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Grimm Erotica - Tour Group

Tour Group

Written by Ken E. Davis

Part of Cretaceous Island

In twelve years, no child would remember when dinosaurs were long extinct.

Adam Perkins went through that phase where he had a favorite dinosaur when he was five. What kid didn’t? He watched all of the coolest movies about dinosaurs, from documentaries to horror movies his parents shouldn’t have allowed him to watch, and he spent untold hours exploring dinosaur-filled virtual worlds. Humans could only exist alongside them in fiction and sims. Then, on the Eighth of December, 2198, genetic engineers working for Sarah Wilshusen announced the rebirth of the dinosaurs. Even at the age of twelve, Adam thought they were full of shit when the article popped up on his terminal.

Six years later, as Adam watched through six layers of fencing as a drone deliver two entire fucking cows to a t-rex, he couldn’t wrap his mind around it. It had to be impossible. Even as he chomped on a dino-shaped burger and watched Big T rip the cow’s head off, it had to be impossible. For the next generation this, going to a park to visit dinosaurs and whatever else Wilshusen’s scientists could resurrect or create, would be as normal as visiting the Grand Canyon or spending a week on the Moon.

He came with five other seniors, his last field trip before graduation. Galvan High was one of the few schools given the chance to send its students on a free trip to Cretaceous Island as part of their promotional campaign. Principal Hollis wanted more volunteers, but not too many parents were comfortable with their kids going to a place with live dinosaurs. Everyone knew what happened in those movies from the 20th Century, the ones about this exact scenario. The conservative religious types considered resurrecting dead animals blasphemy.

The students who didn’t base their actions on old movies took a shuttle that morning. Cretaceous Island was not an island in a traditional sense, but a giant cylinder orbiting out past the Moon. From inside, the Island curved up. A white beam ran down the center, as bright as the Sun. A thick forest covered most of it, with giant hexagonal lakes.

Adam’s group landed in one of the parks, a 1 square kilometer area surrounded by six layers of fencing. He grouped up with his best friends; Camie Bertrand, short mousy hair and thick round glasses, wearing a white tank top and cargo shorts; and Kimberli Broome, long black hair with streaks of hot pink, wearing a black cropped shirt with a skull and pink bicycle shorts. Luke and the busty Latina named Elicia held hands and talked with Dylan. Mr. Tuttle, a fat bald man in his forties, guided them.

Adam wondered how it’d go if he went back in time and told his eight-year-old self about how he’d spend his last weekend in high school? He’d be surprised if his younger self didn’t break everything in the house jumping around. If this park existed back then and Mom took him, he’d scream and beg for her to take him home regardless of how many gates they put around the dinosaurs.

The dinosaur devoured the last piece, part of its hind leg, and started on the second one.

“They spent billions of dollars genetically recreating dinosaurs and built an O’neill cylinder to house them, but they couldn’t even bother making this a fully-functional ecosystem?” Camie crossed her arms and sighed.

“You worry about every little detail,” Kim replied.

“I’m just saying, it breaks the immersion watching drones bring them their food.”

“Yeah, I did kind of expect something a little more on the wild side.”

Camie continued ranting as they moved along. Adam nodded and replied with, “yeah,” even after his brain zoned out. Some people hated it when she got like that, but Adam thought she was cute whenever she went on her little rants. Did she know just how cute she looked when she got excited? It didn’t have to be an angry rant, he loved hearing her go on about her obsessions whether she was excited or annoyed. Even as she laughed, he knew Kimberli felt the same.

How would his younger self feel about him going just to hang out with two girls? He would’ve gotten a lecture about cooties and warned about having to play with dolls.

The idea of Camie playing with dolls would be harder to wrap around his head than the fact that someone brought dinosaurs back to life. Camie, messy brown hair and thick round glasses, would rather spend her time exploring the woods to study the local wildlife and find new bugs for her collection. If someone gave her a dollhouse she’d put it up in a tree for the birds. Kimberli’s doll collection consisted of horror movie action figures and monster plushies. Neither one was his girlfriend, even if he did take both of them to prom last month and he planned to marry both of them some day.

“You know,” Kim asked, “it’d be interesting if they served food made from dinosaur meat.”

“They legally can’t,” Camie replied. “Genetically engineered or resurrected species must be approved by the IFO before they can be used to make food or medicine.”

“Eh, that’s a bummer. I always wanted to know what a T-Rex burger tastes like. Ooh, or maybe a steak.”

“I’d try it,” Adam said.

Camie shook her head. “You two are weird.”

“You collect bugs.”

“Yeah, but I don’t eat them. I’m very picky about what I put in my—” Camie grabbed her shorts.

“What’s wrong?”

“I … I need to take a leak.”

“Do you want me to ask Mr. Tuttle if we can step out to use the girl’s room?”

Camie shook her head. “No, no. It’s not that bad, yet. I can wait until we get back to our rooms.”

“Are you sure,” Kim asked, “you did drink a pretty big bottle of tea.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. I-I really don’t like using public restrooms.”

“Alright, I just don’t want you to pee yourself or damage your kidneys.”

“It’ll be fine. We go back in fifteen minutes, I can hold it. I really don’t like peeing with strangers unless I have to.”

Kim shrugged. “Okay, if you say so. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Camie opened her mouth when the alarms started to blare.

A woman’s voice boomed from every direction. “All park attendees must take shelter immediately! Emergency! Code One Alpha! Code One Alpha!” The voice repeated the sentence every few seconds.

Tuttle waved them along. “I don’t think this is a drill.”

Camie and Kim grabbed Adam’s wrists as he and the other students ran behind Tuttle. They ran into a picnic shelter with tall brick walls. Adam helped Camie close the saloon-style doors behind them, Kim helped Elicia close the one on the other side. They piled onto one of the long picnic tables.

“W-what do you think happened?” Dylan asked.

“Who knows?” Elicia replied.

“Maybe a meteor punched through the Island or someone died.”

“Nah,” Tuttle shook his head, “that’d be a Code Zero. Plus, they’d be evacuating rather than sending everyone inside. Code One means some of the dinos got into the visitor parks.”

“Oh. I wonder how many?”

“It’s Alpha Level, so it’s widespread.”

“Fuck! How the fuck would that happen?”

“Fuck if I know. Someone being stupid, no doubt.”


Camie squirmed in her seat as everyone talked. Her bladder seemed ready to explode. If she couldn’t get to the restrooms soon her shorts were going to get soaked, or she’d spend the night in the med bay getting her kidneys regrown. She tugged Kim’s shirt.


“How much longer do you think this is going to last?”

“I dunno. I guess until they round up the dinos.”

“Shit! I still have to pee.”

“Just wait! I doubt it’ll take that long.”

“I don’t think I can. I’m really about to go in my shorts.”

“I don’t think it’ll be long. And, if you have to pee yourself I’ll cover you until we get back to the hotel.”

Camie groaned. Maybe she could just go right there? No! She didn’t want to be that girl. Kim and Adam wouldn’t make fun of her. They’d both go out of their way to hide the fact that she pissed herself, maybe even offer to loan their shorts until they got to the hotel. Jake and Elicia were on the other side of the table, too busy kissing, but Dylan and Mr. Tuttle sat close enough to hear piss spattering on the floor. She didn’t want her kidneys to burst either. Why did they have to hide in a picnic shelter instead of the restrooms?

She had to go outside. The shelter sat less than ten meters from a patch of woods that appeared to be inside the visitor area. Nobody would be in there, not during an emergency. So what if she ran into a dinosaur? They were being fed by drones, they were nothing more than glorified zoo animals! What possible hunting skills could they even have? If she saw a T-rex, she could outrun it. A good blow or two from her boots would break a velociraptor’s jaw.

Camie tapped Kim. “I’m going outside, I’ll be back.”


Camie slid off the bench and started towards the back door.

“Hey,” Tuttle shouted. “Hey, you! Girl! You can’t leave during an emergency!”

Camie stopped at the door. “I … uhh … I need to get ….” How was she supposed to tell him she had to pee in front of everyone? Fuck it! “I just want to step out to take a leak. I won’t be long.”

Tuttle pointed at a trashcan in the corner. “Just pee in there.”

Her right eyes twitched. “With everyone watching? No thanks!”

“I’ll make sure nobody looks.”

“Fuck off! How do I know you’re not a pervert?”

“I’ll go with her,” Kim blurted.

Tuttle looked at her as she got up.

“I’ll go with you Camie. Now that I think about it, I gotta piss too.”

Camie smiled and blushed. “Thanks, Kimmy!”

Kim threw open the doors, Camie followed her outside.

Camie and Kimberli stopped when the artificial sun shut off.

“I guess this is night?” Kim asked.

Without a moon it felt as if someone dropped a sack over her head. The only light came from the other visitor areas, like dim stars arranged in hexagonal patterns along the walls of a giant tunnel.

Camie pulled out her hand terminal and turned the flashlight on, placing it against a tree.

“I guess this is a good spot.” Kim pulled her shorts and panties to her ankles and squatted over a patch of dirt.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Taking a piss. Isn’t that why we’re out here?”

“Uhh … I can’t piss in front of other people.”

“I’m not just some other person, I’m one of your best friends. It’s perfectly normal for us to piss together.”

“Would you be saying that if Adam came with us?”

“Sure. It’s not like he hasn’t seen my pussy before.”

Camie cocked her head. “He’s seen you naked before?”

“We had sex once.”

When the fuck did that happen? “Really? Where was I?”

“I think you were at home with the flu. We decided to look around that old shack, the one that scared you every time we hiked through the forest behind my house. We got bored and ended up fucking. I figured you would’ve fucked him a few times seeing how often you two go exploring without me.”

“I never thought to ask him. I’m not sure if he sees me that way.” Camie smirked. “Would you get jealous if I ever did?”

“Nah! It’s not like I’m dating him. Even if I was, I always imagined him dating both of us. I don’t think he could go with just one of us. Now, are you gonna pee or not? Because I’m heading back once I get done.”

Camie considered going behind the tree and flinched as she looked into the darkness beyond the glow of her flashlight. The escaped dinosaurs no longer seemed a minor threat. She fidgeted with her belt loops for a few seconds and yanked her pants down.

“Aww, cute panties, nerd!” Kim laughed.

Camie’s face flushed pink. She pulled her panties, dark blue with stars and the planet Jupiter on the front, and squated. “Oh, yeah,” she snickered, “what about yours? Pitch black with a skull? How edgy!”

Kim burst out laughing, Camie laughed with her. She laughed hard until she squirted piss.

“S-stop … you’re making me pee!”

“Wasn’t … wasn’t that the whole point?” Kim laughed as she squirted jets.

Something rustled grass in the dark. Camie perked her head. Maybe Adam came with them after all?

Six dinosaurs stepped out of the darkness. Camie stiffened and her piss flowed like a faucet, though they were no larger than a person’s hand. Of all the dinosaurs that escaped, why did it have to be these? They were fucked. “We need to get out of here, now.”

Kim squealed. “They’re so cute! Don’t tell me you’re scared of these guys.” Three more appeared.

“They’re more dangerous than they look. We have to leave.”

Two of them moved towards Kim’s crotch.

“You perverts,” Kim laughed and opened her legs.

“Don’t do that!” Camie screamed.

“Oh, don’t be—” One of them latched onto her pussy. Kim screamed and fell back, spraying bloody piss down her shirt and face. “GET THIS FUCKER OFF ME! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?”

Camie jumped up, kicking her shorts and panties off. “Hold still, I’ll get—” One of them grabbed her clit. She screamed and lept back. Something snapped under her foot and the light went out. She bolted with the dinosaur on her pussy.

“WAIT,” Kim screamed, “CAMIE!? DON’T LEAVE ME! I’M YOUR BEST FRIEND! PLEASE DON’T—” Kim’s fading screams became garbled as if her mouth was filled with water.

Camie followed a white glow through the trees until the picnic shelter came into view. “HELP ME!” She screamed.

Adam burst out and ran to her. Jake and Elicia watched from the door, with Tuttle looming behind them.

“Help me! It’s biting my pussy!”

Adam pulled the creature off.

“Oh my God, thank you!” She threw her arms around his neck and kissed his lips. “Thank you!”

“W-where’s Kim?”

“Sh-sh-sh-sh-she’s d-dead, I’m sorry….” Camie watched the creature squirm in Adam’s hand with a lump of meat in its mouth. The lump looked like her clit, dripping with blood. “That’s mine,” she screamed.

Adam jerked and threw the dinosaur into the forest.

“Wait! It has my clit!” She ran back into the trees.

“Wait a minute!” Adam screamed.

She had to save her clit. Maybe the doctors could reattach it if the little fucker didn’t chew it yet? Would she be able to enjoy herself the next time she rubbed herself of had sex? Could she still have good orgasms?

Sharp teeth sunk into her ass cheek. Camie shrieked and threw herself to the ground, the dinosaur squawked as she crushed it under her ass. She froze. Glowing eyes appeared in the dark. There had to be dozens. Why did she run in here? The technology to grow a new clitoris wasn’t that expensive. If she could get to Adam everything would be fine. The eyes move closer.

She screamed and crawled to her feet. The dinosaurs swarmed her, jumping up and latching onto her thighs and ass. Two grabbed her pussy, one biting her pussy lips as the other sank its teeth into her pubis. “ADAM! SOMEONE!” One bit her right ankle, she shrieked and tumbled. Her face slammed against the ground as they closed in. She swatted at a few trying to bite her hands. “PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP ME! I NEED HELP! I CAN’T WALK!” One of them stuck its head in her mouth and bit into her tongue. She clamped her jaw until something crunched. She spat the head out along with half of her tongue. More swarmed around her face, more teeth sank into her ass and legs. She closed her eyes and buried her face in the dirt as they bit the side of her face. Her ears were gone after a few bites. They started biting her neck.



A hand grabbed Adam’s shoulder before he could take one step. It belonged to Dylan.

Adam snarled. “Dude, let me go or I’ll kick you in the fucking balls!”

“There’s nothing we can do,” he pointed at the line of trees where a dozen velociraptors emerged from the forest.

“Mr. Tuttle, you need to—” Adam turned to see Tuttle jogging with the bouncing belly.

“It’s not my fucking problem, they pay me to guide not the provide security! You’re on your own.”

“You fat motherfucker,” Elicia shouted, “just wait until your ass gets sued.”

Three raptors turned towards Tuttle as he ran. A few bolted after him, the rest followed. The tour guide screamed as they drove him to the ground and ripped his round belly open.

Adam stepped towards the woods when Camie screamed, “PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP ME! I NEED HELP,” and went silent. He froze.

“I-It’s too late.”

“We have to do something,” he growled.

“Dude, we can’t do anything but get ourselves killed.”

Adam glared at Dylan. How could he leave Camie? He couldn’t lose her, not after he lost Kim. If he went, would the other three try to be a hero or cower in the shelter? What if they went and everyone died? Adam followed Dylan to the shelter.

He looked back as he stepped through the door. The little dinosaurs came out of the forest by the dozen, all running towards them. He closed the door.

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Published on Oct-12-2022