Gina's Choice

Started by Ken E. Davis

Spring Break 2084 ended just as it seemed to be starting. The Larkin Family, exhausted after two weeks, settled in for their final afternoon in Miami at the Bray Family’s summer home.
The two families spent the better part of that final afternoon on the back patio. David and Cherie Bray sunbathed with Sara Larkin while the children floated in the pool on their backs. Sara's kids, sisters with fiery-red hair, nodded every few seconds. Amber Bray went on like a salesman about her part in an upcoming feast. The Larkin girls had on bikinis, even if they did little to cover Sara's and Gina's ample breasts, Amber and Cherie were naked as the day they were born.
"Amber sure has grown quite a bit over the last two years. I can't believe how much she's opened up sexually."
"She really has come a long way in the last two years," Cherie replied.
"She started experimenting the night before we butchered her favorite babysitter, but she really got into it once she decided to become meat for our first ever feast for the Vernal Equinox. And she has only opened up more as her snuff day grew closer and closer."
"I suppose it makes sense. A pretty girl knowing she’s about to die so a bunch of people can eat up her sexy little body has got to be turned on, I know I would be. It’s not too surprising that I hardly see her in clothes anymore."
David laughed. "She stopped wearing clothes around the house about two months ago. She even answers the door and takes out the trash like that. Not that I can complain, the Doordash guy is never late."
"I bet she'd go naked everywhere if she could."
"She would," Cherie nodded. "Even when she goes out it's usually just a sports bra and boyshorts."
"She is a fine specimen of girlish perfection and it's only natural that she'd want to show off her goods before she dies.”
“Thank you,” Amber piped up with a smile.
“She really is,” David pondered. “Jade and Gina are quite fine specimens, too. I often wonder why you don’t let them show off, you never seemed to be the one who would care much about modesty.”
“What do you mean?” Sara laughed. “I let them show off their bodies all the time. Have you seen the outfits they wear? I’m sure Gina doesn’t own a single top that covers her belly. Neither one will wear shorts if they go too far below their thighs.”
“What do you think this is,” asked Cherie, “the twentieth century? Most school dress codes allow crop tops these days! How often do they go naked?”
“They only really take off their clothes to change or take a shower.”
“I do sleep naked, sometimes,” Gina said.
“But, do you have any problem with them being naked on other occasions?”
“No, not really. If they want to walk around naked they can.”
“Then why are you and your girls still in bikinis?” Cherie winked. “I promise it’s fine, I haven’t swam with my clothes on since I was five.”
“I guess it’s just old habits die hard,” Sara laughed.
“You should really start opening up sexually with your daughters. You’ll be happy about the results.”
Open up with them? If anyone else said that she might’ve assumed she meant encouraging her daughters to explore their sexuality. Cherie Bray said that; who has included her own daughter in her relationship with David, and who has french kissed her daughter more times than she could count. It wasn’t like she discouraged her daughters from being sexual, she never stopped Gina those times she walked in on her riding a boy’s cock. Her daughter even spent the last six months dating her twenty-nine-year-old math teacher. She would even be fine if Jade ever decided to lose her virginity. The only way she could open up any more with them would be to either join in when they’re fucking a boy or outright fuck them herself.
Could she really do that? It seemed weird … doing sexual stuff with her daughters, even if they just had sex with whatever guy they ended up with. On the flipside, she had beautiful daughters and Gina would be sixteen in two months. Jade wasn’t even eleven yet and she already had a decent pair of buds on her, not that they measured up to the melons she and Gina had. Gina always had a cute boyfriend and she couldn’t imagine it’d be too long before Jade started dating.
“Maybe I could? I’ll think about it.”
“Does that mean we don’t have to wear our bikinis anymore?” Gina asked and took off the top before Sara even replied.
“I can’t see any problems with it and it’s not like David hasn’t seen boobs before.” Sara removed her own bikini top and jiggled her now-free tits. She lifted herself off the chair and slid the bottoms over her hips and laid back as the summer breeze washed over her fuzzy pussy.
“Aren’t you going to join us?” Gina poked her sister as she removed her bikini bottoms.
“Uh… I don’t know,” Jade said.
Gina pulled at Jade’s bikini strap. “Why not?”
“Stop it.” She batted her sister’s hand. “I haven’t even shown my boobies to a boy yet so I don’t know if I’m ready.”
“What boobies?” Gina laughed and yanked off Jade’s bikini top, eliciting a squeal as the girl covered her breasts, a pair of buds no larger than lemons.
“Her boobs are still growing,” snapped Sara. “Your boobs hadn’t even come in when you were her age.”
“Your boobs are perfect,” David said, squeezing the tent in his swimming trunks.
“You … you think so?” Jade blushed and slowly uncovered her breasts. She shrugged and yanked off her bikini bottoms before climbing out of the water. Dancing with her arms held out, she asked, “is my butt and pussy perfect, too?”
“They look so good I could just gobble them up,” David said, squeezing her ass.
“Yay!” Jade shouted and jumped back in.
“Whatever,” snickered Gina, “I still have the bigger boobs.”
“Are we sure about that?” Amber swam up and pressed her boobs against Gina’s. Her breasts, though larger than a pair of good-sized cantaloupes, were smaller than Gina’s. “I guess you’re right. Your boobs alone could feed a whole city.”
“So,” Jade asked, grabbing Amber’s breasts, “are you ready for them to eat yours?”
Amber shivered and looked at the sky.
“Yes,” she said after what seemed like minutes, her voice shaking, “yes.”
“How will it actually be done?”
There was another shiver. “Next Saturday, we’ll go out to the new chapel just outside of Moore Haven. It’ll be a two-hour trip, we’ll be going by an old-timey car instead of a drone flight; Mom thinks using any form of AI degrades the feast and a longer trip is more romantic. Dad will prepare the butchering room and grill while Mom takes me lingerie shopping.”
“So, you’re not dying in the nude?”
“No, I’ll be naked for my execution. I’ll be wearing the lingerie under my prom dress after Mom takes me to get my hair and makeup done. That night she’ll take me to a final romantic dinner then I’ll join her and Dad in bed for the night.”
“Haven’t you already had sex with them?”
“Nah. I’m still their daughter-girlfriend, but we’ve agreed to save the sex for the final night. We want our first time to be for a special occasion.”
“How will you die?”
“After I have sex with my parents they’re going to take me to the altair. I’ll strip out of my clothes one last time then Dad will slit my throat.”
“That does sound a bit painful,” Gina said, rubbing her own throat.
“It’ll be quick. It took Eva about ten seconds to pass out and she probably died seconds later.”
“I’d still rather have them shoot me in the head or chop my head off,” Jade replied.
“Pain doesn’t bother me too much and it can’t be worse than girls who grow up and give birth.”
“What happens after you die? Like, how are they going to prepare your body?”
“Well, after I pass and my blood fully drains, Dad begins the butchering process. It starts by him chopping off my head and my other limbs, although my legs above the knee remain attached. My stomach and chest are opened up next so he can remove all of my organs. My intestines will become sausage while the rest is used to make stews. No part of my meat gets left behind, even my brains and eyeballs, as is the flesh on my face, is used for the feast. Only my hair and bones get discarded. Followers of Yog shall eat on my flesh for weeks to come.”
“It’s hard to believe that in eight days your sexy body will be nothing but meat.”
“Yeah,” Amber puffed out her breasts, “and for the enjoyment of so many people. And, since I turned fourteen Wednesday, that would make me the youngest girl to be sacrificed for our church. I’ll also be the first girl sacrificed for our new church and the first for the Vernal Equinox.”
“Wow! You’re checking a lot of ‘the first’ boxes.”
“Yeah. I’m even the first member of the Bray family to get sacrificed since 2042, everyone since has been just random girls in our church. Like Eva. Have you two ever thought about being sacrificed or eaten?”
“I have considered it a few times,” Jade said. “I know I want to die before I start getting really old and donating my body to a cannibal feast has occurred to me, although I would prefer to wait until my body has a little more meat on my bones.”
“I don’t know. I don’t really want to die, not when I have so many things I still want to do, but I’m not really afraid of it either. Plus, I don’t even believe in Yog.”
“That’s understandable, and I thought like that once. I honestly thought I would grow up and take Dad’s place as head of the church, but then I tasted Eva’s meat and wondered what it’d be like in her place. Now my destiny is to become an amazing feast for our hungry church members and I have three siblings who could take over just as well.”
“I kinda see what you’re saying, though it is also kind of scary and … just … so final.”
“It is final and it’d be weird if it wasn’t scary, but that’s what makes it so meaningful. In order for this feast to happen, I must give up my precious body and life. That’s why nothing will go to waste, whatever remains of me after goes to the gators and other wildlife. You’ll understand if you ever change your mind about this.”
The adults went in around three while the girls continued swimming and splashing each other. Jade seemed unable to stop bugging Amber about every little detail on how she would be slaughtered and eaten next weekend. Gina listened to every word, wondering more every second how she would’ve felt in the same situation. What would it be like knowing she had less than a week to live?
Mom came out to tell them dinner was ready well after it grew dark and the pool went cold. Jade and Amber tried to see who could eat the most pizza while Gina just sat quietly, thinking about how this would be the last meal she ate with a girl she spent most of her life around. After a quick shower, she staggered into Amber’s room, finding her doomed friend still naked but wide awake.
“Whatever happened to opening up and shit?”
Gina cocked her head. “I don’t get what you’re implying—”
“You don’t have to wear clothes to bed, silly.”
“Uhm,” Gina looks down at her black sports bra and panties. “Are you sure?”
“You literally spent the entire afternoon naked with me.”
“I guess I’m just not used to being naked,” she said while pushing her panties over her hips.
“Maybe it’s time we start getting you used to it?”
“I guess,” laughed Gina as she unclasped her bra, letting her tits out as it fell to the floor, and crawled in bed.
“See? Isn’t this so comfy?”
“Yeah,” she shrugged at first then cooed as the cool air conditioner blew over her nipples and hairless slit. “Yeah. So comfy.”
Gina began closing her eyes when Amber rolled over and gave her a tight hug. “What the hell?”
“Your body is so soft,” Amber moaned and pressed her boobs against Gina’s.
“Stop it,” Gina giggled, prodding Amber’s arms.
“I want to sleep on your boobs. They’re just so soft and firm … and big.”
“You’re blocking the air, though,” she said while pulling Amber closer.
“Am I blocking your air or just turning you on?”
“You’re blocking my air. I like feeling the cold on my nipples.”
“Come on, you can tell me if touching my boobs makes you wet.”
“I’m not wet,” Gina laughed and opened her legs as Amber slid her hand over her hips and shuddered when she slipped a finger across her slippery pussy.
“Not wet?” Amber licked the stringy juice from her fingers.
“Okay, okay! I guess I am a little turned on. What did you expect? A hot girl is trying to crush me with her tits!”
“Crush you with MY tits? Have you looked in the mirror lately? I don’t know how you haven’t been crushed by your own tits!”
“They’re big, but they’re not that big. I’m only at an F-cup.”
“And I’m only at a D-cup … I think … I don’t wear bras so I wouldn’t really know. So … now we know for sure you’re into girls.”
“I don’t think I’ve ever kept that a secret. I watch lez porn all the time.”
“Have you ever actually considered having sex with another girl?”
“All the time! I just never had the chance … and I haven’t met any girls who seemed interested in me.”
“Yes you have. I’m a girl who’s interested in you.”
“You’re also my best friend.”
“So? Does that mean we can’t make love … this would be your only chance to enjoy my body.”
“I don’t know, I have a boyfriend.”
“Does he seem like the type who would be upset about you having sex with another girl?”
“He knows I like chicks and we have talked about it. Our general agreement is that he’d like to get in on it if I’m having sex with another gal … but he’s not here.”
“Tis’ a shame, I wouldn’t mind a threesome. At least I’ll have one with my parents next week. Does this mean we can’t do anything?”
“I don’t know. If you can promise not to say anything.”
“I won’t be able to after next Sunday.”
“Would your parents be okay with it? They don’t want you to keep your virginity until then or do they count it if it’s just lesbian sex?”
“I lost my lesbian virginity to Eva and my actual virginity to a boy named Jason. You would be number eleven, Mom and Dad would make thirteen sexual partners in my life; a lucky number in the Yog Church.”
“So, this is basically to get your slut count to a certain number?”
“Well,” Amber kissed her on the lips, “there’s also the fact that you’re pretty hot.”
“Oh, why not?” She threw her arms around Amber and kissed her, parting her lips for Amber’s tongue.
Gina slogged through another week of school before Brad took her out for the first time in three weeks, although it felt more like three years in her mind. Brad tried to argue that it was a bit hard for them to go on dates when she went off to Miami, as if he didn’t refuse when they offered to take him because he “couldn’t find someone to watch the dogs” on such a short notice. She knew damned well he didn’t go because he didn’t care to spend so much time around “religious nutters”.
She forgot about it soon enough as they stuffed themselves with teriyaki chicken and egg rolls, then it was out to some island where they could spend the night in his AAV drone.
Their clothes covered the consoles, Gina slid her ass over his face while he slurped and sucked her wet pussy. She gave the tip of his cock a few kisses before taking it down her throat. A few minutes of sliding her lips and tongue down his member brought him to climax, her cheeks bulging as her mouth filled with cum.
While the salty-sticky treat squeezed down her throat, Gina couldn’t stop thinking about how Amber’s dad could be cutting open her throat at that very moment. Amber said the sacrifice took place around midnight and the screens showed 11:15 before they covered them in clothes. Either Amber was dead or dying, or she just finished enjoying the last drops of cum her throat would ever get. What would it feel like if someone cut open her throat right now, spilling her blood and Brad’s cum everywhere? Could she really just sit there and let someone do that to her? Could she just let her life end like that? Amber must’ve been one of the bravest people she ever met.
In another sixteen hours, people would be gathered around to eat the cooked remains of her friend. She imagined Brad, his tongue flicking over her clit and his teeth gnawing at her labia, just chomping down and ripping out a huge chunk. Amber’s pussy would know how that felt tomorrow, someone would eat her fourteen-year-old cunt for real. It seemed so scary to imagine Brad doing the same to her, yet so arousing.
Thinking about it brought Gina to climax. She slid her sopping snatch off his face, leaving slick spots on his chin, and plopped onto dick with a splash and rode his cock. What would it feel like if she died right there on his cock? She thought about him reaching up and biting out her throat, and wondered what kind of orgasm she would have in the few moments before she died?
Would she let him do that? She didn’t want to die, not now, when she had so much to live for. If he really wanted to kill her, to eat her sexy body right there like some kind of werewolf, would she stop him? He’d fill himself up on her tits alone. It sounded so painful, even if he killed her in less than a second she couldn’t stop imagining the pain of his teeth sinking into her meat. Her sensitive nipples and pussy would sting, but it would be so hot. Did she even want to live to die of old age? She had some ideas of where she wanted to go with her life, but that would mean spending decades watching her amazing body degrade while her firm titties sagged. Jade seemed to have the right idea of ending her life before she got too old, but was fifteen good enough? Amber would die—died—at fourteen. Maybe fifteen would be enough?
Gina climaxed again, throwing her head back as her pussy clenched around his cock. Brad’s cock pulsed and ejaculated into her womb.
She collapsed and rested on Brad for some time, thinking of all the places on her body he could sink his teeth into. She uncovered the screens and her throat tightened as the clock read 12:56; Amber Bray was no doubt long dead and being butchered.
“You’re thinking about Amber? Aren’t you?” Brad asked.
“Yes,” she moaned. “She died almost an hour ago.”
“I see. Are you having regrets about not being there with her? Or do you even wish you could’ve taken her place?”
“I do, actually. I feel like I’m really missing out on something. You know? Amber’s embarking on a special journey and I really wish I could be there with here … I wish I could go with her. It’s kinda scary though, and I would’ve had to join their cult. Yes, I am scared just thinking about it, but I won’t deny it’s really hot thinking about people eating my pussy and tits like pieces of ham or shit. Can we go again?”
“Sure,” Brad laughed as Gina crawled onto his cock.
“I want you to nibble on my tits. Don’t bite anything off. If I ever decide I’m ready I would like to be dead before someone actually eats me, but I do want it to be hard enough that I can imagine you’re actually eating my meat.”
“Sure thing sweetheart.” She shoved her boobs into his face. He bit down on her nipple until she winced.
“Yes,” Gina hissed, “just like that.”
Brad spent the next few weeks thinking about what Gina said and he began mentioning the subject to her whenever she didn’t bring it up herself. He only ever tried girl meat twice in his life and it never seemed all that special, but he couldn’t help but find it a bit erotic when this particular meat belonged to a young woman he had such intimate knowledge of. Gina no doubt found it arousing and she asked him to chew on her body almost every night.
Some nights, he wanted nothing more than to sink his teeth in all the way; to tear her flesh from her bone and devour every last bit of her sexy teeny body. She didn’t want to be eaten alive, even if she had her little biting kink. Sexual fantasies aside, Brad felt that raw human meat would only end with him in the hospital. He also knew next to nothing about slaughtering any organism and butchering it for food, which would again result in him ending up in the hospital with food poisoning. He needed an expert. Gina didn’t want to join the Yog Cult and he couldn’t blame her.
That brought him to invite Armin Kirstein to his place one Saturday. This man might’ve not seemed like much; a short and skinny man whose short blonde locks already had quite a few gray hair. In 2055, at the mere age of thirteen, Armin started his own high-end restaurant; by 2060, Armin’s Eatery grew into a chain with almost 800 locations throughout the European Federation. He had enough money that his parents could retire and his sister would never have to work in her life.
His empire, the so-called European McDonald’s for the Elite, crashed in December of 2069 when Europol arrested him on charges of cannibalism. The Munich restaurant, the original Armin’s Eatery and the one operated by Kirstein himself, slaughtered young women and served their meat to special customers. While the girls he slaughtered gave their consent, Kirstein still received five years in prison for violating food regulatory laws. Europol seized the Munich branch and most of the others closed down or rebranded by 2072.
Armin moved to the United States after leaving prison; less people knew him and most Americans didn’t give a shit about consensual cannibalism.
Since meeting him in 2080, Brad had many discussions about his cannibal days. Neither of them ever suggested it, but Brad often wondered if he wanted to try restarting his cannibal restaurant in the US. Now that he knew a girl interested in becoming meat, he brought it up over a huge bowl of chicken wings and some cheap beer.
“You’re sure she wants to be slaughtered and butchered? Or is it just some kink where she likes to pretend she’s getting eaten?”
“I’m not entirely sure about that myself, but I think she would be okay with actually becoming food. She wants to do it without the trappings of a cult, and I don’t think she’s too keen on the whole ritualistic sacrifice.”
Armin scratched the scruff of his chin. “I would need to have complete consent from her before I agree to anything.”
“Well, she has told me many times she regrets not going in Amber’s place. I’m pretty sure she’s serious about it.”
Brad invited Armin to watch Baldwin High Girls Soccer in their last practice session of the year. The girls split into two teams, with red and blue ribbons; Gina ran with the red team.
“My Gina is quite a dish, isn’t she?” Brad asked.
“She is quite a dish indeed. Just look at her legs, nice and taut under that miniskirt. I could make quite a few steaks out of that.”
“Come now, Mister Kirstein, she isn’t just a pair of legs. Her other features are just as delectable.”
“That they are,” chuckled Armin. “I can’t see how she’s keeping those tits in that uniform.”
“If she had her way she wouldn’t bother keeping them in anything.”
“They’ll hold a lot of stuffing after I’ve hollowed out the fat. They won’t be the biggest tits I’ve served up, but I imagine they’ll be quite firm coming from a teenager.”
“Have you ever butchered a minor?”
“Oh, yeah. When I started my restaurant, a schoolmate of mine by the name of Ada Fleiss was the first to suggest letting me serve her as food. She was only thirteen at the time. Most of my teeny volunteers had smaller busts. The girls with tiddies like Gina were in their late twenties or early thirties.”
“Does this mean you’re interested?”
“Only if she consents. You will have to introduce me to her, I don’t think she’ll be as eager if some stranger comes up and starts asking about butchering and eating her.”
“I have an idea. She’s planning a trip to Moore Haven this summer, to visit the altar Amber was sacrificed at. Maybe you could invest in a place down there?”
In the months since David slit Amber’s throat, Gina spent an ever-greater amount of time dwelling on her death. She lost count of how many times she wanted to tell her something, even going so far as to send something to her Messenger, before remembering that she wasn’t around to receive it. Her nights consisted of a rubbing one out to cannibal fantasies or letting Brad treat her body like a chew toy. This got worse around nineteenth of every month, the anniversary of Amber’s death. School let out on the 2nd of June; more time for Gina to spend thinking about Amber.
Only a small piece of Amber’s meat remained undigested, taken from a sandwich given by Cherie to Gina and encased in resin. It rested between Gina’s voluptuous breasts, held at the end of a gold necklace.
Gina turned sixteen on the 20th of that month. A mere day following Amber’s three-month death-anniversary, she couldn’t stop thinking about how she would never get her sweet sixteen. Mom decreeing that all girls under forty had to remove their clothes couldn’t distract her troubled mind; she kept scanning her friends and cousins, some as young as eight, thinking about how their bodies could be carved up into food.
Before Mom cut the cake, the realization that she would never celebrate another birthday crept into her mind. She went to bed that night determined to make it her last.
Gina managed a few hours of reprieve, spending the day following her birthday getting her AAV license and getting Mom to co–sign her first drone.
Those thoughts returned that very night, as Brad sunk his teeth in her pussy and tits.
June turned into July and three months without Amber turned into four. The 19th of July came and Gina prepared for her trip to Moore Haven.
She left the house around six in the morning. Gina wanted to go in her birthday suit but Mom wouldn’t step away from the door until she put on something.
“I don’t care what you wear around the house, but I don’t need to bail you out or pay a fine if you get caught by the police.”
Mom couldn’t be reasoned with for anything, no matter how many times Gina insisted she would be in the AAV for most of the trip. The Yog church was supposed to be in the middle of nowhere and she doubted the animals gave a shit if she walked around naked. Gina just wanted to see the place her friend left this Earth and she didn’t have time to argue. She threw on a sports bra and miniskirt and stripped five minutes after she took off.
Whether walking on the grounds where Amber left this world would bring some sort of closure or summon the courage to become food for a cannibal’s feast, Gina would never find out. She had no clue at all as to where the damned place was. David and Cherie refused to give out the location when she asked way back in April, saying she would have to join their church before walking along their sacred grounds. That seemed fine, she could just look it up; none of the Yog temples were listed on Google Maps and she could not find an address on any of their social media accounts. Two hours of circling the town, looking through the trees for anything, she couldn’t find anything that resembled a church except for the ones with crosses on their roofs.
She set the navigation to return home when she spotted a figure cloaked in black coming out of an ice cream shop.
“Maybe…?” She set the AAV to land.
“Well, hey there,” the figure, a voice seeming to belong to a man, yelled and backed up as Gina’s door slid open. “Did you forget some things?”
“No, no! I didn’t.” She kicked the discarded clothes. “It’s just more comfy this way. Does it bother you?”
“Not at all, just don’t see naked ladies out in public around here. What can I help you with? I have a girlfriend so I hope you’re not expecting anything.”
She couldn’t put her finger on it, but something seemed familiar about the man’s voice. Where did she hear him before? It didn’t sound like David, but…, “Are you a worshiper of Yog-Sothoth?”
“Oh, thank goodness! Then you would know where the church is? My friend wants me to join but never gave me the address. You guys don’t seem to have it anywhere online.”
The figure scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to her. She plugged the address into her navigation. “Thank you, sir!”
“No problems, anything I can do to help. Though, I must let you know the main church for the Bray Family is up around Jacksonville. I don’t know if you can sign up here.”
“I guess I’ll find out when I get there.”
Gina left without wasting another second.
Her bubbling excitement simmered when she landed on the property; instead of a decorated structure which began service only four months ago, she found a house that, while not in a state of disrepair by any means, was built long before this century.
“I can’t believe he lied to me,” she groaned, storming out of the AAV, “and after I was nice enough to let him see me naked.” David must’ve told him about her, or he had people here ready to give the wrong address to anyone who went poking around. What if that man didn’t even belong to the Yog Cult, and he just wanted to scam her? She had to see if anyone lived there, to tell them members of some cult thought it would be funny to give out their address to complete strangers.
A blond man stepped out as she approached the door.
“Hi,” Gina said, waving. “Uhm … do you live here? Don’t answer that, it was a silly question to ask. Of course you live here!”
“If this ain’t a coincidence,” he mused, speaking in a German accent. “You don’t know me but I know a lot about you.”
Gina froze in her tracks. “You’re a friend of David? You’re a Yog-Sothoth worshiper? I’m sorry, I just wanted to see where my friend died.”
“I don’t worship any made-up beings and I don’t know anyone called as David.”
“Then how…,” she started backing up. “Are you stalking me or something? Were you the guy back in town? The one in the black robe?”
“How would I get home from town before you? I have no AAV drone and I have no car. I am friend of Brad.”
“Brad … Mister Sampson? You’re a friend of my math teacher?”
“Last I heard he was boyfriend. No?”
“What? No… we just… how the hell do you know about that?”
“He told me, of course. I don’t tell anyone so you don’t worry. Okay?” He mimed closing a zipper over his mouth. “Why don’t we come inside? I have just prepared lunch.”
“How do I know you won’t kidnap me and sell me sex traffickers?”
“You don’t, and I suspect you wouldn’t be upset if I sold you to cannibals. Brad tells me how you like to pretend he eats your pussy and titties.”
“He … he really told you that?” How could this dude lie about that? Nobody but Brad knew about her budding cannibal fetish. Mom and Jade knew, but they didn’t know she let her boyfriend pretend to eat her.
“I guess you do know Brad. I’ll come in, but know that he would be upset if you sold me to sex traffickers. He’d also be upset if you sold me to cannibals unless he gets to eat some of my meat.”
“By the way, do you know that you’re naked? I can see your everything.”
“Yeah, yeah. I like being naked. Is that a problem?”
“Not problem, I like what I see.”
“Just keep your hands off! They still belong to Brad.”
The stranger prepared two plates of bratwursts and something that looked like potato salad. Gina didn’t know if this man had any ill intents while at the same time she didn’t want to come across as rude if he really did turn out to be a friend of Brad’s. That he knew her boyfriend, she had no doubt. Why did Brad never mention him? On the other hand, he knew few of her friends that well. She was quite hungry, which shouldn’t have surprised her when she left before breakfast.
Shrugging her shoulders, Gina scarfed down two bratwursts and started on the weird potato salad.
“The name’s Armin, by the way.”
“Gina, though I assume Brad told you my name already.”
“He did. I am sort of surprised you haven’t heard of me but it would not surprise me if you had. I was quite well known back in Europe. Does the name Armin Kirstein ring any bells?”
“You’re not about to tell me you were some kind of serial killer, are you?”
“No. Well, I guess I am. I used to run a cannibal restaurant.”
“Wait! Seriously? You’re not just fucking we me about my kink, are you?”
“Not at all. Just look me up on your phone when you get a chance.”
“That’s interesting. Did you know there’s a whole cult that eats young girls for their feasts? My friend, a girl named Amber Bray, was sacrificed and eaten not long ago.”
“I see. And you have been fascinated with it ever since? Or have you thought about it longer than that?”
“I never thought about it until the last day I saw Amber. Now I can’t think of anything else. It’s scary as hell, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just so … erotic. It really turns me on thinking about people eating my sexy body. The thing is, I’m not too keen on the whole religious sacrifice bullshit.”
“It is erotic, for the one being snuffed and the one doing the snuffing. I should know more than anybody. In Europe, I snuffed about sixty young girls before Europol shut me down. They all had some of the best orgasms in the days before I snuffed them.”
“Do you miss it … butchering young girls and serving their meat? Or have you started up again and just haven’t told me? Do you want to snuff me and serve me for dinner?”
“I have been too afraid ever since I went to prison.”
“I don’t know much about the laws in Europe, but I do know cannibalism is perfectly legal in the US so long as the person consents.”
“I only ever snuff consenting girls. That’s why I only went to prison for food regulation laws.”
Gina smirked. She might never find the place Amber lost her life, but she would leave Moore Haven ready to join her in the ranks of young girls who gave up their sexy bodies to feed people. “I’ll consent. I’d have to talk it over with Mom. You also have to invite her and my sister, Jade. Oh, and Brad has to come, too.”
“I suppose we could make something out of you.”
Gina flew home and told Mom everything that night.
“If that’s what you really want,” ended up being her response. That slow sigh after telling Gina Mom wouldn’t be happy about losing her daughter. Maybe she even hoped she would say no, unless that no came with her flipping her shit and smashing everything in the house. She could give up her life and become a piece of meat or forget the whole idea and move on; nobody would make her and nobody would stop her.
Which would it be? She already agreed with Armin to let him snuff her. If that stuff about being Brad’s friend wasn’t just bullshit, he already knew. What would he say if she backed out now? If they were friends, no doubt he already arranged the meeting; that cloaked guy did sound so familiar. How could she live with herself? The regret would stay with her until the day she died. She didn’t know if she wanted to die just yet, even if the idea of living for decades on end sounded more like a nightmare the more she thought about it.
Why couldn’t someone else decide for her? This would’ve been less stressful if Mom said no or if she ran into a serial killer who couldn’t give a shit about consent. It was her decision whether she liked it or not and she already made the agreements with Armin, herself, and now Mom. She needed to grow a spine and die with dignity.
“I’m glad you understand.”
“I had a feeling this would happen,” Mom said. “I didn’t think it’d be this soon, but I had a gut feeling you would end up on the menu someday.”
“When I die … when that day comes, I hope you and Jade enjoy every bit of my sexy girl meat.”
“I’m sure I will, sweetheart.”
Gina flew out to Moore Haven a week later with Mom and Jade. To her surprise, another AAV was parked in front of his house. Didn’t he say something about not owning any vehicles?
He again opened the door as she walked up to his porch. Gina wondered if he might’ve been sitting at his window this whole week, waiting for her to return. Was that creepy or cute? She didn’t know.
“I was beginning to think you got what you call icy feet.” Armin grinned and waved them inside.
“Don’t you mean cold feet?” Jade asked.
“Cold feet, freezing feet, whatever.”
“I had to make sure this is what I wanted.”
“Is it?” He asked.
“Yes. I’m scared, but I want to do this. We’re here to go over some final preparations.”
“Then we shall go in and get comfy. No? I even have a guest you already know.”
Brad looked up from the table as they entered the living room.
“Hey!” Gina jumped into his arms and gave him a kiss.
“Hey, sweetheart,” he kissed her back. “We were just talking about if you would show. I told him you would.”
“You do know me best.”
Armin brought out some stew and bread.
“I see you decided to wear some clothes, even if you only cover your pussy and some of your tiddies.”
“Mom’s here this time,” Gina said with a grin.
“I thought you wore clothes last week?” Mom asked with a scowl.
“I am thinking I should have kept my mouth shut,” Armin chuckled.
“We’ll talk about this later so we can focus on the business at hand.”
“Are you sure you want to go through with this? I want to say this is your last chance to back out, even if I can’t make you show up.”
“I won’t back out, I promise.”
“Okay. It’ll take some time for me to get some decent equipment out here. I don’t want to go through all of that trouble for nothing.”
“How soon would everything be ready?” Mom asked.
“About September, maybe the Thirty-first of August. Does that work?”
“Gina might not have school but Jade does.”
“I do too, actually,” Brad said.
“Jade is the little one over there?”
“Yeah,” Jade looked up from her soup. “Can I have more?”
“She is quite a beautiful specimen herself. Would she care to join her sister at the cookout?”
“I guess it would take care of the school issue.”
Brad raised a finger. “Not for me.”
“More meat would still be a good thing,” Gina replied.
“Thank you, but I’m not ready,” Jade said. “I might in a few years but my boobs aren’t fully grown yet.”
“I have snuffed girls with smaller boobs before.”
“Gina told us you never snuffed anyone under thirteen.”
“That doesn’t mean anything, you just have big boobs for a ten-year-old,” Mom snickered.
“She doesn’t have to, your older daughter will have plenty of meat. I guess we can have the feast on Labor Day. You’ll have to come the day before and I’ll snuff you Sunday night.”
Gina dropped Mom and Jade off and headed to Brad’s place. She joined him for a meal of roasted chicken and steamed potatoes before heading to the bedroom.
“You got what you want,” he said. “You will be dead meat in about forty days from now.”
“Why don’t you enjoy my sexy body before that happens?” She pushed her skirt over her hips and spread her pussy.
Brad laughed.
“What’s funny?” She crawled over him and kissed his lips.
“I just can’t believe you kept your clothes on this long.”
“I kinda forgot I had them on.” She yanked off her sports bra and jiggled her tits over Brad’s face. “You know what to do.”
Gina slid onto his cock. He clenched her right nippled between his teeth and clamped down, causing her to wince.
“Just can’t wait until you get to do this for real,” she groaned. Her pussy twitched, lightning bolts shooting up her spine. “I want you to eat my tiddies,” she screamed.
August zipped by before Sara could process anything. Every other year, those dreadful months between May and September flowed like peanut butter through a straw. If September were a person, Sara would’ve sworn they injected a mixture of cocaine and every energy drink combined into their veins. That someone would’ve been none other than Gina, her precious baby girl who wanted nothing more than to become the main course at a Labor Day cookout.
Gina didn’t seem too bothered by the whole ordeal; on contrary, she seemed hot and bothered. Sara got used to her girls running around the house naked some time ago, but as September grew ever closer Gina grew ever bolder about masturbating wherever she wanted. It started with her rubbing one out with the door open and evolved in a matter of days to her masturbating in the living room and at pretty much every meal. Sara got herself off a few times to death fantasies, she could see herself becoming inebriated about sex if she was about to die.
When she thought her daughter couldn’t become any more lustful, she knocked on her door. She thought Jade decided to throw pebbles at her door, so light were her taps. The tapping grew louder and Gina shouted “Mom!”
She answered, hoping she came to ask if she could call the whole thing off. Why she would, with the cookout a mere two days off, she had no idea. It didn’t hurt to hope, not when it was her baby girl about to give up her life.
“Yes, sweetie?”
“Can … can you do something for me? Since these are my last days?”
“Sure, sweetie … I’ll see what I can do. What do you want?”
“You know I swing both ways, sexually. Right? I’ve always found other girls to be beautiful, only I never really had a girlfriend. It’s just so much easier to find boyfriends and I only ever had sex with another girl once. I’d like to try pussy one more time before I die.”
Sara couldn’t figure out why she had to ask but she had to open her mouth. “And you want…?
“I want you to join me and Brad this Sunday night. I want to share his cock with you and I want to share your pussy with him. In other words, I want you to be my last lesbian fuck. And I want you to join my first and only threesome.”
Sara stepped back, ready to slam the door and tell Gina to go find another girl. She even wanted to suggest asking Jade. What would Lana think about all of this? She had plenty of pussy and dick since Lana died in that train crash, but would she approve of going down on their baby girl?
What the hell did that matter? She already agreed to let Gina give up her life. Would having sex with her before she died be any worse? These girls might’ve had both of their genes, but she was the one who carried them in her womb. Sara was the surviving parent, she got to decide how to handle these girls. It’s been a year since she had anything and she had a beautiful girl, a hot teenager no less, asking her to bed with her hot teacher boyfriend. How the hell could she say no? And it was her precious daughter’s final request. What kind of monster would she be if she said no?
“If Brad’s okay with it I guess I can join you guys in bed.”
“Thank you so much, Mom,” she threw herself into Sara’s arms and kissed her on the lips. Sara tried to shove her off at first then relaxed, parting her lips and their tongues intertwined.
The Larkins flew out to Moore Haven Sunday afternoon, finding that Armin or Brad moved a small camper into his backyard.
“I hope you don’t mind, the house was not very big.”
“I doubt we’re getting much sleep, anyways.”
Gina followed her Mom and sister to the camper. However small it looked as they came in, it somehow ended up being even smaller inside; two rooms and a small restroom. A king-sized bed took up most of the smaller room, with a table and two sofas in the other.
Brad and Armin squeezed their way in not long after the sun went down, sharing a supper of pizza and Armin’s homemade stews. The pizza was some of the best Gina ever tasted but it didn’t match Armin’s cooking; he would do well with her meat tomorrow. Armin left with one pizza box still full, with nothing remaining of his stew.
To Gina’s surprise, Mom crawled onto the bed and began undressing. She turned back and threw her blouse on the floor, holding her breasts as her mouth curled into a smirk. “Well? Are we going to do this or what?”
Gina removed her sports bra and skirt before getting in bed. “Eager to make love to your daughter?” She kissed Mom on the lips.
“You’re the one who seduced me.”
They curled their lips, their tongues flicking and melding.
“Don’t forget about me.” Brad walked in and pressed his cock where their lips met. Gina and her mom broke off as his member slid between their lips and the girls suckled on his head.
“Now, don’t go biting my tits and pussy,” Mom mumbled. “I’m not into this whole getting eaten thing like my daughter is.”
“Don’t worry, Gina has plenty of meat to satiate my appetite.”
Jade dove onto the bed.
“Hey,” Mom shouted. “This is a threesome, not a foursome. You’re a little too young to join us, anyways. Go back outside!”
“There’s mosquitoes outside and I’m tired. I just want to sleep!” She crawled into the corner of the bed.”
“Fine!” Mom snapped. “Just don’t pester us. Okay?”
“I bet she’s going to watch.”
“No I won’t!” Yet, the moment Mom took Brad’s dick in her mouth, Jade slipped a finger between her legs and began rubbing her pussy.
“Hey! I’m his girlfriend so I should suck his dick first.”
“I thought you wanted pussy?”
“I wanted both.” Gina ducked under Mom’s skirt anyways and spread her legs. “I guess pussy first is fine.”
“Oh yeah, sweetie! Suck Mommy’s pussy like a good little daughter!”
Mom quivered minutes later, drenching Gina’s face in pussy juice.
“See? Wasn’t that better than cock?”
“Your pussy tastes like heaven,” she leaned in and licked a glob of cum off Mom’s face, “but it’ll never beat Brad’s cum.”
“I have tasted my own pussy often enough to know you’re absolutely right. Also, it seems you got most of my pussy on your face.” Mom kissed her cheek before licking it.
“You’re the one who got a facial.” They licked and kissed each other’s face clean. “Now be a good mother and eat your daughter’s pussy.” She shoved her back to the bed and crawled around, lowering her ass over her mom’s face.
Brad mounted her as Mom’s tongue worked its way around her pussy.
“I thought you wanted to taste his cock,” Mom groaned.
“I want both of you to fuck my pussy at the same time even more, plus I can always clean your face again.”
Gina began licking Mom’s pussy again. Brad’s cock entered her womanhood, he leaned in and chewed on her neck and shoulders. The three of them started panting and moaning until they climaxed one at a time; Gina screamed first, her cunt squeezing Brad’s cock as it began squirting its’ sticky load.
Brad laid back and Gina crawled between his legs, taking his member between her lips. Mom sat on his face with a squelch. Gina’s lips slid along his cock for several minutes when it gave another pulse and squirted down her throat. She pulled out, letting the rest of his semen coat her face white.
Mom fell on top of her and they went to work eating Brad’s cum.
Gina climbed on Brad’s cock for the fourth time when there came a series of loud taps on the door.
“It is time for the snuffing,” Armin shouted.
Gina’s heart seemed to stop, her blood freezing. It couldn’t be that time already, they just started. The time on her phone read four in the morning.
“I guess I’ll leave you two for each other,” Gina yawned as she slid off his dick and staggered out the door.
“Let’s go turn you into meat.”
She shivered in the cold morning air as he led her to the side of his house. A large guillotine sat near the line of trees.
“I hope this will be good enough death for you. I know is not big decorated altar like your friend but it should make the snuffing quick enough.”
“I guess this is as good a way to die as any.” She didn’t care too much for having her throat slit, this would be far less of a mess.
She pulled the resin necklace out of her cleavage and handed it to Armin. “I want you to bury that with my skull. Okay?”
He nodded and helped into the lunette.
“Seeing as you are okay with this I am not going to tie your hands. You can reach your pussy if you want to get yourself off one last time.”
“Just do it before I lose my nerves.”
“Okay, okay.” He pulled on a rope. There came a swish of metal sliding against metal followed by a sharp pain through her neck. The world seemed to roll until she hit the mud.
Her body staggered around, blood gushing from her neck while a yellow river sprayed her thighs and legs. Gina closed her eyes and never opened them again.
Gina’s body danced for a minute after the blade fell, coating his lawn a bright crimson before she collapsed. Once the blood stopped, he scooped her into his arms and carried her to the makeshift butchery in his basement.
Jade came out of the camper around eight that morning, Brad and Sara remained asleep until almost one. Jade had to help Armin fire up the grills and begin cooking her sister’s meat.
Brad and Armin set out large picnic tables in his backyard. Gina’s debreasted torso rested in the center, her belly now round and firm with stuffing coming out of her pussy. Her boobs sat steaming in a pan, the fat cut out in favor of a cheesy-potato stuffing. Her organs went into a big steaming pot of stew, boiled with some potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes, and corn. He ground up her brain with meat from her arms, face, and lower legs, to make hamburgers. Her thighs became steaks and her intestines were made into sausage.
Sara prepared a potato salad passed down in her family for generations, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffed peppers.
Brad and Sara shared the meat from her pussy.
“We were the ones to give your sister her final orgasms, we get to eat her pussy after she’s dead.”
Jade pouted and sliced off a piece of breast.
As they ate, Jade stared off in the distance.
“You miss your sister, don’t you?”
“No, but yeah. I guess I do. I’m just wondering…,”
“You’re wondering if you should’ve joined her?”
Jade nodded. “It was kinda hot last night, when I was watching you guys have sex and thinking about how she would die afterwards. Then I got to thinking how hot it would be if I was in her place.”
“But you’re scared of dying,” Brad asked.
“No. I’m not afraid of dying. I already planned to die young so I wouldn’t get all ugly and disabled. I’ve thought about that since I was six. It probably would’ve involved eating a bullet or running out in traffic, but this is a much better way to go.”
“At least your body will be taken care of,” Sara said. “And it won’t cause an accident like if you run out in traffic.”
“Do you still want to wait?”
“Not really, but I don’t know if my boobs will be enough to feed everyone. Shouldn’t I be a little bigger so we’ll have more meat?”
“There’s not that many of us,” Brad laughed, “your meat would be plenty. Although…,”
“Although? So my meat’s not enough?”
“Is not that,” Armin replied. “There is another specimen here that would make a great dish.”
“Huh?” Sara looked up. “Are you referring to me?”
“I have the perfect idea for a dish if I could snuff you and Jade at the same time.”
“What do you think, Mom? Do you want to become meat with me?”
“I’ve never been into the idea, but I kinda agree with you that getting old sucks. I honestly thought about ending it all after you died or grew up, anyways. I guess if they kill me quickly, they can have my body.”
“That sounds wonderful. I think your Jade is small enough that I could stuff her into your belly. Like, what is called when you mix different birds.”
“Turducken? You want to make a turducken out of me and my daughter?” Sara wondered if Jade really could fit. Jade had her other mom’s lithe build; if he chopped off her head and limbs it could work. “That sounds interesting.”
“Shall we snuff you tonight or what?”
“No way! I need at least a week so I can lose my virginity.”
“I could take care of your virginity issues,” Brad said.
“Thanks for the offer, but I want to lose my virginity to a boy in my own age group. But I’ll still let you fuck me Sunday night, if I get to have sex with Mom as well. And, if I can’t find anyone by then I’ll let you take my virginity.”
“So we do this next week? You sleep here Sunday night and we feast the next day?”
“I suppose I could take a sick leave from work. Since it’ll be the two of us I might have to invite some folks.”

Published on Oct-29-2023
Last updated on Oct-29-2023