No Cheer

They had some fucking nerve. Emily and Brooke were chatting outside of their locker room. Greg’s face burned and his stomach boiled.

“Why the fuck would they show up here?”

Robert shrugged.

“Brooke’s probably waiting for Anthony,” Stephen replied.

“Shall we teach these bitches a lesson?”

They nodded.

Brooke turned and smiled as Greg stormed across the field. She waved. “Hi Greg, how are you—”

She yelled as he shoved her to the ground.

“What the fuck are you—” He shoved Emily against the wall.

“Why the fuck weren’t you cheering out there?” He balled his fist, digging into his palm until blood trickled out. “Answer my fucking question you stupid fucking bitch! We lost the fucking game because you didn’t show your support!”

“Please leave her alone,” Brooke whimpered as her lips trembled. She reached for Greg’s arm when Stephen and Robert dragged her.

“Answer me!”

Emily glared. “You lost because you fucking sucked! Now get the fuck off of me you creep!” She spat in his face.

Greg drove his fist into her stomach. Brooke screamed as Emily wheezed and doubled over.

“You grab her and I’ll take this bitch.” He grabbed the brunette’s braided ponytail. She screamed and kicked as he dragged her into the locker room. Stephen and Robert followed with Brooke as she squirmed in their arms. He slammed Emily against the wall and kicked her in the stomach.

“Grab the bitch, I’ll take this one.” Greg grabbed Brooke and shoved her against a locker. “Make her watch.”

He dug his claws into the fabric of her crop top.

“Stop!” Emily screamed. “Just leave her the fuck alone!”

Brooke thrashed her head as Greg ripped her top until it was a pile of rags on the floor. Her pear-shaped tits bounced as he tore off her bra.

Brooke swallowed hard. “Please don’t hurt me! You know Anthony won’t be happy when he finds out,”

Greg laughed as he tore her miniskirt in half and threw it to the floor. “I whooped Anthony’s ass three times already.” He grabbed her panties and lifted her off her feet into the air. Her head slammed against the floor with a crunch as she slid out of her panties.

“I want her ass naked, too!”

Stephen ripped Emily’s top and bra as Robert tore off her skirt and panties.

Brooke staggered to her feet, rubbing her head and groaning as tears streamed down her face. Greg slammed her fist into her stomach. She collapsed, clutching her belly and coughing.

“I didn’t say you could get up!” He punched her in the nose. She squealed as blood poured out.

“Look forward you stupid whore!” Emily grunted as Stephen kicked her in the stomach.

Greg pulled Brooke up by the hair and punched her in the stomach again. He pinned her against the locker and punched her again, again, again, until she started coughing blood. He threw how onto her back. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

Emily screamed. “She’s only fifteen you sick fucker! This is statutory rape!”

Greg shrugged. He got on all fours over her, crushing her arms against the floor, and shoved his cock into her pussy.

“You boys can have your way with that bitch, just make sure she can watch what I do to her friend.”

They forced Emily on her back. Robert spread her legs and shoved his cock into her pussy. Stephen slammed his ass on her stomach and turned her head towards Greg. She tried to face up, he forced her head back and punched her in the head. He slammed his cock between her tits and started rocking his ass back and forth.

“You better not turn your head, bitch!”

Emily sobbed as Robert and Stephen fucked her, never taking her eyes off Greg.

His cock throbbed as jets of semen stuffed her womb and spilled out onto the floor. He pulled out his cock and scooted to her face. He grabbed a tuft of blonde hair and wiped his cock clean as Brooke trembled and sobbed.

He lifted her up and dropped her onto her stomach, then grabbed her panties. Greg smiled at Emily as he wrapped the panties around Brooke’s neck and yanked. Her eyes bulged, her tongue stuck as she gagged.

“No! Stop!” Emily screamed. She tried to push herself up when Stephen began pounding her face.

“Stay the fuck down!”

Greg pulled on the panties as Emily kicked. She stopped kicking and her hands dropped to her side. He held for another minute and climbed up.

Stephen groaned as cum sprayed across Emily’s chest and onto her chin. He forced her to face up as his seed landed in her screaming mouth.

Greg lifted Brooke by the hair and dragged her, with piss still dripping from her pussy and legs, and dropped her across Emily’s chest as Stephen and Robert got up.

He body-slammed her, driving his elbow into her stomach. Emily screamed as he rained blow after blow onto her naval for two full minutes.

“Just kill me and get it over.”

He looked over Brooke and gazed into her hazel eyes. “Not today, you stupid fucking bitch! I want you to live and remember this day. I want you to spend the rest of your life knowing that your friend died because of you. Today was your fault.”

“Y-you won’t get away with this you piece of shit!”

He slapped her across the face and dug his fingers into her hair. He leaned in until his nose bumped against hers’. “I’ll make this fucking clear to you, bitch. You better keep this a fucking secret. If the police show up at my house to look for me, and I manage to sneak out before they can arrest me, I’ll come to your house with my Dad’s Glock and the sharpest carving knife I have. I’ll shoot your parents and brother in the fucking head, then I’ll tie your ass up. Before I blow your fucking brains out, I’ll make you watch as I rape your little sister and slice open her fucking throat.” He punched her in the face and dropped her to the floor.