Meeting The Family

Started by Ken E. Davis

Since she was old enough to date, Annie listened to one lecture after the other about how she should never date anyone belonging to a cult. She could end up the main course for some feast out in the woods, they warned. It was the great outrage of her generation, a boogeyman that lurked around every corner, ready to seduce a naive young girl into giving up her body and life for a meal. Annie listened once, she didn’t want to die for someone’s feast, but nobody bothered to tell her just how erotic the cannibal life could be.
Annie asked out Kevin Watson a year and six months ago, he didn’t take her to meet his family until two months after they got engaged. She heard rumors from Nancy and Rachel that his uncle, Tyler Watson, joined a cult and ate people. Annie thought at the time they were just jealous that she found a handsome guy who cared for her, her own suspicions grew over time. Kevin admitted to his uncle being in a cult, though she never found the nerve to ask him if his uncle ate people or even if Kevin himself was involved. She didn’t want to ruin the best relationship she had, but she would find out the entire truth that night.
She arrived with Kevin at the home where he spent so much of his life around noon. His mother, a thirty-something blonde named Krista, pulled her into a hug after spending ten minutes in the living room. “I can’t believe such a beauty is going to marry my son,” she cried. It sounded mean to Kevin, she wanted to say as much and tell her how wonderful and handsome Kevin was, but the woman meant well and it was such a small thing to start an argument over. The hug felt like being gripped by a bear and went on a few seconds longer than what seemed normal, not that she cared too much when Krista’s boobs, big and quite firm for her age, were pressing against hers.
“You’re a guest, sweetie,” Krista said when she tried to help out with dinner. “Kevin should be in here, he can be a pretty decent cook himself. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed.”
Kevin groaned a bit but joined his family in the kitchen while Annie sat on the couch watching Rick and Morty. Kevin’s little brother and sister came home from school after she finished binging the first season.
“Are you Kevin’s girlfriend?” The girl didn’t look older than thirteen or fourteen, she had to be half her height if Annie had to guess. Golden pigtails ran to her hips.
“Victoria? Or was it Jasmine?” Annie asked as she shook the girl’s hand.
“Victoria,” she replied. “Jasmine might be here tonight or tomorrow.”
“I’m Annie.”
His brother, Troy, stuttered a few times with his jaw hanging open.
“He’s a little shy,” Victoria said with a giggle.
“I can see that. Well, you don’t have to be shy around me.” Annie stroked his blonde curls and his face turned red.
“He usually gets like this around pretty girls. You are by far the prettiest girl he brought home. Also … well … how do I put this?”
“I’m showing too much cleavage?” Annie replied and wiggled her body, watching Troy’s face turn a deeper shade of red; her big brown tits jiggled, already wanting to spill out of her low-cut blouse.
“Is there such a thing as too much cleavage? I don’t think so.”
“You’re a smart girl. Do you actually feel that way about yourself or have you not developed enough yet?”
“Our school is stupid strict about the dress code.” Victoria slipped off her coat and pulled her t-shirt over her shoulders, revealing a rather large set of milky tits for her age. “Still, I wish I had more to show. You’re lucky.”
“You’ll get there in time, don’t worry. How old are you?”
“You’re the lucky one. Mine didn’t develop until I was almost sixteen. I would kiss them right now if I wasn’t engaged.”
“Thanks,” Victoria said, her cheeks turning pink.
“And you shouldn’t be so shy with the ladies,” she told Troy, giving his head another pat. “They should be the ones shy around you. If I was single, I’d let you hold them.”
He said nothing and slid into the armchair across from her while Victoria took a spot beside her. Annie zoned back into the show, glancing up once in a while to see Troy’s eyes fixed on her chest. He must’ve thought himself slick, turning to his phone whenever her eyes met his. She didn’t care, the boy liked what he saw. She leaned forward ever so slightly, pulled her skirt up her legs until she was sure he could see her panties from there. He was cute enough even if his arms were skinnier than Kevin’s, no doubt she’d let him crawl in bed with her if she wasn’t engaged to his brother.
Troy was not the only one checking her out; Victoria spent most of the time looking right down her blouse. She never looked away or pretended to play on her phone when Annie caught her, her eyes were locked on as if staring into an eternal chasm. Annie couldn’t judge when she caught her looking because she herself wanted to peak down Victoria’s shirt. Kevin never cared that much if she checked out other girls, always said she could crawl in bed with one if she invited him. Would that include his own sister? Annie couldn’t wait to meet Jasmine, and to see if she had Victoria’s taste for showing off her tits.
The sun began to set when Kevin came back into the living room to tell her dinner was ready.
“We were keeping her warm,” Victoria said with a grin, as she squeezed Annie’s boobs.
“I hope they weren’t too annoying,” Kevin replied.
“Not at all, your sister has some interesting opinions on the etiquette of showing off cleavage.”
“I told her there was no such thing as too much.”
“You spent entirely too much time around Jasmine,” Kevin said with a chuckle. “If you think Vicky likes to show off just wait until you meet my big sister.”
“Hey! I like to show off, you just haven’t been home that much Kev. I think the last time you spent a lot of time around me my boobs were still the size of lemons. Wait until I change out of my school uniform.” She stormed off. Annie laughed with Kevin as a door upstairs slammed shut.
She followed him to the kitchen and found none other than the infamous Uncle Tyler carrying a large turkey to the table. She thought, for only a second, that it might’ve been his dad.
“Your wife-to-be really is a beauty,” Tyler said.
Annie blushed. Whether Tyler was a cannibal or not, he looked way cuter than she expected. Somehow, she pictured some overweight fat dude in a wife beater and overalls. A few gray hairs peppered his beard, but she would love to cuddle in those big muscles rippling under his shirt.
“That she is Uncle,” Kevin replied.
“You must be Tyler. Do I call you Uncle or Tyler?”
“I am and you may call me either one. Kevin must’ve told you about me already.”
“Only a little bit,” Kevin laughed.
“Sorry I couldn’t meet you in the living room, I’m the family chef.”
“You’ll love my brother-in-law’s cooking,” Krista replied. “His whole family is a chef.”
“It smells amazing, my future Uncle.” Annie said, sniffing the air.
“We just need to wait for a few more people and we can eat. Vicky and Troy should’ve been home by now.”
“They are, I met them when they came in from school.”
“Vicky went up to change out of her school clothes, she spent a lot of time bothering Annie.”
“She wasn’t bothering me, I promise.”
“I don’t know where Troy went, I could’ve sworn he was right behind me.”
“We still have to wait for Jasmine and Stephanie.”
Annie and Kevin took their seats across from each other and waited. Victoria ran in a few minutes later and she did not kid around when she told them she liked to show off.
Victoria changed out of her t-shirt for a sports bra, her boobs bounced and jiggled with every step, and Annie knew they would spill out if she ever had to pick something off the floor. Her beige pants were now a miniskirt riding so far up her legs she could see the rim of her panties.
“Are you really going to dress like that when we have guests for dinner?”
“The guest is dressed like that,” Victoria whined and slid in beside Annie.
“The guest is dressed like that to look sexy for her future husband, your big brother. She doesn’t need his little sister trying to compete with her for his eyes.”
“Thanks for the compliment, Mom, but I am not a competition for Annie. She still looks way better than my pasty body. Besides, I know Stephanie and Jasmine will be dressed like this too.”
“Stephanie?” Annie asked.
Before she could answer, two young women walked in.
“Congrats, brother,” said the blonde one as she squeezed Kevin. “You’re finally getting hitched!”
Annie guessed it had to be Jasmine, long golden hair like Victoria and Krista, with big tits jiggling under a minidress.
The other girl, short red hair and glasses, had to be Stephanie. Her breasts were smaller than Jasmine’s, but still a cup larger than Victoria’s and perky. She wore a cropped tank top and cargo shorts.
“He really picked a lovely bride,” Jasmine said and shook Annie’s hand.
“Glad to meet you. Jasmine?”
Jasmine nodded.
“I’m Stephanie,” said the red-haired girl. “Your future cousin.”
“Is that everyone?” Jasmine asked. “I’m starving!”
“James won’t be home tonight, he’s still in New York. I just have to go get Troy.”
“Don’t bother,” Troy said and took a seat across from Victoria.
“Where were you?”
“The restroom. I really had to—”
“Jack off?” Jasmine asked. “I bet you were ogling Kevin’s girlfriend again.”
“I was not! I was playing a game on my phone,” snapped Troy.
“Don’t bullshit us,” Kevin replied and laughed. “I caught you staring at her boobs when I came in.”
“I wasn’t.”
“Well, I was,” Victoria said. “She has a nice rack!”
“You ogle my girlfriends all the time,” Stephanie said.
“I’m sure he ogles YOU,” Jasmine replied. “And everyone here except Mom.”
“You can look at your sisters and my new girlfriend, but you’re too shy to ask a girl out.”
“Can we forget about it and eat?” Troy replied, his face now bright red.
“Just remember,” Victoria said, leaning forward, “you can distract yourself by looking at mine. And Mom didn’t want me to dress like this at dinner!”
“Enough!” Krista snapped. “Troy, stop being a pervert and get your own girlfriend. Vicky, stop being horny at the dinner table.”
Everyone began piling their plates and stuffing their mouths.
“This really is great, thanks Uncle,” Annie mumbled with a mouthful of meat. “I don’t know who this used to be but damn they’re deli—” She clamped her mouth before any more words spilled out and swallowed her last bite. The entire table was looking at her now.
“Kevin told you already?” Tyler asked.
“Some of it, yeah,” Annie replied.
“I hadn’t told her about the you-know-what just yet. Some of the people do know about it so they probably told her at some point.”
“So … do you…?”
“Eat people? Yes, we do have the occasional long pork feast. Will that be a problem?”
“If I’m not going to end up getting eaten.”
“We never eat a girl unless she gives her full consent.”
“Then it’s not an issue. Everyone should have the right to give up their life if that’s what they wish. Is everyone here part of it or just you?”
“Me, Kevin, and my daughter right here,” Tyler replied, patting Stephanie on the leg.
“Kevin never told me he was involved,” Annie replied, tilting her head at him.
Kevin grinned. “I just thought it would scare you away if you found out too soon.”
“It probably would’ve. Now? I trust you enough to roll with it. If eating people is part of living the rest of my life with you I’ll eat some people. So…,”
“This isn’t long pork,” Tyler replied. “I might be a skilled chef, but even I cannot make long pork look like a turkey.”
“Are you going to be part of the swap for the Autumn feast?” Stephanie asked.
“We haven’t gotten that far,” Kevin replied.
“What’s the swap?”
“It’s not a requirement, but members are encouraged to swap partners before the big feasts.”
“So, I would have sex with someone else? And Kevin would, too?”
“Only if both of you consent.”
Annie looked over Tyler and back to Kevin. She didn’t like the idea of her Kevin with another woman, but she couldn’t pass up the chance that she might end up getting Tyler as a partner.
They finished dinner and she followed Kevin upstairs to his old bedroom. After looking through his old video games and action figures, he carried her to his old twin-sized bed.
“I know this is smaller than yours,” he said as she sprawled out over the Silent Hill bedspread.
“Like we don’t sleep on top of each other anyways,” she said as he pulled off his shirt.
Annie pulled the blouse off and laid back, her breasts and brown nipples now exposed. Kevin pulled off her khakis and underwear, sliding his rear over her face. Annie lifted her skirt so Kevin could slide her latex panties over her legs. She took his cock in her throat as his tongue slid into her pussy.
As Kevin ate her snatch, Annie could only think about the girls whose flesh he ate for real. The same tongue exploring the folds of her womanhood, the same teeth giving her flesh just enough of a scrape that it sent shivers up her spine, no doubt tore other pussies apart and devoured them. How many wonderful sets of tits were destroyed for him to enjoy a meal with his uncle and cousin, like she did that turkey just a few hours ago. Were they delicious? Would he think her delicious if they cooked and seasoned her? It terrified her so much.
Why couldn’t she just push him off and run for the door? He said they never cooked anyone without their consent, he wouldn’t stop her. Would he? She assumed he told the truth, but he withheld his involvement for so long. She could wait for him to fall asleep. The more Annie thought of it, the more absurd it sounded. Why would she want to run? He may have been a creepy cannibal but he was a cute creepy cannibal. If he sank his teeth in her pussy right now and ripped out a chunk it would hurt like hell, but it would’ve given her one hell of an orgasm. If she ran, she’d never get a chance to sleep with Tyler and she would never know if she enjoyed eating another girl’s flesh.
Annie dated two girls since her thirteenth birthday and both of them flashed through her mind. She thought of them, their bodies baked to a nice golden crisp with their legs tied back and grease dripping from their succulent pussies. Their heads were placed over the table for decorative purposes, she looked into their eyes one last time before taking bite after bite until their snatches were no more. It terrified her, but it was so fucking hot to think about.
She thought once more of Kevin and Tyler, standing over her roasted body as she watched from a pole, now just a severed head. Kevin pulled a chunk of meat from her pussy with a fork while Tyler bit her left nipple right off the carcass. Jolts shot through her body and Annie spasmed, she squealed around Kevin’s cock until it began spewing in her mouth.
Kevin pulled out, she imagined the cum dripping down her face as a rather salty barbecue sauce. She spread her legs and he entered her snatch; Annie’s mind thought of being impaled and roasted alive over an open fire. His whole family gathered around this time, Tyler eating chunks out of her ass and Kevin going for her dripping snatch. Victoria and Troy licked and ate her breasts like calves feeding from their mother. Krista kissed her and bit out her tongue. Annie came back to the present, squealing and thrashing, her pussy squeezing Kevin’s member as he sprayed warm semen into her womb.
Annie lay awake for hours while Kevin played with her boobs, her mind racing between eating a girl and being the girl getting eaten. Every woman and girl she knew flashed through her mind, her mom and sisters, ex girlfriends, classmates, Kevin’s sisters and cousin.
“Do I have to join?”
“Tyler’s church? Not unless you want to.”
“I mean, do I need to join to take part in the feasts and swaps?”
“You don’t need to join to be swapped, lots of people bring outside partners into that ordeal. You do have to be a member to eat at the feast.”
“Would that be hard?”
“For most people, yes. Since you’re my fiance, I don’t imagine it would be. My family loves you, Uncle Tyler would be thrilled if you joined. I assume this means you’re okay with a swap?”
“Would you be okay if I got swapped to Tyler?”
“Yes. I could get him to talk Stephanie into letting me sleep with her girlfriends. I have done a few of these before we met but I never got to swap for a meat girl.”
“Well, you may have been fucking a meat girl for the last year.”
“You would really offer yourself for one of our feasts? Just like that?”
“Well, not this soon. I want you to give me a few kids first. Maybe I can even live long enough to eat one of our daughters?” Or one of her future daughters could eat her? She could have both, if she got lucky. “I hope you’re okay with me eating one of our daughters in about twelve or so years.”
“Just leave enough for me to have grandkids,” Kevin replied.
“Of course she can join,” Tyler said not even two minutes after she and Kevin walked into the guest room. “Say, you wouldn’t be too upset if I took your fiance for the swap this season? Would that be okay with you Annie?”
Annie tried to not sound like a fangirl but the squeal came out of her mouth before she could stop herself. “It would be very okay with me. Wouldn’t it, sweetie?”
“On the condition that you at least talk to Stephanie about letting me borrow her girlfriends. I want to fuck a girl before she becomes meat for once in my life.”
“I’ll talk to her, but I can’t make any guarantees.”
Kevin took her to lunch. Though it was a typical hamburger, Annie couldn’t stop imagining the meat coming from the snatch of a young girl. Cannibalistic thoughts wouldn’t go away and it made her pussy itchy until she had to rub one out on the car ride home.
“If you want we could pull over and fuck in the parking lot,” Kevin told her.
“We can save it for tonight,” she moaned, pulling the strap of her shirt down to let one of her boobs fall out as she orgasmed.
Stephanie was in the kitchen when they got back, just finishing a plate of eggs and sausage. “Daddy already told me.”
“So, can I have Jordan and Daphne before they become meat?” Kevin asked.
“I don’t know,” Stephanie replied.
“Please, I’ve never fucked a meat girl before. I’ll do your laundry for a month.”
A smirk grew on her face and her emerald eyes met with Annie’s. “Are you willing to have sex with other girls?”
“I’ve eaten pussy before. It’s been years since I had a girlfriend, but I still find other girls hot.”
“Do you find me hot? Would you have sex with me?”
Annie wondered why she felt the need to ask that question. Stephanie’s tits might’ve been medium and she wasn’t half-naked right now, her boobs curved just right under that t-shirt and her thick pasty legs looked delicious under those shorts.
“You want me to have sex with you in exchange for Kevin getting to fuck your girlfriends?”
“It would have to be two nights before the feast since Daddy’s getting you the night before.”
“Yes. I’ll do it.”
Eight days after meeting Kevin’s cannibalistic uncle, Annie became a member of the Church of Nyarlathotep.
She was initiated before a giant log cabin in a forest two hours outside of town, with only the full moon lighting the ceremony. Tyler stood before the cabin, in the center of a circle of Church members. Annie waited by the door in a flowing black dress.
“Brothers and Sisters,” Tyler growled. “Let us open our gates and welcome my nephew’s lovely bride-to-be!”
Annie slipped out of the dress, letting it flutter to the ground as she walked naked down the dark steps. Two of the cultists stepped aside, letting her enter as the circle grew larger. Tyler dropped to one knee and she did the same.
Tyler grabbed Annie and pulled her up. “Meet your allies.”
Annie approached one of the cultists who opened the circle for her. He was a small boy, probably no older than fourteen. Like her, he stood naked as the day he was born. He reached up and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them and running his fingers over her areolas. She stroked his cock until he came, spraying jizz on her thighs. Going leftward, she made her way around the circle, stopping at almost every member to pleasure their genitals. There were sixty-seven people, only ten boys; most of them were teenagers, the youngest didn’t even seem to have celebrated her thirteenth birthday and nobody was older than twenty-five. Five girls held out their hands, the signal that they were not interested and she passed them up for the next one; none of the boys declined their handjob. Kevin kissed her as she stroked his cock, with him she lingered until she brought him to orgasm and his cock sprayed her thighs. She rubbed out the last member of the circle, a black girl with pigtails and small breasts, then returned to Tyler.
She and Tyler bowed their heads before he slid a finger in her pussy and she gripped his throbbing cock. Annie came, squealing as her orgasm flowed down her legs.
“I hope this isn’t against the rules,” she moaned and dropped to her knees, taking Tyler’s cock in her mouth.
“It’s perfectly fine with me,” he groaned as she bobbed her head back and forth.
His dick twitched and her mouth filled with warm semen. Annie swallowed the load and joined the circle, holding hands with the black girl and a blond teenage boy.
“Annie Ramirez, welcome to the Church of Nyarlathotep! Let us pray that your soul shall one day find him in the Dreamlands!”
After reciting prayers most of the cultists left until it was just her, Kevin, Stephanie, and two girls who Annie thought were twins or at least sisters. She expected them to go home until they began hugging and kissing Stephanie. They were the girlfriends Kevin wanted to sleep with.
She couldn’t blame him. The girls were fifteen or sixteen, if she had to guess, and of East Asian descent. For the most part they were identical, with the same curvy hips and torpedo boobs; one girl’s jet-black hair stopped just above the shoulders while the other’s flowed down to her hips. She would’ve given her left tit to sleep with one and Stephanie landed them both, Kevin would be the last one to ever cum inside them.
Kevin grabbed her by the wrist. “You should meet the Bell Sisters.”
Annie waved at the twins. “Hi! I’m Annie, Kevin’s fiance.”
“How did Kevin land you?” the short-haired twins said. “You’re so pretty. I’m Jordan.”
“I’m Daphne,” the other girl said. “I hope you’re really okay with us taking your boyfriend to bed.”
“It’s fine, I get to take your girlfriend to bed the night before. Then I’m getting stuffed by her dad the next day. I only wish we had enough time for me to take you two to bed.”
“Don’t feel too bad,” Daphne moaned.
“You get to eat our meat after your boyfriend finishes stuffing our holes.”
“It’s the closest we’ll get to a foursome.”
“More like an orgy with the whole Church eating us.”
“Can I call dibs on one of you tits?” Annie asked.
“Just save one for Stephanie.”
Troy spent the better part of the last two weeks jerking off and filling the microSD card in his phone with his growing collection of Annie creep shots. He still couldn’t talk much around her, if he didn’t stutter he spoke so fast everyone thought something got him pissed off. Nothing pissed him off, except maybe the fact that every girl he developed a crush on ended up being taken by somebody, he just couldn’t control his nerves around a girl that beautiful.
Everyone else in the fucking house got to see her naked by now, except for maybe Dad. Jasmine and Vicky got invited to shower with her. Tyler and Stephanie saw her nude at the initiation, not to mention however many lucky boys were in the damned Church. They got to touch her boobs if what they told him was true. HE wanted to join, but Stephanie led the initiation of boys and she wouldn’t “give my damned cousin a handjob. No way!” as if she didn’t have threesomes with twin sisters. If Tyler hadn’t butchered Aunt Amanda back then he would’ve been a member by now.
He tried to get some nudes but everytime he left the phone in the bathroom someone else found it and brought it back to him, acting as if they didn’t know why he left it there in the first damned place. They left him with tease shots, her nipple never slipped out in front of him and she always seemed to wear panties the days he got lucky enough to get an upskirt shot. Then the seasonal swaps came around, he seemed to hit the jackpot when Kevin offered to let Annie and Stephanie take his bedroom for the night.
Troy scarfed his dinner down. “I’m tired,” he said and darted up the stairs, listening to their response with a smirk on his face.
“I don’t think I ever saw a boy in such a hurry to get to bed,” Annie laughed.
“He’s going upstairs to masturbate,” Stephanie replied.
“I wonder to whom?”
“My squeeze for the night. Who else?”
Troy thought it funny how right she was, as he crept into Kevin’s old room and made his way to the closet. He wouldn’t be jerking off thinking about her tits bouncing in that black lingeries, he’d jerk off watching them naked and bouncing on his cousin’s strap-on.
He opened the door to find Victoria already sitting, legs crossed.
“I had a feeling you were going to sneak in here. Now hurry up before they catch us,” she hissed.
He scrambled inside and she pulled the door shut.
“You probably know why I’m in here,” Troy said. “Why are you in here?”
“Duh! For the same reason you’re in here,” she said, pointing to the open laptop on the bottom shelf, the screen showing Kevin’s bedroom.
“You’ve showered with her. What are you expecting to see that you haven’t already seen?”
“I haven’t seen her having sex with anybody. I haven’t seen anyone else have sex outside of porn, now that I mention it.”
“How’s this different? I was just going to leave the door cracked.”
Vicky laughed. “That’s a good way of getting caught. I hid the camera perfectly and so long as they don’t check the closet or look too hard at Kevin’s Invincible comics we’ll be good.”
“It’s still no different than watching porn, it’s all through a screen.”
“Except it’s someone we know and we’re literally in the room next to them.”
“I guess. So long as I get a copy. You are recording, right?”
“Good. If I don’t get one I’ll snitch.”
“Fine! In the morning, I promise. Now shush!” Vicky covered his mouth. “They’re here,” she whispered.”
Troy stared at the screen as the bedroom door flung open. Annie led Stephanie in by the hand and the two crawled into bed.
“Now let’s see what Kevin gets to play with every night,” Stephanie moaned.
Troy froze and his cock swelled as Stephanie unclasped the straps of Annie’s bras. She threw the bra on the floor, a grin stretched over Troy’s face at the first bounce of Annie’s big tits. His dick jumped out against his underwear until it hurt. Annie helped Stephanie pull her shirt off, revealing her perky tits. They pulled each other in and began kissing.
“I hope you know,” Troy whispered, “I’m still gonna masturbate whether you’re in here or not.”
Victoria shrugged and spoke into his ear. “I was about to do the same myself.” She slipped out of her shorts and underwear. Troy pulled his cock out of his shorts and began stroking it as his sister rubbed her pussy.
Annie slipped off her thong and spread her legs so Stephanie could bury her face in her snatch.
Victoria began laughing.
“What’s so funny?” Troy hissed. “Do you want them to hear us?”
“It’s just, I’m sitting here rubbing my pussy right next to you and you’re not even blushing or anything, you’re even masturbating to the same person I am. You don’t even get shy when you see me walking around with my tits halfway out. When any other girl comes around you freeze up. Like, she could be fully dressed and if she’s halfway pretty you go crazy. What’s the difference? I’m a girl too.”
“You’re my little sister and I’ve known you my whole life. I guess I’m just a lot more comfortable around you, plus I have actually seen you naked. I used to help change your diapers and we took baths until you were like nine.”
“That was five years ago. Tell me, brother. Did I have anything like this when you last saw me nude?” Victoria slipped out of her tank top, letting her perky boobs fall out.
“No,” he reached out his hands and stopped. “I guess you didn’t.”
“Are you gonna freeze up yet?”
“Why not? Do you like what you see?”
“They’re nice … they’re the first real boobs I’ve seen and they look amazing. It’s just, you’re still Victoria. I know you too well to clam up around you like I do with the other girls. I don’t clam up around Jasmine or Stephanie, either.”
“Then I might be able to help you with your problem? I can help you get comfortable with my body.” She grabbed his wrists and placed his hands over her breasts. “See? Don’t they feel nice?”
Troy nodded, feeling the firm softness of her boobs, giving them a few squeezes then running his fingers over her puffy nipples. “So perfect.”
“Instead of you stroking your dick and me fingering my twat, like I know we do every night, we could get each other off?”
“You want me to rub your pussy?”
“I have a better idea,” she said and shoved him onto his back. She leaned forward and sniffed the tip of his cock, sending shivers up his body. “I just want one thing in return.”
“What?” Troy moaned.
“I want to lose my virginity tonight.”
“You mean, go all the way?”
“That’s what losing my virginity means.” Her tongue flicked across his dick and he trembled. “Don’t be too loud, though. I don’t want the lovebirds in there to ruin our fun.”
They finished dinner and Annie led Stephanie up the stairs by her wrists. She kicked open the door to her boyfriend’s old bedroom and brought her to the bed.
“Now let’s see what Kevin gets to play with every night.”
Annie leaned back as Stephanie unfastened her bra. Annie gave her tits a little bounce and removed Stephanie’s shirt, cupping the first set of tits other than her own since Freshman year. She leaned in and locked lips with Stephanie. Stephanie went down her long neck, kissing every inch of flesh, until she reached her breasts. Annie trembled as Stephanie’s lips closed around her nipples. When Annie thought she would cum, Stephanie pulled away and continued kissing down her soft belly. Annie pulled off her thong and leaned back with her legs spread as Stephanie lowered her face to her crotch. Annie shivered in the wake of Stephanie’s soft breaths wafting over her pussy, her body trembling when Stephanie began licking the outer parts of her labia.
Annie writhed on the bed, her legs kicking and arms grabbing at the blankets. Stephanie moved in deeper, kissing and biting her clit, sending tremors racing across her. The tremors surged and crashed when Stephanie’s tongue slid through the womanhood, Annie thrust her crotch against her face and squealed.
“I need to grab something,” Stephanie said and headed for the door.
“What about your shirt? You know Troy’s gonna be happier than a doggy with two peckers if he sees you walking around with your tits out.”
“He’s too busy jacking off over your Instagram account. Plus, with all of the skimpy tops I wear, I’m sure he’s seen most of my boobs by now. He won’t see anything new. Aunt Krista won’t give a shit and Jost is probably at work. I promise I’ll be quick.”
Stephanie came back a few minutes later with a double-sided strap-on. “I haven’t washed it in months, it might smell like half-Korean pussy.”
“That’s fine,” Annie replied. “I wouldn’t mind knowing what Jordan and Daphne taste like before the big feast.”
“Then you’re in for quite a treat,” Stephanie said and pushed her skirt down and stepped out of it. She began to slip her end of the strap-on in her pussy when a loud moan came from the closet followed by something slamming against the door.
“Is that…”
“A little fucker who thinks he’s slick? Yeah, it probably is.” Stephanie pulled the closet door open and screamed. “What the fuck? Both of you?”
Troy and Victoria were in there naked, Troy sprawled out on the floor with Victoria crouched over his crotch. Cum dripped from her lips.
“I was trying to help him not be shy around hot girls,” Victoria said and licked the semen from her chin.
“Why the fuck are you even doing it in here? You have your own bedrooms!”
“We were watching you two fuck. Then we got horny and I realized Troy wasn’t shy about seeing me naked.”
“Just get out!”
“Fine!” Victoria sighed and pulled her brother up. “We’ll finish in his room where you can’t stop us.”
“I don’t care what you do, just go be horny somewhere else.”
Victoria darted out of the room with Troy behind her. A door slammed shut down the hall.
“You know they’re probably going to fuck,” Annie said, laughing.
“Yeah,” Stephanie closed the door. “He’s shy around you but he was able to get his own sister to suck him off.”
“Where were we?”
Stephanie put on the strap-on. “I think you wanted to see if you could taste my girlfriends’ pussies on the end of this dildo.”
Annie began licking and sucking the plastic cock. It tasted like plastic for the most part, but the faint aftertaste she knew all too well, a sweet and bitter flavor of a pussy, was there. It spent a fair amount of time in Jordan and Daphne, and no doubt Stephanie.
“Your girlfriends taste good.”
Stephanie pushed her back to the bed and mounted her. “Why don’t I add your pussy juices to the flavor? I’m sure my next girlfriend will love to taste you.”
Annie parted her legs and let the plastic dick enter her womanhood. Stephanie began thrusting and their moans filled the room. Stephanie threw her head back after a minute and howled, her body writhing and tits bouncing. The dildo slammed Annie’s twat, sending tremors that built until they crashed like a tsunami.
Stephanie pulled out the plastic dicks and they laid in bed, sucking each others’ juices off until their saliva coated it.
Kevin stopped by the house that morning and did not stay too long. Mom spent the entire morning screaming at Victoria and Troy after she found them both naked in Troy’s bed, cum drizzling down Vicky’s thigh.
He met the twins around noon and decided to treat them to their last lunch on Earth.
“No Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Thai,” Jordan begged.
“Stephanie hardly takes us anywhere else.”
They settled for an all-you-can-eat pizza and gorged themselves until they were kicked out.
“We weren’t going back there, anyways,” Jordan said on the ride home.
“Sorry you got banned too,” Daphne whined.
“It’s quite alright,” Kevin said, stroking her hair. “I’m sure I ate more than you two combined and I’m the one who told the manager to go fuck himself when he said we had too much.”
“We’ll still pay you back, but the only thing we have to offer is our bodies.”
“Hmm, I’ll take you up on that.”
They arrived at Stephanie’s apartment around seven and went straight for the bedroom.
Jordan and Daphne helped each other remove their blouses, revealing two sets of large and perky breasts. Their skirts went down to their ankles followed by two pairs of pink cotton panties and the sisters crawled into bed with Kevin.
“I hope we’re good enough,” Jordan moaned and unbuttoned his shirt.
“We’ve fucked guys before but never together. You’re the first and last dick we’ll share.” Daphne unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing dick. She took it in her mouth and moved her lips along the shaft, he began to groan.
“Moan in here.” Jordan crawled over him and sat on her face, rubbing her twat against his mouth until he began licking her pussy. Jordan leaned in and joined Daphne, licking his shaft as she suckled the tip.
He groaned louder as his dick throbbed ever faster, until his crotch seemed ready to burst. With a grunt, Daphne’s cheeks swelled and cum trickled down her lips.
“Don’t forget to save some for me,” moaned Jordan, who pushed her sister aside and gobbled down the rest of his load. She threw her head back and her thighs spasmed moments later, drenching Kevin’s face.
“I’ll ride him first.”
Daphne crawled over his lap but Jordan pushed her aside.
“You got the first drink of cum so I’ll be the first to take him in my pussy.” Jordan pushed her sister onto his face.
“At least my junk’s getting pleasured,” she said.
What did he care who went first on what? Another hot dinner was another hot dinner. He parted her pussy and slithered his tongue into her wet snatch. Jordan’s pussy slid over his cock and her thighs plopped against his.
Their pussies ground and bounced on Kevin until their cunts throbbed. Daphne pulled at her hair, Jordan’s pussy clenched around his cock and her ass hammered his thighs. His dick twitched and jets of semen stuffed Jordan’s womb until it overflowed down her legs.
The twins slid off the bed and grabbed Kevin’s hands.
“You can’t lay there all night,” Daphne said as she led him to a large desk by the door. Jordan moved Stephanie’s laptop to a drawer and climbed on the desk, Daphne bent over and stuck her face between Jordan’s legs.
Kevin mounted Daphne. He slid into her pussy and began thrusting. Daphne licked the cum from Jordan’s twat. Kevin brought himself to edge with only a few thrusts and slowed. He grew closer, holding back each time until Daphne’s pussy twitched and he let it go.
Daphne staggered back to the bed and Jordan licked the cum from her snatch. Kevin slid in behind her and began squeezing their tits.
He fucked the twins until three in the morning and would have kept going until morning if Tyler didn’t need them before dawn. The girls changed into a low-cut black robe and they headed out.
Annie couldn’t blame Tyler all that much when he decided to take her out to the church to spend the night instead of doing it in his room at the Watson home. The tension in the air after Krista caught Vicky and Troy was suffocating to say the least. She felt bad for the kids and wondered if she should’ve taken Vicky to her room before she went to bed.
They ate a quick lunch at a burger joint and rode for the woods. Soon enough, she forgot all about teenage incest shenanigans. He brought her to a large bedroom on the second floor of the log cabin and carried her to the king-sized bed in the middle. Annie enjoyed cuddling with Kevin on any night, that twin-sized mattress they spent the last week on started to get on her nerves.
She slipped out a black camisole and miniskirt then crawled over to Tyler. She fumbled his cock out his pants and took it in her mouth.
“Turn around and let me have a taste.”
Annie nodded and crawled in a circle, lowering her ass over his face. She shoved his member down her throat again as his tongue sent shivers up her snatch.
His cock twitched, her eyes bulged and strings of hot cum stuffed her throat. Her cheeks swelled like a balloon and she tried to take it all but a few streams broke through and trickled down her chin. She pulled his cock out and chugged the rest in three gulps.
Annie forwards crawled on her elbows and Tyler crawled on top, sliding his dick into her pussy. She thrust her hips in rhythm to his cock, moaning louder until another orgasm tsunami crashed over her body. Her pussy squeezed his cock as another sticky load squirted into her womanhood.
Tyler stopped round four in the morning, pulling his meat out of her ass after stuffing it for the third time. Annie whimpered even as buckets of cum fell down her legs in meaty plops as she stood up.
“Kevin should be here with the meat in an hour. I gotta get prepped. I promise there’ll be another feast this winter.”
Members of the Church gathered in the early hours as they awaited the arrival of the meat girls. Annie thought of going out nude even if the Autumn chill set in. Nobody else was naked and she didn’t want to seem the odd one, being the new girl and all.
Kevin’s truck pulled in ten minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to begin. Annie ran up and threw herself into his arms.
“I missed you,” she whispered.
“As I missed you,” he replied.
Jordan and Daphne stepped out. Stephanie kissed each one and led them to Tyler.
Annie and Kevin joined their brothers and sisters in forming a circle around Tyler and the twins. Annie’s grip on Kevin grew tighter as Tyler recited his prayers and asked their dark god to accept the Bells into his ranks. Once this ended, she would watch someone die before her own eyes.
It ended and the twins embraced each other, locking lips. Tyler took something from his robes, what looked like a nail gun but made of solid gold and adorned with gemstones. He pressed the device to the back of Jordan’s head and pulled a trigger.
There seemed to be a swishing gust and Jordan dropped, kept from hitting the ground by Daphne. Blood trickled down the back of her neck into her robes. Daphne locked lips with her again and continued kissing until Tyler pressed the nail gun to her head and pulled the trigger. The twins collapsed on each other, their bodies twitching for another minute.
Tyler and Stephanie grabbed the bodies. By now, most of the members were naked or stripping. Half of them began masturbating and the other hooked up with partners to fuck. Annie thought she and Kevin would do the same even if every hole ached, begging for a long break.
Instead, he tapped her on the shoulder and gestured for her to follow him inside. He brought her to the butcher room where Tyler and Stephanie began their work on the carcasses.
“It’s customary for newcomers to witness the butchering process before their first feast.”
Annie wasn’t shocked when she found out her boyfriend’s uncle might’ve been a cannibal, she didn’t feel that much when she learned that him and his uncle really were cannibals. A chill ran across her spine when Tyler put a nail in Jordan’s head and nothing came when he did the same to Daphne seconds later. She let out her first fearful squeal when Tyler chopped Jordan’s head off with a meat cleaver. Her head just rolled into a bucket and Tyler raised her body up by hooks through the feet, letting a river of blood flow right into a drain. The cleaver chopped through Daphne’s neck and handed both of their heads to Stephanie.
Annie thought she would vomit when Stephanie used what looked to be a hand shovel, only razor sharp, to dig meat and brain matter out of their severed skulls.
“I know it might look gross now,” Kevin said, gripping her shoulder. “The brains make good eating. We have to scoop it out so we can use the heads for decoration.”
The blood flow from the neck slowed to a trickle and Tyler pulled a large tote under their bodies. He grabbed a jagged knife and sliced open their bellies, letting organs spill out.
The urge to vomit passed and Annie remained fixed on the carnage before her, watching Kevin’s uncle destroy the young women his daughter loved for so many years; the girls her fiance stuffed just a few hours ago.
Stephanie scooped the last bit of their brains into a bucket and joined Tyler with a saw. Together, they began slicing their lower legs into steaks. They stopped at the knees and moved to their hips, sawing their legs off into four chunky hams.
Annie helped Stephanie and Kevin prepare the feast. The thigh hams were seasoned and drenched in sauce before being shoved in the ovens. Annie learned from Stephanie how to make sausage from their organs and how to grind up the arms and brains into hamburger meat. Kevin and Tyler filled the bellies of the dead twins with bread, coated them with sweet and sour, and roasted them over an open fire.
The food was prepared by the evening and everyone gathered around six large tables. Annie helped herself to a breast from one of the twins; Stephanie grabbed the other one and a cunt filet. Annie piled all kinds of potatoes, salads, and pastas beside her helping of boob.
Jordan and Daphne peered down from above, their heads fixed to large poles and placed in the middle of the tables.
Tyler and Stephanie approached them after the feast.
“Kevin said you wanted to wait a bit before you considered becoming a meat girl?”
“I want to have a few kids, yes. And,” Annie shifted her eyes, “maybe have a chance to eat one of my daughters.”
“I wish I could be around to see that for myself,” Stephanie replied. “I’m the meatgirl for the Winter feast. Me and Daddy already discussed it.”
“That’s why I asked about your plans for getting snuffed. I want you to take over Stephanie’s role as head priestess.”
“I-I would be delighted,” Annie said. She only joined and they wanted her to take on such an important role? What did it even entail?
“Wonderful! Kevin really did well when he picked you to be his wife. I can finally retire knowing the Church will remain in good hands.”
“Yeah. I’ve always wanted to travel while I had the chance and I want Kevin to take over as the Church’s Elder.”
Annie helped herself to another breast filet and a piece of thigh as she considered her and Kevin’s newfound authority. The Church would accept him, he’s Tyler’s nephew. Would they take her? Was it enough that she would marry their new Elder in a few weeks?

Published on Feb-04-2024
Last updated on Feb-04-2024