Party On Montgomerie Drive

A white blanket covered Montgomerie Drive as the first blizzard of the season blasted Bombay. Monica Valadez shuffled through the snow in a cropped flannel shirt and black miniskirt, brown hair fluttering around her shoulders, with her arm wrapped around Amber Elizabeth. Monica shivered as a gust of ice pelted her legs and midriff.

“It’s only a few doors down,” she said thirty minutes ago when they stood in front of their steamy bathroom.

Monica leaned into Amber’s two layers of sweatshirts and sweatpants, caressing her long raven hair.

It didn’t matter that they might catch pneumonia the next morning; they were not going to wake up the next morning, or ever again. The government wanted them culled in fucking December, she wanted to die in something sexy.

She still smiled when she stepped on the porch of 5501 Montgomerie Drive. How many times did she enter that house to play with Jacob or spend the night? Did she ever imagine it being the last building she’d enter? Amber rang the doorbell.

The door swung open. Jacob Vardy, black messy hair and tan muscles, smiled and waved. “I think you’re it. Everyone else is waiting.”

Monica crossed the threshold and squealed. “Did they?”

Jacob nodded. “They went thirty minutes ago. They had one last fuck and ate a couple of bullets.”

Jacob’s parents, Samantha and James, lay dead on the couch. Samantha slumped over James, his cock still in her pussy. Streamlets of blood dripped from their mouths.

“Sorry about that, man!” Amber hugged him.

He shrugged his shoulders. “We’ll all be joining him. We have everything set up in the basement.”

He led them through the kitchen and to the stairwell in the back of the pantry.

“Howdy!” Caroline Beldam, green polo and blue jeans with poofy orange hair, glanced up the stairs and waved as they descended. Jacob hit the last step and grabbed, kissing her on the lips.

A flickering bulb hanging from the bathe the room in a yellow-orange glow. Five mattresses littered the room. Drugs, knives, and guns littered a metal table in the center. Six cases of beer were stacked under the table beside a dozen boxes of ammo.

Kathy McConaghie waved as they entered. She glued her face to Samuel Russel’s, smacking lips, her huge tits squashed against his chest. With one hand he groped her ass, the other caressing the curve of her naked back. A ponytail of gold and pink hung by her ass.

Tim Green slouched in a puke-green recliner, chugging beer. Rebecca Tran lay across his lap, purple hair hanging over the side like a curtain as she smoked a joint. Tim cupped her small breast as his other hand hid under her skirt. She mewled as her thighs clenched his arm.

“You little slut!” Monica snickered.

The mattress against the far left corner creaked as her sister, short brown hair with black streaks, fucked Alexander Perinich. Her melons bounced as she pumped her ass up and down his cock. Two knives lay beside them.

“I … oh … got tired of waiting … and I was horny.” Bianca grinned, nude except for a pair of ankle socks with glittery patterns.

Monica crashed on the bed next to Bianca and Alexander.

“You girls want some booze? Dope?” He held two beers and a little bag of white powder. Amber held out her hands as he tossed them. Amber caught one can and the bag. Monica winced as the other smacked her in the face, she grabbed it before it hit the floor.

Bianca shrieked as she tossed her head back. “Now!”

Her hands trembled as she gripped one of the knives. Alexander grabbed the other knife. Bianca leaned in, her neck curved out. He grunted as he slashed through the air. A gash opened in her throat, spraying blood. Bianca slammed her knife into his throat before collapsing. Her sister’s ass thrashed on Alexander’s crotch, her twitching pussy seeming to suck his cock as semen spilled out. Bianca’s gurgled until her ass slumped. Streams of piss ran down his cock.

Amber grabbed her hand. “How is it?”

Monica shrugged and sipped beer. “How’s what?”

“Becoming an only child.”

“It feels like you can remove those clothes now that we’re inside.” She chugged the rest of her beer.

Amber lifted both sweatshirts. “I’m keeping the pants on, for now.” She cupped her right breast and squeezed.

Monica grabbed her hand and pulled her on top of her.

“Wait,” Amber laughed, “you’re gonna spill my beer.” Beer splashed across Monica’s face. “See?” Amber threw her arms around Monica and licked beer from her nose and cheeks.

“Put it down, silly.” Monica pressed her breasts against Amber’s.

“So,” Amber kissed her lips, “have you decided on how you want to, you know, die?”

“Hmm?” Monica twirled a strand of hair. “I haven’t decided.”

She never thought of it. How did she want to die? She had to be dead before midnight. She could only die one way.

“I’m thinking of a quick shot to the head,” Amber said.

“So, something quick?”

She nodded. “I’m not a big fan of pain.”

“I can’t say if I am, I’ve never felt anything extremely painful.”

“Neither have I.” She leaned in for another kiss. “Now, why am I the only one topless?”

Monica opened her shirt and leaned back as cool air washed over her tits. “Better?”

Amber opened the bag and dumped half of the powder on her right nipple. She snorted it and licked the rest. “Better.” She sucked and slurped her nipples. Monica rubbed her back.

Kathy knelt and unzipped Samuel’s shorts. She fumbled with his underwear until his cock sprang out and smacked her face. She kissed it and sucked un the tip until he moaned. He grabbed the back of her head as she slid her lips down the length of his cock.

“Ohhhh! Fuck!!” Rebecca screamed and bucked her hips as Tim thrust his arm. She twitched and heaved. She let out a long moan and slumped back. Tim pulled his hand out of her skirt, dripping with cunt juice. She raised up, panting, as she helped Tim lick his fingers.

Samuel bellowed. He pulled out Kathy’s mouth and stroked his cock. She held her mouth open. Jets of semen splashed her face and dripped onto her tits. She collected globs on her fingers, holding them aloft as white strings fell in her open mouth.

Monica poked Amber’s arm. “I think they’re going.”

She turned around, leaving Monica’s nipples glistening with spit, as Samuel grabbed a pistol off the table.

“Really? You’re doing it now?” Kathy scooped cum off her tits and shoveled it down her throat. “I’m not sure if I’m done.”

“I’m not either, but I’ve always wanted to know how your pussy feels when it’s dead.”

“You dick!” She leaned back and puffed out her chest. Her chest swelled as he aimed.

Monica stuffed her hand down Amber’s sweatpants and inserted two fingers into her pussy. She lifted her skirt and placed Amber’s hand on her pussy. Amber rubbed her labia.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Kathy thrashed. Six bullets slammed into her chest. Two blew off her nipples, four landed between her tits.

Kathy fell back, gurgling as blood bubbled up out of her mouth. Her thighs and hands twitched. Samuel jumped back as piss sprayed his leg and boot.

Amber riveted her hips, Monica squeezed her legs.

Samuel grabbed Kathy and dropped her on Bianca’s body, placing her ass between Bianca’s shoulders as he grabbed her thighs.

“You gonna fuck your dead girlfriend on my dead sister’s body?” Monica groaned.

“Yep. Does that turn you on?”

Monica gasped and bit her lip. “Fuck … yeah it does. It’s so fucking hot.”

Samuel thrust his cock into Kathy, rocking back and forth as his ball slapped her ass. Her vacant eyes gazed into Monica’s as her head jerked with each thrust.

Amber clenched her thighs and started heaving. “Fuck that dead pussy!”

Samuel grunted as he hammered Kathy’s pussy. “Fuck!” He shouted.

“I think I’m cumming, too!” Monica thrashed her head as Amber’s fingers dug in.

Semen spilled out of Kathy’s pussy, rushing between the cracks of her ass and down Bianca’s neck.

“Fuuuck!” Monica screamed. She bucked her hips and threw her head back. “That was so fucking—”

BANG! Samuel rolled to the floor. Blood drizzled from his ear. Cum splashed across Monica and Amber.

“How is he still going?” Amber leaned in and wrapped her lips around the tip and stroked his throbbing dick.

Monica smeared it around her face. “I don’t know, but I can see why she liked him so much.” She licked the salty cream from her fingers.

“I know what you mean,” Amber said, licking her lips as cum dripped from her tongue. “I wonder how much more I can get out of this?” She shoved her pants to her ankles and lowered herself to Samuel’s cock. Her plump labia swallowed his throbbing cock, sliding over the shaft with a squelch. Amber thrust up and down, moaning and panting. “I think he’s getting more erect! How’s that possible?”

“I always said your pussy could bring back the dead.”

“I guess … uhh you could call me … oooh … the Necromancy Harlot.”

Monica snickered. “I’m not sure if that should be your name as a porn star or a Batman villain.”

Amber gripped Samuel’s head as her ass smacked his thighs. Her pussy twitched as cum spilled out. She rolled onto the floor, panting as her breasts rose and fell. Cum trickled from her pussy.

Monica crawled over and leaned into her crotch. She slurped cum from Amber’s pussy until she twitched and moaned. Monica flicked her tongue inside her pussy. Amber’s thighs gripped her head. Amber shrieked a minute later, her pussy pulsating as girl juice spurted across Monica’s face. Monica thrust her tongue until the fountain stopped. Monica licked her thighs as she lay panting.

The room shook as a crack of thunder roared. Monica jerked her head. Blood spilled from a hole in Tim Green’s forehead. Rebecca stood over him with a smoking gun in her hand. She yanked Tim by the arm, grunting as she dragged him across the room, grabbing a knife from the table along the way. Rebecca dropped his body next to Samuel and unzipped his pants. She pulled his cock, erect and dripping. She licked her lips.

“Dead cock is amazing,” Amber said.

“Yeah,” Rebecca lowered herself on Tim’s cock, “you really got some extra mileage out of Sam’s corpse.” Tim’s cock disappeared under her skirt. “I just had to try it for myself. Plus, I wanna see what it’s like to ride him,” she grunted and bit her lip, “without listening to his wheezing.”

“Is it still hard?”

“Fuck yeah,” Rebecca gasped as she bounced on his cock, “I think this is the hardest he’s ever … ahhh … been.” She gripped the knife and gritted her teeth. “Fuck … I … I’m about cum … ahhh!” She shuddered and mewled. “Ooh! God! Fuck!” Rebecca slammed the knife between her tits. Blood soaked through her shirt as she fell forward, driving the knife deeper as the handle struck Tim’s chest. Her ass twitched and bounced. She coughed and sputtered blood. Piss ran between her legs as she slumped against Tim.

Amber pulled Rebecca off Tim’s cock with a slurp. A glob of cum spilled over his balls as her body sprawled out next to him. Amber lifted her skirt. A river of cum flowed out of her pussy. “I think a little cleaning is in order.” She licked the bottom of her skirt, moving up to her crotch and slipping her tongue into Rebecca’s pussy. “Mmm…,” Amber growled as she flicked her tongue around.

“I kinda wonder if we can get pregnant from dead man’s sperm.”

Amber shrugged. “We probably should’ve asked her mom. She was a nurse.”

Monica yanked the knife from Rebecca’s chest. “I know you can’t get pregnant from anyone’s sperm.”

“Because I’m going to die soon?” She looked at the knife. “Or now?”

Monica stroked her hair before yanking her head back. Amber licked cum off her lips. “Yep.”

Amber threw a leg over Rebecca’s, pressing her pussy against her thigh. Monica leaned in and locked lips with her. Their tongues danced for a few seconds. Monica drew the blade across her throat. Monica locked lips again. Amber thrashed as blood spurted from her neck, rubbing her pussy against Rebecca’s leg. She shuddered as her juices flowed and her body slackened in Monica’s arm.

Monica let Amber’s body slump against Rebecca. “That’s what you get for eating another girl’s pussy,” she wiped blood from her lips and threw the knife aside.

“So,” Caroline smiled as she walked over, “I guess it’s down to the three of us.”


“Have you figured out how you want to die?”

Monica nodded. “Not yet. How about you two?”

Caroline glanced at Jacob. He downed a beer and strutted over.

“Me and Carol were thinking of a game where we chase each other with guns. Think of it like hide-and-seek, only everyone dies.”

“That sounds like fun. But, aren’t you two gonna fuck before you die?”

“We fucked all night, and a little this morning. We’re good to go. So, do you wanna join us?”

“I’m down.” Monica smiled.

“You and Caroline can join up. I like a little bit of challenge. I’ll hunt you, and you’ll hunt me. We must stay in the house.”

Jacob grabbed a rifle. Monica and Caroline picked up submachine guns.

“You have to give me ten seconds to get up the stairs. GO!”

Jacob dashed up the stairs. Monica tapped her foot as Caroline stuffed ammo into her pockets.

“I’m ready!” Caroline pulled her shirt off and screamed as she ran.

Monica craned her neck as Caroline opened the door. She waved and Monica trotted up the stairs, following her through the pantry. Caroline jumped behind the fridge. Monica crouched behind a cabinet and peered around the corner. Jacob’s hair jutted out from behind a nightstand.

Caroline aimed the gun around the corner and fired a short burst. She pulled back as Jacob’s gun appeared over the nightstand. A window exploded as he fired two shots. Caroline crept to the corner and peered around. She jerked back as another round pinged off the fridge. She looked again as something crept over the nightstand.

“Gotcha!” She rushed from her spot and fired.

“Wait!” The pillow Jacob held up exploded into a cloud of feathers.

Caroline jerked as the rifle fired. Blood erupted from her body as she staggered back and slammed her ass against the floor. Blood gushed from eight holes in her tits and stomach, one where her right nipple had been moments before. Another spray of blood erupted as another bullet went through the center of her forehead. She slumped over as piss soaked through her jeans.

Monica peered around the corner. Jacob darted across the opening before she could aim her gun. “Damnit!”

She crawled from the corner. She crossed into the hallway and into the living room, heading towards the nightstand. She stopped when something cold lifted her skirt and slid into her pussy. “Fuck!”

Jacob chuckled. “Game’s over.”

She rocked her hips and he slid the barrel deeper. “Just let me come one last time,” she gasped.

“Get rid of the gun.”

Monica threw the gun across the room. She rocked her hips around while sliding her pussy across the cold metal. “Fuck!”

“You really enjoy being fucked by a metal cock.”

Monica groaned. “It … wouldn’t … be the … first time.”

“But it is gonna be your last time.”

She howled and clenched her thighs. Pussy juice flowed down her legs. “Fuck! … Oh! … Fuck!”

BANG! Her stomach and chest seared. Blood erupted from a hole between her tits. Monica collapsed to the floor and rolled onto her back. Jacob smiled down at her as smoke billowed from the blood-soaked tip of his rifle. His other hand stroked his cock.

“You little shit,” she opened her mouth to say. Blood came out instead.

She slumped back as the room swirled and darkened.

Jacob groaned. Cum spurted out of his cock, splashing Monica’s face and tits. He slipped the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. His head landed between her tits. Piss soaked her legs as Jacob’s blank eyes gazed into hers’ before everything went black.