Stephanie Coss

Started by Ken E. Davis

Ellie felt naked. It felt like one of those dreams she used to have, the ones where she went to school and realized as she stood in front of the class that she forgot to wear clothes. Her classmates would all laugh and she’d wake up. Nobody was laughing, but she wasn’t really naked. The short fuzzy-haired brunette was in a sports bra with a v cut through the middle, exposing half of her breasts, and a miniskirt so short her ass cheeks hung out if she bent over by even the smallest degree. She rode the bus halfway across town to spend the night with her thirty-year-old Acting II teacher. She’d have worn her favorite yellow sweatpants and that Pikachu hoodie, but Ms. Rodriguez said to wear something extra cute; she probably wasn’t thinking about anime rodents when she said that.
Were the goosebumps going down her arms and legs from the icy gust from the AC or the men looking at her from every angle? The moment she got on she noticed their heads rising like puppets in a kid's show introducing themselves. All of them were in their thirties or forties. One of her oglers turned out to be younger than twenty, a boy, sitting by the door, with brown hair and khakis who seemed to be around thirteen. He looked up, staring at her legs as she squeezed through the crowd and grabbed a railing next to his seat. If she had to let a pervert get a closer look, the cute boy three years younger seemed the best option.
As the bus moved along, Ellie started playing an old Final Fantasy game on her phone and tried to zone out. She zoned back in several times to find herself trying to pull her skirt over her legs or cover her cleavage, feeling the burn of a dozen sets of eyes on her bare skin. She considered going home to change into something more modest, but Rodriguez might get mad if she showed up late. She’d also need to sneak in or figure out how to explain to Dad her reason for being outside this late, and why she was dressed like a hooker. Worse, she might’ve lost the courage she gathered to go in the first place. Would Rodriguez say anything Monday if she bailed out after going through the trouble of arranging everything in the first place?
Ellie sighed the notification popped up saying Rodriguez’s house was just a block away and slammed her fist onto the button. The bus stopped and she squeezed through the crowd. As she reached the door a hand gripped her buttocks. She smirked. The little guy had some balls. She turned, wanting to invite him to join her. Would Rodriguez be okay if she brought a younger boy along for a threesome? It didn’t matter. As she looked at him, or where he should’ve been, her stomach churned. The boy must’ve gotten off while she zoned out earlier. The one grabbing her ass was a man who could not have been a day under fifty. Her face contorted, the smell of him reminded her of the time she found her dead cat under the sink. His other hand pointed the camera on his phone at her crotch. She looked around at her fellow passengers. Most of them buried their heads in their phones, and a few stared ahead or out the window. Did nobody care that an old man just grabbed her ass? If she said something, the police might’ve gotten involved, then they’d call her parents and her weekend would’ve been fucked.
She grinned and pulled her ass out of his grip before getting off. Ellie glanced over her shoulder as she walked, expecting the old man to get off and follow her. When the doors closed and the bus pulled away, she sighed and stretched. She wasn’t getting serial killed tonight. Even if he decided to get off further down the road, she’d already be at Rodriguez’s house.
Ellie arrived a few minutes later. The creepy old groper faded from her mind as she took her first step on the driveway. In a few moments, she’d enter her teacher’s house for the night. Who knew what would happen after that? Something sexy, she hoped. Ms. Rodriguez wasn’t just her teacher, but her biggest crush. The caramel complexion, curtains of jet black hair, the mountains her eyes followed every day as they curved under Rodriguez’s polo shirts, and the apple-shaped ass would be hers tonight. But, what if she misread her when she made the invitation yesterday? When she asked Rodriguez for help with her budding lesbianism, did she intend for them to meet up and have sex? What if she just wanted to have some kind of heartfelt talk? If she did want to talk, she wouldn’t have invited her to spend the night. It didn’t matter, her feet climbed up onto the porch. Her finger reached out and rang the doorbell. Whatever her teacher wanted, she’d find out in a few seconds.
The door swung open and Ellie’s heart stopped.
“Hey, Ellie,” Rodriguez smiled, “I’m glad you could make it.” She stepped aside and waved her in.
Ellie’s neck twisted to keep her eyes on Rodriguez as she stepped into her living room. Ellie had a hard time looking anywhere else during class when she wore her work outfit, this one made it impossible to look at anything else. Rodriguez wore a strapless black leather dress, cut low enough that her breast spilled out even as she stood, and black fishnet stockings. She tied her hair into schoolgirl pigtails with purple ribbons.
“Y-you really are beautiful tonight, Ms. Rodriguez,” Ellie blurted. Did she really say that out loud?
Rodriguez smiled. “Thanks, sweetie. You can call me Melissa, for tonight.”
“You look r-really pretty, Melissa.” Ellie beamed.
“And you look really cute, too,” she leaned in and kissed her on the forehead. A fluttery wave spread through her groin and stomach as Melissa’s cleavage hung in front of her face.
“You really think so?”
“Yes. I bet you turned a lot of heads in that outfit.”
“Oh, there were quite a few guys checking me out on the bus.”
“I bet they were. You have the cutest little boobs under that bra, I could just eat them right up.”
“I hope you’re going to eat something else, too.”
“Oh, I will my little eager beaver. I plan to enjoy every bit of your cute body before we fall asleep. In the meantime, you wanna go into my bedroom? We can get comfy on my bed while I order pizza. Do you like anime.”
“Yes! Anime and pizza sound amazing,” she followed her into the hall, “what are we watching?”
“I was thinking of Demon Slayer. Are you cool with that??”
“Yeah, it’s one of my favorites.”
Ellie grinned as she stepped into her bedroom. Anime and video game posters lined the walls, she had hundreds of action figures in front of the TV. The left wall was a bookshelf filled with books. THIS would be her place when she got older.
“Make yourself comfy,” Melissa waved to the queen-sized bed with a Lord of the Rings comforter. “Also, shirts are banned for tonight,” she winked.
Ellie started to tell her it was a sports bra, but nodded. Her hands quivered as she lifted the sports bra, her pussy seemed to pulse as her boobs fell out. She threw the bra aside, the pulses rushed up her stomach to her heart as she cupped the underside of her breasts and squeezed. On the bus, she felt naked with the bra on, and now it felt right sitting on her teacher’s bed with her tits hanging out. No, it didn’t feel quite right, she felt overdressed with the skirt. When would she ban that, too?
“Those are literally the cutest boobs I have ever seen.
If Stephanie had to guess when the horrors began, the horrors that would plague Birdville City for six years, it would be when that fucking teenager, the one she forever named Breebitch, walked into The Wasted Boars.
Stephanie, a short woman with curly brown hair, might’ve been mistaken for another waitress if she had been in a g-string rather than a black shirt and cargo shorts with a taser sticking out of her pocket. She paced by the entrance, yawning and zoned out like every night, waiting to get back home and crawl into bed with her Melissa. She didn’t want the sex, although she wouldn’t have turned her down if she asked, she needed to sleep. After her shift at the club, she had to some park on the outskirts of Portland because Richland Academy, the snobby private school she worked security at during the week, wanted some of their guards to accompany a field trip.
The girl came in two hours after her shift started. She walked in, chin up, bright red hair tied into a long ponytail, ass cheeks hanging out of denim shorts, and a flannel shirt tied to show her midriff. That girl could not have been twenty-one, or even fifteen. How fucking stupid was the doorman? She sighed and stormed over to the girl, who she thought was going to be the first minor out of however many slipped through the doorman’s lazy ass she kicked out that night.
She tapped the girl’s shoulder. “How old are you?”
The girl stopped and looked back. “I’m fourteen.”
“You shouldn’t be here.”
She curled her nose and kept walking.
“I said you can’t be here. Come back once you’re twenty-one.” Stephanie grabbed her by the arm.
“Who the fuck are you,” she screamed and pulled, locking her feet to the ground as Stephanie pulled her to the entrance, “let me go you fucking creepy bitch!”
“You’re not old enough to be in a bar. You need to go home and sleep, I’m sure it’s past your bedtime.”
“I’m here to see my daddy. Let me the fuck go or he’ll be mad.”
“Yeah, I bet. I bet he doesn’t even know you’re out of the—” The girl yanked her arm through Stephanie’s grip, and staggered back before crashing ass-first on the floor. Stephanie had enough. How about a little shock on her naked legs to get her out the door? Stephanie leaned toward the sobbing girl, hand on her taser.
“What the fuck is going on here?”
Stephanie grinned as Mr. Corrigan strolled over with a scowl on his face. The little bitch was fucked, now.
“I asked a question. What the fuck is going on?”
Stephanie opened her mouth, but the girl, through sobs, spoke first. “Sh-she assaulted me, Daddy!”
Stephanie’s heart lept down her stomach as Corrigan looked at her. How much did she just fuck up?
“S-sir, she’s not old enough to be in here.”
“I’ll fucking worry about that.”
“S-sir, she needs to—”
“If you lay a hand on my little girl again you can find yourself another job. Do you understand me Cross?”
Stephanie nodded. “Y-yes, sir. It won’t happen again.”
“I know it won’t.”
“M-my name is Coss, though,” she mumbled as he already turned to his daughter.
“Are you okay, sweetie?” He pulled her to her feet.
“Y-yes, thanks.” She sniffled and wiped tears from her eyes. As they walked off the girl looked over her shoulders with a grin on her face as she flipped her the bird.
Stephanie snarled and bit down until her teeth hurt. She wished Corrigan showed up after she tased his precious little bitch. She’d have been fired, but it would’ve been worth it. The night wasn’t over yet, anything could happen.
Melissa ordered pizza and slid into bed next to Ellie. She turned on the TV and started the first episode of Demon Slayer
“So,” Melissa brushed the hair out of Ellie’s face and started caressing the side of her face, “what part of your budding lesbianism do you need help with?”
Ellie smirked. “I mostly need help learning what to do when I have sex with other girls.”
“I’m quite positive I can help you with that.”
Melissa leaned in until their noses brushed. Ellie's heart pounded in the back of her throat, she could hear every breath as if someone sat blowing up balloons in her chest. Melissa smelled like strawberries and mint, with a hint of peaches as her mouth opened. Ellie parted her lips and locked them with Melissa’s. Their tongues melded until the idea of their mouths being separate seemed impossible. Time stopped, the world beyond Melissa’s face no longer existed.
After however many eternities in her minty strawberry paradise, Ellie shrieked. Someone pounded on something in the distance. She shrugged and closed her eyes when it happened again, three loud taps in quick succession. Someone nudged her shoulder and she raised her head. Somehow, she ended up on top, her breasts squashed against Melissa’s.
“Ells, I think the pizza’s here.” Melissa smiled. Ellie rolled off, whimpering until her stomach growled. “How would you like to answer the door? I already paid for it.”
“Alright.” She started to grab her bra when Melissa grabbed her shoulder.
“You don’t have to put your bra on if you don’t want to,” she winked.
Ellie froze, then a grin stretched over her face. She’d never get the chance to do this again, not until she moved out on her own. She dropped the bra and ran down the hallway as the pizza guy knocked again. “I’m coming,” she yelled and opened the door. The thirty-something man on the other side smirked, his eyes swelling. “Hi,” she sang and bounced on the heels until her boobs jiggled. She giggled as he handed her two boxes of pizza, breadsticks, and two large bottles of soda. She laughed all the way back to the room, her hands shaking as she set the food on the bed.
“What did he say?”
“Nothing. I don’t think he could speak, his arms were shaky as he gave me the food.”
“It must’ve been a new guy. The usual delivery guy is used to seeing tits when the door opens.”
“You should’ve seen the size of his erection.”
“His pants grew a tent?”
“It looked more like a skyscraper, but yeah.”
Ellie curled up into Melissa’s arms, pressing her back into her boobs, and relaxed as they shared two meat lovers’ pizzas.
Stephanie tried to ignore her. Bree, what Corrigan called here—Was it her name, or short for Brianna—didn’t belong in a nightclub. Corrigan didn’t even stop her from picking a table with two half-full glasses of rum left by a couple thirty minutes earlier.
“I can get someone to clean this off for you.”
“It’s fine,” Bree waved, “I don’t wanna make it harder for some poor waitress. They can clean it after I’m done.”
Stephanie expected him to say it’s what they were paid for, or that he didn’t want his precious little bitchy princess sitting at a dirty table. Instead, he replied with, “You really are such a thoughtful girl,” and rubbed her hair as she took a seat.
Didn’t he know this sort of shit was how you turned a kid into an entitled sociopath? What could she do about it, though? It was her boss’s kid. Call the cops? They might’ve shut down the place, and she’d have to find another job. If they did nothing Corrigan would know who called and she’d still be fired before next Wednesday. Who else bothered to make a fuss about the girl being here?
Looking around, none of her coworkers seemed to give a rat’s ass about the literal child sitting in the same nightclub with a bunch of shit-faced drunks and topless women. A blonde waitress even brough the little brat a drink, leaning with her tits in the girl’s face as she poured her a glass of Dr Pepper.
Once the waitress left Bree grabbed one of the glasses of rum and tipped several drops into her soda. Her eyes met Stephanie’s as she took her first sips. Stephanie turned away and continued pacing. Would it be worth it to tell the old man? She just started last week, it’d suck to get fired before her first paycheck.
Stephanie returned to pacing by the door, trying not to look at Breebitch. She had to show two drunks the door, one of them harassing a group of young college girls. She used to hate that part of the job, but after dealing with Breebitch she preferred the clarity of such moments. During those moments when her eyes fell on her table, before realizing who she was looking it, the bottles of rum seemed to be emptier than the last time she looked. It didn’t matter, it wasn’t her problem.
She froze as someone pinched her neck. She reached out to grab whoever it was only to close her hand around thin air. The skin where she was pinched was getting cold. She grabbed her neck and picked off a piece of ice. She looked up to see her, Breebitch, grinning before biting down on a straw. She blew into it and another piece of ice struck Stephanie’s right breast.
Stephanie’s burned like a supernova as she stormed across the club and slammed her fists on the girl’s table. “What the fuck is you deal?”
“Nothing, no deal,” she said, slurring her words. She stood up and leaned over the table, Stephanie stepped back at the stench of her rummy breath. “What’s your deal?” Stephanie found herself looking down Breebitch’s shirt. She should’ve looked away, Breebitch was just a kid, while her brain told her to grab the orange-sized breasts, two mounds of creamy jello, and squeeze them. “Hey,” Stephanie jerked her head up as Breebitch snapped her fingers, “are you looking at my breasts?”
“I asked you a question. Why are you throwing ice at me?”
“You didn’t deny it. You’re looking at my tits. Are you a lesbian?”
Stephanie pressed her hands against the table until she heard something crack. “You’re pissing me off.”
“Quite looking at my tits, then. You know I’m only fourteen, right?”
“If you don’t want people looking at your tits don’t show them off.”
“Oh, blaming the victim?” She grabbed the straw.
“You’re not the victim—”
A piece of ice hit her left eye. Stephanie’s hand reached out and grabbed her glass. “I’m not fucking playing any goddamned games with you,” she dumped the soda-and-rum over the girl’s head, “stupid fucking Breebitch!” When the last drop spilled down her face, Stephanie tossed the glass over her shoulder.
She might’ve heard the glass shatter if Breebitch’s screams didn’t drown out every other sound in the club. “DADDY!” Stephanie staggered back as Breebitch flipped the table over and fell to the floor.
Stephanie froze as Corrigan barreled across the room. “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BAR!” She jolted through the door and dove into her car.
She got her car started as he ran towards her. Stephanie wanted to slam back into the club with her CR-V. If that didn’t total her car, she’d keep going until she ran over his skanky daughter, then back up until she crushed her head like a balloon. He must’ve read her mind, because he dove back onto the sidewalk as she sped towards him. She swerved and screeched out of the parking lot.
“I’LL CUT OFF YOUR FUCKING TITS AND STUFF THEM UP YOUR CUNT!” His shouts faded as she turned the corner.
Melissa staggered back to the bedroom, with five slices of pizza and two liters of soda threatening to burst out of her stomach. She wanted to hurl when her eyes caught the bag of uneaten breadsticks and the remaining half-eaten box of pizza sitting on her desk. The entire concept of food sounded disgusting at that moment.
Ellie lay in her bed, breasts rising like a pump, with both hands on her stomach, watching the fourth episode of Demon Slayer. If her body wasn’t moving, she’d have thought the girl died. Melissa knows if she ate eight whole slices, she would be dead. Where did the adorable little teen put it all?
“Hey, sweetie.”
“Hi.” Ellie turned her head. “I don’t think I can eat ever again.”
“Me neither. Oh, I just created a new rule.”
“Oh? What is it?”
“Clothes are banned for the entire night. In fact, nobody wears anything until you get ready to leave tomorrow.”
“I like that rule.”
“I knew you would. It seems I’m violating it more than you, though.” Melissa pulled the top of her dress down, grinning as she exposed her breasts. Ellie sat up, squeezing her thighs and grabbing her crotch as Melissa slid the dress down her waist and let it fall. “Alright, now you’re violating the rule.”
Melissa’s dress hit the floor, leaving her naked except for her fishnet stockings and a black thong. “Alright, now you’re violating the rule.”
Ellie hopped off the bed and started twirling her hips and squeezing her thighs. She stretched out her arms and waved them as if she was dancing for a Pharoah. Melissa snickered. Ellie continued, moving faster until the miniskirt slipped over the curve of her hips and dropped the to floor. “There! No more clothes!” She stood with her legs apart and arms out.
“Oh wow,” Melissa giggled, “you came all this way without any underwear in a skirt that short?”
“I never wear underwear,” she smiled and winked, “I haven’t worn them since I was ten.”
“You’re officially my favorite student.”
“Well, you’re my favorite teacher.” Ellie fell against Melissa, burying her face between her boobs. Melissa’s hands slid down Ellie’s back and cupped her ass. Ellie gazed into Melissa’s hazel eyes and threw her legs around her hips as their mouths touched. Ellie ran her hands along the teacher’s arms to her chest, gripping the underside of her boobs. She moved long her stomach and grabbed her hips, looping her fingers through the strap of her g-string. “I love you, Melissa. But…”
“I love you too, Ells. But, what?”
“You’re not following the rule about no clothes. You’re still wearing panties.”
“I am.”
“Looks like I need to change that for you.” Ellie dropped her legs and started kissing Melissa’s neck, moving down to her chest, stopping to suck her nipple, going down her stomach. Melissa’s thighs squeezed when Ellie kissed and licked the sweaty crevice between her stomach and crotch. She pulled her thong over her thighs, Melissa stepped out and Ellie tossed them on the bed.
Ellie sniffed her pussy. She knew it didn’t smell like anything, but it might’ve been a bouquet of roses. She stuck out her tongue, licking the beads of sweat from the folds of her labia. She closed her teeth around her clit and swirled her tongue. Melissa whimpered, her legs buckled until she collapsed over Ellie, pushing her head against the bed. Ellie wrapped her arms around Melissa’s thighs, prying her ass cheeks apart and pressing her pussy harder against her face until she had to gasp for air. She spread her labia and slid her tongue deep into her hole, thrusting and twirling.
“T-this … ugh … isn’t your first time … is it?”
Ellie considered lying, saying she learned it watching porn. Would Melissa care? “N-mmmf-nommf!”
“MMnno,” she yelled.
“I see … ahhh … you know how to eat pussy … better than the virgins I’ve had over here.”
Jillian, her psycho ex, taught her everything she knew about eating pussy.
Melissa shrieked moments later. Her hips rocked against Ellie’s face as juice erupted from her pussy. Ellie moved her head, keeping her tongue in Melissa’s hole as cunt juice gushed down her chin.
She slid off the bed moments later, laying back on the floor, heaving. Ellie kneeled over her, smiling. “Did you enjoy that?”
“That was so fucking amazing.”
“Your pussy was amazing, too. Way better than my ex.”
Melissa held out her arms like a mother reaching for her child. “Turn around, first.” Ellie flipped around and scootched back, lowering her crotch to Melissa’s face.
Ellie closed her eyes as Melissa licked around the crevices of her crotch, her tongue creeping to her labia. She took deep breaths, curling her toes and fingers. Melissa’s tongue reached her slit, flickering back and forth, orgasm shot through her like jolts of electricity, forcing her back into an arch as she howled and mewled. Her legs trembled, her chest and stomach clenched as the air seemed to rush from her body. The sensation crashed over her like a tsunami, obliterating everything. She felt nothing until the pulses racing from her crotch moved to her ass. Another orgasm crashed over her as Melissa’s tongue danced around her rosebud and slid into her asshole. Ellie crashed to the floor, clenching her ass and thighs while fading in and out. Her eyes closed as she fell into a void greater than the universe itself.
She opened her eyes an eternity later with her face plastered to Melissa’s thigh. Deep gasps sucked air into her burning lungs.
Ellie rolled off and sat up, beaming as Melissa licked pussy juice from her chin. She dove into Melissa’s arms, squeezing her breasts against hers’ as they gripped each other and locked lips.
Melissa crawled from under Ellie ten minutes after she fell asleep. The teen, curled up on the floor, purred as her chest swelled.
It seemed wrong to wake her, like bothering a peaceful kitten. She didn’t want the poor girl waking up sore and cold. “Hey,” Melissa whispered as she grabbed Ellie’s ass and shoulders.
Ellie murmed. “Huh?”
“I’m moving you to the bed. Okay?”
“Mmrmmr,” she moaned.
“Come on, sweetie.” Melissa beamed as she lifted Ellie and laid her on the bed. She turned off the lights and TV before curling up beside her, one hand on her breast and the other grabbing her crotch. “See ya in the morning,” she kissed the back of her neck.
Stephanie found the house dark when she got home, nor did she hear Melissa running down the hall to jump into her arms. The time on her phone showed 12:25 in the morning. When did that girl ever fall asleep before three on a Friday night?
She shrugged it off. Maybe she got bored without her? The growling of her stomach seemed the more pressing issue, and she wouldn’t be able to sleep that night.
Stephanie flipped on the kitchen light to find a pizza box sticking out of the trash. She opened it, sighing when it turned out to be empty and smacking herself. Why would it be in the trash if it still had pizza? She grabbed a stick of sausage, a block of cheese, two boxes of crackers, and a knife.
Maybe her snacking wouldn’t wake her girlfriend up? She was not ready to explain how she lost her job because her boss let his underage tramp daughter in the fucking bar.
Stephanie froze in the doorway to her bedroom. Something didn’t feel right, something in the darkness pervading her room. As her eyes adjusted, she made out Melissa’s outline. She lay naked, her brown rump curved up. Another person lay next to her, a person.
Maybe she had a blowup doll or something for those lonely nights? It couldn’t have been; her features were too realistic, too much like flesh. She breathed. It breathed. Stephanie clenched her teeth as the woman’s chest swelled and contracted.
Melissa brought another fucking woman to sleep with. She had a bushy-haired brunette with grapefruit-sized tits laying with her, naked. No, she brought a fucking girl. She had to be a fucking teenager, and chances were she still went to high school.
The food dropped to the floor as Stephanie tightened her grip on the knife.
Melissa lurched out of her sleep with a piercing jolt in her ass.
“What the hell,” she sobbed in a groggy mumble and grabbed her ass, She felt another jolt in her asshole and something slice the side of her hand.
Her face was jerked around until her eyes met Stephanie’s. “You want to fucking cheat on me with a goddmaned little girl?” She asked, holding a knife to her face.
“I-I … y-you, y-you didn’t say you’d be-be-be,” the rest came out as, “hometototonnnight,” as she started to blubber.
“THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN FUCK ANOTHER WOMAN!” Stephanie screamed and lunged the knife. Melissa screamed with her, as Stephanie stabbed her breasts thirty times.
“WHAT THE FUCK?” Ellie screamed.
Melissa opened her mouth to beg Ellie to run away, her words came out as watery gurgles as she tasted something coppery in the back of her throat. Ellie lunged at Stephanie.
“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY YOU LITTLE SLUT!” Stephanie slashed at Ellie. The teen screamed and grabbed her face as blood gushed through her fingers.
Melissa screamed and lunged, stopping when blood spilled down her chin. Stephanie knocked Ellie off the bed and turned back to Melissa. Melissa tried to beg for mercy, for her to call an ambulance. She wanted to beg for her to leave Ellie alone. She spat up blood instead.
“You picked the worst fucking night to get caught.” Stephanie’s hand flashed across her face, Melissa felt her throat open up.
Stephanie slashed Melissa’s throat and continued stabbing her breasts, moving down her torso. Even as Melissa’s eyes rolled back, Stephanie’s blade tore into her stomach until pieces of her organs came out. She cut a slice down the center of her pussy. She sat back, heaving and looking over her blood-soaked arms.
She gripped the knife, ready to start on her legs until she noticed the sobbing beside the bed. The teen kneeled on the floor, clutching her face as a stream of blood flowed through her arms. “You should’ve left when you had the chance.”
She looked up as Stephanie moved towards her, one eye closed with blood flowing under her eyelid. Three gashes went across her face, two horizontal, the other verticle. “P=please don’t hurt me,” she blubbered, “I-I didn’t know sh-she was with someone.”
“You didn’t even ask?”
The girl moved back as Stephanie drew near. “W-why would I? I-I assumed she was single w-when she invited me over.”
“How the fuck did you even meet her?”
“S-she’s my teacher.”
Stephanie glared at Melissa’s corpse. “Your fucking students? Really? You couldn’t even find a grown-ass woman?”
The girl shrieked as she backed up into the wall. “I-it’s not my fault,” she screamed, “I didn’t know.” She gripped her knees as her body trembled.
“You’re still a witness.”
“No! Please let me—” she froze as she pissed on the floor.
“Since you are a kid, and since I’m sure you didn’t know, I’ll make your death quick.”
The girl lunged out and tried to run. Stephanie grabber her taser and shoved against her teeny cunt. The girl screamed as electricity zapped her pussy and dropped to the floor, curled up and sobbed. Stephanie pulled her up by the hair as she screamed. “I’m already in a really shitty mood, it’s better if you take the quick death before I decide to make it worse.”
“Don’t do this, plea—” Her screams stopped as Stephanie slit her throat and dropped the knife.
“Just let your life go, it’s over already.” She held the thrashing girl as a blood sprayed everywhere, squeezing her breast. “Just let everything go.” She stuck her a figner on her other hand in the girl’s pussy and thrust in and out. The girl’s body slumped over after thirty seconds, Stephanie pulled out of her pussy when she felt piss trickling down her finger.
The girl’s body thumped to the floor as Stephanie staggered back. The rage boiling threw her arms cooled as her stomach tightened. She collapsed on the floor and howled.
She fucked up. A few misfortunes forced her to destroy her life in the span of a few minutes. Her girlfriend, the vibrant and feisty Latin angel she fell in love with back in middle school, lay one their bed with too many holes in her breasts to count. She sliced up the face of a teenager and slit her throat. They deserved it, sure, but she could go to prison. How could she get out of that? Someone would notice when Melissa stopped showing up to work next week. Even if her parents were careless enough to let their daughter sneak off to have sex with her teacher, she didn’t want to make a bet on whether they’d care if she turned up missing. Did the neighbors hear them screaming? What if Mr. Corrigan called the cops after she threw water on Breebitch?
Stephanie trembled in a fetal position for two hours, clutching the knife as she waited for that hard knock. Four hours passed and nothing came.
Nobody called the cops, they would’ve been there already. Did she get away with it? No, not yet she hadn’t. Blood still soaked her bed, the bodies were still in her room. Corrigan might’ve decided to wait until the next day to contact the police, she needed to do something by then. Before she could do anything, she needed a shower.
Fifty teenagers hiked along a mountain trail, students of Mr. Ackerman’s and Mrs. Osborne’s biology classes, to study the local ecology. Stephanie Coss followed from behind, with two more security guards beside her.
She arrived thirty minutes before everyone else and dropped a dead teenager, her body stuffed into a trash bag with buckets of soil, into the nearby Willamette River. Now she watched a couple of girls no older than her tittering as they hopped after a rabbit. She imagined how the others would react if one of those girls disappeared any never came back, or how if someone found one of them dead with their face mutilated. Some teenagers back in Birdville would be reacting to the former next week. How interesting would it be to see? The second option sounded more interesting, but that was the scenario that could put her in prison.
Stephanie jumped when her phone rang. Her heart stopped when she looked at the caller’s ID.
“Do you really need to take that now?” Mr. Ackerman asked.
“It’s the police,” she replied and answered, hands shaking.
“Hello. Am I speaking with Stephanie Coss?”
“Y-yes, sir. Who is this?”
“I’m calling from the Birdville Police Department. We wanted to check on you, make sure you’re okay.”
“Oh? That’s nice. Why?”
“Well, you’re not going to like this, and I regret that I have to tell you this, but your house caught fire.” Her heart started again, and Stephanie had to suppress a sigh.
“R-really. How bad?”
“It’s gone. Your house was destroyed along with five others before we could contain the blaze. I’m sorry.”
Stephanie contorted her face until her eyes became watery and started sobbing. “I-is Melissa okay? Her name’s Melissa Rodriguez! Sh-she’s my girlfriend. She has to be okay.”
“We’re pulling up her information now, she’s the next person we were going to contact.”
‘T-thank you, sir. Please tell her to call me. I-if you get…”
“If we can get her on the phone we’ll tell her to call you. If not, I’ll call you back.”
“P-please do.”
She dropped to her knees and screamed. Most of the students and her coworkers gathered around.
“A-are you, ma’am?” A blonde girl with pigtails patted her shoulders.
“Yeah,” she started to say. She might’ve gotten away with murder. Why wouldn’t she be okay? “M-my house burned down.”

Published on Feb-19-2023
Last updated on Feb-19-2023
Melissa expects Stephanie to be gone all weekend and decides to invite one of her students over for a lusty night.