Camping With Dad

Started by John Hoffman

Thirty minutes remained before school ended for the summer and every one of those minutes felt like an hour. Hazel’s first year in high school, and her first year in a private school, was quite a ride and she couldn’t wait to unwind for three months. This summer filled her with more anticipation than any in her fourteen years, even more so than the one prior despite that one ending her years in middle school. This summer she had far more things to do than sit around playing video games or riding her bike around town; this summer, Dad was taking her camping for two whole months.
She broke the news to Cassie and Tristan, her bestfriends, a minute ago as they joined her at the lunch table.
“I can’t believe you’re this calm about missing out on all of the new releases this summer,” Tristan murmured with a mouthful of a fried chicken. “How are you gonna feel when we’re playing the new Final Fantasy and Diablo while you’re out sleeping with bugs and catching fish?”
“I’ll feel that you’re the ones missing out. Besides, you know I prefer to wait before getting the newest games. I want to know if it’s good before wasting money on it.”
“I’m sure you’re gonna at least miss hanging out with us doing weird shit,” Cassie said.
“I really wish I could bring you two with me, I really do. I just…”
“Want to have the weekend to yourself and Dad? Enjoy some family time? We’ll understand. Right, Cass?”
“No, it’s nothing like that. We already have someone going with us.”
“Oh? Like, a close cousin or something?” Cassie asked.
Hazel didn’t want to smirk as she said it but found her lips curling into one anyways as she leaned in. “Charles Wallace and Alice.”
Tristan almost choked on a bite of chicken as the words came out of her mouth but Cassie just looked on with a blank expression, as if she wondered why Hazel expected her to know who it was. Hazel waited a few seconds before realizing Cassie probably never heard the man called by his first name.
“You know? Principal Wallace.”
“Headmaster Wallace.” Tristan replied.
“To-may-toe, Ta-Mah-toe,” Hazel replied. “This may be a fancy school but it’s not Hogwarts.”
“Except he probably makes more money in a month than your average principal makes in a year. I can’t believe you and your dad are actually going camping with him.”
“You said Alice would be there?” Tristan asked, his face turning a shade of light pink.
Hazel would’ve laughed any other day, seeing him blush whenever Alice’s name comes up was just the cutest thing. She would be the one spending two months with her, maybe even sleeping within an arm’s reach, and the idea of being intimidated by her no longer seemed like the cutest thing.
She couldn’t blame them. Hazel only ever had boyfriends in the four years she had been in the dating game and she never considered getting a girlfriend, though she considered herself bisexual to some degree, but even she found herself fawning over Alice on occasion. How could she not? Alice was captain of the school’s cheerleading squad, whose long golden hair seemed to shine like a halo. No matter if she was in the school uniform or a thick sweatshirt, Alice’s tits, at least a pair of D’s, puffed out just right and plump. Hazel, who found herself glancing out of the corner of her eyes when Alice walked by, couldn’t imagine what went on in Tristan’s head or his underwear.
Even if her and Alice were full on lesbians—even if they were the only lesbians in the state—she had about as much of a chance scoring a playdate with Alice as an ice cube had surviving an hour on a sidewalk in July. Hazel didn’t look like some abomination that crawled out of a nuclear reactor and even considered herself attractive enough, she just couldn’t see how some tiny half-Korean girl who wore what had to be the thickest glasses in the world and whose breasts couldn’t even fill out a B-cup could compare herself to a total babe like Alice.
It didn’t matter that much if she was attracted to other girls or not, being below Alice’s league in the dating pool didn’t worry Hazel as much as the fact that she had to spend two whole months with the most popular girl in one of the most expensive schools in America. Hazel knew it wouldn’t matter how attractive SHE was because she would still be the same nerdy Hazel and even if Alice didn’t say anything she knew the girl would be making fun of her whenever she geeked out with her dad. How did she handle that? Should she just try to not be a weirdo and act cool, and would Alice see through her bullshit anyways? Dad would still geek out no matter what, the man didn’t care what the normies thought, and Hazel knew it might hurt his feelings if she didn’t geek out with him as she always did. She could be like Dad and not give a shit, though it would sting all the same if Alice made fun of her. Maybe Alice wouldn’t make fun of her, at least not her face? Both of their dads were paying for the trip, but Hazel’s dad did make quite a bit more money than Alice’s. Would Alice make fun of the daughter of the man forking out most of the cash for her vacation? Not that it would do Hazel any good, she would still spend some time wondering if the cool hot cheerleader is sitting there thinking about how weird she is whenever she gets excited about some weird bug or shit.
Then again, if she managed to talk Dad into letting Dustin come along she would have one leg up on Alice. She only went to the same school as Alice for a year but she never saw her with a boyfriend. If she preferred girls that might’ve explained some things but she didn’t even seem to have a girlfriend. She never seemed to hang out with anyone but the other cheerleaders and she didn’t seem intimate with any of them. Maybe Alice was just that far out of everyone’s league? It didn’t make sense if she was dating anyone, Hazel couldn’t imagine not hanging on to her boyfriend every minute she could get with him; the seat next to her felt cold enough since he had to stay a few minutes after class.
“I honestly kinda wish you did have room for us,” Tristan groaned.
“Why?” Cassie snickered. “So you can be made fun of by your crush?”
“I know,” Hazel moaned. “I really would take you guys if I could but I’m going to be really pushing my luck when I ask Dad if Dustin can come along.”
“Oh,” Cassied grunted, her eyes swelling to the size of saucers as she dropped her fork. “I can’t believe I forgot to tell you about this and I hope you don’t get too mad at me.”
Hazel didn’t know if she should worry much as Cassie pulled out her phone. Cassie’s tidbits of gossip she somehow forgot about could be anything from someone dying their hair a weird color or a kid getting hit by a bus. Either she was about to tell him Dustin’s mom died and he never told her or Dustin would be going out of town with his family and, again, never told her. It sounded like taking her boyfriend camping might be out of the question either way, but she could not have prepared herself for the video Cassie was about to show her.
Cassie was sitting in the back of an SUV with two other girls. Dustin’s messy dark hair stuck out over the middle seat where he was chatting it up with a brown-haired boy, Ryan if Hazel remembered things the right way.
“Dude?” Ryan said with a stern voice. “Why the fuck would you tell me that?”
“Language!” The woman driving, a plucky brunette with glasses, looked through the rearview mirror.
“Why would you tell me this?” Ryan said again, lowering his voice this time. “That’s gross. Please tell me you’re joking.”
“I’m not joking,” Dustin replied in a low voice.
“You actually got it on with Rachael. What the fuck is wrong with you?”
“What do you mean what’s wrong with me? She’s only two years younger and she’s fucking hot.”
“Dude,” Ryan hissed, “she’s your fucking sister. That’s just so gross. And you’re supposed to be dating that Asian chick. Hannah, right?”
“Hazel. Her name’s Hazel and it’s not like she needs to know.”
“Cassie hangs out with her. How do you know she won’t snitch?”
Dustin looked over the seat before turning back to Ryan. “She’s too busy playing on her phone. Angela and Katie, too. It’ll be our little secret.”
“Just tell me you didn’t go all the way… like, tell me you didn’t squirt your cum in her pussy.”
Dustin nodded. “Her mouth, pussy. I would’ve done it in her ass if I didn’t get tired.”
“You know she could get pregnant, right.”
“Turn it off,” Hazel sobbed, shoving the phone away.
“I’m sorry—” Cassie stuttered. “I-I…”
“You should’ve told me this morning,” Hazel snapped.
“I… I was busy,” Cassie began screeching.
“It was a busy morning,” Tristan said. Hazel glared at him. “But you should’ve just sent her the video.”
“Are … we still friends,” Cassie squeaked. “I … I understand if—”
“Yeah, we’re still friends. I’m still going to be mad for a while even if you at least told me before I invited him to go camping with me and my dad.”
Mike arrived at Hazel’s school a full ten minutes after they officially released for the summer and spent the first minute pouting at himself for being late. He supposed he shouldn’t blame himself even though every school he ever heard of let students go home early on the last day of the semester. He knew his daughter well enough to know she would spend another fifteen or so minutes saying goodbye to her friends; maybe even a good thirty minutes because she wouldn’t see them for about two months. The ten minutes he wasted oversleeping would’ve been nice, either way.
He liked to get there early to enjoy the view and Hazel could take all of the time in the world with her friends. Mike never cared much for school uniforms but Wasson Academy had decent taste when it came to designing uniforms for girls; watching their long legs move under those short pleated blue skirts never got old. Their tops, plain white button-down shirts, were thin enough that he could see the breasts on some of the bustier girls jiggle as they walked by.
Was it weird for him to look forward to sitting outside of his daughter’s school watching her classmates walk around in their skimpy uniforms? Sure, and Mike knew damned well that he’d sooner jump off a cliff into a lake of lava than tell another soul about this. Why did it matter? Nobody would ever know but him, he was here to pick up his baby girl afterall. So what if he showed up early most days and never complained when she took too long getting to the car? He was a supportive father who wanted his daughter to spend time with her friends without feeling rushed. He just watched some of the girls walking by as he waited for her, that was all. Many of those girls were, without a doubt, around the same age as his little girl, a little girl who had become very much a young woman with her fifteenth birthday less than two months out, some of them had to be eighteen. From an anatomic perspective, teenage girls didn’t look much different than a grown woman. In the end, he never jerked off to them in his car or even took pictures with his phone, preferring to play it safe by memorizing their faces and bodies for that night in bed.
Weird or not, creepy or not, Mike needed this. He lost his wife thirteen years and five months ago, a coked-up junkie wouldn’t take no for an answer when she refused to hand over his wedding ring. On some level, Mike always knew he should’ve found someone to fill the hole in his heart, his friends and family wouldn’t leave him alone about that. Getting with another woman seemed like betrayal in his eyes. If given the choice he’d rather have spent another ten grand to replace that ring if it meant having his beautiful Yeo-Woon in his life, but she chose to defend the symbol of their marriage with her life all the same. How much of a scumbag would he need to be to just go out and grab a replacement wife for a woman like that? No matter how long ago she died, he would be married to Yeo-Woon for the rest of eternity. Nobody could replace her.
Even so, thirteen years raising his daughter alone left a void that could not be filled. Pornography on the Internet could go so far and getting off to fantasies about the girls who spend most of their time in the same building as Hazel hit the spot a little more. Yeo-Woon would understand the pornography, a man needs to satisfy his sexual needs, but he had some doubts that she’d be okay with this. Still, he didn’t sexualize Hazel and it wasn’t like he would ever actually fuck any of her classmates. Outside of his fantasies he remained loyal to Yeo-Woon and always would.
This issue would be pushed to the back of his mind for a few months, and much sooner than he expected. Mike finished watching a group of six girls who could’ve been anywhere from fourteen to nineteen walk by, his eyes focused more on the tall black girl and her rather impressive rack, when he saw Hazel emerge from around the side of the building and begin marching across the lawn.
He noticed the quiver of her lips as she grew closer and Mike thought at first she might start crying because she had to leave her friends behind for the summer. Hazel had been begging him for a camping trip since he took her almost ten years ago and she couldn’t have been more excited when he finally granted her wish, but he supposed it only made sense that she would miss her friends when the time came. Mike almost wished he could invite at least Cassandra, for his daughter and the fact that he wouldn’t mind seeing Cassandra in a swimming suit, but he never got around to checking with Charles about bringing extra people, and Hazel never said anything about it.
Hazel wasn’t just quivering her lips, but outright storming across the field. Her eyes looked more like daggers than anything. His baby girl wasn’t just upset, someone must’ve pissed her off. It didn’t take long for him to get an idea as to why. Walking along the sidewalk, not too far behind her, and seeming to keep to the far end away from his daughter, was Dustin Bell. She began dating him almost six months ago and she seemed glued to the boy every time he came to pick her up. The boy was rubbing his cheek, where a red mark that looked rather similar to a handprint.
“What’s the matter, sweetie,” Mike asked as his daughter climbed in, sobbing.
“Dustin… he… he…,” and she broke down crying as she finished her sentence, “HE CHEATED ON ME!”
Mike glared at the boy as he patted his daughter’s shoulder. “Cheated on you? That slimy worm.”
“Yeah! With his sister, too.”
Mike was sure if he was drinking something in that moment he would’ve spit it out like a cartoon character. “His sister? Rachael? Like, did they kiss-kiss or—”
“They had sex. Like, all the way. He bragged about it to Ryan and Cassie found out. It’s so disgusting.”
Mike didn’t doubt his daughter for a second and, even if part of him didn’t want to believe something so disgusting, he had Rachael over at his house enough times that it didn’t surprise her. Though younger than Hazel’s other friends, Rachael dressed the most like a prostitute. The girl never wore anything that covered her midriff. Her shorts and skirts were often short enough that he knew all of her panties were either white or pink.
He felt bad about that Dustin boy breaking his baby’s heart, of course he did. If he could beat the shit out of him without going to jail he’d have done so without a second thought. That wouldn’t stop him from thinking about Rachael when he crawled into bed that night; she may have been younger than what he preferred, her breasts were still no bigger than lemons, he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about how she actually took a dick in her pussy. He almost wanted to ask if she sucked her brother off or took it in the ass, but that would be weird and he could fill in the gaps with his own imagination.
“Don’t worry sweetheart, you’ll forget all about that sister fucker when you’re having a blast camping.”
Hazel spent the days following the last day of school sleeping, watching the slow and steady tick of the clock until their big camping trip began. Hazel left with her dad in the early hours of June the Fourth, not even needing to waste time waking up as she couldn’t sleep for a second that night, and arrived at the national park just as the first rays of sunlight peeked through the valleys.
Dad placed his reservation sticker on the SUV and Hazel helped him stuff a bunch of junk into three oversized backpacks while they waited for the Wallaces.
They arrived soon enough. Hazel sat on the ground, watching ants carry away the last crumbs of her egg and sausage sandwich while Dad snored away in the car. She peered up to the crunch of dirt and gravel under tires, a black SUV pulled in beside Dad’s. She may have spent the better part of the year walking by that man’s face but Hazel could’ve sworn a complete stranger stepped out of the car instead of their Headmaster. Instead of his normal black suit and tie, Charles stepped out wearing nothing more than a plain light-brown shirt and brown cargo shorts.
“We’re here,” Charles said, knocking on the car until Dad jolted awake.
“Oh,” Dad said with a chuckle and got out, ‘I didn’t mean to be out this long.”
“I hear ya. I would’ve been here sooner but I set my alarm for PM instead of AM. Alice saved my rear on that one.”
“Well, we’re here now. I’m sure you’ve seen her around, but I’d like you to meet my lovely daughter, Hazel.” He waved and Hazel abandoned her nature watch to run over.
She waved and smiled. “Hi.”
“Hello, Miss Meneses! I know your face from school.”
“Did you know, Mike, that your daughter is one of our best performing students?”
“She does brag about her grades all the time but I wasn’t sure how well she ranked amongst the other students.”
“She’s in the top twenty, certainly far above where I was at her age.”
“Well, I’m quite proud of you.”
“Well, thank you guys,” Hazel said, blushing. “I try my…,” Hazel stuttered nonsense before going quiet as the passenger door of Wallace’s SUV opened and Alice stepped out.
“Good morning,” she said, waving.
Hazel couldn’t do anything but squeak out a quiet, “hello,” and skeet behind Dad. As if Alice wasn’t already one of the hottest girls she knew, she came out with a black sports bra straining around her big tits and boyshorts. If Tristan came with them, no doubt he’d have jizzed his pants right there.
“This is my little Alice. I imagine you’ve seen her around a few times.”
Hazel nodded and squeaked out a few more “hellos” as Alice waved back and giggled.
They grabbed their things and began their hike through the woods, stopping almost an hour later by a lake to set up their tents.
“Who’s up for catching some fish?” Charles asked.
“Well, ya know I am,” Dad replied. “How about you girls?”
“I’’d like to go on a hike, to be honest,” Alice replied. “How about you? What’s your name?”
“I … I’ll go fishing with Dad,” she stammered out.
Alice shrugged. “I guess I can go myself, no biggie.”
“Will you be alright by yourself?” Dad asked.
“She’ll be fine,” Charles replied as Alice took off jogging into the woods. “She spent most of her youth exploring nature, she knows how to handle herself. I think she was just wanting to make a new friend.”
“Yeah. You should’ve gone with her.”
“I….” Hazel couldn’t think of a response. Alice didn’t seem hurt when she left but after thinking about it, Hazel could’ve sworn she stopped smiling when she turned her down. Maybe she should run after her, but then she might come off as desperate to be friends with the popular girl.
Hazel grabbed a rod and joined the men by the lake, forgetting about if she might’ve hurt Alice’s feelings or not. The morning gave way to noon and before she knew it the Sun started to set. Hazel walked away with a bass half the size of her arm while her dad and Charles caught a few trout. Hazel helped them start a fire and joined them in a debate on whether freshwater fish tasted better than saltwater. Alice returned from her hike well after sunset, their fish were carved up and cooking on long sticks; Hazel thought about apologizing for the morning but once again found herself unable to speak.
“I think it’s ready,” Dad said, biting off a piece of fish.
“Finally,” Hazel grabbed a stick and started eating. “I haven’t eaten since breakfast.”
“Hold on,” Dad replied with a laugh, “we shouldn’t forget the chips and drinks.” He pulled a few cans of Pringles out of his bag, Hazel caught the pizza-flavored ones. “Should’ve brought the ice chest,” he muttered as he handed Charles and Alice a beer.
“What about me?” Hazel moaned.
“Not until you’re sixteen.”
Hazel made a playful growl and grabbed two bottles of soda.
“How cute,” Alice laughed. Hazel’s face turned red and she inched herself back, taking nibbles out of her fish and poking at her chips.
Alice stopped laughing and slid in beside Hazel, who felt her entire body go numb at that moment. “I never did get your name earlier.”
“Oh? That’s a really pretty name.”
“Yeah,” she muttered. “I guess… thanks.”
“I think you might’ve heard my name, but it’s Alice.”
“Ah, nice. Alice is nice.”
“You think so? I always thought it was rather plain, but it was my mother’s name.”
Hazel just sat back and ate as Alice continued talking. She didn’t need to give her a reason to ask about her mom. Hazel didn’t know her mom long enough to form any real bond but she didn’t care for the idea of someone feigning sympathy about her death. Hazel didn’t want to get into any conversations, really. If she opened her mouth too much it would be a matter of time before she said something weird.
Alice stopped talking at some point and went over to her dad. The fire dwindled as did their sticks of fish. Hazel just wanted to sleep and realized they only set up two tents. She didn’t know why she thought there were three all that time when she was sitting right by them. Dad and Charles would probably share a tent and that meant she would have to share the other with Alice. Maybe it would be that each family gets a tent, but she hadn’t slept with Dad since she was four and that would be super weird right now. If she did sleep with Alice that meant sleeping with her shorts on because no way in hell could she show off her Pokemon panties to her.
Dad must’ve had the same idea because he spoke up. “We only seem to have two tents. I’m assuming the girls can share one, but I don’t want—”
“I brought my sleeping bag. When I’m camping I prefer to sleep with nature itself as my bedroom, so I’m gonna sleep in the woods.”
“Well, then. I suppose you girls will be okay sharing a tent?”
“Sure! I don’t see why that would be a problem,” Alice replied.
When Hazel didn’t respond after a minute, Dad asked again. “Are you okay, sweetie?”
“It’s fine if she doesn’t want to,” Alice said. “If she’s not comfortable having someone sleeping with her or she just doesn’t like me I can sleep outside. She can have the tent, I don’t mind.”
“I can share a tent,” Hazel groaned. “I … I’m just too tired to speak.”
“She did pretty much stay up all night.”
“It seems everything’s settled,” Charles said and grabbed his sleeping bag, heading towards the treeline.
“You’re not going to stay in the camp?”
“Nah, it’s more fun to sleep out there. I have something to keep the bugs off,” he pulled out a can of bug spray.
Charles disappeared into the woods. Dad snuffed out the fire before crawling into his tent. Alice went into the other tent, Hazel crawled in a few minutes later hoping to find her already asleep. It seemed there would be no such luck, as she found Alice wide awake on her phone.
“Took ya long enough,” she said as Hazel crawled into her sleeping bag.
“Yeah … too tired to move.” Hazel turned over. She might’ve gone without sleep for almost two days but she still couldn’t close her eyes and drift off. Her mind kept bringing up all of the fun activities she would get to enjoy the next day until she turned over and over.
As if to make it worse, Alice didn’t take long to notice Hazel was still awake well into the night and began trying to strike up conversations. Alice kept asking random questions and talking about random subjects, Hazel responded with grunts of quick “yeahs” until Alice brought up her meager replies.
“Am I bothering you? I’m bothering you, aren’t I? If I am, you can tell me and I’ll shut up.”
“No,” she said after a few seconds.
“Hmm,” Alice bit her lip, “are you sure? You seem like you’re annoyed every time I say something. In fact, you have been acting like this towards me since I asked you to go hiking with me this morning. And don’t tell me you’re just tired or not talkative, because you were pretty lively when it was just you and the guys.”
“I … I just,” she started muttering, not sure what to say. She didn’t want the girl to think she hated her … Alice may or may not have been a snob, but she didn’t deserve to feel hated on what was supposed to be her first vacation after high school. Couldn’t she just tell Alice that she was afraid of being made fun of by someone so popular? How embarrassing would that be?
“Look! If you hate me you can just tell me right now. Get it off your chest. I know we never interacted much at school, but if I ever did anything to offend you just tell me. I will try to do what I can to make it up to you.”
“You didn’t offend me and I don’t hate you. I’m just … a little weird,” she said the last part so quietly that she wasn’t sure she even said anything.
“A little … what?”
Maybe she did say it? “A little weird!” Alice flinched as Hazel raised her voice. “I’m a weirdo and I know if I start talking to you long enough you will make fun of me. I’m not like you popular hot girls. I’m one of the dorky losers who sits with the other dorky losers at lunch.”
“Oh? You think I would make fun of you … for being weird? I’m not that kind of person … I’m not some slut who thinks she’s better than everyone else. And who makes fun of someone for being who they are? Only losers make fun of someone who isn’t bothering anybody. And what gives you the impression that I’m popular?”
“I mean, your dad literally runs the school. Plus, you’re really hot. Like, every straight boy and lesbian turns their head when you walk by. Don’t you notice that? Oh, and you’re the captain of the cheerleaders.”
“I guess so, though it seems weird that I’d be popular for being the Principal’s daughter.”
“Headmaster, you mean?”
“Call him whatever, Harry Potter. To me he’s just dad. And who cares if I’m attractive? A lot of other girls are pretty hot,” she leaned in, whispering into Hazel’s ears, “believe me, I swing both ways. My head turned to look at a lot of girls at that place. And, while we’re at it, I think you are one of the pretty ones.”
“You really think so?” Hazel blushed. “I mean, I guess. Thanks, though.”
“Well, of course you’re one of the pretty ones. I saw you with at least two guys last year.”
“It was actually four.”
“See? How could you possibly have that many boyfriends if they didn’t think you were hot?”
“I guess that makes some sense. But, we all know I’m not on the same level as you.”
“Why not? Because I’m a cheerleader? You could make the team if you really tried. Or is it my boobs? Because the girl who was captain of the cheerleading squad, my first big girl crush, would’ve been envious of your tits. And she was way hotter than I am. Plus you have quite a few friends, I’ve seen you sitting with anywhere from two all the way to five people at any given time. Plus, I’ve been single for the whole year. You have a boyfriend.”
“Well, I had a boyfriend. I’m also single now.”
“Oh? Why? He seemed cute.”
“Yeah, but he also cheated on me. With his sister.”
“What? What a dumbfucker! Well, you can still do better next year.”
Their conversations moved along, Hazel giving full responses and even laughing, until she could no longer hold her head up and her eyes felt like cement.
“Alright, I don’t think I can stay awake any longer.”
“Me neither,” Alice yawned.
“I can assume you won’t make fun of my underwear? I’d hate to sleep with my shorts on.”
“I don’t see why you would expect that. I’ve been walking around in mine all day. If summer wanted us to wear more clothes it shouldn’t have turned up the heat.”
Hazel slipped out of her tank top and khakis, ready to sling away into her sleeping bag the moment Alice makes a remark about the Pokemon designs on her panties and bra.
“That’s actually cute,” she said. “I will have to ask you where I can get those in the morning.”
Hazel just nodded.
“Also, do you care if I sleep topless? I like to let my girls breathe a little.”
Hazel again nodded. Alice took off her sports bra. A few hours ago, Hazel might’ve blushed at the sight of Alice’s plump tits bouncing as her bra dropped to the ground, but she couldn’t think of doing anything else but sleep for a thousand years.
Hazel was stirred awake by the ruffling of the blankets and a cold breeze on her face. She opened her eyes for a second, long enough to watch Alice slip through the opening. Hazel started to ask where she went, her exhausted mind seemed to tell her no and she closed her eyes again. She wanted to at least tell her it was cold and that she should close the tent, but her brain said no again and she drifted back into sleep.
She awoke again after what felt like hours, although she couldn’t say for sure other than the Sun seemed to be rising outside. The cold air blowing over her face seemed to stop and something warm slid beside her.
“Sorry,” Alice whispered. “I didn’t wake you, did I?”
Hazel shook her head. Although she wanted to say ‘yes’ her brain seemed to refuse, as if that nodding somehow required far more energy than shaking her head.
“I’m sorry I forgot to close the tent. I hope you’re not freezing, I just had to pee.”
Hazel nodded and turned over. Her face did feel like a popsicle but Alice’s mere presence seemed to blast away the chill like dropping ice into a fire.
She slipped back into sleep, wanting to ask why it took so long to pee while her brain didn’t want to think anymore. Did she even know how long she slept the first time?
Hazel and Alice woke up long before the men and spent the better part of the morning chatting.
“See? I told you.” Charles boomed as he walked out of the forest, yawning like a bear, “I knew you would be friends by morning.”
“She was just being shy, Dad.”
Hazel’s dad emerged from his tent. After eating pop tarts and leftover chips for breakfast, the girls joined their dads on a hike through the woods. They stopped for lunch at the mouth of a large cave, another round of pop tarts and chips, and needed to decide which route to take next.
“I think the view at the top would be nice and maybe we could even sleep there tonight,” Charles suggested, pointing at the trail leading up the mountain.
“I wouldn’t mind exploring the cave,” Alice replied. “I kinda went up a mountain yesterday.”
“I haven’t been mountain climbing in awhile,” Dad said. “What about you, pumpkin?” He asked Hazel.
“I think I’ll go with Alice. I’ll climb the mountain tomorrow.”
“Alright. Just meet us back here before sunset and stay safe.”
Hazel followed Alice into the cave, striking up conversation after conversation. To Hazel’s surprise, Alice spent most of her time playing video games as well. When she brought up the subject, Hazel thought she might’ve been one of those basic gamer girls who played Call of Duty and Minecraft, only for her to name Chrono Trigger as her favorite game.
“Dad started me off playing emulators on his old PC when I was about four. He didn’t give in on buying me a modern console until I was almost thirteen, but even after that I often found myself going back to some of those older games.”
Hazel went quiet on some of those, having played very few games that came out before she was born. She started off playing Grand Theft Auto IV on Dad’s PS3 and the oldest game she might’ve played was Oblivion.
Alice and Hazel were still girls and the subject ended up on boys and dating by the time they had to rely on flashlights to see their way through the winding tunnels.
“Sometimes I wonder if I’d be better off dating girls,” Hazel spat. “Especially after being with that sisterfucker.”
“I mean, she did sleep with him too, knowing he was already dating you. I’m assuming they went all the way? Girls can cheat, too.”
“That’s a fair point and yeah, they did everything but anal. My friend recorded him bragging about it to another boy.”
“He’s too much of a dumbass to keep his mouth shut but also too much of a damned coward to break it off before sleeping with other girls. Sweetie, you can do much better. I promise.”
“No offense, but you seem more concerned that he cheated on me than the fact that he fucked his sister.”
“I honestly try not to kink shame. You like what you like, so long everyone involved gave consent. In this case, his fuck-up was that you didn’t consent to being in an open relationship. Cheating is one of the few things I could never tolerate. But I think the solution to your boy problems is to date someone older. Boys like Dustin are just too immature.”
“I did date a sixteen-year old once, back when I was eleven.”
“That’s not nearly old enough.”
“What would you consider old enough?”
“Don’t worry, I’m not talking about dating guys in their eighties. No, I’m thinking more like guys in their twenties and thirties.”
“I’d have to wait another four years. I’m only fourteen.”
“Not if you keep it secret. I haven’t had a boyfriend in over a year and I already know about the wonders of dating an older man. Since I was fifteen, every boy I’ve slept with has been at least a decade older than me. None of them are in jail because I keep my mouth shut.”
The discussion continued for several hours, even after they turned back and made their way out of the cave.
“We should probably finish this later,” Alice whispered as they emerged from the cave to find their dads crashed out against some rocks with beers in their hands.
“We’re a little exhausted so I hope you girls don’t mind sleeping here for the night. We’ll get back to the tents tomorrow.”
Their dinner consisted of sticks of jerky and cheese alongside more pop tarts. Dad set his sleeping bag out on a log and Charles went into the woods, “to get a better view of the stars.” Alice and Hazel decided it’d be cool to sleep in the cave.
They laid in their sleeping bags talking and Hazel brought up dating again.
“So, how would I go about getting a grown man to date me? And how can I make sure he won’t get in trouble?”
“First off, make sure he’s single. I’m not a big fan of cheating, like I said. It also makes it much less likely that anyone will find out. As for getting them in bed, that can be hard but you wouldn’t have trouble finding a guy willing to do it with you.”
“So… how do I get them to even notice me?”
“Oh, believe me. Some of them probably do notice you. Although, if I may make a few suggestions, you should start by making it clear that you’re eager for some dick.”
“Any ideas on how?”
“Are you a virgin?”
“Err, no. The sixteen-year-old took care of that, or my boyfriend in Middle School if blowjobs don’t count.”
“Eh, young boys are easier to catch. To get some older guys you should start showing off some more skin. It’s June and I have yet to see you show off any stomach. Get a crop top and maybe some shorter shorts. Maybe practice showing off yourself by removing your bra when you sleep?”
“And that’ll work?” Hazel asked before unclasping her bra.
“Yeah. Start walking around with your belly showing and your ass hanging out, you’ll have guys ready to go down on your young teeny pussy before you know it.”
“I do wish my boobs were bigger, I bet having a lot of cleavage would help.”
“Your tits are fine,” Alice said, squeezing Hazel’s breasts. “Before we go home I’ll have you ready for a grown man’s cock, just you wait.”
Hazel turned over to sleep and not even ten minutes did Alice crawl out of her sleeping bag.
“I won’t be gone too long,” Alice whispered. “All of this sex talk is getting me worked up. I don’t know if you’d be comfortable with me masturbating beside you so I’m going out to take care of the issue.”
Hazel wanted to call her back, tell her it’d be fine if she wanted to masturbate with her. Alice already left the cave before she even turned over. Hazel’s body didn’t want to leave her warm sleeping bag. Her pussy ached as well. She last rubbed one out almost three days ago and she couldn’t stop thinking about fucking older men. She slipped a hand down her panties and slid two fingers into her wet snatch. Not even a minute later, Hazel moaned and squeezed her thighs, pussy juice soaking through the fabric of her underwear and splashing her thighs.
They returned to the campsite the next afternoon. Instead of remaining, they packed up the tent after Charles suggested going further into the mountains. They spent the next few days doing just that. Alice brought up the idea of sleeping outside. Charles and Mike agreed she was taking after her old man while Hazel knew she just didn’t feel like putting up their tent; From then on Mike ended up being the only one sleeping with a roof over his head.
Hazel worried for a moment that sleeping outside meant going back to sleeping with her clothes on. As if to answer a question she didn’t bother asking, Alice removed her bra the second Mike crawled into his tent. Hazel removed her bra seconds later.
“What if one of our dads comes back for something?”
“Well, I hope your dad really likes what he sees. As for my dad? He’s seen my tits already. I usually hang around the house in just my panties.”
“I guess that’s good enough,” Hazel replied. “I hope your dad likes what he sees, too. And I guess anyone else if they decide to go jogging through the woods next morning.”
“That’s the spirit! You don’t know how often I answer the door with my tits out. My dad doesn’t care one bit and it usually means faster deliveries when we order food. That thing I said about not being a slut who thinks she’s better than everyone else? Well, I wasn’t entirely honest there. I am a slut.”
Neither of their dads woke up early enough to catch Hazel sleeping with their tits out. She did wake up one morning to a jogger, a dark-haired boy who couldn’t have been much older than her, and she would’ve flirted with him if she wasn’t so damned tired.
Alice disappeared almost every night. Sometimes she made an excuse about needing to pee. On one occasion she did try to use the whole “I need to masturbate” excuse and Hazel managed to convince her it was okay to masturbate in front of her. Alice laid back down and rubbed one out with Hazel, only to disappear not long after they finished. It didn’t take Hazel long to notice she stayed gone almost the entire night and she needed to know what was going on. If Alice had some sort of issues with sleepwalking it needed to be looked into before she sleepwalked off a cliff or into a bear. Could a sleepwalker talk or even make excuses? She would have to wait until August to look that up. For now, she could do nothing but follow her.
She set out to do just that on the twelfth night of their trip. Everyone turned in, Alice and Hazel took their sleeping bags inside of a cave again. Hazel reached for Alice’s pussy instead of her own before retracting her hand, her cheeks turning red.
“No, go on,” Alice told her, grabbing her wrist. Her legs parted as Hazel’s fingers entered her snatch and Hazel herself began trembling, her mind still trying to process whose pussy she was touching. She almost came in an instant when Alice’s fingers, soft as tissue and radiating a heavenly warmth, entered her pussy. Hazel and Alice moaned in unison as they edged ever closer, Hazel thinking about how jealous Tristan would be if she ever told him. Maybe he’d forgive her for a blowjob? Either way, Hazel would have a taste of that pussy before they went home.
Hazel came first, spraying her cunt juice all over Alice’s fingers. There was no surprise there, Alice’s fingers knew what they were doing. Hazel’s must’ve been decent, too, as Alice shrieked moments later as her cunt burst like a fire hydrant. They licked their fingers, Hazel made sure to not waste a single drop of her sticky honey. She was still too shy to ask about cleaning her thighs, but there would be another night.
She turned over and feigned sleep until the shift in air temperature told her Alice got up. She crawled out of her sleeping bag moments later and trailed after her, following Alice into the woods. Hazel stopped dead in her tracks five minutes later as they entered a small clearing, although Alice continued her walk, strutting with her ass jiggling towards a large man laid out on a log.
The man was none other than Charles Wallace. Hazel suspected as much from looking at him in his casual attire, that Charles was quite a beefcake under all of those clothes, but seeing him in the nude she wondered how anyone could’ve seen that man as some sort of professional business guy and not a beast of the mountains. It was enough to make Hazel’s pussy twitch and froth, her crotch wanting to straddle his lap and let him tear her young womanhood to pieces.
Alice must’ve had a similar idea because she slipped out of her boyshorts and plopped her naked pussy on her dad’s face. Even in the dim moonlight, Hazel could see his cock throbbing as it almost doubled in size as Alice began thrusting her hips. Alice leaned in and took his cock in her mouth. Hazel’s legs trembled until she could do nothing but drop to her knees, both hands in her panties as she began rubbing her wet and twitchy snatch, biting her lips so they didn’t hear her moans.
This seemed so wrong, but she couldn’t stop watching … couldn’t stop masturbating while watching. Wasn’t this much worse than Dustin fucking his sister? Maybe? It was so fucking hot, that’s what it was. It’s not like either of them were dating anyone. Were they? Was Charles still with Alice’s mom? No, she would’ve come on the trip if they were. Alice clearly wanted to do this. It didn’t matter, it was the hottest fucking thing she ever witnessed and this was going to be the best orgasm she got without having a dick in her.
Alice got up with cum dripping from her mouth and plopped back down on her dad’s lap. Hazel climaxed at the squelch of his cock entering her pussy, her moans only muffled by Alice screaming “fuck” each time her hips bounced up and down.
Hazel collapsed to the ground, panting and drifting out of consciousness. She had to get back to the cave before Alice caught her, but her legs didn’t want to move and the ground was so soft. The cold air somehow felt so good on her bare tits, too. Maybe she could rest for a few seconds before going back?
Hazel was awakened by someone poking her in the shoulder.
“Hey,” Alice whispered.
She groaned and turned over, her head aching as she tried to block out the glaring sunlight.
“What the hell are you doing all the way out here?”
She considered telling Alice she came out here to watch her fuck her dad. She only managed to groan out a quick, “I don’t know,” as Alice pulled her up. “I must’ve sleepwalked.”
“Well, let’s get you back to bed before the guys wake up.”
Hazel followed her back to the cave. Part of her wanted to look back, to see if Charles really was sleeping back there with his dick hanging out. What if last night was just a dream and she really did just sleepwalk out into the woods? It wouldn’t explain why Alice was naked.
Alice didn’t talk much the following day, except to ask about food or tell everyone when she needed to use the restroom. Hazel began to realize she knew she knew, but neither of them were ready to confront the other about it. For the first time in weeks, she worried about how it would play out when she had Alice to herself that night. Would she be scolded for being so nosy and how could she explain being out there?
Nightfall did come and the girls found a tree stump big enough to share. Alice spoke up after the men went to sleep.
“I know you saw us. You don’t have to lie, it’s fine.”
“I got a little curious … you kept leaving every night.”
“I probably should’ve expected it. You will keep it a secret, right?”
Hazel shrugged. “I won’t say anything. That does explain why you won’t kink shame Dustin, though.”
“Yeah… Like, don’t get me wrong. I still hate that he cheated on you. But hearing about him fucking his sister did sound pretty hot. I honestly wish I had a brother or even a sister to have a little fun with. Have you ever thought about it?”
“No. I don’t have a brother or sister, either. I’m not sure if I would or not, although I did have a crush on my cousin. I was eight and still hadn’t started thinking about it in terms of sex, but I might’ve let him fuck me if it ever got that far. And it was pretty hot watching you fuck your dad. When did it start?”
“About six years ago. I just broke up with my boyfriend and he was comforting me. I noticed his dick getting hard, which didn’t surprise me because we were both in our underwear at the time. I ended up giving him a blowjob and he was fucking me by the end of that week.”
“I wonder if my dad would be that easy? I know he must be horny, he’s been single since Mom passed away. Mind if I watch you and your dad one more time … just to get my confidence up?”
Alice shrugged. “Why don’t we skip our usual masturbation session and go right now?”
Hazel followed her into the woods and rubbed one out by the tree as she watched Alice fuck her dad. She stayed awake long enough to rub out three orgasms as Charles creamed every one of Alice’s holes and even fucked her big tits, spraying his final load on her chin. Hazel slipped back to her sleeping bag, determined to have Dad’s dick in her pussy by the night.
She woke up the next morning and stuffed her shirt and shorts into the bag, walking around in a white bra and pink Hello Kitty panties.
“I hope you don’t mind, but it’s too hot to wear anything else,” she told Dad when he got up.
He shrugged. “Wear what makes you comfortable, sweetie. Alice is pretty much wearing the same thing.”
Hazel was pretty sure he started checking her out before breakfast was over and all but confirmed it by lunch; she bent over to grab a soda and some chips, his eyes stayed on her cleavage for almost ten seconds. Hazel made sure to go slow whenever she picked something up or bent over at all for the rest of the day. At nightfall, Hazel put her plan into motion.
“Wanna come watch me ride and suck my daddy’s dick again?” Alice asked.
“Maybe tomorrow. I’m going to try my luck at getting laid tonight.” Hazel pulled off her panties and smirked.
“Good luck.”
They both left, Alice heading towards the woods and Hazel strolling over to Dad’s tent.
Mike didn’t know if they could receive service out there or how well their solar-powered phone chargers would keep their phones juiced up so he brought a few dirty magazines along for the ride. As it would turn out, he didn’t need them; lucky on his part, as he didn’t want anyone wondering why he had a flashlight on half the night in his tent. Alice Wallace walking around in nothing but a bra and underwear filled his imagination with enough material that he could beat his meat without an issue. In all this time, he never expected his daughter would join her in his fantasies.
That changed after spending the day watching her walk around in her underwear. Alice must’ve had an influence on her and he would have to thank her for that somehow. Oh, he tried to ignore it at first. Hazel was his baby girl and she just wanted to be comfortable. It turned out she didn’t look like a baby girl all that much and looked more like a grown woman. She always had Yeo-Woon’s face; those glasses and braided pigtails made her almost look more like her twin sister or clone than her daughter. Hazel’s curves were more pronounced than Yeo-Woon’s, and she for certain had the bigger tits. Sure, Hazel’s tits were nowhere near the melons that Alice had, but those balls of brown meat looked like quite the treat, perking up under that white push-up bra.
If he wanted to be real about it, he already began sexualizing her a week ago. She admitted liking girls years ago and his dick twitched a little when he thought about how his daughter might’ve been having sex with Alice. Now he couldn’t imagine doing anything else that night but stroke his dick to a fantasy where his daughter and Alice both shared his cock.
He never could’ve imagined even part of his wish coming true that very night, but that is what ended up happening.
The unzipping of his tent stirred him from his incest fantasies. He pulled the covers over the tent in his underwear when none other than Hazel crept inside.
“We heard a strange noise and got scared. Alice went to sleep by her dad. Mind if I join you so I don’t become bear chow?”
“Sure, sweetie.” He pulled her under the covers with him, uncertain if he wanted her to feel his erect cock or not. It was as he slid a hand over her chest and felt not only bare skin, but her nipples, that he realized she was naked.
“I hope this doesn’t bother you,” she groaned as if she read his mind. “I always sleep naked and I forgot to put my clothes back on. I trust you.”
His cock was rock hard but he would have to wait. He waited for almost an hour before deciding she was deep enough in her sleep and began rubbing his cock, resting the other hand on her breasts.
“So, you do like this?”
Mike retracted his arm at the sound of Hazel’s voice.
“Don’t be shy, dad. It’s okay if you think I’m sexy. I won’t judge and I won’t say anything. Alice is fucking her dad right now.”
“Do you want me to keep masturbating?”
“No, I’d rather you let me take care of you. With my mouth and with my pussy.”
Before Mike could say another word, his daughter’s plump ass slid across his face, her pussy pressing up against his mouth. As she began to rock back and forth, he slipped out his tongue. He raised his hips as she removed his underwear and his dick almost exploded the moment her lips touched the tip.
He almost wondered if Yeo-Woon would hate him for fucking their daughter. It didn’t matter, she was long gone. Hazel seemed to enjoy it and surely his wife would want both her husband and her daughter happy. His tongue and dick might’ve been in heaven and, if Hazel’s moans could say anything, his daughter’s pussy was as well.
Her pussy clenched after only a few minutes and his daughter’s honey sprayed his face. He came a moment later and Hazel closed her mouth around his cock, stroking it hard.
“You don’t have to take all of my load in your throat, baby,” Mike grunted.
Hazel pulled it out and began coughing. Mike held his dick as she took the rest of his load on her face.
“There ya go, sweetie.”
“Thanks, dad.” She turned around, wiping cum off her glasses as even more dripped from her chin. “I hope you don’t mind skipping a kiss. I don’t think you’ll want your own cum in your mouth, but I’ll make it up by taking another load.”
“Oh, you don’t have to if—” They both grunted as she sat on his cock and began thrusting her hips.
Mike pulled his daughter into a bearhug, feeling her hard nipples and tits pressing against his ribs. They both climaxed after another five minutes, their growls and moans filling the tent as Hazel’s womb filled with Mike’s sticky seeds.
Alice returned from riding her dad’s cock to find Hazel wide awake on her sleeping bag, a grin on her face.
“How’d it go?” She asked. “Did you—”
Hazel wiped a glob of cum off her glasses and licked it off. “Pretty well.”
“Well, it seems you missed a spot,” Alice said with a giggle and licked some cum off Hazel’s chin.
“That’s mine!” Hazel replied and stuck her tongue in Alice’s mouth. The girls collapsed on the ground, rolling around and kissing.
Six years have passed since that fateful camping trip and Hazel was now planning to celebrate her second anniversary with Alice. In truth, it was the second anniversary of their marriage to each other AND to Mike.
The couple already had three baby girls. The twins just turned one last week, carried by Alice and named Charlotte and Clara. Hazel’s daughter, Michelle, wouldn’t turn one for another month. Nobody knew who the father was, and neither Alice nor Hazel could say for sure which belonged to Charles and which belonged to Mike. Both women were pregnant again and Hazel could at least say for certain that Mike was the father of this one, being that Charles passed away six months ago and she was only two months pregnant.
Nobody outside of the family could ever know. To them, their children were the products of anonymous sperm donors.

Published on Feb-04-2024
Last updated on Feb-04-2024