Loser's Party

Started by Ken E. Davis

Suzu and Kim were the last to arrive at Tohru Yazaki’s party after bickering for an hour.
Kim Hester introduced the group to snuff party videos months ago and Kim suggested the idea of making a snuff video of their own. Kim and Suzu wanted an all-girls party but Allysa Davis mentioned the idea to Tohru.
It didn’t take effort on Kim’s part to sway the other girl’s to exclude Tohru, more often referred to by Kim and Tami as “Suzu’s gross brother.” Suzu didn’t blame her friends, not when her brother spent so much time playing video games that he often went days without a shower; when Mom kicked him out for keeping dope in the fridge those days turned into weeks and even months. He looked more like a skeleton with skin than a man. None of Suzu’s girl friends would glance at him for more than a second and even Allysa only ever talked to him so he didn’t feel left out.
Then he came into a large amount of cash and their friends abandoned the all-girls party like rats fleeing a burning building, ready to hop on Tohru’s scrawny dick. Tohru refused to say where he got the money, though Suzu agreed with Kim that it involved drugs or something else illegal.
Suzu didn’t even need to ask Kim, to know it would probably require the sacrifice of a hundred virgins to the gods to get her onboard the Tohru train. Suzu didn’t care who hosted the party so long as she spent her final moments with friends. Kim, who couldn’t stand to be around the best of men for more than a few seconds, loathed the idea of spending her last intimate moments with one as pathetic as Tohru.
“If I had to choose between eating a dead skunk with shit sauce or letting your brother see me naked, just hand me a knife and fork.”
Kim did fight with her every single day about the issue, suggesting they see if they can find a snuff party looking for some extra chicks.
“Fine! Die with some weirdos you don’t even know,” Suzu snapped, wiping tears from her eyes. “I want to die with my friends, I’m going.”
Suzu didn’t expect it to work but there they were, walking up to her brother’s door thirty minutes later.
Suzu thought she got the wrong address when she walked in to find the house clean, an aroma of Pine-Sol and other cleaning products wafting through the air. The walls, usually stained with black mold and something that almost looked like piss, were a fresh coat of white. The piles of trash, dishes, and beer bottles were gone. That old tattered maroon couch was replaced by a suite of black leather sofas and recliners. Piled on a long wooden table were boxes of fried chicken, shrimp, fish, fries, hush puppies, alongside bowls of mashed potatoes and sweet peas. Twelve cases of beer lined the wall.
“Wow,” Kim said, with the first genuine smile she ever saw on her whilst in Tohru’s presence, “this looks less like a crack house for once.”
Tohru waved and grinned. “I thought you weren’t gonna make it, sis.”
“What the hell are you wearing?” She asked and Kim laughed.
“I’m King of the Snuff Sluts!”
“More like King of the Hobos.”
Sitting in one of the sofas, a plate of half-eaten food in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other, her brother wore a thick red bathrobe, with just a pair of boxers underneath. Atop his head sat a golden crown adorned with rubies, although Suzu couldn’t tell if the gold or jewels were real. He was still scrawny as ever and Suzu did wonder if ‘King of the Zombies’ would be a more fitting title.
Alyssa sat against him, long brown wavy hair and boobs spilling out of a red glittery minidress, sipping on a glass of wine. Lily Johnson talked with Tami Fonseca over plates of food, wearing a pink crop top and miniskirt, her light-blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. Tami, long ginger pigtails and thick-rimmed glasses, wore a long white shirt that made it hard for Suzu to tell if she had anything underneath.
Suzu herself came in with a green strapless dress, her jet-black hair tied into a bun, and wireframe glasses. Kim wore the same dress, but the same color of dark-brown as her skin, and tied her brown hair into a ponytail.
Suzu grabbed some food and wine with her girlfriend, joining Tami and Lily on the couch.
When the food had dwindled to scraps and everyone, even Tohru, groaned while clutching their stomachs, he set up the camera and laptop. He left the room for almost ten minutes and returned with a golden staff in one hand and leather bag in the other. He dropped the contents of the bag onto the table, spilling out a revolver, two knives, and a pair of Hello Kitty stockings that looked awfully familiar to Suzu.
“So that’s where they went,” she said with a scowl.
He dropped five slips of paper into the bag and pulled out his cock.
“Alright, ladies,” he boomed, hitting the floor with his staff. “Reach into King Tohru’s Bag of Fate and find out how ye shall perish! Then ye must suck my dick and I shalt send thee on thy way!”
Suzu and the other girls laughed.
“I shall go first, m’lord,” Allysa said with a snicker and reached in the bag. “Ooh, shot in the mouth. Looks like I’ll be taking your load twice.” The girl knelt and began sucking Tohru’s dick.
Tohru’s dick twitched minutes later and Allysa’s eyes grew to the size of saucers. She pulled away with white strings dripping from her chin, her mouth open wide as he stuffed the gun barrel down her throat. With a thunderous crack, the back of her head exploded and Allysa slumped to the floor.
“I hope you have plenty of stamina for all of us,” Lily asked as she reached in the bag.
“Don’t worry,” he pulled out a pill bottle. Other than the shifting of a few dust particles, no sound came out.
“Throat slashing? Not bad,” Lily muttered and took his cock in her mouth. Her cheeks swelled minutes later with cum dripping out of her lips.
Tohru slashed Lily’s throat and she collapsed onto the couch, blood spraying from the wide gash.
“Shot in the tits?” Tami shrugged, tossing her paper aside. “I know you asked for blowjobs, but something tells me you wouldn’t mind some pussy instead.”
“I figured I was pushing my luck just asking for head.”
“Well,” Tami threw off her shirt, confirming Suzu’s suspicions that she was indeed naked underneath, “I want to get off one last time.” She sat on his lap, grunting as his cock slid into her pussy.
She began bouncing up and down, moaning louder with every thrust until they both climaxed. Tami tossed her head back, howling.
Tami hopped off his legs, staggering backwards as cum dripped down her legs. Tohru grabbed the gun and blew her nipples off. He pressed the muzzle into her right breast and fired the remaining rounds. Tami dropped to her knees and slammed her head against the table before her body went still.
“Just for the record, I’m not sucking your dick or fucking you,” Kim growled as she grabbed from the bag. “No dick will ever touch my body while I’m alive. Shot to the head? Neat!”
Tohru loaded a few more rounds and placed the gun under her chin. Suzu kissed her on the lips then her brother pulled the trigger. The top of Kim’s head exploded and she slumped against Tohru.
“Looks like I do get to be the last one to grope your tits,” he said, squeezing her breasts before letting her body drop to the ground.
“I’m also not sucking your dick,” Suzu said and pulled ‘strangulation’ out of the bag. “I will ride your dick, though.” She pulled her panties off and sat on her brother’s cock.
As she began thrusting her hips he wrapped her old stockings around her throat and pulled until Suzu could no longer breath. Even though her lungs burned and eyes watered, she kept bouncing on his cock until she felt it twitch in her snatch. She climaxed moments later, riding her last orgasm as cum filled her womb. She slumped over, dead, as her twitching cunt milked the last drop of semen.
Tohru stripped the dead girls and laid their bodies on the sofa. He mounted Kim’s body, sliding his cock into her snatch ready to give Suzu’s girlfriend her final fuck, when his chest suddenly seemed to be collapsing into a black hole. Maybe all of those stimulants weren’t a good idea, afterall?

Published on Sep-22-2023
Last updated on Sep-22-2023