush, not my girlfriend.”

She wasn’t her girlfriend, YET! Laci wanted to say it, to tell Maci that, as the hottest girl in their group, she could’ve had any girl or boy she wanted. Laci didn’t want Maci to ask Kayleigh. Who would she have to ask when she decided to come out of the closet? Maci would be her wife someday.

“Don’t make too much noise,” she grabbed Maci’s arm, “or you’ll wake up Mom and Dad. Then we could forget about going anywhere.”

“Just make sure we don’t end up in jail. ‘Kay?”

“I promise.”


Laci and her friends slipped out of the house unnoticed, the clattering of the doors drowned by the sound of her dad snoring like a bullhorn, into a ghost town.

They walked in silence, winding their way through the neighborhoods. Not a soul passed them on the street, neither in a car nor on foot. Darkness crept from every house, and the streetlights were off. The only light, save for the one seeping out of Laci’s bedroom, came from the Moon. If a storm rolled in, they wouldn’t be able to see shit. The town seemed deserted.

Did the war change everything that much? Hellerville never slept, not on a Friday night. She hadn’t been out of the house this late in months, now that she thought about it. It felt like Covid all over again, but worse.

Chelsi’s house stood dark as the rest, not a single vehicle sat in the driveway or in the street. Did they show up too early? Laci looked at Karisa and Maci, both shrugged, and walked up the driveway.

The door opened after the first knock. Chelsi, a tall Hispanic girl with long chestnut-brown hair stood in the doorway, her rainbow halter top and black miniskirt fluttering in the night air. “Glad someone else could make it!” She beamed and waved them in.

Two other people awaited them in the living room. Kylie, a short brunette with tits bulging under a beige tank-top, sat on the couch, playing some first-person shooter on Chelsi’s Xbox.

“Hey, Maci!” Stephanie smiled as she came from the kitchen carrying a bowl of chips. Wavy brown hair draped over her shoulders. Bubbly cheeks bounced under a pair of blue jeans shorts that seemed to strangle her hips.

“Hi!” Maci waved, grinning.

“Hi! Oh, and hi Laci, Karisa!”

She liked Maci! If she had any doubt before then, it vanished like smoke. Stephanie had a crush on Maci, and she knew Maci had a crush on Stephanie. She needed to come out of the closet soon if she wanted a chance at that Maci pie. How the hell could she compete with Stephanie? The girl turned thirteen in a month, yet she already had bigger tits. They’d put her orange-sized meat sacks in their place in another year or two. How could a fucking tween seem more of a woman than she’d ever become?

“Is anyone else coming?” Karisa asked, looking around.

“I doubt it,” Chelsi shrugged, “everyone’s afraid to come out because of that stupid curfew. I should’ve sent the invitations earlier, but I just now learned that our parents were going to be away for a while.”


“Yeah. They were in Denver when the whole city was placed under quarantine. Nobody knows why, but it could be a month before they let anyone leave.”

Laci patted her back. “Damn, sorry to hear that. Are you worried?”

“It’s a little close to the fighting, I won’t lie. I’m not worried, though. They probably know one of Patterson’s goons is there, that’s why they don’t want anyone to leave. Also, I can’t bitch about having the house to myself for a month.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad, actually.”

“Nope, just wish they left some booze. Getting that shit at fifteen ain’t easy these days.”

“Maci!” Stephanie shouted, “Come share these chips with me! I can’t eat them all by myself!”

“Oh-okay!” Maci plopped on the floor as Stephanie shoved chips into her hands. They watched Kylie play the game.

Shit! Did Stephanie plan to move on Maci tonight? What the fuck could she do? Why couldn’t she have come out ages ago? If she did it now, it’d be obvious as fuck that a younger girl made her jealous.

“By the way,” Chelsi grabbed Laci and Karisa by the arm, “I’m gonna throw some chicken tenders in the fryer. I couldn’t order pizza, everyone was closed. If you girls are hungry, you could make some sandwiches to hold you over.”

“Thanks!” Karissa followed her to the kitchen and poked her head back out. “Are you coming?”

“Eh,” Laci glanced back and shrugged, “why not?” They wouldn’t do anything right there in the living room, would they? She needed some food.

“Mind if we help?”


Maci froze. Stephanie asked her to eat chips with her!

“Oh-okay!” She squealed, plopping her ass on the floor as Stephanie handed her a handful of chips. “Thank you!” She scarfed down half.

How could Stephanie just sit next to her like that? How could SHE sit next to HER, not to mention eat food that touched her skin, without having a heart attack? Maci sat and talked with her all the time, sure, but not since she began her transformation into a young woman; since she started having a crush on her.

Maci couldn’t shift her eyes away. Every time she focused on the screen she found her eyes on Stephanie again. She skimmed the mocha skin of her arms and shoulders, moving to her sports bra as it curved over the two meaty lumps on her chest. Her buds, if they could still be called such, sprouted nine months ago, and swelled into a pair of apples with prickly nipples poking through the fabric. If her gaze didn’t end at her tits, it followed her smooth legs to her crotch; if she looked at it from the right angle, Maci felt she could’ve seen the outline of her pussy.

Maci glanced up, hoping Stephanie didn’t notice her ogling. Stephanie’s eyes didn’t look at the screen. Maci followed her line of sight to her thighs and looked back at her eyes. Stephanie blinked and turned her eyes to meet Maci’s.

“Sorry, I kinda zoned out,” she grinned.

“Oh, it’s fine.” Why did she think Stephanie wanted to look at her that way? She didn’t consider herself unattractive by any means; she did have bigger tits, even if Stephanie’s would have been bigger after another year or two. Stephanie just happened to be so far out of her league. She could have any girl she wanted, if she even liked girls like that. What if she did like her, though?

The chips dwindled, Maci’s eyes became heavy. Her pussy twinged each time her arm brushed against Stephanie’s, or Stephanie’s thigh bumped against her legs. How much more could she take? She might have an orgasm any minute now.

“I’m bored,” Stephanie blurted as she devoured the last handful of chips. “Wanna go hang out in my room?”

In her room? Alone, where anything could happen? “Uh, sure!”

“Yay!” Stephanie grabbed her hand as they got up and lead her to the stairwell in the hall.

“Where the hell are you two going?” Kylie shouted as Stephanie hit the first step,” I thought you two wanted to watch me play this game?”

“I did, but now I wanna do something else. Besides, you keep losing.”

They stormed upstairs to the bedroom at the end of a long hallway. Stephanie threw open the door and ran to her bed. “Hey, can you shut that?”

“Sure.” Maci closed the door behind her. “So,” her arms and legs trembled, “what did you wanna do?”

“C-can you help me with something?” She slapped her hand on the bed. “Please?”

Maci lowered herself on the bed where Stephanie suggested.”What do you need?”

“Well, you know how you like girls? I-I think I do too.”


“I’ve caught myself looking at pretty girls at school and at the story a lot. Like, if they walk by in shorts or skirts, I look at their ass and legs. I also can’t look away when they show cleavage, and,” her mouth twisted into a coy smile, “I’ve actually rubbed one out a few times thinking about girls from school. Last night, I even looked at Chloe Daughtry’s pictures on Instagram when I did it.”

“Yeah, you definitely like girls.” If she fapped to Chloe Daughtry, then she had a chance. “There’s nothing wrong with that, of course.”

“I know. I just wanted to know if you could help me learn how to be a lesbian.”

She wanted to know how to be a lesbian? Maci laughed. “You’re already being one. All you gotta do is like girls.”

“I know that. I meant, can you help me learn how to do things with a girl? Do you know what I mean?”

“Are you asking for what I think you’re asking for?”

Stephanie grinned. “What do you think I’m asking for?”

“Do,” she actually made it to this question, “do you wanna make out?” Now she’d point out how much she was out of her league. She fucked up.

“Well, I thought we could kiss, to start with. But, I do want it to lead to making out.”

“Are for real? Tell me you’re not just playing with me.”

“I’m being serious. I want to make out with you, so I can know for sure I can do it. I don’t wanna get into a relationship and find out that I can’t actually do it. Y’know what I mean? You are okay with this, right?”

“Yeah, I’m okay with it. I just wanted to make sure you really wanted to do it.”

“I do,” she scooted until her ass hung over the edge, “now lay on my bed. I think it’s better if I’m on top.”

“Are you calling me heavy,” Maci laughed as she crawled over the blankets.

“You are older than me. Now, get up there and make yourself comfy on my We Baby Bears pillows.”

“I can’t believe I’m about to make love to someone that watches this.” She laid back and buried her head in the pillows.

“Hey,” Stephanie climbed over Maci, “they’re cute.” Maci’s pussy felt ready to explode when she sat her meaty ass on her thighs.

“Yeah, I guess. Makes sense someone so cute would want to watch a cute cartoon.”


“So, why would someone as cute as you want someone plain like me?”

“Pfft! Don’t give me that bullshit, you’re beautiful! I mean,” Stephanie dug her hands into Maci’s breasts, squeezing, “just look at these puffies! They’re way bigger than mine.”

“Heh, thanks! But, yours just started growing and they’re already perfect,” Maci reached out and stopped with her palms inches from Stephanie’s tits. Stephanie thrust her chest forward, Maci closed her hands around her breasts. It felt like grabbing a couple of pears, except she could squeeze them.

“Like how my tits feel under my bra?”


“You do like how my tits feel, don’t you?” Her eyes became watery.

“I do. I think they feel great, but I think they’d feel better without the bra. Do you know where I’m going?”

“Oh,” she smiled and sat back, “yeah.” Stephanie pulled the bra over her head. Maci’s heart jumped as Stephanie’s breasts dropped with a bounce, each topped with a brown areole that seemed to stare into her. Stephanie leaned in, her lumps filling out Maci’s palms. If any set of tits could have been called perfect it would have to be the ones in her hands at that moment.

Stephanie lifted the bottom of Maci’s shirt. “You don’t mind, do you?” Stephanie smiled.

“Oh,” Maci raised her back as Stephanie pushed her shirt to her neck, sighing as cool air rushed over her nipples.

“You didn’t have a bra?”

“I don’t wear one unless I’m going to a family gathering or school.”

“Nice!” She dug in, squeezing them together. “I wish mine could do that.”

“So, where are we on that kiss?” Maci puckered her lips.

“How about now?” Stephanie leaned in, Maci’s arms slid around her back, pulling her in faster. Stephanie’s breasts squashed into Maci’s as their lips met. Maci shuddered as Stephanie closed her eyes. Their lips locked, sucking and slurping. Stephanie broke off after a minute, gasping.

“How was your first kiss?”

“Delicious! Can I have another?” They locked lips again. Maci’s tongue wormed its’ way through her lips. “Mmmm,” Stephanie groaned as she sucked on it.

Maci ran her hands down Stephanie’s stomach, tucking under her shorts. Stephanie raised her hips, Maci pushed her shorts and lingerie panties over her ass. Stephanie hung her legs in the air as Maci tugged at her shorts until her sopping smooth pussy flopped against Maci’s stomach.

“You must be really horny.”

“Mmhmm,” Stephanie mumbled.

“Why don’t you take a seat on my face? Lemme take care of that.”

Stephanie flipped around, enclosing her head in her thighs. Her girlhood, a plump brown peach dripping pussy juice, lowered to her face. Stephanie squealed when the tip of Maci’s tongue brushed her slit.

“Is that okay?”

“Yes,” she moaned, “more.”

Maci lapped her pussy as ropy strings dripped over her tongue. Stephanie squirmed, twitched, and mewled. She clenched part of Maci’s skirt, tugging at the fabric. Maci pinched her clit. Holding her slit open, she inserted her tongue, licking her hole as her squeals became screams.

“Ohhh! Fuck!! Maci!! You-you’re making me come! Oh! Yeah!” Her body thrashed, her thighs gripped Maci’s head. Her meaty peach pulsed, jetting out rivers as Maci slurped.

Stephanie slumped after a minute, laying over Maci as she panted. Maci lay with Stephanie’s juices oozing down her face.

“Th … that was fucking … amazing!” Stephanie moaned.

Maci grabbed her phone from her pocket and opened Facebook. With a few swiped, she set her relationship status to “in a relationship with Stephanie Gutierrez.”

“I hope you don’t mind me making our relationship Facebook official.”

“Wait, what?” Stephanie rolled off and sat up. “Can we not?”

Her heart twirled in her chest. “What’s wrong?”

“Well,” she twiddled her fingers, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to it out there.”

“You’re not embarrassed to be with me, are you?”

“I-it’s not that, anyone would be proud to have you. It’s just … our age diff … this was supposed to be practice for when I got a real girlfriend. I figured we’d just be friends who sometimes make out.”


“And it’s my turn to eat you out, anyways.” Stephanie raised her skirt.

She just wanted to be friends with benefits because of a three-year age difference? People dated and even married much bigger gaps, including Chelsi. Maci lifted her legs as Stephanie pulled her panties off. Did it matter if they couldn’t date if they still got to fuck every now and then? Maybe she’d change her mind once they got older?

Maci lurched as the door swung open and Chelsi stepped in. “WHAT … THE … FUCK?”

“This isn’t what it looks like.” Stephanie held her arm over her breasts.

“How fucking cliche? And don’t give me that horseshit! You’re in here with your head under Maci’s skirt, your naked ass in the fucking air. Am I supposed to think you were just looking for fairies and unicorns in her panties? Because I’m pretty sure you were eating her pussy.” Maci yanked her shirt down. “Oh,” Chelsi’s eyes narrowed on her, “and you had your tits out. Was she looking for bunnies in your bra?”

“She wasn’t wearing a bra.”

Chelsi rolled her eyes.

“Besides, it’s none of your business. I’m almost a teenager, and you’re not my parent.”

“I’m the older sister, so that means I’m in charge when Mom and Dad aren’t here! She needs to leave.”

“No!” Stephanie screamed and started sobbing. “You can’t do this! Why can’t I make love to someone?”

“She is fifteen! If it was someone your own age I probably would’ve ignored it.”

“You have sex with Brad all the time, he’s in his twenties.”

“That’s different. I’m old enough to understand.”

“The law would disagree.”

“Well, the legal system is stupid. Now,” she glared at Maci, “you need to go home.”

Maci slid off the bed and staggered towards the door, tears in her eyes. “Please, we really like—”

“NOW! I don’t wanna see you over here for a while.” Chelsi shoved out into the hall and looked back in the room. “I’ll deal with you later. You better have some clothes on by the time I get back, or I’ll tell Mom and Dad when they get back.”

She slammed the door. Stephanie’s screams followed them down the hall.


“Where were you two?” Laci finished her second ham sandwich as Maci and Chelsi emerged from the stairwell. Maci had tears streaming down her face.

“I caught her and Stephanie having sex.”

“Oh, wow! You really scored! Go Maci!”

Chelsi shot her a glare. “You can go home too.”

“What crawled up your ass?”

“You don’t encourage a fifteen-year-old after she fucked a twelve-year-old.”

“Wow, and I thought you were cool.”

“Just get the fuck out.”

Laci shrugged as Chelsi jerked the front door open. This party sucked, anyways.

“You can stay, Karisa. You’re still on my good list.”

“I know, but I’m getting bored.” Karisa stuck her head back in as she cross the threshold, “Maci did nothing wrong!” Chelsi slammed the door in her face.


Stephanie screamed and buried her head in the pillows. Why did Chelsi have to be such a bitch? Why didn’t Mom and Dad take her with them?

Brrrrt! Her phone buzzed on the nightstand, she grabbed it. Fifteen notifications! What was that about? She opened one, it took her to Facebook.

“Maci Williams is in a relationship with Stephanie Gutierrez!”

Huh? Didn’t she ask her not to do that? She moved her finger to “decline” when she noticed a comment.

“Congratz!” It was from Mom.

Everyone left a like or love reaction. Maybe Chelsi would change her mind if she saw this?

She hit “accept.”

Now if she could be with her girlfriend! Maybe she could go to her place? Chelsi couldn’t interrupt them there, and she owed Maci oral.

She threw open the door and ran downstairs, peeking around the wall into the living room. Kylie was asleep, she couldn’t see Chelsi. Stephanie crept to the door and twisted the knob. Tugging the door open, she glanced back one more time. She slid out and pulled it behind her.

“Fuck!” She whispered as cold air caused her nipples to stand on end. How did she make it outside without any clothes? She couldn’t go back, Chelsi would catch her. She shrugged. Did it matter? Who would see her at this time of night?


Laci and Karisa followed Maci through the avenues. They reached their street when Maci turned around.

“I’m sorry I got us kicked out.”

“It’s fine,” Laci patted her shoulder, “Chelsi was being a bitch tonight.”

“Yeah,” Karisa piped, “she gets like that every night. At least you and Stephanie were only three years apart. Chelsi’s dating a guy eight years older. Fucking hypocrite.”

“Thanks, you two.” Maci wiped her eyes, sniffling. “I just hope Stephanie doesn’t get in too much trouble.”

“How’d it go, anyway?” Laci smiled.

“With Stephanie? It was the best sex I ever had. She had the perfect tits, plump and juicy pussy, everything. Her mouth tasted like honey. She was simply divine. Then she rejected me.”

“Rejected you!? How? Why?”

“She wanted to be ‘just friends who make out’ and shit. I think she was worried about our age difference, which makes sense after everything that happened.”

“Yeah, her sister. How well did she eat pussy?”

“I dunno. Chelsi showed up right before she started eating me out. Which sucks.”

Laci threw her arms around Maci. This could be her chance, with Stephanie no longer an option. “You’re a lovely person, and I know there are plenty of girls who’d consider themselves lucky to be your girlfriend.”

“Yeah, but name one you know personally.”

“Well, one of them is hugging you right now. How do you feel about that?”

“Oh,” Maci smiled, “that feels about right. Would she be willing to kiss me?”

Laci leaned in and pressed her lips against Maci’s.

“Okay, this is happening awfully fast,” Karisa snickered, “get a room before just randomly confessing your feelings like that.”

“Mmmmhmmm, we’ll be in my room, Mmmmm, when we make out later.”

“You know I’ll watch, right?”

“If Maci doesn’t mind you can, mmm, join in.”

“I’m okay with—”

They all jumped. A low rumbling approached and stopped. A large black vehicle, like a cross between a tank and a van, parked by the sidewalk.

“Where the hell…?” Karisa stepped back.

How did that vehicle just appear like that? They never heard an engine. Did it materialize out of thin air? It looked like a block of solid black, without a seam anywhere.

A thin sliver appeared in the side and widened. Six figures, clad in black body armor, wearing black helmets, stormed out, brandishing rifles. “YOU ARE IN VIOLATION OF CURFEW! GET THE FUCK ON THE GROUND WITH YOUR HANDS WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM!”

Maci and Karisa dropped to their knees, hands in the air.

Laci knelt and raised her hands, mouth quivering as her face contorted. Were they going to jail? What would Mom and Dad say when they found out she got arrested? She never broke the law in her life. Would this impact her record? Could she still go to university?

The men slapped handcuffs on them and dragged them to the van, throwing them against the wall as the door shut. They started moving seconds later. Laci couldn’t hear the rumble of an engine, only a whispering hum, but she felt it as her body lurched to the side.


The vehicle came to a final stop after twenty minutes. Laci hoped they were being taken home, that these soldiers wanted to scare the fuck out of them. It didn’t take twenty minutes to get to their house, not from where they were picked up. Come to think of it, they never asked them for any sort of identification. Would they really put a couple of innocent girls in jail?

The wall slid open, revealing a large warehouse. Two soldiers pulled them up by the handcuffs and tugged them out, walking them to a small door near the side of the building.

A blonde woman with short hair threw a salute as they entered the small office inside. She wore the same uniform, with a dark-grey stripe running down the center.

“Captain Siemens,” their escorts saluted, “we got a present for you.”

“Fresh meat for my wall. Thank you!”

“No problem. We found these lovelies walking out along the street like it was nothing.”

The other soldier tapped Laci and Maci on the back. “These two were kissing.”

“Aww! Well, seems we need to find them a room. I know just the one.”

“We’ll get out of your hair as you make the special arrangements.” A soldier stuck a small device against the handcuffs and they fell off. They grabbed them off the floor and left.

“The first thing I need you hoodlums to do is take off your clothes and put ‘em here,” she pointed to a basket in the corner.

Karisa threw off her hoodie and shirt. Siemens whistled when melon-sized tits bounced out of her sports bra. Her pants hit the basket, then grey boyshorts. Maci pulled her arms through her shirt, letting it and her skirt fall to the ground.

“You may leave your glasses on.”

“Please,” Laci whined, “don’t take us to jail. We’re good girls. We just went to a friend's house and she kicked us—” she continued to murmur as the Captain’s hand covered her mouth.

“I didn’t ask for your life story. Just strip so we can move on. I don’t have all night to stand around chatting.”

Laci sobbed as she undressed. Her shirt came off, sneakers, and shorts. Her hands quivered as she unhooked her bra and her pear-shaped breasts fell out. She hooked her hand over the straps of her lingerie panties. “Can I—”

“No, you can’t leave those on.”

Laci dropped them in the basket and covered her fuzzy pussy.

“In here,” Siemens jabbed Laci’s back until she and her friends moved towards a walkway.

Laci froze and covered her breasts as she entered a large room. Six armored soldiers stood in a semi-circle. She hoped none of them were men.

Maci screamed. “WHAT THE FUCK? HOW DID SHE?” She dropped to her knees, sobbing.

Laci’s jaw dropped, her eyes fixed on the end of the wall. Eight women and three girls lay on the top rack of a green cart, soaking in blood. Her lungs seemed to collapse when her eyes swept over the body of a mocha-skinned preteen with pear-sized breasts. Blood leaked from a six holes protruding Stephanie Gutierrez’s body, her unblinking eyes looking right at them.

“Shocking?” Siemens smiled. “That’s gonna be your fate in a few minutes.”

“WHAT?” Laci’s stomach dropped out. This couldn’t be, they couldn’t do this. “Please tell me this is a fucking joke! Tell me you’re just trying to scare us. This isn’t funny.”

“This isn’t a joke. You will die in the next few minutes. That’s the penalty of violating martial ordinances.”

“This is a cruel and unusual punishment,” Karisa screamed, “you’re violating our constitutional rights.”

“You don’t have constitutional rights, the Constitution no longer exists.” Siemens lead them to the wall.

“We don’t deserve to die for going outside too late. You can’t do this.”

“You deserve to die for disobeying the government. The idea that you can ignore our laws just because they don’t seem like a big deal puts everyone on a dangerous path. That sort of path ended with a mushroom cloud over our capital. Now, lean with your backs to the wall.”

Laci stood as she asked. Choking back tears, she asked, “Can you please let us go? Don’t kill me or my friends, please. I don’t want to die. Isn’t there something you can do?”

The Captain caressed her cheek. “I’m sorry, dear. I can’t do anything. Someone would find out. The soldiers who picked you up know you’re supposed to die, at least ten surveillance cameras have recorded you coming into this building. Even if I could get away with it, I wouldn’t spare you. You need to die. This is going to happen.” She kissed her on the lips and marched off as her soldiers lined up.

“READY!” Siemens yelled, “AIM, CENTER!” Karisa’s body stiffened as they turned their rifles towards her. The captain curled her lips as she yelled, “FIRE!”

All three girls screamed as gunfire filled the room. Red clouds exploded around Karisa’s stomach as she dropped.

Karisa squirmed on the floor, groaning and clutching her stomach. Blood gushed through her fingers, pooling around her. Laci’s knees trembled. Maci covered her mouth, gagging with tears running down her face.


“PLEASE DON’T,” Maci crossed her arms over her belly.

“If she doesn’t move her hands just shoot through them. No, put a few in her pussy.”

“PLEASE!” She trembled as she moved one hand to her pussy. Piss trickled through her fingers seconds later.


Maci dropped as blood exploded from her cunt and stomach. Rolling on the floor, she thrashed her legs and screamed. “IT BURNS! MAKE IT STOP!”

“READY!” Laci’s legs went numb. “AIM, RIGHT-FLANK!” This couldn’t be happening. Her body trembled, piss gushed down her legs. She clenched her eyes and screamed. “FIRE!”

The force of a hundred sledgehammers struck her body. Laci screamed and hit the floor. She snarled and gnashed her teeth, staring daggers as Captain Siemens jeered. She wanted to curse at her, tell her she could go to hell. But, oh God did her chest burn when she opened her mouth to speak.

Laci glanced down her body, moving her hands. Five holes filled her breasts, two replacing her nipples. The last hole went through where her belly button should have been. She howled until she started coughing up blood.

What did she do to deserve this? She wanted to hang out with a friend, who kicked her out for saying the wrong thing. Fuck Chelsi for being such a bitch, and fuck her parents for not being home. Fuck Jean Patterson for putting America in this situation. She could save a fuck for herself, for not listening when Maci said not they should’ve stayed home.

She looked into Karisa’s face, seeming to be asleep with blood trickling from the corner of her mouth. “I’m … sorry,” Laci moaned before closing her eyes.

“No,” screamed in Laci’s mind on repeat. How could she be dying now, at fifteen? She had a whole life to live. How could someone kill her so soon? Ice crept over her body. Who turned down the heat? Her tits didn’t seem to hurt so much, anymore. She forced one eye open, looking across a thick fog at the blood still leaking out of her stomach. Was she slipping away? She didn’t want to slip away, though. Someone needed to get her to a hospital before that happened.

“Go,” someone boomed.

Go? She didn’t want to go. “I don’t wanna go!” Her mind screamed. Even that scream seemed to come from another planet. It wasn’t time to go, she wasn’t ready.


The girls squirmed on the floor for almost twelve minutes as blood poured out. The redhead stopped moving three minutes ago, pissing herself after the last of her leg twitches. The blonde stopped a minute later. The short-haired girl with glasses stopped squirming a minute ago, she kept twitching.

“They should be dead by now. You,” Seimens pointed at Ricky, “come with me while I check vitals.”

Ricky followed the Captain, stopping by the blonde girl. She leaned down and held her finger to the girl’s throat. “Dead.” They moved to the redhead “Dead.” They reached the last one.

Siemens shook her head. “This one has a pulse. Take care of her.”

Ricky raised the gun. BLAM! Her head dropped with a hole between her eyes, she stopped twitching.

“Load ‘em on the cart.”

Ricky threw her on his shoulders and dropped her on the Latina kid they shot earlier. His squadmates dropped the blonde, then the redhead.