Northern Angels

Started by Ken E. Davis

Andrew would’ve preferred to take a couple of bullets to the brain before even thinking about cutting Mother off in traffic, much less cross her intentionally. Their boss wanted them to break into one of her brothels and slaughter everyone inside.
Failure meant far worse than a few bullets. If they refused, the Family would shove them into a metal casket and drop them to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean before next Monday. If Mother’s people caught them … Andrew didn’t want to think about it.
Mother didn’t know about them or that they would be coming to her brothel to kill everyone, the Family did. What did it matter if they feared Mother when crossing her only meant a chance at a horrible death while not crossing her was a guaranteed death? Knowing the options, they made their way to a dozen miles outside of Anchorage and crept through the woods to a house called the Northern Angels.
“Ya think it’s too late to turn back now?” Cori asked, crouching behind a bush.
“Haven’t you been in much tougher spots than this? You’re supposed to be one of the most dangerous hitwomen, aren’t you? That’s what they told me.”
Cori rolled her eyes. “Like you’re not a little worried that we’re about to piss off the most dangerous woman in the Northwest?”
“For someone so notorious you’d think she’d have a little more security on her holdings.”
The guard details for what was supposed to be one of her most profitable holdings outside of the Lower Forty-eight consisted of three overweight guys armed with assault rifles. Their camo outfits made this feel more like breaking into a redneck meth lab.
“Maybe they figured a brothel filled with armed criminals wouldn’t need much of a security detail? That’s what we should be worried about.”
“I’d be more worried what happens if Vanessa fucked up about hacking those security cameras.”
“If we don’t see her after this we’ll know.”
“We’ll know when Mother’s goons grab us at a Walmart and stuff us in the back of a white van. I’d take being gunned down over that van any day.”
“I’d have it worse than you.”
That wouldn’t be a lie. Andrew would be tortured without a doubt, but those boys working for Mother would love to get their hands on the busty brunette crouched beside him. A rapey snuff film starring Cori would fetch quite a profit on the dark web. In that black leather coat and knee-high boots Cori looked very much like the cold-blooded killer she was, and Andrew felt she could put his ass down if she wanted, she was not invincible.
Cori took a deep breath. They pulled on latex gloves and attached silencers to their guns. Taking another sigh, Andrew put one of the guards down. Cori shot the other two.
“Well, it’s definitely too late to turn back now.”
“I’m sure it was too late when we decided to become assassins for the Family.”
They made their way to the porch, finding the guards writhing in a pool of blood. Andrew finished the guards off with a shot to their heads and kicked the one slumped by the door out of the way.
The Asian receptionist looked up from her book as they slipped in. “Do you have a reserv—”
Andrew cut her off with two rounds between her cleavage. “I’m afraid I don’t need one,” he said. She took three wheezy gasps before Andrew put a round between her eyes and slumped over.
Cori shot the brunette receptionist in the head before she could scream.
“Why do you think the Family was so eager to hit this place?” Andrew asked. “If they wanted to expand into Mother’s territory they could’ve found far better holdings in Washington or Oregon.”
“I don’t know. I never ask too many questions. The Family asks me to take out a target and I do it. Maybe this is just the opening to a war? If I were going to war with Mother I’d start with her weaker holdings first.”
Andrew followed Cori down a small hallway, stopping at the first room. They nodded before kicking in the door.
A large bearded man straddled the couch. Three women in miniskirts squeezed between his legs, two blondes licking the shaft of his cock as the Latina sucked on the head.
“I’m afraid I have enough darlin’. And I told them I didn’t want no men. Now get the fuck outta—”
Cori shut him up with a bullet between the eyes. He slumped over. The Latina gagged with cum gushing out of her mouth. Cori put two slugs between her shoulder blades.
The blondes looked up when the Latina slid off his cock. Andrew put one down with a shot to the head, her bustier friend caught two bullets between her tits.
“I’ll make sure to finish them if you stand guard.”
Cori cracked the door and stepped out.
Andrew pulled the Latina up by the back of her hair. She coughed and spat up blood.
“Shh,” he said and squeezed her breasts, “I’ll take care of this.”
He placed the barrel against the back of her skull and fired. Her body slumped over the blonde while Andrew grabbed the other one. The busty blonde took a wheezy breath and Andrew shoved the gun in her mouth. He slipped a finger under her skirt and rubbed her pussy until he heard a moan. He fired. Her body shuddered and went limp, Andrew dropped her when piss ran down her legs.
“Done?” Cori asked as he joined her in the hall.
“Yeah. The Hispanic and one of the blondes needed a head tap but I took care of it.”
“Took ya.”
“I took some time to feel up his whores.”
Cori snortled. “Shocker!”
“You don’t do that with some of the guys you kill?”
“I’m a lesbian, so no. And I just don’t see the point when I’m wearing gloves. If I’m gonna feel a girl up I’d rather feel her actual skin.”
“I don’t mind just getting her shapes and curves. Skin would be nice, but it’s really not much different than groping them through a shirt or dress.”
“Yeah, but when you’re feeling them through a shirt you normally get to take it off at some point. I guess in this case we still get to see them naked, but it’s not really the same.”
Andrew opened the second door and found a small bathroom with a petite black woman on the toilet.
“I’ll be off in a minute, wait your—”
Cori plugged a bullet in her head and the girl fell off the toilet.
“I wonder if the bosses know what happens to people that cross her? I’ve heard enough rumors to make my skin crawl.”
Cori laughed. “And you were scolding me for being nervous?”
“Like I said, I’d rather take a few bullets here than find out what it’s like being kidnapped by Mother.”
“I’ve actually seen it. I was in the room with one of the bosses when he got a video of his wife’s murder.”
“Did they really lower her into a vat of acid? Alive?”
“Oh, no. They chained her upside down and poured some kind of molten metal down her pussy. I don’t know how but I couldn’t even hear the boss’s screams over hers.”
“I don’t have a twat, so…”
“So they’d probably dump it in your asshole.”
“Yeah. So let’s make a promise to go let them shoot us if we get caught.”
“Oh, definitely.”
They reached the second bedroom in the small hall to find a hulking black guy in a bean bag covered with girls. The pink-haired Asian squealing with her legs wrapped around his legs shut up when Andrew put a bullet in her brain. The man continued licking her snatch until Cori plugged one in his forehead.
The black girl sucking him off caught a bullet in the back of her head. The blonde riding her with a strapon caught three bullets in the back. A pale raven-haired girl stirred from her sleep in the mobster’s arms, Cori put her back to sleep with a shot above the ear.
“Guess I’ll go watch while you feel up blondie over there,” Cori said with a wink.
Andrew straddled the blonde, rubbing his crotch against her ass as he squeezed her tits. “Man I wish I could fuck all of you,” he said as he dick swelled. He slid the gun between her tits. “If only I could,” he whispered before emptying the clip in her heart and lungs. He left her to piss and bleed on her friends.
Andrew reloaded and helped Cori check the remaining doors in the short hall. Finding only a few empty closets, they moved into the long hallway.
When they barged into the next room Andrew had to stop for a second. Instead of an older out-of-shape or bulky man covered in women, they found two guys sharing an older Hispanic woman.
The woman wasn’t old, but if Andrew had to guess her age he’d give a figure closer to forty than thirty. Long auburn hair laid under her, big tits bulged out under a yellow crop top and a pair of denim shorts hung around her ankles with an old Lugar sticking out of the shorts. The guys seemed to be in their twenties, one even wearing a thong, with one fucking her mouth and the other balls-deep in her pussy.
“Just who the fuck are you,” she snapped, “and why the fuck are you in my room? Get the fuck out now—”
Cori put two between her eyes, Andrew popped one in the head of the guy fucking her mouth.
“Come on, at least let me cum before—” Cori put two in his chest and his head landed between her tits.
“I think it’s my turn to keep watch.”
“Yeah, I suppose,” Cori replied with a shrug.
Andrew stood in the hall until Cori came out.
“Did you enjoy yourself?” He asked with a smirk.
“What!?” Cori laughed, her cheeks flushing red. “I told you, I’m a lesbian.”
“Yeah, but that Latina was pretty hot. You can’t tell me you didn’t at least think about it. You were in there for almost a minute.”
“Okay, yeah. I did play with her titties just a smidge.” She mimed holding a small object.
“Did you feel her pussy? Or at least sniff it.”
“Eww, no! Her boytoy emptied his fucking balls when I popped one in his head. She was just stuffed with cum. Plus I think he pissed in her. I did keep a souvenir, though.” Cori pulled a folded pair of pink panties with Hello Kitty out of her pocket.
Andrew had to choke back a laugh, trying to imagine a badass killer mobster running around wearing underwear with something so cutesy.
They followed squealing and moaning to the next room, bursting in to find a fat Hispanic guy rocking the bed. A Hispanic woman sat on his head, his face buried under her skirt. A busty Indian with glasses bounces on his cock, squealing and thrashing her head. Two women, one with short red hair and the other long black hair, kissing each other with his hands in their shorts.
The Indian girl looked at them and started to scream. Cori cut her off with three bullets between the tits. Andrew put a slug through the Hispanic girl’s ear. “What the fuck?” The fat guy growled when she slid off. Cori put a bullet in his bald head as he tried to get up. The redhead tried to run for it, catching a bullet in the leg and two between the tits. The dark-haired girl covered her face so Andrew shot her big heaving breasts.
Cori went outside and Andrew wanted to remind her he got two and she only did one. But how could he turn down the chance to enjoy all of those dead women for himself?
Andrew crouched over the writhing redhead and ripped open her shirt. “Man if only I came in here as a customer,” he growled and scooped a handful of her small perky tits. “Or if forensics didn’t exist. Eh?”
She gurgled until blood filled her mouth.
“Oh shut up.” He slid the gun under her chin and put her lights out.
The dark-haired girl wouldn’t uncover her face so Andrew put two rounds through the back of her hands. She slumped over all the same and pissed her shorts. Andrew pulled her crop top down and squeezed her breasts before moving on to the Indian girl. She didn’t move and Andrew couldn’t feel a pulse, he still shoved the gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger.
Andrew stopped halfway to the door. “I might as well.” He went back and tossed the dead Hispanic girl’s body on the bed, laying her over the fat guy’s belly. He ripped her shirt open and lifted her skirt. “If only I could go all the way,” he said and rubbed his crotch against hers, feeling his cock swell against his pants and her shaved slit. He started humping when…
“Andrew!” Cori snapped and he jerked back.
“I … I was just finishing up.”
“You’re already finished up from the looks of it,” she said, folding her arms. “It’s fine to enjoy them a little bit, but do remember we have a job to finish. Remember what happens if we get caught?”
Andrew sighed. “Yeah. My bad. Let’s finish this and get out of here.”
“I’m really gonna need some pussy after we get done with all of this.”
“You’re not getting it from me.”
“I guess I’ll have to find a brothel after this.”
“Me too, Andi. Me too.”
“You don’t suppose the Family would be upset if we dragged a few warm ones back to the van for tonight? We can drop the bodies off in the woods or something.”
“Where anybody could find it? With our stuff on them?”
“It’s Alaska. We go far enough out of town and the only thing finding their bodies would be a hungry bear.”
“I’m just trying to think of what we’ll say if the police pull us over.”
“I’m sure we’ll have to change underwear just seeing a cop car.”
They walked in on an older skinny man in a white coat and blue shirt slouched on a sofa. Khaki pants hung around his knees. A curvy ginger with curly hair straddled his lap, bouncing on his cock. The other girl, a petite redhead in a striped crop top and shorts, broke her kiss as the assassins came in.
“When the fuck did I say I needed a pair of Blade cosplayers? And I’m pretty sure I specified redheads. Do I need to shoot the receptionists or—”
Cori popped a round in his head.
“Thanks! That guy never shuts up,” the ginger moaned. Andrew put a bullet in the back of her head.
“Oh fuck!” The other girl caught a bullet between the eyes before she could get off the sofa.
“I’m sure they’re all dead this time,” Cori snickered as Andrew lifted the redhead’s shirt and squeezed her tits.
“I’ll be quick.”
“Ah! What the hell.” Cori pulled the ginger off her old man, curling her nose at the slick noise as his cock slid out. Cori laid her out on the floor and began rubbing her breasts. “I think I’m starting to get why you do this.”
Andrew slid a finger in her shorts and rubbed her pussy until his finger came out dripping. “Are you still considering what I suggested earlier?”
“About what?”
“Taking one or two back with us.”
“Maybe? It does seem like less of a hassle to just find some whores in Anchorage than lugging a few corpses and driving out to the middle of nowhere to drop them off.”
“I think it’s more of the taboo than anything.” He dropped her corpse over the old man. “You don’t think it’d be a little hot?”
“I haven’t thought of it that way. Let’s get through this and I’ll see how I feel.”
They moved through the hall finding the two empty bedrooms and a few closets. Andrew thought they might’ve been done when they entered the master bedroom.
“Oh my God!” Cori froze. “There’s no fucking way.”
“What’s going?” Andrew stopped, now understanding their mission. Sitting in the middle of a king-sized bed was none other than the son of Mother himself, Randy Benjamin. Five women covered the thirty-something slab of muscle. A busty black woman in a black sports bra was screaming on his cock. Two Asian girls in schoolgirl uniforms lay in his arms, his hands in their skirts groping their asses. A blonde squeezed between his legs sucking his balls. A pale dark-haired teen lay over his stomach rubbing her pussy.
“What the hell? Cori? Cori Taylor?” He shot up, pushed the dark-haired girl aside.
“How the fuck does he know your name?”
Cori sighed. “I… I used to date his sister.”
“What the hell are you doing here now?”
“Killing you, it seems.” His eyes started to bulge when Cori put a round in his brain.
“Hope that doesn’t complicate things.”
“His sister did that when she cheated on me.” She shot two in the black girl’s back. Andrew shrugged and shot the Asian chicks in the head.
“If you have to kill us to just let me finish,” the dark-haired girl screamed and started hammering her pussy.
“Sure, why not? I have the—”
Cori put one between her eyes.
“What the shit?”
“Hey, I never said I’d let her finish.”
“Fair enough.” He put two bullets in the back of the black girl’s head.
“You think we should just take the two Asian schoolgirls?”
“I see you’re finally coming around.”
“Yeah. I’m getting pretty horny at this point.”
“We should go over the rooms one more time to make sure we didn’t miss anybody.”

Published on Mar-27-2023
Last updated on Mar-27-2023