Reprisal of a Loser

Started by Ken E. Davis

Matthew Booher went from the weird quiet kid to the monster whose name would forever haunt Greenbrier in the span of an hour. That’s how the media often portrayed it; some understood the horror began long before Matthew’s first bullet found its victim.
Matthew was the outcast his whole life; tormented and mocked by his peers for the crime of being quiet most of the time. Kids were especially cruel and Matthew hated them with the fury of a million suns. It started in kindergarten when Brian and Ethan dumped chocolate milk in his hair every fucking day. Whenever one bully left his life, a new one would take a break.
He caught a small break in his last year of middle school when Daniel Jones went off to juvy. Daniel bullied him since Fifth Grade and now the evil fucker was gone. He thought the bad days were behind him.
Then he started high school. It seemed like a bad omen when Daniel got out of juvy then he got arrested a month later for torching a police car so Matt thought everything would be fine from then on.
The first day of school started and the first few periods went by without an issue. Nobody picked on him, nobody whispered behind his back.Then he met her.
Matt just left Mr. Long’s class and was off to his first lesson of American History with Mrs. Parker. He turned onto the final flight of stairs leading to the third floor and saw a girl grunting under what seemed like a mountain. It probably wouldn’t have been much for a larger person, three textbooks and other things that Matt later wondered why she even bothered bringing to class. She was almost half Matt’s size and came up to his chin. Her shorts, short enough that Matt wondered if they violated the dress code, had no pockets to speak of. He wondered if she might’ve been too poor to afford the backpack, not seeming to notice the expensive iPhone under her arm or the designer shoes she wore.
“Let me help you,” he said, picking up her textbooks after they spilled out of her arms for the fourth time.
She made the same annoyed grunt she made whenever she dropped something and that should’ve been a red flag if he wasn’t stupid enough to ignore it. Matt wanted to break out of his shell for once. Or maybe he was infatuated with her looks? He wondered for a moment if she might’ve been too pretty for him; dark-brown skin and long jet-black hair, two firm and perky breasts riding under a red crop top. He didn’t expect her to be his girlfriend, not right then; he just noticed the other students walking past her, not so much as glancing at the poor girl struggling to carry her stuff, and wanted to help. In her he saw himself in the past, watching everyone ignore him as some awful piece of shit kid tormented him for no reason.
She never asked for her stuff back so they moved along. It turned out she had Mrs. Parker, too. Maybe this girl would be his first true friend?
“Who is this loser, Susan? And why is he touching your things?” The words fell out of the girl’s mouth, sharp and cold. She was a tall blonde with a pixie cut and deep blue eyes.
“I … just wanted to—”
Thorns seemed to grow into his throat as Susan’s books were ripped from his arms.
“We don’t touch other people’s things,” said a curly-haired ginger, her voice soft and condescending. She got close enough that he could smell the fruity aromas of her shampoo and perfume, his lips trembling as her jade-green eyes flickered inches from him.
“She needed—”
“Shish,” the blonde whispered, putting a finger over his lips. “Don’t tell my friend what she needs.”
He held out the hope that Susan would set things straight, that she’d be grateful enough to stand up for him. She crushed that last bit of hope when he took a seat at their table.
“You can’t sit here.”
“Why not?”
“Because she said so,” the blonde snapped.
“This table is reserved for the Princess Sisters.”
“Go away,” Susan waved and smiled. “Now.”
Matt grabbed a seat near the back of class. Two girls joined him not long after but he spent most of it trying to ignore the girls even as they spent the entire period looking back at him before turning back to whispers and giggle fits.
“I bet he thought you’d have sex with him for carrying your books,” the blonde, Kari, said in a loud whisper as they walked past each other in the hallway.
“He was totally checking out your boobs,” said Mary, the redhead.
Who cared at that point? He was done with them for the day, or so he thought. After lunch he had them in Ms. Leung’s. He didn’t know what they whispered about that whole hour but he knew it had to be about him.
The bullies were back. He took some solace in the fact that, at the very least, these bullies couldn’t beat him up. They would make his life a living hell.
The year trudged on and Kari’s little slut gang didn’t forget about him for a moment. History and Science became his least favorite subjects as the two hours were spent listening to them whispering shit about him. They started yelling out, “Hey, it’s Matt Boober,” then breaking into fits of laughter. He couldn’t even eat lunch without one of them bothering; Kari in particular loved throwing glitter over his food. The teachers didn’t seem to take it seriously when he brought it up; he was supposed to ignore them.
Was he supposed to ignore it whenever they would bend over in front of him and accuse him of staring down their cleavage? How the fuck did he ignore them putting shit in his food? It got bad enough that he started walking home for lunch. Those girls, the Evil Bitch Sisters as he preferred to call them, belonged in jail alongside Daniel. They were fucking psychopaths.
The worst of it came just before Christmas when Kari came in one morning and told the whole class he had head lice. Everyone pretty much refused to sit near him for the next three months and it took less than a few days for the rumor to spread to all of his classes.
Not everyone; Matt spent the rest of his life wondering if he should’ve opened up even a little to Teresa Veltri and Jenny Mathis. They were the two he sat with after the Sisters crushed his optimism. Teresa was a thin brunette with long hair who almost never spoke to anyone unless Jenny was around; she buried her nose in a book or a game on her phone whenever Jenny was absent. Jenny was a shorter girl with short black hair and wore glasses and actually spoke with him like a normal person often enough. Matt didn’t know if they considered him a friend, assuming he was just this weird kid they put up with because they didn’t want to seem like jerks. They weren’t mean to him but they never outright said anything to the Sisters when they picked on him.
Why bother? Society didn’t want him so why would he want to be friends with anyone? He’d be happier finishing school and finding a job that didn’t involve interacting with other people.
Matt expected the last few days to be easier, knowing he’d be free from his bitchy tormentors for a few months. The clock moved at a snail’s pace and seemed to stop during those two classes.
It was his last hour with Mrs. Parker. Everyone spent the time buried in their phones or reading a book. Matt played a horror game on his Steam Deck and tried to ignore whatever Kari and her friends had to whisper about him. The teachers didn’t give a shit, final exams were finished last week and everyone was just running out the clock. Mrs. Parker was just enough of a stickler that she put on a documentary whereas his other teachers put in a movie.
Near the end of the period the intercom crackled and the familiar feminine voice who said the Pledge of Allegiance and did the morning announcements spoke. “We are now instituting a lockdown. I repeat, we are now in lockdown.”
A chorus of groans rose up as Mrs. Parker went over to lock the door.
“It’s the last day of school.”
“What a huge waste of time.”
Matt shuffled into the closet with the rest of his classmates. This was the fifth mass shooter drill this semester and they always seemed to happen right before lunch.
“A closet is really going to stop a school shooter.”
“Not when you have the school shooter hiding out with us,” Kari said.
Matt tried to focus on his game but his ears perked up when someone asked “What do you mean?” even though he knew what she was going to say.
“Well, if anyone’s going to shoot up the school it’s going to be that loser.”
“Matthew Boober,” Mary shouted and the three girls burst into laughter. A few other students gave a chuckle but the Sisters roared like it was the funniest joke ever made.
“You three will probably be the first ones he shoots.”
“I bet all we’d have to do is show him our pussies and he’ll change his mind,” Kari said.
“Just so long as we don’t have to let him fuck us or suck his dick,” Susan replied.
“Eww, no,” said Mary. “I’d rather get shot.”
“Uh, yeah. You can look but do not touch.”
“I still haven’t cleaned the loser germs off my books.”
“At least those are school property. Imagine if he touched your phone or…”
“I would’ve totally lost my shit on that stairwell.”
“Didn’t he realize you wanted a total hottie to help you? Not some lame dork!”
“Yeah. I bet I missed out on a cute football player because he had to grab my shit. I wanted to say something but then it would be too obvious I was just looking for attention.”
Matt turned back into his game, watching for the fifth time as the giant chef threw his character into a pot of boiling water. Their stupid jokes meant nothing. Evil bitchest like that always burned out after high school. Why should he care what they thought about him? No doubt at least one of them would end up getting fat.
The intercom came on again to tell everyone the lockdown ended. Mrs. Parker tried to get everyone out in an orderly single file but the bell rang as she stepped out from the door. Everyone rushed out, pushing and shoving. Matt found himself squeezed by the mass of students when a brown hand slapped his Steam Deck from his hands.
“Don’t touch my boobs with your shit,” Susan snapped.
He tried to grab it before it smashed to the floor then someone hit him upside the head.
“Quit touching our boobs you freak,”
He expected to see Mary or Kari but he found his elbow crushed into the breasts of Jessica, a curvy Asian girl who often sat by Kari or Mary.
The crowd continued to shove and push, Matt couldn’t get to his game system until the last of them disappeared out into the hallway. The screen was demolished, showing only white with black cracks like the web of a drunken demon spider.
He had enough. It was bad enough the Sisters made his life hell but they incited other students to treat him like shit. He never spoke to Jessica but she decided to snap at him for no reason when he watched at least two other guys touch her in that crowded closet. He couldn’t do another three years of this. Susan and her friends had to get the fuck out of his life; everyone needed to get the fuck out of his life. Nobody wanted to help him so they could all get fucked.
Lunch wasn’t much for the last day, some stale pizza and breadsticks; the same as any other day, to be honest. They were nice enough to give out three slices. Teresa was hungry enough to scarf down all three. She just wanted to get through the day and go home. It almost seemed pointless being there and she didn’t know why she didn’t stay home that day. Except she got to spend the day with Jenny who was too obsessed with her attendance. Why couldn’t they just go to her house and watch anime all day?.
Lunch ended and it was back to the third floor for their final lesson with Mrs. Leung; the lesson was the teacher watching a boring chick flick while everyone played on their phones. Something else seemed a bit off but she chalked it up to end-of-the-year anxieties.
“I’m going to step out for a little bit. We’re just buying time for the end of the day.” Mrs. Leung said before leaving class.
“Did Matt ever come back?” Jenny asked.
Of course he did. Yet he was nowhere to be seen. Teresa looked around and saw most of her usual classmates but there was no Matt. “I guess he saw no point in sticking around. I don’t blame him, it’s boring as fuck here.”
“I guess, but it’s only two more hours. At least we’re here.”
“Well, just you. I gotta use the restroom.” Teresa ran to the door. “Unless you want to come with?”
“No thanks,” Jenny said, waving. “I know it’s the last day but they might get mad about students out in the hall without a pass.”
Matt walked home with his head up for the first time. It was all so clear to him now and he never understood why he didn’t see it before. This society would always be cruel to whoever failed to fit into its rigged standards and he was a fool to assume it would change as he grew older.
What was he even planning with his life? Spend another three years being bullied by girls half his size then go off to work where he’d no doubt be bullied by his coworkers until he died? Kari, Susan, and Mary might well burn out after high school, and they would for sure once they hit their forties. His life burned out around the time he started preschool. He was done but not until he snuffed out the candles of those evil whores.
Two girls would complicate things enough. Matt would’ve preferred to grab a quick lunch and raid Dad’s armory but his sisters were home. He expected Melissa to be there, his younger sister who just finished her last day of Fifth Grade two days ago. He completely forgot about Nicole getting out of college today and stopped for a moment when he came in to see her slouched back on the couch, messy brown hair hanging over her shoulders, drinking a soda.
Instead of the warm smile he expected, Nicole’s face curled into a scowl as he walked through the door. “I know Greenbrier doesn’t get out this early so why are you home? Don’t tell me you’re skipping class.” Matt tried to walk past her but she stormed off the couch and stood in front of the walkway leading to the hall. “Why are you home early?”
Matt crunched his teeth. “I’m home for lunch. Mom and Dad know I do this.”
“Oh yeah, like they really let you come home everyday for lunch.”
“I’ve been doing this all year. Let me go eat my lunch and mind your own business. If they had a problem with it they would’ve said something by now.”
“They work all day so no. I doubt they even know about this.”
“I do,” piped in Melissa, curled up on the recliner with her phone. “I’ve seen him come home early a few times when I was sick.”
“Does Mom or Dad know about this?”
She shrugged. “I’m sure they’ve missed a day or two of work at some point. But I haven’t snitched so I don’t know. I’m not a narc.”
“You know what? Eat your lunch and you better get your ass right back to school or I’m calling Mom right away. I’m telling them about this when they get home.”
“Fine,” he snarled and pushed through her to the kitchen. It didn’t matter what she told them or if he got in trouble over it.
He grabbed his lunch; leftover meatloaf and mashed potatoes. For being his last meal as a free man it was decent enough but he wished he had the balls to sneak out Dad’s box of frozen shrimp. As it was, he took the rest of the pan which would’ve been a good five or six helpings on any given night. He heated it in the microwave and took his seat, making sure to savor every bite. Lunch would end in about fifteen minutes but he could afford to be a little late. Melissa came in as he finished the last bite to tell him she’d be in the shower. He’d shit in the bushes if he needed to, glad that she would be out of the way while he grabbed what he needed.
If only Nicole would mind her own business for once he would’ve gotten out without a problem. It seemed like it when he came through the hall to find her immersed in her shitty romcom so he went on up to his parents’ bedroom. He wouldn’t get to walk out of the front door strapped like a badass but he could climb out the window just fine. Maybe Mom or Dad would bitch at Nicole about leaving their window open? It’d serve her right for getting onto him when it wasn’t her place to do so.
Their room was never locked, Matt just pushed the door open and walked right in. The key was under the pillow where he always told him it’d be. Mom always griped about it but he told her the kids might need to deal with an intruder while they were gone.
He taught them how to shoot himself. Those times at the shooting range were the few moments Matt felt secure. His mind always drowned in the dreadful thoughts of his bullies from school, but those evil fuckers seemed like nothing more than insects whenever he blasted apart watermelons and coke cans with Dad M16. That emotion, as if he were invincible and his bullies were no longer anything to fear, returned in force as he unlocked the gun cabinet.
He grabbed Dad’s M16 and two handguns. He grabbed the duffel bag Dad always took to on their trips and filled it with ammo. How much he needed, Matt had no idea. There were some two thousand students at school. He couldn’t kill them all, but he needed to kill enough to make this shitheap of a society understand his pain. Kari and her slut friends needed to pay the most but he wouldn’t forget everyone who just sat by and let it happen.
Everything was set and Matt started making his way to the window when he heard a familiar grunt coming from the door.
“Why are you in here? Put those back!”
She couldn’t stop being nosy even then. “Why are you in here? Leave me alone!”
“Please, Matt. Just put Dad’s guns away and we can talk about this. I won’t tell Mom and Dad you left school early. Just put the guns away and we can talk.”
“I told you, I’m just here for lunch. I’m going back now and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. Don’t make me deal with you.”
“You don’t understand. You always had friends at school.”
“No I … it doesn’t matter. I didn’t like high school either but it’ll end. You’ll see. Once you become an adult you can forget all about your bullies. Think about your future. Is it worth throwing it away for?”
“I hate my life and I hate my future. Just let me go.”
“I can’t,” she said.
Matt smashed the window. He had enough of her bossy big sister bullshit and she wouldn’t stop him today. With any luck she wouldn’t try to follow him. She was a big narc and a bigger authoritarian bitch but she was smart enough to leave him alone when he was carrying a fucking assault rifle. Could he climb down the wall before she made it outside? He would never find out.
“Hurry up and answer! Goddamnit! Matt’s going to shoot up the school.”
Matt turned to see Nicole clutching her phone, her whole body trembling as it rang.
“Who are you calling?”
Dad would’ve been a problem. Being a cop, he’d have the whole police force at the school before he even arrived. Kari and her bitches would laugh from the window as they hauled him away, probably going on about how she knew he’d try something. He couldn’t go to jail until those three were dead or at least crippled enough that they would never treat him as a joke again.
Matt wanted to just shoot the phone out of her hand. Nicole was annoying but she was one of the few people who treated him well when he wasn’t doing something to annoy her; he didn’t want to hurt her or Melissa. He didn’t see the gun was set to fully automatic and jumped back a few steps when a volley of shots went off. The gun flew out of Nicole’s hands and shattered against the wall, while a dozen red spots appeared across her breasts. Her eyes went wide before rolling back then she collapsed to the floor.
“I’m sorry,” Matt whimpered, his arms shaking.
He thought she was dead but she stirred and coughed up blood. She began crawling, dragging trails of blood across the hardwood floor. He didn’t want her to suffer but he couldn’t call an ambulance so he set the gun to semi-automatic and began pumping bullets into her chest, aiming between her breasts. A shot to the head would’ve done it but she was so obsessed with her appearance that he felt she’d be more upset if he ruined her face. She stopped moving after another dozen rounds, the crotch of her shorts dampened as piss dripped through the fabric. His oldest sister was gone but he didn’t have time to mourn.
“Who broke in?” Melissa walked in.
“Nobody. Now go take your shower.”
Melissa sharply gasped and Matt expected her to scream. Nicole’s body wouldn’t be visible from the door, slumped on the side of a chest-of-drawers, but there was blood everywhere. Instead, his little sister reached for something, a towel from the looks of it, and squeaked when her hands closed around empty air. Matt just realized himself that she was naked, two puffy nipples on the end of a pair of budding breasts stared at him. Droplets of water squeezed between a slit smoother than any he had ever seen in his years of watching porn, before cascading down her small thighs.
“Please don’t look at my boobs,” she squealed before covering her breasts.
“Whatever happened to using a towel?”
“I wasn’t done yet and I thought you went back to school already.”
“You thought there was an intruder!”
“Don’t start being like Nicole.”
“I’m not. Now go take your shower.”
“Why is there so much blood?” She followed the trail of blood and stopped, her body shaking.
Matt could see the scream coming, her breast seeming to rise in slow motion as her mouth crept open. He pounced on her, tackling her to the wall, and covered her mouth to muffle her screams.
“Why did you have to look?”
There was one this had to end but Matt wasn’t ready to end his little sister’s life so soon after killing Nicole. His phone was out of reach while he tried to hold Melissa down but he didn’t think it could be too far past 12:30. He had, maybe, a good thirty minutes before he’d have to hunt for Kari and her friends. He had no idea what other classes they had or if they even had every single class together. Why’d they have to let them out earlier? Why’d he even go to school that day?
“Listen. This has to happen so please just let it. I promise to make it quick.” He drew one of the handguns.
“Please don’t kill me,” she screamed. Melissa pushed his hands away as he tried to aim it at her head.
“I’ll make it quick … hold still,” he pulled the trigger but she slapped his hand away, sending the bullet through the floor. “Fuck this,” he drew his other handgun and shot her left nipple off. As she grabbed her wounded breast, Matt shoved one gun into her screaming mouth and pressed the other under her chin. Tears flooded her face and she started pissing like crazy. “I’m truly sorry,” Matt whispered.
He fired both guns. She slumped over, the remains of her brains not on the wall leaking out of two gold-ball-sized holes in the back of her head.
Matt wanted to hug her for a moment, to say his goodbyes, then leave. His dick had other plans, now hard and throbbing through the fabric of his shorts against her leg. It’s then he fully realized he was holding a naked girl. Her boobs weren’t the biggest he saw, she was a fifth grader last week, but he fapped to smaller. There was no screen and he could touch them. He played with the remaining good one, letting her small but firm flesh rest in his palm. He leaned in, kissing and licking her nipple. He moved down, kissing and licking her belly until he reached her slit. His tongue parted her labia and slipped in. He pulled back after a moment. Should he do this?
Why not? What chance would he have with any of the girls at his school while he’s shooting them? He couldn’t get her pregnant and he had a few hours before school let out. What if he had to find Kari’s gang? They could sweat a little while he slaughtered their friends.
It still sucked that his first and possible only time with a girl he couldn’t play with a larger set of tits. “Or would I?” He looked over to Nicole’s body, her breasts pushing out a hefty curve under her t-shirt.
He crawled over and began ripping her top off. With all of the blood and bullet holes it pretty much tore off like paper. Her bra came away with the same ease, exposing her ample breasts. It was just his luck that the only sets of tits he’d ever play with were damaged. Both of Nicole’s nipples were shot out; a leaking hole in the center of her left areola and the entire left one obliterated. Holes riddled her breasts, blood spewing from every single one. That didn’t stop him from fondling them, feeling their soaked firmness.
He finished stripping her. Her blue jean shorts didn’t rip away like her flimsy shirt so he pulled them down to her ankles. Her latex panties ripped easier, coming off in a few tears to reveal her puffy slit under a trimmed bush. He leaned in, smelling her pussy before sticking his tongue in. After eating her out for a full minute he dragged Melissa’s body over and laid her over Nicole’s stomach. He would play with Nicole’s tits but he Melissa should get fucked. Maybe he’d get to Nicole if he had time? She had several boyfriends and no doubt lost her virginity years ago, but Melissa hadn’t even enjoyed her first kiss.
Matthew pulled out his cock and crawled onto Melissa, pressing it against her slit. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Then he heard police sirens in the distance.
“Fucking goddamned pigs! Nosy-ass neighbors called the cops!”
He put his cock away and ran downstairs and out through the backdoor. He disappeared into the thicket of trees behind the neighborhood as the sirens pulled into his parents’ driveway.
Class was so fucking boring without someone to pick on. Kari just wanted to go home at this point but she would’ve liked to fuck with her favorite playtoy one last time.
“I don’t think he’s coming back,” Susan said. “We roasted him hard enough that he’s done for the summer.”
“What if he killed himself?” Mary whispered, making an exaggerated gasp.
“We’d need a new loser to play with next year.”
Class trudged on, the clock ticking slower. Kari took another glance out of the window with five minutes left in class. Her eyes perked up when she saw Him walking up to the school. “Matthew Boober is back.”
“I bet he went home to cry,” said Mary.
“Now he knows how I felt when he grabbed my shit without asking.”
“Jessica said he had tears in his eyes. What a big-ass baby!”
“Maybe we should make it up to him? We were pretty mean to him this year.” Susan said. “You know? How we made it up to your brother when we broke his phone.”
“You want us to moon him?” Mary asked.
“It’s a suggestion.”
“Or do you just want an excuse to show your ass out of the window on our last day of school?” Kari said, smirking. “I’m fine with it but let’s be honest about what we're doing. Okay, hun?”
“You two really want Matt Boober to see your asses?” Mary asked.
“He’ll probably be one of the losers paying for my OnlyFans. Consider this a free sample.”
“You don’t have an OnlyFans account.”
“I will once I turn eighteen. Or sooner, if I can get a decent enough fake ID. Besides, it’s funny to think that this will be the closest he’ll get to seeing a naked girl’s ass in real life.”
“And it’s still behind a piece of glass.” Susan said. She pulled off her shorts, revealing her curvy ass and shaved pussy. She climbed onto the table, spreading her cheeks, and pressed her butt to the window.
Kari removed her skirt and panties before joining her, showing off her hairless slit while mooning Matt and whoever else happened to be outside.
Mary rolled her eyes. “If you bitches are doing this I don’t want to be the only slut with her pants up.” She climbed up and took off her yoga pants.
The entire class stared at them and Kari felt her face heating up. Some of them, the boys for the most part, pointed their phones at them.
“All of you losers are going to jack off to three naked pussies you’ll never get to fuck.”
“We’re going to be in so much trouble.”
Mary spread her cheeks.
“I bet it’ll piss him off more looking at our asses knowing he’ll never get to put his dick in them.”
“He’ll never get to put his dick inside anyone’s asshole, or their pussy for that matter.”
Kari opened her mouth to crack a joke when an explosion of glass ripped behind them and she was flooded by the worst pain in her life. It felt as if her ass had been ripped open. The three of them screamed and crashed to the floor, sharp pain rippling through her body as blood pooled around her body.
“Are you alright?” Amy ran over, a petite blonde who often helped the teacher. “Oh my God,” she whimpered. Her squeals stopped as the top of her head split open. She crumpled to the floor, twitching as her brains slid down the wall.
“Somebody help us,” screamed Mary. “Please!”
The class stood there gawking for a moment. Then the screams started and students rushed out into the hall.
“You fucking cowards,” Kari screamed. “Help us you pieces of shit! You wanted to take pictures of our naked asses but you can’t even save them? Fuck all of you!”
None of them stopped. A few who got too close to the window went down. A tall Asian girl got two rounds, blowing the top of her head off. Her shirt caught on the pencil sharpener before sliding off as she slumped to the ground; Janice never wore a bra and her big tits were bare. A brunette got a bullet in the throat and thrashed for a good minute as blood sprayed everywhere.
“I’ll let you fuck my pussy,” Susan yelled.
Fuck that! Kari was sure some of the bullets were in her pussy, not to mention one having gone right up her asshole. “Just get back in here and call 911!”
The last girl, a tall blonde with curly hair and glasses, almost made it out when a bullet ricocheted off the flag pole and went through the back of her head. She collapsed halfway through the door, Kari watching her legs and ass twitch while piss filled her shorts.
Matt expected the cops to stop him but he made it back to school. Whatever time it was he had zero fucking clue.
He didn’t get the chance to wonder too much about how he’d go about hunting them down; all three of them pressed their naked asses to the window.
“I thought I’d never get a chance to penetrate their asses but it seems like it might be my lucky day for once.” He pulled the rifle from behind his back and set it to automatic then fired into the third floor classroom. Their asses fell out of view but the red cloud bursting out told him he hit his mark. Screams followed and students ran out. He fired again, hitting a few who ran too close to the window.
He loaded another clip and moved into the building. It would’ve been a quick jog up to the third floor; just go in and pop a few rounds in their bitchy little heads, then there’d be no more Bitchy Sisters. Why rush? There was enough blood from that first shot, not to mention the screams, they must’ve been hurt pretty bad. He could let them suffer, bask in the pain they were so used to causing him. And what if he died or got arrested before reaching them? They’d spend the rest of their lives in wheelchairs, or at the least explain the horrible scars whenever they disrobed for sex. Maybe they’d even bleed out before he got there?
Besides, there was a whole school of sluts to kill and he was starting to like the idea of going to prison with a triple-digit kill count. He passed the stairs and went down the fine arts wing.
The first three doors he tried were locked and he wondered if the school already went into lockdown or they normally kept their doors locked. The fourth one opened onto an art class. The entire class turned from their canvases, some of their faces seeming to freeze and a few of them let out sharp gasps. In the middle was a young Asian girl wearing a brown sports bra and boyshorts. She maintained her pose even as her eyes grew to the size of saucers.
Matt shot the model first, watching her tits jiggle as bullets ripped them apart. As she hit the floor the screaming started. Matt put a bullet in the teacher’s head. A young blonde took barrage across her small tits and fell into her canvas, paint and blood soaking into her shirt.
“Please don’t,” screamed a girl right before he shot her in the throat.
Her friend tried to make her way into the closet but two bullets to the ass and collapsed, screaming on the floor until Matt put a dozen rounds in her tits.
“We are now instituting a lockdown. I repeat, we are now in lockdown.”
“Now they know I’m here,” Matt said, laughing as he approached two girls huddling in the corner.
“We’ll let you have sex with us if you just don’t shoot us,” the dark-haired one screamed then raised her shirt to reveal a big set of tits.
The blonde nodded. “So will I,” she raised her shirt revealing, “but they’re not very big. Please.”
“Hmm,” Matt growled, “nah.” He drew the handguns and fired a round in each of their nipples before putting a bullet between their eyes.
He moved onto the theater nerds across the hall. Their teacher, a brunette in her late-20s, was ushering her students into the closet as he entered. She didn’t get a chance to scream before he put a dozen bullets in her big tits.
A girl screamed and darted out of the closet, hugging the teacher as she twitched on the floor. The girl was a spitting image of the teacher, her brown hair worn over her shoulders and even had the same cat eye glasses. Her mom must’ve decided to take her to work, she was too young to be in high school, or even middle school. Mother should’ve left her home to enjoy her summer break but now she’d be reunited with her right now.
“Leave her alone!” A blonde girl with pigtails and glasses ran out. A dark-haired girl slinked out behind her, stepping in front of the teacher’s daughter.
“Run, now,” the dark-haired girl whispered.
“Please don’t hurt us. We haven’t done anything to…,” the blonde’s words cut off into a scream when another dozen bullets splattered across her breasts. The dark-haired girl shoved the teacher’s child before Matt emptied the rest of the clip into her cleavage.
The teacher’s kid ran as he reloaded and he thought she’d make it to the door but her foot caught on the strap of someone’s backpack. She almost fell face first and staggered around the room to keep her balance then fell over a desk. Her skirt fell over her back, revealing her pink cotton panties with Hello Kitty on the crotch.
Matt ran the barrel of the gun down her thighs and pushed her panties aside before sliding the barrel into her pussy. The child screamed as he pulled the trigger; her body jerked and her crotch exploded. She rolled off onto the floor, writhing and kicking in the growing puddle of blood. Matt ended her screams with a dozen rounds to her flat chest.
Two girls snuck out of the closet while he stuffed the teacher’s daughter and were almost to the door. Matt shot them in the ass and listened to them scream as he approached.
“Whoever can take off their shirt first gets a quick death.”
The blonde just sat trembling but her redheaded friend ripped her blouse off right there. Although he didn’t tell her to, the redhead removed her bra without a moment’s hesitation.
“Nice,” he hissed as her big tits stared back at him before he put a round between her eyes.
“Don’t…,” He shot the blonde between the legs then moved up to her breasts. Her screams stopped when a line of bullets went across her forehead.
He opened the closet door and a dozen frozen faces stared back.
Matt moved onto the second floor once he heard sirens approaching from a distance. Most classrooms were locked by now so he decided to check the restrooms. The boys’ room was empty so he tried his luck with the ladies. He found three girls huddled under the sink.
“Oh God! Please,” one of them sobbed, a little blonde with short hair.
“Alright,” Matt replied and shot her in the tits.
The remaining two held each other until he pulled one off, a big-breasted blonde, and pushed her to the wall. She shook her head and Matt stuffed her chest with bullets.
The last one curled over, burying her head in the corner as if she thought Matt couldn’t see her. He laughed and put a few rounds in her ass. She jerked up, slamming her head against the porcelain before slumping over. Blood trickled through her ghost-white hair. Matt kicked the girl onto her back and stopped her twitches with a volley to her breasts.
He started to leave when he heard a soft whimper coming from one of the stalls. He gave the door two kicks and it crashed open. The girl inside squeaked and he heard something land in the toilet bowl. Her skirt and panties hung around her ankles.
“Go away, please,” she whimpered.
Matt shook his head and shot a single volley between her legs. She screamed and rolled off onto the floor, her ass hanging in the air with a turd squeezing out. Matthew pointed at the shit still coming out and fired, splattering shit everywhere as the bullets tore down her asshole. He continued firing as she laid out on the floor; a line of holes raced up her stomach then between her chest before the last rounds went through the bottom of her chin.
He kicked the other two stall doors open. The first girl, a tall and skinny Asian with big tits, had her finger on her pussy.
“There’s a school shooting and this is how you spend your final moments?”
“I was doing this before this started,” she moaned. “I thought I could finish.”
“You can’t,” he said and shot her in the pussy, blasted her fingers off in the process. He stuffed the gun in her screaming mouth and blew her brains across the wall.
The last girl ripped open her shirt and squeezed her tits. “You can fuck me, just don’t kill me. That’s why you’re doing this. Right?”
“Not really,” Matt replied and blasted her breasts before leaving her slumped over with blood dripping down her cheeks.
He found another door unlocked. Matt stuffed the Hispanic teacher’s already-ample breasts with hot lead then finished her off with a bullet between the eyes before bursting open the closet door. A few moments of carnage and thunder, every student huddled in there was dead or dying. One girl stripped naked as he cut down her friends, perhaps hoping to offer her body to him in exchange for her life. He rejected her offer with six rounds to the pussy and a dozen in each of her tits.
The cops would be on the second floor before two long so he needed to make it to the third fast. The Sisters suffered quite a bit, it was time to put them out of their misery.
Camie and Laura were among the last students in the cafeteria, long after they would’ve gone back to class on any other day. The faculty didn’t seem to give a shit, at least a dozen students were still in there eating or talking. One of the custodians finally told them it was time to go back to class.
“We’re not even done,” Laura whimpered but Camie took her leftover pizza to the trash.
“We can hang out after school.”
“I guess. Mind if I walk you to class, at least?”
Camie shrugged and Laura grabbed her hand as they ran up to the third floor. They stopped at the top of the stairs and kissed for a moment.
The intercom crackled. “We are now instituting a lockdown. I repeat, we are now in lockdown.”
“Again?” She and Laura groaned.
They really wanted to waste everyone’s time.
“Shit! Where do we go?” Camie asked. Mr. Norris would ask too many questions if she showed up to class this late, plus it was on the other end of the school. Ms. Sanchez was still at lunch.
“We can’t be out here during lockdown. They’re really strict about that. Trust me on that.”
They ran down the hall, finding every classroom door already locked.
“What are we going to do?” Laura cried. “We’ll start next year in detention!”
Camie grabbed another door handle and sighed when it opened. To her surprise, the classroom was empty. “Nobody’s here.”
“That’s fine,” Laura said, shoving her into the room and pulling the door behind them.
They sat on the desk, fidgeting with stuff and talking.
“You think we have time to make love?” Camie asked.
“What? In a classroom?”
“Nobody’s in here and it’d be kinda thrilling to fuck in school during a lockdown. That’s what I’d want if it were a real shooting.”
“But it’s a drill. What if it ends and we get caught?”
Camie smirked and began unfastening the buttons on her shirt. “Would that be a problem?”
“You know I just turned eighteen? What will they say if they come in to see me going down on a freshman?”
“That didn’t stop you when we had that sleepover.”
“Yeah. We had privacy then and your parents don’t care if we’re fucking.”
Camie sighed but kept removing her shirt. “I suppose I could masturbate to pass the time. It’ll be thrilling but I have rubbed my pussy at school before. It would be fun to try something new.”
Laura took off her shirt, letting her perky breasts fall out. “Alright, you win. But just oral, we need to be quick. And we stop once the announcement lady tells us the drill is over. Okay?”
Camie dropped her shirt to the floor and unhooked her bra. Her big tits bounced out and Laura pounced on them, sucking her hard nipples as she pushed her skirt to her ankles. Camie pulled off Laura’s gym shorts and Laura pulled off her panties.
“Before we start,” Laura moaned, taking off her shoes. She went out in the hall and hung one of her stockings on the door. “Gotta let them know someone’s fucking in here.”
“I thought you didn’t want to get caught?”
“They don’t have to know who’s doing the fucking.”
Laura grabbed her by the wrist and led her to the teacher’s table. Camie hopped up and spread her legs, Laura leaned in and began licking her pussy. Laura then pushed her back, almost knocking the computer off as she crawled onto Camie. She flipped around, wrapping her thighs around Camie’s head. Camie leaned forward, sniffing her trimmed bush, then stuck her tongue in Laura’s pussy. Laura’s tongue entered Camie’s snatch again and the slurps of their tongues filled the room.
Laura edged Camie then pulled back.
“I didn’t hear the announcement,” Camie whimpered.
“I’m not done,” Laura replied with pussy juice dripping from her lips. She pushed Camie’s legs back and they started grinding their pussies.
Laura threw her head back and squealed, her pussy gushing all over Camie’s. Camie was about to come herself when the door flew open. A teacher must’ve heard them. They screamed.
Thunder bolts filled the room in rapid succession, and red spots splashed across Laura’s chest. Blood splattered everywhere and Camie had to grab Laura’s hands to keep her from falling off. There was another clap of thunder and Laura’s head split open.
The shooting drill wasn’t a drill this time. Yet she couldn’t run. Why wouldn’t her legs move? They were moving, but to keep pulling her pussy across Laura’s crotch. She would climax any minute now. Why bother running? She could enjoy her final moments. “Please,” Camie gasped as the shooter moved into view. “Let me finish. You can kill me just let me come first.”
“You have thirty seconds,” he said and began counting. “But I get to shoot you in the pussy before finishing you off.”
Camie rubbed against Laura’s pussy faster. She was so close just a few minutes ago but she couldn’t bring herself to climax this one time. She edged ever closer but that dam wouldn’t burst, seeming to become stiffer as he counted.
“Three, two, one. Zero!”
“Please! A few more seconds! I’m about to come!”
Another round of thunder erupted and her pussy split open. The pain shot across her at the speed of light, she couldn’t even scream until Laura slumped over and parts of her brain fell out onto her face. The boy shoved the gun in her mouth then the pain and her life was over.
“We are now instituting a lockdown. I repeat, we are now in lockdown.”
Teresa groaned. The announcement came as she pulled down her skirt and plopped her ass on the toilet. Maybe she wouldn’t get in too much trouble if she was in the restroom? It didn’t matter, she wouldn’t have to worry about any punishments until next year.
She slipped in her earbuds and started up a game on her phone. “I’ll be able to play all I want in a few hours,” she muttered. Koneko No Kuni was a visual novel rpg with anime cat girls on a quest to save a princess. It seemed too cutesy at first but she found the story to be quite dark and intriguing despite the adorable characters. There were six more games and she would spend the entire summer playing every single one. The story was just that good.
She’d have to play when Jenny wasn’t around. She hated the series and made that clear every time Teresa sat down to play it.
“It’s just an interactive anime, not a real game.”.
Jenny just didn’t want to admit she didn’t like sad stories. Did she know what most gamers thought of Harvest Moon?
She loved Jenny and they had plenty of other things to do together. She at least had good taste in Slice of Life anime.
The lockdown seemed to go on forever, longer than when they were in Mrs. Parker’s class. Maybe she didn’t notice then because Jenny was with her? It was just her luck, as it were; she couldn’t get her shit to come out for nothing. Maybe that’s what she gets for eating so much parmesan with her pizza?
At least she had her game for company. How bored must poor Jenny be? She was probably ogling that Matt kid again. Did he ever come back to school? Why was she so obsessed with the loner types? Teresa didn’t care for guys and would rather end up married to another woman. Why did Jenny have to be straight?
She jumped when someone rattled the stall door. Mrs. Leung probably noticed she was gone. “I just had to use the bathroom! I’m not done just yet.”
Leung started banging on the door. Teresa started crying, she never got in trouble. What would her parents say when they found out she’d start the next school year in detention?
“I’m not done!”
She grunted like an anime character powering up but only managed to squeeze a turd halfway out. The lock broke and the door flung open. Teresa prepared to snap, to call Mrs. Leung a creep for breaking in on a teenage girl, but froze when Matthew Booher stood there with a rifle pointed at her.
“Please no…” Teresa began shaking and the turd fell out of her asshole like a wet cucumber. More shit followed, like a dam bursting.
“Sorry,” Matt growled and pulled the trigger.
Teresa squeaked out a scream before a dozen bullets ripping into her breasts. She fell, scraping shit on the side of the toilet as she slumped to the floor. The pain crashed across her body, as if her entire ass was on fire. The shit flowed with ease, turd after turd squeezing out of her ass, plopping with wet thuds into the growing puddle of blood.
“Help me, please,” Teresa sobbed. Piss flowed over her thighs, pushing the puddle outward as the putrid mess seeped into her clothes. “This is fucking disgusting. Oh my god! Make it stop! Please, Matt! Help me!” The puddle overflowed and streams of red and brown rushed towards her. She tried blowing on it as it grew closer to her face. Not wanting to smell her own shit, she turned over onto her back.
“I’m sorry, Teresa.” He raised the gun again. Her boobs exploded as the volley ripped apart her chest and shredded her lungs. Her chest felt as if it were being crushed in a furnace and now she couldn’t scream.
“Here,” Matt said, dropping the phone into the cavity that used to be her boobs.
She wanted to yell at him to turn it off. The same string of Japanese words played in her ears on repeat. She used to think the voice was cute but now it was annoying. She wanted to turn it off but her arms wouldn’t move.
Jenny wanted to sit with the quiet kid. Not that it’d change much, it was Kari and her bitchy friends that pushed him to this. She was nice to him and so was Jenny. Wasn’t the school shooter supposed to tell people like them to not go to school that day? He didn’t have to find her in the restroom to shoot her. Why did he go looking for her in the first place? She never did anything to him. In what way was shooting her tits putting her out of her misery? If he felt sorry he should have shot her in the head … or left her for the paramedics.
It was too late to wonder about that. Her vision blurred and her limbs felt cold. She was going to die, but she wasn’t ready. What about Jenny? She was probably dead by now, no way Matt would go after her before taking care of Kari’s group. She’d never know how Koneko No Kuni ended.
No! She didn’t want to die. Her vision faded and the pain in her chest seemed distant, and small. Her eyes closed a final time. No! She didn’t want to go, Teresa Velrti could fight this. So what if she couldn’t fill out a D-cup anymore? Someone had to save her.
The pain and everything flickered out. Teresa was no more.
Matthew burst into the stall and unloaded a dozen bullets into Teresa’s breasts. She collapsed onto the floor, shitting herself as she screamed. Her phone flew out and stopped before hitting the wall. He watched a cutesy anime catgirl dance around on the screen and the times he spent with Teresa and Jenny flashed through his mind.
She didn’t deserve to die like this. She didn’t deserve to die at all. Matt watched her sobbing on the ground as her asshole pumped out turds like a factory. She turned over on her back and he emptied his gun into her chest, blasting a hole where her breasts were.
He left her twitching and kicked open the only other closed door. Jessica sat with her feet up on the toilet, arms wrapped around her knees with her bare pussy looking at him.
“I’m sorry about earlier. You can fuck me, just don’t kill me.”
A dozen bullets blasted a cavity in her crotch.
“I’ll touch your boobs with my shit if I want,” he said and fired the rest of the clip into her breasts.
He made his way into Mrs. Leung’s class. He found four people alive; everyone else must’ve cleared out, but the ones who mattered were still there.
Kari and her friends crawled through the class for what felt like an eternity. None of them could stand up, pain shot through their legs whenever they even tried.
“Why didn’t you tell him off when he picked up your books?” Mary snapped.
“I’m not the one who decided to pick on him all year. I just wanted to seduce a hot boy, I didn’t mean to pull a loser.”
“You still took part in our pranks, too, Susan. I would’ve never started on him if you hadn’t brought him to class with you. You should’ve told him to fuck off when he grabbed your shit. Now my fucking ass is ruined. And it hurts so fucking much!”
“Our asses are ruined, too,” Susan yelled. “We all got shot.”
“Oh, and let’s not forget whose idea it was to show him our asses. And you had to go along with it, Kari.”
“I just want to have fun.”
“And now every fucker in here has our naked pussies on their phones.”
“I’m going to be kicked off the cheerleading squad! We’ll be in wheelchairs for the rest of our lives.”
“Yeah, if Matthew Boober doesn’t come in and finish us off.”
“I’m pretty sure he already shot himself. Or the police got him.”
All of them screamed when the door flew up but it was just Mrs. Leung coming in. “Oh my God!” She screamed, looking around at the bodies of her students. She rushed over to Kari and dropped to her knees.
“Matthew did this.”
“I’m sorry I wasn’t in here! I’m going to get fired … I’m going to jail,” she started sobbing. “Did he rape you?”
Susan groaned. “It’s a long—”
“Yes!” Mary said. “He didn’t come but he stuck his tiny dick in us.”
“Then he shot us. But we made sure most of the survivors got out. Let the media know about that.”
“You can tell them your story,” Mrs. Leung ripped off a piece of her skirt and wrapped it around Kari’s leg. “This should stem the bleeding while I get help.”
Mrs. Leung got up as Matthew walked in. Her tattered clothes fell off, leaving her in her white lingerie bra and panties as she stood in front of the girls.
“They’re already dead. Why are you back?”
“To finish the job,” Matt replied and emptied a clip in her breasts. He drew a handgun and put three rounds in her pussy before putting the last between her eyes.
“Now it’s just us and hopefully enough time for a short but serious chat.” He grabbed Susan’s wrists. “You don’t want me to carry your shit for you? I hope you don’t mind if I touch YOU!” He yanked her up and threw her onto her back. Susan screamed when he pulled out a handgun and put three rounds in her pussy.
He turned Kari over next. Her pussy already had a hole in it but he pumped three more, leaving her screaming and clutching her ruined girlhood.
Mary was next, screaming as she landed on her wounded ass. He pumped a good six rounds in her puffy labia.
“You’re not out of my league now. Are you? Hole-ridden sluts! Nobody will ever fuck you.” He fired a few more rounds into their legs. “Have a few more?” He emptied both handguns, filling their limbs with holes. He ripped their shirts and bras off. “All you have left are your big stripper titties. How about I change that?”
“I’m sorry,” Susan sobbed. “I’m sorry we were mean to you and I promise we’ll be nicer from now on. Just show some mercy, we get it now.”
“Well, it’s about time someone apologized.” He reloaded the guns then put two bullets in her forehead.
“We don’t owe you any fucking apology,” Kari snarled. “You’re just a fucking creep, thinking you can just carry a girl’s things and she’ll give you her pussy.”
“I didn’t even expect Susan to fuck me, I just wanted a friend.” He shot both of her nipples off.
“It’s not our fault you’re a loser.”
Matt pressed the gun into Mary’s right nipple and fired twice. He did the same to the other nipple and stood back, watching blood leak from their ruined breasts.
He unzipped his shorts and pulled out his cock, throbbing and hard. “I bet you’ll never get one of these.” He knelt and slapped Kari across the face with his dick. “I bet you’re so stuck up that you’re still a virgin. No guy was good enough for you. And I bet you think I’m going to rape you now.” He spat on the bullet hole in her pussy. “You don’t deserve to know what it’s like to make love.”
“You … you’re going to die a virgin, too. Loser!”
“I lost my virginity to my hot-ass sister and I don’t care what you think.” Sure, he didn’t get to cum in either of them but his dick touched a real pussy. “I’m not even going to jack off on your body, I’ll just do one of these other dead sluts if I have time.”
“Whatever! You’re still a loser.”
“And you’re a bitch.”
He drew both guns and riddled their breasts with holes. When the handguns clicked he grabbed the M16 and kept going.
Heavy footsteps sounded as if they came from the second floor, they’d be there any moment. His tormentors were dead, he could let them arrest him.
Just as he headed for the door the sound of someone coughing. It came from the closet. He thought everyone would’ve ran out when he shot Kari and her girls but it seemed someone decided to hide in here. It sounded dumb at first but quite clever once he thought about it. They didn’t count on him being thorough enough to check and see if the Sisters were really dead.
He opened the door and Jenny screamed. “Come on, you don’t have to kill me.”
He advanced on her, gun raised. “Why shouldn’t I kill you?” Why should he? He could make right what he did to Teresa by sparing her best friend. Jenny didn’t deserve to die.
“I never picked on you or made fun of you. I-I’ll let you have sex with me.”
“Do you know how many girls made that offer?” He raised the gun and pulled the trigger.
She screamed but the gun only made a loud click. He forgot to reload.
As he grabbed another clip, she crawled over and grabbed his cock. Huh! In all the excitement he forgot to put it back in his shorts. He closed the door as she took his member in her mouth.
“See?” She said, slurping. “Why keep killing people when you can have sex with a real girl? There’s enough bodies to get your message across.”
“Let’s see how this works out.”
Jenny nodded and closed her eyes, taking his shaft down her throat. He was horny enough from all the hot teenage girls he killed that his cock erupted after only a minute. Jenny’s cheeks bulged and she let out a muffled cry but held it in her mouth as cum sprayed down her throat.
“Take off your clothes and lay on the floor,” he groaned and pulled out, a drop of cum dripping onto her nose.
Jenny complied, slipping out of her cardigan and sweatshirt. Her bra fell away revealing her perky C-cup breasts. She took off her shorts then handed her panties to Matt. “I-If you still decide you want to shoot me, you can have these as a keepsake. And even if you don’t.”
Jenny laid back on the floor and Matt crawled on top of her, pushing her legs back as his cock entered her pussy. Her hymen broke and trickles of blood flowed around his cock as he began pumping her womanhood.
He immersed himself in the act, feeling her tight pussy grip his hard dick, not realizing that he held a firm grip around the trigger; nor did he notice the gun sliding under Jenny’s chin. His cock twitches and another semen jet squirted into her, filling her womb. There was a loud clack like thunder and Jenny went slack, while her pussy clenched around his dick like a vice grip.
“Do you want to try anal before the cops show up?”
He opened his eyes when she didn’t respond after a good minute. “Babe?”
Blood leaked from a hole in her chin and brain matter was splattered on a box.
He held her body for a few minutes, even as her piss soaked into his shorts. “I’m sorry, babe.”
Footsteps grew louder and approached the closet.

Published on May-19-2024
Last updated on May-19-2024