Slaughterhouse Assistant

Amanda entered the slaughterhouse and inhaled her last gulp of fresh air. She took her last glimpse of the Moon as the door closed. The clanking of metal was her tomb being sealed.

Dozens of naked girls were suspended from hooks descending from the ceiling. Most were in their teens, a few no older than six or seven. Some were headless, or missing limbs, and they all had an empty cavity in their torso where their organs were supposed to be.


When she first entered that room seven years earlier, she wanted to scream. She would have if Mister Vitray hadn’t covered her mouth. That night she butchered her first pig-girl. It was some teenager who was sent to the butcher after hitting her teacher. Mister Vitray held her shaking hands as she drove the knife between her breasts. Amanda gasped as the knife sunk into the girl’s flesh and blood spilled out. The poor thing’s gurgling screams seemed like they were never going to stop, even though they lasted a minute. Amanda did scream when her guts spilled out, and blood splashed all over her favorite pink dress.

Vitray laughed. “I should’ve had you change into something else.”

The next day she came back to butcher her second girl. That one was a nine-year-old Japanese girl; her first time killing someone her own age.

“I’d like you to do something, first,” Vitray said as he stopped Amanda from sticking the knife in the girl’s chest. “Lick her here.” He ran his finger through her slit.

Amanda leaned in and whiffed. It smelled like yogurt. She started licking. How long did he want her to do it? She didn’t know. It was like licking a wet peach. She closed her eyes and shoved her face against the girl’s crotch as her tongue explored her slit. The Japanese girl’s legs squeezed Amanda’s head.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. This means she really likes it.”

Peachy juice gushed out of her pussy and drenched Amanda’s face.

Vitray’s grabbed her shoulder a minute later. “You did well.”

When Amanda stood up the Japanese girl had her eyes closed and a wide smile on her face. Her chest swelled with each breath.

“Is it time?”

Vitray nodded and shoved the knife in. The child squirmed and gurgled blood as Amanda cut her open let her organs drop out.

“So, why did you have me lick her flower? Does it make her taste better or something?”

Vitray shook his head and knelt by Amanda. “Sometimes I like to treat the girls with a few last moments of pleasure. Sometimes I lick them as you did, but I usually just rub their slit with my finger.”

“Why didn’t you do it with that teenager I killed yesterday?”

“I don’t have time to give every girl their last orgasm. I prefer to do it with younger girls, as they likely haven’t had sex or even started masturbating. It just seems a shame to snuff them before they got to experience that blessing.”

“Wait! Does that mean I just had sex?”

Vitray smiled. “Yep. I suppose you did.”

“I had sex with a girl. I guess this means I’m a lesbian?”

“Well, did you like it?”

“Yes! She was delicious like candy!”

Vitray chuckled. “Then you’re a lesbian.”

She grinned. “Cool!”


Amanda went to the slaughterhouse every day after school, slaughter one or two girls. When school was out for the Summer, she spent entire afternoons with Vitray, slicing open girls and butchering their remains. Most days, they snuffed between eight and ten girls.

She would’ve eaten out every gal that came in there, but Vitray stopped her when the backlog got too full. Amanda whimpered before jamming the knife between the girl’s tits, staring at the unlicked pussy as she sliced it in half. It was a pity for the girls who never had an orgasm. She rubbed herself for the first time on the same night she ate out the little Japanese girl and made it a routine to fap before bed. How could some girls go so long without picking up that habit? It was fucking amazing! What if she had been selected before she started doing that? She would’ve missed out, for sure.

It wasn’t enough. Having an orgasm every night was great, but sex sounded better. Licking pussy didn’t count, not if her pussy didn’t get eaten out in return. How could she get that done? Vitray didn’t have time to let down one of the meat girls so they could lick pussy. She could ask a girl from school. What if they laughed at her. There was a way. She had to volunteer to be snuffed. Vitray could’ve eaten her out before killing her.

Her parents shut that down.

“I’m sorry, but you make good money working for Vitray, and we’re not about to lose it because you want to be snuffed all of the sudden,” Mom replied.

Dad shook his head as she pouted. “If your sister would stop being lazy and get a job we could afford to let you get snuffed.” Amanda stomped up the stairs and dove into her bed. She cried herself to sleep, missing her fapping routine for the first time since she started. Until she turned sixteen, she couldn’t be snuffed without their permission. What if she got in trouble at school, or was selected by the lottery? They might’ve sent her to someone other than Vitray. What if they didn’t want to give her one last orgasm? What if she had to die a virgin?

The years passed. Amanda begged her parents every other month. They would not change their minds. She stopped by her fifteenth birthday. She made it that long. What were the odds she was going to be selected before she could volunteer?

Six days before her sixteenth birthday, a black envelope with “PopCo” on the front in gold letters. She heard about it from her friends. It was what they sent when someone in your house was selected. Her heart pounded as Dad opened it.

“Stephanie!” He yelled.

Amanda’s chest fell as she sighed. Her sister screamed and started pounding the door after Dad handed her the letter.

“This isn’t fair! She’s the one that wants to be snuffed! I-I have a life. Mu-mu-my boyfriend is g-g-going to be upset! Why can’t she go?”

“I’d take your place if I could.”

What was she so upset about? She wasn’t going to die a virgin, and she didn’t need to take care of the baby Richard pumped into her three months ago.

“I’m sorry, but if we don’t get you to the nearest slaughterhouse before the day is over we’ll have to pay ten grand.”

“But I don’t want to—”

She kept screaming as Dad dragged her out of the house and forced her into the car. Amanda smiled and waved until they disappeared around the corner.


Amanda rushed to the slaughterhouse the moment school let out, still in uniform.

Vitray was standing with a little red-haired girl. Amanda smiled

“So,” she removed her tie and unbuttoned her shirt, “you must be my replacement.”

“I hired her last week, when you said you wanted to be snuffed.”

The redhead smiled. “You must be Amanda. I’m Melissa.”

Amanda removed her skirt. “Are you excited for your first kill?”

She nodded. “I’m a little nervous, though.”

Amanda laughed and ripped off her panties. “I almost screamed the first time I walked in here.”

“I watch a lot of scary movies, so I don’t get scared that easily.” Vitray shackled her hands. An engine turned and she was lifted ten centimeters from the ground.

“W-would you mind if she took care of … if you have time … you know—”

“Ah! Yeah. I can get her to do.” He gripped Melissa’s shoulder. “Can you lick her right here?” Amanda twinged as he rubbed her pussy.

Melissa nodded. “I lick my sister’s cookie all the time.”

She leaned in. Amanda closed her eyes as red curls bobbed between her legs. Her body became numb, her chest swelled with each breath. Amanda moaned. Her tongue lapped across her slit and dug into her hole, exploring her womanhood. The numbness flared, her pussy twitched. Her thighs quivered and squeezed the little girl’s head. She trembled and threw her head back, howling. Vitray pulled the girl up. Her mouth was soaked. She licked cunt juice from her lips.

He gave her the knife.

“Now, put it in her heart. Just like I said.”

Melissa grinned and raised the knife like a slasher villain. Amanda smiled and closed her eyes.

“Thank you—”


Blood gushed up her throat. She gurgled as it poured down her chin. Vitray guided the redhead’s arm as the knife sliced through her stomach. It sliced her pussy in half. She shivered as cold air replaced her organs, as they tumbled into a bucket. Vitray, Melissa, and the room became blurs. The lights dimmed, and everything went black.