The Dancer

Started by Ken E. Davis

Who was she? Who was that woman across the street?
Noy adjusted her glasses and wiped her breath from the window. The woman twirled and pranced around the room. A sheet of platinum flowed behind her and settled around her hips when she stopped.
It started six days ago. Something flashed in the corner of Noy’s eye as she hung paper ghosts over her computer. She turned her head as a blonde woman leapt across the window. Noy finished hanging the ghosts and climbed on the bed, wrapping her arms around her pillows as she stared wide-eyed out the window. The woman danced for hours without stopping. She was there the next day, dancing away. She was there the day after that and every day after that. She wore the same old-timey dress, so white it seemed to glow.
The woman arched her back, stretching her arms towards the floor, until her massive tits hung out of her dress. Noy smiled as her view narrowed until the woman’s creamy cleavage filled everything. How did she get her boobs to hang upwards like that? Noy had to find out. The woman threw herself forward in a summersault and lept into the ait, landing on the nightstand without so much as shaking the clutter of picture frames. She jumped onto the bed, then across the room, spinning in the air, before hitting the floor with her arms outstretched.
Noy jolted back as a door slammed downstairs.
“I’m home!”
Noy scurried away from the window and plopped down at her desk. She threw her earbuds in, opened her haunted library story in Google Docs, and started typing random words. The bedroom door creaked as it opened. Noy looked up and smiled as Ashley entered the room.
“Hi, honey!”
Ashley dropped her purse and slipped out of her pink jacket, tossing both on the bed. “Hey!” She ran over and threw her arms around Noy. They pecked each other and locked lips, twirling their tongues around each other. Ashley broke off. “So, did you get any writing done?” She looked at the screen and frowned. “You’ve barely added a paragraph since yesterday.”
Noy grinned. “Yeah. I’ve been having some serious writer’s block.”
Ashley folded her arms. “I’m sure.” She yanked a bud out of Noy’s ear and put it in her own. “There’s no music, or sound of any kind, coming out of this.”
Noy chuckled. “I, uh…”
“Spent the day looking out the window again?”
“You got me! I was looking out of the window. It helps with my writer’s block, and I like the view.”
“You like looking at an empty street and the overgrown shack on the other side” She pulled the curtains shut and shook her head.
Why couldn’t Ashley see her? She always disappeared when Ashley got home. The first time, Noy grabbed Ashley’s hand the moment she walked into the room and pulled her to the window.
“You have to check out this chick.”
“What chick?” Ashley laughed.
Noy tilted her head. The room across the street was empty. Nobody danced, darkness filled the room.
“I guess she stopped.” Noy shrugged.
The next day, Noy ran to her girlfriend and turned around to see the room once again empty. The last two days she waited at the window until Ashley entered the room. She looked away, smiling as Ashley walked across the floor. They kissed and Noy looked back at the window, opening her mouth to ask if she could see the dancing lady. The room across the street went dark as it had the days prior.
Yesterday, she kept her eye on the dancing lady.
“You’re at the window again?” Ashley slipped her arms around Noy.
“Don’t you—” her jaw dropped. The girl didn’t duck down or leave, and nothing flickered. There was no dancing lady, and the lights were out. When did that happen?
Was there any point in telling Ashley? She couldn’t see that lady, whatever she was. If she told her she was watching a woman dance across the street, a woman that only she could see, Ashley would’ve taken her to the looney bin. She probably wouldn’t have been happy about her checking out another woman, even if she thought that woman didn’t exist. Wasn’t she crazy?
Why couldn’t this have been a hallucination? That would’ve explained how her boobs hung in the air while she was bent over backward. Can someone have the same hallucination consistently? She never hallucinated anything, and she didn’t take drugs. Maybe she had some kind of bra that held her boobs up. She was fast at getting out of the room before Ashley could see her, maybe as some sort of joke. What about yesterday? Maybe she just blinked without realizing it, and the girl ran out of the room during that split second. How? How could she have seen her blink? And how could Noy see her cleavage that well, or see that the picture frames on her nightstand didn’t shake? It could have been a hallucination or might’ve been something more.
“When is the deadline?”
“Huh? Oh! I have to get it done by eight. Don’t worry, I only have a few paragraphs to go.”
Ashley leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. “Well, once you’re done I’d like you to come down and help me pass out candy for the trick-or-treaters.”
Noy smiled. “I’ll dig out my witch costume.”
Ashley left with a book as Noy turned on her Creepypasta music. She erased the panic-gibberish and started on the final chapters of her story.
Noy threw on a black pointy hat, black thigh-length dress, and purple cape that swept the floor as she walked, grabbed a plastic wand, and descended the stairs. Ashley sat by the door with her arm over a giant plastic pumpkin. She wore a white dress, covered by an apron with splotches of red, and a nurse hat with a black plus sign and a skull in the center. She braided her orange hair into twin ponytails.
Ashley smiled and shoved the pumpkin aside. “Did you get it done in time?”
“Yep. I submitted it thirty minutes ago.” She sat down and put her arm around Ashley.
The sky darkened and the streetlights came on. Trick-or-treaters poured down the street and the pumpkin, filled to the brim with full-sized candy bars, emptied into their buckets, bags, and sacks.
Across the street, the Dancing Lady’s house was empty. The windows were black as coal and the lawn was void of decorations. Trick-or-treaters crossed the street as they passed it.
Noy shifted her eyes to the upstairs window. What was she doing? Did she exist? Did anyone live there? Where was her sexy ghost dancer tonight?
Hours passed and the horde of trick-or-treaters dwindled to a trickle. The last came around 10:30. Ashley closed the door at eleven.
Noy grabbed the pumpkin by the couch and groaned.
“How much is left?” Ashley peered into the pumpkin.
“None. I guess we’ll have to settle for leftover chicken.”
Ashley ran into the kitchen, returning a minute later with an ice cream bucket full of shredded chicken in one hand, with the other behind her back. “Are you sure you want the chicken?” She showed her other hand, holding a giant bag of chocolate bars. “Or this?” She grinned.
Noy snickered. “We could do both?”
“Okay! Both it is.”
Ashley grabbed her hand and led Noy upstairs.
Noy plowed into the bed. Ashley sat the food on the nightstand and threw off her apron.
“Leave the rest on!” She waved the toy wand and pointed at her head. “Imperio,” she whispered.
Ashley giggled and stopped unbuttoning the top of her dress. “An unforgivable? We’re in evil-witch-mode tonight? I must now do whatever you say.”
Noy gestured for Ashley to come closer.
“Nurse Doonan ready to assist!” Ashley fell on the bed and crawled over Noy. She
Noy grabbed the bag of candy and pulled out a chocolate bar. She stuffed it in her mouth. Ashley clamped her mouth on the other end, sliding her lips down the bar until her nose bumped against Noy’s. They bit at the same time, sending the middle piece down Noy’s dress. Ashey slid her fingers between Noy’s cleavage and fished the candy out, popping it in her mouth with a grin.
Noy gulped down her piece. “No fair! I want boob candy.” She grabbed another chocolate bar and shoved it between Ashley’s tits, sliding it in and out for thirty seconds. She bit half and shoved the rest in Ashley’s mouth.
Ashley leaned in, pressing her lips against Noy’s. They swallowed their candy and kissed. Noy lifted Ashley’s dress and grabbed her ass. Her tongue tangled with Ashley’s, sliding past each other’s lips. Ashey wrapped her thighs around Noy’s left leg and ground her pussy back and forth. Ashley threw her head back, moaning, as Noy kissed the length of her neck, sliding her face to her chest. Noy dove face-first down Ashley’s cleavage, kissing the sides of her tits. There was a hint of chocolate. Noy pushed Ashley’s dress down licking the chocolate taste until her boobs plopped out. Noy grabbed another bar and rubbed it on her nipples. She sucked her tits until the flavor was gone and rubbed in more chocolate.
“Holy shit,” Ashley screamed as she trembled, “I’m fucking coming!”
Ashley collapsed against Noy, wrapped her arms around her, and dug her fingers into her back. Noy buried her face in Ashley’s left tit and sucked on her nipple. Something warm dripped down Noy’s thigh.
Ashley sat back. Her chest swelled with each breath.
“Seems,” she gasped, “I made quite a mess.” Noy’s thigh was slick with Ashley’s cunt juice, with streams flowing into a dark spot in the cape. Ashley grabbed the chicken bucket and pulled out a handful of meat. She brushed a chunk across Noy’s thigh and devoured it. “Good dipping sauce, though.”
Noy grabbed some chicken and dunked it in the juice. “This is good sauce,” she said as she chewed it down, “you should bottle it and sell it.”
Ashley licked her thigh. “It tastes really good on your leg.” She slurped and sucked until Noy was drenched in saliva.
“I think you taste better, though.” Ashley grabbed the candy bag and slipped under Noy’s dress. “I think you’ll taste even better with this.”
“What are you—” The gasped as Ashley shoved something cold into her pussy. Ashley shoved it back and forth until Noy moaned. She stuck it in and pressed her lips, wrapped around the object, against her pussy lips. Noy slid into the pillow as Ashley’s tongue twirled around the object. Noy gripped Ashley’s head, stroking her hair. Ashley bit down, swallowing half of the candy bar as her tongue pushed the other piece deeper into her pussy. Ashley thrashed her head and gripped the blanket as her tongue dug for the other half. Her legs clenched, her body trembled. Noy howled.
Ashley emerged with a bar of chocolate clenched in her teeth, and clear goop dripping from her face. She chomped down and swallowed the candy. “Delicious!” Ashley collapsed next to Noy.
“I want a taste.” She rolled onto her girlfriend. They kissed and stuffed their mouth for an hour. Ashley closed her eyes and snored, Noy drifted off minutes later.
There was light. Noy jumped back as a white ball flickered in the distance and a tsunami of light flooded the tunnel.
Noy smiled. How long had it been? When was the last time she saw light? It must’ve been days since she appeared in the tunnel. Or was it weeks? Months? It was hard to tell; it was always dark.
The ball of light brightened and moved towards her. Noy’s stomach twisted. She shivered as an icy chill blasted her skin and seeped into her core. She ran back through the tunnel. She tripped and looked back. She screamed. Her head pounded as white light flooded her eyes. Her eyes bulged, her stomach froze.
Noy jolted awake. Her heart pounded. Ashley was snoring. Candy wrappers littered the bed.
“What is this?” White light shone through the window, bright as the afternoon Sun. Noy peered outside.
It was the lady. She was there, dancing, at only God knows what hour. Her dress glowed. The room wasn’t in the house across the street, it was on the other side of the window. It was another room in her house, with her bedroom window being the only way in or out.
“Ashley!” She reached for her girlfriend and froze.
The lady stopped dancing and turned towards Noy, smiling. The lady lept through the window. Noy covered her face when her body should’ve smashed through the glass. The window vanished and the lady landed on their headboard. She soared through the air and landed at the foot of the bed without making a sound.
Noy tried to ask, “what the fuck are you.” She opened her mouth, her lips moved, but the words never came out.
The lady dove, slamming into Noy, knocking her back. Her head ducked under Noy’s dress. Noy clenched her teeth and shivered. An icy chill lashed her groin as the lady’s tongue lapped at her pussy. Noy groaned. She tried to push her off, something wrapped around her hands and yanked them to the headboard. The lady’s teeth clamped on her pussy. Noy’s eyes bulged. Tears ran down her face.
“No! Please no!” She tried to yell, nothing came out.
Searing pain exploded between her legs. Noy screamed without sound. The lady ripped a chunk of meat from her pussy. She raised her head with a chunk of labia hanging from her mouth, blood dripping down her chin. She swallowed it in a single gulp and wiped the blood on her sleeve.
She crawled over Noy. Her skin froze at contact with the lady’s fingers. The lady pressed her lips against Noy’s. Noy whimpered and tried clamping her mouth. Her lips parted, her tongue slid out. The Dancing Lady wrapped her lips around it, sucking on it as ice spread down her throat. She pinched her tongue between her teeth and clamped, severing her tongue. She tore off her lower lip, and devoured the flesh from her cheeks.
Ashley stirred. Noy whimpered. Why was she whimpering?
What was on her face? Ashley raised up. Some kind of meat? Her dress slid down her chest until her breasts were bared.
“What the…,” Her throat tightened as her eyes bulged.
Her tits lifted into the air. Noy thrashed as her breasts ripped from her body. Her face turned to the side.
Ashley screamed. “What the fuck!” Chunks disappeared from her tits until they were gone. Ashley grabbed for Noy, screaming and sobbing. Something grabbed her head. Ashley kicked as she was lifted into the air until her feet were off the bed. A headache shot through her skull with the force of a million hammers. Her eyes bulged out of their sockets and popped out. She shrieked and everything went dark.
Noy gurgled a scream. Ashley’s head exploded in the Dancing Lady’s hands. Her body dropped to the floor as chunks of brain and blood rained on the bed.
She grabbed Noy by the feet and dragged her into the air. Noy thrashed as she devoured chunks from her legs. The room whirled and filled with fog. Her arms dangled over the bed. She closed her eyes and never opened them again.
Cathie snapped her fingers. The blood disappeared from her body and dress.
She looked at the redhead and groaned. What a waste! She had to fill up on the Asian chick, didn’t she? She was a skeleton from the hip down, but the redhead still had plenty of meat on her. What if she came back the next evening? The meat would’ve spoiled if it hadn’t been taken away after someone found the bodies.
“Bah!” She spun in place and disappeared.

Published on Feb-19-2023
Last updated on Feb-19-2023