Lusty Lane

Started by Ken E. Davis

Every person in Keller knew about Lusty Lane, that big pink house at 405 Lovers Lane, overlooking Eaglewoods Lake in the middle of a thick forest. Before that frigid September night, the townsfolk knew it for the parties thrown on the thirteenth of every month for fifty years. Old Man Andrew Fields called them Alumni Dinners, everyone knew Alumni Orgies was a more accurate title. After that night, Kellerites only thought of the massacre.
Ian and Charlie Baxter arrived first. They didn’t get an invitation, and security might’ve been alarmed at a couple of boys in camo waking up with four guns and two backpacks filled with ammo, so they waited in the woods.
Andrew croaked over twenty years ago, Ashley and John took over and continued the so-called dinners. Andrew only invited, by his word, the brightest young ladies from Keller High, and whatever guys were lucky enough to get a date. His heirs extended the invitation to boys in an attempt to promote the bullshit that the parties were for academic purposes. Nobody believed that. Ian knew many of the smartest kids at school, only a few were attractive. Ian watched through binoculars as dozens of half-dressed college girls poured in; most wouldn’t have made the cut to be supermodels, but he couldn’t think of many guys who would’ve told them no. None of them were overweight, none of them had weird moles or birthmarks, not a single ugly woman showed up.
“Hey,” Ian whispered, “do you see? Isn’t that…?”
“Yeah, it is.”
Ian chuckled as Maricela Lopez and a lanky black guy arrived in a blue Subaru. Who invited her to a dinner for the brightest students? How many times did she hold them back in a group project? How many times did they have to explain something to her a dozen times? She might’ve been invited to a party for the best set of tits, any man would love to hold those perky cantaloupes bouncing under her blouse, but Homer Simpson would get invited to a genius party before she would.
Dozens more arrived as the Sun went down, more attractive morons. Only two of the guests earned the right to be called Keller’s brightest; Krystal Yu and Kayleigh Bassett. Krystal Yu, who they called Chinese Velma because of her short brown hair and glasses, and the fact that she wore turtlenecks everywhere, shared a few classes with them over the years. Any time she joined their group projects she got the top grade, even with Maricela’s two brain cells holding them back. It was weird seeing her at an orgy party, even weirder seeing her show up in a black turtleneck and leggings. Ian never met Kayleigh, a curvy brunette with pigtails, but he knew about her winning several robotics tournaments. Too bad they didn’t stay home and study that night, he hated wasting actual brains.
Hours passed, the new arrivals trickled until the brothers were alone. Temperatures fell as the Moon rose, icy air freezing the lower half of Ian’s legs before creeping up his shorts. His hands went numb on the binoculars, whether because he held them for so long or because of the cold he couldn’t tell. He struggled to keep himself from dozing off and nodded off for minutes at a time, and he might’ve passed out if Charlie didn’t shake him awake. He started falling asleep again when the sound of a sliding door being opened awoke him. He looked at one of the balconies on the second floor, the one by the oak tree.
Ian grinned as a topless blonde with long pigtails strolled out, waving a liquor bottle. Cheryl came through. She took a long gulp and tossed the bottle over the railing, throwing her arms out with her thumbs up, before going back in.
Ian woke up Charlie. “It’s time. She came through for us.”
“I knew she would.”
They grabbed a pair of goblin masks, attached silencers to their guns, and crept over the lawn. Ian climbed the tree onto the balcony, Charlie followed close behind.
Ian’s eyes ached as he took in a flood of pink. The room had pink walls, a pink ceiling, and even pink carpet. Two four-poster beds with pink curtains took up most of the room, leaving a narrow space large enough for a single person. Even the fucking light bulbs were pink. Did they just invade a fucking doll house?
Ian pulled back the curtains on one of the beds, the one from which the sounds of a mattress creaking and the soft moans of a woman could be heard.
A goateed guy lifted his head as a curly-haired brunette bounced on his cock. “Could you shut the back door? You’re gonna freeze my dick—”
Charlie shut him up with a bullet between the eyes.
“Brad? What the … ugh…” She slumped over with two leaky holes in her back, ass twitching as piss and jizz squirted from her pussy.
“Let’s see what’s behind door number two.”
They found a blonde with pink streaks slurping a cock. Charlie put a round in his heart. The blonde’s cheeks bulged and jizz spilled from her mouth. Ian placed the nuzzle on her ear.
“Be quiet.” A hole exploded out of the other side of her head, spraying her brain all over the bed. She slumped, swallowing her boyfriend’s cock as jizz and piss guzzled out of her mouth.
Ian pulled her boyshorts to her ankles. “You get the other one!” He squeezed her ass as he licked beads of sweat off her bubble cheeks. “Fuck, man! I love the smell of dead ass in the morning.”
“I’m more of a tits man, myself,” Charlie replied. He laid Curls over his lap, her dress ripped down the middle as he played with her perky tits.
“Tits are nice, but a perky ass is a perky ass.”
“And you refuse to do anal.”
“The cute part of a girl’s ass is the rump, when it comes to the hole I prefer the breeder tube up front. They don’t get shit on your cock and they taste better.”
“Are we ready to go on?”
Ian gave Blondie’s ass a final smack and grabbed his guns. “Yeah, let’s go.”
The hall was the same bright pink as the bedroom. Ian counted eight doors to the left and five to the right. Moaning could be heard from any one of them as they approached. Cheryl told them the hosts assigned each couple or group to a bed for the night. Did every room have two beds?
He answered his question the moment he walked through next door. Two four-poster beds sat in the room with pink curtains drawn, the sound of moaning and the squealing of the mattresses coming from behind. Charlie pulled back one to a busty brown girl grunting as she sat on a black man’s face.
Maricela’s crept open, “I was wondering when you’d be back…” She curled her mouth into an O shape. “Who the fuck are you and what’s with the weird costumes? You wanna join…” She squeaked and coughed as Ian fired. Her head drooped, she grabbed her chest as blood leaked out of six holes in her breasts. “Guhhuuh!” Blood fell out of her mouth in clumps, splattering on her lover’s chest. Ian put a round in her heart and she slumped over.
“Oh, what the fuck? I didn’t say I wanted you to fucking pee on me?” The man shoved her off, spitting and hacking. “Goddamn, stupid fucking—” Charlie finished him with a bullet to the brain.
A blonde stuck her head out of the other bed. Ian blew her brains out as she opened her mouth. Her body continued rocking back and forth so Ian pulled the curtains. A man with ginger hair waved as he fucked her ass. “You can have her mouth, or wait until I’m done and enjoy my sloppy—” A bullet to the head shut him up.
“I won’t say no to fucking her face.” Charlie unzipped his shorts and shoved his cock into the blonde’s mouth.
“He didn’t offer, but I’m gonna take Maricela’s tits.” Ian grabbed Maricela’s body and laid her over the edge. He slammed his cock between her breasts, squeezing them as blood gushed out of the wounds. He came after three minutes, spraying jizz over her stomach and into her cleavage. “You don’t know how many times I spent staring at those jugs and thinking about doing this. Are you ready for the next one?”
“Yeah,” Charlie said as he zipped up his shorts, his blonde’s mouth hung open and semen trickling down her chin.
They entered the next room and grinned. Multiple girls were talking and giggling behind the curtains to the right. There had to be no less than two girls, maybe three by the girlish moans. The grunts had to belong to a man.
No sounds came from the other bed. It might’ve been empty. They had to check on it before taking slaying the possible foursome, so Ian pulled back the curtain. A short pale girl with blue hair slept naked in the arms of a burly Hispanic guy, cum dripping from her pussy. They twitched as the brothers put bullets in their brains and pissed the bed.
They opened the other curtains to find three girls gathered over a guy. Two of them, busty girls with black pigtails that could’ve been twins, laughed and licked his cock. Ian recognized the third girl from chemistry last semester, a redhead named Jessica. She sat on his head, her skirt covering his face, moaning and twitching.
Ian fired a round into Jessica’s skirt. “Hello, ladies!” The man’s body twitched. The twins squealed and jumped back as he started pissing.
“What the fuck?” One of the twins cocked her head at Ian. “What did you do?”
Jessica raised her skirt, eyes widening. A hole in the guy’s chin leaked blood like a faucet. “Oh my God! He shot Rick!”
Ian and Charlie fired again. The twins screamed as Jessica slumped over with a dozen holes in her small breasts.
“Are you fucking crazy or something?”
“Yep!” Ian blew the right twin’s brains out.
“You’re a fucking piece of shit,” the other one screamed before Charlie put two rounds in her throat.
Ian removed their black camisoles and groped their breasts as Charlie climbed on the other bed.
“This bed doesn’t have enough chicks.” Charlie dropped the pink-haired girl’s body on Jessica’s.
“What about her boyfriend?”
“Ew, no! I’m not carrying a naked guy. He’ll just have to be happy with the bed to himself.”
They entered the next room to find the curtains on the right open. A girl with freckles and bright orange curls stared as she chewed semen like gum.
“What’s going on, babe? What do they want?” Her boyfriend asked.
“We’d like for you to die.” Charlie shot him in the head.
“Oh fuck!” She shouted as Ian shot both of her eyes out.
They pulled the other curtains, a girl with long pigtails looked up with a cock in her mouth. Charlie put two bullets in the boyfriend’s head. The girl yelled something in Japanese, Ian shut her up by shoving the gun in her mouth and blowing her brains through the back of her head.
The brothers passed a set of double doors. If Ian had to guess, they led to the master bedroom. One of the hosts was in there. Maybe both? Did they invite any students for some kind of orgy, or were they sitting in there watching everyone fuck through hidden cameras?
“Do you think they fuck?” Charlie asked.
“I mean, they throw sex parties every month. If either of them was a virgin I’d be goddamn Santa Claus.”
“No. I didn’t ask whether they fucked period. I meant, if they fucked. You know, each other?”
Ian scratched his goatee. “Hmm. Part of me wants to doubt it, they don’t look like that sorta family. Then again, who the hell co-hosts sex parties with their siblings?”
“I guess we’ll find out.”
Ian grabbed his arm before he opened the door. “Not yet. I wanna save this one for last. Sorta like a final boss.”
“Okay, but don’t get us all hyped up for us to walk in later and find them watching Netflix.” Charles followed Ian through a door across the hall.
Ian pulled the curtains back a guy plowing a petite black girl.
“This is our bed, get lost.” Ian shot him between the eyes, his body slumped over the girl.
“Kenny? What are you—” Ian shot two rounds through the back of her head.
They pulled the other curtain and stepped back.
“Hey, ladies.” Ian smiled and waved the gun.
A blonde with long frizzy hair lay on an Asian with short maroon hair, both eating the other’s pussies. The Asian looked at them as Ian’s shadow fell on her face.
“Nobody told me we were supposed to wear a costume.”
“What the fuck are you supposed to be,” the blonde asked, “really?”
“Are you some sort of hillbilly gremlins? Because I—” Ian placed a bullet between her eyes.
“Ka-Katie? Are you alright? Talk to—” The blonde’s head slumped between her girlfriend’s thighs with blood leaking from the hole where her left eye was.
They found two women sucking off a guy. Another guy watched from the other bed and jerked off. Charlie shot both guys in the heart.
The girl with red curls tried to wipe the blood off her shoulders, smearing it instead, and yelled in the deepest British accent. “Just who the bloody fuck do you creeps think you are, coming in here and shooting our man in the head like—” Ian shot her in the throat, she rolled onto the floor gurgling and thrashing as blood spewed from her lips. Her friend, a black girl with long black hair, closed her eyes and took the dead guy’s cock in her mouth. Ian put one bullet between her eyes and her body went limp, laying with jizz and piss flowing from her mouth.
Ian entered the next room and pulled the curtains and stopped as a blonde girl with long pigtails and perky tits looked up, with an Indian guy’s cock in her pussy.
“I see you boys are having a good time,” Cheryl smiled.
“We are. How about you?” Ian shot her boyfriend in the head.
“Oh, fuck,” she groaned, “it’s like a geyser in my pussy. Who knew … ahh,” semen and piss gushed down her legs, “who knew you could make a guy come so much just by shooting him in the head?”
“Well, we can make a girl come that way, too.”
“Oh fuck, really? Even after I was nice enough to open the door so you could come in quietly?”
“You can’t say you didn’t see this coming.”
“Yeah,” she sighed.
“Since you’re our sister you get to decide where we shoot you.”
“Put it in my mouth. I-I really don’t want you shitheads drilling holes in my face.”
“Sure thing, sis.” Ian shoved the gun into her mouth. “Suck on it.” Cheryl suckled and slurped as Ian pushed the muzzle deeper. When another trickle of piss ran down her legs he pulled the trigger and blew her brains out.
“Let’s see what’s behind curtain number two.”
A girl with short brown hair squeezed her melons around a pale guy’s cock. Charlie put one in the man’s head.
The brunette squealed, “what the fuck?” Charlie put a hole in each of her nipples as she tried to get off the bed, the girl staggered to the floor. Charlie placed the nuzzle to the back of her head as she tried to push herself up. She slumped forward with a hole the size of a tennis ball in the middle of her face.
Ian and Charlie swept the upstairs rooms. They found a raven-haired chick with glasses taking a shit in one of the bathrooms. When she tried to speak Charlie shoved the gun in her mouth and blew her brains onto the back of the toilet. When they found the other rooms empty, the brothers headed for the master bedroom.
Jonathan Fields sat in the middle of a king-sized mattress with five women. Ashley, with short brown curls and perky tits, rode his cock while she buried her face under Krystal Yu’s turtleneck. Kayleigh Bassett leaned against Krystal, sucking her tits as Krystal rubbed her pussy. Two Latinas lay on John’s arm, kissing him and rubbing his balls.
Ian shot two rounds into John’s chest and blew the brains out of his Latinas. Charlie put one between Ashley’s eyes as she tried getting off his cock.
“Who the fuck are you?” Krystal spat.
“Who do you think?”
“Ian Baxter? I always knew you’d become a mass shooter.”
“You always were pretty smart. Did you predict yourself dying surrounded by naked sluts with another woman’s face in your pussy?” Ian blew her brains out before she could respond. “I guess you’re not so smart anymore.”
Kayleigh continued sucking Krystal’s tits. Is that how she wanted to go out or did she just get too drunk to notice her friend slumping over? It didn’t matter. Ian and Charlie emptied their clips into her back. She slumped over with Krystal on top, piss spraying into the sheets.
“I’ve always wanted to fuck her brains out,” Charlie said as he stuck his cock into the hole in the back of Krystal’s head.
“I think I’m going to spend some time with our dear sister. I’ve always wanted to see her cute little mouth stuffed with my cock.”

Published on Feb-19-2023
Last updated on Feb-19-2023