Cursed Streams

Started by Ken E. Davis

After nearly sixty-nine years, the residents of Schofield were given a fresh reminder as to why they feared the old Rawlins House.
Aaron Rawlins moved in with his wife and daughters not a month after the house was finished in 1891. On Christmas of that very year, his sister arrived to find every single one of them dead. Aaron and his wife were impaled on a large knife; rumor had it they were found naked, and were buried in the same coffin due to police being unable to remove Aaron’s penis from his wife’s pussy. His eldest daughter was found in the bath with numerous snake bites on her body, although no snake was ever found at the scene. The burnt bodies of his youngest daughters were found in front of the fireplace, without a lick of fire damage inflicted on the house itself.
Twelve more people died in that house over the decades. By the 1920’s, locals would shake their heads when someone out of towner moved in, warning the occupant and making guesses as to how long it’d last before they were found dead. The house remained vacant after Julia Gardiner’s head was found in the toilet in 1953.
Sabrina Hammons heard that story in about three variations less than an hour after she set foot in Schofield. Two vanloads of cameragirls and college students isn’t something that goes unnoticed when you pull into a small town of less than fifteen hundred people.
They just sat down in the little burger joint for lunch and the owner asked, “What brings you guys?” before taking their orders.
“Oh, just shooting a movie,” Sabrina said.
“A movie?” His wife interrupted.
Sabrina had to think fast. She didn’t want to tell them they all came to their town to stream porn. “Not anything big like Hollywood. Just some little skits for film class. We wanted something authentic, plus the budget didn’t cover good special effects, so we rented an Airbnb that had the right features and layout.”
That’s when she went wide-eyed and told them about the place being cursed. Sabrina never asked how they knew where they were staying, but it didn’t take long for her to learn that it was big news around town that some investor from Saudi Arabia purchased it and turned it into an Airbnb.
It sounded like a bunch of bullshit sprinkled with a few lumps of truth. Every town had a house or two like that. A brutal murder took place or one of the residents disappeared under strange circumstances and their ghosts spent the next century haunting the damn place. There might’ve been a couple of rather gruesome murders in the place and generations of imaginative children added a few bullshit stories to the legend.
Chloe Ponder was the only one among the college students to pay attention to the stories, which didn’t surprise Sabrina much coming from the girl who spent the entire ride watching Wednesday on her phone. She leaned in, black hair draped over her shoulders like a curtain as her cleavage tried to spill out of a black princess-style dress, listening to every word.
The idea of filming porn in a house locals claimed to be haunted sounded fun even if nothing happened. If some old ghosts were wandering the halls then they were about to get a show they’d never forget.
The Rawlins House didn’t live up to the images Sabrina formed in her head. She saw photos online before she rented the place, the stories of mysterious murders and ghosts replaced the real images with an old sprawling mansion rotting in an overgrown field. She pictured creepy gargoyles perched on the roof, looking at her as if they might spring to life at any moment. Maybe the giant double doors would slam shut behind them? There would be cobwebs everywhere and an old piano that would start playing on its own for some reason.
If she didn’t see the set crew’s van sitting in the driveway she might’ve mistaken it for any of the other houses along the road. It looked its age, sure, but only because of the Queen Anne architecture that was popular around that period. Otherwise, the house was well kept. The white paint didn’t have even an obvious scratch, the lawn was mowed and the bushes trimmed. Their property itself was surrounded by overgrown fields and encroaching woods, with enough space that they could’ve fit another five or six homes. Whether the original occupants were killed by ghosts or not, the town must’ve had its’ superstitions about the place for them to waste so much real estate space.
Everyone filed into the house as the setup crew left for lunch. The doors didn’t slam behind them as they entered what appeared to be your typical suburban home; hardwood floors, white walls and ceilings, a flatscreen TV over the mantle, and two black sofas.
“Arlight, let’s get everyone to their rooms.”
Elvia and Marie went into the master bedroom. Sabrina, along with crew members Erika and Janine, followed them. Like the rest of the house, it was just a large room with white walls and a hardwood floor. It even had another TV, perched on the chest of drawers.
“This’ll be the nicest bedroom we’ve fucked in,” Elvia said before diving into the king-sized bed. Her giant tits bounced with the mattress until she settled and rolled onto her belly.
“Don’t break the bed, sis, ” Marie slid in beside her, giggling.
Sabrina wondered for a brief second if they were real sisters. Who was she kidding? They both shared Hernandez as the last name, it’d be one hell of a coincidence if they were unrelated. Marie was nineteen and Elvia twenty-one, so the whole Spicy Twins name they gave themselves was bullshit.
“Alright, tell us what to do boss,” Marie said with a smirk as she gripped Elvia’s ass.
What did it matter if they were twins or not so long as the viewers thought they were? The Internet loved incest porn and the fact that they were both actual sisters already made this hotter than most of the fake shit you find on most sites.
They resembled each other enough to be twins, Sabrina almost couldn’t tell them apart. They shared the same mahogany skin, wide hips, and large breasts. Their chestnut ponytails stopped at the same spot in the middle of their backs and wore matching white booty shorts with Texas Tech logos. She could tell them apart only because Marie wore a sports bra and Elvia a tank top.
Janine grabbed a remote off the nightstand and gave it to Marie. Erika set up the laptop and cameras.
“Turn on the TV and we’ll get started,” Sabrina said.
Marie shrugged and did as she was told. The TV came on to a soccer game.
“Just start getting into the game and compare your tits to the soccer ball.”
The girls raised their shirts, giggling as they waved their generous breasts.
“I think my boobs are bigger than that soccer ball,” Marie said as she squeezed her tits.
“Oh yeah?” Elvia grabbed her sister from behind and gripped her breasts. “I think mine are bigger, though.”
Marie pushed her off. “They’re the same size ya ditz,” she said with a laugh. “And mine are still bigger than a soccer ball.”
The girls jiggled their breasts. “What do you guys think?” Elvia asked.
They lowered their shirts and Marie popped off with, “You do have the better ass.”
“You’re right about that.”
“Uhh,” Marie squeaked, “you’re supposed to say that my ass is better.”
“Why don’t we take off these shorts and let the stream decide which is better?”
Marie and Elvia slide their shorts off and thrust their asses to the cameras.
“What do you guys think?”
The girls jiggled and slapped their asses until they went into fits of laughter.
“Am I the only one getting hot in here?” Sabrina could’ve sworn it wasn’t supposed to get over seventy today, and it looked as if a storm was coming when they came in. Why was the room so warm and stiff, she wondered?
“Yeah, kinda.” Elvia replied.
“Alright, since I don’t want to take my pants off.” She turned on the ceiling fan and sighed at the rush of cool air.
“Thank you,” Marie said.
“And now I gotta go drop off that steak I had for lunch.”
She hurried into the master bath and almost pulled her pants down with the door open. She wondered if it might be worth it to show her ass on camera before closing the door.
Marie scowled when she looked at the screen to see the chatters discussing the game instead of debating on whether her ass was better than her sister’s.
“Are you watching our asses or the game?” Marie squeezed Elvia’s ass and shook her own at the camera.
Elvia started shaking her ass and slapping Marie’s. “I’ll be eating this in about an hour so you better leave good comments about my sister’s ass. Oh, and mine too.”
One of the commenters replied with, “Shut up, we’re trying to watch the damn game!”
Elvia looked into Marie’s eyes and nodded. Maybe they’d stop worrying about the game if they showed all of the goods. They raised their asses and pulled off each other’s thongs. Spreading their asscheeks, the twins thrust their assholes at the cameras.
Slapping her sister’s ass, Marie asked, “What do you think of our ass—”
They were interrupted by the loud cracking of wood and plaster and something loud crashing over head. Dust and splinters rained down, Marie coughed and gagged as some flew into her mouth. A sharp pain went through her waist and Marie grabbed her ass.
“What the hell?” Elvia whispered, looking around as she continued.
Marie slapped her ass. “Someone threw some crap on us?”
“I didn’t tell you to stop slapping my ass.”
“I didn’t stop,” Marie replied.
“It sure doesn’t feel…” Her eyes went wide. Marie followed her gaze to the screen and her heart skipped a beat.
“Holy shit,” one of the chatters said, “I didn’t know this was gonna be a snuff film.”
“Lmao, their asses are still going.”
Marie looked over her shoulder and her face went cold. One of the fan blades was embedded in the mattress and they were cut in two at the waists. Their asses continued twitching and writhing as blood squirted out of the wounds.
“What the fuck?” Elvia screamed.
Marie had to choke back the urge to vomit. She grabbed her ass and tried pulling back to her body.
“Cut the feed already,” one of the crew girls screamed at her fellow crewmate.
The other girl rushed over to shut off the cameras and laptops when another fan blade flew off. It sliced off the top half of her head and decapitated the other.
“I WAS WATCHING THAT GAME,” said the same chatter who told Marie to shut up earlier as the last fan blade smashed the TV.
Marie screamed when the crew girl’s body slumped over the bed, her ass twitching and wetting her khakis. Sabrina screamed and ran through the room with her pants around her ankles.
“No, this is so gross,” Elvia screamed, “don’t do this. STOP!”
Marie blushed as their lower halves squirted piss and shit onto the bed. “No,” she mewled, “we can’t let them watch us shit.” She clenched her eyes as she felt around for her ass to force her buttcheeks closed.
“I think you’re grabbing my ass!” Elvia said.
“How would you know? You can’t even feel it. I’m pretty sure this is mine. Yours is smaller.”
“Mine isn’t smaller you little slut.”
Marie looked back with one eye open. “Your hand is on my ass!”
“No it’s not. Unlike you, I know what my own ass feels like; firm and curvy.”
“It…,” she started to respond when lifting her hand felt like trying to pick up a dumbbell, “it doesn’t matter. We’re dead, either way. Our asses will be rotting in a few days.”
Elvia sighed. “Yeah. Wanna leave our tits out?” She rolled over.
Marie nodded and rolled on her back. Marie and Elvia flashed their tits, leaving the shirts up around their necks. They gave their asses another slap and closed their eyes.
Not less than a minute after Sabrina’s ass hit the toilet did she hear something crash in the other room. What the fuck could be going on with her entertainers? If they destroyed anything she’d take it out of their profits.
She settled in and started squeezing her ass when something splashed in the toilet. Something like dozens of miniature clamps latched onto her ass, she jumped off the toilet as something wiggled its way up her ass.
Sabrina only had to glance at the toilet for a second to scramble to the door. Piranhas, dozens of them, jumped out of the water, latching themselves onto her ass and thighs. She threw open the door and tripped over her pants, smashing her face on the floor.
“Somebody get these fuckers off me,” she screamed and batted at the creatures only for a few to latch onto her hands.
She staggered to her feet as a fan blade decapitated Erika and Janine. Her face turned pale at the sight of the bisected Hernandez Sisters and she ran out of the room screaming. “What the fuck is wrong with this place? They’re eating my ass!”
It seemed so simple when she signed up two weeks ago. She just had to ride out to some Airbnb in the sticks with a bunch of her schoolmates, most of whom she never met, and play with herself on camera for a few hours. It couldn’t be that hard, Alyssa thought. She’d make enough money to pay for the semester by doing what she did every morning and night for free.
Only after pulling into town and stopping at the little diner with her fellow soon-to-be pornstars did she begin to wonder if she stepped a little too far out of her element. Rubbing her pussy alone in the bedroom was not the same as doing it for a bunch of online strangers. Since breaking up with Rodney in middle school she hadn’t let anyone see her naked. What if someone she knew, a cousin or one of her sister’s friends, found the stream?
Alyssa didn’t even feel as if she belonged with those people. All of them, all of the girls, came in with half of their tits and asses hanging out. Five of them were outright cosplaying. It might’ve been six, she couldn’t tell if that Chloe girl was an actual goth or if she just dressed up like the Grim Reaper’s whore for this occasion. She was chatting it up with her boyfriend about that new show, Wednesday. Maybe she was just a big-titted goth? She couldn’t miss the guy dressed up like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon, and one of the girls sitting with him was dressed up as Misty. She didn’t recognize the other girl’s costume, a blonde wearing a red and black hat, red skirt with black stockings. There was even a lesbian couple dressed up like an anime schoolgirl and teacher.
They all looked wonderful and sexy and here she was, the small redheaded girl with frizzy hair wearing a white shirt and beige pants. Alyssa didn’t know if she wanted to change her mind and back out of the whole stream, or just go back far enough to show up dressed as Hermione Granger. Maybe she could’ve busted out her old Rick Sanchez outfit and talked Vanessa into coming with her as Morty? If only Vanessa wasn’t such a prude.
Alyssa ate her food in silence and pulled up to the Airbnb with Sabrina’s crew and the other streamers, can’t back out now. She was stuck with her plain outfit until she started removing her clothes.
She went into the room across from where Sabrina went with Elvia and Marie. Two of Sabrina’s crew followed her and Alyssa suddenly realized that none of them were men; not a single one of them. Alyssa masturbated to women more often than she did men, but she only ever had sex with a boy. One of them set up a laptop on the bed with her as the other set up cameras around the room.
“Alright, sweetie. Introduce yourself.” The camera girl moved one closer to her face and Alyssa coughed.
“Uhm,” she murmured, her face turning red. “Hiimmallyssa” she squeaked so fast that she had to process what she just said. “Sorry,” she muttered. Alyssa cleared her throat and took a deep breath before turning back to the camera. “Hi,” she chirped with a wave, “I’m Alyssa.”
“Tell them what you’re going to college for,” the crew girl said.
“I’m currently studying at TCU to become a marine biologist. I want to get closer to nature and wildlife, and I’ve always been fascinated with sea animals.”
“You’re doing good, sweetie. Why don’t you pull up your favorite dirty video and show us what you can do?”
She nodded and pulled her pants down to her ankles. It’d be more embarrassing to stall so she breathed in and whisked her panties to her knees. The camera lady moved towards her hairless slit so Alyssa spread her legs as she pried open her already-dripping labia.
“Lovely,” the girl whispered. “They are going to love you.”
Alyssa smiled as her body became warm and fuzzy. She didn’t have any favorites, but the one in her Drive folder of a black girl tonguing a big-titted Asian chick was often her go-to so she pulled that up. Slipping two fingers into her own snatch, Alyssa slid back on the bed and started moaning seconds later.
This wouldn’t be so bad, not even considering how much they’d go home with that night. What was she so worried about? She even got a couple of cute girls fawning over her pussy. Well, one might’ve been fawning or she was just being nice because that’s what the job called for.
“What are you masturbating to?” One of the chatters asked.
“Well, I really like getting eaten out. So take a guess.”
Almost half of the chat responded with “lesbian porn.”
She decided to reward their answer by lifting up her shirt and squeezing her small perky tits.
She leaned back as her orgasm built, imagining herself in the video with the blonde camera girl eating her pussy. “I’m getting so close! I’m really about to burst.”
Alyssa closed her eyes when something crashed through the door. She tried to drown it out to focus on her orgasm when a woman’s screams crept into her fantasies. “I don’t know what’s going on,” she moaned, “but don’t ruin my orgasm.”
The woman screamed again, yelling, “get these stupid fish off me!” Alyssa realized the voice was Sabrina’s and opened her eyes.
“Why are you covered in piranhas?” Alyssa blinked as the crewgirls tried to remove what had to be dozens of the little fish from Sabrina’s ass and legs. Alyssa wondered if one of the other streamers, perhaps that goth chick or the one dressed like Misty, brought some as a prank of gimmick. She couldn’t remember seeing anyone with a fish tank big enough to carry that many.
“Don’t worry about that, just focus on my orgasm,” she said as the chat started going crazy about the fish.
Alyssa sank back into her fantasy and hammered her pussy. One of the girls pulls a piranha out of Sabrina’s ass and tossed it on the bed. Orgasms began washing over her when something squirmed into her pussy. Her eyes shot open to see a fish tail sticking out of her pussy.
“Please,” she mewled, “let me finish.” It bit off her clit and burrowed into her uterus. Alyssa screamed and squeezed her legs.
Five of them flopped onto her and latched onto her breasts, two of them biting her nipples.
“Just kill the motherfuckers!” Sabrina’s screams cut out when one of them flew into her mouth. Two of them bit into her throat and blood sprayed everywhere.
Alyssa thrashed as more of them landed on her, biting all over her legs, stomach, and face. She didn’t stop screaming until she went into cardiac arrest. The crew girls ran out with half of the swarm biting their necks and faces.
While she understood they didn’t have enough room for everyone to get their own space, Kaitlin couldn’t understand why Sabrina decided to place her in the same room as the goth couple.
“What’s wrong with us?” Chloe asked when Kaitlin asked one of the crew girls for another room. “I promise we won’t bite.”
“But it really clashes with my stream. I want to do ASMR stuff and it’s gonna be hard to do with you and your boyfriend going at it hard in the background. Plus, they might not be into all of the creepy horror movie vibes you have going on.” She waved at the shelves of slasher movie dolls Chloe spent the last five minutes setting up. The daggers she nailed to the wall, one of them coated in fake blood, sent chills down her spine.
“It’ll be fine! I watch ASMR stuff with horror themes all the time. And this is a porn stream. Trust me, they don't care what’s going on when we’re naked and doing our stuff. Maybe you can even incorporate our fuck into your stream?”
Kaitlin shrugged. It wasn’t like she had a choice. The boss lady who would allow them to make money through her OnlyFans made the decision to put them together. She’d have preferred that redhead, Alyssa or whatever her name was, but she’d have to make good with what they gave her. “Fine.”
Kaitlin finished setting up her laptop and mic when Chloe came back in with a full-sized suit of armor, complete with a sword and halbert. “What the actual fuck?” She screamed.
“Don’t worry,” Chloe said with a giggle, “it’s fake. Just relax.”
If that was fake they did a hell of a job imitating real metal. “Where the hell did you even get it?”
“Oh,” she shrugged and sat it by the door, “it was mine. It was a bitch getting it in the back of David’s car. He wasn’t too happy.”
Kaitlin chuckled. “I-I bet he wasn’t.” She wanted to ask how sturdy the thing was. What if it fell over and chopped her in half or impaled them both?
Kaitlin shook her head. She couldn’t get in the mood with those sorts of thoughts. “Hey! Since we both have big tits we should titfuck the mic together.” She lifted her crop top and jiggled her breasts.
Chloe shrugged and pulled her dress down. “Okay.”
Kaitlin looked into the camera and waved. “Hey ASMR fans! I have a special guest for you today,” she pulled Chloe into a hug, pressing their breasts together. “Oh, make that two guests,” she pointed over her shoulders as David strolled into the room and slid in behind them.
“We’re gonna suffocate you with our tits. Then David over here will fuck me in a mating press for your background music.”
Kaitlin and Chloe squeezed their tits around the microphone and started sliding it back and forth.
“Looks like I came in at about the right time,” David said and laughed.
“So,” Chloe whispered, “have you ever kissed a girl?”
Kaitlin smirked. “Just last week, before I broke up with my girlfriend.”
Chloe leaned in. “Would you like to change that to ‘zero days since I kissed a girl’ or nah?”
“What would David say?” She closed her eyes.
“He’d love to see it very much,” David replied.
Kaitlin touched lips with Chloe and kissed. Maybe sharing a room wouldn’t be so bad?
“If you really think about it,” Chloe murmured, “tits are really just lumps of meat. The real action is between our legs.”
“I mean, yeah. I suppose. It does feel good down there when a girl eats me out really good.”
“Yeah, or when you’re squeezing your boyfriend’s cock and he fills you up. Isn’t that the best.”
“Yeah, but tits are just as great. If someone knows what they’re doing they can get a pretty decent orgasm with just the nipples.”
“Have you ever wondered what would happen if you lost your tits? Like, imagine that big old knight falling over and chopping them off.”
“Don’t joke about that! Are you crazy? Why would you even think about that? I love my tits! I’d just straight up die if they got cut off.”
“Relax Katie! It’s all fake like I said. Just chill out and have fun. Why are you so serious?”
“I just think you might be one of those girls with masochist fetishes.”
Chloe laughed. “I know a girl like you doesn’t have normie sexual fetishes.”
“None of them involve my boobs getting cut off.”
“Neither do mine. I’m just a horror and dark humor fan, I wouldn’t actually want that to happen for real.”
Kaitlin finished their microphone titfuck and pulled it out drenched in sweat. Chloe laid back.
“If you thought our tits were big, wait until you see David's cock,” she said, lifting her dress and pulling her legs back.
David pulled out his cock and even Kaitlin’s throat clenched. She wondered how it felt when he slid into Chloe’s pussy and she cried out.
“Do y’all like the background music? Or do you prefer my huge perfect tits?” She threw off the crop top and jiggled her tits. “Say what you will about pussy, tits are better. Good tits are even better than a great ass if you ask me. Having a twat isn’t that special, almost every lady has one. How many girls have a nice set of tits? I’m not talking about size, either. Don’t get me wrong, I love big tits as much as the next person. But shape and firmness are more important. Tits with a nice perky shape are rare, especially when you’re talking about ones as big as mine and Chloe’s. They’re great for milking a cock, they are amazing to cup in your hands, and they make great pillows to sleep on after you’re done with your love-making session. Have you ever known anyone to fall asleep on a pussy?”
Kaitlin looked back as Chloe began screaming. The couple starts thrashing and bouncing so hard the bed shakes as if they were in an earthquake.
There was a metallic creak followed by a crash as the knight’s halberd sliced off her hands and tits. The chat exploded with messages like, “Are you alright,” and, “Her tits are gone!!”
Kaitlin screamed and turned to Chloe, tears streaming down her face. “Your stupid fucking knight wasn’t fake! You lying fucking whore, it cut my tits off!”
“Shut the fuck up,” Chloe moaned, “I’m cumming!”
There was another vibration and the knight tilted over. The sword leaned and the knight’s weight pushed it into Chloe’s ass. Chloe’s eyes shot open and she screamed, pounding on david as she yelled “stop” a dozen times.
David either didn’t hear or thought she was joking, he continued plowing her pussy as the blade sank into her asshole. Her body twitched and slumped back, cum and piss spewing from her pussy as bloody shit squirted from her ass.
Kaitlin tried to run until she realized the halberd took her legs off just above the knees. She screamed and pissed her shorts before tumbling over, knocking the desk and computer over. She slammed her face into the floor and darkness took her.
Tara always wanted to shoot some pornos with her girlfriend so when Sabrina approached them and offered the job she accepted without a second thought. A few grand to make love to the woman she loved, and to cross an item off her bucket list? She couldn’t beat that.
Accepting the job was the easy part, she still needed to sell the idea to her beloved Julie. She seemed far less keen on the idea when Tara mentioned it; “What if my dad or brothers find out?” she said. It beat a flat ‘no’ by a long shot, she knew it would be possible to convince her.
It wasn’t to say her family couldn’t be an issue. Her dad could be an issue, that towering black southern preacher who spat about hell and damnation every Sunday morning was not someone she wanted to piss off. Pastor Jacob still didn’t know his daughter was dating another woman and she never wanted to see his reaction when he found out. What kind of hurt would they be in if he found out they were making pornos together?
“Why would he find out?” Tara met the man on four occasions and that was enough to make it hard to imagine him going around the kind of sites where he could find their stream. He could’ve been one of those holier-than-thou preachers who sinned like the devil when nobody was around, but she doubted that.
Julie must’ve felt the same way as she agreed to do the pornos a few minutes later. She thought about mentioning her brothers and wondered if they'd admit to watching porn just to get their sister in trouble.
Tara headed out of town dressed like a Japanese schoolgirl two weeks later. She cropped the white shirt and tie, covered it with a bubblegum-pink jacket. Her skirt, the same bubblegum-pink as the jacket, didn’t go below her bubbly cheeks. Julie helped Tara braid her long blonde hair and put it in pigtails. Julie went as the teacher. She had the same cropped white shirt and tie, but the skirt reached her knees. Pink ribbons ran down her curtain of black hair.
When they mentioned the schoolgirl idea to Sabrina they never imagined her going to such lengths to compliment their choice. Tara’s jaw hung open when the crewgirls led them to a bedroom that looked more like a miniature classroom. Four school desks sat in the room. The student desks were placed in a row of three, the teacher’s desk sat along the wall with a 90’s-era computer. The room even had a blackboard, with chalk and erasers.
Julie took her seat behind the teacher’s desk. Laying back with her feet propped up, she started unfastening the buttons on her shirt until her cleavage popped out. Tara slid into the middle desk and rummaged through the cubby hole.
“Very nice, girls,” one of the crew girls said as she finished setting up the cameras. “I like that you’re getting into the roleplay. Let’s work through it to a makeout session on the teacher’s desk.” She set two laptops out, one by Julie and the other with Tara.
“What the heck?” Julie asked, grabbing a power drill off the desk.
“The set crew must’ve left it when they installed the blackboard. They’ll probably pick it up after lunch, I wouldn’t worry.”
Tara pulled a battered book titled “World History II” out of the desk along with a pack of crayons. “Would Sabrina care if I drew in this?”
The crew girl shrugged. “Go right ahead.”
“Aww, it doesn’t work,” Julie moaned, trying to power on the old computer.
“Don’t you have your phone?”
“I just thought it’d be interesting to see what it was like for people growing up back then.”
One of the chatters wrote, “Have you ever seen one before?”
Julie replied, “My dad had one in his church until I was about five. He never let me and my brothers play on it, he said it had work stuff. Then he said it stopped working and tossed it in the dumpster one day.”
Tara flipped through the book, drawing everything from stick figures flipping the bird to dicks and mustaches. The painting of a young woman from the 1300’s caught her eyes. The name was too faded to read, all she could tell was that her boobs were almost falling out of her fancy dress. She lifted her skirt and started rubbing her pussy.
“Does history turn you on? lol,” chat asked.
“No,” Tara replied with a sharp inhale, “this book has a picture of a lady with nice tits.”
Tara hammered away in her pussy, her fingers sloshing and slurping as her legs began to clench. As she drowned in orgasmic waves Tara thought back to all of those times she masturbated in class. It didn’t take much to get her going, her teacher could be sporting a nice rack under her blouse or one of her fellow students came in in booty shorts and she’d figure out how to get herself off. The teacher caught her twice, the last time pointing it out so the entire class could laugh and watch her come. She would come this time, and no teacher would…
“Miss Wasson!” Julia barked and Tara jumped in her seat. “You are being a very naughty girl. Report to my desk, immediately!”
Tara strolled to the desk with a smirk on her face, licking her fingers clean. “Oh Misses Hall, I was about to come when you called me.”
“Oh, I know,” Julie replied with a giggle, “that’s why I stopped ya.”
“Rude is rubbing your pussy in my class. You need to be disciplined.”
Tara bit her lip and whimpered. “Please don’t punish me, I promise to be a little less naughty.”
“Enough with your whore promises! You can either take your punishment here or I will call your parents. What’ll it be missy?”
“How will you punish me if I don’t want you to call my parents? They’ll surely whip my little ass something fierce, they will.”
“Let’s see what we got.” Julie started going through the drawers and gasped. “This will do.”
Tara had to stifle a laugh or she would’ve collapsed into a fit of giggles. Julie pulled out a two-sided strap on, but that alone didn’t tickle her. The thing was painted like a thick pencil, complete with an eraser on one end and a stumped lead on the other. “I-I think I’ll go ahead and take my punishment here.”
“Good girl,” Julie replied as she raised her skirt. She pulled up the strap on, inserting the eraser end into her pussy.
Tara hopped on the desk and laid back. Julie spread her legs back and pulled herself to Tara, kissing her deeply. Tara pulled her tight and grunted as the pencil slid into her pussy. Tilting her head, Tara drifted off as another orgasmic wave slammed into her. With less than a minute at full thrust her legs bucked and thighs clenched. “Fuck, Miss Hall! You’re making me come! Oh Miss Hall!”
A motor whirred, growing louder until something stung her ear. The whirring stopped and a headache like she never felt shot through the side of her head, as if her skull would split open at any moment. Tara screamed. Her words slurred as she tried to ask what happened and her vision went to static.
Julie screamed as the eraser hammered her pussy, her hands and feet clenching. Tara must've been coming like crazy herself, she kept screaming random gibberish and wouldn’t stop flailing her arms.
One of the crew girls grabbed Julie’s shoulder and screamed for her to stop.
“Don’t interrupt my orgasm! I’m really close, this can wait.”
“Look at her!” The girl screamed.
Julie screamed too when she noticed her hand clenched around the drill as it sank into her girlfriend’s ear, with a puddle of blood forming around her head. She yanked it out and tried to shake her awake. Tara wouldn’t move and her eyes rolled back. Her arms thrashed and twitching, grabbing at the air as if she was fighting invisible fairies.
“We need to get her to a hospital.”
Julie opened her mouth to respond when her orgasm hit. “After… after I finish,” Julie screamed as she arched her back and kept thrusting. This would be her last orgasm before spending the rest of her life in prison, she needed to make good of it. Her body clenched and juices splashed down her legs. The orgasm receded and Julie slumped over Tara, panting and wheezing.
There was a piercing sensation in her chest. Julie wondered for a second if she might’ve had a hard attack and looked at her chest. Screaming, she tried to pull the drill out of her chest and squeezed the trigger by mistake. There was a whirring motor and sharp jolts shot through her chest. Julie lurched back and yanked the tool out, screaming as it flew through the air. One of the crew girls caught it in the eye and screamed. Julie collapsed and died on Tara.
Nature created sex and for the longest time that was the best thing you could do in your free time. Then humans came along and created the perfect alternative known as video games. What could possibly beat either one of them? If you asked Alex Zekis, he’d say doing both at the same time. The only thing that could beat THAT would be getting paid for it.
When Sarah Leung came home jumping around like a coked-out monkey as she explained that some lady named Sabrina if she’d like to make some money by doing a porn stream the first words out of his mouth were, “okay.” He almost found himself jumping around when Sabrina said it’d be okay if they did a video game stream.
Sarah told her best friend, Erin Lamberton, and they just couldn’t leave her out. Sarah never had issues sharing Alex with her so long as he didn’t mind sharing her with Erin. He didn’t see the issue with getting to bang his petite Asian girlfriend and her big-breasted blonde friend almost three times a week. On some occasions he even considered asking Sarah if she’d be okay with bringing Erin into their relationship full-time.
Alex drove them out to the hick town Sabrina rented their Airbnb at dressed as Ash Ketchum. If they were going to be doing a video game porn stream they might as well dress for the occasion.
Sarah and Erin went along with the Pokemon cosplay. Sarah dyed her hair orange and threw on Misty’s yellow crop top and denim shorts. Erin put on Serena’s red hat along with the black tank top, red skirt, and black knee-high stockings.
Two crew girls set up the cameras in their room while Alex and Sarah set up their custom-built Gaming PC. Erin spent the time groping their asses and rubbing herself.
“We need a good seat,” Erin said and left the room. She came back minutes later trying to pull one of the black sofas through the door.
“Uh… is that okay?” Sarah asked, looking at the crew girls. They shrugged.
“If you guys put them back when we’re done it should be fine.”
Alex ran over and helped get it through the door and sat it in front of the computer. Alex and Erin slid over the back of the couch. Sarah waved to the cameras.
“Hey masturbators,” she said and winked, “me and my friend are going to see how long Alex can keep up his game while we’re sucking his dick.”
Alex turned on the PC and started up a GameBoy emulator.
“That’s the game you want to stream?” Erin asked, laughing.
“What?” Alex asked as ‘Pokemon Yellow’ flashed on the screen. “We’re dressed up as Pokemon characters. What else should we start with?”
“Well, duh. I figured we would. It just seems weird to show off a PC you spent almost four grand on just to play a game made last century.”
“Hey,” Sarah said, “don’t forget he is pretty old. He probably played this game when it came out.”
“I’m only thirty! You two are just super young. But I did play this game when it came out, yeah.”
“How did y’all even get excited over these graphics? And Pikachu looks like he needs insulin in this game.”
“You’re just one of those gamers that only plays the latest and popular games.”
“That’s not always true. I do like some older games. I’m dressed up like the chick from a game released last decade. I just don’t play games that came out before I was born. And if it’s popular you know it’s more likely to be good. Who wants to buy a game you don’t know anything about only to find out it sucks?”
“Just look at the reviews. Even if it’s not well known doesn’t mean you can’t find out if it’s bad. Few of my favorite games are mainstream.”
“Yeah, you like to play those complicated map games.”
“They’re called 4X strategy games and I’ll not have you dissing my war crime simulators. You just hate them because they require you to think.”
“Oh? You’re calling me stupid now? How come I’m always beating you at chess and—”
Sarah grabbed Erin and kissed her on the lips. Erin moaned and leaned in, locking lips.
Alex whistled with the soundtrack as his character left Oak’s lab with Pikachu. Sarah unzipped his pants and took the tip of his cock in her mouth. Erin started licking the shaft. Erin pulled a steel vibrator out of her purse and slipped it under her shirt.
“You think the chat wants to see out tits?”
“They do, in fact,” Alex said.
“Not sure if they want to see mine,” Sarah moaned. She still unfastened the suspenders and flashed her orange-sized tits.
Erin tossed her shirt behind the couch and danced with her melons.
“See? Erin has the bigger tits.”
“Yeah, but your tits are perfect.” Erin glared at the cameras. “You hear that, chatters? You better tell my friend she has perfect tits.”
A few of them posted things like “get a boob job” and “what tits?” only for Alex to block them. Most of the comments were along the lines of “nice tits.”
The girls continued giving Alex his blowjob. That tingle crept up his legs and spines, growing stronger until Alex found it difficult to play the game. His character was going around in circles until he got trapped in a battle because Alex couldn’t sit still long enough to navigate the menu.
“You suck, dude!”
“No,” Sarah popped off, “I’m pretty sure me and Erin are the ones doing that.”
“Yeah! He’s getting laid and you’re the one watching it.”
Alex came and slammed his feet into the desk. The oscillating fan tilted and hung for a few seconds. Sarah pumped his cock while she and Erin hung their mouths open to catch the spewing cum. The fan crashed to the floor with a loud crack. Erin slumped and took Alex’s cock deep in her mouth.
“Hey now,” Sarah folded her arms, “don’t go and be a greedy whore! Save some cum for me.”
Erin just lay twitching with cum spilling out of her mouth.
“Are you okay?” Alex laughed until he lifted her head. Her jaw was slack and her eyes rolled back in her head.
“Erin!? Oh my God! I think she might be having a stroke or something!” Sarah dove over Alex and laid Erin on the floor. She started doing chest compressions and blowing into her mouth.
Alex felt her neck and went numb when he couldn’t feel a pulse. “I… I think she’s already dead.”
Sarah started crying. “Somebody needs to call an ambulance.”
Alex nodded and one of the crew girls pulled out her phone. “We’ll do what we can.”
Sarah grabbed Alex’s hand as he pulled her up. Just as she got to her feet he noticed the exposed wire from the fan’s cord. “Watch your—”
Alex grabbed her wrist and tried to pull as Sarah’s knee landed on the wire. There was another crack and a burning sensation shot through Alex’s chest before everything went dark. His body slumped over Sarah’s, his cock sliding into her mouth as they lay dead.
Schofield Police entered the old Rawlins House after four days. Detective Simmons would be on national news that very night, talking in hushed tones about how the morning started with calls from two investigators about possible snuff films to his boys going into the most bizarre crime scene in his entire career.
They opened the door and, after covering their noses as the stench of rotting meat hit them like a brick, found two women in the living room, their faces eaten to the bones. The bodies of several dozen fish trailed from the women into the hall, where they found another two dead women with bites all along their bodies. Four were found in the master bedroom, cut in half and decapitated by detached fan blades.
They moved through the rooms, finding ever more bizarre deaths; a woman with a sword up her ass, another having lost her limbs and breasts with a headless man’s cock buried in her pussy. Nobody was found alive.

Published on Mar-27-2023
Last updated on Mar-27-2023