Lead or Iron

Started by Ken E. Davis

Typical! Carol and Anne Ross couldn’t even be expected to show up on time for a snuff party.
Kelly Butler smashed a window and crawled into his old high school. Old Mister Cole’s science class looked almost as he left it five years ago, though the name tag on the desk read Ms. Condray; he would’ve been surprised if the old fossil was even still alive.
If Kelly had his way they would’ve all died before midnight though he could only blame himself for that, setting the deadline at 12:10 in the morning. Brianna Lee, Leslie Marsh, and Mary Wood showed up AT midnight. Kevin almost expected the Ross twins to crawl in at 12:15; Kevin sat playing a game on his phone, legs propped up on the teacher’s desk, until nearly two in the morning, and they had yet to show.
Brianna and Leslie shared a desk in the front row. Brianna, blonde curly hair and big tits under a thin strapless dress, took the seat. Lesia sat on the desk, long brown hair fluttering in the wind and nipples poking through a white shirt, leaned forward with her lips pressed against Brianna’s. Mary sat crisscrossed on the floor, short black hair nestled around a pale face. A black sweatshirt and sweatpants hugged her curvy hips and breasts. She yawned on repeat while using a sharpie to draw rude stick figures.
The clock hit two and Kelly wondered if they should just get started. The girls who joined him went to this school the same as him, Anne and Carol never did. Maybe they couldn’t figure out the layout enough to find this room from the outside? Though it should’ve been easy to find the one with a broken window.
And because of that broken window the room felt like a walkin freezer and Kelly felt like a popsicle in his cargo shorts and tank top. He would’ve tried to find something to cover the window if not for the fact that the fumes coming off the industrial-grade furnace he stole from Dad’s work would probably asphyxiate them all before they could have any real fun.
Kelly opened his mouth to tell them to go ahead and start the party when there was a loud knock at the door.
“It might be them.” Mary hopped up and ran over to open the door.
“You’re late,” Kelly scoffed as two naked women with long red hair walked in. Carol and Anne looked almost identical and Kelly could only tell them apart by the small pokeball tattoo on the back of Anne’s hand.
“Sorry about that,” Anne said.
“We totally got the wrong room.”
“We showed up hours ago and only now figured it out. We’re such fucking idiots.”
“You didn’t actually come all the way out here naked? Did you?” Mary asked.
“Nah,” Carol replied, “We came in shorts and crop tops.”
“We just got a little horny waiting so we stripped and made out.”
“We did walk all the way across the school naked, though. You won’t believe how long I wanted to do that.
“So? What do you have for us? How are we gonna die?”
Kelly opened the desk and pulled out a six-shooter. “This has three rounds.”
“Russian Roulette? Really?” Carol scowled. “I thought we were all supposed to die. No survivors. Right?”
“Don’t worry, we’re all gonna die. The Russian Roulette is just to decide who gets to die with their pretty faces intact and who will…” he waved to the furnace sitting in the corner. “I dropped a literal bucket of rusty nails in there. I’m sure they’re all nice and melted by now and whoever survives the game gets a face full of liquid metal.”
“And you had to spend so much time working on your makeup,” Anne laughed and slapped her sister on the back.
“Enough chit-chat! Start the camera!” Mary ripped the gun out of Kelly’s hand and shoved it in her mouth.
Kelly turned on the camera and started streaming well after Mary slipped a hand down her shorts and started rubbing her pussy.
Her legs twitched and let out a muffled squeal, pussy juice squirting between her fingers. Mary’s hand curled around the trigger. With a thunderous crash the back of her hair blew out and jets of blood spattered across the floor.
Leslie grabbed the gun before the piss stopped flowing out Mary’s shorts and shoved it into Brianna’s mouth. She pulled Brianna’s dress up and slid a finger into her pussy. Brianna came a minute later and Leslie pulled the trigger. The gun clicked. Brianna began gasping as her girlfriend pulled the gun out and thrust into her hand.
Leslie lifted her skirt and guided Brianna’s finger to her pussy. Brianna slid the gun under her chin and locked lips. The two kissed, tongues twirling and dancing in each other’s mouth, as Brianna brought her closer to orgasm. Brianna squealed and Leslie pulled the trigger. There was another click. Brianna started pissing as she handed the gun to Carol.
“Hey,” Anne snapped and shoved Carol’s hand from her pussy, “as your twin sister it’s my duty to get you off before you die.” She knelt and began licking Carol’s pussy.
Carol moaned ever louder and sucked on the barrel with wet slurps as if she was eating a cock. She threw her head back and a fountain of pussy juice drenched Anne’s face. Carol pulled the trigger. With a loud pop the back of Carol’s head erupted and she dropped like a brick. Anne caught the gun and stuffed it in her mouth.
“Like I said,” she plopped her pussy on Carol’s mouth and began grinding, “it’s a girl’s duty to get her sister off before she dies.”
She slid her sopping pussy across Carol’s face until she screamed in orgasm. She pulled the trigger; it clicked. “Fuck,” she squealed, “best orgasm ever!”
“Looks like I’m getting the last bullet,” Kelly said, taking the gun. “Since I have to dump liquid iron on your faces, I’ll have to wait before taking my turn.”
“Mind if I go first?” Anne asked.
“Sure. Just lay up here,” he said, shoving the computer off the teacher’s desk. Anne climbed on and laid back with her hair hanging off the side.
Kelly pulled a giant ladle from under the desk. When he opened the furnace a gust of hot wind almost forced him back. “This might hurt a bit.” He grabbed a large scoop of the molten liquid and carried it over.
“Just do it,” she said, closing her eyes. Anne’s finger went to her pussy and started rubbing. “You don’t have to wait for me to finish.”
Kelly stepped back and began tipping the ladle over her face. She opened her mouth as the first blobs spilled onto her face. Anne’s arms and legs flailed. Steam rose from her face and her eyes exploded, her hair and skin erupted into flames. Arcs of piss sprayed from her pussy. Kelly was certain she died in seconds but continued pouring to the last drop. The papers on the desk began to ignite as the crimson rivers flowed off and the linoleum cracked once it hit the floor.
The fire alarm went off and the sprinklers came on, puffs of smoke billowed as water hit the hot iron. “Looks like we’ll have to make this quicker than I wanted.” He tried to pull Anne’s corpse off the desk but some of the metal already cooled enough that it welded her to the desk.
“Just do us both here, together,” Leslie said as she threw herself on Brianna and started kissing.
Kelly grabbed another scoop of liquid iron and brought it to the young couple, steam rising as water fell into the molten soup. He tipped the ladle. Their heads broiled and eyeballs burst. Steam erupted from their skulls, spewing blood and brain matter. The material cascaded down Brianna’s cleavage, their clothes burst into flames. Brianna’s tits bubbled, the flesh splitting and crackling. The ladle emptied and the flames died out under the relentless downpour from the sprinklers.
Kelly dragged Brianna’s corpse out of the chair and laid her over Leslie’s body.
After setting the stream to cut out after another ten minutes, he grabbed the gun, pulled out his cock, and walked over to Carol’s body.
“My turn.” He began stroking his cock as he shoved the gun in his mouth. He came moments later, muffled grunting as he sprayed his seed all over Carol’s tits. He pulled the trigger and, with a loud pop, slumped over her body.

Published on Jun-15-2023
Last updated on Jun-15-2023

A Snuff TV Story