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Grimm Erotica - Mike and Katie- A Surplus Culling story

Mike And Katie- A Surplus Culling Story

Written by Henry XXX

I got home just in time to see my sister opening the front door “MOM, DAD, we’re home!” I heard her yell.

I was still brooding over my girl friend Jenny, who had gotten her surplus notice along with her family two weeks ago. I loved her, we were just about to have sex for the first time and… well we waited too long. That night she was dead, shot by her father along with the rest of her family.

I was jolted back to reality when I heard my sister scream from upstairs. I bounded up the stairs. Katie was sobbing in a chair with her face in her hands. My mom and dad were naked, in bed, obviously were engaged in sex, and were very dead. Mom was on top, slumped over dad, face buried in his left shoulder, with two exit wounds in her back just to the right of her spinal cord, about chest high. It looked like she was doing dad cowgirl when he shot her. My bet would be at least one of the bullets had gone through her heart. I could see Dad’s dick was still in her vagina, and cum was oozing down it onto the sheets.

Mom and dad were both in their late 30’s and were in pretty good shape, mom’s light brown hair hung down over dad’s face, and he had shot himself in the head after killing her.

Katie, my sister, ran from the room still sobbing, and I heard her slam the door to her room. I sighed, I couldn’t blame her. We all knew this was coming; it was a shock to see it anyway.

There were two pieces of paper on the night stand by the bed, one was the expected surplus notice, and it did cover all of us, and the other was a short note from dad. He apologized for not being able to take care of everybody, but mom had not wanted to see us die, and begged him to kill her first. He had no desire to live after that, and hoped he could count on me to take care of myself and my sister. There were three bullets left in the gun, and extra ammo in the drawer if I felt I needed it. Well life sucked, but I understood.

I was still a virgin, and likely to die one at this point, so I was curious and rolled mom’s body over. Dad’s dick popped out of her in the process, it was still semi-erect and had cum all over it, and more cum dribbled out of mom’s cunt. I straightened mom’s legs so she laid flat next to dad. It was hard to tell whether the look on her face was due to orgasm or pain, it might have been a little of both, and her eyes were rolled up into her head. Dad had shot her twice in the left breast, once in outer side of her breast and once through her areola, close to the nipple. It looked like he had angled the shots so they would go through the center of her chest, and from the small amount of blood from the entrance wounds, it looked like she died pretty quickly.

Actually mom’s body looked pretty hot, and I briefly considered having sex with the corpse just to have some kind of sex, but it was kind of a gross thought, and Katie had re-entered the room anyway and was looking at the bodies over my shoulder.

“So that’s what sex looks like,” she said, taking a closer look at dad’s dick and mom’s cunt.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“What’s it feel like?” she asked.

“Got me,” I said, “I have never had it.”

Katie sat back down in the chair and looked thoughtful. My sister was two years younger than me, had hair slightly blonder than moms, was slender, and had nice if somewhat small breasts.

“Neither have I,” she finally said, “let’s go downstairs, this is depressing.”

I followed her downstairs carrying the gun. She sat down in mom’s chair, I sat down in dad’s. I put the gun down on the table between us. Katie stared at it. “Are you going to kill us now?” she asked. Surprisingly there was no tremor in her voice.

“We have a couple of hours, the surplus team usually arrives around 6 to make sure everybody has complied. We don’t want to be alive when they get here.”

Katie nodded. She had seen the clips of what happened when they found you alive also.

I noticed Katie had changed when she went to her room. She was wearing a tight fitting crop top that showed off the shape of her breasts, and a pair of tight jeans. She was looking down fiddling with the hem of the top. I felt my dick getting harder unbidden. You just can’t control the damned things.

“Do you think I am pretty Mike?” Katie asked me.

I had an idea where this might be heading, and at this point I was all for it, but I sensed being overly eager was not called for. At least if I wanted sex. “Yeah, I’ve always thought you were pretty, but you were always also my sister,” I said.

Katie lifted her head and half smiled at me, “Yeah, there was always that. I always liked the way you looked too, but, well you know.”

Yeah, I knew. My dick got harder and was straining at the front of my pants tenting them. Katie noticed and stared at my crotch. “Can I see what it looks like?” she asked.

I shrugged inwardly, then stood up and pulled my pants and underwear off and sat back down in the chair. Katie got up and kneeled by my chair for a better look. “Do you ever make it go off?” she asked.

“You mean masturbate? Yeah, I’ve done that,” I replied.

“Can I watch?” she asked.

I took my dick in hand and began to masturbate, Katie watching. “Why don’t you try it?” I asked, removing my hand.

Katie tentatively wrapped her hand around my cock and made the same motion with it she saw me doing. “Will this make it go off?” she asked?

“Yes,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Oh,” she said and stopped. “How long does it take until you can make it happen again after that?”

“About five minutes,” I replied.

“Oh, OK,” Katie said, as she started moving her hand again, “would it help if I licked it?”

“Shit,” I thought, “Yeah, if you want. You might get it all over your face though, I can’t control it and I don’t always know exactly when it’s going to happen.”

“That’s OK,” Katie said, “I can always wash it off.”

She bent over and teased the tip of my dick with her tongue. For someone who didn’t know what she was doing, she was doing a bang up job of it. My dick suddenly erupted and I sprayed her face and top with cum.

“Sorry,” I said.

Katie laughed and pulled her top off, wiping her face with it. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her perky breasts had erect nipples. She saw me staring at them. “Did you want to play with my breasts?” She asked.

I pulled my shirt off and dropped it on the floor, motioning for her to sit on my lap. She did so, and started playing with my now limp dick putting her tits in my face so I could suck on her nipples. She moaned a bit.

“Does that feel good?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” Katie replied.

“Why don’t you get your pants off so I can return the favor,” I suggested.

Katie frowned, then came to a decision and stood up and removed her pants. “Now what?” she asked.

“Sit back down in my lap.”

She sat, and I massaged her clit with my finger as she stroked my dick. We kissed for a bit and then she pushed back and faced me.

“I thought you never had sex with Jenny,” she said.

“I didn’t,” I said confused.

“Well what are we doing now?”

“Mutual masturbation”

“Ah,” said Katie, “It feels good. Did you do this with Jenny?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“So what’s sex then?”

“That’s when my dick goes in your vagina. That’s how girls get pregnant.”

“You’re going to get me pregnant!??!” Katie said shocked.

“Katie, we are both going to be dead in about two hours or less. I don’t think it will be an issue.”

“True,” she agreed standing up, “So let’s try it. What do I have to do?”

“Well if we are going to do it in this chair, you need to straddle me then squat so I can insert my dick into your vagina.”

Katie did as she was instructed, and we both watched as I guided my dick into her waiting cunt.

“Uhhh,” she half moaned, “Now what?”

“This is new to me too,” I pointed out. “We need to move so it goes in and out of you.”

We had a couple of failures when my dick popped out and Katie had to reinsert it, but we soon got a good rhythm going and Katie was bouncing up and down happily on my dick. We clutched at each other and kissed hungrily, and shortly thereafter (too shortly actually), I felt myself cum into my sister. We both groaned and Katie melted into me as we basked in the afterglow, my dick still inside her.

A short time later she got up. “Let’s clean up and meet in my room she said. Bring the gun when you come.”

I went to shower, and I could hear Katie doing that also. We finished about the same time, and met in her room. I put the gun on the table next to the bed. “So how did you want to do this?” I asked.

“I think I’d like to do the same thing mom and dad did,” Katie replied.

That suited me, the mental image of mom with those two bullet wounds in her breast was still highly erotic, and I could feel my dick stiffen a bit just thinking about it.

Katie noticed and sat on the bed, patting in the space beside her for me to sit. I sat next to her.

“Why don’t you play with my breast with the gun?” she suggested.

I picked up the gun and started poking her breast with it, pushing it around with the muzzle as we kissed. Katie stopped and put her hands on my shoulders. “I want to go see mom and dad one last time,” she said.

We went to our parent’s room and Katie examined mom’s body more closely, particularly where dad had shot her. “I want you to do me like that,” she said.

“You mean two bullets in your left breast?” I asked.

“Yeah, exactly like that,” she replied, pointing to the wound next to mom’s nipple.

We made our way back to Katie’s room and she had me lie down prone in the bed sat over me, and handed me the gun.

“You need to make sure I am cumming before you shoot me, you came too fast last time for me to orgasm,” she said.

“I figured that. I should be slower to get to ejaculation after a round of sex.”

Katie climbed on top of me, and stuck my dick up her cunt and started bouncing. I didn’t have any problem getting and staying erect, and I also happily did not have an urgent need to ejaculate. Katie’s face meanwhile started showing signs of orgasm as she started clutching at first her breasts, and then her head.

She started bouncing frantically up and down on my dick, and I could feel deep shuddering as she began to moan loudly.

She grabbed my hand that was holding the gun, and jammed it into her breast. “Not yet, she breathed, almost there…”

She groaned and I felt deep shuddering from her, as I felt another load of cum welling up inside me.

“NOW!,” she screamed, “DO ME NOW!”

The gun went off sending a bullet into her breast that erupted out of her back as my dick started sending another load of cum deep into her. I positioned the gun next to her nipple and fired a second time into her breast. She half moaned, half sobbed, and fell down onto me, her head resting against my left shoulder. I felt a few more quivers from her, then there was an escape of air, and she lay still. My dick was entirely spent, but still deep inside her, I lifted her head so I could see her face. She had an expression of ecstasy, and her eyes were rolled up into her head, very dead. I let her head rest against my shoulder again.

I could feel the cum dripping out of her cunt, down my penis, and pooling on the bed. I put the gun up against my temple and fired the last bullet.

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Published on Oct-14-2022