Deadly Workout

Started by Ken E. Davis

Athena lay spread out on the bed with a thick cock pounding her pussy when she learned the man on the other end cheated on her.
The light flickered and the lightsaber notification sound buzzed. Jacob’s balls were slapping her thighs and she moaned ever louder. Athena, digging her fingernails deeper into the fabric of the sheets, wanted to ignore it for the moment. Let herself enjoy the moment before dealing with the rest of the world, she told herself. It wouldn’t be long, after all.
The phone wouldn’t stop, firing off notification after notification. Her hand reached over to the nightstand and before realizing it she had the phone in her hand. A dozen notifications from Milly Tanner blew up her phone. Athena wondered what Milly could be texting her about and why she didn’t ask Jacob, but Jacob dropped his phone in the toilet earlier. She opened the message to tell her and she froze once her eyes darted to the first message.
“Jacob in bed with my girlfriend,” it said, followed by “TELL HIM TO ANSWER HIS PHONE!” repeated a dozen times and three images.
She started to process the images when another thrust sent her over the edge. Her phone tumbled as she raised her back and the growing pulses of her clenching womanhood pushed the alarming text message out of her mind. Jacob came moments later, the warmth of his semen filling her clenching pussy until it spilled out down her thighs.
Athena crashed and pulled Jacob beside her. She pulled his hand over her breast and she started to close her eyes when the phone buzzed again.
“Is it my sister, babe?” Jacob might as well have been talking from across a giant auditorium.
Athena’s face became hot as she looked over the images. The first showed him walking out of a cafe with his arm around a woman. It didn’t take her long to recognize the blonde curls and rosy cheeks of Emma Camp. The other two photos were taken from inside of Milly’s apartment, both showing Jacob laying on the couch with Emma riding his cock.
“Is it Milly?” He asked, again sounding distant as hot rage filled Athena’s mind. “Just tell her my phone is—”
Athena slammed the phone in his face and screamed, “YOU CHEATING PIECE OF SHIT!” before tossing herself out of bed.
“Babe! Wait,” he crawled over the bed and grabbed her arm. “This was…”
“This was what?” She snapped, jerking her arm free, “Because it looks like you and Emma Camp were fucking each other’s brains out behind my back, behind Milly’s back. My fucking God! I thought I finally found someone who loved me.” She started grabbing her clothes.
Jacob grabbed her arm again, “Just listen, baby.”
“You’re hurting me! Let me go you fucking bastard!”
“I said LISTEN!” He snarled and jerked her back so hard the clothes flew out of her hands. “I made a fucking mistake! Okay?”
“I SAID LET ME THE FUCK GO!” She slapped him and jerked her arm free. Before she could grab her clothes her barreled off the bed. She screamed and ran for the door. “LET ME GO!”
“GET BACK HERE! I FUCKED UP! OKAY! I’ll let you cheat on me to make it up.” He grabbed her shoulders and jerked her back.
“LET ME GO!” She screamed.
“I said let me make it up to you! You have to!”
“I SAID,” she screeched and slammed the back of her heel into his crotch, “LET ME GO!” Jacob wheezed and crashed to the floor. Athena reached the door and turned back, and looked into Jacob’s teary eyes. “It’s over.”
His face went red and he screamed, “IF YOU DUMP ME I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!”
Athena was halfway down the street, covering her bare breasts and pussy as the cold night air bit into her pale skin.
Kenzie bubbled with excitement and almost felt she could’ve sprinted the entire six-mile trip in under a minute, perhaps riding her silky red hair like a magic carpet. She was finally old enough for a membership at Paradise Fitness and today she could stream with her mom and the other Fitt Chix.
The Fitt Chix had well over two million followers on TikTok alone and each of the girls had almost four hundred thousand on their solo accounts. Kenzie earned almost thirty thousand followers on her own. Even her duos with Mom only ever gained her about a hundred followers. Today was her chance to make it big.
Unable to contain herself, Kenzie started filming before they reached the gym. “Hi everybody,” she squealed, “welcome to another episode in the Life of SportyKenzie! We have some very special guests today.” She waved the camera at the women behind her. “I’m sure you all know my mom.”
Her mother waved. “Hi again!”
“And this time I’m going to be working out with the Fitt Chix. See? Here’s Leena Tran.”
Leena leaned in and smiled, bubblegum hair swaying in the wind and round caramel breasts pressed under a sundress. “Hi, followers of Kenzie! Some of you may already know me. And these are by girls.”
Rebecca and Brook waved back.
“Check us out on TikTok,” Rebecca said in her Spanish accent, “we have tons of videos.”
“The link will be in the description.” Kenzie pulled the camera back to herself and fastened the top buttons of her shirt. Leaning in with the camera angled down her shirt, Kenzie began her routine of explaining her morning. Her mom and the other Fitt Chix chimed in on occasion, and Kenzie made sure the camera caught their toned bodies at every opportunity.
When they arrived Kenzie went to set up her laptop to begin streaming when her mom told her to wait. “We had a pretty long walk so we like to take a shower before we change into our gym clothes.”
Kenzie almost groaned at the idea of waiting even longer to begin the stream in full and she thought they were supposed to shower after the workouts. A shower did sound nice and she was a little sweaty from the walk.
“I gotta go take a shower guys. I know you’d like to join me but I can’t let you, but we’ll start the stream shortly.” Kenzie uploaded the video and followed her mom to the showers.
“Someone isn’t shy,” Leena snickered as Kenzie stripped.
“We’re all girls,” she said and threw off her panties. “We all know what a pussy looks like.”
“I wish I had your guts back then. I used to freeze up when they made me shower in front of other girls. I was so nervous about my body.”
“Worried the other girls would get jealous,” she smirked. “I mean, you do have an amazing body.”
“I wasn’t that hot when I was your age.”
“Oh? It’s hard to imagine you being … not hot.”
“But I was not hot. I was a chunky girl up until high school and it took awhile for my tits to really start growing.”
“It sounds like you went through quite the glow up, but I bet you were still a little cute even back then.”
“Ehh, maybe? I bet you have a lot more trouble keeping the boys off you than I did.”
“Yeah. I know of at least six boys who have a crush on me.”
“Maybe? I do have a nice strong boyfriend who keeps them away.”
“Quit kidding yourself, Leena” her mom came in, “you had two boyfriends in middle school. You were probably attractive enough.”
“I’m sure they were just dating me to be nice, but thanks hun. I’m still far hotter and fit now than I could ever dream of when I was in school.”
In the middle of their shower, something on her mom’s ass caught Kenzie’s eyes. A small mold that almost looked like a lightning bolt. Before she could stop herself she started giggling.
“What’s so funny?” Mom asked and Kenzie pointed.
“Did Voldemort hit you in the ass or what?”
“Huh?” She tried to look over her back and scratched her ass. “Oh! Haha, it’s just a mold shortie.”
“It’s still a pretty funny one. And I’m not short.”
“You look short to me,” she said. Kenzie brushed her hand away as she tried to pat her on the head.
“Get a room you two,” Leena shouted with a giggle. Kenzie looked around and almost snorted. Rebecca and Brook leaned into each other, giggling and kissing as they slathered themselves with soap.
“Tone it down a little! We have virgin eyes here.” Her mom tried to cover her eyes but Kenzie backed away.
“It’s not THAT inappropriate. They’re just kissing. And my eyes aren’t virgin, you know that.”
“What? Our Kenzie lost her virginity?”
“She got caught sucking off a boy in the gym a few months ago. But it was her mouth, not her eyes.”
“No, mom. When Melody pulled the coat off in front of the whole school he ended up squirting the rest on my face. My eyes are definitely not virgins anymore.”
“You’re still technically a virgin until you go all the way.”
“So what? We’re all girls. Besides, I didn’t go all the way because Melody interrupted us.”
“Now that is going too far!” Leena snapped when Brook kissed Rebecca’s crotch. “You’re not going to eat each other out in front of Paulina’s daughter.”
“Alright, we’ll tone it down.”
“Just stick to kissing while my daughter’s present. Okay?”
Kenzie thought about telling them to go on, she didn’t mind. She never thought of herself as a lesbian until she imagined Brook and Rebecca eating each other’s pussies. Her own pussy itched and she wanted to rub one out but she didn’t want to get grounded for two months like when she got caught sucking off Ethan.
William started dating Kassi almost four years ago and not once could they find the opportunity to make love. Kassi’s parents had to go with them on every date and forbade her from spending any time at his house unless his parents were at home. His parents never let them spend time in the bedroom. He thought his luck would finally come in.
William’s parents went out of town and Kassi convinced her parents he went with them. They just had to find a spot where they’d have some privacy.
“Couldn’t we just do it at your house?” She suggested when they met up for breakfast.
He wanted to, nobody else would be there until Monday. The issue would be getting caught on camera and getting in trouble later. That’s when Kassi suggested her gym.
“What? That doesn’t seem private.”
“I know, but it’s Saturday. It’s almost always empty. We can do it in the showers, and almost nobody uses those as gross as that may sound.”
That plan still sounded risky but William was tired of being a virgin. It did hit a snag after they showed up. Kassi pulled him into the changing room and they stripped each other. His cock was pretty much throbbing when her big perky tits bounced out of her latex bra. So eager to have her lips and pussy around his cock, William didn’t notice the five naked ladies waiting in the showers until one of them started shrieking.
A busty Asian woman screeched at them. “Get the fuck out of here! This is for women only!”
“My daughter’s in here,” a redhead shouted. A shorter redhead with longer hair covered her pussy and breasts as her face turned red.
“We’re gonna call the cops! Pervert!”
William covered his dick and ran out as Kassi screamed, “I’m sorry! We didn’t know anyone was in here!”
William pulled on his clothes and slinked off into the men’s locker room.
Paulina’s face burned with a scalding anger as she stared down the young man until he ran out covering his dick.
“Some people.” Brook said, rolling her eyes
“We didn’t know,” the dark-haired woman whined and turned on the shower, making the occasional glance at Paulina and her friends.
Paulina and Kenzie followed the crew and changed into gym clothes. Paulina and Kenzie threw on matching black sports bras and bicycle shorts. Leena and Rebecca slipped into sports bras and leggings. Brook threw on a sleeveless shirt and high-waisted shorts.
Leena and Kenzie set up their laptops and cameras.
Paulina gathered in front of the camera with the girls and smiled.
“Good morning, Fitness Fans! This is Leena and the Fitt Chix back with another workout stream at Paradise Fitness. And we have a special guest with us today.”
Kenzie waved. “Hi! I’m Kenzie Marin, but you may call me Sporty Kenzie.”
“We’re doing a collaboration with her channel, which you may find in the description below.”
Kenzie finished setting up her stream and the crew turned to her camera. “The Life of Sporty Kenzie Stream 87 begins, guest starring the Fitt Chix.”
“Check us out in the links below,” Leena said.
Kenzie rushed to the leg press machine and set the camera between her legs. Paulina slipped into the machine beside her.
Paulina waved at Leena as she walked over the camera. “Focus on my legs and ass. I can’t let Kenzie beat me in the ass game.”
“Too late,” Kenzie piped up and slapped her thigh. “That’s a solid slab right there.”
“Who has more followers?”
“Only because you have bigger tits … for now.”
“Tits aren’t everything, sweetheart.”
“You gotta have a great body all together,” Rebecca said as she started working on her squats. “That’s why we’re so popular.”
“Plus you like to show off your ass and tits.”
“If you have a nice body you shouldn’t be afraid to show it off. And you shouldn’t judge us when you have that camera almost up against your twat.”
“If you have a nice body you shouldn’t be afraid to show it off? Right?”
Athena rolled over to kiss Jacob, maybe to ask for a morning quickie before going to work, only to find the other side of her bed empty. She thought about calling out, asking if he was in the bathroom or kitchen, until she looked around and noticed she somehow ended up back in her own apartment.
She didn’t remember drinking THAT much, but she couldn’t figure out how she got home. Didn’t they go to his place? She needed to call him, but she left her phone … at his place.
Once the memories flooded in she started screaming and pulling at her hair. Maybe if she screamed loud enough the previous night would turn out to be just a nightmare fueled by undercooked steaks and overindulgence on wine? They just went to her place and he left for work before she woke up, that had to be it. The night before never faded, the horrible nightmare happened. She stormed out of his place and walked home naked. The paradise she worked on, the love, died last night.
Athena sobbed her way through breakfast and stood in the shower until the water went cold. It was leg day at the gym. Maybe she should take a few days off? She didn’t have to work today and she needed something to ease her mind, some part of her normal routines. Athena threw on a black tank top with an old pair of gray gym shorts and headed out.
Worried that he might decide to show up on her normal route to Paradise Fitness, she took a few detours through the neighborhoods that did add another thirty minutes to the trip. Even under the cloudless sky and the sweet aromas wafting through the air, she could not shake the feeling that he could be lurking behind every bush or around every corner. He never threatened her before last night, and even though he was the one who did something wrong he didn’t hesitate to threaten her life as she left. The streets were too quiet and empty; he could so easily jump out, slit her throat, and run off.
She made it to the gym without running into him and almost breathed a sigh of relief. As typical for a Saturday, the place looked like a damned ghost town. A single staff member, a thin brunette in glasses that looked like she belonged at a library instead, sat behind the counter with her nose in a book.
The models were there again; the well-toned group that always filmed themselves working out. Someone said they recorded for TikTok or YouTube. Jacob always joked about them running OnlyFans accounts. The cameras more often than not pointed at their cleavage or right up next to their asses. Whether they posted their workouts on normal social media or porn sites, she could only imagine how many guys jerked off to their videos.
They did seem to pick up another member at some point since she last came in. Another red haired girl, like the one she believed they called Paulina, although shorter, with longer hair and smaller boobs. Maybe it was her sister or daughter? Paulina might’ve been a bit older than the rest of the girls, Athena couldn’t say for sure and wouldn’t doubt it if she turned out to be in her thirties, and she wouldn’t doubt it if she turned out to be in her mid twenties.
Maybe she could ask about it? That might come off as weird, asking another woman her age and about what might’ve been her daughter. What if they asked about the guy she used to come in with? She started on one of the leg machines close to their stations and drifted into her thoughts, wishing she had her phone to listen to music on.
Kenzie finished her leg workouts and moved on to lifting weights and doing squats over the camera. Mom took up camera duty for the Chix as Leena started working on her legs. Then Brook started a fight.
She and Rebecca were slapping each other on the ass and tits when Rebecca popped off, “I don’t care what anyone says, but you have the best ass in the group.”
“Thanks, babe, I already know that.”
Rebecca scowled and gave her a soft shove. “You’re supposed to tell me that my ass is the best.”
“Your ass is great and all, but we all know mine’s the best. Just being honest.”
“Please girls, there’s no need to fight,” Leena said. “We all know I’m the one with the best ass and tits.”
“Oh yeah?” Rebecca slipped behind her and squeezed her breasts. “I think they’re a size smaller than mine.”
Leena shoved her off. “Maybe? Mine are definitely perkier.”
Kenzie almost dropped the weights and rolled into a fit of laughter when Mom replied with, “Let’s not forget who actually has mommy milkers.”
“So you had to get knocked up three times and my tits are still better.” Rebecca replied.
“I haven’t even had a dick in my pussy and I have better tits than all of you.” Kenzie tried to close her mouth before the words slipped out. She froze along with the Chix for a few seconds.
“You think so?” Brook grabbed Kenzie and squeezed her tits. “What are these? A-cups?”
“They’re B-cups,” Kenzie laughed and tried batting Brook’s hands away. It started to feel good after a few seconds and Kenzie sank into her, closing her eyes.
“Hey, now,” Mom pulled brook away and Kenzie whimpered, “I’m the only one who gets to put my daughter’s tits in their place.”
“Does she really have to stop?”
“Yes,” snapped Rebecca, pulling Brook’s hands to her tits.
“Someone’s coming!” Leena snapped. Kenzie glanced to the door as a woman with short brown hair strolled in.
Rebecca and Brook started working on cardio and went back to flirting. Kenzie challenged Mom to a game of seeing who could go faster on the treadmill as Leena once again took over camera duty.
“Doesn’t Rebecca and Brook ever manage that?” Kenzie asked.
“And let them take up all of the screen time flirting and showing off their own bodies while leaving me and your mom out? Not a chance!”
The morning turned into afternoon. Kenzie raced her mom on the treadmill, increasing the speed until Mom could no longer keep up. Kenzie was about to shout her victory to the entire gym when the doors swung open and a man with thick muscles stormed in.
“I was wondering where he was,” Rebecca muttered.
“What’s his problem?” Brook asked.
The brunette screamed, “Leave me the fuck alone!”
“I want you to listen to me,” the guy snarled. “I only cheated one fucking time. You can’t just end everything we had because of one stupid mistake.”
“How can I believe you? After two years I thought I knew you. How can I be sure you haven’t been cheating on me this whole time?”
“I swear babe,” he reached to put his hands around her, “it was just one time.”
The woman snapped back and shoved him away. “No! I don’t believe you. Why would Milly go to the trouble of setting up cameras in her apartment if she didn’t already suspect Emma was cheating on her? I don’t think that was your first time. You’re still lying to me.”
“Babe, I swear.” He again tried to put his hands around her and she backed away.
“She said no, loser,” Brook popped off.
“Stay the fuck out of this gym slut,” he snapped.
“What the fuck you just call her?” Rebecca stormed across the gym and pushed herself into his face. “Call my Brook a slut again. See if I don’t rip your balls out.”
Leena approached with the Camera, Brook and Mom closed in on them. Kenzie slinked back to the wall, clutching her camera like a blanket and wondering if there would be a fight.
The brunette staffer came over and stepped in between them. “What’s going on?”
“This man won’t quit harassing me.”
“I just want to talk.” He tried to shove his way to the woman.
“You’re gonna have to leave, sir.”
“Not until she gets back with me.”
“You can leave or I can call the police. Your choice.”
He looked from the worker to Mom and her friends, and back to his ex. He let out a grunt and stormed out. “I’m not fucking done!”
“Thank you,” the woman sobbed. “Thank you so much.” She threw her arms around Brook.
“I’m Brook, by the way. This is Leena, Rebecca, and Paulina.”
“Athena,” the girl sobbed.
“And don’t forget about me,” Kenzie perked up.
“Oh, and my daughter, Kenzie,” Mom said.
“Why don’t you workout with us? We’ll protect you if that creep comes back.”
William waited in the men’s shower for almost half an hour before turning off the water and throwing on his cargo shorts and tank top. The women who ran him off were doing their workouts and it seemed another joined them while he took his shower.
A woman hissed and he turned to see Kassi’s head creeping out of the girl’s restroom in a pink crop top and pleated skirt. “It’s empty now.”
“Do you think they’ll see us?”
“I don’t think they’ll notice,” Kassi hissed. “Now get in here and stuff my pussy.” She yanked him by the wrist.
Kassi threw her arms around him and William kissed her deeply, letting her push him to the floor. She threw off her top. William buried face between her big fluff balls, kissing and massaging her warm flesh. His lips puckered around her nipple and his tongue went to work, dancing and sucking until she began moaning.
She forced him to lay back and ran her delicate hands down his chest and stomach. She slipped one hand between his legs, giving his balls a gentle squeeze until he dick swelled into the fabric of his boxers. When William thought his cock would explode she unzipped his shorts. He didn’t think it was possible for him to get any more erect, but somehow his dick swelled like a plump sausage in her soft pale hands. He trembled as her breath wafted over this tip. Her lips slid over his cock.
William knew he wouldn’t last long and strained to keep himself from coming in an instance. He needed to enjoy her soft lips for some time but as her tongue slid up the shaft he knew that might not be possible.
Kenzie could never avoid getting horny even when she worked out alone. How could she not? If she wasn’t watching other attractive people moving their toned bodies in revealing outfits the tight clothes didn’t get her the tight shorts stretching against her pussy would. Now she had to watch Brook and Rebecca flirt for the hundredth time, this time Rebecca doing pushups with Brook’s thighs wrapped around her head.
If Kenzie couldn’t make it to the restroom soon her shorts would be soaked. Again! How embarrassing would it be this time with all of the Fitt Chix’s subscribers watching? She couldn’t hide an orgasm either, and saying she pissed herself would be much worse.
She didn’t know if the universe read her thoughts and decided to mock her when her eyes caught the couple who walked in on them in the shower. His girlfriend whisked him into the shower room. Kenzie thought of saying something but then she’d be a narc like Melody. Let them have their fun, she thought.
Her thoughts still drifted towards what sort of fun they were getting up to. His big cock flashed in her mind, and how he was probably sticking it in her mouth at that very moment. Maybe he would even squeeze it between her tits? Kenzie gave her own tits a quick squeeze and imagined his cock between them. It wasn’t long before images of his cock in pussy almost sent her over the edge.
Kenzie grunted the last repetition in her squats and dropped the weights. “It’s time for a break,” she gasped and paused the camera.
“What’s wrong?” Mom asked.
“Just gotta go number two.”
“Well, hurry back.”
Kenzie nodded and ran to the lady’s room. It wasn’t until she barged in that Kenzie realized she clenched her crotch instead of buttcheeks. Praying Mom didn’t see, she kicked the first stall door open and placed the camera behind the seat.
Letting the fantasies fill her mind, Kenzie pulled her shorts and panties to her ankles. She slipped two fingers into her pussy and began thrusting until the only sounds were her moans and the slapping of her palm against a wet cunt.
Athena finished her normal workout routines before Paulina’s daughter ran off to take a shit and she couldn’t quite bring herself to leave yet. The thought of Jacob waiting outside to drag her into the trunk of his car or slit her throat wouldn’t leave her mind and those girls were her only protection. She didn’t know how to say it, not wanting to look weak in front of what to her might have been a team of sexy superheroes. Instead she began another round of squats, twerking and bouncing until her ass and legs felt more like concrete than meat.
At least they could be fun at times, such as when Brook and Rebecca started an argument over their bodies. Twice!
Paulina took over the camera and Brook popped off with, “Make sure you focus that on the best set of tits in the gym.”
Rebecca pulled the zipper on her crop top halfway down and leaned with her big brown cleavage hanging out. “You heard the woman.”
Paulina laughed and pointed the camera down her own shirt. “Okay? Now what?”
“Do what she said,” Leena giggled and pulled the camera to her own tits.
The same thing occurred when Paulina returned the camera to Leena, with Rebecca popping off about focusing on “the best ass and legs” to which Brook replied by taking the camera and pressing it against her ass.
Athena chuckled a little when Leena sat on the lens.
“Say, Athena?” Leena smirked. “Who do you think has the best ass and tits?”
Athena froze and started mumbling. “It-it’s hard to tell. You’re all amazing!”
“Thanks, but we all know I’m the most amazing out of the five of us,” Rebecca said, shaking her ass and tits.
Nobody could say they were modest. What would it be like to have so much confidence?
Athena considered popping off that SHE had the best ass and tits. Before she could even summon the courage the bell sounded letting her know someone just came in. Her heart sank before she even looked, somehow knowing Jacob came back. She turned, hot rage boiling in her stomach, prepared to storm at him and give him another kick in the balls.
“Remember what I promised you? If I can’t have you, nobody else will!”
Athena processed the chainsaw as it roared to life and swung through the air. Her screams came to an abrupt stop when the saw began burrowing through her cheeks. She blinked out of the world as her head above the mouth hit the floor.
Paulina was trying to wrestle the camera out from under Leena’s ass when Jacob walked in and cut off the top of Athena’s head. She dropped the camera and began screaming with her friends.
Athena’s head hit the floor with a thunk. Her body staggered back, tongue lolling out of her mouth and blood erupting like a fountain. She began twerking over the camera, piss squirting through her shorts in explosive jets. She slumped over, her ass still twitching for the camera as Jacob stepped over her corpse.
The worker tried to run for the door only for Jacob to grab her by the arm. She screamed when the saw went through her tits, the fabric of her shirt floating away as her meaty lumps plopped on the floor. He continued through the bottom of her chin, her screams became wet garbled sounds and cut out as the front of her face fell off.
When the front half of her brain landed on Paulina’s shoe her body unfroze. She broke into a run with the other Chix. She knew they could outrun the man, they never saw him actually work out when he came in with Athena and he was carrying a heavy chainsaw. If Kenzie wasn’t in the restroom they could’ve just run through the front door but she had to get her daughter out. It didn’t occur to her that the lady’s room was along a dead end hallway until they turned the corner and screeched to a halt.
“Now what are we going to do?” Brook screamed.
“Why did you guys even come with me?” Paulina sobbed. “I only went this way to get my daughter.”
“We were just following you,”
She opened her mouth to suggest hiding in the restroom and stopped when his footsteps approached the hallway. He would figure out where they went and that would only lead hid straight to Kenzie.
“You whores should’ve minded your own business,” Jacob snarled as he crept around the corner.
“Please don’t kill us.”
“I have a family,” Paulina sobbed.
“I don’t care.”
“Please!” Leena pulled her shirt over her breasts. “I’ll let you fuck me and do whatever nasty shit you want. We all will.”
“Yeah.” Paulina ripped off her sports bra and jiggled her bare tits. “Cornhole me, titfuck me, whatever. Just don’t kill us.”
He took another step forward and raised the chainsaw. Paulina thought he would kill them right then when he stopped and scratched his chin.
“You know what? I wouldn’t mind seeing you completely naked. Take off your clothes and we’ll see where it goes.” He pulled their camera from behind his back and set it on the floor, grinning. “I think your fans might want to see it as well.”
Paulina and Leena nodded to each other. Leena tossed her shirt and leggings into a pile with Paulina’s crop top. Paulina’s shorts and panties joined the pile and she stood nude, ready for whatever sick things Athena’s psycho ex wanted to do to her friends.
“Everyone,” he growled.
Paulina looked back at Brook and Rebecca. The two sighed and tossed their clothes in the pile.
“I was really hoping I could get through life without a fucking dick inside me,” Rebecca snapped.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get your wish. I have too much adrenaline to stop for sex at this point.”
Paulina only realized what he said when he turned on the chainsaw. She began screaming and piss herself as the spinning blade approached her skin. Her screams cut out as the breath ran out of her lungs when he went through her arm like butter and began sawing through her stomach. The ten seconds it took him to saw her in half felt like an eternity of white hot pain then everything below the waist became numb. She lost most of her other arm before the top of her body hit the ground.
Leena’s legs started to move and Jacob grabbed her by the hair. She didn’t stop screaming even after the saw finished its’ path of destruction through her toned abdomen and her upper body rolled over Paulina’s upper half.
Paulina rolled onto her stomach and tried to look at the carnage. Both lower halves laid beside each other and she couldn’t remember which was supposed to be hers’ until shit started squirting out of one. “I think you’re shitting yourself, Leena. That must be so embarrassing.”
“That’s not my ass, sweetheart. You’re the one shitting.”
“No, my ass is perkier and I didn’t have to shit.”
“Please! We know my ass is perkier and I would never shit myself.”
“You’re the one shitting on the floor.”
“Even in death you bitches think you’re the hottest ones in the group.”
Kassi’s teeth brushed against the flesh of William’s cock and broke his efforts to hold back. His cock gave two explosive twitches and began erupting in her mouth. Kassi made a low growl and closed her eyes, still sliding her mouth up and down his shaft while her cheeks began to swell.
William thought for a moment that she might swallow all of his cum in a single gulp. Her lips burst like poking a stuffed condom and globs of cum spilled out of her mouth. It would’ve been impressive if she took it all, but he couldn’t deny that she looked just fine with his sticky cum running down her chin. His cock began swelling again when she opened wide and he watched his sticky load drip from the roof of her mouth. She swallowed it in a single gulp and smacked her lips.
“It’s your turn!” He said. Kassi squealed when he lifted her ass. She pulled a pink thong from under her skirt as he pulled the skirt over his head and pressed her pussy against his mouth. Her legs twitched as his tongue parted her labia and slipped in.
Just as he began tasting the sweet nectar of her wet pussy a chorus of screams erupted followed by the loud rumble of what sounded like a powered saw.
“Do you hear that?” Kassi croaked and slid off his face. William sat up and looked into her eyes, their mouths agape.
“I’ll check it out.”
“I’m coming with you.”
They ran to the doorway and peeked out. William’s stomach dropped when he saw a man chasing the shower girls with a chainsaw. Two women laid in a pool of blood, one missing her face and the other missing the top of her head. William pulled Kassi into arms and stood frozen until the man started up the chainsaw and a fountain of blood erupted from the hall. Kassi began squealing and William covered her mouth before she broke into full-on screams.
Shaking to his core, William led his sobbing girlfriend back into the showers. “We’ll hide here for now. I don’t think he saw us.”
“Do me!” She snapped.
“Wha… now?”
Kassi laid out on the floor with her legs spread and her wet pink on full display. “I don’t know if we’re going to make it and I don’t want to die a virgin.”
William froze for a second and a woman’s screaming jerked him out of it. “Yeah,” he gasped and mounted her body. He pulled his arms around her thighs, pushing her legs back as he slipped his cock into womanhood and began thrusting.
Kenzie’s pussy twitched. She jackhammered wet snatch until a bunch of women began screaming outside of the restroom, pulling her out of her fantasy. Huffing about them ruining her good orgasm, Kenzie clenched her eyes shut and tried to pull herself back into the fantasy.
She needed to hurry, sure that her mom and her friends were the ones screaming. It sounded like they were outside of the restroom. Was it time to go already or did she take too long? It didn’t matter, she had to finish before Mom came through the door.
They screamed again and this time they were joined by the sound of a loud whirring machine. “Can’t a girl play with her pussy in peace?” She stormed out of the restroom ready to ask what was going on and froze in the doorway.
What had to be barrels of blood pooled along the floor and ran up the walls and ceiling. Two perky asses lay in the middle, one with shit squirting out. Kenzie didn’t take long to recognize one and tears filled her eyes. She ran over to the cleaner ass and threw her arms around it, sobbing. She screeched, “Mom,” at the top of her lungs.
“The other one’s your mom, Kenzie,” Leena snapped. “You’re holding my ass.”
“No,” Kenzie shook her head and pointed at the lightning bolt mold. “Mom has this mold on her ass. I saw it in the shower earlier.”
“Oh fuck,” Leena groaned.
“Come on sweetie,” Brook sobbed, “we need to get you out of here.” Kenzie went to take Brook’s hand when a chainsaw chopped it off. Both girls screamed and Brook backed up as the man they ran off pushed her back in the hall.
Rebecca wrapped Brook in her arms. “I love you,” she sobbed and the two began kissing. Kenzie screamed with them as the man ran the chainsaw between their legs. It made quick work of their asses and cunts before their bodies fell into the blade and the two halves fell away as it came out through their shoulders.
Kenzie couldn’t find the strength to move her legs and buried her face in Mom’s ass, hoping he either spared her or gave her a quick death.
“Don’t think I’m gonna spare you just cause you’re a teenager.”
Kenzie tried to hold onto Mom, telling herself she was a big girl. When she looked up to see the blade coming at her face she screamed and tried to run. Kenzie realized as she fell face first into the restroom floor that she never pulled her shorts up. She expected the chainsaw to fall through her body at any moment and looked back to see the man falling over one of the severed arms, the chainsaw impaling Leena’s face as he hit the wall.
Kenzie kicked the shorts off and closed the restroom door. “Shit! Should’ve gone for the exit!” She spat. It didn’t matter now, she was dead the moment he got up. She had to make the most of it.
She ran into the stall and locked it behind her before unpausing her camera. “I … I’m back,” she panted. Tears welled in her eyes and her voice began to crack. “A psycho just killed my mom and the others and I’m trapped in here. I don’t know if they caught him on their camera so I’m filming this so the police can identify the man. If you’re easily disturbed I suggest leaving the stream now!” She shuddered as the door swung open and someone began banging on the stall door.
As he ripped the door off she tried to shut her eyes and prepare herself for the end. This would be it but she didn’t want it to be, there had to be a way out. “Please don’t!” She pulled off her sports bra and jiggled her tits. “I’ll have sex with you if you don’t kill me!”
“Your friends made the same offer. Why should I change my mind?”
Kenzie reached out and unzipped his pants. “Just let me try! I’ll even suck your dick!” She fumbled with his fly and pulled out an erect cock. “See? You want to.” She leaned in, wrapping her lips around his cock.
“Oh, why the fuck not?” He growled. He grabbed the scruff of her hair and forced his cock down her throat until she gagged.
Kenzie slurped and sucked, tasting every inch of his sweaty cock. Even as it swelled to the point that she thought he might’ve just wanted to choke her to death on his cock she held on. She never cared for the idea of deepthroating and she didn’t want to die, but a good cock was a good cock. Kenzie slipped two fingers into her own snatch and began thrusting.
His cock twitched after a few minutes and Kenzie’s eyes bulged. Globs of cum gushed out, stuffing her mouth and throat until they bulged. Kenzie would’ve let some spill down her chin if she knew he wouldn’t kill her for it. She climaxed herself moments later, rivers of pussy juice squirting down her legs.
He pulled out and she staggered back, wheezing for air as the last drops of cum went down her throat. “See? Isn’t that better than killing me? Now fuck my pussy and stop being so violent.” She turned around, thrusting her ass out and she leaned over the toilet.
Kenzie grunted when his fat cock entered her pussy and he began thrusting. Kenzie began thrusting her hips in rhythm with his as she began edging once again to an orgasm.
“I’ve always wondered what it feels like to have your cock in a girl’s pussy when she dies.”
“I don’t know,” Kenzie moaned before the chainsaw roared and she felt something sharp go through her neck.
The world began spinning and somehow she landed in the toilet. A naked girl leaned over her, blood erupting from a stump at the end of her neck where her head should’ve been. She staggered forward and slammed down on the seat above, globs of cum dripping from her pussy. Kenzie grimaced when she started pissing and shitting on her and wanted to tell her that was gross when everything went dark.
The girl’s pussy clenched when her head tumbled off into the toilet and the rest of her hair slid onto the floor.
Jacob’s cock again erupted and he slammed against her tight cervix until she pulled herself off his cock. He tried to grab her but her body sat down backwards on the toilet. Jacob shrugged and began stroking his cock. Cum landed on her back in fat drops and drizzled down the rump of her ass.
“Thanks sweetheart,” he said, scrapping a few fat globs of cum with his fingers and slapping them across her perky tits. “I guess I’ll go kill my narc of a sister before the cops find me.”
Jacob started to head for the door when he heard a loud moan coming from the lady’s shower. “I’m spending the rest of my life behind bars as it is. Why not add a few more gym sluts to the body count?”
Jacob entered the shower room and almost laughed when he saw the two lovebirds in their mating press. He watched the dark-haired woman’s tits jiggle and thought to all of the times he wanted to fuck Athena in that very gym. She thought it was inappropriate to have sex in public and so he might as well punish these freaks for enjoying what he never got the opportunity to try.
With one swing of the chainsaw he lopped the man’s head off. The girl opened her eyes and screamed. She kept thrusting even as cum spewed out of her pussy.
“Please! If you’re going to kill me just let me come one last time!”
“You have until the chainsaw goes through his body.” he laughed and began sawing her boyfriend in half.
As the saw made its way through his body she began jackhammering her ass against his pelvis, clenching her fists and throwing her head back. She had to be on the verge of orgasm when the blade cut through the man’s pelvis and dick before tearing through her throbbing pussy. He pulled out halfway through her stomach and began sawing through her tits. Her top half slid off.
Satisfied with destroying their sex lives, Jacob headed out to kill Milly and her girlfriend for ruining his sex life.

Published on Jun-15-2023
Last updated on Jun-15-2023