Just Trollin

Started by Ken E. Davis

SrgLongDck wanted to battle her? Did he challenge HER for once? Stephanie closed her eyes, it had to be her imagination. Nope! The notification remained in her inbox.
“SrgLongDck would like to battle,” flashed in red over the mail icon.
Stephanie snickered. “Well, guys,” she stared into the camera, flashing her eyes as she breached her golden bangs, “looks like my boy toy grew some balls today.”
A goblin clad in scarlet-red armor hopped down the cobbled street. He got his hands on some Red Legion gear. Did he think that would be enough? He leveled to thirty-one since yesterday, but her elf mage was a thousand exp away from level one-hundred.
“Message from SrgLongDck,” her inbox flashed. She opened it.
“If I win you gotta show your tits on stream.”
Stephanie furrowed her left eyebrow. Wasn’t he being bold today? She started to decline his invite and block him. Why, though? Since when did she become a snowflake? He didn’t stand a chance, so she wouldn’t have to show her tits even if she agreed.
“DO IT!” ZapdosRio96 posted.
A dozen more posts appeared, demanding she “ACCEPT!!”, or shouting, “GO SRGLONGDCK!”. Boys! Didn’t they know he always lost? Stephanie shrugged and hit reply.
“Fine! If you lose, you have to send me a pic of your dick.”
“Kay,” he responded seconds later. She accepted his challenge.
SrgLongDck’s sword slashed and hacked her mage. Her health bar dropped by the length of a needle after a full minute. The messages went from “GO SRGLONGDCK” to “YOU SUCK SRGLONGDCK” and ”SRGNOOBDCK!”.
Stephanie hit a few keys, and fire engulfed SrgLongDck’s goblin. His health bar dropped to zero in seconds. She smirked as “SrgLongDck dropped 500 gold” flashed across the screen.
“Alright, loser,” she typed, “you lost. It’s time to MissMayzes your cock. I wanna see what noob junk looks like.”
She received an Imgur link seconds later.
“DON’T OPEN IT!!” filled her chat.
“Don’t be such big babies,” she giggled and clicked the link.
“Oh, my—” Stephanie covered her mouth. A cock, plump as a bratwurst and almost twice the length, filled the screen. He earned his username.
“Why is it still on the screen?”
“It’s too fucking big!”
What a bunch of babies! What if she wanted to look a little longer? It didn’t matter, she saved the image and closed it out. She could look at it when she had her special time.
How could such a noob have a dick so big? She couldn’t tell him that, though. Noobs needed to know their lack-of worth, compliments only served to inflate their egos.
“Aww,” she typed, “sooo cute and teeny! It’s like a little chihuahua dick! Are you part chihuahua?”
“You liked what you saw. Don’t lie, that’s the biggest dick you’ve seen outside of a porn site.”
“HA! It’s the smallest dick I’ve seen. Your mom got pregnant by a chihuahua! Or was it a hamster?”
“Woah! Don’t bring my momma into this! Please?”
“Why? Don’t want her to find out what a tiny dick her noob son has? Maybe she’ll learn not to fuck hamsters?”
“Dude! My mom’s dead!”
“Did she see your tiny dick and overdose so she wouldn’t have to live with the embarrassment?”
So sensitive!
“Are you gonna cry to Mommy if I don’t stop? Oh, wait! You can’t.”
Sure! Whatever!
“Four-one-nine-one, Springdale Road, Richland, Nebraska.”
What the hell? Did he think she needed to know her own address? “Try harder, noob! I know where I live, you don’t have to tell me.”
His Goblin vanished seconds later.
“Who wants to bet he’s crying right now?” Stephanie glanced over the chat and scowled. “Oh! Come on! I’ve done much worse shit on here! Don’t be a bunch of snowflakes!” She pulled at the straps of her dress. “Here! See what Sergeant Noob Dick missed!” She pulled the dress down to her waist and jiggled her melons as dozens of drooling emojis and hearts flashed across the screen. “Does that satisfy you festering bag of clown—”
Stephanie snapped her head and jerked the straps back over her shoulders. A middle-aged woman with curly brown hair and a gray tank top stood in the doorway, arms folded under her bulging chest.
“MOM! T-this isn’t what—”
“Don’t lie! I just caught you flashing your tits. Were you streaming?”
“I-uh-why does it matter? It’s my fucking body.”
“Don’t take that tone with me, missy!”
“Why do you care?”
“You are fifteen, I am your mother, and this is my fucking house. Pick one!”
“Didn’t you fuck like eight guys in high school?”
“Don’t go here with me, little missy!”
“You had me at sixteen! I, on the other hand, have the best grades in my class. I've been with the same guy since fifth grade. The only thing I do is play video games and dress a little skimpy. Maybe don’t judge me?”
“I will judge you. I may have done some stupid, slutty, things when I was your age. I’ll give you that. You know what, though? They were with people my own age! You never know who could be watching you online! You might be showing your tits to some fifty-five-year-old pervert. When you turn eighteen and move out, you can flash your tits all you like. Until then, you will follow my fucking rules. Understood?”
“Fine! I’ll wait three more years just to have fun. It won’t happen again in your house,” not when she was around.
“It better not. Now, I came in here to tell you it’s dinner time. I got pizza.”
The fucking bitch didn’t need to say shit about Mom. What gave her the right? Micah told him that a girl who teases you has a crush on you. That turned out to be a load of shit. Nobody could be that cruel to someone they liked. All he wanted to do was show off some new gear.
“Just get over it, son,” Dad said, “it kinda pisses me off, but you can’t really do anything about assholes on that internet.”
How the hell could he get over something like that? The stupid bitch didn’t have to watch that drunk dipshit plow into her and smash her against a dumpster. That’s why, four days after she thrashed his goblin warrior, he drove a stolen minivan through the neighborhoods of a small town in Nebraska.
His phone buzzed, letting him know he arrived. Cody parked along the curb and crinkled his nose. He might’ve been a noob at video games, but whoever decided on the puke-green paint job for this house earned the title of Noob King.
“I can’t do anything about trolls? We’ll see, Dad. We shall see.” He grabbed the machete and laptop from the back seat and marched up to the door.
Cody tapped the doorbell with the machete before hiding it behind his back. A middle-aged woman opened the door seconds later, he stepped back.
“Y-you’re not Miss Mayzes.” Did he get the wrong address; did he drive a thousand miles for nothing? This had to be right! He faced who knows how many years in prison, they needed to count. The woman looked like her. She had the same set of melons, wavy hair to her waist—brown, not blonde.
“I can assure you I am,” she replied.
It could be her mother. Maybe?.
“I need to speak with your daughter. I’m a friend from college.”
“Really?” She curled her lips. “She goes to school online. Also, you’re a little old to be hanging out with Steph—ughk!”
Cody swung the blade, cutting a gash across her chest, and shoved her through the door. The lower half of her breasts dropped out of her shirt. “Your daughter really hurt my feelings.” He slammed the door.
With another swing, the top of her head thumped on the floor. He stepped over her twitching body, laughing at her flailing tongue. Miss Mayzes no longer had a mother, she’d know what he felt if he would have let her find out.
Cody opened his laptop on the kitchen table. After finding the password on the back of their router, he connected to their Wi-Fi.
Noobs! Nothing but noobs, every single imbecile she encountered in this fucking game. Her mage decimated six of them in an instant. Six against one would be unfair, one of them said. What was unfair, now? Where did the good players hang out? She needed a fucking challenge for once!
“Hey, Miss Mayzes,” SrgLongDck posted on the chat, “me and you are the same now!”
“Oh?” She replied.
“We both have dead moms.”
What the fuck was he on? Why would he think Mom died? Did he just suck at trolling like he sucked at this game? “Get better material. My mom is quite alive, playing Candy Crush or something stupid in the other room.”
“She looks quite dead to me, with the top of her head and, like, half of her tits missing.” He followed up with three laughing emojis.
“Whatever, dude! You’re such a creep. I’m about to kick you out if you don’t stop. I’m trying to find a decent opponent, but every one I find is such a fucking noob.”
“I can take care of that.”
Him? Yeah, right! “Bring it, then! It’s been a while since I beat your ass.” Maybe he’d get another shot of his cock? Yum!
She tapped on the desk. Let his stupid goblin show up already, just get his beatdown over with.
“You’re still gonna show your tits if he wins?”
Sure! Why not? If he won, she might even show her pussy this time.
“Come on, dude! Hurry the fuck up! I’m in Buffalo Ridge, it’s not that hard to find. I’m fucking bored out of my—”
A gleam of silver flashed across her eyes, everything below the neck went numb. The world started spinning before her eyes, when it stopped Stephanie found herself laying on the keyboard.
Except, she wasn’t laying on the keyboard. Her body remained in the chair. How the fuck…? Her feet stomped, hands grabbed the air like an invisible rope. Her spaghetti straps descended her arms until her tank top fell below her flopping tits. The crotch of her khakis darkened. Did … did she pee herself? A volcano of blood erupted from her neck. She got decapitated! How? Why?
A tall Hispanic guy loomed behind her, dropping a machete as he unzipped his pants. Her mind whirred. She recognized that cock! The man attached to it had to be SrgLongDck.
He grabbed her shoulders and thrust his cock into the stump of her neck. What the fuck? How gross could he fucking be? What a sick fucker! She had three holes and a huge rack, but he wanted to stick it in her neck. How did she die at the hands of someone so noobish he didn’t know how to fuck a woman properly?
Why did he have to go this far? She just kicked his ass in a video game and told a mean joke! Did he think she deserved to die for that? What a fucking snowflake! Now he’d spend the rest of his life in prison! Ha! Who really won this round?
Not her; she didn’t want to die for a joke! Why did Mom let the fucker in the house? Did he kill her too? He said she died, didn’t he? She warned her about this shit! Why didn’t she listen? It wasn’t because she showed her tits, though. Couldn’t she take back everything she said? Couldn’t he let her apologize and move on? If he spared her life she’d stop trolling. She wanted another chance! How could she ask? It was too late. Was it? He cut her head off, her life already ended. Maybe someone could find a way to save her? She couldn’t die like this. Someone had to help…
He grabbed her off the keyboard. As her eyes closed forever, the tip of his cock slid into her neck.
“Let’s try the other part,” Cody grunted as he pulled his cock out of her neck hole. He grabbed her head and lowered it onto his cock. “Aww, fuck! I have never tried deepthroat like this!”
He slid her throat over his cock until it burst out of her mouth repeatedly.
“Fuck! I need to sit down,” he yanked her body off by the shirt and slumped her over the desk, and plopped down. “Hope you don’t mind,” he slapped her twitchy ass.
Cody slapped her neck against his balls, grunting and moaning. The chat log scrolled at the speed of light.
“This has to be fake!”
“I guess … ahh, fuck … you’ll find out when this hits the news.”
Cody slammed her head on the desk. He stroked his cock, growling like a boar, as he came. Buckets of cum spewed over her face and hair.
“I bet you dreamed of this when I sent you that picture last week.” He slapped her ass as the last drop of cum splashed her eyes.
Her body started humping the desk, hammering her crotch against the wood. Her ass quivered and bounced. She slid off and kept twitching on the floor.
“Damn,” one of her viewers wrote.
“The bitch just won’t die!”
“I told you this shit was fake.”
“We’re not done, sweetie,” Cody threw her body back on the desk, “we’re not done by a long shot.”
He pulled her pants to her ankles and ripped her Harry Potter panties. Pulling her thighs, he crouched and leaned in. He spread her plump labia and slipped his tongue between her slit. Peachy nectar drizzled over his tongue in strings. Who knew you could make a girl this wet just by chopping off her head? He needed to try this a few more times before the cops got his ass. His tongue lapped her slit, circling her clit, and slithered down her hole, slurping every drop of her cunt juice. He might’ve been drinking from Heaven itself. What a shame he’d have to spoil it with his man juice.
Cody raised up, Mayzes juices dripping from his chin, placing his hands under her breasts. He thrust into her pussy and began rocking his hips, slamming her into the monitor until it toppled over. He came after slapping his balls into her thighs for a full minute. His cock pulsed as hot cum flooded her womb, bursting down her legs in creamy waterfalls.
Mayzes’s body thumped to the floor as Cody crashed on her chair. He slid off and slammed his ass on the floor, slumping over with his head resting on her ass. His eyes closed as he drifted to sleep. They opened hours later to three cops standing over him.

Published on Feb-19-2023
Last updated on Feb-19-2023