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Grimm Erotica - Toilet Cuisine

Toilet Cuisine

Written by Ken E. Davis

Part of Cretaceous Island

After spending twelve hours at the big dinosaur park, Ericka wanted nothing more than to crawl into a bed and sleep for about two weeks. She stepped off the shuttle just as the fake sun powered on and went from one attraction to the next. She ate a bunch of dino-shaped food and sucked soda out of dino-shaped cups like a little kid. She bought a white shirt with “I heart T-rex” and used a sharpie to make the “T” into a “D”.

Out of the attractions she explored, the Prehistoric Safari beat out everything else. They placed her in a jeep, a self-driving one, and sent her out into the forest. It had the shortest line for some reason. Maybe most of the patrons were chicken? A young couple, two teenage girls, joined her.

For two hours, she rode around and saw several dozen dinosaurs. They looked big through six layers of fencing, but out there she could feel their size. She shriveled up both times the jeep passed a t-rex. They said it would fire tranquilizer darts if the beasts went rogue, that did nothing to reassure her. What if it didn’t knock them out before they ripped her head off?

If the teenagers were scared they did a good job of hiding it. They spent the entire ride making out. Ericka wondered if they went on the ride just to have some alone time. Her being there didn’t seem to stop them. Maybe they just didn’t want men to watch? They kissed for the first ten minutes and Ericka thought that would be it. Nope! The petite blonde buried her head under her curvy Asian girlfriend’s skirt and licked her pussy. They were naked five minutes later.

“We wouldn’t mind if you joined,” the blonde said after thirty minutes, giggling as her friend licked her tits. “You’re really sexy!”

I waved them aside. “I wish I could, but I have a boyfriend.” She wanted to say she wasn’t a lesbian, but that sounded rude, and she had a feeling they weren’t old enough for her.

They went back to ignoring her and licking each other’s pussies. As Ericka shrinked from the second t-rex, the blonde teen screamed in orgasm. They said fear could be arousing, that it could create some powerful orgasms. The teens were scared, they just reacted by being extra horny. She imagined the t-rex ripping the blonde’s head off as she came and found her legs clenching. Maybe they were onto something? It was pretty hot.

If only Anthony came, but he had to work. His stupid boss never gave him a day off, though Anthony worked harder than anyone else and never missed a day of work. She watched the t-rex thrash its tail, which she imagined morphing into his cock. Wouldn’t it be fun sucking him off or riding his dick out here with nothing but dinosaurs watching? She could test out feargasms for herself. She could imagine one of the dinosaurs coming up and biting her head off with his dick in her pussy. What a way to go that would be! Just riding a cock to orgasm and everything just ends? It sounded so erotic! How many people died having sex?

As she lost herself in fantasy, she slipped her fingers down her pants. Her pussy, already slippery, twitched at the first touch, sending shivers up her spine that caused her body to tremble. She entered her womanhood with a gasp and rubbed. It took a minute for her to come. She imagined dying a gruesome death as orgasmic waves crashed over her body.

“Hot, right?” The Asian teen giggled as Ericka gasped for air.

“Y-yeah. Very hot.”

She collapsed against the seat, chatting with the teens as they put their clothes back on. The Asian girl licked the discharge from her fingers; Ericka didn’t even try to stop her. The jeep pulled into the visitor area.

“Thanks for the hot time,” the blonde winked.

“Promise not to say anything? Her parents will get mad.”

Ericka nodded as they ran off giggling. She climbed out seconds later, staggering with her legs stiff and sore. She collapsed on a nearby bench.

Part of her wanted to get back on the ride, but the bigger part just wanted to sleep. Maybe next time? She would come with Anthony for sure. He may have been a bit of a scaredy cat, the big-ol’ jock, but she could talk him into taking the Safari with her. She didn’t know if fear turned guys on like that, a promise of a good fuck would have to suffice.

They still had dinner plans tonight, assuming she could stay awake that long. Wasn’t it almost night last time she checked her terminal? The fake sun made it hard to guess what time of day it was. Why couldn’t they at least dim it and give it a red tint as evening grew closer? It had to be around noon in Aspen, and he usually took her to dinner around eight. It took three hours to get back to Earth, and another two hours to Colorado. She could sleep on the shuttle.

If it was around noon, Anthony would be on his lunch break. She could give him a call, the signal lag was only a few seconds up here. Maybe she could give him a little tease, a hint of what she had in store after dinner?

Ericka grabbed her terminal and punched his name in her contacts list. His face showed on the screen seconds later.

“Hey, babe! How’s it going? Are you having fun with the dinosaurs?”

“I sure am! You won’t believe how big they are! Plus, there’s literally a bazillian rides and dino-shaped snacks. The only problem is, it would be so much better if you were here.” She frowned and whimpered.

“Aww! Don’t be like that, babe! I booked the best place on Edwin Station for dinner.”

Edwin? His boss let him off long enough to get off-planet? That would explain why he didn’t have a signal lag, if it was close by. “I know. Guess, what? I ended up feeling pretty horny today after seeing a live t-rex, how big and strong they were. It reminded me of your big dick,” she moaned.

“Oh, is that so? Well, you’re my t-rex baby!”

“Oh, yeah?” She pointed the camera at her chest and squeezed her breasts. “These babies can’t wait to smother you tonight.” She pulled up her shirt. “You like my big tits, right?”

Anthony groaned and clenched his eyes.

“I thought so,” she giggled, “my pussy can’t wait to be filled with your big D. I also have a special surprise for you tonight.”

“Oh,” he mouth went slack, “what would that be?”

She put the terminal on the bench with the camera facing up and pulled her pants down. Spreading her cheeks, she leaned her ass over the camera until she felt a cold breeze on her asshole. “Tonight, you get to eat this pretty hole of mine. Not only that, but you get to be the first person to eat my asshole.”

“You’re so fucking sexy, baby! It’s a deal.”

She pulled her pants up and grabbed the terminal, looking at Anthony’s grin. “You look forward to it?”

“I do! I’ll be the first person to ever eat your asshole tonight. Just make sure your ass is ready.”

“Oh you know it.” Ericka clenched her asshole as pressure built up, her stomach groaned. She had to shit. What a time to talk about him eating her asshole! “I-I gotta go, babe! I’m gonna catch a shuttle and get ready to meet you. I didn’t bring any nice clothes, so I’ll find a nice shop when I get there. Later!”

She hung up.

She didn’t want to hang up on him like that. He still had a good twenty minutes he could’ve talked to her. Maybe he wouldn’t be mad? All of that talk about letting him eat her asshole drew her attention to the shit wanting to burst out of her ass. Maybe eating all of that park food wasn’t such a good idea? How could she stop eating when they shaped everything like little dinosaurs?

How long did she have to catch a shuttle? She searched Edwin Station on her terminal and found it to be a little less than ten thousand kilometers from Cretaceous Park. If the shuttle went straight there it’d be less than thirty minutes. So much for taking a nap! Was dinner still based on Central Time or L4 Time? It had to be Central Time, unless he managed to talk his dickhead boss into giving him the day off. She could rent a hotel when she arrived and sleep until he called her.

It didn’t matter, she still had to shit. Her ass wanted to explode right there. She couldn’t hold it in that long. She could go on the shuttle. How did it work in zero gravity? What if she had to ask someone how and the shuttle was packed? She’d look pretty pathetic, asking how to shit in front of a bunch of strangers. What was she thinking? She couldn’t even make it to the shuttle! It would take an hour just to get on. Forget asking strangers how to shit, she had to worry about strangers standing around as she shat her pants.

Ericka groaned. She had to use the park restrooms. Maybe there wouldn’t be too many people in there? Shitting in public sucked! Instead of zoning out into her little worlds she worried about people hearing shit spray out of her ass. Her toilet was 384 thousand kilometers away, she had no choice. That’s why she didn’t like eating at amusement parks. She pulled earbuds out of her pocket and turned on her 2080’s playlist. If she couldn’t hear other people in the restroom they didn’t exist. If they didn’t exist they couldn’t hear her shit. Maybe that would work? It had to.

She ran through a nearby food court, her ass rumbling as the smell of fried food hit her nostrils. Two people ran into her, one tried to scream until she bared her teeth. She barged into the ladie’s room with hands on her cheeks and her asshole clenching. Nobody else was in there. “It’s weird that nobody else is in here, especially at rush hour. Oh well, more privacy for me.” She kicked the first stall door and dropped her pants. Her ass hit the toilet and she groaned. “Yeah,” she started shitting, “I finally get some peace!” Ericka sang with the music and zoned out.

Something crashed against the door, jolting Ericka back into reality. “What the fuck?” They hit the door again. Damn! She just got started. Why the fuck couldn’t they wait a few more minutes? Maybe she couldn’t expect to be the only person in the park who needed to use the restroom? Why did they have to want this one?

They hit the door again.

“Okay, it’s occupied! You can use the other stalls.”

She expected quiet when the person slammed into it again, louder this time.

“I said this toilet is occupied! Leave me alone and use the other toilets! I had a big lunch, so this might be a little while.”

They hit it again, hard enough for the door to buckle.

Ericka ripped her earbuds out and screamed. “OH MY GOD CAN’T A GIRL TAKE A FUCKING SHIT IN PEACE?”

A horned dinosaur reared its head over the stall and tore the door off with its mouth. Ericka’s body froze. Oh God, oh God, oh God! She prayed it didn’t see her. Maybe it could only see her if she moved? Isn’t that what the scientists said, or did she see that on some stupid meme?.

The dinosaur tilted its head and leaned in. Warm rancid air blasted her face as it breathed.

She got it right! Maybe? Or was it just trying to figure out the best way to scarf her down? How much longer could she hold it? It felt like someone shoved a water hose up her ass and it would burst out of her stomach if she didn’t let it go soon. She needed to hold it. How long would he wait before giving up? It didn’t matter! She couldn’t hold it!

She screamed and let out a loud squeaky fart as she shat. The dinosaur jerked back before lunging. Ericka shrieked as its teeth tore through her rib cage and she went flying off the toilet. This was how she’d die? This wasn’t hot at all, not like her earlier fantasy! Maybe if it just bit her head, and she was rubbing one out or riding Anthony’s dick?

The creature threw her across the restroom. She slammed against the wall and hit the floor,

“Oh God! What the fuck is happening?” Ericka pushed herself up. Something cracked and pain shot through her ribs. She screamed and collapsed, her cheek splashing in the lake of blood pooling around her. “This … hurts … so fucking … bad!” She crawled along the floor. If she could reach the door and let someone see her…

Hot air rushed over her neck and the now-familiar rancid odor hit her nose.

“Goddamnit! Just leave me the fuck alone!”

A smaller dinosaur, the size of a wolf, ran into the bathroom. It had the same bull horns as the bigger one. A baby? Warm air brushed her ass. Something licked her asshole, causing her to squirm. She craned her neck. The baby had its nose buried between her thighs.

“What the fuck?” Her ass twinged. “Oh, that feels good. So good!” Why was she getting off to this? It stopped for a second before biting into her ass. “Please, stop,” she screamed as it ripped the bottom of her ass. The baby pulled her intestines out and bit into it like a piece of sausage.

“N-no, please,” she sobbed, “I don’t want to die here.”

The dinosaur ripped out more intestines and scarfed them down. The baby finished her intestines and went between her legs and tore her pussy off in one bite. Piss sprayed out of her ruined womanhood.

Where the fuck did everyone go? Why didn’t anyone hear her being ripped apart by dinosaurs? She wanted to be saved. Could she function after this? Anthony wouldn’t find her sexy anymore. Could they save her and make her look beautiful again?

The adult closed its mouth around her head. “Good,” she sighed as giant teeth sunk into her neck. This was more in line with her earlier fantasy. Maybe it would’ve been hotter if she still had a pussy to rub?

The pain faded and blinked out as the dinosaur pulled her head from her body. Her head landed between two teeth. With a loud crunch everything went dark.

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Published on Oct-12-2022