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Grimm Erotica - Ken E. Davis
Ken E. Davis

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I take commissions

Created Oct-01-2022

Commissions Closed Until November!

If you wish to commission a story, my rate is two cents(0.02 USD) per word.

Commission Terms

I only do snuff stories.
- All stories written under this alias are snuff stories, and by commissioning a story you understand that I will likely kill off one or more of you characters.
No Real People
- If you send me a request asking to write a story about someone you know, a celebrity, a politician, or any other real human being, you will be denied.
Word Count
- Keep your requested word lengths under 20,000.
- Stories that promote racism or any sort of bigotry are a big NO from me!
- Yes: Brother-sister, sisters, cousins, father/mother-daugher, uncle/aunt-niece.
- No: Father/mother-son, uncle/aunt-nephew.
Male-Male Sex
- I'm not interested; nor do I want stories with only male victims.
- Girls with dicks/non-cis girls are out of the question.
Age Range
- I prefer stories with girls between the age of 12 to 30, but I will write them as young as seven or as old as forty.
- I don't mind if you ask me to write about women who are a little curvy or petite, but not if they're grossly overweight/underweight.
- I am willing to write stories based on existing fandoms if I'm familiar with the fandom.
Scat/bodily fluids
- Characters taking a shit is fine, people eating or playing with the shit is not. This goes for other bodily fluids except those normally associated with sex.
- Unless you ask me not to, I will usually have characters piss themselves when they die.
- No bestiality, and no stories about furries. Girls with minor animal features(cat ears, wings, etc) are fine.
- Unless we agree otherwise, I retain the rights to post the story anywhere.
- If I'm not paid, any agreements regarding whether or not I can post a commissioned story elsewhere are rendered null.
- I don't take payments until I have completed your commission.
- I'm willing to show you samples prior to payment, but you don't get the entire finished product until I'm paid.

If these terms are acceptable, shoot me an email or DM me here.