CrossWar District Championship

Sophia closed her eyes as their quadcab flew through the skylight. Of the sixteen young women crowded in that flying can with her, how many were going to make it out alive? Hanbury University never defeated Booker College, so at least half would die. Clad in their navy green sports bras and boyshorts, with golden seams, and gold cat paws over their pussies, most of them would die. Except for Captain Sophia Francisco, who wondered sometimes if Ankou granted her immortality. Maybe she could make their deaths worth it this time?

Sophia, brown eyes gleaming in her caramel face, nestled by tufts of raven-black hair flowing over her shoulders, glanced over her team. Her lieutenants, each accompanied by two girls wearing metallic arm braces—the thralls—sat with crossbows by them.

Near the right corner in the front sat Ashley Brein, a blonde with a bowl cut. She led the Ashley Squad, with Ashley Mathis, blonde with long wavy hair, and the busty brunette, Ashley Jordan. She buried her right hand in her shorts, groaning as she rubbed her pussy; Ashley’s pre-game ritual, in the event it would be her last chance.

Vi Nguyen leaned on the left wall, long ashy pigtails hanging to her waist, her bra straining over her breasts. Kerryana, a pale face nestled in pink curls wearing glasses, and Vanessa, chestnut hair draped falling to her hips, leaned against Vi’s shoulders.

Chelsea Allaire curled in the corner, raven hair sprawled on the floor, snoring. Tina, a short red-haired girl with freckles, laid her head against Chelsea’s ass, Celicia, short black hair with streaks of purple, twiddled her thumbs.

Yanina Gonzalas, brown double buns, laid near the back corner with her thralls, Callie’s arms clung to Yanina’s waist as Yanina caressed her back. Emily, curly brown hair, locked lips with Yanina, with one hand rubbing her crotch.

Four thralls surrounded Sophia. Blonde Anna laid in the arms of Jackie, running her hands through her thick brown locks. A black girl with lavender hair, Kayla, tapped her fingers on the floor. A petite girl with red curls sat crisscrossed, trembling as the arena floor grew closer; Erica joined her squad after she lost Nancy in the last game.

The quadcab lurched to a stop. Sophia pushed herself up and grabbed her crossbow off the floor. Her thralls stood beside her. The door opened with a hiss and the whirring of gears. The Hanbury Teamed stepped aside as Sophia stepped forward and hopped out. The Ashley Squad jumped out behind and the rest followed. A shockwave of cheers blasted her ears, the crowd waving and shouting in the stands. Her team marched in an arrow formation, with the Captain’s squad at the center, towards the white line in the center of the field. Their quadcab lifted off and flew towards the skylight.

Quadcams, a dozen bird-class and countless insect-class, swarmed the arena. The bird-class cams circled overhead, the insect-class darted towards them. Sophia remained stoic, her chin up, as they circled her, flying to within a centimeter of her breasts and crotch. A weak breeze brushed her thighs as a few flew around her ass. Her left eye followed the camera of one as it flew past her face. Sex-to-ten remained in orbit of each player, following them as they moved.

Across the arena, a black girl named Katie Johnson marched out of a purple quadcab; sheets of fluff, black as charcoal, draped her shoulders. A teal bikini top squeezed her boobs together, with dark-teal hornets on each cup, tied to her neck by a crossing strap. Her puffy labia peeked out as her teal-and-black miniskirt bounced with each step.

Her team broke out into four squads, arranged in an arrow formation. Ryanna and Tammy, twins with curly blonde hair, led the left squads. Sabrina, curvy and big-breasted with puffy brown hair, and Victoria, a short-haired Asian with glasses, led the right.

The quadcabs lifted off, the skylight whirred shut behind them.

“Didn’t I kill enough of you guys last year?” Katie smirked as she stopped at the central line. “I believe you lost two lieutenants and every single thrall. How many of my girls did you kill? Like, two thralls?”

Sophia snarled and scowled. This bitch, the very bane of Sophia’s existence, couldn’t die already? If only District 56432 snuffed her out when they slaughtered her team last year, what a world that would’ve been. “Fuck you!”

“You don’t mean that. Are you trying to hurt my feelings?” She sniffed and rubbed her eyes. “Maybe this will be the one you don’t walk away from?”

“Besides, we killed four last year.”

“They were still just thralls.”

Whether Hanbury won or lost, Katie had to die. She opened her mouth when…

“Good afternoon,” a woman boomed over the arena, “good afternoon, and welcome to 1,254th CrossWar Championship for District 23322! We have Hanbury University facing off against Booker College,” Sophia’s eyes narrowed on Katie, who flipped her the bird, “for the second year in a row. I can hardly believe it! Will Booker once again represent our district in the World Championship, or can Hanbury enact their vengeance for last year’s abysmal defeat?”

Drones flew from behind the bleachers and swarmed the teams, dropping an arrow into the hands of each lieutenant. Sophia raised her arms and as one dropped two, grabbed them in mid-air.

“And I would like to remind our audience to not take these arrows home after the match. They are not souvenirs, and they are not toys. Each one contains a deadly toxin, of which a single drop will kill an elephant in seconds. You will not find one that’s empty, you’re not that lucky. Each arrow injects a few drops when it strikes flesh, and they take three hundred injections to run out. I have to repeat this every game because nobody…”

Sophia yawned. Could she not shut the fuck up? She snarled and growled at Katie as the announcer droned on.


Sophia loaded an arrow into the crossbow as her thralls jumped in front. She aimed between Anna and Jackie. A thrall’s arm shot out as Sophia fired, her arrow bounced off the brace.

Katie cackled. “Like you could kill me that easily? Not a chance!” She fired. Anna blocked the arrow.

She knew it wouldn’t work, she just needed to make a statement.

Sophia grabbed Katie’s arrow and loaded it, grinning. The redhead glared, her arm over Katie’s breasts. Sophia lowered her sight to Katie’s stomach and curled her finger around the trigger. A thrall’s hand shot down, Sophia swiveled her crossbow and fired. The thrall grunted as the arrow sank into her right tit. Her legs quivered as she drifted towards the ground, red froth foaming around her mouth. Her body thudded to the floor, her arms and legs kicking as piss pooled around her hips and soaked into her skirt.

“Yes!” Sophia punched the air and spun around dancing. Whatever happened, Hanbury—no, SHE—made the first kill of the game; and against one of the Captain’s thralls, no less. They never got the first kill!

Katie stopped smirking. “I’m definitely gonna make sure your ass don’t walk out of here. Do you understand me, bitch?” Her remaining thralls closed in as she pulled the arrow from the dead thrall’s body.


Ashley flipped back as an arrow bounced off Ashley J’s arm.

Ashley fired her bow, Sabrina squealed as the arrow flew over her shoulder.

“Just what the fuck are you doing? You’re supposed to protect me?” She shouted.

“I-I’m sorry,” one of her thralls cried, “I didn’t see it coming. She was too low to the—”


The thralls shook their heads. Sabrina darted towards the arrow with her thralls behind.

Ashley grabbed the arrow by Ashley J’s foot and rolled to her feet.

“Let’s get’em,” Ashley loaded the arrow and the Ashley Squad darted after Sabrina.

Sabrina twirled around, arrow in hand, and loaded it in. Ashley M and J crossed their arms in front of Ashley’s chest, as Ashley aimed.

“Watch out!” Vi shouted.

“Huh?” Ashley tilted her head.

Victoria screamed as she dove at them and fired, the arrow struck Ashley J’s stomach. Her arms dropped as Sabrina raised her bow.

“Shit…” Ashley pulled the trigger as Sabrina’s arrow whistled through the air. Sabrina’s thrall jumped in front, falling to the ground with an arrow in her breast, as Sabrina’s arrow struck Ashley’s pussy.

Her crossbow clanged to the floor. A tsunami of fire flashed across Ashley’s body, burning through every nerve. Her legs buckled as they went numb, streams of urine running down them. Her vision faded. Ashley M shouted from across a great chasm and everything blinked out.


Vi’s arrow bounced off a thrall’s arm as Victoria rolled. Victoria turned her crossbow on Ashley J as Vi dashed towards her.

“Watch out!”

Ashley looked up as Victoria’s arrow struck Ashley J. Ashley fired her bow and dropped seconds later as an arrow sank into her lower stomach.

Victoria ripped the arrow from Ashley J’s body and loaded it. Vi dropped behind Kerryana and Vanessa. “Goddamnit,” Ashley M screamed as Victoria shot her in the heart. She collapsed onto Ashley’s body, piss running through her shorts.

Vi swooped her arrow off the floor. Victoria pulled three out of the Ashley Squad’s corpses, laughing as she ripped each one out.

“Hey,” Victoria grinned and held her arms out, “think you can get me?”

Vi barred her teeth and fired, hitting a pink-haired thrall’s brace. “Fuck!”

Victoria tittered as she loaded her arrow. “My turn,” she sang.

Vanessa’s brace caught the arrow as it whistled towards Vi’s stomach. Victoria loaded the second as her squad stepped forward. Vi jumped back as Kerryana blocked the second shot from skewering her right tit. She fired another and moved forward as Vi’s squad moved back. Vanessa blocked the last two Victoria scooped the first two off the floor and loaded one. Vi ducked between her thralls and reached an arrow on the floor.

Vi jerked back as an arrow hit the floor between her thumb and index. Victoria grabbed all three off the floor and loaded one.

Sabrina skitted to a stop and held her hand out.

Victoria slapped two arrows into her palm. “You go high, I go low.”

Vi took a deep breath as Sabrina aimed at her chest and Victoria aimed for her stomach. Their fingers twitched around the triggers. Victoria’s hand swiveled as they fired. Sabrina’s arrow tinged off Vanessa’s arm as Victoria’s arrow pierced her left breast. Vanessa dropped with a grunt, her legs twitching as piss gushed through her shorts.

“You fucking whores!” Vi grabbed Sabrina’s arrow off the floor and ripped Victoria’s from Vanessa’s breast. “I’ll kill you!” She reloaded as did Sabrina and Vanessa.

Vi leaned towards Kerryanne’s ear and whispered, “I’m really really sorry about what’s about to happen.”

“Huh?” Kerryanne replied as Vi nibbled her ear.

Vi grabbed the back of Kerryanne’s bra and yanked her in front as Sabrina and Victoria curled their fingers around the triggers. Kerryanne shuddered as both arrows sank into her breasts.

“I’m really sorry,” Vi whispered as she stroked Kerryanne’s hair. Vi dropped her body when piss started running down her legs and fired her bow.

Victoria shrieked when it struck her belly button. Her thralls covered their mouths as blood ran down her stomach and she crumpled to the floor. She twitched, piss squirting out of her skirt, and stopped.

Vi screamed as she fired the second arrow. Sabrina ducked as it impaled a thrall’s tit. Sabrina dropped the thrall, leaving her convulsing in a puddle of her piss and blood.

Vi ripped the arrows out of Kerryanne’s breasts and reloaded, cackling.

“You belong to me, now,” Sabrina grabbed Victoria’s remaining thrall and her own by the hair and ran.

Vi fired again, hitting Victoria’s last thrall in the ass.

“Damnit!” Sabrina let the thrall slump to the floor.

Vi grabbed the arrow from the thrall’s carcass and ran after Sabrina.


Yanina watched her teammates fall on the left flank while exchanging an arrow with Tammy. Her first arrow flew over Tammy’s head, Ryanna grabbed it as Chelsea chased her and her thralls. Yanina grabbed Tammy’s arrow after Callie blocked it and flung it back. Tammy’s thralls, a pair of Asian girls with matching ponytails—Yanina wondered if they might also be twins, though one’s boobs bulged under her bikini top while the other girl’s chest was almost flat—blocked her return fire. Tammy fired back, Callie or Emily blocked.

The arrow clattered on the floor after Callie deflected it, Yanina grabbed it and reloaded. Her thralls locked hands.

Yanina groaned. How boring? Those twins, if they were twins, blocked everything she threw at Tammy. Even the shots she threw at them failed. They had to tire out at some point, right? Yanina yawned. She was the one getting tired. She needed to try something else. Yanina looked around and grinned. Who said she had to kill Tammy?

Ryanna ran in circles, swerving as her thralls danced around, with Chelsea on her tail. Yanina sprang out.

“Fuck!” Ryanna skidded to a halt, her mouth agape, as Yanina aimed her weapon. The arrow severed the straps of her bikini at the cross-section. The cups fell away as she doubled over, piss ran down her legs, and she hit the floor. Her right leg kicked out three times and slumped to the floor.

Chelsea shot one of her thralls in the thigh, dropping her on Ryanna. The other jumped back and ran to join the twins guarding Tammy.

“Good thinking,” Chelsea raised her fist, Yanina raised hers’.

Chelsea ripped an arrow from the thrall’s carcass, Yanina grabbed the two laying by Ryanna’s hand. They nodded while reloading and turned towards Tammy.

“Let’s see you block both of us you stupid cun—”

THWACK! Yanina shrieked, pain shooting across her face, as an arrow hit her left eye. Katie Johnson, scowling, reloaded her bow as the vision faded from her remaining eye.


Sophia fired, a thrall stopped the arrow as Katie shot Yanina. Both reloaded.

“You’re just mad that we’re winning.”

Katie spat. “This is just temporary. Booker beats Hanbury, that’s just a fact.” She fired.

Jackie dropped with an arrow between her tits.

Anna screamed. “Just kill this bitch, Sophia!”

As Sophia placed her finger on the trigger Sabrina darted past with Vi behind. She stopped, her mouth dropping. She pushed her thrall aside and pulled Vi in front of her. Sophia tried to pull her finger back, but the arrow already launched. Vi slumped in Sabrina’s arms as the arrow sank into her lower back. Sabrina dropped her body and yanked the arrow out.

“Ha! I told you we’d turn things around! You fucking bitch!”

It won’t be for long. Sophia glared as she pulled the arrow from Jackie’s body and reloaded. “Big mistake, bitch!”

Sabrina grabbed her thrall and spun her around. “You fucking protect me! Go it?”

The girl nodded and scowled, her breasts rising and falling, as Sophia aimed. She crossed her arms over her chest.

Sophia rolled to the side and fired around Sabrina. Katie’s laughter stopped as the arrow landed between her breasts. Her eyes bulged, piss ran down her legs, blood foamed from her mouth.

“You fucking bitch!” Sabrina shoved her thrall to the floor.

Anna’s shoulder slammed into Sophia’s as Sabrina fired. She hit the ground, her arms and legs twitching, with the arrow in her right breast.

“I got this, boss!”

Swoosh! THWACK! Sabrina’s arms dropped, the thrall staggered forward. An arrow skewered her left breast and stopped in the right. Her body leaned back and hit the ground with a thump, her arms and legs splayed out, twitching.

Chelsea ran to Sophia, her thralls and Yanina’s behind her, loading another arrow into her bow.

Crackling filled the arena and a buzzard blared. Sophia and Chelsea dropped their bows, as did Tammy. The sound ceased after ten seconds.

“What a game,” The announcer boomed, “what a game, and what an unexpected turn of events. With a kill-loss ratio of ten to nine and a score of thirty-seven to twenty-seven, Hanbury University is the victor! We are making history, the Wild Cats have not represented this District in the World Championship in over five centuries.”

“Fuck yeah! You see that, Katie?” Her teammates closed in, she kissed each one on the lips as the announcer carried on.

Tammy ripped off her bikini and stomped it into the ground. “Fuck Hanbury, and fuck this game!” She stormed out of the arena, her teammates followed with their heads hung low.

Drones swooped in and grabbed the dead girls, piling their bodies in the middle of the arena.

“After cleanup, members of the audience may engage in sexual activities with the deceased players for up to three hours. Remember, you are responsible for any accident involving leftover arrows…”

Sophia rode atop her team as they marched out of the arena. They won! She had a month to rebuild her team for the World Championship, but she could pick any player in the District. Whatever happened next, she could die or graduate without regrets. Tonight, the only thing that mattered was finding good food, booze, and fucking whoever missed out on the dead girls back there.