Sister Cull

Jake groaned as his show was interrupted with a giant “INCOMING CALL” box flashing across the screen. His finger hovered over the ignore button when he noticed it was from “Justin Bray.”

“Come on! Enjoy your vacation and quit calling me.” He hit accept. “Hey, Dad!”

“Hey, son! How is it being the man of the house?”

“Really amazing! I kinda wish I could do this forever.”

Dad laughed. “When you have to pay the bills you’ll change your mind.”

Jake laughed.

“Anyways, I called you because the family needs some culling. Do you know how to do that?”

“Yeah, I’ve already done it a few times at school.”


“I’d do it, but I won’t be back for another two days and the Ministry of Termination wants them dead by tomorrow morning or I’ll be fined.”

“Alright, I can do that. Do you mind if I—”

“Yeah, you can fuck them before you kill them.”

“Thanks, Dad! Also, how many do you want me to kill? All of them or—”

“Preferably, but you can claim a few for yourself if you’d like. Just make sure to cull all of the pregnant ones.”

“I think I know which ones I’m gonna keep.”

“Good. If you want to make a sex toy or eat one you can, but stick the rest in the freezer for me. I want to have the rest made into dolls.”

“I know which one I want.”

“I better get back to my vacation and let you get to your job.”

With a click, he was gone.

Jake shut off the game and rushed into the kitchen. He collided with Chelsi as he turned the corner.

“Watch it!” She yelled as they tumbled to the floor and his head landed between her massive cleavage.

“Sorry!” He pulled her up with him. “But, it’s good that I bumped into you. I need you.”

“For what?”

“Dad just called. He told me I need to cull some of you.”

Chelsi gasped and touched her neck. “How many of us?”

“He said I could keep a few, but I definitely have to get rid of the ones who are pregnant.”

Chelsi rubbed her round belly. “Shit!”

“Yeah,” Jake kissed her on the lips, “I’m gonna miss you, too.”

“So, are you gonna kill me now or…”

Jake opened a drawer and pulled out a box filled with zip ties. He took two out and handed the box to Chelsi. “I need you to round up our sisters first. Have them strip, then tie their hands behind their backs.”

“Bring them out to the pool, I’ll start with Shelby,” he pointed out the window. Their oldest sister, a blonde woman of twenty with curly hair, lay naked on a towel with her pregnant belly sticking up in the air

She turned to leave.

“Don’t tie up Sabrina or Macey. They’re the ones I wanna keep. They can still come out and watch, though.”

“Wait! What about Amber? She’s not pregnant, either.”

“I know, but I only make enough creds to support two chicks. And,” he leaned in and whispered into her ear, “they’re cuter.”

Chelsi snickered as she walked away. “Okay, you dork.”

Jake went out the back.

Shelby looked up. “Oh, hey Rai!”

“Hey! Shelby-lyn!” He smiled. “Dad wants me to cull you and your sisters.” He held out the zip ties.

“Oh!” She sat up and held her hands behind her back as Jake tied them together.

“Dad said I could give you a goodbye fuck. Bend over with your ass up and your head over the water.”

Shelby rolled over onto her knees and kneeled over the pool. Jake unzipped his pants and pulled his throbbing dick. He gripped her shoulders. She grunted as his cock entered her pussy.

Shelby groaned and clawed the ground as Jake’s balls slapped her thighs. After five minutes she threw back her head and howled. Jake grabbed her head and shoved her under the water. Air bubbled up as she began to flail her arms, then clawed at his wrists. Her scratches slowed, then her arms dropped into the water. Her pussy clenched around his cock. He groaned as cum erupted, spilling out down her legs and pooling around her knees. He held her under for several minutes and pulled his arms out.

“Goddamn bitch!” The scratches going down his arms stung in the cold air.

The door opened and a naked ten-year-old blonde ran out and plopped down by Shelby. “So … she’s already dead?” Macey slapped Shelby’s ass.


Another naked ten-year-old, identical to Macey, jumped between Shelby’s thighs and glared at Jake. “No fair! We wanted to watch her die.”

Jake chuckled. “I should’ve been more thoughtful, my bad girls.”

Sabrina pushed Shelby’s thighs apart and stuck her finger in her mother’s pussy, yanking it out with cum dripping off. “You left a mess,” she slurped it off and leaned forward, “I’ll be nice and clean it for you.” Sabrina started licking Shelby’s cunt.

“She really likes to clean.” Jake turned to see Chelsi laughing as she walked up to him, accompanied by three naked girls with their hands tied behind their backs. Two of them were pregnant.

“Did you make Sabrina and Macey strip or...”

Chelsi stripped out of her sports bra and miniskirt and tossed them aside. “Nah, they wanted to strip when they saw the other girls doing it. They said they wanted to go for a swim while you snuffed us.”

“You can swim, but after everyone has been snuffed I want you to help me with the meat.”

Sabrina looked up with her cum-soaked chin and nodded. Macey gave him a thumbs-up and dove over Shelby into the water. Sabrina wiped her mouth and dove in after.

“Alright, line up facing the pool. I’m going to go from the youngest to the oldest.”

Lexi, twelve with blonde pigtails, kneeled in front of Jake. Amber was next; she was thirteen, and the only one whose stomach and chest were flat. Elizabeth, fifteen with a waterfall of pink hair to her hips, kneeled beside Amber.

“Shouldn’t we move closer to the pool? Our heads won’t reach.”

Jake showed them the scratches on his arms. “I’m not going to drown you.” He pulled a knife out of his pocket. “I’d like to keep the skin on my arm. Now, nod your head if you want a goodbye fuck.”

Lexi nodded.

“Can I suck you off?” Amber asked.

Jake sighed and pulled a syringe filled with purple stuff and injected it into his arm. He tweaked for a minute as his cock swelled. “Let’s get started.”

He bent Lexi over and thrust into her pussy. She started moaning after a few thrusts. Her ass jiggled, she clenched her fists. Lexi squealed as her pussy clenched down on Jake’s cock. He grabbed her pigtails and dragged the knife across her throat. He continued pounding her pussy as she gurgled. Sabrina emerged from the water and giggled as Lexi’s blood sprayed all over her face and soaked into her hair.

“Hey! Make room for me!” Macey shoved Sabrina out of the way as the spray died down. “Aww!” She pouted.

Jake pulled out. Lexi dropped to the ground, twitching.

He stepped over her body and stood in front of Amber with his cock in her face. She licked her lips and leaned forward, sucking on the tip of his cock before taking the shaft in her mouth. He stroked her curly red hair as her tongue and lips slid up and down his dick. Jake grunted, his cock twitched. Amber gagged as he stuffed her mouth with warm semen until her cheeks bulged. Jake pulled out. She closed her eyes as he sprayed cum on her face. She smeared it into her hair. She opened her cum-filled mouth.

“Don’t swallow yet. I think it’ll be hot if you die munching on my seed.”

Amber closed her mouth and started chewing streams drizzled down her chin. Jake went behind her, grabbed a tuft of curls, and slit her throat.

Macey jumped out of the water and laughed in the stream of blood spraying from her sister, rubbing it in her hair like shampoo. The stream stopped and she climbed out of the water dripping with blood. “I’m gonna clean up for you,” she said as Amber flopped on the ground. Macey held her in her arms, looking down into her eyes as her tongue lolled out, and kissed her. She licked and sucked cum from Amber’s mouth.

Jake stepped behind Elizabeth and rubbed her shoulders. “You sure you don’t want a last fuck?”

“Nah. I was taking a good nap when Chelsi brought me out here. I’d like to just go back to sleep, even if this nap will be permanent. You can have fun with my head later, if you want.”

Jake nodded, pulled her head back, and cut a gash in her throat. Elizabeth gurgled and thrashed. Jake stroked her hair. “Just let it go and enjoy your eternal sleep.” Sabrina danced in the red shower until it stopped. Elizabeth’s head slumped forward and Jake dropped her twitching body.

“Well, it’s my turn. If you want you can fuck my tits before you kill me.” Chelsi laid on the ground.

Jake climbed on top and smiled as he gazed into her eyes. “I’m going to miss you.”

“Me too.” She laughed and threw her arms around him, they locked lips.

Jake lined his cock with her pussy and thrust forward. Chelsi breathed rhythmically and moaned as he slid in and out of her. She squeezed him against her, squashing her belly and tits.

“Won’t that hurt the baby?” They both laughed.

Jake jackhammered her pussy until she shrieked. Her pussy clamped down. Jake bellowed. Cum gushed out of Chelsi.

“Do it! NOW!”

Jake jammed the knife through the side of her throat until the end came out the other side. Chelsi gurgled as her throat and mouth filled with blood. Jake pulled out and stroked his cock as the rest of his load rained on her tits and belly.

“Yummy!” Sabrina dove under Jake’s legs and buried her face against Chelsi’s pussy, licking it clean.

Jake chuckled. “Enjoy your snack. When you get through you need to come and help me butcher everyone.”

Sabrina nodded.

“We need to freeze most of this until the cookout Monday, but dad said we could keep one for ourselves for the next few days. We’ll have our own little cookout tonight.”

“Can we eat Chelsi?” Sabrina licked cum from her belly button.



“I call dibs on the pussy.” Sabrina covered Chelsi’s twat.

Macey began crying. “No fair!”

“I was just going to grind the meat up. I’ll throw some burgers on the barbecue tonight, and we’ll have meatloaf tomorrow. Maybe we’ll do spaghetti on Sunday.”

Both girls groaned.

“Alright, I guess I can throw in a few cunt filets for you two. I’ll have to take one off another girl so both of you can have one. Just hope Dad doesn’t notice.”

“Yay!” They started dancing around Jake, chanting, “Cunt burgers! Cunt Burgers! Cunt Burgers”

“You two need to shower before bed. You two are mine now and I want you to spend the night with me.” He winked. They grinned.

“So this means we won’t be virgins anymore.”

“I wish Amber was still alive so we could rub it in her face.”