Super-Short Stories

Started by Ken E. Davis

Zappin' Ed
The rules of this thread are simple; create a story no longer than 300 words. Keep characters over eighteen, there will be a thread for younger characters.
A thump jerked Edna out of her thoughts.
“We have fifteen minutes,” a cold female voice shouted, “You’re clean enough.”
Edna sighed. “Edna is coming! Just hold your horses.” She turned off the shower.
Edna wondered for the hundredth time if admitting that she corrupted every hospital computer on Ganymede was worth it. Edna didn’t mean to, but the courts ordered her to fry anyway. Maybe Edna deserved it with all of the people who ended up dying?
“Don’t bother drying your hair,” the woman said as she stepped out.
Edna shrugged and grabbed her latex bra. “Hey! There was a pair of black shorts! You promised Edna could wear whatever she wanted!”
“Within reason,” the woman droned. “Your shorts would’ve been a fire hazard.” She pulled out a diaper and a pair of white panties. “You can have either of these.”
“Does Edna look like a baby?” She knocked the diaper away. “And Edna never wears underwear.”
“Or you can go with your pussy out. Just don’t complain when you make a mess in the chair.”
Another guard joined in escorting Edna to the execution chamber. She slid into the chair and they strapped her in.
“This will make it quicker.” The female guard squeezed a wet sponge over her head.
She gave a thumbs up and one of the guards grabbed a giant switch on the wall. Edna took a sharp inhale and closed her eyes. “Time for Edna to go.”
Edna seized and squealed. Arcs of blue light danced over her body, her skin and muscled burned. She wanted to gag as the smell of burnt rotting hotdogs wafted over her nose. Her tits bounced until one fell out of her bra. It felt like an eternity of burning and everything went black.

Published on Feb-26-2023
Last updated on Feb-26-2023