Extra Credit

Started by Ken E. Davis

Courtney entered Mister Watson’s office to find her daughter, Victoria, sitting naked on a metal table. The eleven-year-old’s emerald eyes beamed as a grin spread across her freckled face, her ginger curls swaying in the air conditioner. Steel clasps bound her ankles.
“Good evening, Miss Sanders.” The Principal held out a revolver. “You might need this.”
Courtney took the weapon, turning it over in her hand. “So, she’s to be terminated? D-do you want me to do it?”
Watson shook his head. “This isn’t exactly a termination. This is more of an extra credit assignment. And, yes, you will be the one pulling the trigger. Did you read the contract?”
“I skimmed it. Most schools like this don’t even inform the parent until their child has been terminated.”
“Here at Spencer Academy, we believe parental involvement in the terminations encourages better parenting.”
“So, if this isn’t a termination what—”
“Victoria’s grade for the semester is twenty points below what she needs to pass. She can earn fifty points if she wins a game of Russian Roulette. Victoria masturbates and you pull the trigger when she has her orgasm.”
“Or I can drop out and go to a public school next year.”
Courtney shook her head. “Not a chance, missy! Do you know how much me and your dad went through to get you in this school? You’re either leaving here with a passing grade or in a body bag. Now start rubbing that pussy. I shouldn’t need to show you how, I know you do it every night.” She pressed the barrel against the bottom of her chin.
Victoria sighed as she slid her finger across her slit until she moaned.
“That’s good, honey. Just like that.”
Victoria writhed and squealed, squeezing her budding tits. Victoria slowed her thrusts until her moans died down.
“Don’t slow down! I know you’re afraid, but you gotta keep going. Keep going until you have an orgasm, and hope it’s not your last.”
Victoria slipped her middle finger in and hammered her pussy. Her thighs clenched. She bit her lips.
“Wait, Mom,” she squealed, “I-I’m not coming—aah—yet.”
Courtney giggled as Victoria squirted. “Yes, you are.” She pulled the trigger.
The gun roared and the top of her daughter’s head exploded. Victoria collapsed against the bed with blood squirting from her crushed skull like a fountain. Her thighs and pussy twitched as she shat and pissed the bed.
“I guess that’s one less mouth to feed.” Courtney gave Watson the gun, “So, how do we dispose of the body?”
“You can take it or I can dispose of it.”
“My family doesn’t eat long pork. You can have her.”

Published on Feb-22-2023
Last updated on Feb-22-2023