Virgin Roulette

Started by Ken E. Davis

Steve Kyrch considered it his life’s greatest achievement when he got five hot virgins to die for his dick. He wanted to clock out of the world, adulthood didn’t sound like fun, and take a few untouched beauties with him. Even for one of the more popular guys at school it was some task, but Steve always enjoyed a good challenge. Stephanie Harris, and Michelle Chan signed on. Once the last girl signed on, he dropped all of the money his parents saved on a fancy car and drove the girls two states over.
Their final place on Earth was a small mansion out in the sticks and he told none of them it belonged to a guy named Roger Malone. He didn’t lie to impress the girls, though they had trouble keeping their chins off the floor when they saw the place. Steve was there to knock off another of his great aspirations in life; putting something nasty in Roger’s swimming pool. He used to dream about dumping shit or a bunch of trash in there, but six corpses beat every other idea by a mile.
His war began in earnest the moment he stepped onto the porch. A key stolen years ago unlocked the door and they were in. He couldn’t even bother to change his locks every few years? Man really was a tightwad! “Welcome ladies! Mi casa es su casa, go nuts. Don’t worry about cleaning anything up. My servants will be back from vacation in about a week.” It was still March and Roger thought it was a waste of money to hire staff when he wasn’t there; nobody would be there to clean up their mess for a good two months. He and his guests ravaged Roger’s summer over the weekend.
The snuff tournament began Monday afternoon. Steve and the girls spent the day in the pool, it was one of the few places still habitable. A few empty pizza boxes strewn around and even an empty beer can floating in the water, but still manageable.
Steve sat by the pool for hours, twirling a six-shooter in his hand while filling out the rulesheet. He spent so much of his youth dreaming of becoming a gameshow host and wrote out so many rulesheets to the games he imagined inventing. He would’ve finished that morning if he didn’t keep glancing over at the girls swimming in the pool. They weren’t the most popular girls from his school, the ones he went to so many parties with, but they were every bit as hot. They dropped everything, their entire lives, for the chance at getting his dick; none of them would be alive in a few hours but only one would get laid.
Four of them were clad in two-piece bikinis that left little to the imagination. The one wearing an oversized t-shirt caught his attention more than any of them. Jasmine was a short-haired brunette, her white shirt soaked and clinging to her athletic body. Her nipples poked through the soaked fabric, big and hard areolas on her big tits. He loved it in particular when she did a backstroke, flashing her creamy legs and, whenever she swam opposite of him, her pussy. The Christian girl would be the one with the inner slut.
Jasmine spent her life under the iron fist of her father. The pastor who spent his evenings preaching fire and brimstone, he would’ve whipped her bloody for wearing a one-piece bathing suit that didn’t cover her thighs, and a two-piece would’ve given him a heart attack. Her oversized t-shirt with nothing underneath would’ve been playing with fire, even now she wanted to go change into something else. Don’t be stupid. Her parents weren’t there and she’d be in so much shit for joining a snuff sex game no matter if they found her dressed like a nun.
The cold water felt good on her pussy and a shiver ran up her spine whenever she noticed Steve looking at her. He probably had a few peeks of her girlhood. Does he like the view? If she could stop being such a wet blanket and take that damned shirt off he’d look at her as often as the other girls. He could make love to her with it on, but it’d be so thrilling to be naked outside. Surely he’ll strip me after I’m dead. Dad couldn’t hurt her once it was done.
Steve finished the rules and set up the cameras. He called out to the girls. “I hope you ladies enjoyed yourselves this weekend because now it’s time for you to compete in our first and only,” he smiled and winked at the camera, “Virgin Roulette.” He loaded a round in the revolver and spun the chamber. “You are here to compete for a chance to be fucked by my cock before you die. Only one of you can win. One lovely lady will get her cherry popped then she will get a bullet popped into her brain … the rest of you will just get a bullet popped into your brian. When I call your name, introduce yourself and come stand by the edge of the pool.
“Felicia Johnson!”
Felicia tried to pull herself up and went around to the stairs when she couldn’t do it. Red hair clung to her pale face and perky tits bounced under a red bikini. Her legs grew heavy as she stepped in front of the cameras and her teeth chattered. “Hi,” she waved and gave a quivering smile, “I’m Felicia. I uh, well, you know?” This is so embarrassing.
She still had a hard time believing Steve Krych asked her of all people if she wanted to have sex. She had to give up her life and he might not fuck her in the end, but he included her. What if he only invited me to be nice? Surely anyone watching this will wonder why there’s this loser with all of these hotties.
Sweat dripped from her cheeks. That’s just water! You were in a pool, Felicia! Steve kept staring but she couldn’t come up with anything else to say. The silence went on until it felt weird saying anything.
“She just has stage fright,” Steve said. I should’ve said introductions were optional.
“Kaylee Gibson!”
Kaylee smiled and crawled out of the water, taking her place beside Felicia. Black pigtails fell to her waist. Ample cleavage hung out of her black bikini top. “I hope everyone watching this enjoys watching me die. Maybe you’ll get a little something else?” She winked.
Kaylee didn't care at all about getting her cherry popped. If I get laid, I do; if I don’t, that’s also fine. She just wanted to die on camera surrounded by people. None of her real friends wanted to do a snuff party so she had to make new ones. She’d throw the game if she could, the other girls deserved their shot at getting laid more.
“Jasmine Holmes!”
A shiver ran down her spine as she stepped in front of the cameras. Jasmine didn’t know how many of Dad’s friends watched snuff party videos or if any of them would say anything. Uncle Mike would if anything, if Dad’s rants about his degenerate addictions were anything to go by. Dad thought normal swimwear was evil. For all she knew, Mike could’ve been into porn most people considered normal. “Dad, if you’re seeing this, I hope you go fuck yourself. I bet you die of a heart attack once you realize you’ll never control me again. Now thousands of people get to jack off watching me get my brains blown out,” and get my brains blown out. She didn’t want to say the last part out loud and be one of those losers self-proclaiming victory before the game even started. Pride came before the fall and all of that shit.
“Stephanie Harris!”
Stephanie waved to cameras and blew a few kisses. A busty brunette in a white bikini, Stephanie spent so much of her life with her career and education in mind only for her university of choice to reject her. Who wanted to spend six decades with some menial job and subpar education? “What can I say? I’m just honored I could be accepted among these stunning ladies, to die with them. I’m grateful our host offered me the chance to be the last woman he makes love to on this Earth.” I’m just grateful I don’t have to carry out my own suicide.
“The final beauty to offer up her body and brains for your entertainment is Michelle Chan!”
Michelle blew a kiss to the camera and leaned in until she felt enough of her ample cleavage hanging out. “I’ll keep it brief because I know you’re anxious to see if I look any hotter once I’m dead.” You’re all eager to see this hunk of a host plow my Asian pussy but let’s not push our luck. Okay Michelle. “Dad, and Mom. If you’re watching this, the answer to when I’m going to make you grandparents is never. You can quit asking now.
Oh, and Jasmine’s Dad,” she slid in beside Jasmine and kissed her on the lips, giggling as her face turned red. “You can fuck yourself. She’s my girl now.” Michelle knew full well how it was growing up under strict parents. They didn’t give her shit for showing skin or anything, but grounded her for weeks at a time for receiving anything below an A; then insisted she took as many after school programs as she could cram into her schedule. Boyfriends weren’t allowed either. I don’t have to worry about studying for those stupid college entrance exams anymore.
“That’s everyone and we can begin the first round. Who would like to taste my gun first?”
Kaylee’s hand shot up. “Feed me your bullet!” What the hell am I thinking? It was a one-sixth chance she’d die but the chances seemed lower that it’d be in the first chamber. Her lips parted and Steve shoved the gun into her mouth. She closed her eyes. Stay closed.
The chamber turned and the gun clicked. Kaylee opened her eyes as the gun slid out of her mouth. Her heart seemed as if it were beating in her ears.
Felicia tensed up when he stopped in front of her. They’re all looking at me, I know it. He stuffed the gun in her mouth. Piss ran down her legs. Oh my God, that’s so embarrassing! They’re wondering why I didn’t wear a diaper!
The gun clicked. Felicia coughed and hacked. She squeezed her legs to stop pissing herself but the stream kept flowing. I’m not supposed to do this until I’m dead. Now he wouldn’t want to fuck me.
“Oh,” Stephanie muttered as he pressed the guns to her lips. One round—
The gun fired and her head jerked back. The girls jumped and screamed. Spurts of blood sprayed out and Stephanie collapsed. Steve tossed her body into the pool.
“That’s it for the first round. Stephanie Harris is out. You may all strip for the next round.”
Finally! Michelle’s bikini floated in the pool not even a second later, cooing as the cool Spring air brushed over her nipples.
Kaylee slipped off her bikini bottoms but left the top. “There’s nothing to see under there.” Her boobs were the smallest out of the five.
Felicia’s bottoms came off then she hesitated with the top, squeezing her small breasts. They all have big tits. Maybe hers were bigger than Kaylee’s? She groaned and took it off, pushing her breasts hoping they’d look a little bigger.
Jasmine looked around. What if Dad somehow tracked me down? The other girls were naked so she slipped her shirt off and stood with her arms across her big breasts.
Steve reloaded and Michelle sucked on the barrel. Her crotch twitched and she wanted to rub it out; that wasn’t until Round Three. What if it’s my last chance? The gun clicked and she was still alive. At least I’m not peeing myself.
“Later, Dad.” Jasmine flipped off the camera and took the gun in her throat. Another click and a grin stretched across her face. Laugh it up, old man!
Kaylee grabbed Steve’s arm and swallowed the barrel. Thunder boomed over the countryside and Kaylee slumped into Steve. He shoved her back and a wave splashed across the pavement as she crashed into the pool.
“We’re off to round three and you may begin rubbing your pussies.”
Michelle’s fingers were in his snatch before Steve finished his sentence.
Felicia surprised herself when she didn’t hesitate to start rubbing her snatch. She masturbated every night and morning for years, it was an addiction, but nobody watched her back then. Why didn’t I start an OnlyFans? Not that I’d make all that much, but still…
Jasmine only did it once in her life and the guilt she felt after, even if Dad never found out, was palpable that she never tried it again. Her legs quivered at the touch and her fingers slipped in although her brain told her not to. It felt as good, better even, than the last time she tried it. “Fuck,” she moaned then gasped. I sound like a porno!
Felicia hammered her pussy as she chewed on the barrel. Let me come one more time before I go. She squealed and her thighs clenched. Felicia thought she died for a moment as the best orgasm hit like a tsunami, she felt nothing but peace. The gun slid out of her mouth and she dropped to her knees, still rubbing herself as fluids dripped down her legs.
Michelle came as she survived another round and stood moaning. If the gun went off she would’ve died a happy woman.
Jasmine moaned as he pressed the barrel to her lips. This is the way to die. She tried to ask for a minute but her words were muffled by the gun pressed against the back of her throat. The gun went off and her last orgasm died as it bloomed. She fell back into the water to float forever with their corpses.
“Felicia Johnson and Michelle Chan! Congratulations on making it to the final round! Before we conclude our game, let me reward each of you with your cunnilingus prize. Take a seat.”
Felicia squealed when he buried himself between her legs. She was certain he’d go for the Asian chick first. Michelle is the hot one, mister. Jolts ran up her spine and her legs trembled. I’ll take it, though. Steve brought her to orgasm and she laid back, her hair hanging in the water as a crisp breeze skimmed her nipples.
Michelle spread her legs and tilted her head back, squealing and writhing as he tongued her snatch. He could shoot me now, I don’t ever want this feeling to stop. Another orgasm erupted and Michelle rolled back into the pool. The afterglow drained so much she couldn’t pull herself out for a solid minute and Steve had to help her.
The gun was reloaded and Felicia’s lips closed around the barrel for the third time. It clicked again. Michelle took another round. Click! Click! Click! Each click brought them closer to death. Felicia took it for the fifth time. There’s no way it fails five times in a row. What were the odds? I’m going to die now. It’s okay, Michelle earned it. Click!
Michelle took the gun a final time. There was no guessing this time, this bullet was for her. Go for it, Felicia! Bang! Her head rocked back and she slumped over onto her side.
Steve pulled out his cock and held it to Felicia’s face. She smiled and took it in her mouth.
It’s so warm! And it’s all for me. She slurped and sucked until his warm cum spewed down her throat. Felicia tried to swallow every bit even as it filled her mouth and streams flowed down her chin.
Steve reloaded the gun, filling all six chambers for once. “Do you want me to kill you when you come?”
“Yes, please!”
Felicia crawled onto Michelle. Her pussy lips parted for his cock and she mewled as he broke her hymen. I hope he doesn’t wish it had been one of them who survived. I’m getting laid, at least. She took heavy breaths and started moaning. She moved her hips with his thrusts. Orgasmic sparks crackled across her body, growing into a storm of thunder. Her pussy clenched and she threw her head. “Do it now! I’m ready to die!”
Steve pointed the gun at her temple and tried to steady himself to fire, sliding down into her cheeks everytime his balls smacked her thighs. She cried out and clamped her mouth around the barrel. He released himself with a grunt and pulled the trigger. Her body slumped over as cum squirted into her pussy. He collapsed atop her and slid down to her ass, letting his dick leak out onto her foot.
He shoved her and Michelle into the pool. Steve pulled himself up and stood at the edge. Wait for me! He brought the gun to his temple.
With another thunderous crack, Steve dropped into the water.

Published on May-19-2024
Last updated on May-19-2024