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Grimm Erotica - Adulterous Dinner

Adulterous Dinner

Written by Ken E. Davis

Part of Cretaceous Island

There was once a loser named Sylvia Hoffman. None of the other girls liked her, said she needed to eat more vegetables and start taking showers. Boys didn’t ask her out on dates. She managed to ask three boys out and get a yes, two of them cheated on her. The one who didn’t looked like he wanted to throw up the entire time they had sex and had to wach porn just to get it up. People made fun of her baggy clothes, laughed when she wore skirts or dresses—only cute girls could show their legs, it seemed—and knee-high socks, and how she never brushed the red fluff on her head. Sylvia never spoke around people and cried herself to sleep every night.

That Silvia died in college, when she broke out of her parents' control. She could shower every day without Mom ranting about how being clean shamed the poor. She cut back on the junk food and added green to her diet without being worried about fat-shaming and started going to the gym. She landed a job in a space park filled with real fucking dinosaurs. She hid between two vending machines, on that same dinosaur space park in her camo shirt and miniskirt uniform with her knees on the ground and a dick in her mouth.

The dick belonged to Anthony Whitten. The boy she dreamed about in high school, the 2-meter blond basketball player who kept walking when she waved at him in the hall, leaned on a brick wall with his slacks around his ankles as her lips went up and down his plump shaft. Her fingers crawled over the curves of his leg muscles.

“Aww! Don’t be like that, babe! I booked the best place on Edwin Station for dinner.”

“I know,” an airy voice said through Anthony’s terminal.

Anthony wasn’t even her boyfriend. He belonged to someone named Ericka, who he was video chatting with as she sucked his cock.. Did she deserve to be cheated on? She didn’t know Ericka beyond the hourglass babe with short blue hair and giant tits. Was she a total bitch or a sweetheart? It didn’t matter. The world owed her this much for the misery she went through as a kid, for all of the rejections and the three boys who ripped out her heart. The hottest man from school thought she was worth destroying his relationship with a woman like Ericka. How could that be anything other than a win?

“I ended up feeling pretty horny today after seeing a live T-Rex, how big and strong they were. It reminded me of your big dick,” Ericka moaned.

Sylvia choked. She wanted to blurt out, “yeah, it’s like sucking down a dinosaur’s dick.”

“Oh, is that so? Well, you’re my t-rex, baby.”

His cock twitched and cum spewed out. Sylvia’s cheeks swelled until a sticky waterfall burst down her chin. What did Ericka think about him groaning like a bear? If this didn’t give them away…

“I thought so, my pussy can’t wait to be filled with your big D.”

How could a girl be so fucking stupid?

“ get to be the first to eat my pretty little hole!”

But would she be his first? She grinned and slurped the overflowed jizz.

The terminal clicked. “Wasn’t that hot?”

“Yeah,” Sylvia licked her fingers, “and delicious!” She threw her arms around him. “How hot do you think it’ll be if you fuck her with my cunt juice on your dick?”

“I’m not sure if I’ll have time, babe.” He pulled up his pants.

Sylvia whimpered. “Why not?”

“I should probably be getting on the next shuttle to Edwin so she doesn’t show up wondering where I’m at.”

“That’s disappointing,” Sylvia groaned. She reached down her shirt and removed her bra, tossing it onto the soda machine, and unfastened the buttons. She leaned in, squashing her breasts into his chest. “Just one quick fuck is all I need. Don’t you think it’ll be hot when she sucks my pussy off your dick?”

Anthony sighed and squeezed her breasts. “I can spare about forty minutes. Do you care if we go a little fast?”

“If I get my pussy stuffed I don’t care. I know where we can go to keep from getting caught.”

Sylvia grabbed his wrist and ran with him to a patch of forest on the edge of the visitor area. She guided him to a tree stump where he sat.

“It’s show time!”

She pulled her arms through the sleeves and tried to force the shirt down her body. Her arms went through one at a time and the v-neck stopped around her boobs. Groaning and tugging, with all of the buttons loose, she couldn’t get the little hole over the bulge. She looked at him with a grin to see him leaning forward with his mouth open. She bent over as she tugged at the shirt.

She couldn’t believe a man wanted to watch her tits as she tried to pull them through her shirt. If he didn’t catch that shuttle in the hour Ericka would wonder why he wasn’t on Edwin Station. Worse, if they ended up catching the same shuttle and bumped into each other…. She expected him to tell her to hurry up as he just sat there with wide eyes and a hung jaw. He wanted to waste extra time and risk destroying his relationship just to watch her boobs struggle to fit through a hole.

He would get bored at some point, she knew. She yanked, putting her entire arm into it. Something ripped and her boobs popped out. “There we go!” She pulled the rest over her stomach into a tight band under her tits and tied the sleeves. She pushed the skirt over her thighs and dropped it to her ankles. Straddling his legs, she pulled his face into her cleavage.

Sirens blared, Anthony looked back to the visitor area. “What the hell…”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s probably just a drill. Focus on my tits. Okay?”

“Okay, babe.”

Silvia removed her black lingerie panties as he lay on the stump. She lowered herself, spreading her leg. A shiver shot up her spine. Her pussy lips, wet and dripping, parted as he entered. Pain shot through her legs as she took him deep until she squealed. Her body trembled as her pelvis meshed into his. She didn’t remember her first hurting this much. Her first could never keep his erection. He came up with about six lies about that, she bought none. THAT pain struck deeper than this. As she moved up and down, as her womanhood spread, the pain faded. A numbness spread over her, reaching to every muscle and cell. His hips moved with her, she felt the beating of his heart through his ribs.

A vibration shot through her. Anthony thrusts into her uterus, sending a tsunami crashing over her muscles. She threw her head back and gripped her hair. “Fuck!! I’m about to come, baby! Just a few more like that! I’m—”

“A fucking t-rex,” Anthony shouted.

What? Did he just call her a t-rex? “I’m not a t-rex!”

“No, I there is a t—”

She put a finger on his lips. “Just focus on … ooh … on me.”

Three bounces pushed her over the edge. Her pussy clenched. Jolts of electricity shot through every muscle, her body trembled and pulsed. She threw her head back and howled. “I’m coming baby! Fuck! I’m coming!”

A sharp pain pierced her abdomen. Something yanked her off the ground as pussy juice spewed out her legs. She heard something crunch. Another sharp pain ripped through her abdomen.

What the hell kind of orgasm did she have? Silvia opened her eyes to find herself on the ground. She looked around and saw a pale ass next to her. Who the fuck was she? She was fucking Anthony! When did it become a threesome? Did she take shrooms or something? Her head throbbed. The world was spinning. Her arms and chest throbbed, her legs and stomach were numb.

No, they weren’t numb, she could feel them at all. She couldn’t feel anything at all below her tits. She looked at the woman’s ass again and craned her neck. Her body stopped above her stomach, where blood and guts spilled out. “Wh-what the fuck is going on?” She whimpered. “Anthony?” She looked around and found the stump. Her heart stopped. Where his head should’ve been was a reddish-pink mesh with bone fragments, blood trickled down the trunk.

The t-rex grabbed her head. “Wait,” she screamed as it bit down. She heard a crunch and the lights went out.

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Published on Oct-12-2022