Sean's Little Helper

That night the Whiteside Family would die, a ten-year-old learned of this fate before anyone else.

The ten-year-old, a petite girl named Dianna, with a pixie cut of jet-black hair with pink streaks down the middle, cuddled naked on the second shelf in Mom’s closet. She peered into Mom’s room through a marble-sized hole. Mom leaned over the bed, a curtain of black hair hanging over her face. Sean Twitch, what Sofia called her fucktoy of the month, leaned over her. Cum dripped from her mouth, like the girls in those videos Jessica Burch liked to watch.

Sean’s sausage-like fingers squeezed her tits as he thrust his dick between her thighs. As he thrust his cock into Mom’s pussy, Sean reached behind his back and pulled a knife out of his pocket. Dianna’s eyes widened. Mom buried her face in the sheets as Sean pounded her ass. She was in trouble. With a scream, Savanna could’ve gotten Mom to turn her head and see the knife. Maybe she could’ve reacted fast enough to live? Or, Sean would’ve killed her right then. Sofia or Savannah would’ve already screamed, tried to save Mom. Mom didn’t yell at them about spilling a fucking glass of milk just an hour ago. If she gave Mom a chance to save herself, and she did, would she have cared about that when she found her naked? No, she’d have yelled at her, anyways. Mom was such a bitch.

Sean stroked her hair. “You really are a beautiful woman, Jonna. I’m going to miss you.”

“Thank y… what?”

He yanked her head back and slashed the knife across her neck. Dianna covered her mouth as Mom thrashed on the bed, a fountain of blood spraying from her neck. Sean dropped the knife and grabbed her waist, pounding her ass. Dianna grabbed her crotch, rubbing her finger across her sticky slit. Her pussy itched, almost burning. Warmth spread into her stomach. She rubbed her pussy against the shelf, biting her lip as she tried to moan. She never felt this horny in her life.

Sean bellowed, his body trembling. Cum shot out of Mom’s pussy, spilling down her legs. Sean pulled out with a slurp and slapped her ass with his cock as cum drizzled down her cheeks.

Dianna squeezed her thighs around her hand. She clamped her teeth over her lip, but her mouth open and a squeal came out. She clasped her mouth as Sean craned his head towards the closet. Dianna trembled and rolled off the shelf, crushing a box on the floor. “Fuck!” She squeaked.

The door swung open. Sean folded his arms. “Why the fuck are you in here, Dianna?”

“Just, you know … ahhh!” Her legs twitched as spurts of pussy juice squirted on his boots. She grinned.

“You are such a naughty little girl,” he grabbed her arm and threw her out of the closet. Dianna cried out as she staggered across the floor and crashed into the bed, planting her face in Mom’s ass.

Dianna touched her face. Her hands came away covered with something white. Cum touched her body, it was on her hands and on her face. She rubbed it between her fingers and pulled them apart, watching it drip away in long strings. She stuck her tongue out and let it drip into her mouth. She closed her eyes as the sticky wads hit her tongue. It tasted like salty butter. She closed her lips around her fingers and slurped the rest down.

“That tastes better than Jessica said it would.”

“You do realize your mom is dead, right? You just licked cum off her dead ass.”

Dianna shrugged. “It still tasted good. Plus, you jizzed on her ass when she was dead.”

“But, she’s dead. Doesn’t that bother you?” He grabbed Mom’s arm and forced her on her back. Her arm flopped as he dropped it. One eye clamped shut, the other gazed, a black void surrounded by hazel, at Dianna. A gash ran across her throat, leaking blood. “Does this bother you?’

“I guess not. I mean, we all day someday. I guess this was the day she was going to die.”

“It’s also going to be your day to die.”

Dianna smirked. “Nope,” she pointed at the clock. It read 11:59 PM. “It’s too late for this to be my day. Unless you can kill me before … nope,” the clock changed to 12:00 AM, “now it’s probably the day that I’m going to die.”

“Think you’re cleaver? I really will kill you. You won’t see the sunrise ever again.”

Dianna grabbed her pussy. “Quit talking about it and do it. If you could scare me by saying words I would be scared already.” She slipped a finger in her twat.

“You’re getting turned on by this?”

She nodded.

“I always thought you acted the way you did to make yourself look tough. You really are a little sociopath, and a necrophile to boot.”

“What’s a necrophile?”

“Someone who gets turned on by dead people.”

“It is kinda hot, thinking about death.”

Sean scratched his chin. “I got something for you!” He reached in his pocket and pulled out a knife, holding the handle to Dianna.

“Wha-what are you…”

“Before you die, how would you like to help me kill your sisters?”

Dianna grinned. Butterflies fluttered in her chest. She grabbed the knife. “I’d love to.”

“Good,” he patted her shoulder. “If you try to use that knife on me, I will make your death extra painful.”

“I-I won’t, I promise!”


Dianna skipped down the hall, humming. Sean followed.

“Who do you wanna do first?” Sean asked.

Dianna spun around. “I think we should kill Savannah. She was always the hardest to wake up, so she’ll be the easiest.”

“Savannah sounds like a good start. I got tired of that bitch talking my head off at dinner.”

She hopped and stopped by the second door down from Mom’s room. “Me too. What did you hate? Justin Bieber or hamsters?”

“Those Justin Bieber sermons were annoying, but what I really hated was when she decided to go on about Twilight.”

Dianna snorted.

“I mean, if you’re going to obsess over a fucking book, you should pick something good. If she went on about Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Asimov, I would’ve liked her. Hell, I might’ve spared her life.”

“At least you didn’t have to be here when she watched the movies. Mom made me watch, and I had to pretend to like them so I didn’t hurt her feelings.”

Dianna nudged the door open and crept through. She gazed through the darkness until her eyes adjusted. The outline of Savannah’s desk, laptop, and posters appeared after a few seconds. Savannah lay in her bed with a blanket pulled over her legs. Hot-pink hair sprawled over the pillow.

“She’s asleep,” Dianna whispered as she waved.

Sean grabbed Dianna’s shoulder as she started tiptoeing. “Don’t stick her until I say. Okay?”

Dianna nodded.

“I mean it.”

“I get it.”

Sean and Dianna tiptoed to the bed. Sean loomed over the edge. Dianna crouched against her desk, turning the knife over in her hand as she watched her sister’s budding tits rise and fall.

“I always like looking at her tits when she wore those tank tops,” Sean growled as he covered Savannah’s breasts. He leaned in and sucked her nipples. Savannah groaned, Sean jerked back. “Are you sure she won’t take up?”

“Yeah. She does that when we try to wake her up, I promise it’ll take a lot more than that before you have to worry.”

Savannah snored.

“Alright.” He grabbed the blanket and scrapped his fingers against her hips. “Huh. That’s nice!” He pulled the blanket to her knees, smiling as he exposed her pussy. “Are all of you gonna be naked?”

Dianna shrugged. “Sofia probably won’t, but Savannah always sleeps naked.”

Sean unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He lined his crotch between Savannah’s thighs and stroked his dick.

Savannah’s left eye crept open. Dianna squinted and shifted her feet. Savannah’s eye closed and she let out another snore. Did Sean notice? Dianna looked into his face; his eyes were clenched shut. Maybe she just twitched? She didn’t scream, so she wasn’t awake.

“Oh fuck!” Sean groaned and stroked his cock harder. He spread her legs. “D-do it … now!” He pressed his cock against her slit and pushed in.

“Oh!” Dianna gripped the knife and raised it over Savannah’s stomach.

Savannah’s eyes shot open as she grabbed Dianna’s wrist. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Fuck! I thought she was asleep.”

“I’ve been awake. I didn’t say anything cause this was kinda hot until you tried to stab me. What the fuck?”

She tried to twist the knife out of Dianna’s hand when Sean pinned her arms to the bed.

“Kill her,” he croaked.

Savannah sniffled. “Why? We’re supposed to love each—”

Dianna stuck the knife into her belly button. She muffled Savannah’s screamed with her free hand and jerked the knife out. Grinning, she watched blood fill her sister’s belly button and spill over her stomach in rivers. She brought the knife down again, and again, punching holes in Savannah’s flat creamy stomach. Her sister sobbed and thrashed her head. Dianna moved up her body, stabbing each nipple before raining a flurry on her tits until they looked like swiss cheese.

White chunks spilled over the sheet as Sean pulled out. He rubbed his cock over her leg as the last bits of cum dripped. “Alright, you can finish her off however you want.”

“With pleasure.” Dianna leaned towards her sister’s face.

“You wanna know something? I always hated you, and I hated Twilight, and Justin Bieber isn’t hot,” Dianna grinned, “and your hamsters didn’t run away. I fed them to the neighbor’s cats.” Savannah squealed as she shoved the knife through the bottom of Savannah’s chin.

“Go … in there!” Dianna grunted as she pushed it through the roof of her mouth. Blood gushed through her nostrils. “Fuck! I don’t think it’s long enough to reach her brain.” She pulled on the handle, but the knife seemed to pull back. “I-I can’t get it out.”

“Don’t worry about it, this works pretty well. I think you can even take your hand off her mouth.”

Dianna moved her hand. Savannah tried to open her mouth and clamped it with a squeal. Blood bubbled through her lips. She gagged and gargled, thrashing her legs, trying to pull her hands away from Sean’s. Tears ran down the sides of her face.

Sean crawled on the bed, leaning against her. “Just let it go already. Stop trying to speak, you’ve done that enough in your life. The longer you fight the inevitable the longer you’re gonna hurt. Just relax and die. Nobody will miss you.”

She thrashed her head and kicked at him. He sat there. Dianna rubbed her fingers. Savannah stopped thrashing after a few minutes. Sean released her arms and climbed off the bed. She laid still, her legs and arms twitching every other second. Piss trickled from her pussy.

“Is she…?”

Sean pulled the knife from her chin. “Yeah, she’s dead.” He tossed the blade, Dianna grabbed it.

“Let’s go kill Sofia.”

He zipped his pants halfway and shrugged. Sean took off his pants and underwear, tossing them over Savannah’s body. “They’ll just get in the way. Everyone’s gonna see my cock, anyway.”

Dianna snickered. “I certainly prefer you keep it out.”

Sean kissed her forehead. “I know you do.”

“Just don’t forget them before you leave, otherwise you’re leaving behind evidence.”

“I’m already leaving my cum behind. I don’t really care if I get caught at some point. I’m doing this for fame, and I’ll probably just turn myself after a thousand kills if the police don’t catch me before that. Now, let’s go kill Sofia.”


Dianna ran across the hall and grabbed the knob to Sofia’s door. Sean grabbed her hand. Dianna tilted her head,

“Listen!” He tapped his ear as he leaned against the door.

Dianna pressed her ear against the door, listening until she heard low rhythmic breathing. Sofia wasn’t asleep. She looked at the crack. Dim orange light seeped into the hallway. Was she working out? Or…

“I think your sister’s playing with herself. So much for catching her by surprise.” Sean tightened his grip on the knife. “Go ahead, open it.”

Dianna pushed the door open and covered her mouth.

Sofia laid with her shirt pulled up to her neck. Curtains of black hair covered the pillow, strands hung down her pale face. Her breasts swelled as she panted and moaned, her eyes were clenched shut. Her fingers dug into the sheets. A purple blanket covered the rest of her body, with a brown heart-shaped ass jutting out the end, bouncing and jittering.

“Who the fuck is that?”

“Crystal Ramirez,” Dianna whispered, “Sofia’s bestie.”

“Seems a little more than her bestie.”

Sofia’s opened her eyes. Her mouth hung open as her eyes darted from Sean to Dianna.

The blanket fell away as Crystal’s face emerged. A bush of ashy hair hung over her shoulders. She fixed her glasses.

“Hi!” Sean waved and stepped forward.

Crystal shrieked and scooted into Sofia’s arms. Sofia pulled her shirt over her breasts. Crystal held her palm over her nipples.

“Mom,” Sofia screamed, “Mom! Your boyfriend is in my room! He’s naked and has a knife! Mommm! Dianna’s with him! Mommy! Help!”

Tears rolled down their faces as he reached the bed.

“Mommy! Please answer! Savannah! Someone! Help!”

“Your mom’s dead.”

“Please! Momma!”

Sean reached out.

“RUN!” Sofia screamed as she rolled off the bed, her leg slipping out of Sean’s hand. Crystal rolled off the other side.

Sean raised his arms as they tried to run. Sofia ducked. Crystal squealed as his arm caught her under the breasts. Dianna held the knife on the floor. The blade impaled Sofia’s foot. Sofia screamed and tumbled, slamming her head against the door.

“Let me go you fucking creep!” Crystal kicked Sean’s legs as he lifted her in the air. She slapped his hands as he raised the knife to her throat until he slashed her fingers and palm. “Please no! Don’t do this!”

“Noooooo! Stop it, please,” Sofia screamed as he dragged the knife across her throat. “Crisssssssssy!” Sofia jumped to her feet and stumbled as the knife sunk deeper.

Crystal flailed as Sean sawed through her flesh. Crystal stomped Sofia’s desk, sending her laptop and phone to the floor. Her legs dangled, her arms slumped to her sides. Sean stopped before cutting through the back of her neck and dropped her on the bed. Crystal’s head hung over the frame. Sofia looked at her face, sobbing and shaking as Crystal’s empty eyes stared back.

Sofia screamed as Dianna yanked the knife from her foot.

“Why are you helping him?” Sofia cried, grabbing Dianna’s wrists.

“I just wanted to know what it’s like to kill someone.”

“You fucking crazy ass bitch,” she snarled, raising her fist, “Crystal fucking adored you. She was the one who made sure we brought you a hamburger back last night. I hate—”

Sean grabbed Sofia by the hair and pulled her off.

“Let go of me you fucking sicko creep!” She slapped his hands as he dragged her.

Dianna gripped the knife, “DIE!” She screamed and charged Sofia. With one hand she lifted her skirt and drove the knife into Sofia’s meaty pussy. Sofia screamed. A torrent of blood ran down her thighs. Sean lifted her with a grunt and slammed her on the bed.

“Make it stop! It hurts so fucking much! Mommy! Please help! Make the pain stop! Savannah! Help!”

“I know how to make it stop.” He raised her shirt.

“No.” She tried to push his hand away.

“Yes.” He pulled the shirt over her breasts and held it. She pushed and pulled, his hand would not move.

Sean slammed the knife into her stomach, just above her skirt, and sliced up the middle.

“Stop! Please! It hurts so fucking much!”

He pulled the knife out below her chest. “I stopped, jeez! Aren’t you fifteen? Quit being such a baby!” Sean grabbed her by the shoulders and ass.

“Don’t! Please don’t pick me up! I don’t want my insides to fall out. Please!”

“I hadn’t even considered that,” he smirked, “I have something else in mind.”

He carried her to the door and glanced back. “Follow me.”

Dianna shrugged as he opened the door.


Sofia screamed as Sean carried her through the house. Dianna followed the river of blood she left on the hardwood floor as they made their way into the kitchen. He stopped in the walkway and dropped her. He sat the knife on the counter.

“So, what are we doing?”

Sean opened the pantry and started rummaging. He came out with a box of salt. “This,” she said, shaking it.

“Oh! Fuck no!” Sofia sat up. Her stomach opened, her guts slipping through. She fell back, gagging until she threw up bloody chunks.

Sean opened the box and knelt.

“Please don’t! No, no, no! This isn’t happening! I don’t want this,” Sean pried open the gash and tipped the box, “no! Sto-stop! Ahhh!” She squealed as salt poured over her guts. Sofia flailed and clenched her eyes. “I want my Mommy! I need Daddy! Help me, Dianna! Help … me!”

Sofia’s head lumped to the side. Her legs and arms twitched. A puddle flowed from under her ass, of reddish piss.

Sean tossed the box of salt and slid his cock into Sofia’s mouth. After a minute of slamming his balls against her face, he let out a long growl. He pulled out and stroked his dick, squirting cum on her face and tits. “Ahh! Fuck! That’s some hot dead teen!”

“I guess I’m an only child now.”

“You know what that means?” He grabbed the knife.

“Yeah, it’s my turn.” She closed her eyes and breathed.

“Let’s get this over with. Are you going to struggle?”

“No, I … WAIT! Aren’t you gonna rape me? Can’t you do it before you kill me?”

“I’m honestly too tired for another round, sorry.”

She pouted. “That’s a bummer. I never thought I’d be the one to die a virgin.”

“Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have thought so either, but it’s happening.”

Sean grabbed her shoulders. Dianna leaned into him, pressing her back against his cock. His hand slid over her shoulder, squeezed her mosquito-bite breasts, and grabbed her chin.

“Since you helped me, I’ll make this quick.”

He tilted her head up. Her throat tightened, her heart pounded her chest. A stinging itch spread through her crotch and crawled up her stomach. Sean placed the knife to her throat. Dianna closed her eyes. She trembled. This was it.

She took a deep breath and started rubbing her pussy. Juice soaked her fingers the moment she touched her slit, the itch flared and crashed over her chest.

Pain shot across her neck as the blade sliced through her flesh. Dianna gargled as blood filled her mouth. Fire burned through her chest and throat. Why didn’t he wait a few seconds? She would’ve come after a few seconds.

The blade sawed through her neck. The room flickered. The pain in her neck exploded for a second and everything below numbed. Sean tilted her head. Her mouth dropped as she watched her body hit the floor. Blood erupted from her neck as her bubbly ass twitched. Squirts of piss arched over the floor.

Fog filled the room, the lights flickered again and blinked out. Dianna felt as if she was falling and everything stopped.