Nosy Couple

Rachael’s heart seemed to explode in her chest. Down the long stretch of dirt road her green Sudan now barreled, a black 2005 Tacoma sat under Bum’s Manor.

Who the fuck did they think they were? Bum’s Manor, the looming pile of wood and brick sitting in overgrown fields in rural Oregon, belonged to the Woerner-Pham Sisters. Built by Rachael’s great-great-great-grandfather, it became their sanctuary. She hated the place, hated how everything broke at the slightest touch, and dreamed of the day she and Nhi moved into a new house, but goddamn anyone who dared invade their home.

Nhi grumbled in the passenger seat, long black hair fluttering as she leaned against the door. She shifted forward, sliding one hand under the seat as her tits hung in her tank-top. “This time, we’re smoking these fuckers. Don’t try to stop me this time. Understand?”

“I won’t stop you.” They chose to get involved that evening; they chose to get involved for three years. They said they wanted to leave, but what they really wanted was to stop including Rachael and Nhi in the cut. Why did they deserve mercy? Why did she spare their lives on every occasion? The Sisters were going to grab the flash drive, take it to Tony, and start their new life. Fuck anyone who stood in their way.

The door swung open as they pulled up to the house. Rachael’s face burned as Alex Patino came out, wearing a grey wife-beater and camo shorts. Nicole Graham followed in a white sundress, her silvery-blonde hair tied back. He raised an AR-15 as she brought out an Uzi.

“Fuck!” Rachael screamed and ducked under the steering wheel. Nhi dove into the floorboard.

The windshield exploded as six dozen bullets flew over their heads. A shower of glass rained down. Rachael’s body jerked as the car came to a sudden stop.

Nhi groaned as she raised her head. Rachael pulled her blouse, grabbed a shard out of her cleavage, and brushed glass out of her curly brown hair.

“Are you alright?” Asked Nhi, knocking pieces of glass off her shirt as she clutched a pink Beretta.

Rachael pulled an MP5 out from under the seat. “Yeah. Let’s get these fuckers.” She looked up. The front end of the car was crumpled, they hit the back of their Tacoma.

Nhi nodded. “On three?”

“On now,” Rachael shouted as threw open the door and rolled out. Nhi climbed over the seats after her.

“Back the fuck up!”

Nicole stopped with her gun raised. Alex backed into the doorway as he reloaded his weapon.

“I said back the fuck—”

Nhi yelled as she opened fire. “I’m tired of you fucking bitches!”

Nicole jerked back, slamming into the wall, as bullets ripped through her breasts. The uzi flew from her hands.

“Fuck!” Alex dove into the house, slamming the door. Splinters flew as bullets ripped through the wood. Nhi rushed up the stairs, Rachael followed.

Nicole coughed until blood spilled down her chin. “Please … please help … me!”

Nhi grabbed the uzi. “I’ll help you out of your misery.” She pulled the trigger, chunks exploded out of Nicole’s face as she slid down the wall. Her body slumped over, one eye hanging out of her socket and pieces of brain dripping through her forehead. Piss ran over her thigh and soaked into the bottom of her dress.

The door flew open with the kick of Nhi’s boot.

“Alex,” Rachael shouted, “your girlfriend is dead. Quit being such a pussy and get your fucking ass out here.”

Nhi grabbed her shoulder and kissed her ear. “We should focus on getting the flash drive.”

“You said we were going kill them this time. It’s already too late.”

“I do want to kill them, but this job comes first. We get paid and go legit. That’s what I really want. Don’t you?”

She wanted that, sure. When robbed that store for Mister Norris, when she almost lost Nhi, she dreamed of putting her life as a crook in the past. Alex and Nicole threatened her goal, they needed to die for that. They couldn’t have left Alex alive, not after killing Nicole. Would he have ever left them alone? What sort of peaceful retirement could they have when it involved looking over their shoulders, jumping at every knock on the door, waiting for the day he’d come to kill them? What if they wanted to have kids? He had to die. Nhi wasn’t wrong, though. Getting the flash drive came first. Then Alex was gonna die.

“Fine. Let’s go.” Rachael followed with her back to Nhi’s. She scanned the living room, craning her neck to look around every piece of furniture. His outlined seemed to hide in the shadows, waiting the pounce out with his AR-15 to gun them down. Rachael would’ve gunned him down, first. They reached the hall, Rachael looked up the stairwell. “I don’t see him up there.”

“Hey, you chicken shit fucker,” Nhi shouted as they crept up the stairs, “if you’re still here when we get back down we’re gonna shoot your ass. Get it? We’re not fucking playing any games today. You should’ve left us the fuck alone.”

Rachael threw open her bedroom door. Nhi rushed in, swiveling her gun towards everything.

“I don’t think he’s in here. There’s no way he could’ve made it down the stairs without us seeing.”

“He could be hiding in the other rooms. Either way, check on the flash drive.”

Nhi opened the bottom drawer of the wardrobe and sifted through the assortment of snacks within. She pulled out a plastic tube with chocolate balls on the label and twisted the cap. A black flash drive slid into her hand. “Yep, it’s here.” She dropped it back in and closed the lid.

“You think anyone would notice if I put in my cleavage?” She pulled her shirt out and leaned with her breasts hanging down.

“They might fall out.” Rachael grabbed a roll of scotch tape from the top drawer and lifted her skirt. “I got a place to hide it.”

“That skirt’s a little too small and you’re not wearing underwear. Besides, “ Nhi ran her finger over the fuzzy patch above her mound, “my pussy’s smoother. You don’t wanna have to pull tape off of that shit.” She grabbed the tape and pulled her shorts to her knees.

“Fine…” Rachael folder her arms as Nhi shoved the tube into her panties and taped it to above her slit.

Nhi threw her arms around Rachael and leaned in, biting her lip. “You know, we don’t have to meet Tony until six. It’s only a thirty-minute drive. We have time.” Nhi tossed the gun down. She closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around Rachael’s.

Rachael tossed her gun on the bed and grabbed Nhi’s ass, squeezing through her panties. Nhi slid her hands up Rachael’s thighs and rubbed her finger over her slit. Rachael moaned until something thumped in the other room.

“Wait!” Rachael broke off the kiss and pulled away.

“What?” Nhi groaned, pouting.

“Alex! He’s still here.” She grabbed the guns, giving Nhi hers’.

“We have the flash drive. He has to go through us to get it.”

“And you know we tend to fall asleep after sex.” A door slammed. “See?”

Nhi pulled her shorts up. “Yeah … I guess we can kill Alex and then fuck.”

Rachael threw open the door and screamed. Alex, standing on the other side with has hand reaching towards the knob, jumped back.

Nhi screamed, “what the fuck?”

Alex stepped back, raising his gun, and fell through the stairwell. “Goddamnit! Motherfucking sluts!” He shouted as he tumbled down the stairs.

Nhi looked at Rachael, smirking. “You think he’s—”

“Goddamnit!” He shouted.

“Not yet.”

Nhi ran into the hall, Rachael followed. They looked down the stairs as Alex limped away. He disappeared around the corner before they could raise their guns. Nhi looked at Rachael, nodded, and descended the stairs. Rachael trodded behind. They hopped the last step. They hid behind a column in the living room.

“Psst!” Nhi tapped her shoulder and pointed at the gun barrel disappearing through the kitchen entrance.

Nhi ran and crouched behind a recliner. Rachael raised her thumb, keeping her gun on the walkway. Nhi darted towards the kitchen. Alex popped up in the serving hatch with his gun raised.

“Stop! No! Nhi!! Get down!!” Rachael screamed. Her arms froze as she tried to swivel the gun.

Alex’s gun erupted in a volley. Nhi screamed as blood exploded from her body, the gun flew out of her hand. Alex ducked as Nhi hit the floor.

Rachael trembled and staggered through the living room, training her gun on the hatch. She glanced down. Nhi twitched, rivers of blood flowed from dozens of holes in her tits and stomach. Rachael knelt and cupped her hand, closing her eyes as tears rolled down her face. She did this. If she listened to Nhi and ignored … NO! He would’ve come into the room, Alex chose this outcome. He gave them no choice. He needed to die.

Nhi opened her mouth and coughed until blood filled her mouth. Her eyes rolled back. Rachael let go of her hand, sobbing, and watched it slump to the floor.

Rachael stopped at the walkway and took a deep breath. “Die you motherfucker!” She jumped around the corner and fired, stopping when she realized Alex was gone. She managed to shoot the fridge. “What the fuck?”

She jumped back. The cupboard door burst open and Alex limped out, his hand squeezing the trigger.

“Oh fuck!” She staggered back to the wall as he opened fire. Pain erupted in her crotch as the first bullets tore through her skirt. Fountains of blood spurted from her stomach, her tits were shredded. Her jaw exploded into a red cloud and everything blinked out.