Super-Short Stories

Started by Ken E. Davis

The Fuck and Snuff Party 1
The fuck and snuff party was going full blast, three couples had already been eliminated, and Randy was about to pick the fourth set of names. “And our next snuffees are… Jon and Sara!” he proclaimed. Sara wasn’t quite ready to go, she wanted to see Emily snuffed first, but the luck of the draw… oh well. At least Jon was well hung she saw as he pulled off his pants. Tom and Jane were dead on the couch next to Jon, throats cut, and Sara stared at them as she removed her pants and shirt, and impaled herself on Jon’s cock. She bounced up and down enthusiastically on his lap wondering how it was going to feel as the knife sliced deep into her throat as she was cumming.
She didn’t have long to wait to find out. Jon grunted as he sent a stream of hot cum up her pussy, and she heard the sound of a knife slicing his throat behind her, the warmth of his blood as it sprayed her back and the sound of his last chocking gasps. That combined with the convulsions of his cock in her pussy as he died set her orgasm off, and she was moaning in ecstasy as she felt someone reach around and grab her shoulder as they brought the knife across her own throat.
Her own blood sprayed her breasts from her open throat, as the felt it gushing out and down her front. Her convulsing from her orgasm combined with the convulsing from her dying, and the sudden lack of oxygen to her brain added to her climax.
She died with a satisfied orgasmic smile on her face as her body leaned back into Jon.

Published on Feb-26-2023
Last updated on Feb-26-2023