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The waiter sat her plate down, Avril grabbed her triple-meat cheeseburger and demolished half of it before the other plates hit the table.
Monte laughed. “Damn! Are you that hungry? You just ate a huge breakfast this morning”
Avril glared at Monte as she chomped another chunk out of her burger and washed it down with a long sip of chocolate shake. It wasn’t that big of a breakfast! Five pieces of sausage and three eggs? That was more of a snack. “So? That was several hours ago!”
“Don’t listen to the skeleton,” John said as he dipped a chicken strip in mashed potatoes,
“You’re just trying to fatten her up so she’ll be in your league.”
Avril choked down her bite. John’s face turned red.
“What do you mean?” Avril shoved the straw into her mouth. When was she out of anyone’s league? Did Monte really think she was hot? That would explain why he always stared at her.
“Yeah, what the hell does that mean? I’m not that fat.”
“Uhm … well,” Monte stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches into his mouth until he gagged.
Avril snorted. “Are you that hungry?”
He swallowed and gasped for air. “I only had a donut this morning.”
Monte kept his eyes on her as they ate. She looked down at her food, glancing up after each bite to fine those faded-green eyes locked with hers’. Did he really think she was … hot? She wasn’t fat or anything, but what could he possibly be looking at? The goods were always hidden under a hoodie and sweatpants; it was always too cold for shorts or anything that would show her cleavage. Was he imagining her naked? When was he going to stop? Why didn’t she just ask him to stop? Did she even want him to stop? He was small, with the top of his curly brown hair stopping below her forehead; she wasn’t even five feet. His skin was creamy, and his arms and legs were toned. He was fuckable. Did she want to fuck him? Would he let her?
Monte finished his meal first. Avril was the last one standing, popping the last fry into her mouth as Monte and John twiddled their thumbs over empty plates. She sat back and belched.
“So, you boys wanna go to the skate park or what?”
“I’d love to, but I have work in an hour.”
“Couldn’t you hang out with us for about thirty minutes?”
John shook his head. “I’d love to, but knowing me I’ll forget about the time. My boss will be pissed if I come in late again.”
“That fucking sucks! Can I kick his ass for you?”
John chuckled. “Maybe next time.”
She slapped the table. Monte jumped back. “What about you? Gotta go to work or some other bullshit?”
He shook his head. “I don’t have anything to do, and hanging out at the park beats going home. Until I get a new PS5 there’s nothin’ to do around there but masturbate and scroll through Reddit.”
“Welp, let’s grab us some desserts, pay our tab, and head on down there. I figure we can drop Johnny-boy off at stupid Jack-off-In-The-Box and we can drop by my house to grab my board.”
“I actually need to go home first to change.”
“Oh, right?” How long would that take? She wanted to skate goddamnit!
“I can take myself to work, you don’t have to wait up.”
“I still wish you could come with us. It’s less fun with just the two of us.”
“Yeah, I know. Flipping burgers isn’t much fun, either.”
“So, should we get our usual dessert?”
Avril nodded.
“Uhm,” John grimaced, “do you guys mind ordering mine.”
“Sure, but why?” Avril smiled.
“Cause I gotta take a shit.”
“Thanks for the warning! I’ll remember to avoid going near that bathroom while we’re here.”
They laughed as John climbed out of the booth.
“Do you remember what I like on mine?”
Avril nodded and he jogged to the bathroom.
Twenty minutes later, after demolishing three sundaes, their bill was paid and they left ten bucks for the waiter.
“Does anyone else have to shit before we go?”
“You know I don’t. I just emptied what I had in there.”
Avril shook her head as her stomach churned. “Nah! I’m good.”
“Alright! Then let’s get going.”
Monte got in his car, John climbed in the passenger seat after opening the back door for Avril.
Monte pulled into the apartments and stopped by the curb. John climbed out.
“I’ll see you later!”
Avril waved. “Come join us after work!”
“I will,” he shouted as he ran off.
Monte sat for two minutes and Avril started tapping her feet. “Are we waiting for something?”
“Oh,” he replied, “I thought you might want to move to the front seat.”
“Why? Are you lonely up there?” She climbed out and plopped back in next to him. “Better?”
“I mean, you usually prefer…”
She laughed. “I’m just messin’ with you. It’s fun.”
He chuckled as he pulled out of the apartment complex. “Gotcha!”
Avril watched Monte’s creamy legs, as they shifted under his cargo shorts when he placed his foot on the gas pedal or breaks. What if she grabbed his thigh and slid her hands up his shorts? Would his dick have gotten hard? It probably would’ve if she reached all the way to his crotch. Why wasn’t he still looking at her, though? He always looked at her! Did he stop just because he noticed that she noticed? Don’t be dumb, Avril! He was driving! Did she want him to crash the fucking car and kill everyone just to ogle her sweatpants? If she would have worn shorts or a skirt to show off her legs it might’ve been worth crashing over.
What would everyone have thought if she started wearing shorts? Pants were here thing. They would’ve asked questions. What about a skirt? Or a minidress? Her parents would have started wondering what happened to the real Avril! Unless she was in a bikini to go swimming, she did not show legs. Maybe that was why she hadn’t been laid yet? Nobody knew what the goods looked like, except her tits as they curved through her purple hoodie. She squeezed her melons until Monte shifted his head towards her. Her cheeks flushed red.
“I had to scratch an itch.”
Avril sat back as Monte’s eyes followed the curves of her puffed-out breasts. He really wanted her, didn’t he? She wanted him. Why couldn’t she just say how she felt? Why couldn’t he say something? Fuck the skate park! Why didn’t they go back to her house and fuck? Or his house? It didn’t matter. She just needed his cock in her somewhere; her mouth or cunt.
“Do you like anyone?”
Monte coughed. “I like a lot of people. My family, you and John—”
“No, I mean as in like-like. Do you have a crush on anyone?”
“Uh, well, maybe. I can’t say anyone in particular,” he pulled at his shirt and rubbed his fingers together, “That was kinda weird.”
“What was?”
“Hearing you asking about if someone has a crush on anyone.”
“Tcht!” Avril grunted. Why couldn’t he just admit that he liked her? It would’ve made things so much fucking easier! “Just forget I asked.”
“I may have an interest in someone, but she doesn’t seem like the type of girl who’d be into relationships and stuff.”
Why didn’t he just ask? What the hell dude? He needed to stop trying to be subtle! Just because someone wasn’t lovey-dovey didn’t make them asexual or aromantic. “You never know. She might be.”
“So, do you have a crush on anyone?”
What? He wasn’t supposed to ask that! He was supposed to admit his feelings for her. Why did he have to ask her? What did he have to make this so fucking hard. “Nobody in particular. Guys, some girls.”
Monte snorted.
“I kinda suspected you might be into chicks.”
“Hey, don’t judge!”
“I’m not. If you swing both ways that’s cool.”
“I mostly prefer dudes, but I wouldn’t say no to a gal with a nice rack and a pretty face.”
“Your taste in girls is the same as mine, then.”
“So, I guess this girl you like has a nice rack and a pretty face.”
“Yep! What about your crush? Does she have big tits and brown shoulder-length hair, too?”
Avril shook her head. “I’m into girls, but I want my first time to be with a guy.”
“So, you’re still a virgin?”
Avril grimaced. “Yeah. I guess that’s not too surprising, is it?”
“You’re just not the slutty type.”
“Yeah. I’m not the kinda gal who guys just walk up to and ask for a fuck. They probably know I’d knock them on their ass.”
Monte chuckled. “Yeah. I see you ripping someone’s dick off and beating them with it if they tried to fuck you against your will.”
“I’d probably shove it down their throat after.”
“What if your would-be rapist was another chick.”
“Then I’d rip out her vulva and slice off her tits.”
“And shove them down her throat?”
“If she was really busty it wouldn’t be easy.”
“Her throat would swell into a balloon.”
“Sounds like something out of Looney Tunes.”
“You said the girl you like has brown hair to her shoulders?” Avril stroked her chestnut-brown hair and fidgeted with her cap.
“Huh? Brown hair?”
“You said we had similar tastes in girls, then asked if I had a crush on one with brown hair and big tits.”
“Oh, yeah. She might.”
Avril grinned. “So, she doesn’t seem the romantic type, has big tits and brown hair. I think I might have an idea who it is.”
Monte gulped. “Really? Who do you think it is?”
Couldn’t he have said it? “I think you should say.” He wasn’t going to make her ask him out, was he?
“You don’t really know, do you?”
“You think I don’t?”
“Yep! You want me to spill the beans, but I want you to guess first.”
Come on! Didn’t he know how much she hated guessing games? He needed to stop being such a fucking tease! Fine! If he wanted a stupid game, he was going to get stupid fucking answers! “I’m going to say, Hollie Bowman?”
Monte shook his head.
“Mimi Nguyen, Paulina Day, Sammi Peek? Alright, I’ve run out of busty brown-haired chicks.”
“I think there’s one more you might know.” He grinned.
Yeah, Avril Cunnings. Was that what he wanted to hear? Yeah, it was! Why the fuck didn’t he just say it? Why the fuck didn’t she? She opened her mouth to say “me” then pretended to yawn instead. Why was it so hard?
“What does the guy you want your first time to be with look like?”
Avril shrugged. “I’m not too picky. Skinny, but I don’t mind a guy with a little meat on his bones.”
“I’d have thought your tastes would be someone with huge muscles.”
“Meh! I probably wouldn’t turn them down, so long as they’re not one of those idiots who has to be super macho all the time. That shit just feels so fake to me.”
“So, you don’t have anybody in particular in mind?”
She almost said “you” and shook her head. He wasn’t stupid, and he knew she wasn’t stupid? Why couldn’t one of them just grow a fucking pair and admit it? She was going to have to be the one, wasn’t she?
Monte pulled into the skate park and stopped under a tree. Avril started to open her door when Monte slammed his hands on the steering wheel.
“What’s the matter?”
“We forgot to drop by your house for the skateboards.”
“Oh … ah … well, don’t need to worry about it”
“Are you sure? It’ll be pretty boring here. You wanna just sit around and talk until John gets off work?”
“I,” her throat tightened, “I-I I like you.”
Don’t fucking do that! “I like you!” She shouted.
“Oh. As in, I’m the guy you have a crush on.” He chuckled.
Her face burned. “Yeah. You’re the guy I have a crush on. And I know that I’m the brown-haired chick with big tits you like.”
“I had a feeling you knew. Do you really like me?”
“Yeah, dude. I just fucking said it. I want to go home and suck your dick. Then I want you to plow my pussy until I’m not a virgin anymore. And I know you like me.”
“Wow! That sure is a lot to take in all at once. I guess that explains the conversation a few minutes ago. Why all of a sudden?”
“When you said I was out of John’s league earlier I started to realize that you do like to look at me a lot. I didn’t really think about you or John looking at me … you know … like that.”
“You hang out with us so much that you forget you’re a girl?”
“Nah, I know I’m a chick, I just don’t think of myself as that kind of chick. I know I’m not ugly, I just don’t think of myself as being one of the hot ones.”
“Well, you are.” He blushed as he said it.
Avril chuckled. “So, you do like me? Am I your crush?”
“So … do you wanna do it?”
“You really want to?”
“Yeah,” she grabbed his thigh, “I really want to.” She slid her hand towards his pants and stopped until he nodded. She placed her hand on his crotch, gripping the fabric as his cock swelled underneath. “You want this.”
“Yeah,” he placed his hand on her shoulder and she pulled it to her breast.
“If you don’t want to wait until we get home we can climb in the back.”
He looked out the window. “I don’t see anyone else here except for a couple of teens, we’re parked pretty far out of view, and the back windows are tinted. Why not?”
Monte and Avril got out and plopped into the back seat.
Avril threw her arms around him and locked lips with his. His eyes bulged as her tongue slipped through his lips. He closed his eyes and sucked on her tongue and lips. Monte reached out for her breasts, she grabbed his wrist and shoved it under her hoodie, placing his cold hand on her stomach. He reached up and grabbed her tit. Avril moaned as he started twirling his thumb and index around her nipple. She thrust her hips back and forth against the seat. Monte caressed her hair and neck with his free hand.
Avril pulled away with a smack. “Now let’s see what you have in the trunk.” She kissed him again and slid her hands down his shirt to his crotch. She fumbled with his shorts until his swollen cock sprang out. “Yeah, this looks delicious!”
She licked her lips and gripped his dick. His member doubled in girth as she stroked it. Monte slid his hand under her sweatpants and started rubbing her ass. She leaned in and stuck her tongue against the tip of his cock, then started licking the length of his shaft.
“Oooh yeah! I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this.”
“Am I your first?”
He nodded.
“I kinda wish we had done this sooner.”
“Me too, Monte … me too.” She slurped down his cock.
He slid his finger down the crack of her ass. Avril spread her thighs as he started rubbing her slit until she began to moan. Avril rubbed her ass back and forth. She gasped as he stuck his middle finger down her cunt hole, sliding down as his index finger rubbed her slit. Her thighs clenched around his arm. Her head bobbed up and down on his lap, sucking down the entire shaft.
Monte bellowed, his cock pulsated. Avril’s eyes bulged as it erupted, spraying cum until it filled her mouth and spilled out down his cock. She stroked his shaft while sucking down Monte’s salty warm seed until the last drop hit the back of her throat. She licked the jizz from his shaft.
His finger continued fucking her pussy, he stuck his other hand down the front of her shirt and started rubbing her nipples as she sucked jizz from her fingers. Avril trembled, her thighs twitched, and a fiery numbness spread from her crotch in waves.
“This is fucking amazing!” She howled and thrashed her head.
Monte pulled his fingers out a minute later, dripping with pussy juice. Avril collapsed as he licked his fingers.
Her ass started to clench, her stomach seemed to bloat. Avril groaned. “Oh! Come the fuck on!”
Monte tilted her head. “Is something wrong, babe?”
Avril smirked. He called her babe. “I have to take a shit.” She opened the door and stepped out.
“Now? You sure you can’t finish first”
“Not unless you want me to shit all over you.”
“Hmm. I don’t, actually.”
“I thought so. I’m sorry, but this really picks the worst fucking times. But don’t worry, I’ll be ready for more when I get back.”
“Just hope you don’t want anything anal-related after.” He chuckled as he pulled out his phone.
She laughed and shook her head. “I’m more interested in you fucking my pussy. Not like it matters, because I know how to wipe my ass.”
“I hope you know I don’t have any condoms.”
Avril shrugged. “We’ll worry about that when the time comes unless you’re a square.”
“I’m down with whatever. Also, I hope you don’t mind, but I made our relationship status official on Facebook.”
Avril shuddered. Did he really? Her parents and friends were probably commenting “congrats” already. Was she okay with that? Her face was warm. “Okay, I’ll respond to it when I hit the toilet.” She shut the door and dashed towards the bathroom.
Avril kicked open the door to the stall and locked it behind her. She shoved her sweatpants and panties to her ankles and plopped down onto the toilet.
Farts and stench filled the stall as a volley of shit splashed into the toilet below. Her stomach seemed to deflate, her asshole loosened up. “Ooooooh! Fuck yeah!”
Avril reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. The Facebook notification appeared the moment she punched in her pin number. He really fucking did it. She could’ve hit decline just the fuck with him. Why would she have done that to him, while the taste of his cum still rested on her tongue? He was the first person to give her an orgasm that wasn’t herself. She hit accept. Her face turned red, and she closed the app when she saw eighty-five reacts on the post along with thirty-three comments. Everyone already knew. There was probably a comment from her mother teasing her about the time she said she would never date anyone. Her big sister probably said “ew” when she found out who it was as if she didn’t just get knocked up by some obese forty-something dopehead who lived with his mother.
It didn’t really matter. She was going to be happy with Monte. When she got home that night she wouldn’t be a virgin. Monte’s cum would have been dripping from her cunt as she went to bed that night. She might’ve gotten pregnant. How were they going to deal with that? The idea of her as a mother was weird. Maybe she would’ve been a cool mom? Monte would’ve made a great dad.
Avril popped some earbuds in and opened her muse playlist on YouTube to drown out the sound of her turds hitting the toilet.
Now that she was with someone she needed to start dressing sexy. If he thought she was hot in what she usually wore, what would he think if he saw her in a crop top and booty shorts? He probably went nuts when they went to the beach. What did she have that was sexy, though? Sweatpants, yoga pants, hoodies, and sweatshirts made up her wardrobe. Some guys thought yoga pants were hot, didn’t they? But they still liked the occasional skin. She looked at her thighs. If she saw a pair of legs like hers walking around in shorts she’d have looked. Maybe it was time for a new wardrobe?
The problem was the fucking weather. One would’ve thought that spending all nineteen years of her life in Fairbanks, she would’ve stopped being such a pussy about the cold. Monte was a lot skinnier than anyone she knew and he was fine in shorts and tank tops. It was Summer, so if there was going to try out skimpier outfits that would’ve been the time to do that.
The bathroom door creaked open and someone shuffled in. Something metallic scrapped against the floor. Avril groaned. Why couldn’t they have let her have the bathroom to herself? She shrugged and cranked up the music.
Who would’ve been the best person to go shopping with? Her sister probably knew where to find the skankiest clothes, but she’d tease her about Monte the entire fucking time. What about Mom? She wore some pretty hot outfits, but wouldn’t that have been weird? She couldn’t go with her girlfriends because she didn’t have any close enough, and her closest friends were all guys. John wouldn’t even set foot near the women’s clothing. Monte might, but he didn’t know shit about fashion. Maybe Melissa could—
Avril jumped as the door buckled with a thunderous crash. What the fuck was happening? Monte wasn’t that impatient! He fucking knew better! With another crash, the lock shot off and the door swung open. A man with shaggy blonde hair stood on the threshold. He was wearing a faded-grey shirt that went to his knees, torn and covered with brown splotches. Raw sewage wafted through the air. Avril gagged. One hand was behind his back.
“What the fucking hell is your deal dude?”
He started speaking in squeaky gibberish and giggling.
“Get the fuck out before my boyfriend comes and kicks your ass.”
He grinned. Avril almost hurled at the sight of his mouth of broken yellow teeth.
“Just get the fuck out of here you creepy ass motherfucker!”
He shook his head and stepped over the threshold.
“Go the fuck away! I’ll kick you in the fucking balls if you don’t step the fuck—”
He pulled an ax from behind his back. The wind rushed out of her and a flurry of shit splashed into the toilet. She opened her mouth to tell him to get the fuck out, but she only managed “ghghghthuffuk.”
He muttered gibberish and moved closer, dragging the ax along the floor. Wasn’t there anyone else in there? Somebody was going to save her. Where the fuck was Monte? What was with this fucker? He was probably drunk, if not on every kind of dope there was. Please! Monte! John! Tears were swelling in her eyes. Why didn’t she shit at the restaurant earlier?
The man moved closer. He pointed at her crotch and snickered. Please go the fuck away! What the fuck did this dude want? This had to be some stupid fucking prank! He and his buddies must’ve been doping up in the woods and decided to come to scare women in the bathroom. That’s what it was. This wasn’t funny dude. Did he fucking see her laughing? Why couldn’t he got and let her get back to her boyfriend?
He screeched and Avril screamed. “Dude! Cut it out with this shit! You’re not scaring anyone! What fuck kind of idiot prank is —”
The ax arced through the air. A sharp pain shot through her neck. The man and the bathroom stall whirled around until she was on the floor. She couldn’t feel anything below the neck. Her body was still on the toilet, twerking with blood erupting from her neck. Why the fuck was her body…
What the fuck? She was fucking dead! He fucking killed her. Why? Why the fuck did he do that? She opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out. She didn’t want to die! Somebody had to help her! Wasn’t there a way to save her? Could they have reattached her head? This wasn’t the end for her, was it? She had her life ahead! She was so young!
Toilet water splashed below. She was still fucking shitting! Her thighs clenched, her hands grabbed at the air.
The man was laughing, pointing at her body thrashing on the toilet. Why couldn’t he just go? Let her die in peace! But why did she have to die at all? Why couldn’t Monte have come in? Would it have mattered? He’d have been killed too? But then she wouldn’t have died alone. But did she want him to see her thrashing headless on the toilet? This was going to break him. She just found love and she was dead. The comments under her first-ever relationship status post were going to be filled with fucking RIP. It wasn’t fair! This was a fucking nightmare. Maybe she was still in bed? She’d wake up and find out that it was just a bad dream.
The room was getting dark, his laugh was distant. Her body toppled to the floor. Avril’s asshole looked into her eyes. Shit sprayed out and splashed across her face. Avril grimaced. They couldn’t find her like this! Was he going to dispose of her body? Monte could not be the one who found her! It had to be a stranger! This can’t be how he last saw her. Someone needed to clean the shit off before…
Everything went dark.

Published on Feb-19-2023
Last updated on Feb-19-2023