Don't Drink and Fly

“Don’t drink and drive!” That’s what her rainbow leotard said, in bold black letters stretched over her giant breasts. Jessica laughed as she grabbed the half-empty bottle of Vodka between her legs and chugged until it spilled down her chin.

The shirt said nothing about drinking and flying. She didn’t want to fly that morning. Mrs. Moffitt, that dumb old hag at Tammy’s Furniture, called at six in the morning.

“Good morning, Miss Dubroff, ” she screeched, “We need you in the air by seven-thirty, there’s gonna be a lot of people at the beach today.”

Seven-goddamn-thirty! She didn’t even have the time to change out of her swimsuit. Where else but fucking Miami would a bunch of people go to the beach on Christmas? She wanted to spend the morning playing video games before going to Mom’s place. She needed that job, and she needed something to numb the throbbing ache in her head if they wanted her to do that job right.

Jessica downed the rest as she flew over the ocean and tossed the bottle out.

The booze would’ve numbed it for a while, but she doubted it would stay numb for her shift. Jessica took the plane up and leveled out before putting it on autopilot. She went in the back and rummaged through her backpack. She emerged with an egg vibrator and six codeine tablets.

“It’s not like anyone can see me,” she muttered as she pulled her leotard over her legs.

She popped the pills in her mouth and swallowed them dry before sitting back down. Jessica disabled the autopilot. After turning on the vibrator she spread her pussy with one hand and inserted it.

“Ooooh!” Jessica leaned back and squeezed her thighs. “Fuck yeah!”


The night before, two days after her twentieth birthday, Mai Nguyen became a woman. She leaned towards the mirror, nude except white latex panties hugging her curvy hips, fluffy chestnut brown hair flowing over her shoulders, and twerked until her breasts jiggled. She squeezed them around the handle of a hairbrush. A day prior she never spent more than a minute nude outside of a bathroom, now she spent the entire night with her tits out and played with them in the mirror.

She started brushing her hair as the bathroom door opened.

“Do you wanna go again before we go out?”

Kaitlyn Davis stood in the kitchen, water dripping from her golded hair. She licked her finger and drew it over the curve breasts to her plump pussy.

Mai tilted her head. Did she? Dried spit and pussy juice coated her body, her everything ached, and she hadn’t slept all night. Kaitlyn brought her finger to her lips, slick and dripping, and stuck it in her mouth. Mai’s pussy twitched.

“Yes … please!” She kicked off her panties as Kaitlyn tackled her.

Mai screamed and laughed as Kaitlyn carried her on her shoulders and tossed her on the bed. Kaitlyn fell over her, smiling as Mai peered into the emerald sea of her eyes. Mai stroked her hair and pulled her face closer.

“You really like this.” Her nose brushed against Mai’s.

“Uh-huh,” Mai whispered as she locked lips with Kaitlyn. She suckled Kaitlyn’s tongue, slurping strawberry-and-pussy-flavored saliva. Mai wrapped her arms around Kaitlyn and squeezed, squashing her breasts with Kaitlyn’s.

Kaitlyn broke off and flipped over, hanging her ass over Mai’s face. “It’s time for breakfast!”

“But I already had breakfast!” Mai grabbed Kaitlyn’s thighs as she lowered her ass towards her face.

“Okay, it’s time for lunch!” Kaitlyn squished her pussy against Mai’s chin.

Mai nibbled her labia and flaps until Kaitlyn gasped and cunt juice dripped down her tongue.

“Hey … Sabrina! Hurry up … ahhh … if you want a taste of Mimi’s pussy … this time.” Kaitlyn rocked her hips.

Mai spread her legs ash her pussy twinged.

“Are we having sex again? So soon? This is like the seventh time!” Sabrina Murphy emerged from the bathroom, water dripping down her bottomless cleavage.

“If you don’t want to, I’ll—”

The mattress sank as Sabrina’s knees landed between Mai’s feet. Her tits plopped out and her auburn ponytail fell to her ass as her towels hit the floor. “I never said I wasn’t interested. I just wish I knew before taking a shower.”

“Turn on your back, I want to eat your pussy while you eat Mimi’s.”

Sabrina laid back between Mai’s legs as Kaitlyn pulled Sabrina’s thighs around her shoulders. Mai bit her huffed as Sabrina’s tongue brushed her slit. Mai buried her face in Kaitlyn’s pussy, moaning as she licked and nibbled. Sabrina and Kaitlyn moaned with her. She spread Kaitlyn’s pussy lips with her finger, her tongue burrowed into Kaitlyn’s cunt hole as she rubbed her clit. Mai clenched her thighs as Sabrina thrust a finger into her asshole. Kaitlyn rocked her ass, slickening Mai’s face.

Kaitlyn shrieked and arched her back. Juice drenched Mai’s face as she thrust her tongue in and out. Sabrina screamed and dug her fingernail deeper as her tongue lapped Mai’s pussy. Mai mewled. She squeezed Kaitlyn’s thighs as her thighs trembled and her pussy twitched. Kaitlyn rolled off, landing on the mattress beside Mai as strings of cunt juice continued arching through the air. Mai’s cunt squirted across Sabrina’s face and tits, as Sabrina’s soaked the sheets.

Sabrina crawled over Mai, dragging her sopping pussy across her leg, and collapsed against her left tit. Mai smiled and gazed into her emerald eyes and closed hers’ as she leaned towards Sabrina’s face. They locked lips. Mai slurped her own pussy juice off Sabrina’s tongue as Sabrina thrust it in and out.

Kaitlyn caressed her other breast and lowered her face. Mai tingled as Kaitlyn’s tongue filcked across her nipple. She lifted as Mai shoved her hand under her armpit and wrapped it around her. Mai ran her hand down Kaitlyn’s back, Kaitlyn lifted her leg as she rubbed her finger across her asscrack and slipped in her pussy. Kaitlyn groaned into Mai’s nipple. Kaitlyn rubbed her hand over Mai’s stomach and grabbed her vulva while inserting her middle finger into her womanhood.

“Who’s going to get mine?” Sabrina muttered before slipping her tongue back into Mai’s mouth.

Mai slid her other hand over Sabrina’s shoulder and down her back, slipping between her ass before thrusting two fingers into her pussy. Sabrina grabbed Mai’s pussy and slid her middle in with Kaitlyn’s.

Mai slurped as she pulled her lips away from Sabrina’s. Sabrina pouted and whimpered, then bit lip as she gasped. Mai frowned and pecked Sabrina’s lips before turning to Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn’s lips locked with hers’ as Mai’s tongue slipped in. Mai pouted when Kaitlyn broke off her kiss. Sabrina and Kaitlyn leaned over and kissed each other. Mai pressed her face against theirs and stuck her tongue between their lips, flicking it across theirs’.

Mai bucked and shrieked as she came. Her body trembled, her thighs clenched. Sabrina and Kaitlyn sloshed their middle fingers into her cunt as girl juice sprayed their hands. Kaitlyn and Sabrina came seconds later, howling in each others’ mouths as their tongues danced.

They collapsed and licked their own cum from each other’s fingers. Mai watched Kaitlyn’s bosom rise and fall as she drifted off.


Mai stretched her arms as she soared through the air. Waves frothed below in a deep blue sea stretching to an eternity with no horizon. Mermen poked their heads out of the water, ear-to-ear grins on their faces, and waved as Mai flew over. Mai waved back and smiled. A flurry of golden butterflies swarmed around her in a ring, moving to her head until they formed a halo. She dove a hundred feet, the mermen reached out to slap her hands.

Mai shrieked when her breasts hit the water with a splash and her nipples froze. She jumped a dozen feet and looked with bulging eyes at her nude breasts. The mermen laughed and thrust their spears at her. Mai tried to cover her breasts, but her arms wouldn’t move. She tried to scream and beg them to stop looking, but her mouth wouldn’t open. Tears streaked down her burning cheeks. The ring of butterflies morphed into a skull with a finger sticking out of its’ forehead, pointing at her as its’ grinning jaw clattered.

They scattered as an old-timey bi-plane appeared out of thin air. Mai dove as it flew over her.

“Wake up!” A merman shouted as he launched himself out of the water and tossed a spear. Mai screamed as it whisked through the air and skewered her nipple.

Mai jerked awake with a squeal.

“Wake up, sleepy!” Kaitlyn grinned, leaning with her tits bulging under a red bikini top, and poked her nipple.

Mai groaned. “How long was I out?”

Sabrina shrugged. “Maybe an hour. I dunno, we also dozed off.” She wore a two-piece string bikini, showing everything but her slit and nipples.

“You might want to put something on if you wanna go out with us.”

Mai sat up and stretched. “Where are we going?”

“To the beach.”

“After we get something to eat.” Kaitlyn pulled on a red g-string and sat at the end of the bed.

Mai leaned over the edge and peered under the bed.

Sabrina smacked and squeezed her ass. “Then we’ll come back here for some more sexy time.”

Mai grabbed her Kirby suitcase and pulled it on the bed. “More sexy time?”

How much more could her pussy handle? She did agree to orgies until the new year, she couldn’t be exhausted after one night. It was like a buffet, she had to get her money’s worth—her time’s worth—even if she got full.

“You’re not getting tired on us, are you Mimi?” Kaitlyn snickered.

Mai shook her head. “The sex is amazing, I’m not complaining.”

“Good! Cause we’re thinking of bringing guy or three back for this next round.”

Mai grinned. “Really?”

“You are ready for your first cock, aren’t you?”

Six months earlier she turned down Chris Lemmel because she wanted to wait for marriage. Was she about to lose the rest of her virginity to some guy she never met? She knew Chris since before they could walk, and she spent years staring at his toned brown muscles wondering what they’d have been like wrapped around her. Why couldn’t she call him over instead of a strange man? Oh! Right! He went to London with his folks.

“We’ll help you with the social part,” Kaitlyn leaned in and kissed Mai’s cheek, “consider this your Christmas present.”

Mai grabbed her swimsuit, a two-piece cloth with Pikachu’s face stretched across the top and Raichu’s face on the bottom, and dropped the suitcase before kicking it back under the bed.

“Is that all you have?” Sabrina shook her head.

“What?” Mai put the top on, it dropped to her belly button. “I know you still watch Pokemon, too.” She pulled the bottom up her legs.

“She means that you’re being too modest. Don’t you have anything that shows off the goods?”

“Uhm….” Did they really want her to walk around naked? “This is the most revealing one I own.” She grabbed her glasses from the nightstand.

“Why? You have an amazing body.”

“No, that’s you and Sabrina. You have the perfect tits and bums built for tiny bikinis,” she grabbed Kaitlyn’s ass cheeks as they hung out of her g-string, “Mine aren’t that—”

Kaitlyn crossed her arms and pulled her ass away. “Cut that bullshit! You have an amazing ass and tits.”

“Yeah! I just ate you out an hour ago and I’d love to bury my face in your ass forever. I couldn’t get enough.”

“Your body is amazing, and you should love it. Do you know how many girls would kill to look like you?”

“I love my body, I-I just don’t feel comfortable with my tits hanging out everywhere.”

“I think you would be if you just got used to it. It would help grab attention from guys and you can get laid more.”

“Guys always turn their heads to look at me, even if I’m wearing jeans and a thick shirt.”

“Well, duh,” Sabrina caressed Mai’s face, “you’re fucking beautiful. Guys are going to look at you no matter what, but they will look more if you show off.”

“But I—”

Kaitlyn put her finger on Mai’s lips. “Shhh! I promise by the time we go back to Wisconsin you’ll walk walk around with your goods out proudly.”

Maybe? Until her folks said something about it. How many pigs would Mom have shat out if she saw her going out in a crop top and miniskirt? She’d have pumped out a whole fucking planet if she went to the pool or lake dressed like Kaitlyn or Sabrina.

“I guess we’ll have to get you some skimpy outfit before this trip is over. Consider that your other Christmas present.”

“I guess. So, what are we going to eat?”

“Yanina told me about a taco place around here that was supposed to be really good. I could text her about it.”

Kaitlyn tapped the wall. “I’m kinda in the mood for pizza,” she looked at Mai, “what about you?”

“Oh? I’m in the mood for tacos. We can do pizza for dinner.”

Sabrina grabbed her phone. “Getting the address now.”


Mai rubbed her belly as she walked through the doors of Cabrel’s Tacos with Sabrina and Kaitlyn. The nacho mountain and two beef burritos she demolished threatened to burst out of her stomach.

“I don’t know if I’m going to have room for pizza tonight,” Kaitlyn groaned.

Sabrina stopped and gagged, holding her fist over her mouth.

“Please don’t throw up!” Mai cupped her mouth.

A roaring grumble, like a thousand bears crying for battle, erupted from her mouth. Sabrina covered her mouth and smirked. Mai and Kaitlyn snickered until Mai belched.

“I think thou’st ladies hadith too many tacos.” Kaitlyn rubbed Mai’s and Sabrina’s bellies.

“Nuh-uh!” Mai shook her head. “I had nachos and burritos.”

“Well, don’t get too fat on me. I don’t wanna be the only picking up a dude tonight.”

Mai walked behind as Sabrina and Kaitlyn chatted, watching their ass cheeks jiggle with each step.

Tonight those asses were going to have cocks in them. Sabrina might’ve, Kaitlyn never cared for anal. Mai scratched her head; did SHE like anal? Too bad nobody brought a strap-on for their winter orgy trip, she could’ve found out before trying it with a real cock. She didn’t want to have to tell her man to take it out. Maybe she could just say no anal? She would never see that man after that week, and she had plenty of time to practice with a dildo or something before trying it with Chris on Valentine’s?

Kaitlyn stopped and looked back, snickering. “I think someone sees something they like.”

Mai grinned. “Of course I like what I see, I did have sex with you , like, a jillion times in the last twenty-four hours.”

Kaitlyn shook her head and pointed over Mai’s shoulder as she tapped Sabrina’s arm. “Him!”

Mai turned around. A chubby guy with ginger hair, maybe nineteen or twenty, walked around thirty feet behind them with his phone aimed at Mai’s bottom. His head turned to his phone as Mai turned her eyes towards him. His face turned a shade of orange that rivaled his hair. He fidgeted with his phone as shuffled towards them.

“Hey, ya creep! You like what you see?” Kaitlyn pulled Mai’s top over her tits.

Mai’s face burned redder than his as he shifted his phone up. Mai popped the back of Kaitlyn’s hand and pulled her top down.

Kaitlyn and Sabrina lifted their tops and grabbed Mai’s arm. “Run for it!” They bolted with their tits flapping, Mai running behind them.


Mai collapsed on the sand, her stomach knotting up, gulping air by the gallon. “Oooh, yeah,” she breathed as seawater splashed her ass and soaked through her bikini bottom.

Sabrina and Kaitlyn collapsed next to her.

“What do you think that little creep is gonna do with our tits on his phone?”

“Probably look at ‘em while he beats his meat. I bet that’s the first time a guy has seen yours,” she patted Mai’s back, “huh, Mimi?”

“Well, there was that time my gross brother walked in on me while I was changing. This is the first time a guy who wanted to see them saw them, I hope. This is definitely the first time anyone took a picture of them." Did that make her a pornstar? “You don’t think he’s gonna post ‘em on Instagram or something, do you?”

Kaitlyn chortled and shook her head.

“Not on Instagram,” Sabrina said, “They’d get taken down for nudity, but he’ll probably post them somewhere online. I post my nudes on Reddit and Imagefap.”

“But, he was taking the picture from about thirty feet away, and with a phone. Unless he has a really good phone on that camera he might not post it, unless he’s one of those assholes who thinks uploading low-quality porn is acceptable.”

Mai lay back, inhaling as water soaked her hair. A wave crashed over her face, she jerked up and spat saltwater. Sabrina and Kaitlyn snorted.

“Uhm!” Mai snickered. Did they know their tits were still out? She pointed.

“What’s so—” Kaitlyn grinned. “Oops!” She covered herself and pointed at Sabrina’s tits.

“Oh shit!” Sabrina pulled top down and they collapsed into a fit of laughter.

“I bet that dude by Cabrel’s isn’t the only one with pictures of our tits on his phone. Well, yours.”

“Yeah, they’ll be disappointed when they realize that yours were covered.”

“It doesn’t bother you?”

Kaitlyn shrugged. “We have a lot worse pictures of ourselves online.”

“Which, by the way, we need to have a discussion about getting you in them at some point. Our fans would love the shit out of you.”

“But, I don’t think I want to be a pornstar.” Did she? What if she wanted to, but the thought of her family finding out scared the shit out of her? Dad might not care, but Mom…. Eating a bullet would’ve been more enjoyable than talking to her after that.

“It’s really not that bad, me and Kaitlyn have fun with our career. Plus, we make a shit load of money. You wanna graduate with your student loans paid for? We can make that happen.”

“If the school finds out I won’t graduate.”

“We know how to keep people from finding out. Your ass and tits were made to share.”

“Hey,” Kaitlyn pointed up the beach, “I think someone’s been checking us out.”

Her finger pointed at two guys under a white umbrella. They might’ve been in their twenties, one had short black hair and brown muscles, the other shaggy brown hair and pale, but just as muscular. The shaggy guy pointed at them, the dark-skinned dude looked and smiled. Mai grinned and waved.

“Do you think they were looking when you two had your tits out?”

“Probably. Why else are they checking us out instead of the dozen or so hotties walking around?”

Sabrina jumped and brushed sand off her ass. “They checked us out, so it’s only fair that we go check them out. Preferably up close.”

Mai cringed up. Did she want to go over there? “How close?”

“I was thinking close enough that we introduce ourselves and maybe talk them into coming back to the condo with us.” Sabrina pulled Mai to her feet.

Mai tilted her head. “You think they will? What if they’re not single?”

Kaitlyn shrugged. “I guess we’ll find out.”

“You do want them, don’t you?”

“I mean, they are really cute. I’m just—”


She nodded. How could she just walk up to a guy she never met and tell him she wanted to go fuck? Why did her friends make it sound so easy?

“Since there’s two of them and three of us, one guy is gonna have to be shared. Maybe I can join you in a threesome. Which one do you like?”

“The one shaggy-looking one. I-I kinda like guys with messy hair.”

“That means I get the dark hunk to myself.” Kaitlyn folded her arms.

They marched through the sand. The dark-skin guy tapped his buddy’s shoulder. He looked over and grinned.

Mai’s stomach rumbled and she stopped.

“Uhm … guys …” She looked at the row of tents with a “public restrooms” sign overhead.

Kaitlyn stopped and cocked her head. “What’s up? You’re not getting cold feet are you?”

“I gotta shit!” She darted past the boys’ campsite, her friends snickering.

“You’re gonna miss the fun!”

Digital boards on all five tents read “Vacant.” Mai sighed as she entered the middle one and latched the door. She dropped her bikini and plopped on the toilet. “Ahhhh!”


The umbrella guys looked at each other as Kaitlyn and Sabrina strutted towards them. Shaggy turned his head as Mai darted past them, her ass jiggling until it disappeared in the tent.

“Hey there, fellas!” Kaitlyn leaned over. Shaggy’s jaw dropped, dark-boy smiled. “Were you checking us out?”

Shaggy dropped his chips. “I … uh … I … I—”

“Yeah. We notice you had your tits out.”

Sabrina glanced at Kaitlyn and winked.

Kaitlyn smirked. “You wanna see ‘em again?” They raised them again. Kaitlyn danced until her tits bounced. Shaggy dropped his chips again as his face turned red.

“So,” Sabrina covered herself, “what do they call you boys?”

Dark-skin opened the cooler and pulled out two beers. “I’m Jerode and my homie over there is Ryan. You girls drink?”

Kaitlyn opened her hands as Jerode tossed a beer. “I’m Kaitlyn, but you can call me Katie.”

“I’m Sabrina.” She caught the second one in her cleavage.

“So,” Sabrina sipped, “are you boys single?”

Jerode frowned. “Unfortunately. I just got dumped for some shithead with a trust fund. He’s never been laid.”

Sabrina grabbed Ryan’s arm and ran her middle finger down his chest. “How is a handsome young man like yourself still a virgin?”

“I … uhm … I was kinda fat until recently.”

“Oh?” Kaitlyn groped his arm, feeling his muscle twitch in her palm. “You can’t tell that now.”

“Really? Thanks … I guess.”

“And we know someone who likes you. She likes guys with messy hair.”

“Are you talking about that Asian chick that was with you?”

“Yeah. Mai.”

“I assume she’s coming back?”

Kaitlyn nodded. “She just had to use the restroom, or that’s what she told us. I think she’s just shy and chickened out.”

“If she doesn’t come out in about ten minutes one of us will go and get her.”

“We’d like to make a proposal since you’re single and all.”

“How would you like to come back to our condo and have sex with us?”

Ryan glanced at Jerode.

Jerode nodded. “Are you girls for real? Just like that?”

Kaitlyn grinned and flashed her tits. “Just like that. You can have me, but I hope you don’t mind if Sabrina and Mai share your buddy, Ryan.”

“Wait! A threesome?” Ryan’s eyes bulged. “I’ve never—”

Sabrina laughed. “I know, silly. Neither has Mai. Well,” she winked, “she hasn’t done it with a guy.”

“Ohhh!” Ryan smirked.

“Yeah. You’ll both need someone to show you around a little.”

“So,” Kaitlyn flashed her pussy, “do you boys wanna wet your tails or not? We’ll even order pizza.”

“Hell yeah! I can’t wait ‘til we get home and tell Scott. He’ll wish he skipped Christmas at his grandma’s.”

“What the hell are they doing?” Ryan tilted his head towards the sky.

Kaitlyn looked up. A red plane dropped from the sky, flying towards them with a banner draped in Christmas lights behind it.

“You don’t think they’re gonna try to land on the beach?” Jerode asked.

Sabrina tapped Kaitlyn’s shoulder.


“Do you think we should get Mai’s new swimsuits tonight or tomorrow?”

Kaitlyn shrugged. “I don’t think it really matters. She’s going to take it off, anyway.”

Sabrina snickered. “I can’t wait to see how much she stutters in front of these guys when her tits come out.”

“I bet Ryan’s gonna do some stuttering, too. He seems shy, although not as shy as Mai.”

“It’s kinda cute if you ask me. And they’ll have Mama Sabby to guide—”

“Get down!”

Jerode fell to the ground, Ryan rolled on his stomach. People screamed. The plane was no higher than twenty feet off the ground Kaitlyn covered her eyes as a cloud of sand blasted her. The umbrella lifted off the ground as the plane flew up.

“What the fuck is—” The banner flew off and something stung her tits.

Everything below the top of her tits became numb. Her bikini slid down and fluttered to the ground. She glanced at Sabrina as her g-string hit the sand. A redheaded girl on the towel next to them crumpled to the ground, her head above the mouth rolling away from her body as blood a fountain of blood sprayed the sand.

Ryan and Jerode stared, jaws agape.

Sabrina screamed as her body below the hips slid out from under her as the top of her body hit the ground, internal organs spilling out of the bottom.

Kaitlyn leaned to the left and opened her mouth to scream, no sound came out. She hit the ground. The rest of her body knelt, her ass twitching over her with piss running down her legs. It tilted and fell.

Ryan scrambled to his feet as blood splattered on his pants.

Jerode grabbed his phone and dialed. “There’s been an accident down here. A plane flew too low … four girls were killed when the banner came off.”

Killed? She wasn’t killed. She couldn’t have been killed! She had so much more to do! They had to save her! Couldn’t they put her back together?

Fog descended upon the beach, an icy wind chilled blasted her face. The screams moved away, they became faint whimpers. That was it? Kaitlyn closed her eyes and never opened them again.


Ryan knelt by Sabrina, gripping her hand.

“Please don’t let me die! Someone can put me back together, can’t they?”

Ryan held his finger over her lips. “Shh! You’re gonna be okay. Jerode just called for help. We won’t let you die.”

Jerode whispered in Ryan’s ear. “She’s lost a lot of blood. I don’t know if anyone can save her.”

“Please get me a blanket. It’s so cold.”

“Can we spare a towel?”

“Yeah, hold on.” returned seconds later with a camouflage towel, tossing it over Sabrina’s torso.

“I always hated that towel. I guess it’s good for something.”

Sabrina’s hand slid out of Ryan’s as her eyes rolled up in the back of her head.

“Stay with us! Don’t go to sleep.”

Jerode shook his head and sighed. “It’s too late, man. She’s gone.”

“This sucks!” He kicked a lump of sand.

“Yeah … they seemed really nice. I was looking forward to spending the night at their place.”

“I-I guess I should go check on that Asian chick.”

Jerode nodded. “Hey,” he shouted. A middle-aged woman jogged towards the headless girl. “You don’t want to see that. Ma’am, don’t—”

The woman dropped to her knees and let off a howling shriek.


Mai grunted until shit plopped in the toilet. “Ahhhhh! That’s what I fucking needed.”

If those guys wanted anal she needed a shower first. Her last three meals kept pouring out of her ass. Why the hell did she leave her phone at the condo? What a stupid thing to do! How much shit did she have? Maybe she should’ve gone before they left the condo? Breakfast just erupted from her ass. What if someone heard that?

After a few minutes, the tent started vibrating. A plane engine rumbled overhead. She shrugged. Maybe they’re near an airport? Maybe it drowned the sound of her shitting? Mai grunted as more breakfast hit the toilet.

Screams erupted outside. The tent shot up into the air. She glanced up. A dozen people crawled on the ground, looking at her. Her screams stopped when something sharp stung her tits.

People got to their feet as the bottom half of Mai’s bikini slid to legs. Mai tried to shriek, but the sound refused to come out. Three guys in the crowd pointed their phones at her, another had an actual camera. She tried to cover them, her arms below the biceps were gone, with stumps spraying blood.

What the hell happened? She tried to scream again. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t feel anything below the nipples. Above the nipples, her body burned.

She leaned sideways. The world spun until she hit the ground. The rest of her remained on the toilet, twitching as shit continued splashing in the toilet. Blood spilled down her body.

Why wouldn’t they stop looking? Several had covered their eyes, two women vomited on the ground. Four phones and the camera still pointed at her. Why kind of sick fucko wanted to record this? Why would they record in front of other people? Did they not have shame? Why couldn’t they help her? She didn’t want to die like this; she didn’t want to die at all. She needed to go home and tell her parents she loved them.

She lowered her head as the crowd faded into fog. A bucket of ice water crashed over her and everything went black.


Jessica awoke. Below dozens of people on the beach scrambled and dove for the ground.

“Oh shit!” She pulled the stick. The plane leveled out and rose. Dust, umbrellas, and tents flew in the air with her.

The plane rumbled. Jessica looked out to see the banner hurling towards the ground. “God-fucking-damn it! I need to go back for—”

Jessica bit her lip. Another wave of orgasm crashed over her as cunt juice squirted through clenched thighs.

She slumped forward, mewling and breathing. What did she need to go back for, again? It didn’t matter. Sleep mattered.

Jessica opened her eyes as the comm crackled. “Miss Dubroff! Do you hear me! I’m getting reports of an accident! Answer me!”

Jessica smacked her lips and groaned. She reached for the radio when her jaw dropped. A large rock jutting out of the ocean rushed towards her. She grabbed the stick.

“No! Please don’t—” Jessica screamed. The plane slammed into the rock. Fire engulfed everything, Jessica’s skin melted and everything went black as her burning eyes exploded.