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Grimm Erotica - Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Written by Ken E. Davis

If Joe understood one thing about his place in the world, it was that he didn’t deserve to exist in the same room as Haley Spathias. Nor did he have the right to breathe air from the same atmosphere or bathe in the heat of the same sun. No matter how many nights he lay awake dreaming of marrying her one day, no matter how many times he told himself he’d give his life just to date her for one night, girls like her didn’t date him.

That changed when Mrs. Button put them in the same group to build a catapult. Two months later, on Halloween night, he was in her house. Her friends laughed and joked with him as they devoured four boxes of pizza. He wore a beige Jedi robe with a plastic lightsaber hooked to his sash. She leaned against him in a gold-teal bikini, hair dyed into streaks of black and red and worn in side buns, as he caressed her naked stomach. He gazed into her eyes, green as the lushest meadow, trying to force himself to believe this wasn’t just a dream and she looked back with a grin and reached up for a kiss. He locked lips and closed his eyes as she slipped him the tongue. She was captain of the cheerleaders and the gymnastics team, and she earned enough money as a model to wear shoes that cost more than his entire wardrobe. He played video games all day, he couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded, and he flipped burgers.

“Will you two get a room already?” Tara asked.

“In a little bit,” Haley replied.

“No, not you,” Tara pointed to the sofa in the corner, where Kasey and Rachel were locked arm-in-arm kissing.

Kasey flipped the bird. “Y’all have been kissin’ since y’all got here,” she drawled, “and y’all decide to pick on the lezzies?”

“She’s just kidding,” Stephan growled. “Right sweetie?”

“Yeah, I was just kidding.”

“If you wanna join us all ya gotta do is ask,” Rachel said.

Everyone froze. If Joe didn’t cusp his mouth he couldn’t have stopped himself from exploding with laughter. Haley buried her face against his stomach, her snickering.

“I’ll have you know that I’m quite happy with my future husband,” she pulled Stephan’s devil mask off and kissed him.

“Yeah, sure. He’s cute and all, but ya can’t say you don’t find her hot,” Kasey replied and squeezed Rachel's breasts.

Joe shifted his eyes, long enough to get a glance without Haley noticing. Kasey was a Texas bombshell, with a curvy ass and hazelnut pigtails, wearing a cropped flannel shirt, a denim miniskirt, brown knee-high leather boots, and a pink cowboy hat. Rachel, the petite black girl with wireframe glasses and brown hair that stopped above her ears, had a mountainous bulge under her white shirt and wore gray workout shorts that showed every inch of her ebony thighs.

None of the girls Haley invited were unattractive, and Joe would’ve been reduced to a stuttering idiot trying to exist in the presence of any one of them if he wasn’t dating Haley. Tara, with long golden curls, wore a white gown with plastic angel wings and a golden halo. At the dining room table, they had Misty and Lindzi playing Uno with Robert and Jeremy. Misty, with bubblegum-pink dreadlocks, wore a sundress with a skeleton on the front. Lindzi, with short brown hair and big tits, wore a pink princess dress with half of her breasts spilling out and a star wand beside her. Danielle laid her head in Kyle’s lap, wearing a Charmander hoodie that covered everything down to her knees, with her long wavy hair dyed a dozen shades of red, orange, and yellow. Sitting by Eric, sipping beer, and scarfing down three slices of pizza, was Lan. Curtains of black hair spilled over her shoulders, she wore a brown jacket with a blue-white banner over the pocket, a cropped white shirt underneath, a green cape, white shorts, white stocking, brown knee-high boots, and a red scarf.

“I think you’re both pretty, but I’m not into chicks. It’s just not my thing and it’s against my religion. Besides, Stephan is enough.” Tara kissed him again as she pulled her in.

“You two should get a room,” Kasey snickered.

“Maybe that’s not such a bad idea? Mind if we borrow a room, Haley?”

“Didn’t you say you had to wait until marriage?”

“We just wanna kiss in private.”

Haley smirked. “Sure you do. Well, just stay out of the first and third rooms. One belongs to my parents, the other belongs to me. There are two guest bedrooms and you can use my sister’s room. She won’t notice if you mess it up a little bit.”

“Yay! You’re the best!” Tara grabbed Stephan’s wrist and led him to the stairs. She stuck her head back around the wall. “We are just kissing. Don’t spread rumors about anything else.” Haley snorted the moment she disappeared.

“Hey, how do you feel about joining me in my room?”

It was going to happen. The butterflies fluttered around his stomach and moved out to every portion of his body. “Y-yeah, I don’t mind.” Joe grinned as Haley pulled him off the couch. He followed her to the stairwell with his heart trying to rip out of his chest.

“Oh, if any of you lovebirds want to borrow one of the free rooms, go ahead. Just remember to stay out of my parent’s room. I will not be very happy if they come home to find it trashed.”


Lan watched Haley and Joe disappear up the stairs and listened until she heard the distant clasp of a door shutting.

“Alright,” she said as she devoured the last slice of pizza, “who wants to go try out their hot tub?”

“I’m down with whatever you want to do, babe,” Eric replied.

“Fuck no,” Misty shouted.

“It’s supposed to drop below thirty by midnight,” Kasey said, “maybe some other time.”

“It’s a hot tub, numbtwats!”

“You’ll still freeze your tits off when you get out. No, thanks!”

“Whatever,” she shrugged, “it’ll just be me and Eric, then.”

“Wait,” Danielle’s arm shot up, “I’m not a candy ass like everyone else. What about you, Kyle?”

“Shit, I’ll go. It ain’t that cold out there and I’m no chicken shit.”

Lan and Danielle led their boyfriends through the back patio to a giant heart-shaped pool of steaming water.

“Hell, yeah! This is what I’m talkin’ about!” She piled her cape, jacket, and boots on a lawn chair, and stepped into the water. She gasped as warmth poured over her skin, reaching down into her veins. As the top of her body turned to ice, she thought of Kasey’s warning. How was she going to get out? Could she wait until morning, perhaps? She lowered herself, cooing as warm water soaked into her shoulders. Why would she want to leave?

Danielle unzipped the hoodie and let it slide off, revealing a sports bra with Pikachu’s face, a pair of cantaloupes threatening to burst out underneath, and yellow-and-brown striped boyshorts.

“I never would’ve guessed you had a nice set of tits under there. I guess you must wear some thick-ass sweatshirts.”

“Are you hitting on me?” She slipped beside Lan and nudged her shoulder.

“No,” she laughed and leaned against her, “I just think you have really nice tits. I’m kinda jealous.”

“Why would you be jealous?” Danielle grabbed her breasts. “You have the bigger tits.”

“Hmm,” she grabbed Danielle’s chest. They did seem a little smaller, maybe large C-cups. “I bet you never imagined meeting an Asian chick with bigger boobs.”

“I’ve known you since sixth grade, and you have the biggest boobs out of anyone I know.”

“What do you guys think?”

“It’s hard to tell when you have shirts on,” Eric replied, grinning. Kyle nodded.

Lan grinned. He would go there, wouldn’t he? How hard could it be? She just had to lift her shirt, something she did every night before bed. She never lifted her shirt in front of a guy before, not unless she had something under it. She came to this party to get laid, that’s why everyone came. That’s why Haley invited them. She had to show her tits to Eric at some point, right? She stood up and pulled her shirt up, inching her way over the curve, until two brown boulders plopped out.

“Damn! Nobody can call you flat.” Eric cupped them. “I think we have a winner.”

“Yeah, your tits are definitely bigger.” Danielle folded her arms and puffed.

“Hey, now, we won’t know for sure until we check them properly.” She grabbed her bra.

“Stop it,” she said, giggling, “I have never shown my tits to a man before.”

“Neither have I, it’s not that bad. Besides, you’ll have to show them if you’re planning to have sex with Kyle tonight.”

“But, I…,” Lan tugged on the bra and Danielle lifted her arms. Two pink nipples bounced as Lan dropped the Pikachu bra into the water. Danielle jiggled her breasts and cupped her hands under their curves.

“Thank you, Lan!” Kyle held his hands over her breasts like he was warming them up over a fire. She grabbed his wrists and placed his hands over her nipples.

Lan leaned in, pressing her boob against Danielle’s. “Yeah, it turns out I’m bigger.”

“Yeah, I thought so.”

“I still think yours are super hot, though.”

“Are you sure you’re not hitting on me?”

Lan leaned until her mouth was on Danielle’s ear. “What if I was?” Lan licked the rim of her ear until she shivered.

“I dunno,” she grinned and bit her lip, “How would Eric feel if you were?”

Eric shrugged. “If it’s not another guy, I don’t have a problem with it.”

“And as long as you don’t expect me to fuck Eric.”

“Yeah, none of that shit where we measure our dicks and stuff.”

“That’s fine,” Lan replied. She’d rather have Eric’s dick to herself.

Kyle spoke, “how about I fuck Danielle and Eric fucks you while you two kiss or eat each other’s pussies?”

“I like that idea,” Lan replied, “but if I’m eating Danielle out when you come … aghck!!”

Something slammed into her back. She thought someone punched her until she felt something piercing her chest, like a sharp crushing pressure around her heart. Was she having a heart attack? She tried to speak, a bolt of pain shot up her throat and she tasted blood in the back of her throat. Kyle and Eric were looking at her with wide mouths. What was going on? Something warm and sticky spilled down her chin. Kyle pointed at her, at her chest. Danielle looked and covered her mouth. Lan looked at her cest, an arrow jutted out between her tits.

Danielle, sobbing, grabbed Lan’s arms when an arrow pierced her throat. She grabbed her throat as blood sprayed everywhere and dropped into the water. Kyle got one in the chest, the fourth struck Eric between the eyes.

She had to get an ambulance. If she could get inside, if she could get to her phone, everything would be okay. She tried to pull herself out and crashed back into the water. Her chest was on fire, like she hadn’t drunk anything in over a week. Was it safe to drink hot tub water? Her head pounded, everything spun around and grew darker. She gulped hot water and closed her eyes.


Unhinged? She thought he was unhinged? She could sleep with some nerd who couldn’t afford a last-generation gaming console, but not marry the son of a millionaire, the boy she was friends with since preschool? Because she thought he was unhinged, crazy? She didn’t have a fucking clue! Damian Phelps watched Haley Spathias’s house from a hill, wearing a black robe and skeleton mask, clutching a homemade crossbow.

Four people writhed in a tub of steamy water with jets of blood spraying everywhere. The one who looked like she had flames on her head had too many curves to be Haley, the dark-haired girl next to her had brown skin. The other two appeared to be dudes. How many dipshits did she invite? It didn’t matter, the more of her friends he got to kill the better.

The ones in the hot tub stopped moving by the time he reached the patio. The brown woman, an Asian chick with fierce almond-shaped eyes, floated on her back with an arrow between her tits. The fire-headed girl lay against a Hispanic guy, the other guy floated face-down.

Damian fired an arrow into each of the Asian’s nipples. A third arrow went into her pussy as the string snapped.

“Goddamnit!” He spat and tossed it. Maybe he should’ve tested it more? It didn’t matter. He lifted his robe and pulled out a katana.

Damian looked around for the best way in. He could break the glass door or one of the windows. Were they drunk enough?

A light flipped on through a small window on his right and he grinned. Someone left that window open; not much, just enough that someone could get their fingers in.

He pushed the window open and dove through a curtain with floral patterns. He rolled on the floor and grinned at the blond man sitting on the toilet.

“What the fucking hell?”

“Hi,” Damian replied as he slashed the guy’s head off.


“UNO!” Lindzi shouted and threw down her last card, a draw four.

“Aww, fuck,” Misty sighed. “There goes my winning streak.”

“How about another round?”

Misty started to nod when her stomach growled. Didn’t she just stuff it with three slices of pepperoni an hour ago? “Maybe later.”

“Afraid you’ll lose again?” Lindzi smirked and shuffled the deck.

“Nah, I’m just hungry.”

“And scared.”

“Nope, just hungry. Once I find some grub I’ll put all of you trifling bitches back in your places.”

“Alright,” Lindzi said, “me and Lindzi would like to go check out that closet over there.” She winked twice and threw open the door.

“Yeah, to hide a pickle in a tuna sandwich,” Jimmy laughed and slammed the door.

She looked through all four boxes and gagged. Three boxes were empty, the fourth box had half of a Hawaiian pizza in it. Didn’t Eric order that shit? Lan dated the weirdest fucking guys! “Pick the pineapple off,” her mother would’ve said, as if it wouldn’t leave a lingering taste. “I guess I’ll see what she has in the fridge. A couple of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches sound pretty good.”

“I’ll come with you,” Robert said and followed her. “Maybe we can do that thing you talked about earlier,” he winked.

“Earlier?” She bit her lip and grinned. “Ohh, yeah.”

“Yeah, I was listening when you said something about,” he made a clicking noise with his tongue, “you know, in the kitchen.”

“Yeah. After I eat, though. I don’t wanna do it while my stomach is growling.”

“You’re making grilled cheese, right? Can you make me some too?”

“Of course, sweetie.”

“Thanks, sweetheart. I really love your cooking, I can’t wait to marry you.”

“Aww! I can’t wait for you to marry me, either.”

Misty went into the kitchen with Robert on her heels and grabbed a skillet hanging from the wall.

“Hold on, a sec. I gotta drop a load.” Robert ran back into the living room, a door slammed shut moments later.

“Fine,” Misty shouted, “but hurry! I don’t want you eating a cold sandwich.”

She went into the fridge and started rummaging until she found the cheese drawer. She grabbed a block of cheddar and went to close the drawer when a block of what seemed to be blue cheese caught her eyes. The block itself didn’t draw her attention, it was shorter than the cheddar she was holding, but someone paid almost fifty bucks for it. Just how fucking rich were Haley’s folks? Someone already opened the package and cut some of it off. Would they notice a few slices missing? They wouldn’t know who took it if they did. When would she get another chance to eat a grilled cheese this expensive? Never, so she grabbed it along with a package of sliced ham and a tub of butter. She took a loaf of wheat bread and turned the stove on.

She put the sandwiches together, two pieces of ham on each placed between a slice of cheddar and a slice of the expensive shit. She thought about stopping after the fifth, like trying to stop bagging after the fifth bar of gold in a bank robbery. Shrugging, she made a sixth sandwich before dropping a tablespoon of butter on the skillet. She cooked the first sandwich to a golden crisp and took a bite as she dropped the second one in. Sharp and tangy spices exploded in her mouth and she stuffed the rest of the sandwich down her throat as if she hadn’t eaten in months.

Misty scarfed down the second one the moment it left the grill when she heard footsteps shuffling towards the kitchen. “You better get your ass in here,” she said with a mouth full of sandwich, “or I may end up eating all of these grilled cheese sandwiches by myself. Then I may get fat and—”

She covered her mouth to keep herself from bursting into a fit of laughter. He crept around the corner dressed like the Grim Reaper, carrying a sword with fake blood dripping from the blade in fat droplets.

“Okay, you weirdo,” she snorted, “real cute. Where the hell did you get that costume?”

He moved closer, holding the sword in front of his face.

“Okay, the party’s over and you’re not scaring anybody. Why don’t you take off that mask and eat some expensive grilled cheese sandwiches?”

Robert threw down the sword, Misty started to ask if it was real after hearing the sound of metal clanking against the tiles when he opened his robe to reveal a throbbing dick. She squealed as he grabbed her and lowered her onto his cock, lifting her dress over her ass.

“O-okay,” she groaned and started moving her hips with his thrusts. If he wanted to do this now, she needed to be naked, so she pulled the dress over her head and tossed it in the sink. “Oooh, fuck! Robert! Yeah!” She dug her fingernails into her robe and licked the mask. She let the bliss spread from her pussy and seep into her thighs until her eyes grew heavy and the world swam in and out of existence.

She almost let herself zone out when heat washed over her ass as if she decided to sunbathe in the Sahara. “Babe, I think the stove is still on.” He continued pounding her pussy. “Babe, my ass is getting a little toasty, I think we should … oooh,” she cooed and groaned as the heat scorched her asshole. “Keep going. Just be careful, ‘kay?”

Misty lost herself again, grinding against his cock and squeezing his face in her tits. The searing heat crawled up her ass until her shithole stung and twinged. It didn’t take long for that to creep into her thighs, to curl her fingers until her nails tore through the fabric of his robe, and crash over her body until her legs and ass clenched on their own. She imagined being chained with Robert and lowered into an active volcano by some psychotic comic book villain, trying to enjoy her last fuck before hitting the lava.

She wondered what it would be like to die while having sex when Robert’s dick slid out of her pussy, something clattered to the floor seconds later. She wheezed the air out of her lungs as something scalded her ass and searing pain shot up her spine. Her eyes shot open when it clicked that he pushed her onto the stove. “Robert,” she shrieked so loud it stung her chest, “Robert! MY ASS IS ON FIRE! ROBERT! STOP!” She tried to push him off, he pushed her down until her ass pressed against the burner. Welts bubbled out of her ass and burst, her skin melted and warped. He forced her cheeks apart, her asshole exploded with so much pain that it shot up into her skull and crashed over her like a sledgehammer. Her eyes clenched as the room started whirling and her stomach tried to crawl up her throat. She mouthed, “why,” before passing out.


The girl with pink dreadlocks twitched on the floor as steam billowed up from her charred and smoldering ass. Skin clung to the coils, smoking until flames erupted. Damian finished stroking his cock until fat drops of semen splattered on her ass.

Damian’s stomach growled at the smell of roast ham. He had two more to kill in the living room, but he needed some grub first. It seemed she was nice enough to leave four sandwiches on a plate. Didn’t she say they were grilled? The bread was still soft and cold, the lying bitch. He shrugged and started eating.


Kasey grabbed a duffel bag from behind the sofa as Robert ran to the bathroom clutching his ass. She sat on the rug, legs crossed, as she opened the bag. Rachel rolled off the couch and laid beside her as she pulled out a pink dildo.

“First,” she rubbed Rachel’s thighs and grabbed her shorts, “let’s get these out of the way.” Rachel raised her legs. Kasey’s fingernails caressed her legs as she pulled the shorts off, leaving her in pink panties with a cat’s face over the bulge of her labia. She licked Rachel’s toes and slid her tongue down her feet. Kasey kissed every inch of her black legs, Rachel giggled and squirmed as she moved up her thighs. Rachel pulled her panties down to her knees as Kasey moved into her crotch, and sighed as she slid her tongue in.

Misty started screaming in the kitchen. “Robert! MY ASS IS ON FIRE! ROBERT! STOP!”

Kasey shot a thumbs-up at the kitchen door as she licked Rachel’s pussy, sliding her tongue around her labia and deep into her vaginal hole, listening to her moan like a fairy. Moving back to her thighs, Kasey pressed the dildo against her pussy. Rachel’s body twitched as she pushed it in with a slurp. She slid it out and back in, nudging deeper. Rachel’s moans were pocked with rhythmic breathing until she clenched her thighs.

“Wait,” she mewled, “I don’t want to finish yet.”


“I-I want you to ride me reverse cowgirl with that big ass of yours,”

“Oh? Okay.” She pulled out a green two-sided dildo, pushing one end into Rachel’s pussy. She flipped around and sat with her skirt raised. Kasey groaned as the tip slipped into her asshole. Kasey rocked, swallowing more dildo with each thrust. Kasey grabbed Rachel’s clit as if she were on a saddle.

Kasey clenched her eyes as ecstasy crashed over her and drag her into the abyss. Nothing existed, other than the moans from her and Rachel’s mouth, and the dildo slamming against the back of her rectum. Her thighs closed around the dildo and everything below the neck stopped.

Her eyes shot open to see her ass bouncing on the green dildo as Rachel’s legs and thighs squirmed. She had a nice ass. What? How was this possible? Kasey started to ask how she could even see her own ass when her eyes closed and everything faded.


Rachel’s eyes clenched as an orgasm shot through her muscles like bolts of lightning, with Kasey slamming the dildo against her uterus. Her legs squirmed, she clenched her thighs. Juice gushed from her twitching cunt like a busted pipe.

Kasey’s thrusts started to slow. She didn’t notice for a second, not until the thrusts stopped hitting her cervix. The pulses of euphoria slowed and receded. Drowsiness and a dull ache rushed in. Rachel’s eyes crept open. Kasey’s ass was still bouncing on the dildo, slowing with every thrust.

Kasey’s cheek brushed against hers, Rachel leaned against her.

Something seemed to crawl up her throat and ice crept through her veins. What was going on? Her eyes opened. A stream of blood trickled down the crack of Kasey’s ass. She looked up, her eyes bulged. Her neck ended at a stump, where blood spewed out in jets. Her heart thumped against her ribcage as she looked around the room. An ear-splitting scream burst out of her throat when her eyes fell on Kasey’s twitching head, and the black-robed figure laughing over them as he brandished a sword.

Rachel shoved Kasey’s body off, knocking the figure over. Screaming, she dashed to the kitchen. “Misty! Robert! Help! HELP!”

She stepped through the entrance and covered her mouth. Her stomach seemed to crawl up her throat. Misty was passed out on the floor with burn marks covering her ass. “M-Misty?” Rachel bent over and placed two fingers on her throat until she felt a pulse. “Misty, please wake up. There’s a crazy man in the living room, he—”

“You have a really cute ass,” his voice sounded like someone talking into a fan. “Do you know you have a dildo sticking out of you?”

She looked back and screamed as the killer stepped through the door.

“Come on,” she tried to heave Misty off the floor when her hands sank into her meaty ass. She jerked back with something sticky on her hands.

Misty woke up and screamed. “What the fuck is going on? My ass feels like it’s on fire.”

Rachel trembled as she looked over her hands, coated with Misty’s ass skin. She screamed and fell, pushing the dildo into Misty’s ass.

“Wh-what’s going on?”

“S-s-s-someone … a crazy guy is trying to kill us.”

“I t-think Robert tried to set my ass on fire.”

“He killed Kasey. Why would he do—”

A sharp pain went through her neck and the kitchen started spinning as she hit the floor. Someone grabbed her hair and she ended up on the counter, staring into Misty’s eyes. She closed her eyes and never opened them again.


Damian dropped their heads on the counter and watched with his arms folded. The black girl humped her friend to the ground as jets of blood sprayed from their necks. The white girl dragged her crotch along the floor with the black girl nudging her along with every thrust until their stumps hit a cabinet. The white girl gave her last kicked and slumped to the floor. The black girl’s ass kept bouncing for another thirty seconds. She slumped over and twitched for another minute. When the last trickle of piss leaked from their pussies, Damian turned and left.

Damian made his way through the living room to the stairwell when a soft moan caught his ear. He stopped and looked around the room until he heard it again, coming from a door in the far corner.

Two people screamed when he yanked the door open. A short-haired brunette with tits spilling out of a pink dress bounced on a burly man with red hair and freckles. The bottom of her dress swallowed his lower half, he wore a bronze crown on his head.

The brunette scowled and spat. “What the fuck are you doing? Can’t you see this closet’s occupied?”

Damian swung the blade. The brunette’s head above her mouth slid off and hit the ground with a sticky thud. She slumped over, thrashing and spurting blood onto her boyfriend as her tongue lolled out of her mouth.

“Long live the king!” Damian thrust his blade, silencing the man’s screams as he shoved it through his skull.

He crept up the stairs and stopped when he heard a door creak open.

“Don’t you love how my little asshole is just twitching for your dick?”

Damian cocked his head and stopped before he reached the last step. A blonde girl in an angel costume held the back of her gown up as she came out of the second room to the right. She glanced at him and smiled. “Hi,” she waved and rushed through the door on his left.


“We can do anal.”

Stephen had to rub his ears. He tried to believe it came from the other room when Tara’s lips moved and the words came out of her mouth.

“I said we can do anal, but that’s it until we get married.”

She did say it. It took an hour of kissing under a pink blanket covered in fairies and stars, but she made the offer. “Are you sure, sweetheart?”

“It doesn’t really count as sex since we can’t get pregnant. I know it’ll be hard for you listening to everyone else have sex while all we do is kiss and cuddle.”

“Yeah. I’m okay with it if that’s what you want.”

“I do. It’s the best we can do until we get married, which I hope won’t be long after we graduate from high school. Oooh!” She grabbed her ass.

“I-Is something wrong, m’love?”

“Well,” she grinned, “I kinda need to use the restroom first. I-I’m sorry, but I shouldn’t take too long.”

“It’s fine, I’ll be in here until you get back.”

“You really are the best,” she kissed him on the cheek and slid off the bed, “you’re gonna be a good husband.”

She lifted the back of her gown as she opened the door and spread her ass and skipped out into the hall. “Hi,” she sang to someone.

Stephen leaned back and scratched his crotch. He would get some action from her after all of these years. It was just anal, it still meant he’d get laid tonight. If he played his card right, once they’re lost in the moment, he would get to fuck her pussy. If he got her pregnant he’d just have to propose before they graduated. His parents loved her, and her parents loved him, nobody would care. Nobody but them and the Lord would know about a little premarital penetration. The Lord would forgive them.

A robed figure stepped in the doorway.

“Who the hell are you?”

He pulled out a katana.


Tara waved at a robed person coming up the stairs. Who had a grim reaper costume? She didn’t remember and that wasn’t important.

She ran into the bathroom and slammed her ass on the toilet. Her heart pounded in her ears at mach ten. Once she finished taking this shit and walked back into Haley’s sister’s room, Stephen Rivera would take her virginity. The boy she first kissed back in first grade would be the one. That teacher, the fat old lady whose name she couldn’t remember, told them it wouldn’t last through middle school. Hah! She would be Tara Rivera by next Halloween. If vanity wasn’t a sin, and the old bitch hadn’t croaked, she could find her and slam their marriage license in her face.

It would be anal for tonight. Who cared, though? It still counted as getting laid. Stephen seemed to like what she showed him a few minutes ago. It’ll be enough for him, he wouldn’t mind.

Would it be enough for her? Once he sprayed his dick in her ass would she be satisfied or would her pussy get hungry? No, she could hold herself back. They’d be married soon out of high school, she could wait seven months. Stephen would understand because her cute asshole would keep him satisfied. God would give her the strength to resist. If she didn’t have the strength? God would forgive her. If she got pregnant, Stephen would marry her before anyone knew.

The door swung open and she let out a scream. Who the fuck…? “I’m sorry,” she screamed, “I forgot to lock the door. I didn’t mean … oh, hey Stephen.” She smiled as he strode through the doorway wearing his devil mask and a black robe. He pulled out a samurai sword. “Ha, real cute Halloween prank. You should’ve pulled that out before I realized it was you, silly.” Where the hell did he get that robe, and why did it seem familiar?

Stephen moved closer, twirling the sword.

“Okay, you’ve had your scare, but I like my privacy when I’m on the toilet. You know I’m a shy pooper.”

He kept coming.

“Look,” she groaned, “I really can’t shit with someone in here. Just go back to the room and wait.”

His penis poked out of the robe and slid out.

Tara covered her mouth. “Oh! This is the first time I’ve seen one in real life. I-If you're gonna stay, you gotta let me touch it” He nodded. She rubbed his cock. It was plump and veiny. Was it supposed to be cold? Nobody ever told her about that. Why, though? Her pussy was warm. Maybe he got sick? She tugged harder and pulled it out of his robe. It wasn’t attached to anything, thick drops of blood dripped from the other end. She screamed and threw it to the ground. “What the fuck is this? What the fuck is wrong with—”

He stuffed the severed cock in her mouth. Something sharp flashed through her neck and she tumbled to the floor.

Her headless body writhed on the toilet as a fountain of blood sprayed from her neck. Farts exploded from the toilet as something splashed in the water. He-he decapitated her! Why? Who?


When they reached Haley’s room, Joe ran up and opened the door. He waved, “ladies first.”

She laughed and kissed him. “You’re such a gentleman. That’s what I love about you.”

“Anything for my princess.”

He closed the door and followed her to the bed. She sat down and patted the spot by her.

“That was a really nice party, don’t you think?” She asked.

“Yeah. I thought it’d be a bunch of popular snobby girls, but everyone turned out to be really nice.”

“I don’t hang out with snobs, so you’ll never have to worry about that,” she laughed. “I just hang out with people I like and care about.”

“So, I’m definitely one of those people?”

“Of course, you are my boyfriend. I know we’ve been together for a short time, but I can’t imagine life with you because you’re so amazing and sexy.”

Joe chuckled. She thought he was sexy? “Th-thanks,” he grinned, “I’ve always thought you were amazing and sexy, too. Though, I used to be afraid to say that.”

She giggled. “I know. You were always so tense when I walked by. Other guys were, too, but you seemed to just seize up like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

“Was that obvious?”

“Yeah, every girl can tell. That’s how I knew you were the one.”

“Well, thanks for giving me a chance. I’m glad to be with you, too.”

“Me too, and,” she leaned in until warm air blew into his right ear, “I’ll let you in on a little secret.”

“What is it?” He moved his ear until it touched her lips.

“I’ve never had a dick inside of me before.”

“Oh?” Who would’ve thought? “So, you’re pretty much a virgin?” Gack! What kind of stupid question was that? Why didn’t he just ask if a tub full of water was wet?

“Yeah, I am. I’d like you to be the guy who changes that.” She nudged the robes open.

“I can do that,” he replied and let the robes fall to the bed.

Haley dropped the bikini to the floor and danced until her skirt dropped to her ankles. Joe’s heart and dick throbbed with the same frequency as she stepped out and twirled around, showing everything.

“It’s hard to believe someone with such great tits and ass is still a virgin.”

“Thank you,” she blushed. “It’s because most of the guys I like are too shy to speak to me, and I’m too shy to speak to them. I know, you’d think the popular girls would be more confident. The guys who are popular enough to not be afraid of talking to me tend to be complete dicks.”

She pulled him off the bed so the robes would fall off and removed his boxers. “Wow,” she said as his throbbing erection thumped her forehead. “So, are you? You know?”


“A virgin. Have you ever done it before?”

“I did it once, but I didn’t go all the way.”

“Do tell,” she smiled.

“I-it was a long time ago, at a Thanksgiving party with a cousin. I didn’t know she was my cousin, I swear,” he shook his hands but she giggled and waved as if telling him to go on. “We went up into the creek behind their house and started playing around in a tunnel. One thing led to the next and she ended up sucking me off. I returned the favor and licked her pussy.”

“Aww! Adorable! But you didn’t go all the way?”

“Her dad started calling her for dinner before we got that far.”

“Bummer. Well, you don’t need to worry about that tonight. My folks will be in New York all weekend. I want to come on your dick before tonight ends, no matter what.”

He pulled her into his embrace, resting his hands on her ass as she rested her hands on his. He closed his lips around hers, slipping the tongue and closing his eyes. Haley nudged him until stepped back and fell onto the bed. She leaned in, cupping his chin as she gave him another kiss on the lips before descending to his crotch. His cock stood on end as she kissed the tip, and swelled as she took it in her mouth. Joe leaned back and drifted out. The pressure rose in his groin, she ground her teeth along the bottom and swirled her tongue around the tip. The pressure rose, swelling his cock until it seemed ready to explode like a bratwurst with the slightest pinch. She pulled back, leaving his cock throbbing in the cold air.

“Huh?” He opened his eyes. “W-what’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing. When you finally come I want it in my pussy. I hear it makes for some powerful orgasms if you build it up first.”

“I didn’t know that, guess we got lots to—”

Both of them looked at the door as screams echoed through the house.

“They must really be enjoying themselves.”

“Yeah,” she nodded. “They’re really going for it.”

“I think it’s time for me to return the favor.”

“Huh?” She tilted her head.

“You sucked my dick, it’s my turn to lick your pussy. If that’s fine.”

“Oh, yeah.”

He laid back as she crawled on the bed and lowered her pussy to his lips.

“Remember to bring me to the edge, but don’t …,” she let out a sharp gasp as he tongued her slit.

Haley squirmed moments later. He slurped the meaty folds of her labia and delved his tongue into her holes. She huffed breathy moans and started grinding her pussy, going faster. As she started howling he stopped. She rolled off and collapsed on her back, panting.

He climbed on her, she squeezed her tits around his cock. He slid back and forth, slamming his meat against her chin, building the pressure. When it seemed ready to burst he pulled back. Joe rubbed his cock on every inch of her body, always pulling back at the edge. He licked and nibbled her tits, sucked her cunt and ass. She sloshed her pussy over his entire body.

“I don’t think I can hold back this time.” His cock throbbed in his hand like a cartoon heart ripped from someone’s chest.

“Me,” she huffed, “me either. Just do it.” She pulled her legs back and spread her pussy.

Joe pushed his cock into her wet pussy, pushing her legs back further. He pounded her like a jackhammer. She gripped the blankets and howled, gnashing her teeth. The pressure swelled, and there would be no stopping this time. It wanted to pop, to explode and flood her womb with warm juice. Her pussy pulsed in rhythm, gripping his cock as if hungering for his seed. Any second now…

Pain shot through his back and his stomach dropped out, Haley squealed and slouched back.

“What the fuck,” Joe grunted. “What happened?”

Haley’s eyes swelled.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Why did his stomach feel so empty? He just ate a bunch of pizza not too long ago.

“Please let us finish.”


“Don’t worry, just keep fucking me. Fuck as if your life depends on it, I want to come. Ignore the pain.”

Why was there pain? When did sex hurt?

She humped against him. After three thrusts his cock erupted and he closed his eyes.


Haley sighed as jets of cum flooded her uterus and spilled out of her pussy, then Joe closed his eyes and slumped over. The robed figure yanked the sword out of his stomach and Joe slumped like a blanket.

“Wait! I didn’t come! Joe! JOE! PLEASE!” She sobbed, “please, just one more thrust will do it.”

The figure threw Joe off. “Sorry, but teasing bitches don’t deserve to come on man’s dick before they die.”

“D-Damian? W-why?”

“I was your best friend, but you called me deranged and started dating some weird geek you just met.”

“J-J-Joe was a good man, you fucking lunatic. Just leave me the fuck alone!”

“Fine! I’ll leave your worthless cunt alone once you’re dead.”

“What? No, PLEASE!”

She screamed as he stabbed the blade into her pussy. Pain shot through her stomach as the blade pierced her uterus and sank. She squealed the worst stomach cramp in her life. Blood rushed up her throat and burst out of her mouth like a geyser. She became dizzy, her limbs were heavy.

Haley closed her eyes. She would go with Joe.

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Published on Oct-31-2022