Snuff Scouts

Started by Ken E. Davis

Creepy Rich Boy
Jenna couldn’t believe her eyes as they turned the corner and started down the long driveway of what might as well have been a mansion.
“I can’t believe he actually lives here!”
Katie, short red hair and glasses, pulled her along by the arm. “What did you expect? His parents gave him twenty grand for a birthday gift!”
“I just never expected that weird little dork from English would be rich. Why is he even in a public school?”
“Well, now we know why he’s always staring at me. Don’t know why he asked for me, though.”
“I figured out he had a crush on me ages ago. It sucks that I’m gonna lose my virginity to Justin Malone. He probably stalks my social media and knows you’re my bestie. Maybe he thought I’d be happier if you went with me?”
“Well, it makes me happier knowing I don’t have to go on without my bestie. Besides, if it makes you feel any better, you won’t be alive when it happens.”
“I suppose, though I’d still prefer to feel my first time.”
“You should’ve gotten laid when you joined. I did.”
“I tried it’s just—”
“You’re too picky?”
“I was going to say I have high standards, but whatever.”
Katie laughed. “Standards too high for someone with more money than you would’ve made if you lived a full life?” She knocked on the door.
“He’s such a nerd,” Jenna whined. “Plus, I had no idea he was rich.”
The door swung open and a skinny boy in glasses leaned out.
“Hey! Jenna!” Justin grinned. “The cookies are here,” he yelled back into the house. A chubby Asian boy, Brian Phan, appeared with a slice of pizza in his hand.
They followed Justin and Brian to a large bathroom.
“Alright, I’d like to buy two boxes.” Justin pulled out a debit card and slid it over to Jenna. “One for me and one for my good ol’ gamer buddy.” Jenna and Katie scanned the card with their phones and, upon receiving confirmation, handed their boxes to Justin. Justin handed one to Brian and placed his on the sink.
“Putting this on record for code compliance.” Jenna placed the phone on record and set it on the towel rack.
Justin made the girls stand in the tub. “My folks will kill me if I don’t clean this up by Monday, this makes it easier.” He handed a knife to Brian. “As my guest, I’ll let you go first.”
Brian turned Katie around and yanked her head back before slashing her throat. Jenna jumped a few inches as blood sprayed the wall. Katie buckled and collapsed, writhing in the tub until she gave out.
“My turn,” Justin said as he pulled out a gun. “Do you care where I put it?”
“I don’t know if it matters, but I’d be happier if you didn’t leave any holes in my face. ‘Kay?”
“You got it,” he said and shoved the gun into her mouth. Jenna had a few seconds to taste the bitter metal before the bullet ripped through her brain and emerged through the top.
Jenna collapsed with a growing red spot in her blonde hair.
“Time to see what’s in the wrappers.” Justin said and began stripping Jenna’s body. Brian stripped his girl.
Brian dropped Katie over the side of the tub facing up, Justin mounted Jenna over the sink. They unzipped their pants and slid into their pussies, rocking back and forth. Justin grunted and spewed deep inside her. Brian came seconds later and pulled out with globs of semen dripping out of Katie’s pussy.
Justin threw off his pants and dropped Jenna on the ground. “Hey, might as well get our money’s worth.” Justin squeezed Jenna’s tits around his cocks and began thrusting.
“No arguing with that,” Brian said and climbed in the tub and pulled Katie’s head between her legs. He slid her mouth over his cock.
Brian beat him by a few seconds, groaning as he filled her mouth. He pulled out and stroked his cock as the rest of his load sprayed on her face.
Justin growled and kept thrusting, sprayed until semen covered her chin and filled her cleavage.
The boys got dressed and Justin threw Jenna over his shoulder. “What do you say we sleep on some expensive body pillows that’ll spoil by morning?”
“You’ll never get that smell out of your room.”
“That’s why we’ll camp out back tonight. I’ll grab the sleeping bags.”
Brian lifted Katie and grabbed his cookies. “Sounds fun!”

Published on Feb-19-2023
Last updated on Feb-19-2023
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