Meat Wagon

A white truck with “KD Girlmeat” painted on the side stopped in front of the apartment complex. The side door slid open and a blond guy with a beard stepped out, carrying a trash bag. The vacant eyes of a severed little girl’s head looked at Olivia before he tied up the bag.

“Hey there, champ! You sure have grown since I last saw you.” His eyes lingered on her cleavage.

Olivia giggled and leaned forward. “Hey, Greg! Like what you see?”

Robert peaked out of the truck. “Hey! Quit ogling my sister’s tits! That’s my job.”

“You get to do it every single day. Let someone else enjoy my boobs for once.”

“Looks like someone already did.” Greg patted Olivia’s round belly.

“Yeah, his name was also Greg.”

They both laughed.

“Well, I better get this dumped while Robert gets you acquainted with the table.” He ran through the gate.

Robert yelled back. “Use the human-grade dumpster this time, or you’ll be paying the fine.”

Olivia climbed into the truck.

“Are you ready to help us with our next batch?”

“Yeah, I can’t wait!”

“Do you know how to operate a butcher’s table?” He pointed at the metal table with a guillotine on the end and an assortment of knives, saws, and drawers on the side.

She nodded. “I took a class in school, but this will be my first time with live girls..”

“Good. You’ll be on butcher duty.”

“Yes!” Olivia shouted.

Robert chuckled. “I knew you’d like it. Our last butcher was selected by lottery and had to terminate herself. As for me and Greg, we take turns pleasuring any lady who wants a last fuck while the other does trash and paperwork. It’s my turn to do the fuckin’ for the next batch.”

“And they are…”

“We gotta go pick ‘em up at the nearest station after Greg is done dumping the trash. By the way, did you bring the trash bags?”

Olivia pulled one out of her pocket.

“Thanks, Sis!” He kissed her on the lips as he fitted it to the trash bin and set it at the end of the table.


They pulled up at the nearest meat station thirty minutes later. Seven girls stood underneath the booth, naked. Most of them were teens, a few kids. Their eyes followed the truck until it stopped. Three were pregnant. Olivia rubbed her belly. What were the odds?

Robert threw open the door. “You better get the list before Pussy on Wheels comes and steals it again.”

Greg jumped out with a tablet. “On it!” He connected it to the booth.

“Pussy on Wheels?” Olivia asked.

“Our main rivals. They’re real dicks. Meat stations only download the list of applicants to the first person who plugs in. Then we have to wait for the next batch or find another station.”

“Got it!” Greg turned to the girls. “When I call your name step on up, Olivia and Roberts will help you onto the butcher’s table.”

“If any of you ladies want a last fuck I’m the man to ask.”

The girls muttered, one licked her lips, another grabbed her pussy while squeezing her thighs.

Robert pulled out a small syringe with purple liquid. “I’ll need this if I wanna fuck all these chicks.” He injected it into his neck and threw it in the trash.

“Grace Trevino!” Greg shouted.

A Latina with long black hair climbed into the truck. Vanessa laid on the table, Olivia and Robert strapped her in.

“Can I have my last fuck?” She asked with a thick Hispanic accent.

“Yeah, yeah. Lemme just get my cock out.” Robert pulled down his pants and underwear, and mounted Grace. “Push the button when she comes.”

Grace started moaning as Robert pounded her pussy. She scratched the table as she clenched her fists. She screamed and clenched her thighs.

“Now!” Robert groaned.

Olivia pressed a red button on the side. Grace’s screams ceased as the blade sliced through her neck and her head tumbled into the trashcan below.

Olivia shoved two fingers into her cunt, her hole gripped them as it pulsated. She pulled a glob of cum and licked it clean.

Grace’s pussy continued to twitch. Does this happen to every girl who loses her head? Olivia squeezed her crotch. What would it feel like? What a silly question! She couldn’t feel anything, but it was still kinda hot.

Olivia grabbed a knife when Robert grabbed the body and placed her in the back of the truck. “It’s better to chop them first then butcher them all in one sitting.”

Robert threw his pants and underwear on the floor. “Call the next one.”

“Rachel Galvan!”

A teen with purple hair stepped forward. Greg helped her up, Olivia and Robert strapped her to the table.

“Can you put it in my mouth?” She asked.

“Sure,” Greg walked around and shoved his cock in her face. She opened her mouth. “Wait until I pull out before you hit the button.”

Olivia felt Rachel’s pussy and dug inside until slick strings dripped from her fingers.

Robert groaned and Rachel gagged. Cum streamed from her mouth. He pulled out and stroked his cock, squirting the rest of his load on her face. Olivia leaned over and hit the button. Her cunt squeezed Olivia’s fingers as her body twitched.

“Does it always twitch like this?”

“Yeah,” Robert reset the blade, “pretty much.”

“Mine will do the same?”

Robert nodded. “Yeah. As long as your death is quick and sudden.”

“That’s so hot.” Olivia pulled out and licked pussy juice from her fingers. “Hers’ stopped, I need another.”

Robert carried her to the back while Greg called another girl. The next girl was Ivanna Nguyen. She was just a kid, probably not even thirteen, but she was already carrying another kid under her round brown belly.

“Lottery or just don’t wanna raise the baby?”

“Looks like she got in trouble,” Greg said and turned the screen around. “Disciplinary Action” was listed under her name.

“I pissed on another student’s desk and threw my panties at the teacher,” she grinned as Olivia laughed, “but not having to raise this baby is the icing on the cake.” She plopped down on the table.

“So, you wanna fuck? Mouth or cunt?”

“I want it in my twat. I’ve been giving blowjobs since I got knocked up. Boyfriend thinks it’ll hurt the baby, but that doesn’t matter now.”

“Alright.” Robert mounted her and started fucking.

Olivia rubbed her belly while squeezing her plump nipples until milk came out. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“No,” Ivanna gasped, “keep doing that, please.”

Two minutes later she came, howling her last orgasm. Olivia released the blade and Ivanna’s head hit the basket. Olivia’s hand snaked over her belly to her crotch. She felt it twitch around her brother’s throbbing cock as it stuffed her womb.

“I wish that was my pussy right now.”


“Yeah. How hot would that be?”

“Really hot, especially if it was with my cock.”

“Well, I might volunteer. Y’know, as a meatgirl.”

Robert pulled out and Greg coughed.

“You mean today?”


“Are you sure?”

Olivia nodded. “It was bound to happen someday. At least I won’t have to go through childbirth.”

“Okay, but you gotta finish helping us with these girls.”

“Okay, but, since I don’t need these anymore…,” Olivia stripped out of skirt and blouse.

The next girl was called up; a black seventeen-year-old named Morgan Peek. Just like Ivanna, she was pregnant.

“Hey! I didn’t register,” she turned and glared at a grinning ten-year-old with pigtails, “my bratty sister wanted to volunteer but added my information too. Can you please let me go? I wanted to see if I could make it to twenty.”

Greg and Robert shook their heads.

“Sorry, but once you’re registered we can’t do anything.”

“If we let you go they’d yank our license.”

Morgan gritted her teeth as the little girl tittered and slapped her legs. “Fine! But let’s make this quick.” She climbed in, they took her to the table.

“Do you want a last fuck?”

Morgan shook her head. “I just wanna get this over with. I’m in a bad mood.”

Robert shrugged and Olivia dropped the blade. She slid her finger into Morgan’s cunt until it stopped twitching.

“Molly Peek!”

The little girl hummed as she climbed in and laid on the table.

“You sure are proud of yourself.”

“Yeah, but, hey, you guys get extra meat.” She giggled.

“Well, you want a thank you fuck or no?”

Molly shook her head. “You’re too big for me, I’m afraid it’ll hurt. Could your sister finger me instead? You can jerk off on my face instead.”

Olivia dug her fingers in the little girl’s cunt while Robert began stroking his cock. His cock erupted a minute later and Molly opened her mouth as jizz splashed all over her face. She slurped every drop that touched her tongue. Oliva pressed the button and continued finger-fucking until her cunt stopped twitching.

Molly was followed by Erika Bertrand and Rekha Jagessar. Erika was a blonde girl of thirteen, Rekha was fifteen of Indian descent. They were lovers and requested to be terminated together.

“Sorry,” Robert grimaced, “the blade isn’t designed to chop through two necks. But I’ll let one of you eat out the other before my sister drops the blade.”

Erika lay on the table while Rekha licked her pussy. As she howled in orgasm the blade severed her head.

“You’ll join her soon,” Olivia kissed Rekha’s lips as she lay on the table. “C-can I eat you out before you die?”

“Yes! Please! I’d love that.”

Olivia’s tongue explored Indian pussy. Rekha sprayed her orgasm down Olivia’s throat, who sucked down every drop before dropping the blade. She held her tongue in her pussy as it twitched.

“That’s all!” Robert closed the door.

They spent the next half-hour butchering the girls and stuffed their meat into a freezer.

“Well, it’s my turn.” She laid on the table with her head under the blade.

“Are you sure you wanna go through with this?” Robert stroked her hair.

She nodded. “Yes, and I want you to fuck me before I die.”

“Yeah, and Greg,” she pointed at him, “can play with my tits.”

“Really?” His jaw dropped. “Just like that?”

“Yeah. I saw you looking this morning, so now’s your chance.”

“Hell yeah!”

Robert leaned over and thrust forward. Greg hopped over and rested his hands on her tits. He squeezed them while rubbing his thumbs on her nipples.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes!” She gasped.

He leaned in and licked her tits, sucking and biting. Her body shuddered, her thighs clenched. Robert groaned, his dick twitched as it filled her womanhood with jizz. Olivia clawed at the side of the table until she felt the button. She pressed it.


Her body went numb and the room spun as her head tumbled into the trash. Molly’s vacant brown eyes stared at her until everything went black.


“You know this means we’ll have to butcher the carcass ourselves?”

“Yeah,” Greg groaned, “but it was worth it.” He pulled out his wallet and handed Robert two ten-dollar bills.

“What’s this for?”

“I wanna buy her tits. Not sure if I wanna just eat ‘em or cast ‘em in bronze or something, but I want them.”