Bear Snacks

Started by Ken E. Davis

Kaitlyn wondered if she should pretend to be sick as someone tapped on her door for the fourth time. Maybe her day would’ve ended without a bear eating her ass?
Tap, tap, tap!
“I’m up! Who is it?” She threw off the covers, laying there as cold air chilled the sweat on her naked body.
“Happy birthday, sweetie,” Mom shouted, “breakfast is almost done. I’ll have Rai come and get you when it’s done.”
Her birthday arrived; her sweet eighteen. Sweet eighteen? What made it so sweet? Other than being allowed to do a few things she couldn’t do yesterday, she failed to see what made it different from any other birthday. How many of those things did she even want to do? She wouldn’t be lying about her age when she hit the “I’m an adult” box on her favorite porn sites, as if she cared about that to begin with. OH! She could buy mature video games herself. She wanted one gift more than any she’d get, one she never had the courage to ask for.
What wouldn’t she give for someone to pop her cherry? How the hell could she go about asking for something like that? Who could she even ask? Her parents? “Hey, Mom! Dad! Can you help me get laid? I hate being a virgin! Thanks!” What could a parent even say to their daughter asking such a question? Dad might’ve suggested his boss’s son, Scott, for the millionth time. He had a little fluff on him, and those blonde curls were cute, but what else did she know about him? His family had a shitload of money. Wouldn’t that make her a gold digger?
She jumped as someone tapped on the door. Ryan shouted, “happy birthday, sis!”
“Thanks!” She smirked.
What if she asked him to help her get laid? No! She couldn't have thought of a worse idea. What if she worded it wrong and word got out about her hitting on her own brother? He might’ve known a few guys who had a crush on her, or not. She laughed. Which one of his friends did she know other than his girlfriend? Would his buddies have told him he had a hot sister to his face?
Nah! They wouldn’t say it, behind his back or to his face. He didn’t have a hot sister. She didn’t have a lot of fat on her, except, or any fat for that matter. She couldn’t bitch about that, but she hated the one drawback. Kaitlyn squeezed her breasts. Who would want a girl with melons like those? She didn’t have melons, or even grapefruits; she had oranges, if she wanted to be generous to herself. What about that hair? She put that bubblegum-pink ass-length sheet into those stupid schoolgirl pigtails whenever she went anywhere. She had to wear glasses, otherwise, the world looked as if someone ran it through a bad blur effect in Photoshop, and contacts scared the fuck out of her. Her head stopped at four-foot-seven from the floor. Who the fuck would believe her to be an eighteen-year-old about to walk across the stage? In three months, she would start classes at the University of Alaska and looked ready to start the eighth grade. What guy would want to fuck a girl like that? Well, there was one type of guy who might’ve gone for that. Kaitlyn shivered.
“Hey,” Ryan shouted, “we’re leaving at noon. Elizabeth will be here in an hour. I hope you’re packed and ready.”
“I am! Have everything I need.”
Her suitcase lay on the floor, open. She stuffed it with a Nezuko sleeping bag, six anime t-shirts, Furies of Calderon, and Chamber of Secrets.
“Are you going to read the entire weekend?” Her brother would say despite knowing she never went somewhere without a book or two.
She rolled out of bed and crawled to her dresser, opening the bottom drawer. She grabbed six pairs of swim shorts. No matter the event or weather, Kaitlyn refused to wear anything other than shorts. They couldn’t be just any shorts, she needed them hugging her asscheeks. If she didn’t wear shorts, she wore a miniskirt. She lost out when it came to her tits, so she was damned if she couldn’t show off her beefy rump and thighs with every chance she got.
Ryan and Elizabeth wanted to take her camping for the weekend. Kaitlyn found it strange when Mom didn’t get pissed, but then again Ryan neglected to tell her who else would join them. Mom just thought Ryan and Elizabeth wanted to do something nice for their little sister. If Mom knew Tammy Roy and Jerode Johnson were going, she’d have them skinned alive. Kaitlyn couldn’t bring herself to say anything, Ryan and Elizabeth didn’t deserve to get in trouble for trying to do something nice for her. They probably intended for her to enjoy the trip as much as they would, and she looked forward to it even though part of her still wanted to spend the weekend playing Pokemon Legends or Elden Ring.
So what if they planned the trip to get laid? Too bad they couldn’t have bothered finding a guy for her, or a girl for that matter. She planned to sleep right outside of the tent Elizabeth and Jerode were going to be in. While they fucked, she’d listen and rub her pussy. How would Elizabeth react if she asked to sleep IN the tent? She could’ve promised to pull the blanket over her head while they fucked. She could’ve poked a small hole in the blanket to peek through. Maybe she could’ve gotten a glimpse of her first real-life cock?
Elizabeth would’ve known what she had in mind. She might’ve thought she wanted to tempt her man, which would’ve soured the whole trip.
Ryan knocked again. “Mom made breakfast!”
“Alright! What are we having?”
“A whole fucking feast.”
“I’ll be right there!”
Kaitlyn grabbed a t-shirt with the Star Wars logo and Darth Vader on the front. She opened the panties drawer and shut it, shrugging her shoulders. The shirt went over her ass, she could go without bottoms. Unless she sat with her legs spread wide open, nobody would see her pussy. If she happened to walk over someone laying on the floor and they got a look at her goods? She didn’t see the problem if they happened to be cute and liked what they saw.
She brushed her hair, considered leaving it down for a few seconds before making it into her normal pigtails.
An hour later, Kaitlyn dropped her suitcase into the back of Ryan’s Honda Pilot and plopped into the passenger’s seat, clutching her stomach.
“We still gotta wait for Elizabeth.” Ryan leaned against the door, sipping beer.
“I know, but I can’t stand anymore. Calling that breakfast a feast was the biggest understatement of the century.” She rubbed her stomach, groaning. After a mountain of scrambled eggs, six hashbrowns, a dozen pieces of sausage, and two stacks of pancakes, her stomach felt ready to explode. Even the smell of food made her want to vomit.
“We’re here!” Elizabeth jogged down the road. Giant breasts bounced under a cropped polo shirt. Orange curls nestled her freckled face. Perky cheeks hung out of her beige low-rise hiking shorts.
Kaitlyn’s throat tightened at the sight of Jerode, a tall black guy in a grey tank top and khaki shorts, running beside her carrying two large suitcases. He doubled over, wheezing, as he and Elizabeth stopped.
“Hey, Rai.” He waved.
“Dude,” Ryan crushed the beer can under his foot, “we were gonna pick you up. I told you that our parents can’t find out we’re taking anyone else.”
“It’s fine.”
“No! Mom doesn’t know we’re taking anyone other than Katie!”
“Oops,” Elizabeth grinned, “hopefully she doesn’t look out the window.”
“Just get in, already!” Ryan grabbed his shirt and forced him into the back, and threw his luggage into the back with Kaitlyn’s stuff.
“Hey, Katie!” He reached over and patted her thigh. “Happy birthday, girlie!”
Kaitlyn’s heart fluttered, her cheeks flushed red. He wished her a happy birthday! His arm muscles brushed against her stomach. “Y-you too!” She gasped. “I-I meant y-you … ugh … thank you!” She cringed up.
Jerode laughed squeezing her legs. “It’s okay, I know whatcha meant to say.” Her entire face burned, almost bursting into flames.
“Move over, buttmunch!” Elizabeth shoved Jerode aside as she climbed in. “Happy birthday, sissy,” she waved.
“You could’ve gone around,” Jerode groaned as he scooted to the other side.
Kaitlyn’s hand twitched, wanting to grab Jerode’s wrist to keep his hand on her leg. What if she pulled up her shirt and moved his hand so his finger touched her slit? Would he have liked it? Would Elizabeth have killed her even though it was her birthday? She knew the answer to the second question.
“Where is your tent?” Ryan hopped in and started the car. “Don’t tell me you forgot it at your house, again.”
“My stupid cousin decided to borrow it last week and set it up too close to a fire,” Elizabeth replied.
“What are you guys gonna do? Sleep in the car?”
“We were hoping you had an extra tent, but I only see one back here. Are you gonna stop for food or anything?”
“Probably. It’s a four-hour drive.”
“Good, we can pick one up then.”
“Wait!” Elizabeth scratched her chin. “What about Kaitlyn? You’re not actually going to have your sister in your tent with you while you do your business with Tammy, are you?”
“This ain’t Sweet Home Alabama.”
“Nah,” Kaitlyn shook her head, “I just thought it might be fun to sleep out under the stars.” Why bother to sleep in a tent? What was the point of going out into nature just to sleep inside?
Elizabeth shrugged. “Okay, then. It’s a little too chilly for me, but I can see the appeal. I never thought you’d be the romantic type, though.”
“I didn’t, either. Also, I’m not worried about the cold, cause I have a nice sleeping bag.”
“It ain’t the cold I’d be worried about. I’d be more scared about waking up to a bear ripping my guts out. That, or a cannibal comes to drag me off to his cabin for breakfast,” Jerode laughed and clapped her back, “you know what I’m sayin’?”
“Eh, I’ll be fine.”
“I have my Winchester in the back. That should take care of any bears or cannibals who want to eat my little sister.”
If he didn’t have that, how the fuck could a tent stop a bear or serial killer?
Ryan stopped in front of Tammy’s apartment.
“Hey, babe,” he shouted as he tapped the horn a dozen times, “we’re here!”
The door opened a minute later and an elderly Asian woman poked her head out.
“Who’s was—”
“That’s her granny. Don’t call her that to her face, though. She gets really pissed.”
Her granny disappeared, the door swung open seconds later. Tammy strolled out with a rolling suitcase. Long black hair fell to her hips, fluttering the wind. An orange sundress hugged her waist and hips, squeezing out most of her tawny breasts.
Ryan got out. Kaitlyn tried to open her door when he grabbed her hand. “It’s your birthday, you don’t have to help.”
“Okay,” she smiled as he ran to Tammy and kissed her on the lips.
Kaitlyn sighed as he grabbed her luggage walked her to the car, arm around her waist. Everyone had a date on this trip but her. Why not her? Why didn’t she have a guy who carried her luggage and walked her to their car? Because her stupid tits didn’t burst out of tight-fitted clothes! Life sucked!
“How’s my little Katie? You’re really eighteen already?” She leaned into the car and pulled Kaitlyn’s head into her cleavage. “I really hope you’re enjoying your birthday!”
“I am,” she pulled herself away.
Tammy raised an eyebrow. “Have you been crying? Is everything okay?”
Kaitlyn tilted. Had she been? She rubbed her eyes, feeling dampness. “No, I’m just tired. That’s all.”
She scowled. “Are you sure? It looks like you might be upset about something.”
“Nah, I’m fine. I just stayed up too late.”
“Ah, I guess you must’ve been too excited to sleep. Couldn’t wait for the big camping trip, eh?”
No, she just wished she had bigger boobs. “Yeah, that’s it.” Kaitlyn let out a fake yawn. “I’ll probably end up sleeping for most of the ride.”
“Maybe we could get you some coffee when we stop for lunch?” Ryan suggested.
“Yeah,” Kaitlyn nodded, “coffee sounds nice.”
Ryan shoved put Tammy’s luggage in and held her hand as she stepped up.
“Wait!” Kaitlyn opened the door. “Let me in the back, so you can ride up here with Ryan.”
“Are you sure?” Tammy asked. “You are the birthday girl. You should—”
“I know, but it’ll be easier for me to sleep back there,” she climbed out, smiling. “I insist.”
Tammy glanced at Ryan, he nodded. He helped her into the passenger seat. Kaitlyn climbed in, plopping onto the back seat and laying down. Ryan shut the doors and got in.
“Is everyone good?”
“Yeah,” Elizabeth and Jerode shouted.
She raised her thumb. “Yeah.”
Kaitlyn closed her eyes. She didn’t lie about staying up late, even if she stayed up to play video games as opposed to being excited about going camping.
Kaitlyn rolled on the seat for an hour, closing her eyes to find them opened minutes later. Her head throbbed. She scoffed and laid on her arms, watching as they passed trees and clouds.
She reached for her pocket and grabbed her thigh. “Fuck,” she whispered. No Pockets; the only downside to wearing just a shirt! Did she leave her phone on the nightstand? And she forgot her 3DS! Her books were in the suitcase. What a hassle it would’ve been to get them out! Elizabeth and Jerode leaned against each other, snoring. Tammy was asleep the last time she looked at the front, and Ryan hated talking when he drove.
One thing could keep her busy, and kill that headache for a bit. She didn’t have any porn. Could she fantasize with so many people? What if someone woke up? Kaitlyn glanced at Elizabeth and Jerode as she lifted her shirt. Their faces pressed against each other, facing the front. She needed to be quiet about it.
Kaitlyn closed her eyes and imagined Jerode’s hand on her legs as she rubbed her slit. Her finger came away, dripping with glimmering slime. She licked her finger with a slurp and continued rubbing. “Oh—” She clasped her free hand over her mouth as a moan escaped her lips. She opened her left eye for a few seconds, the sleeping beauties hadn’t budged. She bit her lip to hold back another moan while slipping two fingers into her snatch, swashing in and out. Her mind turned her twigs into one of Jerode’s sausage-like fingers. His fingers morphed into a black cucumber, her body quivered. Kaitlyn mewled and twitched. She clenched her thighs around her wrist, rubbing her pussy as jets squirted through her fingers.
“Oh,” someone muttered.
Kaitlyn opened her eyes. Elizabeth stared at her with a smirk on her face.
“I-I was bored,” she gasped, grinning.
“Gotcha!” Elizabeth shrugged and laid back against Jerode. She started snoring seconds later.
Kaitlyn sighed and licked the goo from her fingers. Her eyes grew heavy, the pounding in her head had gone. Maybe she could sleep this time?
“Huh?” Kaitlyn shifted.
She woke up an hour ago, had no idea how long she had been asleep. Everyone else but Ryan was still asleep, so she leaned against the window and watched the Alaskan countryside roll by. She didn’t notice Ryan getting off the highway until they pulled into the parking lot of a place with “Danny Outdoors” in giant letters on the roof.
“Where are we at?”
“Elizabeth and Jerode need a tent, and I thought about getting some snacks. Can you wake them?”
She nodded as Ryan poked Tammy.
Kaitlyn poked her sister and Jerode. “Hey! We’re at the store. Don’t you need a tent?”
Jerode stretched, yawning. “Yeah.”
“Mmmm,” Elizabeth groaned, “is it alright if I wait here?”
“Yeah, it’s fine.” Jerode got out with Ryan and Tammy.
“Where are you two going?” Elizabeth asked.
“We’re going into that little store over there to get some snacks.” Ryan pointed at the corner of the building, at a section under a sign reading “Danny Mart”.
“Can you pick me up some jerky and a bottle of Gatorade?” Kaitlyn shouted.
“Yeah,” he shouted back.
Kaitlyn leaned against the window, watching Jerode’s legs move under his khakis until they disappeared into the store.
“Hey!” Elizabeth slammed her hand on the seat, Kaitlyn jumped.
“Did I see you doing what I think I saw you doing?”
Her heart jumped into her throat and her body went stiff. “W-what do you mean? I was just looking out the window!”
“I’m talking about earlier,” she smirked, “and don’t lie. I caught you rubbing your pussy earlier.”
“Oh,” her heart slowed, she grinned, “yeah… I got bored.”
“Uh-huh. Do you always masturbate in the car?”
“Ehhh, that was my first time … NO … my second time. I usually do it in my bedroom or in the bath.” She snickered, “I have done it in a public place quite a few times, though.”
“Oh? Like where?”
“School and the bus, mostly. I always sit in the back so nobody notices.”
Elizabeth snorted. “I knew you had a slutty side. Wait! The bus? I thought you said you only did in the car twice?”
“I did. The bus isn’t a car.”
“It’s a form of transportation, so it’s the same thing.”
Kaitlyn shrugged. “I guess.”
“So,” Elizabeth leaned in, “who do you think about when you do it?”
“Nobody in particular, just random guys I think are cute.” She leaned to her ear and whispered, “sometimes I even think about cute girls.”
“Ah! Were you thinking about anyone in particular right now?”
“Sam!” She blurted.
“Yeah, a boy named Sam Sisco. You probably don’t know him.”
“Why didn’t you ask him to prom?”
“He doesn’t even know I exist, and I think he has a girlfriend. I always see him walking around with some Hispanic chick.”
“Do you even have a boyfriend right now?”
“I wish. How would I even get one?”
“Just ask. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard for … wait! Are you telling me that you’ve never had a boyfriend?”
Kaitlyn nodded.
“You’re still a virgin! Are you?”
“Yeah,” she sighed, “unfortunately.”
“How the hell did that happen? A girl like you, and a Duffy no less, made it to her eighteenth birthday a virgin? How did that happen.”
Wasn’t it obvious? She pouted. “Because I’m not one of the hot girls.”
“Don’t say that, it’s not true.”
“Yeah, it is.” She grabbed her breasts. “How can I be hot when my tits are so tiny?”
“Guys don’t really care about that like you think they do, I promise. Plus, you have a nice ass.”
“You think my ass is great?”
“Yeah, and I know you do too. Why else would you wear those short-ass shorts all the time? You have to know guys are checking you out down there.”
“I never noticed.”
“Y’know what? I’m going to help you lose your virginity tonight as my birthday gift to you.”
Kaitlyn’s eyes shot up. “Really? How? Can we just find a guy at the campsite to fuck me?”
She snorted. “Oh, hell no! That’s a good way of getting herpes or your head winding up mounted on a serial killer’s wall.”
“Then, what’s your plan?”
“How about a threesome? Me, you, and Jerode.”
She swallowed a boulder. Really? Just like that? “You’re just messing with me.”
“Nope,” Elizabeth shook her head, “me and Jerode do this all the time. We’re cool like that, but don’t tell Mom or Dad.”
“Won’t it be incest, though? Y’know, with me and you making out?”
“Me and you don’t have to do anything unless you really want to, but since we can’t get pregnant by each other it’s not really a bad thing.”
“I-I mean, I’m okay with it. I just wanted to be sure you knew what you were asking. Does Jerode have anything against it?”
“We did a foursome that included a pair of sisters before. He won’t care.”
“That’s good.”
“So, is it cool? Is Operation Take Kaitlyn’s Virginity good to go?”
“Yeah, it’s good to go.” She grinned. Finally!
“And, when you go back to school, you’ll have the pussy to ask that Sam boy out. Show him you’re a better fuck than his current girlfriend.”
Kaitlyn leaned against the window, humming. What if Jerode didn’t want to do her, though? What would he say about her small tits? Would he pretend to be into her just to keep Tammy happy? Would she be okay with losing her virginity to a guy that didn’t want to? Did it matter? She needed this.
They arrived at the campgrounds an hour later, parking in front of a giant log cabin, and followed Ryan into the building. An elderly man sat behind a computer.
“Howdy, what can I do for y’all?” He asked in a southern accent.
“We have a reservation. My name’s Ryan Duffy.”
The man typed away. “How come y’all didn’t come next weekend for Memorial Day? Wanting to avoid the crowd?”
“This is for my sister’s birthday,” he said. Kaitlyn waved and smiled.
“Well, happy birthday little miss. How old are you becoming?”
“Eighteen? I was about to say sixteen.”
Sixteen? She folded her arms. Did he expect her to consider that a compliment? “Thank you!” She grinned.
“You ain’t missing school, are ya’?”
She shook her head. “Nah, seniors get to skip today and tomorrow.”
“She graduates next week,” Ryan said.
He nodded. “Well, congrats!”
“Alright, Ryan Duffy, I have your name. I just need your reservation number to finish the transaction.”
“Oh, right!” Ryan pulled out his phone and opened an app. “It’s 71029150”
“Let me just type this in … and you’re in. Site 47 is yours until Sunday. Your total, $159.75, has been deducted from the card you provided.” A printer spat out a long strip with Sunday’s date, the man handed it to Ryan. “Put that under your windshield so your vehicle don’t get towed.”
“Thank you, sir!”
“Oh, the map to the campgrounds is available on our site, I’d suggest you download it because you will lose connection at some point.”
“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.”
“And watch for bears, y’all hear?”
“Alright, thanks!”
Kaitlyn looked at Elizabeth and both snickered as they left the lodge.
When they left the cabin it was still broad daylight. After following a winding trail through a forest, lugging six suitcases, a cooler, and two rolled-up tents, they emerged to find the Sun sinking on the horizon.
Kaitlyn hit the clearing and looked out over the land, her mouth hung open. Their campsite sat on the shore of a lake that stretched to the horizon, over which towered an ice-capped mountain. Other than a firepit near the water, no evidence existed insight of mankind’s existence. Kaitlyn went camping on many occasions, but she never went this far into the middle of nowhere. This would be the farthest she ever went from Anchorage; until her and Sabrina went to Japan next month. Maybe she would enjoy the trip, even if Jerode rejected Elizabeth’s idea.
The sun finished setting as they worked on setting their tents up around the firepit. Kaitlyn helped Ryan and Tammy, Elizabeth helped Jerode. Ryan dropped a few logs in the pit and started a fire.
Skewered steaks, pork chops, burgers, and bratwursts sizzled over the fire. Three sacks of hamburger buns, sliced cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes sat on the cooler. Ryan opened a six-pack and tossed a beer to Tammy. Elizabeth and Jerode caught the next two.
“How about you, sis? Do you drink?”
She held out her hands. “I’m willing to find out.”
“Here you go!” He threw the bottle.
“Thanks, bro!”
Kaitlyn opened the bottle and took a swig, swirling it around her mouth. She tasted a fruity-nutty mix. Nodding, she swallowed and took another drink.
Ryan grabbed the last one and tossed the case into the fire. “Fuck!” He shouted.
“I left the rest of the beer in the car.”
“I’ll get it,” Jerode hopped to his feet, “should be faster without having to carry two suitcases and a tent.”
Ryan threw him the keys, Jerode dashed off into the woods.
“We’ll try to save you some meat!” Tammy shouted and chortled.
After the meat finished cooking, Ryan laid it out on a wooden board and handed everyone a disposable plate.
“Since you’re the birthday girl, you go first. Do you want a ribeye or tenderloin?”
He dropped the largest steak onto her plate, along with two pork chops, three sausages, and a hamburger patty. “I’ll let you make your burger how you like.”
She sat by the fire and devoured half of her burger, washing it down with another swig of beer. Elizabeth joined her, Ryan and Tammy sat on the other side holding hands.
Elizabeth leaned in. “Should we tell them about our plan?”
Kaitlyn choked her piece of stake down. “Now? With Ryan here?”
“He’ll figure it out, anyways.”
“What sort of plan?” He asked.
“Well, I just found out earlier that our sister is still a virgin.”
Tammy spat her beer out. “You can’t be real! Seriously?”
“Yeah,” Kaitlyn said.
“And I want to change that tonight. I’m planning to get her into a threesome with me and Jerode.”
“Nice!” Tammy grinned.
Kaitlyn watched Ryan bite into a tenderloin. Wasn’t he going to say something? “Are you okay with that?”
Elizabeth snapped her fingers. “Ryan!”
He swallowed. “Huh?”
“Me and Katie are going to have a threesome with Jerode. She wanted to know how you felt about it.”
“That’s fine with me. I kinda felt bad that she was the only one not getting any on this trip, so this solves that. What did Jerode think?”
“We haven’t said anything, yet. I wanted to ask him after we eat, mostly cause he becomes a real horndog when he’s drunk. I don’t think he’d mind, either way.”
“I dunno,” Ryan replied. “He seemed rather concerned when he thought me and her might share a tent.”
“That’s because you can get her pregnant. We’ve had a foursome with a pair of twins before, so I know he’s down for some sister-sister action. Though, if she just wants to fuck Jerode that’s fine with—”
“I want to make out with both of you,” Kaitlyn blurted and cupped her mouth. Did she just say that?
“Okay, then.”
She actually said she wanted to make out with her sister. She’d get laid and have sex with another girl, her own sister, for the first time on the same night. Could she do it, was this okay? How could this be anything other than an elaborate prank? What if Elizabeth told Mom? She could forget about spending the summer in Japan. She needed to tell everyone it was a joke, and she needed to say it before Elizabeth did. Maybe they’d all get so drunk and forget everything that happened? What if she overreacted? If she rejected this chance she’d remain a virgin forever.
She perked up to the forest at the sound of twigs snapping. Jerode emerged from the trees at full sprint, carrying four cases of beer, and collapsed by Elizabeth. “Wooh! Fuck!”
“What the hell were you running for? You look like you saw a ghost.”
“Nah, I think I saw a bear.”
“A bear?”
“Yeah, saw him just as I got back on the trail. The motherfucker was skulking aorund in the dark.”
“Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to run from a bear?”
“Yeah, but as soon as the fucker pointed its’ head at me I turned into Usain Bolt and got my black ass outta there. I kinda dropped a case of beer, though.”
“That explains why you only brought back four.”
Kaitlyn looked into the woods, wondering if the bear tried to go after him. Every shadow seemed to morph into a bear, a pair of yellow eyes were gonna look back at her as their owner raised up on its’ rear legs. She scooted closer to Elizabeth.
Jerode grabbed himself a plate of meat and they sat around; bullshitting, drinking, and eating. Kaitlyn cleaned her plate and went on to devour another burger and ribeye. After finishing the first beer, she sipped on her second as she started to feel lightheaded and her arms tingled. Jerode and Elizabeth knocked back five beers each. Everyone screamed when Tammy threw a bottle in the fire and it exploded.
“Hey,” Kaityln bumped against Elizabeth, “when are we going to bring up … you know?”
“Oh, right.” Elizabeth tapped Jerode’s shoulder.
“Yeah, babe?”
“Say, what do you think of my sister?”
He shrugged. “She’s cool.”
“I mean, do you think she’s hot?”
“This ain’t one of those things where you get mad if I say yes, is it?”
“No, I really am just asking. I won’t get mad.”
“Well, then, yeah. She’s pretty hot.”
Kaitlyn dropped her beer. Butterflies exploded in her stomach. He had to be lying. What other explanation could there be?
“How would you like to have sex with her?” She kissed his cheek as he choked on a piece of sausage. “I want you to take her, pop her cherry. Let’s make it our birthday present to her.”
“Is this for real? You’re not pulling my leg?”
“It’s for real.”
Kaitlyn’s eyes flew open as Elizabeth pounced on her. Her arms squeezed her waist, hands on her back, as she wrapped her lips around Kaitlyn’s. Kaitlyn’s body stiffened and relaxed after a second, leaning back. Her eyes drooped and closed. Her lips parted to allow Elizabeth’s tongue to slide in. Kaitlyn ran her hands up Elizabeth’s arms and over her shoulders, rubbing her back. Her palms rested on her midriff.
“Go Katie! Woo!” Tammy screamed. “Yeah! Kiss your sister!”
Elizabeth broke off with a slurp. Kaitlyn leaned in, Elizabeth pushed her away. “Patience, my love.”
Kaitlyn held a finger to her lips. She kissed a girl; she kissed her sister. Her sister tasted like steak and smelled of roses, and she wanted another taste. She needed another taste.
Tammy tittered. “Look at Ryan over here.”
Kaitlyn perked up. Ryan spread his legs out as he rubbed he crotch.
“You’re getting off to watching your sisters kiss?”
He shrugged and kept rubbing.
“I won’t lie, that was kinda hot. My pussy started throbbing when you two were going at it. Fuck it!” Tammy pulled Ryan up by the arm as she dropped her panties to the ground.
“What the—”
“I’m horny! Let’s go! Now!” He stumbled as she shoved towards their tent. Tammy pulled her dress off and threw in the air. “Goddamnit!” She shouted as it landed in the fire.
“Dammmn!” Jerode scurried back as green flames shot up. “What the fuck did they dye that dress with?”
Tammy dashed to tent with her tits bouncing.
“I hope we’re ready to go, my dick’s about to rip out of these shorts.”
Elizabeth snickered and lowered her hand to Kaitlyn. “Are you ready?”
Kaitlyn furrowed her eyes as Elizabeth lifted her up. Did she want to do this? Could she still back out? In a few moments, she’d go in the tent and Elizabeth would drop to her knees, laughing. If she didn’t? Did she want her first time to be with her sister and her boyfriend?
“I bet you’re just gonna love her ass.”
Kaitlyn smiled. Maybe she would get laid tonight? She followed her through the flap, and sat on the floor.
“Show her what she’s in for, babe. Let’s get that cock out.”
“Don’t jump ahead. You know I gotta strip everything else first, slowly. You ladies like the slow strip, it really gets your twats wet.”
Drool dripped down Kaitlyn’s chin. Jerode lifted his shirt, letting each row of abs pop out at a time. He got it over his head and let it slide over his back. His khakis slipped over his calves. Elizabeth dropped to her knees and pulled off her own shirt, Kaitlyn’s pussy twitched as her boobs plopped out.
Elizabeth leaned in. Kaitlyn shivered as she nibbled her right ear. “Here it comes.”
Jerode grabbed the hem of his boxers. Kaitlyn’s knees trembled, he pussy throbbed and leaked into her crack. Her heart thumped as his cock jumped out. He had a fucking python, his cock must’ve been twice the length of those bratwursts they devoured earlier.
“Like what you see?” Elizabeth kissed Kaitlyn.
“Uh-huh,” she locked her lips with her sister.
Elizabeth slid her hands between Kaitlyn’s legs and rubbed her pussy, jerking back after a few seconds. She held her fingers in a V as strings dripped. “Have you not been wearing anything down there this whole time?”
Kaitlyn nodded as her sister grinned.
“Since you rubbed one out in the car earlier?” She licked the cum off her fingers.
“No, since I left my bedroom this morning.”
“Nice,” Jerode said. “I can’t believe we’ve been sitting next to you with your pussy out this whole time.” He pressed his middle finger to her slit and pulled away sticky strings.
“Hey,” Elizabeth slapped his hand away, “since she’s my sister I get first dibs on her pussy.” She ducked between Kaitlyn’s thighs and pressed her lips to her labia.
“Oooh!” Kaitlyn cooed as Elizabeth’s tongue lapped across her slit.
“You must’ve been really horny,” slurp slurp slurp, “it’s like an ocean down here.”
“Yes!” Kaitlyn squealed, throwing her head back. Her crotch went numb, her legs wobbled.
“Oh!” Elizabeth jerked back.
“Huh?” Kaitlyn whimpered. “Is everything okay down there?”
“Yeah, I just need to step out for a minute.”
“Aww! Really?”
“Don’t worry, sis. I’ll be back. You two can fool around a little bit, but don’t get too far. When you hear me coming back, start eating and sucking each other.” She darted out clenching her buttocks.
“Goddamnit!” Elizabeth punched the air.
Why would she have the shit at that fucking moment? It had to hit when she had her tongue buried in the best pussy she ever tasted. She had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be the first person to bring her own sister to orgasm. How the hell could she mess that up? Jerode would get the honor, no way he’d wait for a pussy that good.
Elizabeth pulled out her phone and turned the flashlight. Where else could she go but the woods? Everyone seeing her naked didn’t bother her, otherwise, she wouldn’t be jogging with her tits out, but nobody could watch her shit. She couldn’t go if they did.
She meandered through the trees, looking back every few seconds, and stopped atop a small hill. The tents were nowhere in sight. Elizabeth pulled her shorts and panties to her ankles and squatted over a patch of grass.
“Ahhh! Yeah!” She grunted as she let out a stream of piss and turds squeezed out of her ass. “I fucking needed that.”
Nature may have picked a shitty time to call, but damn if she didn’t just take the most beautiful shit in her life. What if she got Jerode to buy her a house somewhere like this? She wouldn’t need a bathroom, they could set the toilet outside. What decor compared to being able to look out over a dark forest, watching the moon shimmer over a lake, while taking a dump?
Elizabeth jolted as bushes rustled in the distance and scowled. Did they follow her? Jerode and Ryan knew better! “You caught me taking a shit, you can go back to camp now!” The bushed rustled again, Elizabeth swiveled the flashlight. “Okay, you fucking assholes! It’s not fucking fun … nee…”
A grizzly bear reared its head, eyes shining in her light. Shit rolled out of her ass, piss squirted without end. Her knees wobbled. How the fuck did she not see him? She was going to die! How else could this have played out? If she screamed for Ryan, would he hear? It didn’t matter, he couldn’t make it before the bear got her. What could she do? She didn’t want to die. Maybe she could do something? Elizabeth dropped to the ground. If she played dead it would leave her alone. Didn’t they say that? She closed her eyes and held her breath, listening to the thuds of monstrous feet hitting the ground.
It moved towards her. Why couldn’t it go the fuck away? It stood over her, something cold brushed against her ass. She seized up as it sniffed her ass. Fuck! Play dead? Who came up with that stupid idea? She had to run. Jerode outran it, didn’t he? She ran faster than him. What if the bear didn’t want him earlier? Did it matter? She had to try.
The bear raised its’ head, sniffing the air. Elizabeth’s body felt like lead, but her mind screamed “NOW!” She jumped to her feet and screamed as she ran. Her feet caught against her shorts. “Fuck!” Elizabeth’s face slammed into the dirt. The flashlight went out as her phone clattered to the ground. Tears streamed out of her face. The bear roared, she yanked her panties to get them up when the beast pawed her hands.
“Somebody help!” She screamed. Pain shot across as the bear bit into her ass. “STOP IT! PLEASE!” Her body raised up as the beast thrashed its’ head, and fell. The bear ripped off the right part of her ass.
Ryan needed to know before it reached the camp. She crawled as blood pooled around her. One text and Ryan could have saved her, she needed to get to her phone. Her arm shot out to grab it when the bear slashed her, rolling her on her back. “GET THE FUCK AWAY YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” She scurried away. The bear grabbed her crotch and tore out her vulva, scarfing it down in a single slurp. A single bite ripped her breasts off. It dug into her stomach ripping out chunks of flesh and intestines. Elizabeth’s eyes rolled back in her head as it tore open her chest and chomped her heart into paste.
Kaitlyn pouted as Elizabeth left. “Seriously? What was that all—”
Jerode shrugged. “Maybe she had to take a piss or something? She probably didn’t want to ruin the mood by telling us.”
“Did she forget her shirt?”
“Yeah. There’s nobody out here to see her tits, though she probably wouldn’t care if there was.”
“That was true. When we were growing up, she always walked around the house with her tits out.”
“I’m surprised your parents allowed that”
“Dad didn’t care, he pretty much let us do whatever we wanted so long as we didn’t make too much noise or hurt anyone. Mom teased her about it, but didn’t make her put a shirt on unless we had guests.”
“Shit, she doesn’t even bother putting a shirt on when the guests come over. That’s what I love about her, though. It keeps the Jesus Freaks away.”
Kaitlyn laid on her said, staring at Jerode’s cock, salivating. He would put that in her body tonight; her mouth, pussy, and maybe her ass. If Elizabeth didn’t have a nature call it might’ve been in her at that moment.
Did her sister have something to wipe with? Ryan had toilet paper in his suitcase. Did she grab it? Fuck! Why couldn’t she get that picture out of her head? She’d have to think about that when she ate her pussy. She shouldn’t have asked, Elizabeth wanted to keep quiet for that reason. She had to think about something else before her sister returned. Maybe she’d know to dip her pussy in the lake?
Minutes passed with Kaitlyn staring at Jerode’s cock as he rubbed it. Screams and shouts erupted from her brother’s tent every few seconds.
“Wonder what’s taking her?” Kaitlyn raised her head.
“That’s a good question. I wish she’d hurry up, my cock feels like it’s gonna explode. We can’t let them have all the fun.” He pointed through the entrance to Ryan’s tent, where Tammy’s brown ass bounced in front of the opening.
Kaitlyn crawled to him and reached out, stopping an inch from his cock.
“Go ahead, I can’t wait anymore.”
She grabbed it, running her thumb up and down his shaft as it throbbed in her hand. Kaitlyn leaned in, pressing her lips against the tip.
“Mind if I,” he gripped her pigtails.
“Mmhmm, go ahead.” She closed her lips around the head, closing her eyes as salty sweat hit her tongue. “Mmmm!” He tugged on her pigtails as her lips and tongue glided down the shaft. Kaitlyn let it slide into her throat until she gagged and pulled back, sliding down again and again. Jerode bellowed a groan after a minute, his cock began twitching. Warm salty slime flooded her mouth until she started to choke, but her lips held firm. White streams drizzled down her chin. She pulled out and gulped half of the load, the rest bursting over her chin splashing her shirt. She stroked his cock as a cum river squirted her face until it caked her glasses. She leaned in, wiping his cock on her head as it leaked into her hair.
“How … huff… how can you see?” He clutched his stomach, panting.
Kaitlyn grabbed her pigtails and wiped her glasses clean. “Like this,” she giggled.
He grabbed her shirt, “it’s dirty.”
“You don’t want to see my boobs, they’re not that big.” She raised her arms as he pulled the shirt over her head. “Ta-da!” She grinned, holding her arms out.
“They’re just perfect for me. Boobs are boobs.” He cupped both and started licking her nipples. He moved down. She leaned back, her muscles twitching as his tongue slithered over her stomach to her crotch. Her eyes slumped shut as his tongue brushed her labia and slid into her pussy. Bliss spread over her, numbing her body until she could no longer feel anything other than his tongue sliding in and out of her womanhood. She would have experienced her first true orgasm after another minute.
“Wait! Stop! Not like this!”
“Huh?” Jerode raised his head, buckets of cunt juice dripping from his chin.
“I,” she panted, “I want you to finish me with your cock.” Kaitlyn rolled onto her stomach and thrust her ass in the air.
Jerode threw his arms around her, cupping her breasts, as he straddled her rear. “Elizabeth wasn’t kidding when she said you had a nice ass.”
“Thank you!”
Jerode growled and Kaitlyn grunted as his cock pressed through her slit and slithered into her womanhood. Her eyes shut as Jerode battered her pussy, her body going numb again. After a minute, something wet and spongy started brushing against her ass.
Wait! How did he do that, and what the fuck could he be doing? It felt good, but what was it? It felt like a tongue. Did Elizabeth return and decide to eat her ass for a surprise? Her eyes shot open. That tongue covered her whole ass. “Hey, I think something’s wrong?” She looked over her shoulders.
A grizzly bear stared back, its’ tongue lapping their asses. Kaitlyn screamed. The bear lunged, ripping Jerode’s heart and lungs through his back in a single swipe. Jerode’s body slumped over her, his hands dangling. His cock kept hammering her pussy, cum filling her pussy.
Kaitlyn gripped his torso, holding him against her as he humped her. Tears streamed down her face. Her life would end any second. What could she do? She’d be dead before Ryan got to his gun. She needed a few more seconds, she needed to get her first real orgasm before she died. Ten seconds would’ve done it.
The bear burrowed into the tent, its’ ass ripping a hole in the other side. Jerode’s cock jerked out of her as it grabbed him.
“NO! Just another second! I’m about to cum!” She swatted its’ nose, the bear roared and lunged.
Kaitlyn turned and crawled towards the entrance. Teeth like knives sank into her rump. A crushing pain shot across her body as her pelvis splintered. She howled and lunged through the opening as it pulled a chunk out.
Two thumbs shot through their tent.
“You go, sis!” Ryan shouted.
Kaitlyn screamed as the bear pulled her back in, its’ teeth sinking into her lower back.
“Let me go you stupid beast!” She twisted around and punched its’ face.
Jolts shot up her spine, her legs convulsed. Jets of piss squirted in the bear’s mouth. She stopped feeling everything below her waist. The bear’s jaw clenched shut, her legs and torso fell. It dropped her pelvis and lunged, slashing her tits off. Its’ jaw closed around her head. Its’ teeth pulled her mouth open and sank into her face, the other side splintering her skull. The sound of her skull cracking reverberated. Kaitlyn blacked out.
David Moffitt skidded to a halt. The screams he had run towards, piercing shrills, each cutting through the air like a bullet, fell silent. He grimaced. Ol’ Macey found her some long pig for dinner, a young maiden by the sounds of those screams.
He crested a hill and shook his head. Those screams came from his second helping, then. That bitch never had enough to eat. The carcass lay sprawled on the ground. If not for the freckled face, gazing at the stars through empty green eyes, he would not have guessed it belonged to a woman. Organs spilled from cavities in her torso, her crotch had been ripped out. He crouched and touched her cheeks. That beach could not have been far.
The campsite came into view as he strolled down the hill. Macey emerged from one of the tents, a large chunk of meat clenched in her jaw. David snarled and grabbed his rifle. “You’ve eaten your last pussy.” Macey ran into the other tent as David aimed. The tent wouldn’t stop his bullets.
Ryan lay back, hands under his head, with Tammy licking and sucking his cock for the third time. Did she need another helping, didn’t she have enough cum drying on her face and tits?
Why did he care? He wanted a weekend of fucking. If Elizabeth and Kaitlyn joined them, it’d be better. How could Jerode be so lucky? Kaitlyn screamed for an entire minute and yelled about him eating her ass. He didn’t care if it was his sister, she had an amazing ass. Maybe he could ask her before the trip ended?
His cock sputtered. Tammy pulled back, stroking his cock as cum splashed on her face and tits.
Kaitlyn stopped screaming.
“They really went at it, didn’t they?” Tammy asked as she sucked cum off her nipples.
“Yeah. I’m really jealous of Jerode.”
Tammy scowled. “Why’s that?”
“Because he gets to eat my nerdy sister’s big juicy ass.”
“Is that so?” She spat, turning around. “You think your sister has the best ass? I’ll show you how good my ass is.” She sat her asshole on his cock.
Ryan shrugged and closed his eyes. He called that a win, grunting as her ass swallowed his dick.
As Tammy rocked up and down, thunder crackled in the distance. Something slammed into him; something meaty, like a giant ham, pressed against his lips. His eyes opened and the air rushed out of his lungs. A severed woman’s pelvis lay on him, her pussy on his lips. Blood and viscera dripped from a gaping hole where her asshole should’ve been. He opened his mouth to scream when a bear closed its’ jaw around his head. Thunder crackled in the distance then everything went black.
He thought his own fucking sister had a better ass than the woman he dated for TEN years? Tammy’s face burned. She would remind his dick that she had the best ass.
A firecracker exploded somewhere as she sat on his cock. His cock twitched, filling her ass. THAT QUICK? He came that quick? Fuck! He couldn’t say her sister had a better ass after that! He roared. Was she that good? Wait, why did his moans sound like a roar, and why did his roars sound like—
Another firecracker exploded and she blacked out.
David meandered through the camp, shaking his head at everything. The fuckers left a huge fucking mess. He grabbed a tenderloin off a wooden board; the damned thing was still warm. No wonder Macey found them! They were probably some city slickers from Anchorage or Fairbanks. They even left the goddamned fire going. If they weren’t bear food they'd have been briskets by morning, along with the entire fucking forest.
He ducked into the tent with Macey’s rear jutting out, raising his rifle. She lay with blood leaking from a hole in her head, slumped over a dead guy. David assumed it was a dead guy, unless the half-a-head in the corner, and the pool of blood flowing out from under Macey, where his head should’ve been, belonged to someone else.
What the hell kinda camp did these people have? A woman’s bottom sat on his chest with her asshole missing. Where the fuck did the rest of her go? If not for the pussy, he might’ve thought she dropped a giant ham on the guy! Macey couldn’t have been that hungry, not after devouring that ginger chick back in the woods. Another woman lay between his legs, her brown ass still twitching around his cock. The back of her head was missing, chunks of brain matter strewn across her back and the guy’s body, as if blown out by a gun…
“Fuck!” He lifted her head. Sure enough, she had a golf-ball-sized hole between her eyes. The poor gal must’ve gotten in the way of his bullet when she was riding that guy’s cock.
He had to do something with her before he called the cops about Macey’s massacre. David threw her on his shoulders, grinning as her fleshy tits pressed against his shoulders. He could take her to his ranch. She’d stay nice and fresh in the freezer while he talked to the cops. Pop always told him not to waste what he killed, and David would enjoy every bit of this dead Asian lass before tossing her bones in the lake.

Published on Feb-24-2023
Last updated on Feb-24-2023