Babysitter's Revenge

Started by Ken E. Davis

Babysitting seemed like an easy enough job. Ryan got along well with his sisters and their friends, plus he needed the extra cash to help with his expenses while he was in college.
Easy? Then why was he crawling through the bushes ready to murder a child after less than six months?
He thought the daughters of a rich Japanese man and his French wife would be well-mannered sweethearts.
The oldest girl, a teenager who spent most of the day off with her friends, did turn out to be a sweetheart. Maria even began buying him gifts when she came back from shopping sprees with her friends. Her little sister would be much less sweet.
For months he had to deal with her sitting around the house naked, and no amount of shouting could make the whore get dressed. Only when her sister or parents came home did she run into her room to throw some clothes.
He didn't know how to tell her parents that he saw their daughter naked without looking like a pedophile. He would've quit but he needed the money and nobody else paid quite as well as Mr. Kazuki. Ryan just learned to ignore her at some point, hoping that nobody would ever catch him alone with the naked little girl sitting by him on the couch.
That never happened. Jean herself pushed him over the edge when she began flirting with him.
"Admit it," she said one day, crawling over the couch, a coy smirk on her face. "You want to fuck me."
Ryan didn't know why he never saw it coming. He froze up as the words fell out of her mouth, his lips quivering as he tried to find a way to respond. She unzipped his pants and began pulling out his cock when Ryan snapped back to reality. After the first brush of her tongue across his member he shoved her back and stormed out of the room.
"Meanie!" She pouted.
Ryan stormed back into the living room with a shirt and blue jean shorts in his hands. He grabbed her by the arm, snarling and spitting as he pulled her to the floor. "You're getting dressed whether you like it or not."
Jean screamed and kicked as Ryan tried to force the shirt over her head. His foot landed on a toy car and slid out from under him, sending him and Jean to the floor. Ryan's head hit with a loud thunk.
When he came out of his daze she was on him. Jean had her pussy on his mouth, grinding her hips back and forth. Something wet closed around the tip of his cock and it didn't take long for him to realize she was sucking his dick.
Ryan threw her off. "I said, no! Quit being such a whore! You are too young for this bullshit!" He stuffed his cock back into his pants and stormed out of the house.
It was over. The nightmare was over. Maria would be upset when she came home with whatever gifts and Ryan felt a twinge of pity for her. It didn't matter because he didn't have to deal with Jean anymore.
He thought so, anyways.
He had no idea how she even found his social media accounts. As he settled into bed that night a notification popped up on his phone. Jean Kazuki tagged him on TikTok. She was recording him that afternoon! She recorded him and posted the video on social media. She cropped out everything except the part where she was riding his face and licking his cock. She even cropped out the ending where he threw her off and left, replacing it with a clip of her smiling with some sort of white sauce dripping from her mouth.
He left his apartment before the cops showed up. Just three days into his new life, camping in the woods and eating bugs, Ryan decided to end the bitch who ruined his life.
Jean loved to sleep with the window open so he didn't have to break anything or pick any locks to get in. He just had to crawl through the bushes after midnight and climb in.
He wasn't at all surprised to find her sleeping naked, her blankets stuffed away at the end as the moonlight fell on her hairless pussy and flat nipples.
He grabbed a stray pillow and covered her face. Ryan fell on top of her, pinning her to the bed as she squirmed and squealed.
"I bet a little slut like yourself will be quite upset that you have to die without ever knowing what real cum tastes like."
He pressed the fabric hard against her mouth and nose. Her flailing limbs slowed to sporadic twitching after a few minutes. He held on long after she stopped, not moving until she pissed on him.
Ryan tossed the pillow and gazed into her vacant eyes until his cock began throbbing against his underwear.
"I guess you were right," he sighed and unzipped his pants. "I do want to fuck you."
He crawled onto her body and thrust his cock in her pussy.
Her virgin hole was already soaked before he broke her hymen, no doubt from pissing herself even if he wondered if the whole being suffocated to death turned her on a little, and opened a little more with every thrust. No matter how much her wet cunt opened to him it never stopped feeling as if his cock would burst in her tight little passage, yet he pushed to her cervix.
Ryan had to bite his lips to hold back his screams as he climaxed. With muffled growls his cock erupted.
Maria found her body the next morning, a stream of cum still flowing out of her dead pussy.

Published on Apr-30-2023
Last updated on Apr-30-2023