Bitch Be Gone

Started by Ken E. Davis

Susan ended it with Carl after twenty years, knowing she’d be dead within the month. She got the call a week later saying a guy from Bitch Be Gone would be there that afternoon to dispose of her and her daughters.
It couldn’t be helped, he fell out of love with her years ago. He didn’t have to tell her, she saw it in the way he spent less time with her; when she caught his eyes on other girls more than they were on her. She couldn’t bear living with a loveless marriage so she called it off. He accepted without much fuss and he moved out the next day. There was no such thing as divorce on Akras and he couldn’t remarry while she lived. He couldn’t get a license to have kids with his new wife so long as he had a single daughter under twenty. They had to go and that was it.
Susan affirmed her name and address then took a hot shower. In all, she was among the few women privileged enough to celebrate her thirtieth birthday and manage another three standard years. Most ladies on this planet died in their teens and twenties, and many before that. If a girl wasn’t disposed of by her father or husband, or someone hired by him, she would be terminated in one of the government’s mass cullings. Any woman who missed being culled faced maiden’s scourge in her late thirties or early forties; a genetic disease which killed its victim over the course of a few years, leaving them in excruciating pain until their last breath.
Akras was colonized by a fleet of seedships containing a modified gene pool, which caused the female population to grow at a far quicker pace than men; one in every thousand babies was born male. A trillion people lived on this planet and most of them were women. While giving women short lifespans, the modified genes allowed men to live for thousands of years. Akras men still fell in love with women as on Earth and other human-settled worlds, their attachment often died after a few decades.
Susan finished her shower and headed downstairs naked to call the kids inside. Getting twelve girls to stop whatever they were doing to come to the living room for a quick talk took longer than the actual talk. It took another hour before she had them all sitting around the couch, the younger ones groaning and the older ones rolling their eyes or yawning. Five of them belonged to her, but the cullman would kill every female in the house regardless of if she belonged to the family. Susan explained the situation.
“We probably have less than an hour to live and you had to waste our time?” Nicole asked.
“A text message would’ve been good enough, Mom,” said Teri.
Susan grabbed a bottle of pills from the guest bathroom and handed them out to the girls. “I can’t send these through a text message. Bitch Be Gone is known for horribly mutilating the ladies they kill and these pills will make it so you don’t feel any pain.” She swallowed one with sink water. “Also, it’ll make you feel really good down there when you’re being murdered, or so I’ve been told.”
“Are we free now?” Kyley asked.
“Until the cullman gets here.”
Most of them scattered into the house or backyard until the only ones remaining were herself, Ellie, Vickie, Nicole, Leah, and Nora.
“Are we still hanging out while it happens?” Ellie asked. “Vickie too?”
“Of course,” Susan replied. Who could ask for a better death than a final roll in the sack with two teenage hotties?
“What are we doing?” Vickie asked.
“Come upstairs with us and find out. It’s a surprise.”
This better be good. If the surprise turned out to be some shitty movie or looking through baby clothes, Vickie would’ve gone back downstairs and waited in the living room. She just learned they all would die in the next hour or so and she wanted to spend it making love to her girlfriend. Was that so much to ask? Susan had to be naked and Ellie knew damned well she had a crush on her mom. How could they tease her like that and not take care of it. If we’re not fucking they better not get mad if I jill off.
Ryan donned his uniform as the drone landed in the Minton Family’s lawn; a black suit of armor bristling with weapons and gadgets. Any other planet would’ve thought he was sent to dispatch a dangerous arms dealer and not a single mom.
Two needles pricked his thighs and the stimulants injected into his body chilled his blood. He dick uncurled against the fabric of his underwear and pressed against the plating of his power armor, his balls swelled to double their size. The files showed a woman and her five daughters, and even if the number of females visiting doubled that number he’d have plenty of semen to go around.
Nicole unpaused the movie after it was just her and her posse again.
She appreciated the painkiller and would’ve appreciated them more if Mom handed them out before the movie got to the good part; or if she didn’t send her out to look for her sisters instead of doing it themselves. That whole time they were out there Mom didn’t even bother pausing their show so they ended up missing most of the sex scene between Sam and Kate. She stayed up all night watching them buildup their relationship over three long films and they had nothing to show for it. Sam was already cumming, his loud grunts would stop and they’d cut to them laying in bed talking.
“Let’s go back a little,” Leah said, “we missed the good stuff looking for your sisters.”
“I was so close,” Nora said, pointing at her crotch.
Finally! Nicole didn’t ask on the chance they might’ve thought she only cared about the sex scenes. Good romance was more than what happened in the bed. It’s still the best part. She backed up the feed to where Kate confessed her love and Sam took her to his bedroom.
As the couple undressed and went down on each other, Leah stuck her hand down the front of her shorts.
“Don’t you think it’s a little weird to masturbate in the living room?” Nicole asked.
Nora shrugged. When they were all about to die it didn’t matter, she wanted one last orgasm.
“Your mom was naked in here,” Leah said. “I don’t think she’ll care and I doubt she’s ever coming back down here.”
“Uh, hello! There’s a guy coming over to kill us. Do you want a strange man watching you rub yourself?”
“He’s probably going to fuck us after he’s done chopping us up.” Leah took off her shirt and bra, revealing her medium-sized tits. She lifted her skirt and started rubbing her pussy.
Nora slipped off her shorts and panties then kept rubbing her hairless twat.
As the scene dragged on, Nicole’s heart floated to the clouds. She wanted so much for a guy to make love to her like that. Now that was never going to happen, she spent too much time looking for the right one and her time ran out. She never even kissed a boy, or a girl for that matter, and no penis would ever touch her womanhood. Tragedies were romantic in their own right. Her womanhood began to itch. Nicole couldn’t help herself as she lifted her skirt and stuck her free hand into her panties. Those pills must really work.
“It’s kinda hard not to,” Leah said. “Knowing you’re about to die is really fucking hot.”
“I’m still leaving my clothes on,” Nicole said, “he’ll have to strip me himself if he wants to see the goods.” She took her skirt off a moment later; lifting the thing every five seconds ruined her focus. She slid back in the recliner and lost herself in the act.
There came a firm knock at the door and Nicole jerked herself up.
“That’s for you, babygirl,” Leah moaned.
Nicole got up, her hand still in her pants rubbing her love button. The cullman would think she’s a slut but it felt so good. She had seconds to live and thinking about it made her pussy feel like it could explode at any moment. She answered the door and the cullman stood there, clad in black armor like some modern grim reaper.
“Is this the Minton Residence?” Ryan didn’t need to confirm anything, having checked the computer over before stepping out of the drone. He got the wrong address sixteen times in his five hundred years as a cullman; each time he got enough of an ass chewing that he learned not to make the same mistake again. His scanner already identified the girl, a young brunette with pink highlights, as sixteen-year-old Nicole Minton.
“Yes.” Nicole moaned and bit her lip.
“Noted.” With a thought, a culling action began at the Winton’s residence. The cameras were running and he had all of two hours to terminate every lady in the house. It wouldn’t take even an hour, leaving him with plenty of time to enjoy them afterwards.
Just let me cum! Nicole didn’t see any cameras but she knew he was recording her. She was going to die a slut for the world to see and she couldn’t stop rubbing her pussy. So close!
“I have something better than a finger.” Two blades sprang out of the end of his arms and started vibrating like a chainsaw. He stuck one between her legs and brought it up to her crotch.
Nicole climaxed as the blade cut through her hands and began tearing up her pussy. She let out a loud squeal and threw her head back. They’ll really think I’m a slut now!
He drove the blade deeper as he sliced up, splitting her pussy and ass in two. He stopped at her belly as the two halves of her panties slid down her legs. He sliced up through her shirt, leaving a shallow cut in the center of her stomach going into her cleavage. Her shirt fell open as her bra landed on the ground. Ryan pushed her shirt down her arms and sliced her tits in half, then again, until her bleeding breasts hung like swollen pizzas. A sudden movement of his arms sliced her breasts clean off, leaving them as chunks of meat on the ground.
Nicole stumbled as he pushed her out onto the porch. Her body quivered in the afterglow of the best orgasm of her life. She’d never have another and her ruined womanhood would never take a cock, even after death. It was totally worth it. “Finish me,” she said.
Ryan revved up the blades and drove one into her skull. Her head split open as she hit the ground, spilling the two halves of her brains as she laid out on the porch.
He confirmed Nicole Minton’s death as he moved into the house. The computer scanned the scrunched faces of the two girls masturbating on the couch. The topless brunette was Leah Espinoza, sixteen. Nora Hawkins, sixteen, was the blonde with her bare pussy out.
Nora rubbed faster as the armored man stepped out of the hallway. I’m not going to finish, am I?
Just one more minute! Leah thought watching Nicole get sliced up would help her climax. It got her to edging but she needed a little more. The sight of her friend’s ruined body made her so fucking hot.
“I bet you ladies would like a final orgasm before you die.”
“Yes, please,” said Nora.
“I’ll let you but you have to finish stripping.”
Leah removed her skirt and went back to rubbing her brown slit. Nora removed her shirt to reveal her small but perky tits.
“Good girls,” Ryan said, grinning. “Whoever cums first gets to keep her face intact after she dies. And you get to suck my dick before you die.”
Nora tried her hardest, rubbing her pussy faster and harder. She didn’t care if he fucked up her face but she wanted to know what a cock felt like in her mouth before she passed.
Leah had a headstart and a good view of Nicole’s body. She climaxed moments later, her thighs clenching around her hand.
“We have a winner,” Ryan said and opened a hole in his crotch plate. His cock sprang out of his brief. Leah crawled over Nora and took his member in her mouth.
Nora came watching Leah suck on the cullman’s dick. If only it were in my pussy. Pussy juice squirted Leah’s leg and Nora kept rubbing herself.
Leah slurped his cock until it twitched and jets of semen stuffed her mouth. He pulled out and let her stroke his cock as the rest splattered on his face.
“Glad you enjoyed your goodbye meal,” he groaned and cut off her tits. He drove the knives into her belly and cut two large gashes, letting her guts spill out. Two swings across her throat and Leah’s head rolled off as her body slumped to the floor.
Nora squealed on the cusp of another orgasm and cupped her left breast. If I knew watching babes die was so hot… The cullman sliced her arm off at the wrist before her orgasm blossomed.
Ryan pointed his fist at the blonde and a gun popped out. Explosive ammo should ruin this blondie. Three rounds blasted chunks out of her pussy. One in each nipple splattered her breasts. He set it fully automatic and blew chunks out of her legs and stomach. Another six rounds obliterated her face, leaving her with chunks of brain matter leaking out.
Mindy spent the last hour of her life playing her favorite game with Grace and Stacey: strip gymnastics. It was a lot like strip poker, only it involved a lot of running and jumping.
The objectives were never the same, Mindy loved coming up with new games. She painted a black stripe across the lawn and each girl sprinted towards it. They were to jump once they reached the stripe and whoever went the furthest won and the others had to remove an article of clothing.
A couple rounds went by without an issue and the clothes piled up by the patio, then the usual argument popped up.
“Underwear counts as a separate piece of clothing,” Grace said.
“It’s not fair when you’re wearing more things than the rest of us.” Stacey pulled at Grace’s bra straps. “Just take it off, already!”
“Fine!” Grace relaxed her arms as Stacey pulled off her bra, revealing a pair of lemon-sized breasts. She turned ten two months ago, a full year-and-a-half younger than Mindy or Stacey. It’s not my fault mine came in first.
“We all bet our tops this round,” Mindy said, removing her shirt to bask in the cool air flowing over her nipples. “Bras are still tops.”
“Why didn’t you and Stacey take your panties off when you bet your bottoms? I should win this game because you two would be naked already. I hate this stupid game.”
“Panties are supposed to be the last thing You still have a skirt on so you’re ahead of us.”
“Fine! But I’m not playing another game if bras can’t be counted with our panties.”
Ryan made his way out into the backyard, following the bickering of young girls. Mindy Minton was the short-haired brunette, the computer scanned her friends. The budding girl with long blonde hair was Grace Marrow, Stacey Wood was a black girl with glasses and pigtails.
The girls crouched in their starting spots, ready to bolt, when the crunch of leaves froze them in place.
“Can you let us play one more round before you kill us?” Mindy asked. I don’t wanna die with my panties on.
“What are you cuties playing?” If one more round takes too long, no. As Mindy explained their game his lips curled into a smirk. Maybe he could get them to play a whole different game, instead? “I’ll let you play a whole new game if you let me have sex with you.”
Mindy slipped off her panties and blushed. “Sure.”
Ryan lifted Mindy into his arms as he plopped down against a tree. He lowered her onto his cock and she squeaked, then moaned as she slid up and down his meat.
“How does it feel?” Grace asked, slipping her hand down her skirt.
“Hard,” she moaned. And so warm, and wet. No wonder Mom and Ellie are always doing it! It didn’t take long for her to climax.
Ryan came as her pussy twitched around his member, filling her preteen pussy until streams of cum flowed into the rivers of virginal blood running down her legs.
Mindy squealed and dropped to her knees, quivering as she orgasmed into her panties and skirt.
“Now that we’re done with that, you may remove the rest of your clothes. The game has the same objective, only now you wager a body part in each round. Whoever loses her eyes loses the game. Legs and feet are off limits until the game ends. Your first bet will be a hand.”
Grace and Stacey stripped naked. Mindy joined them at the starting line.
They bolted across the yard and leapt into the air the moment their feet touched the black stripe. Mindy landed the furthest. The cullman walked over to Grace.
“Pick a hand to lose.”
Grace raised her left. I need the right to rub myself just right. One swipe of a chainsaw knife left a bleeding stump at the end of her arm.
Stacey gave up her right hand. I’m not going to jill off after he kills me.
“Next round I’ll take an arm.”
Grace won the next round. “I can keep rubbing my pussy,” she shouted.
“You’ll never get laid,” Mindy replied as the cullman placed the blade under her armpit. Even with the pills she winced at the sharp tingle rushing down her spine as the blade cut through flesh and bone.
“You’ll never get boobs.”
“That’s Round Three,” Ryan said as he threw Stacey’s left arm over the fence.
Stacey won Round Three.
Ryan grabbed Grace’s tit by the nipples as he sliced off her breasts.
“Yours will never get any bigger,” Mindy replied. “Also, she’s right. How will you cut…”
Ryan sliced her nipples off in two strokes.
“Whoever loses this round can say goodbye to their pussies.”
They jumped their hardest but Grace landed just a few centimeters further than the rest.
“I think it’s time to fire up the barbecue.” Ryan aimed his middle finger at Mindy’s slit and shot out a jet of white-hot flames.
Mindy came on the spot as her pussy seared and cooked. An aroma of sweet ham rose up into her nose and her stomach began to growl. I could eat my own pussy right now. Would that make me a lesbian? When it stopped after two full minutes, her crotch looked more like a burnt roast and the skin cracked. The afterglow of her last orgasm faded but touching her pussy did nothing but singe her finger.
Stacey spread her slit. An orgasm washed over her as the inside of her pussy boiled. Sweat rolled down her legs and steam rose up from her girlhood. Her crotch warped, her skin crackling like bacon. He stopped and her fingers were fused to her ruined pussy.
“Final round! The losers lose their eyes then I’ll slaughter all three of you.”
The jump came down to Mindy and Grace. Stacey staggered across the field and stumbled a few times before she collapsed over the line. Mindy made the farthest jump and the game was over.
Stacey stared into the nozzle of his middle fingers for a moment then she went blind as flames engulfed her face. Her eyes boiled then exploded from their sockets.
Grace closed her eyes but her eyelids burned away in an instant, yet she never saw anything as her eyeballs exploded seconds later.
“You won’t need these anymore.” Ryan sawed her legs off above the thigh. He sliced into her pussy and carved up her body until he reached her neck. He pulled her body apart, spilling her organs onto the ground.
He pushed Stacey onto her back and spread out her legs. Three swift motions of his arms sliced off her feet, cut through her knee caps, then took off her thighs. He sliced off her remaining hand and left it to dangle from her pussy by a few strands of melted flesh. With both blades he bisected her below the ribcage.
As Stacey’s guts spilled out of her severed belly, Ryan made his way over to Mindy. “You won the right to a quick death.”
“Thank you, I guess,” she said.
He pulled a steel cylinder from a compartment in his breastplate and stuffed it in her mouth. The device exploded and her head popped like a watermelon, splattering her brain across the garden.
Ryan headed back inside and began a full sweep of the house. Everyone on the ground floor was already dead so he made his way upstairs. I hope everyone’s home.
He tried the first bedroom and found two victims. Kyley Minton sprawled out on a bean bag, a short-haired brunette with glasses. She was topless, wearing nothing else but a pair of cotton panties and knee-high stockings. Anne Roberts sat on the bed, long red hair and big tits for a fourteen-year-old; like Kyley, she was topless, but wore yoga pants. Both of them buried their noses in their phone.
Kyley looked up for a moment as the door opened. “Cullman’s here, guess it’s time for me to die,” she texted Lana.
I hope I can finish this level. Anne kept playing her balloon game, watching the points climb as she aligned the right colors.
“I’ll give you two a little more time if one of you gives me a handy.”
Kyley reached out and he slapped his cock into her hand.
Anne started the next level while Kyley stroked the man’s cock. Don’t come just yet. One more level!
His cock erupted, spraying cum on Kyley’s face.
“Yum,” she moaned, licking a few globs off her chin. “I just got a facial,” she texted and sent her friend a photo of her cum-covered face.
Ryan fired up his blades and sliced the bottom of her tits off. Quick slashes opened her belly and her intestines spilled out. The blade sawed into her throat and spinal cord, her head rolled off but Anne caught it in mid-air. Anne dropped the phone and licked cum off Kyley’s face.
An uppercut sliced through the bottom of her jaw and Anne’s face slid off moments later. Her body slumped over and her brain fell out, landing in Kyley’s guts.
“I love you!” Kaye squeaked and covered her mouth as the words just popped out. Her face turned red as Teri blinked at her.
She couldn’t help it. Gunfire and what sounded like a chainsaw kept going off until it was coming from somewhere on that floor.
“Please! I don’t want to die a virgin.” Kaye removed her shorts and panties.
“I … I wish you said something sooner,” Teri said.
“Please!” Footsteps grew closer to the door. “Even if I don’t cum … I want to know how it feels to have someone else pleasuring my body.”
Teri knelt between her legs and began licking Kaye’s pussy as the door swung open. It sucked she’d never get eaten out by another girl.
Ryan stepped in and grinned. Kaye Vongpradith was the one getting eaten out, a twelve-year-old with long black hair. Teri Minton, twelve, had wavy black hair and seemed to sport a decent rack under her t-shirt.
“Please let us finish before we die,” Teri said.
“I will if you take my cock in your pussy.”
Teri nodded and pushed Kaye onto the sink. She lifted her skirt and Ryan’s dick slipped into her pussy.
“No hymen?” He asked.
“I lost my virginity last year,” she moaned.
Experienced or not, her pussy twitched after a few minutes and she squealed into Kaye’s pussy. Ryan let go moments later, spewing his load into her preteen pussy.
Kaye squirmed a minute later, she grabbed Teri by the hair and pulled as her pussy squirted in her face.
Ryan pulled out and Teri fell back onto the toilet. The blades revved up and began slicing through her arms and into her chest. Her shirt fell away, revealing her c-cup breasts as he cut them in half. Her top half slid off onto the floor while her body twitched, a stream of piss pittered into the water.
Kaye started rubbing her pussy when the knife cut through her hand and buried deep in her pussy. Her guts spilled out as he cut up her belly and chest. He split her chin in half and stopped after her tongue to pull her shirt open. Two swift cuts and her budding tits plopped off.
Ryan drove both knives through her eyeballs and into her brain.
Susan tongued Ellie’s snatch for the third time when the cullman arrived. Her face was already drenched with fluids from her and Vickie. None of them budged an inch when the door opened. If it’s him, I guess it’s time. If it’s one of the girls? I don’t know if I can handle any more pussy right now.
Footsteps echoed over their moans. Ellie leaned in and kissed Vickie.
“Why didn’t you tell me about you and your mom sooner?” Vickie squealed and her pussy gripped Susan’s strapon.
“How would I know you’d be into it?” Ellie locked lips as her pussy erupted.
Vickie came moments later, hammering the purple cock.
Ryan’s computer identified the busty brunette sprawled out on the bed as Susan Minton, thirty-three. The busty short-haired brunette riding her face was her seventeen-year-old daughter. The other girl was Vickie Vongpradith, fourteen, with jet-black hair tied into pigtails and glasses.
Ryan went in between the teenaged lesbians and sawed their breasts off in two motions. They held their kiss even as his blades chewed up their rib cages, splitting their tits, and the top of their bodies slid off.
Susan lapped her daughter’s pussy as her ass thrashed against her face. She didn’t know if it was piss or pussy juice soaking her face and she didn’t give a shit. Vickie’s body thrusted, hammering the strapon that she felt it against her pussy. I’m about to come to a dead pussy! Vickie’s body stopped before Susan climaxed and slumped over. Ellie’s hips went still moments later and her pussy stopped squirting.
Ryan threw the bodies off the bed when they stopped kissing and flopped over. Susan whimpered as he pulled her daughter’s dripping pussy from her lips.
“Are you going to kill me right now or do you wish to fuck me one last time?” Susan didn’t want to beg but she needed some hard dick. Pussy was amazing but she needed some of that hard stuff. Put it anywhere, I don’t care. I just want some cum.
“I was planning to give you a goodbye fuck, yes.” How could he resist? Even covered in the blood and sex juices of two dead teenagers, his client’s voluptuous wife’s body begged for some attention before he wrecked it. No straight man could pass this up.
He stuck his dick in her face and she took it in her mouth without a moment’s hesitation. The way she gobbled and slurped his meat, Ryan didn’t know how any man could get bored of this. I’m glad he did. With a grunt he came, her throat bulged with semen.
Susan opened her legs and removed the strapon as he crawled onto the bed. He spread her legs back and mounted her in a mating press. Her pussy lips parted and he entered her womanhood. She lost herself in the moment, feeling the cusps of her final orgasm spreading through veins like a wave of peace. It erupted into a storm and she climaxed. Warmth stuffed her womb as her pussy gripped her squirting cock. He pulled out and sprayed the rest of his load on her belly, she laid back as the final cool breaths rushed into her tired lungs.
Ryan slashed away, her tits plopped off in meaty chunks. He cut off her legs at the knees then cut off her thighs a slice at a time, as if it were a ham. He opened a gash in her stomach and pulled her guts out, throwing them onto the floor. He held her womb in front of her face then squeezed until it exploded. Her eyes rolled back in her head.
“The Minton Family is now deceased,” he logged after Susan stopped twitching.
Ryan swept the building a final time, in the event he missed a guest or two. He found not a soul and shut off the cameras.
He went back to his drone and changed out the power armor for his cleaning gear. He had six hours to get the job done and he’d need every bit of it; not only did he make quite the mess, fucking five hotties did little to calm his erection. Let’s hope I left enough fuck holes intact.

Published on May-19-2024
Last updated on May-19-2024