The Family Bed

Started by Jon Dalar

The "Family Bed" by Jondalar
Andy 15, Emily 18, Lenny 16 and Meghan 14. Jon (dad) 38, Sara(mom) 36
Part One... Andy's Journal
So this is the story of something weird that happened in my family. My name is Andy, and I am 15 years old. I have an older brother and sister, and one younger sister. Emily is the oldest and she is 18 and definitely the wildest of the clan. She is also the sexiest of us, and really has big, firm tits. Lenny is the next oldest, he is 16, and he is quite athletic. Then me, then Meghan, who is 14. I've been trying to learn as much as I can about sex, so I bring it up in conversations with friends, but I don't get told much, except some of the other boys did tell me about jerking off. So I've tried that, and I really like it, and I do it as often as I can. But everybody says that real sex with a girl is 'way more fun.
So one day Lenny and I went fishing and we were just sitting and talking waiting for fish to bite, and I asked him if he ever jerks off. Well, he looked at me funny and wanted to know who was telling me stuff about jerking off? So I told him, and I said that I have tried it a few times. He looked at me really funny and then said that I was too young to be jerking off. After a while, I asked him whether he ever jerks off. He looks at me real funny, then he laughs and says, "yes I used to do it all the time."
"So, do you have real sex now," I asked, "You know, with real girls?"
Lenny looks at me and says, "If I tell you, you have to promise me that you'll never say a word about this or I'll use your cock for fishbait!"
Now, I believed Lenny when he said this, so I said, "OK, cross my heart..." And he says, "Not your heart, your cock!"
So I said, "Cross my cock and hope to die!"
"And you will die, just like I said, if you ever say a word to mom & dad and the girls."
Then Lenny leaned back against a tree and said, "OK, about a year ago, last summer, I was walking Arlene home from a dance, and well, we started kissing down by the creek and she was touching my cock, and pretty soon she had it out and I was all over her tits. One thing and another and I backed her up against a tree and my cock went right into her pussy. I jabbed it in and out a few times and she was starting to wail and shout 'Yes! Yes!', and I came inside her."
"No kidding," I said, with my mouth open in awe of my brother who had actually fucked a girl. "So, you and she have been fucking for a year now?"
Lenny looked away and said, "No, I only fucked Arlene a couple more times, then she was afraid of getting pregnant and she wouldn't let me fuck her any more. She does give me a BJ once in a while, though."
We sat there in silence for a while, then he said, "Arlene told me that Emily had told her that she wished I would fuck her..."
"Wait a minute!" I said, "OUR Emily?"
Lenny looked back, "Yeah, OUR Emily."
So like an idiot, I went to Emily one evening, and as we were talking, I kind of slid the conversation around to sex, just to see if I could get a rise out of her, and she slid over next to me, and whispered that she had been wanting me to fuck her for the longest time, ever since Arlene told her that I was fucking her. She slid her hand down and started rubbing my cock, and kept saying how nice my cock was and how much she would like to feel it in her cunt. I didn't know what to do, but I already had a huge hard-on, and Emily pulled off her shorts and guided me right into her cunt. My cock just slid into her right through her hand until I was all the way inside her."
"Oh my God! Really? Really you fucked Emily? Holy shit!"
Lenny said, "I wanted to shoot my load so bad, but I took my time with her and we both came that evening several times. When we finished and were heading back to the house, she told me to buy some condoms, and I could fuck her any time I wanted."
I sat dumbfounded, just saying, "No shit!" over and over again.
"So, Emily and I have been fucking for about a year now, 3-4 times a week, basically any time I want to and we can do it without getting caught."
I was about to say, "No shit!" again, when he looked at me and looked at the hard-on in my pants, and he said, "OK I told you my secret. I double-dare you to get Emily to fuck you, too!"
I gulped. "I don't know..." I started.
Lenny said, "You'll figure out how to ask her to do it with you." I nodded, and Lenny looked up and down the creek, and started unzipping his pants. "C'mon, Andy, jerk off with your big brother, we'll do it together. I can tell that you need some relief," he said, eyeing my hard-on in my pants.
He had his cock out and was already stroking, so I said, "What the hell, here goes!" and I pulled mine out. It wasn't quite as big as Lenny's, but I got busy stroking it, thinking about fucking Emily.
Lenny leaned back against the tree next to the creek with his feet down on the creek bank, closed his eyes and stroked quickly. I copied his pose on the next tree and began to stroke tentatively at first, then faster and faster.
Lenny looked over and said, "That's it, Andy! Just think that the next time you shoot a load you'll be in Emily's cunt, looking at her naked tits."
I'd never heard Lenny talking that way about anyone, no less about my oldest sister, Emily, but I felt the tingle in my churning balls that meant I would be shooting a load soon, I looked over at Lenny in time to see him arch his back, groan and shudder, and his cock spewed a stream of cum up in the air in front of him that shot all the way into the creek. I felt my cock swell and throb, and in a second, my cock was shooting one spurt after another out into the creek, accompanied by my groans of pleasure.
"Atta boy, Andy!" Lenny said. We both sat there for a few minutes with our cocks in our hands, watching all the little gobs of cum floating away down the creek.
So one day the following week I came home from my friend's house, and it seemed that our house was empty. I went upstairs and knocked on Emily's door. "Anybody home?" I asked quietly. Emily opened the door a bit and looked at me through the crack.
"Whaddya want?" she said, "I was taking a nap."
"Where is everybody?" I asked.
"Mom's at the store with Meghan. Lenny is off somewhere with his buddies, and dad's at work."
"Oh, OK," I said, losing my courage, and starting to turn away.
"Hey, you little brat, come here a minute," she ordered, opening the door and inviting me in. She closed the door and flipped the latch, which I thought was unusual. "That's just in case Mom and Meghan come home. Meghan is such a snitch, she'll tell mom anything, just so you know that."
"OK," I said, feeling my cock uncontrollably stiffening in my jeans.
Emily went on, "Meghan told me that she heard you and Lenny talking about me last week down by the creek." My face got red and I began to babble, but she shusshed me. "It's OK, Andy. You're a little young, but it's time you learned what it's all about. Meghan heard Lenny double-dare you to fuck me while the two of you were jerking off together. Is that why you came home early and came up to my room?"
I nodded, "Yeah."
"Well, let's give Lenny something to think about, shall we?" Emily pulled me close to her and leaned forward and kissed me, right on the lips, and then her tongue came into my mouth and her free hand was sliding down over my belly, coming to rest on my hardening cock.
"You're ready, ain't you?" Emily giggled. "I'm gonna teach you a few things this afternoon." Her hand rubbed up and down and my cock became fully hard in her cupped hand. "Let's get out of our clothes and let me play with your cock and balls a little bit." Clothes flew all over the floor and we were soon looking at each other stark naked.
She put her hand back under my cock and I felt her squeeze my balls gently. "I love the feel of a boy's balls," she said, "Play with my tits for a little while."
I cupped both of my hands over her beautiful tits and squeezed them.
"No, like this," she said, showing me how to stimulate her nipples by rubbing them against the palm of my hand. "Oooh," she moaned after a few minutes, "that's good, really good." Her hand let go of my churning balls and she grabbed my stiff, young cock.
"Nice. Almost as big as Lenny's", she said, starting to stroke it. "I bet if I do this for a minute that you'd be squirting your cum all over the floor, wouldn't you? We wouldn't want to waste all the cum in your balls, would we? I know a good place for it." She led me over to her bed and told me to get in the bed and lie on my back.
My cock stuck straight up, twitching as she crawled up over my feet and dropped her head down, taking my cock in her mouth. Believe me I just about shot my load right there, but she let it pop out of her mouth and she crawled up until her hips were right over mine, and her legs were spread wide, opening her pussy-lips right over my stiff cock.
I felt my cock-head touch her wet pussy, and she rocked her hips back and forth until my cock-head slid between her folds and popped into her cunt. I groaned at the feeling of my cock enclasped in her cunt, but she started to slide down until her pussy fur was mashed against mine.
"You're all the way inside me now," she said with a wink, "and I'm going to make you cum right up my cunt."
Emily began rocking up and down, fucking herself with my cock. "How does that feel, little brother?" Emily said with a smile. "How do you like fucking your big sister?"
"Oh Jeeezzz..." was all I could say, as I felt my balls churning up a big load of cum.
"It's gonna feel a lot nicer in a few minutes when we start cumming. Do you like to cum, Andy? Meghan told me about you and Lenny jerking off together down at the creek, and it made me all hot for both of you, Some day I want to watch you and Lenny jerking off together, OK?" Emily said quietly as she rocked her hips and drove my cock in and out of her cunt like a piston. "I already drained Lenny's balls this morning, and now I'm gonna get yours. Are you ready to blast off, Andy?"
Emily's sex talk was terribly erotic to me and I could feel my balls starting to ache, and my cock starting to twitch. "Wait a minute," I gasped.
Emily looked down at me quizzically.
"Condom." I said between gasps for air.
Emily laughed and kept fucking herself on my cock as deeply as she could. "I'm on the pill, you little fucker!" Emily threw her head back and yelped as she started to come, her whole body shuddering over mine and her tits jiggling and bouncing wildly. I felt her cunt clench around my cock and it was all over.
I groaned loudly, arching my back and stiffening while my cock just throbbed, pumping cum into her cunt like rockets shooting off. I reached up and grabbed her tits, squeezing them and making her yelp and gasp even louder, while I made a series of unintelligible grunts and groans. my cock blasted one burst of cum into her cunt after another. All of a sudden, Emily just let herself fall onto my sweating body, and we lay there for a few minutes, with my cock still deep in her cunt, breathing hard and shuddering against each other's bodies.
Eventually Emily lifted her head up and said, "How'd you like that, little brother?"
"Oh God, Emily that was incredible, like a hundred times more fun than jerking off!"
"So when you feel like you need to jerk off, from now on, you know where to go, right? Don't waste all that jizz in the creek, Andy. Put it right in here," and she gave my cock a squeeze with her cunt muscles.
Emily rolled off me and let my cock pop out of her cunt. It was still stiff, and covered with our juices. Gobs of my cum were drooling down the shaft... and who knows, maybe some of Lenny's. Emily handed me some tissues, then rolled out of bed and started putting her clothes back on. I wiped off my cock and started putting my clothes back on, when I noticed a pair of shoes sticking out from under a dress hanging in Emily's closet. I caught Emily's eye and pointed to the shoes. She stormed over to the closet and pulled back the dress and there stood Meghan, our little sister, who had apparently seen everything.
"I thought you were going with mom to the store," Emily said, pulling the budding 14-year-old out of the closet.
"I... I... Uh..." Meghan stammered, "I wanted to watch you again, so I told mom I was staying home with you, and I snuck up here while you were taking your nap, and then Andy came in and I couldn't move, and... and..."
"Well, don't you tell a soul about this, you little snitch." Emily said threateningly. Meghan ran to the door and flipped the latch.
"I ain't gonna tell no one, Emily, "As long as you all let me play, too. I know about you and Lenny, too. I wanna see what it's like, OK?" And she pulled the door open and flew down the hall to her room, slamming the door.
Emily smiled, "Well, I guess we're all in it now, Andy. Why don't you come to my room on Tuesday afternoon, when mom goes to play cards? Lenny is already planning to come, maybe we can try a 3-some."
"How does that work?" I said, trying to imagine how more than 2 people could have sex.
"Don't worry, Lenny and I will teach you. You're not shy about doing it in front of Lenny, are you? You already jerked off in front of him."
"No," I answered, "I really like this, it'll be fun!"
"Maybe you and Lenny can jerk off together for me. I really want to see all that cum shooting everywhere from 2 cocks at once, it'll be so sexy!"
I didn't jerk off all weekend or Monday, thinking about what might happen up in Emily's room on Tuesday afternoon. I wanted to have a "full load" of cum for whatever we got into. Nobody had ever told me that it's actually better to jerk off every day before a "big event", to keep my balls operating at full capacity. Anyway, I waited for Mom to leave for her Tuesday afternoon card game, then went up to Emily's room. She and Lenny were talking as I came in.
"Hi," Emily said, "We were talking about whether to invite Meghan to come up and watch us, or maybe participate with us. What do you think?"
"Won't she snitch on us?" I asked.
Lenny said, "not if we include her in our fuck session. I bet she hasn't ever been fucked, maybe she hasn't ever had an orgasm yet. What do you all say, let's bring her in, and initiate her."
Emily went over to the door and called, "Meghan, honey, come over to my room, I know you're down there listening, dear."
Meghan's door opened and she came down the hall to Emily.
"We're going to let you in, so all four of us will have sex together. Is this what you want?"
"Oh, yes!" Meghan answered without an instant of hesitation, and Emily pulled her in the door, closed it and locked it.
"Not a word of this gets back to mom, right?" Meghan nodded.
"I have an idea," Lenny said, "Lets flip a coin between me and Andy to see which one of us gets to fuck Meghan for the first time! And the other one gets to fuck Emily."
"OK," I answered, "as long as we switch partners for a second round!"
"Sure," Lenny said, pulling out a quarter and flipping it.
I called "Head." It was tails, Lenny won the right to be the first to fuck Meghan. My consolation prize was that I was going to get Emily, and then Meghan for her second fuck.
Emily quickly stripped out of her clothes, and Lenny and I were right behind her, dropping our shorts and letting our hard cocks spring up.
Meghan looked at both of our cocks, twitching in front of our cum-filled balls, and said, "OK Lenny, I want to get it like I saw Emily getting it from Andy."
Lenny looked at Emily quizzically, and Emily said, "Cowgirl."
Lenny got in the bed on his back the way Emily had me do last week and invited Meghan to straddle his hips. Lenny's cock was so impressive, so hard and hot when Meghan wrapped her fingers around it and pulled it under her to where her dripping wet labia folds awaited the impaling pole of Lenny's cock.
"I'm gonna make this fast, Lenny, I want you inside me SO bad!"
Emily and I were so enthralled watching Meghan getting fucked that we forgot that we were supposed to be fucking, too. Emily and I sat on the bed next to Meghan and Lenny, watching Meghan position herself to take Lenny's big cock.
"OK, here goes," Meghan said, taking a deep breath. She rocked her hips forward the way she had seen Emily doing to me and let herself down, impaling her wet cunt with Lenny's cock. Meghan gasped as Lenny's cock impaled his little sister all the way. Meghan sat with her eyes closed just savoring the feeling of Lenny's cock deep inside her.
"Ohhh Jeeezuz," Meghan said over and over. Just being inside her was a huge erotic stimulation for Lenny, and his cock responded by swelling even more and twitching inside Meghan's cunt.
Lenny put his hands up on Meghan's little tittys and started playing with the hard little nipples.
Emily asked Meghan, "Is this your first time?"
Meghan shook her head, "Not exactly." "No shit," I said, "Who's been porking you?"
Meghan looked at me and then at Emily. "Don't nobody say anything, OK? We all promised to keep this secret, right?"
We all nodded our assent.
"OK, well," Meghan went on, "Dad's been making me suck his cock for about a year now. Mostly he shoots a load in my mouth, but sometimes he shoots it on my titties."
We all were astounded. Meghan started rocking up and down, "So you're my first fuck, Lenny. Fuck me good, I wanna feel you shoot your load up my cunt."
Lenny started drilling up into Meghan's wet cunt, fucking her deeply with long strokes that quickly raised the arousal level of both of them.
"O Gawwwddd," Meghan chanted over and over as Lenny drove his hard cock into his little sister's cunt deeply and rapidly.
Emily rolled over next to Lenny and got up on four legs, offering me her cunt doggy-style. "C'mon, Andy, let's go with them.
When I got on my knees between Emily's legs, I was so close to Meghan that she was rubbing her arm against mine as Lenny slammed into her bouncing her up and down erotically right next to me. Meghan was clearly going to cum any moment, her face was flushed and her fingers were digging into Lenny's chest, but when she felt me next to her she looked over with a look of utter lust on her face and reached over and grabbed my cock, stroking it madly in time with Lenny's mindless fucking.
Then she lowered my cock level with Emily's wet cunt and said, "Fuck her Andy! I wanna see you fucking your cock into her right now!"
I jerked my hips forward and drove my cock right through Meghan's fingers and into Emily's cunt. After I fucked her 3 or 4 times, Meghan pulled her hand out of the way and I slammed all the way into Emily's cunt, mashing my cock-head into her cervix and making her howl with delight.
Grabbing Emily's hips, I started rocking in and out at a good pace, and for a few minutes, Lenny and I had about the same fucking speed into our two sisters.
Then Lenny couldn't take it any longer and he arched his back under Meghan's body, lifting her up while his hands grabbed roughly at her cute titties, and he let out a loud groan, punctuated by guttural grunts each time his balls sent another hot load rocketing up his cock and into Meghan's belly.
Meghan felt him starting to cum and she shuddered and arched back, letting the spasms of orgasmic pleasure shake her whole little body, while Lenny jerked and grunted with each of his pulses of cum. Meghan was still shuddering and cumming when she looked over at me and said, "Let's see you fuck Emily's cunt, Andy! Pump your cum into her now!" It was terribly erotic to hear my little sister urging me on to fuck my big sister, and it took only about 2 more thrusts of my throbbing cock to set me off.
"Look Lenny," Meghan screamed, "Andy's cumming in Emily's cunt!"
I slammed my hips forward and groaned loudly, shuddering as my churning balls unloaded burst after burst into Emily's cunt. Meghan started cumming again, screaming over my shoulder, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck her Andy!" My fingers dug into Emily's hips as my pulsing cock fired more and more cum-bullets into Emily, until I finally fell back, almost in a faint, pulling my cock clear out of her cunt and shooting streams of cum up over her butt. I sprawled on my back, my cock sticking straight up and pulsing little gobs of cum up in the air that splattered onto my belly, to Meghan's delight.
Mom shows up unexpectedly...
"Well, look at this!" my mother's voice rang out over the gasping, grunting and groaning of an orgy that was just dying out. All four of us fuckers stared at the doorway that had burst open revealing our mom dressed in only her tube top and panties. "I thought something was going on in here when I heard Andy groaning all the way down in my bedroom. And look at what he was up to!" My belly was still twitching and my cock was still throbbing, bouncing up and down as the last of my load spurted out onto my belly.
"Mom, we..." Lenny started to explain, but mom shusshed him and walked over to the bed. We were all astounded when she wiped up some of my cum off my belly with her fingers, then lifted it to her mouth and tasted it.
"Oh, Andy, you're good!" she said, getting another finger-full and licking it up. "I'm going to have to get some more of that. Got anything left in those balls, Andy, or did you pump it all into your sister?"
I was too completely astounded to even answer, but she had apparently been listening to us for a while and was as horny as hell. Mom's nipples showed clearly through the tube top, and her panties were wet around her fingers that she was using to masturbate.
"Megan, I think you and Emily should get a chance to taste your brother's cum, but since I intend to be making use of their cocks, I think the two of you should do a "69" and get a good mouthful of the cum that's already in your slutty cunts, meanwhile, I want Lenny's cock in my cunt, and Andy's cock in my mouth! I want to get a whole mouthfull of Andy's sweet cum pumped into me, while Lenny's fucking the piss out of me!"
Mom had taken charge of our orgy and now planned to be the centerpiece of it.
"Emily, get over there with Megan and start sucking the cum out of each other's cunts, and make each other cum plenty of times while you're at it. Andy, lay down on this side, and let me get over you in a 69, while Lenny comes up behind me and fucks my cunt while I'm sucking Andy's cock."
We clumsily jostled for positions, and mom licked her way from my belly button down to my cock, gobbling up all the cum I had splattered all over my belly and balls. I felt her mouth closing over my still-stiff cck, and one of her hands slid down and squeezed my balls, encouraging me to give her a load of my cum. I looked straight up at her pussy fur and her wet cunt while Lenny slid up behind her and I saw his cock parting her labia and drilling right into her cunt with wet slurping sounds.
Mom started moaning as soon as Lenny's cock went into her, and the vibrations of her voice began to re-awaken my cock. Then Lenny started fucking in and out, sliding his whole cock into our mom until his balls slapped against my nose. I realized that I could easily reach mom's clit with my tongue, so I began to lick it and suck it between my lips. This seemed to drive her wild, and she began saying all kind of swear words, and "Fuck me, Lenny!" again and again.
She was alternately sucking my cock with her mouth and stroking it with her fist, which I knew would make me cum really soon. Lenny just kept fucking into her cunt, then pulling back until the head of his cock was almost out, and then slamming it back into her. I slid my hands down across my belly to where mom's tits were rubbing against my belly and I began to pull on her nipples.
We were so engrossed in the 3-some of mom, Lenny and I, that we were hardly aware of the sisterly "69" going on next to us, until we heard Meghan's muffled cries, screaming into Emily's cunt when Emily licked her clit and sent her over the edge. Meghan bounced and arched on top of Emily, shuddering with pleasure as Emily nibbled her clit again and again.
Emily gasped out, "Lenny's cum is sweet, too!" as she licked big gobs of it out of Meghan's cunt. A couple seconds after Meghan finished her orgasm, Meghan went back to licking Emily's clit and Emily started jerking and bouncing under Meghan's naked body, and Meghan called to her mother, "Andy's cum is yummy, mummy!"
Mom doubled her efforts to get me to shoot off for her, and as I felt her squeezing my balls, she started stroking my cock really fast and chanting, "Cumon, Andy, gimme your load!"
I knew I was gonna be cumming any second, and I felt my back stiffen as I drove my cock up through her flashing fingers, and with a huge groan, I felt my cum starting to pulse up my cock. The first blast spattered onto the side of her face, then she got her mouth over my cockhead and sucked while I pumped load after load up into her mouth. After about 6 big pulses, she pulled her mouth off and swallowed, while my abandoned cock throbbed and jerked, spewing cum in all directions, mostly onto her face and hair.
I was still gasping for my breath when Lenny grunted, arched, stiffened and started shooting his loads up our mom's cunt right in front of my face. I could see the vein on the bottom of his cock pulsing as one load after another shot deep into her belly. Mom pulled forward, releasing Lenny's cock out of her cunt, then she reached back and directed the spurting pole right into my mouth. I felt and tasted Lenny's cum spattering against my tongue, pulsing out the end of his cock and into my mouth. Lenny shuddered and jerked as he pumped 4 or 5 more loads into my mouth before he pulled back, spewing the last few small spurts up across mom's butt.
Next to us, Meghan and Emily were deep into their second shared orgasm, shrieking and groaning, jerking around and generally enjoying themselves. I swallowed the mouthful of cum that Lenny had shot into my mouth, and mom slumped down onto my naked body, exhausted. She put her hand back on my cock, stroking it slowly while it pulsed and throbbed. Lenny knelt back on his heels, stroking his cock, and making his big balls slap back and forth while he tried to work up another load. Meghan and Emily, next to us, were relaxing in the afterglow of their multiple orgasms.
Dad walks in on us...
That was our little family tableaux that dad saw when he stepped into the room.
"Sara, what's going on here?" Dad said, looking back and forth between his naked wife and his two naked sons, sprawled out on the bed in front of him, and his two naked daughters, still locked in a "69".
Mom lifted up her face, still covered with spatters of my cum, "Just getting to know each other a little better, Jon!"
Dad said, "Then I think I should get in on this, don't you?" he asked, as he was quickly stripping off his clothes.
Meghan said, "You know I've been sucking you off for a year already, and I told all of them, too!"
"Jon!" mom spoke up, "I didn't know..."
"Well, I didn't fuck her, anyway," Jon interrupted, "But I am going to fuck her now, and Emily, too! I see that both of the boys have been fucking you today! So you can just watch me fuck the girls, Sara. And I'm gonna jerk off the boys, and maybe I'll fuck them too before I'm done with all of ya!"
Dad got up on the bed and told Meghan and Emily to get on their hands and knees right beside each other, then he knelt on the bed right behind them so he could switch back and forth between their cunts. Then he told Lenny to kneel on his left side facing in, and me to kneel on his right side facing in. He leaned a bit to his right and punched his cock into Emily's cunt, and grabbed Lenny's cock with his left hand and my cock with his right. "OK," he growled, "Let's fuck these girls, and you boys get ready to shoot your cum all over them. Sara, you just sit there and watch and play with yourself!"
With that, he started pistoning his cock in and out of Emily's cunt and jerking Lenny's and my cock with both hands. After about 20 strokes, he pulled out and leaned left, and slammed his sloppy cock into Meghan's cunt, making her squeal as he drove his big man-cock all the way into her.
Lenny and I looked at each other in amazement that we would be getting jerked off by our dad, and then even more amazement that he would be fucking our sisters, switching back and forth between their cunts, both of them well-lubricated in advance by my and Lenny's loads of cum. And right next to Emily, mom was masturbating with one hand and fondling Emily's and Meghan's dangling tits... it was just too fucking horny to last very long!
Mom whimpered and squeezed her daughter's tits as she drove herself into an orgasm with her magic fingers.
Dad growled, "That's it, Sara, cum good and hard, and get ready for Andy and Lenny to shoot their loads all over you!"
Dad was just pulling out of Emily and switching back to Meghan when I felt my balls tightening up and getting ready to pump out another load. Dad felt this, too, by the way my cock was twitching in his hand, so he told me to turn toward mom, but kept stroking my cock until I was unimaginably overstimulated and my cum just rocketed out of my cock and splattered all up and dowm mom's belly and tits, some even splattered right on her pussy!
"Give it to her, Andy! Attaboy!" Dad looked almost berserk the way he was fucking Meghan and still stroking Lenny's cock.
"Dad, I'm gonna cum any second!" Lenny managed to say.
"Then stand up and straddle Meghan's butt so you can shoot your load into my mouth while I cum in Meghan's cunt!"
Lenny quickly moved in front of his dad, and Dad took Lenny's cock all the way into his mouth and started bobbing his head in time with his hip-thrusts into Meghan's cunt. Dad let go of my twitching cock and grabbed Lenny's bloated, bouncing balls and squeezed them. All three of them went off together, with Meghan screaming and convulsing, Lenny arching his back and stiffening as his cock jerked and spewed cum deep in his dad's throat, and Dad shuddering and hip-thrusting, unloading his balls into Meghan.
Mom watched her husband fucking and shooting his cum into their daughter, and watched Lenny arching and thrusting his young cock down his father's throat, and she came again, using my cum that was spattered all over her belly and tits as lubricant for her vibrating fingers.
Emily went after her own clit with her fingers, too and soon she was about to cum right next to her mother. Emily flipped around somehow and got into a 69 with mom, and it only took them a few seconds to start convulsing with orgasmic pleasure.
I saw my mom's cunt gaping open right in front of me, so I plugged my cock into her and started fucking hard and deep, determined that I would unload my balls at least once more before this was over. Dad finally pulled Lenny's cock out of his mouth and started gasping for air as his own orgasm started to wind down and his cock softened in Meghan's cunt.
When he saw me fucking mom, he gasped, "Fuck her good, Andy, and pump another load of your cum up her cunt!" I was pounding into her with quick, short strokes, and sure enough my overworked balls gave up another load, and I arched my back and drove my cock deep into her as it exploded inside her. I could feel mom's cunt squeezing my cock as she had another orgasm while I was pumping her full of cum.
Everybody flopped onto the bed sprawled all over each other in a state of exhaustion, most of us still gasping for air after the erotic marathon we had just gone through.
Lenny groaned, sprawled on his back over Meghan, with his cock sticking proudly straight up in the air, twitching slightly after he had dumped a load of cum in Dad's mouth.
"Too much for you, eh, Lenny?" Dad said, "I bet us guys can all shoot another load if we want to! Whaddya say, Andy? We've all gone so far, we might as well go all the way!"
I reached down to see if there was any life left in my abused cock. To my surprise, it started to get hard again as I stroked it, lubricated with a generous amount of my own cum. Boldly, I reached over and grabbed Lenny's cock and started stroking it. "Got anything left in there, Lenny?" I taunted him, "I think mine is ready."
Lenny moaned, and I felt his cock hardening in my rapidly stroking fist. "Oh man," he sighed, "just keep that up and you'll get what you want, Andy!"
"Wait a minute, boys," Dad said, "I want us to all get into a chain over here on the floor. Throw some blankets over there for us, Sara. Then I want Emily on her back and I'll get between her legs and fuck her. Sara, you straddle Emily's face and let her lick your pussy, and Meghan, you slide in on your back right under mom's face so she can lick your pussy. Now, boys, you two will get behind me, Lenny first, and then Andy. I want Lenny to butt-fuck me and Andy will butt-fuck Lenny. I'll be fucking Emily, who is eating mom, and she's eating Meghan. OK, everybody ready? Let's get in place!"
I never thought I'd be butt-fucking my brother, but hey, it was worth a try. I waited until Lenny got his cock in dad's butt, then I pushed up behind Lenny and pushed my cock into his ass. The girls were already licking each other, and dad started fucking Emily. So when Dad fucked into Emily's cunt, Lenny and I pulled back a little, and when dad pulled back from Emily, it would force Lenny's cock into dad's butt and then my cock would fuck into Lenny's ass. It was uncomfortable and clumsy at first, but soon we got into a rhythm and it started to be fun. I looked around past Lenny and dad and watched Emily's tits bouncing up and down as dad fucked her, which helped to make my cock even harder.
Mom, Emily and Meghan were all getting really hot, whimpering and squirming with delight. Dad was plugging Emily with fast, deep strokes, and both Lenny and I felt like we were going to cum pretty soon.
Dad grunted out, "Hold on, boys! I want us to all cum together! Any second now! "
Dad slammed his cock into Emily one last time and arched his back, groaning and shuddering as his balls blew up. His butt clenched Lenny's cock when he started to cum, and Lenny gasped and stiffened as he, too started shooting his load of cum into dad's butt. When I felt Lenny's butt clenching at my cock, I lost it, too, and I screamed with pleasure as my cock emptied my balls into Lenny's ass. I felt burst after burst of cum rocketing up my cock into Lenny's ass, draining the last of my load out of my aching balls.
All the male grunting and groaning weas quickly joined by the female gasping, whimpering and moaning as all three of them exploded in mutual orgasms, jerking and twitching as they exploded in pleasure. For one short moment all six of us were cumming, convulsing and sharing one huge orgasm of pleasure.
Gasping for breath, we began to wind down, still twitching from the remnants of our orgasms, when Dad said, "Hunh! Look at that... I think I could shoot another load... Why don't you two boys take turns jerking me off, and see which one makes me cum?"
Lenny and I got on either side of dad as he lay on his back, and Lenny grabbed his dad's cock, "How many strokes do I give him?" Lenny asked me.
"How about 20?" I asked him, "then I'll give him 20, and so on, until he shoots off."
"What about us?" Meghan asked, "I want a chance to make daddy cum, too!"
"OK, get around him," Lenny said, "We'll go round in a circle with each one giving him 20 strokes until he shoots off, OK?" So, the girls got around dad, also. It was Lenny, then Meghan, then me, then Emily. Lenny took dad's semi-hard cock in his hand and started stroking, while we all counted, and as soon as Lenny hit 20, Meghan grabbed his cock and we all counted her up to 20. Then I stroked him, then Emily. By the time we got around the circle the first time, dad's cock was stiff and proud, sticking straight up in the air over his churning, swollen balls.
As Lenny grabbed his cock for his next turn, mom came over and poured some kind of lubricant over the head of dad's cock, that made the stroking sound like fucking.
When Lenny hit 20, Meghan took over, then me, then Emily. Dad's cock-head was getting swollen and purple, and we thought it wouldn't be long until he would let go a load. As Lenny started stroking, Emily proposed, "How about the one that makes him cum gets to finish him off by sucking the cum out of his cock?"
"Yeah, cool!" I said, just as Lenny reached 20 and Meghan took over. Meghan worked hard on him for her 20 strokes, and dad's belly shuddered a couple times, forecasting that dad would soon be cumming. I took over and gave him a good fast 20 strokes, and passed his cock on to Emily. She gave him another 20, during which he groaned a couple times and arched his hips up once, but he still didn't cum.
As soon as it was Lenny's turn, it was obvious that dad was about to explode any second. Lenny got to about 10 strokes when dad's hips arched up off the bed and a spurt of cum shot straight up in the air, seemed to hang there for an instant, and then splattered back down onto his convulsing belly. Ripples of pleasure spread across his belly, and another burst of cum shot up in the air and splattered down over Lenny's stroking fist.
"Git it! Meghan yelled at Lenny, and Lenny clamped his mouth over the purple head of dad's cock before the next spurt came up. Lenny took the rest of dad's load in his mouth, as dad groaned and jerked and pumped his cum into his son's mouth.
When Dad finally slumped back gasping, Lenny pulled his head back up and looked at Meghan, making kissing motions. Lenny and Meghan kissed, and Lenny passed dad's load to Meghan. She then turned to me and I kissed her, and got the mouthful of cum from her. I passed it on to Emily, who made a show of swallowing the whole thing.
"Let's do that again," Meghan piped up, "That was fun, and there's still 2 boys left to jerk off! Which one goes next?"
"Which one of us has the hardest cock?" Lenny asked. So he and I knelt upright and told the girls that they had to pick which cock was ready to get jerked off."Emily thought Lenny was ready, and Meghan went along with her, so dad got up and took Lenny's place, while Lenny laid down where dad had just been.
Emily poured lube onto Lenny's half-hard cock and then said, "Same rules, right?" and everybody agreed.
Emily started stroking, then dad, then Meghan, and by the time it was my turn, Lenny's cock was stiff again and fun to stroke. We went around several more times before it looked like Lenny was getting close. Meghan got him to jump and groan on her turn and when it was my turn, Lenny was getting desperate, and I was up to about 15 strokes when Lenny arched and shot a load up in the air. I went down on him and clamped my mouth around his cock-head and felt his jets of sperm pulsing into my mouth, until he relaxed and slumped.
I sat up and offered my mouthful of cum to Emily. She took it from me, and passed it on to dad, who took it and passed it around to Meghan. We all looked expectantly at her and she surprised us by leaning over and passing the mouthful of cum back to Lenny. He took it and swallowed his own cum.
"Andy's turn, Andy's turn!" Meghan chanted, anxious to make my cock spurt like the others, "I wanna see Andy shooting off!"
Lenny unsteadily got up and I laid down in his place, while he took my place in the circle. I had the longest time to recover and I was surprised, actually, at how stiff my cock had become yet again. Emily drizzled lube on my cock and immediately started with her first 20 strokes. After her, dad gave me 20 strokes, then Meghan. She was the roughest, she squeezed really hard and made long, fast strokes that made my balls bounce and slap against her hand as it came down. Even though this hurt, it was erotic, and somehow enhanced the ache in my balls from being emptied so many times this evening. Lenny was next, and then Emily, dad, Meghan and then Lenny again. I felt my balls tightening up as they stroked me toward another orgasm. Emily saw that I was getting close, and I heard her cueing dad as I twitched and arched a bit.
Emily was done and now it was my dad who was stroking me, and I couldn't stand it any longer. I felt my hands clawing at the sheets and my hips bucked and then the first spurt shot up in the air, splattering all over my belly and dad's hand. Another thick burst jetted up from my cock to Meghan's amusement.
Meghan chanted, "He's shooting, he's shooting!"
Dad bent over and sucked the very last of my teenage cum out of me, collecting 8 or 10 bursts of cum, until I collapsed, exhausted. Dad sat up and waved Sara over, kissing her and giving her my load of cum, which she swallowed. We were all truly exhausted, except for Meghan, who went babbling merrily along, planning our next family get-together, and imagining how much cum she would get to swallow next time. Dad and Emily fell asleep in each other's arms, completely naked, mom and Lenny cuddled up, and I sneaked away to my own bed, not wanting to get stuck with the hyper Meghan.
I flopped into my bed on my back, wondering what we had unleashed in our family. I noticed that my cock was still stiff, I was so hypersexed by what we had just done, so I jerked off one last time, spewing what cum was left in my balls up in the air and all over my belly, my fist and my cock and balls. I fell asleep that way, with my hand still wrapped around my sticky, twitching cock.
End of Andy's Journal
Part 2... Jon and Sara Decide
Several weeks later... Jon and Sara have found and read Andy's Journal of their sexual experiences... they get so horny that they made marathon love for an hour.
Jon rolled away from Sara, still huffing and puffing from the fantastic combination Blow Job/Hand Job Sara had just given him. This was a "payback" for the 6 orgasms Jon had given Sara in the 69 position just a few moments earlier.
"What do you think the kids will say?" Sara asked, after Jon's breathing slowed down.
"I think they'll love the idea," Jon answered, "As long as we all have a chance to fuck each other before we're killed. I don't know what we did to give them the idea that we can fuck each other in the first place."
"Maybe they'll change their minds after we watch this Thursday's Necro show. Or maybe they'll be enthusiastic about doing it," Sara mulled, playing with Jon's softening and cum-splattered cock,
"I just think we should watch the show together and see if they are turned on by the idea."
Jon sighed, "I thought nothing could be more erotic than fucking my kids in front of you, but the idea of all of us having an orgy and suddenly getting riddled with bullets, makes me hard every time I think of it!" Sara, lying opposite Jon in a 69, noticed his cock immediately getting stiffer in her hand, twitching as it slowly rose into the fuck-pole that Sara loved.
"Wanna go for another one, dear?" Sara asked, stroking Jon's cock and sucking on his bloated balls.
"Ohh yeah..." Jon groaned, "Do me again!"
All four of the kids gathered around the screen of Lenny's laptop, watching their mother starting to give her husband another Hand Job on the webcam that Lenny had hidden on their bookshelf. All of them wondered what the hell their parents were talking about, but there was a more immediate interest in watching their parents getting off again. Emily and Meghan sat back on Emily's couch with their legs spread, fingers at work in their sloppy cunts, and eyes glued to their dad getting jerked off on the screen.
"Can you zoom it in closer, Lenny?" Emily asked breathlessly.
Lenny stopped jerking his own cock long enough to zoom the cam a little closer, so they could all see when their dad shot his load.
Andy stared at the screen intently, his fist a blur as he jerked himself off for the third time that evening. There were orgasmic cries from several of the kids before they saw their dad arch his hips and blow a load of cum up in the air.
Meghan cried out, twitching and shuddering from her orgasm, and Andy went off last, spewing his thick strings of cum across the naked thighs of both of his sisters.
Part 3... Thursday Evening Family Meeting
[Jon is wearing a Speedo and Sara is naked under some filmy lingerie. Lenny and Andy are in Speedos and Emily and Meghan are in teeny bikinis]
Jon had set up the family room TV as a monitor for his laptop, and he was getting it online as the kids came into the room and plopped down on the sofas.
"What's this about?" Lenny asked, "and where's Meghan? That little twerp is always late!"
Jon and Sara laughed, as the sounds of Meghan running down the stairs and into the family room echoed thru the house.
"We're going to watch a special show tonight," Sara started, "and then decide if we want to try it."
"If its sexy, I'm all for it!" Emily giggled.
"Me too," Andy piped up, "I like anything that makes me shoot off!"
"So we're going to watch 'The Necro Show' and see if we like it," Jon explained, "With one rule... during the show you can only masturbate, no fucking, so everyone will be able to see the whole show."
And Sara added, "If we like it, we can become contestants on next week's show!"
"All of us?" piped up Meghan.
"Yes, honey, all of us." Sara answered, "We would be having an orgy on the internet in front of thousands, maybe millions of people."
Lenny asked, "Isn't this the show I read about where people and whole families and groups volunteer to be snuffed on a live streaming feed?"
"Yep," Jon answered, "If we like it, we can be on next Thursday's show!"
"No Shit!" Andy blurted out, rubbing his stiffening cock thru his Speedo, "I'm gonna get to see all of you'ns shot to hell? I wanna get it last!"
Meghan jumped up with her hand in the air as though she was in school, "Me first!"
"OK kids, cool it," Jon said, "We'll have time to figure that out later, it's 8:00 and the show is starting."
Jon typed something and the TV in the family room buzzed to life, showing an announcer and in the background what was apparently a mom, a dad and a teenaged boy. The dad and the boy were wearing Speedo-type shorts, and the mother was topless, with bikini bottoms. The Speedos did little to hide the fact that both the dad and his son had stiff cocks inside their shorts.
"Wow, she's hot!" Andy said, pushing down his Speedos in the front until his cock and balls plopped out into view. The waistband was now threaded behind his balls, lifting them and pushing them forward, while his cock quickly stirred to life in his fist.
Jon finally got the sound working, and the announcer was saying that the Parsons family had volunteered for this evening's entertainment, and that they would be snuffed by remote-control machine guns at a pre-arranged time. The dad and mom were named Eric and Elissa, and the boy's name was Kurt. The camera zoomed in on them while they finished stripping off what little clothes were left.
Elissa immediately turned to her son Kurt, and his hands went straight up to her big, jiggly 36D tits. Kurt spent a few minutes fondling, sucking and licking his mom's great tits, while Eric came up behind her and slid his mostly-erect cock between her ass-cheeks, and wrapped his hands around her belly, caressing it and pulling her tight against him. Kurt's young cock was also stiff, and Kurt slid his cock between his mother's legs, where Eric's cock was already pushing through. Eric and Kurt pushed against each other, sliding their cocks back and forth until Kurt's cock pushed a bit upwards at the right time and popped into his mother's wet cunt. Eric pulled back a little and pushed his cock into his wife's ass, and now all three were connected in a very erotic 3-some with "double penetration".
Now Kurt leaned back and let his father's hands go up to Elissa's tits while Eric focussed on fucking his mother. Once he got in place, he started fucking quickly and deeply, while his dad fucked her ass more slowly. The double-penetration was beginning to work on Elissa, as the audience could clearly hear her soft moans and encouragements to her son to fuck her harder. Andy, Lenny and Jon were all stroking their cocks, and the two girls followed Sara's lead, stroking their pussies as they watched.
Andy's hand smacked into his balls hard as he stroked enthusiastically, prompting Meghan to ask, "Don't that hurt?"
"yeah," Andy replied, "but it will make me shoot off a lot harder when I cum!"
Meghan thought she might try that, too, and started massaging her clit more violently, just to see what would happen.
On-screen, Eric pumped his cock up into his wife's ass, leaning back and clutching her tits with both hands to keep from falling backwards. Eric's face distorted, his mouth open and eyes scrunched shut as the pleasure from butt-fucking his wife began to explode in his balls. Kurt kept pumping his mother's cunt from in front, also leaning back and arching as he prepared to shoot his load up his mother's cunt and into her belly.
"Oh God, Dad," Kurt gasped out, "I can feel your cock rubbing against mine inside mom! You're going to make me shoot off in mom's cunt!"
Eric groaned as he was going over the edge, "Do it, Kurt! Blast your cum up her cunt!"
Eric went over the edge and shuddered as he pumped his first big load up his wife's ass.
"I can feel you cumming inside her!" Kurt shouted, as his own cock jerked and started to spew his young cum into his mother's cunt. Elissa felt her son and her husband shooting their loads together into her cunt and ass and she wailed and shuddered as her orgasm overcame her.
Jon's family watched the incestuous orgy on the big screen, masturbating madly as the couple and their son all orgasmed together, shuddering and groaning as her husband's and her son's cocks exploded inside Elissa's ass and cunt.
Elissa gasped loudly as she came, then she screamed, "Oh Goddddd, my own son is fucking me!"
Lenny groaned out, "Oh Jeeeeezuz!" and his cock shot a load straight up in the air in front of him, followed by 3 more powerful and erotic spurts of cum as he responded to the incestuous coupling on-screen.
Emily and Meghan, sitting side by side, switched hands and started masturbating each other's clits as both of them started gasping and jerking in orgasmic convulsions. Andy sat next to his mother on the other couch, staring intently at the screen, while his mother jerked his cock with one hand and his father's cock with the other hand, and both Andy and his dad were finger-fucking his mom's sloppy wet cunt.
Lenny and the girls were moaning and gasping as they watched the three orgasms on the screen.
What happened next shocked everyone. Eric let his hands slide down to his wife's hips, exposing her lovely, bouncing tits. As their orgasms waned, suddenly there was a "Sssssht-thunk" sound, and a crossbow bolt appeared in Elissa's right tit. Then, as fast as they could be fired, there were more "Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!" sounds and more and more crossbow bolts appeared all over her tits, drilling thru them into her chest. Her face showed a combination of orgasmic pleasure and shock as the bolts drilled into her tits, puckering them inward at each impact.
Her husband's cock was still stiff and hard, spewing cum in her butt, and her son's cock still throbbed and spurted in her cunt as she began to die. Eric and Kurt both tried to hold her up, as her legs got wobbly and shock began to set in. Then the method of death selected by Eric and his son, Kurt, kicked in, and several silenced machine guns opened up on the trio from several directions. Bullets drilled into Elissa from both front and back, passing through her and into Eric and Kurt. Bullets thudded into Kurt's back, exploding out thru his taut young belly and into his mother's guts. Likewise, a stream of bullets ripped into Eric's back, through him and through his wife's body, exploding out of her belly and tits and into Kurt.
In the view of thousands, maybe millions of watchers, Eric and his wife Elissa and their son Kurt had fucked each other in a most erotic 3-some and now were being completely riddled with bullets. The trio, having taken hundreds of bullets, finally toppled into a heap, with Elissa on top of the two men, sprawled on her back over them, displaying the dozen or so bolts protruding from her tits.
The pile of bodies lay there twitching and jerking from both orgasms and the shock of being riddled with bullets. The screen showed the pile of bodies from several directions, panning slowly over them.
At home, Sara finally gave herself over to the fingers of her husband and her son, and she started to gasp and shudder as a huge orgasm shook her body. Her two hands kept jerking her husband's and her son's cocks while she doubled over in pleasure, then she sat back upright as both Jon and Andy groaned, and then began shooting thick streams of cum up in the air that splattered down over Sara's face, tits and belly. For one delicious moment all three of them convulsed in pleasure, their minds full of pictures of the incestuous trio fucking and getting killed.
On-screen, the camera pulled back a bit, showing two people dressed in black and carrying sub-machine guns, coming onto the set. One of them went around and stood just between Elissa's feet. When they fell, Eric's cock had stayed in Elissa's ass, but Kurt's cock had pulled out of her cunt and his body had slid to one side, legs splayed apart, and his cock still stiff, twitching, and spurting cum.
The man at Elissa's feet began to fire bullets into Elissa's tits, making them bounce around and making the crossbow bolts jiggle in her tits. Then he lowered the gun and pushed the muzzle into Elissa's cunt, firing a burst of bullets straight up her cunt, destroying her guts and making her body bounce around erotically on top of Eric as she was bullet-fucked. Finally he pulled the gun out, and blasted Eric's cock, still embedded in her butt, blowing his cock to shreds and then his balls.
The camera moved to the other figure in black, a woman, who stood over Kurt's sprawled body, and sprayed his chest and belly with a long burst of bullets, bouncing his body around erotically. Then she aimed at his still-twitching cock and blew it to shreds and blasted his balls to mush.
Then they left the set, as the cameras panned back and forth over the destroyed bodies of the husband and wife and son.
"Ohhhh Jeeeeezus!" Lenny groaned, as his cock spurted another load up in the air, that splattered back down over his face, chest and belly.
Meghan and Emily continued to stroke each other's clits until both of them had a second orgasm. As they came down and opened their eyes, they saw their mother seated in front of her husband and her youngest son, taking turns sucking both of their cocks, cupping their balls in each hand as she sucked them both to an orgasm. She drank her son Andy's load of cum and then her husband's load.
When everyone was recovered from their series of orgasms, Jon asked, "So, what do you think? Do we want to be on next week's Necro Show?" Everyone shouted a rousing "Yes!" and Jon told them he would call in the morning and get on the list.
Part 4 a week of debauchery
There was much to do in the intervening week. Jon quit his job and the kids all quit school. The kids spent almost all their time fucking each other, watching their parents fuck on the secret webcam, and then eventually joining their parents and having sex indiscriminately with each other. Andy discovered the experience of ass-fucking Lenny or his dad, and he loved it. He found out it was best when he could butt-fuck Lenny while Lenny was fucking one of the girls... then all three of them could feel each other cumming.
Everyone had to fill out some papers and select one of several methods of death. Among their choices were: fast-acting poison, single bullet in the forehead, machine-gun (how many bullets) and where (tits, belly, pussy),, shotgun to the tits, shotgun to the belly, shotgun to the cock and balls, Jon received a set of forms detailing the different ways that each one could be killed: shotgun up the cunt, crossbow bolts (how many) and where (tits, belly, pussy), sword in the guts, spear in the guts, and the list went on, so that everyone could specify how to die as they liked. And finally, how many times do you want to cum before you are snuffed?
Meghan kept insisting that she wanted to be the first to be killed, but she wanted to cum at least twice before she would get it. However, she was having a terrible time deciding how she wanted to get it. Emily suggested that they all work on their questionnaires together and agree on how they wanted it. Lenny said that they should invite their parents to be in on the planning, too, so they all ended up working on a scenario, and finally agreeing that everyone would get to cum twice before anyone would get killed. That would allow them to have 2 couplings among themselves and then everyone would get it, and they'd leave it up to the directors who'd get it first, etc.
Everybody liked being able to anticipate how they were each going to be killed, and they decided to get together once a day until next Thursday, and practice acting out how they would be killed. This always ended in a mass orgy that went on until nobody could cum any more, or a masturbation round in which each person masturbated to orgasm one-after-the-other with everybody else watching and commenting on how erotic they looked when they came. After cumming, each person would pretend to be killed in their chosen manner. After each one had a chance to cum and act out their death, they would all masturbate together until everybody came again.
Andy loved these sessions because he was often able to double-up and cum twice in one round, and everybody loved how his cock spurted and twitched when he let it fly "no-hands". Once he even got his dad and Lenny to stand in a circle and jerk off with him and time their orgasm so they would all cum together, and the three of them let go of their cocks just as their balls unleashed a big load and they spurted cum all over each other while the girls "OOhed and Ahhed" as they watched all the cum shooting up and splattering down.
Part 5: Thursday Evening Finish
Jon pulled the car up in front of a shabby-looking storefront in "not the best" part of town, but the address was right, and the name on the storefront was J & B Media. "Well, this seems to be the right place, everybody get your stuff and let's go in. Sara, Emily, Lenny, Andy and Meghan all crowded around trying to see in the front windows, which were apparently painted black on the inside. The door was locked, so Jon knocked. A squeaky, unintelligible voice came out of a mangled squak box next to the door, and Jon said, tentatively, "It's Jon and Sara". The latch buzzed and Jon went in, followed by the rest of his family.
As the door clicked shut behind them, they all realized that they were in near total darkness. A woman's voice said, "Give me your paperwork, and go on through to the studio." Another door unlatched and opened. Jon, Sara and the kids trooped through, to be greeted by an array of very high tech cameras, remotely controlled automatic weapons, a large bed in the center, and numerous other devices that they couldn't identify.
A man came out of the back and said, "Go ahead and change into whatever you are going to wear for the shooting... err, the show." Everybody knew what he meant. Behind him thru the doorway was the control room with rows of monitors and joystick-like controls on a panel above the keyboards.
"I'm Josh, and I might as well show you around a little, as we have a half hour before we start" he said, guiding them into the control room. The monitors showed the bed from every angle, and Josh explained the joysticks, "Each one of these controls one of the weapons, for example, this one controls the automatic crossbow."
He moved the joystick around, watching the monitor above it as it focussed in on various parts of the bed. "...And this is the trigger," Josh said, pulling it once, slowly. "SSSSSHT-THUNK!" A crossbow bolt appeared in the center of the bed, sticking in at a 45-degree angle. Everybody gasped. "And these three joysticks are for the silenced 9mm automatic submachine guns." He used one of the joysticks to turn the remote-controlled gun so it was aiming through the door at Emily's back.
"Not bad, eh? Over there is a poison dart gun that delivers a lethal dose of quick-acting poison... and the last ones over there control 3 nooses in case someone has elected to be hung." He used the joystick to drop and raise a rope noose. "The big switch in the center electrifies the bed with a lethal bolt of electricity, and there is a chair in the corner if someone elects a more traditional electric chair experience."
And on the far side of the set, Josh opened a door so that they could see out into the alley behind the studio. There were three bodies piled on a loading dock.
"Those are the bodies from the 7 o'clock show. It was a bit different, the wife wanted to kill her husband and his mistress while they were fucking, then she was immediately killed by crossbow arrows.
That's where you will all end up after your show... in the disposal truck."
Everyone stared at the bullet-riddled bodies of the blonde bimbo and the husband, and the wife with at least a dozen crossbow bolts in her tits and belly, sprawled on top. Every member of Jon's family started to get aroused by the scene as Josh closed the big metal door.
"Now run along and get dressed... or undressed, whatever it will be, and we start in 15 minutes," Josh said. The dressing room was cramped for 6 people, so it took a few minutes for everyone to get ready.
Jon and the two boys had decided to start off in just a Speedo, that they would lose right away anyhow. Sara had selected a semi-transparent negligee with bikini panties, and Emily and Meghan had both selected very sexy teeny thong bikinis.
Jon called Andy and Lenny over, pouring some pills into his hand. "I don't know how long any of us will last, but this will help us to be able to fuck and shoot cum as much as possible before we are snuffed. Each of you take 3 of the blue ones - they will keep you hard, and one of the big white ones - those are cum production enhancers. They will help you to have huge loads of cum."
Jon and his 2 sons gobbled down the pills even though Andy said, "Dad, I don't think I will need pills to do any of that, ha ha!"
Jon pulled out another pill bottle and said, "These are pain blockers. They are optional, but the producers of the show recommend them for the guys and the girls so that our focus stays on the sex, even when we are getting shot. Helps us ignore the pain, at least at first." Everybody took one.
"10 minutes to go," Josh called, "you'll want to get on the set and decide how you want to open the show. Things will move along pretty fast once we begin! When we start streaming the show, we'll introduce each one of you, but it will be good if you are already in position to start your first set."
Jon and Sara and the kids had already decided how they wanted to start off. Jon, Andy and Lenny lined up along one side of the bed, shoulder-to-shoulder, with Jon in the middle, Andy on his left, and Lenny on his right, and the three girls, Sara, Meghan and Emily, got on the bed side-by-side in front of the boys: Emily laid in front of Jon, Sara laid in front of Andy, and Meghan laid in front of Lenny. Everybody still had their skimpy clothing on.
They barely got themselves arranged when Josh called "10 seconds!" and closed the control room door. The lights came up, and they heard Josh introducing the family. There were 2 monitors high on the black walls that showed what was being streamed out on the internet.
The remote control cameras scanned back and forth showing the whole family, and then everyone heard Josh announce that it was time to start. "Go!" he commanded. At the signal, the three girls slid one hand down into their skimpy bikini bottoms and began to masturbate. The three guys pulled their speedos down and let their cocks pop up stiffly in front of them. they hooked the waistband behind their balls, lifting them forward prominently under their stiff cocks.
Jon reached both hands to the sides and grabbed his son's cocks, one with each hand, while Lenny and Andy reached in from the sides and locked their fingers around their dad's big cock. In front of them, the three girls sprawled on the bed did the same thing, except that Emily was in the middle, so she reached both hands to the sides and started fingering her mom and Meghan, while Sara and Meghan both pushed their hands under Emily's bottoms and started fingering Emily's clit.
The cameras scanned back and forth as this depraved family masturbated each other in front of thousands, maybe millions of internet viewers. The monitors had little icons along the bottom of their screens that viewers could click... one of them was a "Like" button that allowed the viewer to identify if it was a male or female who "Liked" the scene. Likewise there was a "Cum" button that allowed the viewer to signal that a male or female was orgasming while watching a scene.
The monitors in the studio showed these totals to the producers as well as the performers in real time. The "Like" counts from males and females started to jump, and even though no one in the studio had cum yet, the Cum counters started to jump, too, as viewers watched the three guys and three girls jerking each other off. Jon looked up and saw that there were over 300,000 male "Likes" and 15,000 male "Cums" already. Female numbers were running lower so far, but increasing.
"We've made over 15,000 guys and 8,000 girls cum already!" Jon announced, which increased everyone's excitement level. "OK boys, let's give them a show!"
This was the signal for the girls to quickly untie their tops and bottoms and get naked. Jon, Lenny and Andy stepped up their stroking speed, while watching the the three girls caressing and fondling each other.
"Who's going to spray the girls first?" Jon said, between gasps of pleasure as both of his sons rapidly stroked his stiff and twitching cock.
"I'm ready to go!" Andy groaned, as his father's hand stroked his young cock.
"Do it, Andy!" Jon encouraged, stroking his son's cock intensely. Andy arched his back and stiffened, his cock throbbing in his father's hand, and fired his first load up across his mother's belly and tits, with a loud groan. The cameras focussed in on his young cock clutched in his father's hand as it spewed another and another long, thick string of cum up across Sara's naked pussy, belly and tits. One load made it all the way up to Sara's chin.
Jon proudly watched his son shooting a huge load of cum all over his mother's sexy belly and tits, then he turned Andy's cock toward Emily and Meghan and watched his son shoot thick streams of cum across their bellies, accompanied by animalistic grunts in time with each shot of cum.
Andy was so breathless at this point that he almost fainted, but still managed to shoot several more streams of cum through his father's jerking hand and across his mother's and sister's bellies. Jon let go of Andy's cock and Andy slumped limply forward, driving his exhausted cock straight into his mother's cunt. They both lay there feeling each other twitching as Sara orgasmed with Andy's stiff cock planted in her cunt, while Jon's attention turned to Lenny.
"Go ahead, Lenny," Jon encouraged, "Show Meghan what you've got in those big balls, son!"
Lenny didn't need his father's encouragement or his jerking fist any more, he was right on the verge of pumping his load, so, arching his back and groaning, he let loose a huge load from his 16-year-old cock, spewing cum straight up across Meghan's pussy and belly and splattering against the bottoms of her firm little tits. He shot 5 or 6 loads up across Meghan's belly accompanied by guttural grunts of utter pleasure, then Jon shared Lenny's continuing cum shots with Emily and Sara, as he had done with Andy, aiming Lenny's cock back and forth, spewing load after load on his sisters bellies and tits, and across his mother and Andy. Lenny gasped for air as his orgasm began to die down.
At this point Jon looked up and saw that the "Likes" count was now over 800,000, with over 100,000 male cums and 50,000 female cums. After announcing the latest statistics, Jon threw his head back and groaned as his balls blew up between his legs, ejecting huge thick strings of cum that splattered up across Emily's belly and hit her tits so hard that they jiggled just from the impact of her father's cumshots.
Jon gave his daughter 3 or 4 powerful jets of cum and then aimed his cock back and forth, pumping long strings of cum over Andy and Sara, Lenny and Meghan. Finally he leaned forward and drove his still-spurting cock into his daughter Emily's cunt and flopped onto her sperm-covered tits, his cock still shooting jets of cream up her cunt accompanied by rhythmic grunts of pleasure. Emily also orgasmed, wailing and squeezing her father's cock tightly and draining every last drop of his sperm into her belly.
Jon counted up the amazing number of outrageous and sinful things that they had done in just the space of 10 minutes... he jerked off both his sons and sprayed their cum all over, then fucked their mother and sister... the boys jerked him off and he shot his load all over and then fucked his daughter... his wife and daughters masturbated until he and his sons could fuck them to orgasm... and his cock was still completely stiff and throbbing inside his daughter's cunt. He propped himself up and looked up at the monitor... over a million "Likes", and 500,000 male cums, 400,000 female cums. Jon was proud of his family for helping nearly a million people get off. Now would come the finale, the scene in which they would all die.
"OK everybody, this is it!" Jon announced, pulling his cock out of Emily's cunt and kneeling upright so Emily could get up.
Jon gave Sara a big openmouthed kiss and said, "Go for it!" Next to him Andy stood with a rigid cock, dripping and twitching from his first orgasm of the evening.
Sara told him, "Get on the end of the bed on your back and I'll be right over."
Lenny wanted Emily, so he and his dad switched places, and got on their backs on the middle and head of the bed with their cocks twitching stiffly, sticking straight up.
Sara crawled up over Andy's legs and straddled his hips, positioning herself so her dripping cunt was directly over Andy's eagerly throbbing cock.
"C'mon, mom, I wanna fuck you so bad! And I wanna see you die when you come!"
"OK Andy," Sara said, lowering her cunt so that Andy's cock-head was just pushing between her cunt-lips, "You do the fucking, Andy, I want you to make me come, and I want to feel your cock pumping your cum up my cunt! Jon, honey, look at Andy! He's gonna fuck me!"
Andy started rocking his hips and bouncing his butt on the bed, driving his cock up into his mother's cunt with rapid-fire intensity. Sara's 36C tits bounced up and down wildly as Andy slammed up into her cunt. Sara grabbed both her tits with her hands and squeezed them, twiddling the nipples to increase her pleasure as her son's rapid fucking drove her toward her final orgasm.
Jon put Meghan on her hands and knees and got up behind her, driving his big cock into his teenaged daughter's cunt. Right next to them, Jon watched Andy wantonly screwing his mother. "Attaboy!" Jon said to Andy, "Screw her and make her cum! I wanna see your cock shooting off deep in her cunt while I'm screwing Meghan!"
Lenny stayed on his back, and Emily crawled over him in a 69 position and started sucking his cock while Lenny ate her cunt. The groans and gasps coming from both of them indicated that they were both going to cum pretty soon.
Andy seemed to have boundless energy as he jack-hammered his cock up into Sara's cunt without stopping even for a breath of air. Sara liked the way Andy's cock was pistoning in and out of her belly, and she felt the twinges of an impending orgasm.
"I'm gonna come any second, Andy! Gimme your load of cum now! Yes! Auuuuuugh!" Sara thrashed as her whole belly convulsed in waves of pleasure radiating up from her tortured and well-fucked cunt.
"Here it comes, mom!" Andy gasped as he felt his cock start to throb and his balls churned under the influence of the cum-enhancing drug, pumping out more cum than Andy had ever shot before.
"Go, Mom!" Lenny called out from between Emily's legs.
"Take your son's load!" Jon said as he watched Andy shuddering in pleasure as his cock pumped load after load up his mother's cunt.
Sara made one long wail as the convulsions rippled up her belly and shook her tits. In the control room, Josh placed the crosshairs of the automatic crossbow directly on Sara's left tit and then hit the "auto map" button. Then, as Sara shuddered with her third orgasm, Josh hit the "Fire" button and the automatic crossbow started to do it's job.
SssshThunk! SssshThunk! SssshThunk! Sara grunted "GUH!" as each of the 3 crossbow bolts thudded into her left tit, puckering it in as the bolts punctured her lung. Quickly the Auto-crossbow recalculated, and... SssshThunk! SssshThunk! SssshThunk! 3 bolts slammed thru her right tit and into her lung. Sara reached up and grabbed her tits but the bolts were in her way. A quick re-calibration... SssshThunk! SssshThunk! SssshThunk! SssshThunk! 4 bolts thumped into the soft tissue of Sara's belly below the belly button, and Sara grunted with a guttural "GUH! when each bolt impaled her belly. Sara unsteadily tried to stay upright. But this was too much, and she flopped backwards, pulling up and off Andy's cock, which sprung upright, still spewing gobs of cum 2 feet up in the air that splattered down onto Sara's belly, her cunt, and Andy's cock and balls.
As Sara flopped backwards onto the bed, her legs were still splayed apart on either side of Andy's hips and the auto-crossbow recalibrated once again... SssshThunk! SssshThunk! SssshThunk! Three bolts drilled straight up Sara's cunt. The first two thumped into her cunt and disappeared, drilling up thru her guts and embedding deeply inside her. The last thumped into her cunt and stopped, still sticking out about 3 inches.
Sara gave one last sigh and went limp, her body looking like a pincushion with bolt stubs all over her tits and belly. The auto-crossbow recalibrated, raising up on it's track...SssshThunk! SssshThunk! 2 bolts between Sara's tits into her heart, just to be sure, but Sara's body just bounced a little, already dead. Jon looked up at the monitor. One and a half million "Likes", over 800,000 male cums and over 700,000 female cums. Their show had already caused 1 1/2 million orgasms!
Jon sped up his fucking of his youngest daughter, as he wanted to cum next, but Lenny and Emily were making desperate sounds as they worked on each other orally. Andy crawled out from under his dead mother's legs and went down the bed to Lenny and Emily.
"Can I help you guys?" he begged, his cock twitching in anticipation of being given another orgasm.
"Sure, Andy," Lenny said, "plenty of room in Emily's cunt for your cock!" Andy straddled Lenny's head, his bloated and churning balls dangling over Lenny's face while he rocked forward and plunged his already overstimulated cock into his oldest sister's cunt, just inches from his older brother's face.
Emily started working on Lenny's cock with one hand and her mouth, stroking his cock madly and sucking the swollen head. With her other hand she cupped his balls, as if to tease out the massive load of cum he was generating in there for her. When Andy jerked his hips after aligning his cock with her sloppy wet cunt, Emily gasped at the depth of his penetration.
Andy's cock was completely stiff and swollen, and he eagerly drove it into Emily's cunt while Lenny continued to nibble at her sensitive clit. Andy's churning balls slapped against Lenny's face with each stroke, and soon Andy was starting to groan in anticipation of blasting his older sister full of cum.
Emily and Lenny were both almost ready to come even before Andy's cock showed up and started screwing Emily's cunt, so it didn't take long for Emily to have her first spasms of an impending orgasm. Her cunt squeezed and vibrated around Andy's spearing cock, and Lenny caught Andy's cum-filled balls and sucked them into his mouth, making Andy arch his back and groan with pleasure.
Emily's frenzied stroking of Lenny's cock was too much for him and suddenly he grunted and arched his hips, spewing huge loads of cum into Emily's mouth. Emily swallowed the first 2 or 3 loads, but she suddenly arched her back too, and came with surprising intensity, convulsing and vibrating as she was speared in the cunt by Andy's cock and in the mouth by Lenny's spurting cock. Lenny groaned and shuddered as his cock pumped out more sperm than he had ever shot before.
Andy joined his orgasming siblings, arching his back and groaning loudly as his young cock exploded up Emily's cunt, locking all three of them in a mind-blowing simultaneous orgasm.
Jon watched three of his kids shudder, jerk and groan for a long time. Lenny's cock had come out of Emily's mouth as she orgasmed and gasped for air, so it was shooting straight up in the air and splattering down Emily's back.
Josh used a joystick to put the crosshairs of the automatic machine gun on Emily's upper back where the bigggest gobs of Lenny's cum had landed, hit the "auto-map" button and then "Fire!" The auto-machine gun calibrated briefly and then started to fire... Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! the bullets fired straight down thru Emily's back, through her body and burst out of her tits, and straight into Lenny's lower belly. Lenny and Emily jerked and bounced as the bullets drilled thru them, then there was a second for recalibration... Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! These bullets slammed into Emily's lower back, burst out of her belly and into Lenny's chest.
Again, Lenny and Emily jerked and grunted as the bullets drilled through them, but this time Emily bounced off of Lenny's body and rolled onto her back next to him. This caused Andy's cock to come out of her cunt, and Andy slid back from his brother and sister, his cock still spewing gobs of cum everywhere as he slid away from them.
The auto-machine gun readjusted on its track and aimed at Emily's cum-filled cunt... Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! three bullets fired nearly straight up her cunt, drilling up through her already-riddled body, exploding her heart. The auto-machine gun zipped overhead and quickly recalibrated... Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Lenny's stiff and still-spurting cock was blown to shreds, as were his bloated balls, blasting unused cum all over his belly.
Andy turned to his father and younger sister and asked, "Which one of you wants my next load? Dad, can I fuck your butt while you fuck Meghan?"
"Are you sure you don't want to fuck Meghan's mouth while I do her cunt?" Jon replied.
"I'll get her mouth later." Andy got behind his father and pressed his eager cock against his father's butt. He pushed just hard enough to pop the head inside, setting off a howl from Jon as his son's cock pressed against his prostate. Then, as Jon continued to fuck Meghan, each time he pulled his cock out, he drove Andy's cock into his butt. Soon he had a good rhythm going, fucking his youngest daughter and getting fucked by his son. Jon looked up at the monitor and saw over 2 million "Likes", just over a million male cums and almost a million female orgasms.
"We're making the whole world cum!" Jon said, rocking back and forth a little faster.
"That's it, dad, this is fucking wild, I'm fucking my dad!" Andy babbled, feeling his cum boiling in his balls again. "Dad, you're gonna get a load of cum just like a girl!"
"Do it, Andy!" Jon ordered, "Dump your cum in my butt now!" Andy arched and began jerking his hips to increase the stimulation, but it only took a few seconds before Andy howled and his throbbing cock began to jet his loads of cum into his dad's butt. Andy shuddered and moaned as he unloaded his balls yet again, and Jon had to bite his lip to keep from cumming in Meghan's sloppy cunt. Andy pulled his cock out of Jon's ass and went around the bed to where Meghan had her head on the bed.
"Ready, dad, let's go!"
"Meghan, we're going to fuck you from both ends!" Jon said, "Let's switch! Meghan, baby, turn around so Andy can fuck your cunt and I'll let you suck me off!" Meghan turned and presented her well-fucked cunt to Andy, and at the same time she clamped her mouth around her dad's cock, and began stroking it rapidly with one hand while she sucked on the cock-head. Andy drove his stiff and overworked cock all the way into Meghan's cunt and then began jack-hammering her the way he had done his mother earlier.
In the control room, Josh readied the equipment for a timed sequence, watching the monitors as the numbers kept climbing. These were record numbers, and once Josh had the equipment set, he allowed himself to enjoy the show, too, pulling his cock out and stroking it while watching Jon and Andy fuck the daylights out of Meghan. Meghan and Jon were both overstimulated, but the switch in positions that put Jon's cock in her mouth and Andy's cock up her cunt had pushed her over the edge.
Still stroking Jon's cock, Meghan started wailing as a powerful orgasm exploded in her belly, triggered by Andy's jack-hammering cock. Andy, amazingly, felt his cock about to start unloading his overworked balls into Meghan's tight cunt.
"Get ready, Meghan, here I come!" Andy screamed, slamming his cock up Meghan's cunt as deeply as he could as his balls blew up. Jon saw his two youngest children exploding in orgasm in front of him and he joined them, pumping huge loads of cum into Meghan's mouth while she continued to stroke his cock and squeeze all the cum out of his balls. Josh lost it in the control room, spewing his load up over the console in thick streams.
But he had enough presence of mind to hit the "Start Sequence" button that set the final killing in motion. The auto-crossbow dropped down it's track to just over Andy's head, aiming at Jon's spasming belly... SssshThunk! SssshThunk! SssshThunk! SssshThunk! SssshThunk! SssshThunk! Suddenly Jon had 6 bolts drilled into his rippling belly just over Meghan's head. Jon leaned back a bit, groaning in pain and orgasm, and the auto-crossbow recalibrated for a second, then...SssshThunk! SssshThunk! SssshThunk! SssshThunk! SssshThunk! SssshThunk! Six more bolts thudded into his chest, the last 2 of them in his heart. Jon grunted as the bolts drilled into his belly and chest, then fell backwards onto the bed with his cock sticking straight up, still spewing gobs of cum up in the air.
The auto-machine gun calibrated on Andy's youthful, orgasming body, and suddenly started to fire... Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Bulletholes appeared all over Andy's torso, from just above his pubic hair to his chest, tossing him backwards behind Meghan. she followed him back, sprawling on top of his bullet-riddled body with his spurting cock still embedded in her cunt.
The auto-machine gun spun and re-calibrated... Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Six bullets drilled into her young tits, bouncing them around wildly. It re-calibrated...Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Six more bullets drilled into her belly, bouncing her body around as she grunted with each deadly impact.
Andy's twitching cock was still plowed deeply into Meghan's cunt, pumping load after load of sperm into her... Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Six more bullets fired directly into Meghan's cunt destroyed her cunt with Andy's cock inside it. Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Tewp-thump! Four more bullets blew Andy's aching balls to mush.
The automated equipment whined back into "park" position, and Josh needed to wipe his loads off the console. The statistics for "Likes" and male and female "cums" would be analyzed, to see which parts caused more of the audience to shoot their loads or have female orgasms, so that future shows could be designed to get the most "bang" for the buck. The cleanup crew came in and began dragging the bodies off the big bed and out onto the loading dock, to be taken away and disposed of.
The architects of the "Necro Movement" were pleased at the total number of orgasms they had caused, and that they had liquidated a 6-member family. Applications poured in from more participants, and several more cable channels were opened up to broadcast and re-broadcast the shows that were the most effective.

Published on Feb-25-2023
Last updated on Feb-25-2023